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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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meredith: a mother accused of killing her own son appears in court. why police think she planned the murder. wesh 2 news at 4:00 starts right now. >> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition. summer: first at 4:00, a tragic accident related to the i-4 ultimate project when a construction worker is killed. i' m summer knowles. meredith: i' m meredith mcdonough. emergency crews were called to the eastbound lanes of i-4 near kennedy boulevard where crews have been actively working. wesh 2 news has learned troopers believe a dump truck reportedly backed over a worker. our adrian whitsett is live in that area with the developing details. reporter: this was a very busy construction zone at 11:30 this morning, heavy equipment having all over the place. fhp says a dump truck pulled into the area a man went behind it and the driver did not see him.
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to a halt after a construction worker was killed in a tragic accident. >> working construction is a hazard this job, especially when you' re working on i-4. reporter: a worker drove this dump truck into the area around 11:00 this morning. when the driver did not see the construction worker from orlando, he backed up over it. >> i saw there was a man down, and i did not see an ambulance so i figured someone was injured, so i wanted to see if i could help her in reporter: her instincts as a nurse kicked in. by the time she got to the intersection, so had multiple faq death at -- fhp workers and the man was already dead. this is the first i-4 death we know about and there is no word if there' ll be any charges related to the incident. for passersby who walks
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grieving coworkers, they are praying for the family members. reporter: the road just behind me is a lot clearer than it was earlier today. they are still working to contact the man' s family and then they will release his identity. i reached out to see if they have been contacted about this workplace related death and they said as of two hours ago, they have not and the contractors have 24 hours to do that. summer: thank you. summer: a seminole county mom accused of killing her son will remain in jail without bond. an arrest report indicates she was out of work, depressed and feared her son wasn' t happy. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel is live in the neighborhood where the murder happened. dave, the mom wanted to end her life as well? dave: this report paints a very dismal picture, including
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shot in the shower the day before he was found, and what police are calling an attempted suicide. 59-year-old virginia arteaga will remain in jail without bond, accused of shooting her own son to death. 29-year-old blake howard was found dead in the shower tuesday around noon. >> i have no evidence there was any type of bad relationship between mother and son. dave: the public defender met with arteaga before she went to court. he had read the report where arteaga is quoted as saying this to police once they broke in, just shoot me. i wish you would just shoot me. jeff dowdy: it seems like she was trying to kill herself, and the gun was dry firing when the officers arrived. dave: meaning, she was pulling the trigger, pointing the gun at herself, but it wouldn' t fire. out of work, on medication for depression according to the report, arteaga wrote a note stating, i love blake. this world is too ugly to leave him behind.
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monday morning, and that arteaga spent the better part of the next 24 hours working up the courage to kill herself. jean woodward: she was friendly and had a good sense of humor. dave: a neighbor said the woman who used to chat openly in the neighborhood, had recently become more distant. jean woodward: like she didn' t and kind of run in. s attorney said this about his brief meeting with her. jeff dowdy: clearly remorseful, saddened by the events, i almost got the indication that she hoped she did die. dave: howard was a student at seminole state. an english professor said he was enthusiastic and a gentleman. they gathering of evidence seems to be over at the condominium complex. as for the legal process, the attorney for the woman says it is too early to decide whether he will use any insanity defense and it is too early to say if
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if she goes to trial at all. live in seminole county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. meredith: a busy day of clean up in pensacola after severe weather destroys several homes. check out this drone video from the area. a tornado ripped a two mile path , damaging at least 70 homes, 24 apartments and dozens of vehicles. more than 2500 residents there are still in the dark. today, governor rick scott was on hand to look at the damage. >> we' re here to make sure that everybody gets back to living a normal life as quickly as we can. the city is going to do their job. the county is going to do their job. the state is going to do their job. and we' re going to make sure that any resources we can get from the federal government, we will make that happen. meredith: only three people were taken to the hospital in that storm, all are expected to be ok. meredith: we were spared the severe weather that hit other parts of the state. summer: we still got some weather moving through. eric: gusty wind at this hour, and as a matter of fact, it has
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least i am seeing a blue sky. 70 degrees in orlando. 75, melbourne. look at the wind out of the southwest at 22 miles per hour. daytona beach had a day downpour and you are at 75. take a look at the gust over the last hour. up to 31 miles per hour in leesburg with higher gusts over the course of the day. i want to take you and to show knocking on titusville. port st. john will be getting some rain into volusia county. new smyrna beach, watching the like showers in a few showers ending near the beach and the sebastian inlet. when the rain turns off, recall down, down to 63 by 11:00. we keep getting cooler from there. i have the most accurate forecasts when i see you guys
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summer: dive teams are looking for a missing boater this is near trumbull park. deputies tell us the man was lasting this morning. stay with wesh 2 news for any new developments. meredith: police in daytona beach say four people were shot and wounded in a drive-by shooting last night. they say it' s the result of an on-going dispute after a murder last year. the victims, two 18-year-old women, a 14-year-old girl and a 25-year-old man where all shot but are expected to survive. wesh 2' s claire metz is live on sheridan road where it all started. claire: police say three suspects in a stolen car, armed with handguns and an ak47, rolled up to this house on sheridan road and just started shooting round after round after round. police say it's the result of an on-going dispute between the folks in this house and the suspects of the four shot last night, three are just teenagers.
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started flying. like we just we didn' t really know what to do. it happened so fast. claire: this 18-year-old asked us not to show her face, but she was shot five times in the legs. she was just dropping off food to the home on sheridan, when the suspect vehicle approached and their was gunfire. >> i just thank god i' m alive. it could have been worse. i could have been dead. claire: two other girls, 18 and 14 were also wounded along with 25-year-old ronald williams, who lives at the sheridan rd home, and police believe this is the man who opened fire, 27-year-old rakim watson. police say watson is also a suspect in a deadly shooting last year, but because witnesses woulnd' t talk, watson remained free. >> nobody would have got shot, nobody would have lost, nothing would have happened, but people refuse to cooperate and think that thug street justice is the way to proceed. claire: police say since the murder last year, watson and his crew have been fighting with folks at the home on sheridan and believe the shooting last night was retaliatory.
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caught in the gunfire, this young woman and others. >> how we didn' t have multiple people killed, i don' t know. claire: police say the suspects fled into south daytona, bailed from the car. police say rakim watson and another man got away, but they say the third man, rakim watsons brother, ricardo, broke into a stranger's home and was arrested. for now, he' s only being charged in connection to the break in, not the shooting. there is an arrest warrant out for him with a $200,000 on. police warn anyone to come in contact with him, to call them because he is considered armed and dangerous. the victims are recovering. summer: thank you. traffic trouble on i-4 right now. this is in volusia county with a multiple vehicle accident in the westbound lanes.
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you can see on the one lane of traffic seems to be getting around, but there are multiple rescue crews out there. no word on injuries or what caused the crash. if you are headed in this direction in volusia county, you will have to expect delays because of all of this. we will keep you posted on any new developments. orlando police are looking for a suspect and an overnight carjacking. this happened at eagle lake apartments. a man holding a silver revolver approached a victim and demanded the victim' s car, a 10 2007 lexus. they drove out of the complex toward orange blossom trail and victim was not hurt. a robber shoots a clerk at an orange county convenience store and it all plays out on surveillance video. meredith: authorities are searching for four suspects. wesh 2 has the chaotic video. brett: a violent armed robbery at this convenience store in taft left one store clerk
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>> he start shooting the door. he shoot up there. he shoot down there. brett: for abdul, february 7 started as s just another night at work at the aman food market in taft. reinforcements quickly arrived as the four black men demand money from the cashier. moments later, the worker with the buckets returns, a struggle ensues to the front door, a pushing of back-and-forth. the gunman comes over and fires at least one shot, hitting the employee, shattered glass his the floor and the suspects race of the door. that clark is expected to recover. if you recognize anyone in the surveillance video, you are encouraged to call the orange county sheriff' s office. meredith: tonight at 5:00, you will hear from the clerk who was
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terrifying experience. an incredible scene plays out on surveillance camera. summer: watch a customer catches fire. what police say spark that scary scene. meredith: new cases of zika have just been confirmed in florida, involving pregnant women. summer: trump takes nevada. what the latest win means for
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summer: breaking news for you in volusia county. this is traffic trouble on i-4 in the westbound lane where the has been a multiple vehicle accident. the helicopter could be heading out any moment now. meredith: all lanes are blocked and several vehicles are involved. you have to think someone is hurt with the medical helicopter on the ground. at this hour, this will be backed up. officials tell us you want to avoid this area as you are headed toward new sermon the beach. this is i-4, eastbound.
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breaking traffic news. hundreds of hours and thousands of tax dollars wasted. that' s what the marion county sheriff' s office says the actions of one ex deputy is causing you. summer: and it could impact the outcomes of more than two dozen cases. wesh 2 investigates matt grant explains. matt: the state attorney for the fifth judicial circuit, which includes marion county, tells me his office will now have to be more on guard and will need to look more critically at arrest reports coming from the sheriff' s office. in a letter to the sheriff, state attorney brad king says any pending or future cases requiring former deputy eduardo bustamante to testify will be dropped. bustamante resigned, and could face federal charges, after a state attorney investigation, which reviewed 400 hours of video, costing taxpayers at least $15,000, concluded he lied about his use of excessive force, falsified reports, made illegal traffic stops, used intimidation, and conducted searches without probable cause. wesh 2 legal analyst richard hornsby. >> you could see any case he' s involved in going south very
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t it true you' re under investigation for falsifying evidence for falsely accusing people, for beating people? matt: wesh 2 investigates dug through court record and found more than two dozen open cases, going back to 2012, where bustamante testified. in a dozen cases, his testimony was required. now, all of those cases, which include cocaine possession, duis, battery, and robbery with a firearm could be in jeopardy. king says this is the second time, in his 35 year career, he' s had to dismiss cases outright based on a single deputy. >> among the open cases where bustamante testified, was a 2012 incident involving richard braccia who riddled this deputy' s cruiser with bullets, angry over the loss of a football game. braccia was charged with attempted first degree murder of a law enforcement officer. matt grant, wesh 2 news. summer: the marion county sheriff declined to talk to us on camera, but a spokesperson says they will convene a task
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hornsby says defendants will have to prove a specific appeal. explodes in a man' s pants pocket, and it' s all caught on camera. take a look. the man is standing in line at a kentucky gas station, when all of a sudden, his pants burst into flames. the battery in the e-cigarette apparently exploded, causing the flames to ignite. employees used a fire extinguisher to put the flames out. the man later posted on his facebook page that he suffered second-degree burns, but he is able to walk. summer: new this afternoon, florida health officials have confirmed three new cases of the zika virus, all are pregnant woman who traveled here from outside the u.s. that means 32 cases have now been confirmed in the state, 11 different counties, five right here in central florida. today' s new cases have prompted governor scott to ask the cdc for 250 more zika test kits. the state has currently used 255 kits since february 9, with 1200
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meredith: eric burris is here , and i know you have been monitoring the severe weather to our north and it seems we dodged the big stuff. eric: the system broke into two pieces. one whence north and one went south. friends around fort myers, man, hasn' t been a rough day with confirmed tornadoes. thankfully, that was not the case here. take a look at this picture. if you look at the center of the screen there, you can see a little lowering. he found himself a little funnel cloud right in there. thankfully, nothing touchdown. let' s take a look at another vantage point near volusia county. really neat shot. cool stuff. our skied cam network looking -- our skycam network looking at volusia county. wind out of the southwest at 22 miles per hour and it has been
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warmer temperatures along the coast, but look at the west with the cooler readings as the cooler, drier air against a move into central florida, all courtesy of today' s cold front. wind made it up to 40 miles per hour in no born. 39, daytona beach. certainly scattering things around. thankfully, as we have been tracking rain all day, our doppler is quieting down. southern volusia county, oak hill, down to cape canaveral see short, titusville -- seashore, titusville, continuing to see the storms. here is kissimmee, osceola county, down to the turnpike, a few showers. the wider perspective showing, as i mentioned, the energy in southwest florida where the rain
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the cold front is now starting to push there are area and that means, with the front of pushing through, we have cold temperatures pushing down. 74 degrees at 6:00 tonight. 72, 8:00, clearing skies in cooling temperatures and by 11:00, we are talking about a beautiful temperature of 70 degrees and mainly clear skies and in the temperatures really take a tumble. 44 is where we will start tomorrow morning. 45, villages. 50, st. cloud. 49, davenport. 50, orlando. 47 de land. 47, daytona beach and palm coast. now the space coast, 49, 50, 51 degrees, depending on where you are. once we clear the clouds after midnight, the temperatures tumble quickly. it is not just tonight that is
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friday into saturday and you will have to bring those jackets up. we will talk about temperatures and how long this great weather the next half hour. meredith: in case he fell asleep, donald trump came out on top of the nevada caucuses. summer: no surprise, he had something to say about it. rubio' s reaction.
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>> we won, won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated, i love the educated. meredith: donald trump is celebrating again today, after a big win in the nevada republican caucus. this marks trump' s third straight victory over his gop t s 45% of the vote nearly doubed that of -- -- doubled that of florida out ted cruz for second. s victory margin, rubio says he' s pleased with his second place finish, and that believes he can still win the >> i'm not prepared to make
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predictions about whether we are going to win here or there. i would just say, we feel very confident going into next tuesday. we are going to do very well and pick-up a lot of delegates and perhaps achieve a few surprises a long the way. summer: with texas one of next week' s primary states, ted cruz got a big boost today, getting the endorsement of texas governor greg abbott. meredith: pharmaceutical company johnson and johnson plans to appeal a ruling, linking an alabama woman' s death to baby powder. the woman' s family claims she got ovarian cancer from using the talc-based powder more than 35 years. they sued johnson and johnson and the jury agreed, awarding them $72 million. the company is facing similar lawsuits claiming the company didn' t warn them the product could cause cancer. he became famous for the death of his wife, now bob ford is slated to get a new trial. summer: why are wesh 2 news legal analyst believes he will win his freedom. meredith: daniel webster' s latest move to remain a
4:27 pm
how a real estate deal is playing into the election. summer: we are following traffic
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>> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition. summer: major delays on i-4 in volusia county effort several cars of crash. meredith: this is near mile marker 26. you can see in medical helicopter has just left the scene and it is not clear how many people are hurt or how many cars are involved. only one lane is getting by in the westbound lane. all eastbound traffic is at a stop. we will bring you new updates as we get them on wesh 2 news. commitment 2016 focuses on the musical chairs game that' s been caused by the redrawing of districts. summer: in one case, it has a local congressman owning two houses, leaving wonderers to wonder where he lives? wesh 2 political reporter greg fox explains. >> i have to go where the people are, and i have a house in lake county. i have a house in number 11, so i'
4:31 pm
greg: republican dan webster is hoping to stay in congress, by running for a seat in neighboring district 11, which includes all or parts of lake, sumter, citrus, hernando and marion counties. it leans conservative and, since redistricting, turned his present district, number 10, into one with a majority of democrat voters. webster has opted to run for a seat he feels he can win. while not legally required, voters generally prefer politicians live where they serve. that' s been a challenge for webster. property records show his home of more than three decades is here in west orange county. it was in his district when first elected, but is now in district five, represented by congresswoman corrine brown. records also show webster bought this house in clermont 14 months ago. there' s no mailbox and no recent delivery. >> a long time ago. >> a long time ago? more than a year? >> yeah. greg: so, does webster live or plan to live here? neighbor juan fernandez talked with webster' s son.
4:32 pm
>> they did not say they are renting. they just said keep it or sell it. >> keep it or sell it? >> yeah. >> i wasn' t going to make a move until the district was done, and so now it is and i will be moving over there. greg: the home is in the new district 11, but that gives little comfort to webster' s opponents. justin grabelle' s campaign told us, based on justin' s conversations with his neighbors, nobody is fooled. they see this for what it is, a career politician trying to hold onto power. so far, webster has raised nearly $500,000, more than all four of his opponents combined. congressman webster further explained to us that the reason why no one lives in his lake county home right now, is that it' s being renovated. he also told us the reason for running in a different district is simple, there is no district 10 anymore. it' s a new district and totally different than the one that i serve now. meredith: thank you. rumors are starting to swirl, linking governor rick scott with presidential front-runner donald trump. today a "
4:33 pm
article put the florida governor on trump' s list for possible vice presidential candidates. today, scott was asked about being on that short list. you' ll hear from the governor tonight on wesh 2 news at 5:00. summer: severe weather has mostly avoided central florida today, but check out this video sent to our sister station in south florida. you can see what looks to be a funnel cloud developing in vero beach this afternoon. this was about four miles south of the outlet mall looking east. meredith: eric is joining us now. we will have a change in our system? eric: yes, we will be changing everything around, courtesy to a cold front pushing to the area. we have gusty wind and we are beginning to clear these guys out. cool, dry air is right around the corner. 70, orlando. 79, palm coast. 70, ocala. so nice.
4:34 pm
just in the last hour, 33 miles an hour in melbourne. first alert doppler radar still tracking some straggler showers out there, sneaking over to disney, but the shower is falling apart over to the coast line. we have some heading to cocoa beach and port st. john. tonight, look at the difference. 44 in ocala this evening. 50, orlando and he gets even colder, believe it or not. meredith: thank you. at least three people were killed when the systems moved through louisiana and mississippi yesterday, possibly producing at least 15 tornadoes. in convent, louisiana two people were killed and 30 people were taken to the hospital. emergency preparedness officials say the suspected tornado also damaged 100 trailers. when severe weather is on the move, you can get alerts for your area through the wesh 2 first alert weather app. it' s a free download for apple and android smart phones and tablets.
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isleworth millionaire who this week had his second degree murder conviction overturned, today took another step towards gaining his freedom. he' s now filed a motion, asking a judge to release him on bond. while prosecutors fight to keep the conviction intact, wesh 2' s bob kealing takes a look ward' s chances of getting out of prison soon. bob: in this newly-filed motion, 67-year-old bob ward argues a judge' s ruling this week overturning his second degree murder conviction, should entitle him to a new bond while >> the fact that he' s getting a new trial is very, very rare. bob: now that he' s achieved the much harder step of winning his appeal based on the argument he had ineffective defense counsel during his 2011 murder trial, wesh 2 legal analyst alisia adamson says ward stands a good
4:36 pm
s starting all over, the process is starting over. it is just like when you are first arrested on a charge, you are innocent until proven guilty. you' re going to want a bond on the case. bob: a spokeswoman for state attorney jeff ashton would not comment on the judge' s ruling, but said it is likely they will argue against ward' s release while they appeal the overturned conviction. after being charged with shooting and killing his wife diane in 2009 at their isleworth estate, ward was able to get out on bond until his conviction two years later. adamson says ward' s reliable track record should be an advantage this time around. >> not only is he not a flight risk, he proved himself to be very dependable. he showed up at every hearing. bob: ward has spent five years in florida state prison based on an invalid conviction his defense argues. a hearing date for the bond motion was not immediately set. summer: ward has been serving
4:37 pm
institution in ocala. meredith: west melbourne police are investigating a bizarre burglary at a business. it seems the suspects did a lot of work cutting off power at the diamond brokers on the 1500 block of west new haven avenue last monday. the shadowed men then allegedly cut a hole in the roof and pried open the back door. one of the men crossed over the threshold into the business, but didn' t go further into the building. summer: a palm beach county woman at the center of a murder-for-hire plot, is trying to get the case against her thrown out. so now a judge will have to decide if he buys dalia dippolito' s new defense. yesterday, she told a judge that she, her husband and a police informant were working on an acting project, but prosecutors are asking for proof. >> so where are your notes for all these meetings? what you were going to do with all your scripts? where is all this stuff? >> that was at our house. >> where in the house?
4:38 pm
and you can go get that? >> no, actually i can' t go back to that property. summer: dippolito was convicted of solicitation to commit murder in 2011, but that verdict was overturned. meredith: more trouble for a florida teen accused of pretending to be a doctor. malachai love-robinson is now being sued by a mazda dealership. the company claims he gave them a check for a down payment on a car, but it didn' t go through because the bank account had been closed. love-robinson says it was a mistake and claims he wasn' t given enough time to fix it. he is also accused of running his own clinic and seeing patients without a license. summer: legislation that would require the state' s law enforcement agencies to follow uniform standards for the use of body cameras is ready for a vote by the full florida senate. the bill also sets rules for who has access to the footage and where the data will be stored. its sponsor says when body cameras are used to record police interactions, there is typically less finger pointing after the fact. >> when cops come up on people
4:39 pm
they are escalating, it can show that, hey, this officer was just reacting to something that they came upon. it shows sometimes when officers are having a bad day and do bad things. summer: under the legislation, no agencies would be required to use body cameras. the house version is also ready to be heard by the full chamber. meredith: publix is getting national attention from " forbes." the publication named the grocery chain one of the best private companies in the u.s. publix came in ninth on that list and was also ranked one of the top 100 overall employers. publix is based in lakeland, and has more than 1100 locations across the southeast. summer: a controversial policy in brevard county schools did not make it through the school board overnight. wesh 2' s jason guy takes us to the meeting. jason: the proposed non-discrimination and equal employment policy aims to protect people in brevard county public schools who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender or lgbt. last night at the school board meeting, more than 80 people were on hand to speak, many of them were against the plan. commissioners heard from
4:40 pm
supporters say brevard schools need to treat those who are lgbt equally. >> we are looking for a specific statement, to address that all students can participate in appropriate programs and activities. this does not include accommodations, bathrooms, locker rooms or anything else that would violate somebody else' s rights. jason: part of the policy, which would have allowed transgender students to choose which bathroom they wanted to use, drew criticism from parents and others in the community. >> it just opens the doors as people have said to pandora' s box of many problems, legal issues, legal issues you haven' t thought of. and you will end up with a bathroom for every student if you' re not careful. jason: last night, the brevard county school board eventually decided to rewrite the policy before it comes up for discussion again. jason guy, wesh 2 news. meredith: tiger woods stepping up to silence critics who say he cannot play anymore.
4:41 pm
astronaut scott kelly is about to come home. a look at his remarkable last year, next. meredith: at 6:00, five years after you first learn their names, wesh 2 news takes a look at the colorful characters surrounding the casey anthony case. where they are now, on wesh 2 news ethics and 11. -- 6:00 and 11:00. summer: we are following a crash on i-4 in volusia county in the eastbound lane. one lane in both directions is getting by, but there is no word on any injuries but we did see a medical helicopter out there moments ago. it has left the scene and as soon as we get more information, we will pass it on to you. this is i-4 in volusia county
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how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged,
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and lower medical costs. at cigna dot comr slash take control. meredith: we are following where a plane has crashed into a side of a fence near this house. folks are watching and first responders are on scene. the pilot is now out. summer: he spent time capturing the himalayas from high above and even having a little fun dressing up in a gorilla costume and chasing other astronauts around the international space station, but scott kelly' s year in space is coming to a close. meredith: today, wesh 2' s dan billow heard from kelly about his experience so far with the one year project. dan: only in weightlessness can you play ping pong with a blob of water. astronauts always make floating in space look like so much fun. but is it? scott kelly is the first american to approach one year in space on one flight.
4:46 pm
future folks is put a lot of thought into it, because a year here is a really, really long time. dan: as a former space shuttle commander, kelly is a familiar figure on the space coast, and was a natural choice for a one-year mission on the space station, making him a pathfinder for future mars exploration. his identical twin brother, mark, is part of the deal, serving as an earth-based comparison subject for scott' s experiences and physical changes. but now it' s time to think about coming home. >> i actually look forward to sitting at a table and just relaxing and having a meal with friends and family. when you don' t have to worry about your spoon or your fork or your food floating away. dan: he says he' s not climbing the walls to come home, but how could you not miss the things of earth? >> i look forward to fresh food,
4:47 pm
not. dan: he' s looking forward to feeling the sun and the wind and the pull of gravity, and should get a dose of all three on tuesday, landing day. on the space coast, dan billow, wesh 2 news. meredith: pretty impressive. the final tally is 340 days. landing will be in central asia aboard a russian spacecraft. right now, space-x is hoping the weather will cooperate for a about two hours. the launch window opens at 6:46 tonight. the rocket will carry a boeing communications satellite into orbit over asia. and space-x is attempting to land the first stage of the falcon nine rocket on a drone ship, but engineers say a successful landing is not expected. summer: reports of tiger woods' pending demise may be premature, and we' ve got the proof. earlier this week, reports circulated that woods' back was in much worse shape than anyone thought, so today, woods offerered this rebuttal on twitter, showing him swinging a club in a golf simulator with a caption reading, progressing nicely. and the swing looks pretty good. his agents also reports he' s
4:48 pm
s still no official timetable on when he might return to the tour. meredith: we have seen severe weather to our north and south, and at this point we are seeing changes in our own central florida area. eric: we are talking about a lot of went across town. that is going to play into the launch near the cake later -- kate later on this evening. -- cape later on this evening. we are talking about a 40% chance of favorable weather and we will have to continue to watch the trend. alyssa snapped this picture of some tight flying out the --kite flying out there. we love getting in sharing your weather pictures. 77, cocoa beach at this hour. 68, in the villages. the temperatures coming down as the cooler, drier air is moving on in.
4:49 pm
showing the straggler showers out of lake washington near port st. john, working over toward the kennedy space center. those will move on out, and we are starting to see the glaring conditions across our area. lots of rain still impacting south florida, the honda classic just had to get everyone to safety in palm beach county because of thunder and lightning. here is something you not see every day, tornado watch boxes from trenton, new jersey all the way down into portions of georgia, and look at this line, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, a tornado warning today line. this is a powerful system. for us, these brighter, shades moving into town, that will mean a much improved scenario from here and on out. futurecast showing not much,
4:50 pm
through 9:00, it is going to be clear as a bell and that will allow temperatures to fall quickly. 9:00, 64 degrees and gusty wind. you will want a light jacket handy. we keep going and quickly and quite a bit further down from there. 45, lady lake this evening. 49, poinciana. 50, orlando. 50, melbourne. look at tamara' s forecasts, a nice rebound, 54 at 9:00. -- look at tomorrow' s forecast, a nice rebound, 54 at 9:00. the northern wind pushing in the cold air. it continues for friday and saturday and sunday. the weekend forecast is looking phenomenal with high temperatures in the upper 60' s and lower 70' s. there is one exception. we do have an issue for allergy sufferers, myself included. we are running on a 10 range on
4:51 pm
we will have to watch that closely. we have sunshine, so i am ok with that. high temperatures during the weekend and back into the 80' s by next week. tony is back with how much rain fell today, with a recap of the forecast when he sees you coming up next. summer: why this nine-year-old girl is even taking on boys in the ring. we had real people make their own pizzas. they chose the ingredients they wanted.
4:52 pm
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stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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summer: she' s only 9-years-old. meredith: but she has more power and heart in her fight than boxers three times her age. >> i' m not just doing this for nothing. i' m doing this for everybody, and for myself too so i can become something big when i get older. meredith: jesselyn silva found her love of boxing when her dad took up the sport two years ago in order to lose weight. she now works out two hours a day, four days a week. and with few female boxers her age, she' s usually having to spar against older boys. she' s only had one sanctioned fight so far, and was able to come out on top. >> when i won my first match, it felt so good. when they put up my hand because it was like my first match and i won and i' m undefeated, but it' s only one fight. i can'
4:55 pm
meredith: that is a good record. her championship belt now hangs in the gym where she trains. she is now training for the golden gloves competition in march. summer: good luck. take no prisoners. if you love labs, then you' ll love this. meredith: the american kennel club has declared the labrador retriever as america' s most popular dog breed. this is the 25th year in a row for the labs to be named top dog. the akc uses statistics taken from registration records to determine which breeds are most beloved by dog owners. breeders say labs are so popular because they are intelligent and family-friendly. german shepherds, golden retrievers, bulldogs, and beagles round out the top 5 breeds. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. summer: angela taylor joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour. angela: coming up next at 5:00, new information about a deadly afternoon on i-4. a worker with the i-4 ultimate project was killed. wait until you hear how it happened. plus, a wet and rainy day for parts of central florida. how long the dark skies will hang around. and right now, the search for a missing boater is underway in mount dora.
4:56 pm
disappeared. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is next. [captioning peti lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger.
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking.
4:59 pm
jim: we begin with breaking developments in orange county. and i for worker is dead after being struck by a dump truck while on the job. all work on the expansion project has been stopped. angela: this all played out right before noon at the maitland boulevard exit. adrian whitsett joins us live from the scene. adrian: just as you mentioned, all 21 miles of the i-4 ultimate project is shut down right now. you can see the construction site that normally is bustling with activity. it is in for the incident happened 11:30 this morning. 15 minutes ago, we got a statement from the construction workers who are deeply saddened by the loss of one of their employees. the cause of the accident is not known, and they will conduct the investigation in partnership with local authorities. what we do know is that a man
5:00 pm
driver just must not have seen him and ran him over. a 34-year-old construction worker died, run over by a fellow co-worker in maitland. ferren harrell: i' m guessing this individual and his co workers are feeling very remorseful now that they lost one of their co-workers. adrian: the orlando man was pronounced dead shortly after the incident at 11:30 wednesday morning in the i-4 ultimate construction zone just north of kennedy boulevard in maitland. ferren harrell: in my mind i was thinking, that could be my loved oh, one, and i' m praying for the family members. adrian: as of wednesday afternoon the osha office in , tampa hadn' t received notification of the work-related death. the company the man worked for is supposed to report within 24 hours. fhp says they' re still working to notify the family. with the investigation ongoing into the first i-4 ultimate construction death that we know about, it' s still unclear if there will be any charges, or if


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