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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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driver just must not have seen him and ran him over. a 34-year-old construction worker died, run over by a fellow co-worker in maitland. ferren harrell: i' m guessing this individual and his co workers are feeling very remorseful now that they lost one of their co-workers. adrian: the orlando man was pronounced dead shortly after the incident at 11:30 wednesday morning in the i-4 ultimate construction zone just north of kennedy boulevard in maitland. ferren harrell: in my mind i was thinking, that could be my loved oh, one, and i' m praying for the family members. adrian: as of wednesday afternoon the osha office in , tampa hadn' t received notification of the work-related death. the company the man worked for is supposed to report within 24 hours. fhp says they' re still working to notify the family. with the investigation ongoing into the first i-4 ultimate construction death that we know about, it' s still unclear if there will be any charges, or if
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ferren harrell: i know what it is to have a loss, so to lose a loved one, who is doing so much good, it is part of the hazard of his job. adrian: we are still learning to get his identification of the 34-year-old, killed by a drunk truck at 11:30. -- dump truck at 11:30. i-4 is shut down, no work when -- no word when work will resume. live in maitland, adrian whitsett, wesh 2 news. angela: we are also following breaking news on i-4 in volusia county. this is the picture from the d.o.t. camera. several cars involved in that crash a little over an hour ago. this is at mile marker 126 in the eastbound lane to the new smyrna beach. you can see the crash scene is
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we have not heard how many people were hurt. jim: breaking near mount people are searching lake eau disappeared. chris hush joins us live. what have you learned? most of the search is going on at trimble park in orange county, but very close to lake county. there is a public boat ramp, and as you look to the left you can see most of that park is closed right now. due to an emergency , and that is because of this search right now. chopper 2 was above as orange county dive teams were conducting the search on lake eau claire where they are looking for a missing voter who was out on the lake at some point today. the call came in around 10:30 this morning, and they had been searching ever since. the lake is around 1100 acres
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this is all going on in the extreme northwest orange county, part of orange county, new the lake county line. crews will be here through t find the missing boater, they will stay overnight and continue the search tomorrow morning. we will get you details as soon as they come in. angela: it was a rainy stormy day in central florida. this video was shot in east orange county. you can see the rain was heavy, but it moved through quickly. jim: other parts of florida were not so lucky. check out this footage, taken in bradford county, just north of gainesville. strong winds knocked down trees and rattling flagposts. the threat appears to have diminished, but some areas could still see a bit of rain. angela: first alert chief meteorologist tony mainolfi is keeping an eye on the skies. tony: right now we are watching this front come across central florida, so things are rapidly
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the wind will be a big story, and there will be showers between now and 5:30, 6:00 before things move offshore, and the temperatures will cool down. gainesville to palm bay, a good set of showers. still near 80. front has just come through the s. the big story this afternoon has been the wind. gusts as high as a 47 miles an hour, top of the hour 35 to 40 miles per hour. we are dropping to 61 of by the time we get to 11:00. much cooler weather on the way, and frost saturday morning. angela: thank you. it was a violent night in daytona beach. four people, including three teenage girls, were shot in drive-by shootings. wesh 2 has learned that the violence may have been the result of a long-running feud. jim: the bullets were fired from a stolen vehicle, at a home on sheridan road. wesh 2' s claire metz is live from the scene with the latest information.
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claire: the victims were outside that sheridan road home when they drove by shortly after 11:00 and opened fire. 25-year-old man who lives in the home along with two 18-year-old women and a 14-year-old girl who were visiting. police are calling it retaliation. >> i just thank god i' m alive. it could have been worse. i could have been dead. claire: this 18-year-old woman asked us not to identify her, but showed us her injuries, three bullet wounds in one leg, two in the other. >> out of the blue, bullets just started flying. like, we just we didn' t really know what to do, it happened so fast. claire: she and some others had stopped by the sheridan road house to deliver food when three men in a stolen vehicle drove by armed with two handguns and an ak-47. police say at least one of those three, 27-year-old rakim watson, who is still on the run, opened fire, hitting resident ronald williams and the three teenage girls. more than a dozen calls to 911 came in, including one from the
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with another victim, had driven away to get help, their vehicle bullet-ridden. >> i' m shot in my arm, and she' s shot in both of her legs. i cannot feel nothing. and she' s on the ground, the car got shot up. claire: police say the accused shooter, watson is also a suspect in a murder last year. that victim they say was associated with people at the sheridan road house, and the groups have been fighting back and forth since. police say had witnesses in that deadly shooting been willing to testify against watson back then, he wouldn' t be on streets now. >> nobody would have got shot, nobody would have lost, nothing would have happened, but people refuse to cooperate and think that thug street justice is the way to proceed. claire: police say rakim watson and another man abandoned the stolen car in south daytona and took off. a third man, watson' s brother ricardo, was arrested, but not in connection to the shootings. police say it is just amazing that no one was killed in all of this.
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expected to recover, two of them already out of the hospital. angela: we are learning new information tonight about that disturbing murder in altamonte springs. a mother is accused of killing her son. that woman is 59-year-old virginia arteaga, who is right now being held without bond. a police report shows she has been out of work and suffering from depression. it says she thought her son, 29-year-old blake howard, wasn' t happy. howard was shot early monday morning, while he showered in his apartment. arteaga appeared in court today. she allegedly spent more than 24 hours after she shot him, working up the courage to take her own life. jim: wesh 2 news is learning more information about a shooting that left a local sheriff' s deputy wounded. brevard county deputy casey smith was shot last summer, during a prostitution investigation. he recovered, but only after a lengthy hospital stay and rehab. tonight, the family of the man charged with pulling the trigger, john derossett, is saying they have yet to see the
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bullet came from his gun. wesh 2' s dan billow reports. dan: all was confusion and chaos when brevard county sheriff' s agent casey smith was shot last summer. he was one of three agents trying to arrest a woman for prostitution. investigators say her uncle, john derossett, came out and started firing. he' s charged with attempted murder. a newly released report from the florida department of law enforcement contains an analysis of bullets collected at the scene. at least three sheriff' s deputies, along with derossett, fired rounds in the shootout. one of those bullets lodged in deputy smith' s bulletproof vest. but the report says analysts could not identify which gun it came from. part of the reason for that is all four guns the deputies' and the suspect' s are the same kind, 40-caliber glock pistols. >> we don' t know who actually shot casey smith.
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s attorney did not comment for this story, but has said he' s looking into whether the bullets that hit smith came from derossett' s gun or the deputies' guns. the report could allow him to raise doubt in jurors' minds about who fired the vest shot. but the same report quotes the wounded deputy smith. >> agent smith observed derossett point the gun at agent smith while he was shooting. agent smith felt a bullet strike him in the bulletproof vest and another bullet strike him in the abdomen. dan: it' s that second bullet that almost killed smith right here in derossett' s front yard, and which remains somewhat of a mystery. that bullet is not mentioned in the fdle report and has not been discussed by prosecutors or sheriff' s officials. in port st. john, dan billow, wesh 2 news. angela: an orange county man was carjacked a gunpoint, and the man who did it remains on the run tonight. it happened at the eagle reserves apartments 2:30 a.m. the victim was approached by a man who pulled out a gun, and demanded his car. the car-jacker is between 20 to 30-years-old with gold teeth.
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parkway, heading toward orange blossom trail. jim: u.s. coast guard hearings on the sinking of the cargo ship el faro continued in jacksonville today, and some new information is being brought to light. an initial report alleges that the captain of el faro called ashore for help, but the coast guard didn' t believe the vessel was in danger of sinking. the coast guard apparently prepared a response team to help, but had to deal with some software problems. el faro sank in a hurricane october 1 after losing propulsion near the bahamas. all 33 people onboard died. right now a local woman is hoping to get her wallet back. police say it was swiped while she was lunching with a friend. angela: as wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel explains, police know how it happened and they walked her through the surveillance footage that shows the whole thing. robert pelton: right now, you see the suspect reaching in and grabbing that wallet out of the purse. dave: rewind, a purse hanging on a chair at whole foods in altamonte springs. two guys come in, then a man and a woman with shopping carts.
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themselves as look-outs, so this guy can pretend he' s putting his arm in the sleeve of his jacket. instead, he' s grabbing joanne' s wallet. joanne: it makes me furious. it' s a horrible thing, and i wouldn' t want it to happen to someone else. dave: she lost credit cards, gift cards, her driver' s license, and cash. robert pelton: what you also see is he drops some coins and some currency on the floor which , the other three suspects pick up. dave: and talk about gall. see that wad of cash which fell out of joanne' s wallet? one suspect makes a return trip. robert pelton: steps on it, pulls it over so he can bend down and pick it up, and leaves the store. joanne: he was right next to me and all the people who were with me, none of us saw it, none of us, he was so slick. robert pelton: we' this isn' they' ve done this, and probably not the last. dave: cops want you take a good you' re carrying valuables, keep any bag in front of you. joanne has this message for the suspects. joanne: love to meet ' em, can' t hope it doesn' else. dave: in seminole county, dave
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angela: we hope they catch those people. police suggest people leave purses and bags locked in car trunks and only carry a small amount of cash and cards in their front pocket. jim: pretty slick. coming up, a classic car with mysterious damage. angela: wesh 2 is talking exclusively to the owner, who says his prized delorean was towed from his house to a mechanic and banged up somewhere in between. the problem, no one is fessing up. >> i got a call saying it was all smashed up. i thought they were teasing me, i said, oh come on, really? jim: plus, vice president rick scott? which presidential contender is
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a possible running mate. jim: now to a wesh 2 news exclusive. a battle over a classic car, a delorean, which had been towed to the shop for some simple repair work. angela: the owner then gets a call saying it has been damaged. wesh 2' s amanda ober spoke to the local man who owns the car who' s now battling over who pays for the repairs.
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his prized 1981 delorean in pristine condition for over 30 years. >> your got to come back with me. amanda: the delorean was made famous as a time travel machine in back to the future. hooper says his doesn' t travel through time, but something very mysterious did happen last fall. scott hooper: i was dumbfounded. amanda: hooper called aaa for a tow and a driver and truck were sent out. he says this home surveillance video shows his car being loaded onto a tow truck by that driver who was taking it to the mechanic for simple air conditioning repairs. scott hooper: he loved the car. it was flattering at first. i get used to that. he kept climbing inside and taking pictures of it. amanda: hooper assumed his car was in good hands, but then he got a phone call. scott hooper: once it arrived at the mechanics shop an hour and a half later it' s about a 10 , minute drive, i got a call saying the car was all smashed up. i thought they were teasing me.
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amanda: hooper says these are photos of the damage, a back panel was dented and twisted, the back end of the car pushed out of alignment. scott hooper: it was $10,000 in damage caused from heavy impact to the back and then twisting on the right side. amanda: hooper admits he doesn' t know what happened to the car, but he claims this surveillance video proves it was in mint condition when it left his home, and now he wants aaa to pony up for the damage. but hooper claims aaa' s insurance company denied responsibility. a aaa spokeswoman told wesh 2 news, "we appreciate you bringing this situation to our attention. we take seriously our commitment to protecting the interest of our members. we are investigating this situation." for now, hooper' s own insurance paid for the repairs, but he says sadly his prized possession will never be the same. in orange county, amanda ober, wesh 2 news. jim: aaa says it hopes to have it' s latest investigation of the delorean dilemma complete in a few days and will let us know
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angela: tony is here with us now . the worst of the storm is out, but we are dealing with wind and colder weather coming. tony: we had wind gusts of nearly 50 miles an hour. the storms are worse up north. we have had video coming in from down south. look at these pictures from across central florida. in goldenrod you can see ominous skies. this man might have seen a funnel cloud earlier today. terry, we do appreciate that photo. and travis, with his go pro camera on a highflying instrument, which has been registered, a good shot there. do appreciate that. activity down across south florida. here is a cold front cruising through in the next hour or two, and you can see the radar active to the south of the viewing area. a few showers near northern
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as we take a look at the rainfall totals today, the big winner is southwest ocala, 1.53, so clermont 1.46, and so far in marion county just over an inch of rain. spruce creek 40 miles an hour of wind, new smyrna beach at the airport, 41 miles an hour wind gusts. on the west, upper 60' s, but on the east side mid to upper 70' s. wind is a big story tonight especially for the south -- the falcon ix watch. we may have to postpone it. we will keep you updated. overnight lows is a big story, significantly cooler. 44 in ocala out the door tomorrow morning at 7:00.
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kissimmee, st. cloud around 50 degrees. i-4, longwood to deland, mid 40' s. new titusville, 40 nine, melbourne and palm bay around 50 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, clear skies, cooler temperatures, and the breeze will still be with us tomorrow afternoon out of the west-northwest at 15 , 25 miles an hour, making that 60' s feel even cooler. normal highs it should be in the mid-70' s, and the wind blowing around the pollen through the afternoon. after the rain, you get rapid growth especially with the oak and the juniper. that is why pollen will be on the rise. central florida fair beginning tomorrow, breezy and cool, 65, have a jacket ready to go as temperatures fall into the low 50' s. the developing story will be the very cold air, patchy frost
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lows for that one coming up at 548 -- 5:48. angela: a major american company forced to shell out major bucks in a lawsuit. jim: plus, russia ships 10,000 guns to a country in the middle east. and a power plant collapses. we' ll take a look at the damage, and the human toll ahead on wesh 2 news at 5:00. angela: and coming up tonight on wesh 2 news at 6:00, we are continuing our look back at the casey anthony trial, which ended five years ago this summer. tonight we' re looking at where some of the case' s key players
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angela: take a look at this video. this is all that remains of a home in port orchard, washington. crews do not know if anyone was home during the blast. as of now, the homeowners are unaccounted for. people who live nearby say the explosion was so big it could be heard from several hundred yards away. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. pharmaceutical company johnson and johnson has been ordered to pay $72 million to the family of an alabama woman whose death was linked to baby powder. the woman' s family claims she got ovarian cancer from using the talc-based powder for more
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they sued johnson and johnson, and the jury agreed, awarding them that money. the company is facing similar lawsuits, claiming it didn' t warn consumers that the product could cause cancer. jim: today, afghanistan receives a large gift from russia. these boxes are filled with 10,000 assault riffles and millions of rounds of ammunition. the russian ambassador to afghanistan said russia was willing to work with afghanistan to combat insurgency and drug problems. leaders say the guns and ammo were provided under an existing security agreement between the two countries. search efforts are underway for three workers after a british power plant collapsed. officials have been searching through a 30-foot mound or rubble for those workers. one person is confirmed dead, and five others are now in the hospital. the old coal and fuel-oil plant has been closed since 2013 and is slated for demolition. the plant collapsed while a demolition contractor was at work. angela: tonight loved ones are distraught after learning wreckage of a small plane with 21 people on board has been
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several bodies have been found, and authorities fear that all 18 passengers and three crew members who were on the plane have died. witnesses reported seeing flames in a heavily-wooded, mountainous area in northern nepal. it was only a 19-minute flight, but contact was lost about eight minutes after takeoff. jim: help is now on the way to areas of fiji that were devastated by a powerful cyclone that killed 42 people. thousands of people are still living in shelters. on saturday, fiji was hit by a category five cyclone the most powerful storm to ever strike a pacific nation. an aid worker says it has been difficult to get aid to the remote areas. the country remains under a state of emergency. angela: wesh 2 news at 5:30 is next. jim: stewart moore joins us now with a look what' s coming up in our next half hour. stewart: jim, angela, coming up next all new at 5:30, a convenience store clerk, shot during a robbery, speaks out. what he has to say about the four men who burst into his store, robbed him, and opened fire.
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re looking into rumors that donald trump could be looking at
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running mate.
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angela: tonight we are learning new information about a chilling crime caught on camera. a clerk shot during a robbery. it happened earlier this week at a convenience store in taft. good evening, i am angela taylor. stewart: i am stewart moore. as police look for the four people involved, the man who was shot, is speaking out. he spoke to wesh 2' s michelle meredith. michelle: a violent armed robbery at this convenience store in taft left one store employee feeling very grateful to be alive. >> he start shooting the door he shoot up there, he shoot down there. michelle: for abdul, february 7 started as just another night at work at the aman food market in taft. in the surveillance video, you see him walking out the store with buckets of water. >> and i stand up and there were a bunch of guys running into the store with a hoodie. michelle: four of them, and they meant business. the suspect with the white shirt over his head appears to be in charge. he points a gun at the clerk behind the counter. abdul, unaware of what was going on, walks back to the store and
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guy' s head, and he was asking money. michelle: then the chaos came to abdul. when he showed up, one suspect tried to pull him into store. >> he was pulling me in, and i was scared. michelle: there was a struggle. abdul yanks the shirt off one suspect, then tries to push the door shut, but the suspect with the gun puts an end to it all by shooting abdul right through the glass door, hitting him in the leg twice. >> it hit here and came out here. michelle: abdul says he then ran for his life, really didn' t know he had been shot until he eventually felt the pain and saw the blood. >> i thought, maybe i say a prayer. i thought, maybe i' m dying. michelle: not only did abdul survive, he' s back at work and feeling much better, but folks here in taft will feel even better when the four suspects have been caught. if you have any information that can help catch these suspects, call crime line at 800-423-tips.
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meredith, wesh 2 news. angela: there were two additional clerks in the store at the time of the robbery , but they were not hurt. tonight we' re getting a look at a bird' s eye view of the damage done when several tornadoes tore through the florida panhandle last night. this is in pensacola. homes and cars were destroyed, as well as trees and power lines. governor rick scott toured the damage this morning and pledged state resources to help rebuild. thankfully, we did not see anything like that here in central florida. stewart: we have wind and rain, and temperatures are certain to change. let' s check in with tony mainolfi. tony: overnight, we are already beginning to see that on the western side of the peninsula as the front is working in, rapidly from west to east. all of the rain we are looking at is moving offshore areas there are a few light showers near palm bay and kenansville. in another hour we are done with that.
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to the west, and look at the cooler temperatures in ocala, and warmer temperatures back at the eastern side of the peninsula. the changes coming, wind speed the same, 15 to 25 miles per hour. hour-by-hour, right through 11:00, 12:00 we are following to 60 degrees, so have a jacket ready to go. out the door in the morning, 44 ocala, 50 orlando. it gets even colder, and i will show you who will have frost saturday morning. trump: we have great numbers coming out of texas and amazing , numbers coming out of tennessee and georgia and arkansas and then in a couple of weeks later, florida. we love florida. stewart: just moments after scoring a win in last night nevada primary, donald trump laid out his plan on moving his campaign forward to more victories. you' ll notice the shout out to florida there at the end of that
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re learning just how much trump might like the sunshine state. angela: published reports show that governor rick scott has made a short-list for possible vice presidential candidates for the real estate mogul. wesh 2' s political reporter greg fox explains. [applause] trump: thank you very much. greg: as billionaire donald trump collects republican delegates like shares of stock, his campaign team is weighing the inevitable investment in a running made. it' s a lottery of sorts, who will win the v- pstakes, if trump continues his march to the party' s nomination this summer. here' s what he had to say. donald trump: i do want somebody that' s political, because i want to get lots of great legislation that we all want passed. it' s just sitting there for years and years and years. we have things sitting there that would be so good, including proper healthcare and other things, so we' re going to probably choose somebody that' s somewhat political. greg: mentioned in the "washington post" as potentially being on the short list is florida' s governor rick scott, former ceo of the nation' s largest hospital chain, but he' s not talking about it.
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is my job here. i have got three years left in this job. we have added 1,025,000 jobs, and i want to add more jobs. we will get our numbers for january soon, and hopefully we will continue the progress we have made. with adding about 20 plus thousand jobs per month. that' s my priority right now. greg: still this is what scott wrote in a "usa today" op-ed last month about trump. "i think he' s capturing the frustration of many americans after seven years of president obama' s very intentional takeover of the u.s. economy. " as for what voters think about a trump-scott ticket? john gill: it' s interesting, i would say. if you' re donald trump, it' s smart because florida is a big state. roberto lopez: no way. greg: how come? roberto lopez: because i don' t like either one. greg: oh, so they would be perfect in your mind because you won' t vote for either one? roberto lopez: exactly. lea whalen: i wouldn' t really support either candidate. morgan tapia: i think two business guys would probably be good. greg: still no word on when
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angela: rick scott is not the only politician, nikki haley, former vice president candidate sarah palin and carly fiorina, which could help trump score points with women voters. stewart: up a proposal to allow transgender students the ability to choose which bathroom they want to use, failed to pass the brevard county school board last night. county commissioners spent hours listening to residents voice their opinions. the proposal is just 1 part of what would be a broader policy, meant to protect lgbt students. the board decided the policy needs to be rewritten, before it can come up for discussion again. a pine hills furniture store manager is facing serious charges. police say he repeatedly sexually assaulted a woman inside of his store. wesh 2' s bob kealing went to the business today and spoke with the suspect' s mother. bob: early sunday morning orange county deputies say 27-year-old
5:37 pm
d met to his store miracle mattress and furniture on north hiawasee road. the business was closed. after having a drink and talking, she claims metayer suddenly forced her down on to a bed, and raped her repeatedly while she was crying, begging him to stop. >> you' ve been arrested on two counts of sexual battery. bob: deputies say the victim called 911 just before 4:00 a.m. sunday "crying and hysterical." later, investigators say metayer texted her, asking why she was "tripping." here at the store the suspect' s mother, who declined an on camera interview, but told us she believes the allegations against her son are not true. deputies say they went to the store and were able to collect the woman' s underwear as well as biological evidence from the bed. they also got a warrant to collect metayer' s dna. today he told a judge he' ll be hiring his own lawyer to fight the charges. metayer: i have an attorney.
5:38 pm
speak with him since i been here. bob: for the time being, a judge ruled metayer will be staying in the orange county jail under no bond. bob kealing, wesh 2 news. stewart: the judge rescheduled the suspect' s first court hearing for tomorrow so his attorney could also be present. right now florida highway patrol troopers are still looking for the truck that hit an orange county woman yesterday, and then sped off. this happened just before noon, at sand lake road and kings point parkway. troopers say 68-year-old teresa vasquez was standing on the shoulder when she was hit. she' s listed in stable condition tonight. right now the only description troopers have of the truck is that it was pulling a white trailer. angela: legislation that would set statewide standards for the use of body cameras is ready for a vote by the full florida senate. the senate fiscal policy committee today signed off on the bill, which also sets who can have access to the footage and where the data will be stored. under the measure, no agencies would be required to use body cameras, but rules would be in place if they do. it has the support of the
5:39 pm
organizations. the house version is also ready to be heard by the full chamber. to continuing coverage now of the fight against the zika virus. just 24 hours ago, state leaders announced that another case was diagnosed in central florida, this time in seminole county. more than 25 cases have been caught here in florida and all have been travel-related. stewart: florida isn' t the only state impacted by the virus. today in washington dc lawmakers pushed top health officials about their response to the fight nationwide. wesh 2' s sally kidd reports. sally: the cdc says it is not likely that we' ll see widespread transmission of zika in the u.s., but even so, a multi-agency effort is underway to prevent it. infectious disease experts say evidence linking the zika virus to birth defects is mounting. anne schuchat: a new syndrome like this can be scary particularly for vulnerable , pregnant women. sally: the cdc is now investigating 14 cases of
5:40 pm
through sex. those cases involve men who traveled to zika outbreak areas and may have infected their sex partners when they returned to the u.s. anne schuchat: we are learning more every day. sally: so far, the cdc says, no one in the continental u.s. has contracted the virus through mosquitoes, but there are more than 80 travel-related cases. anne schuchat: we expect many travelers returning to the u.s. to have zika virus infection, but we are doing what we can to prevent the severe complications. sally: researchers are scrambling to develop a zika vaccine and say trials could begin this summer. but the federal agency in charge says money is an issue. >> i will not be able to proceed with the trial that i described to you without additional money. sally: president obama has asked congress for nearly $2 billion in emergency funding to combat the disease. john armstrong: we' re emphasizing the importance of mosquito control, public
5:41 pm
, professional education. sally: the type of mosquito that can spread the virus is found in the southern part of the country and that' s why mosquito control , efforts are being stepped up throughout the gulf coast. stewart: of course be sure to , stay with wesh 2 on air and online for complete and continuing coverage of the fight against the zika virus both in florida and nationwide. we are going to keep you up to date on what health officials are doing to keep you safe. coming up, after nearly a year -- spacex prepares for a launch. angela: plus, under investigation. a local deputy' s on-duty actions get him fired, but now concerns over his handling of some cases are being voiced.
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stewart: we are following breaking news in seminole county, and a lake mary a vehicle that was involved in a robbery earlier today had gotten
5:45 pm
we have learned one of the suspects was taken into custody. inserted with a robbery at a steak and shake at 436 in altamonte. the suspect took off down 436 to i-4. they got off at lake mary boulevard and headed east. this is near 17-92 at the montessori school. one person is in custody, at least to others being sought. we will bring you more at 6:00. hundreds of hours and thousands of tax dollars wasted. that is what they say -- angela: this could impact a number of felonies. matt grant explains. matt: the state attorney for the fifth judicial circuit tells me his office will now have to be more on guard and will need to look more critically at arrest reports coming from the marion county sheriff' s office.
5:46 pm
brad king sent this letter to sheriff chris blair, saying any pending or future cases requiring former deputy eduardo bustamante to testify will be dropped. >> it does not feel like he could prove any case this officer is involved with. matt: bustamante resigned, and could face fbi charges, after a state attorney investigation, which reviewed 400 hours of video, costing taxpayers at least $15,000, concluded he lied about his use of excessive force, falsified reports, made illegal traffic stops, among other offenses. wesh 2 legal analyst richard hornsby. richard hornsby: you could see any case he' s involved in going south very quickly if the first thing the defense attorney says is, isn' t it true you' re under investigation for falsifying evidence for falsely accusing people, for beating people? matt: we found more than two dozen open cases where this man testified, going back to 2012. among them a 2012 arrest involving richard braccia who is accused of shooting at a deputy' s cruiser allegedly angry over the loss of a football
5:47 pm
braccia was charged with attempted first degree murder of a law enforcement officer. in a dozen cases, bustamante' s testimony was required. now all of these cases which include everything from cocaine possession, and duis, to battery and robbery with a firearm could be in jeopardy. angela: the marion county sheriff declined to talk to us on camera. a spokesperson says they are convening a task force to review cases where this officer testified. for those already decided, defendants will have to root specific wrongdoing in order to get appeal. astronaut scott kelly is nearing the end of a year long mission in space. he' s the first american to spend a year in orbit. nasa wanted to study the long term impacts space has on the human body. a mission to mars will last up to a year, and scott kelly' s job was to help engineers see what the length of time may be like. kelly returned to earth on tuesday. stewart: space x is still hoping to launch a communications satellite tonight from cape canaveral.
5:48 pm
just about an hour from now. if the weather clears up so far , the launch is still a go. the boeing-made satellite will orbit over asia. angela: tony mainolfi is here with us. it was a wild weather day across much of the south, even in florida. it is nice now. tony: things are clearing out, not worried about rain but wind at the kennedy space center. that will gay just whether or not they get this rocket off. let me show you some of these photos from the west to viewers. samuel at ucf has the clouds rolling in. a good-looking rain shots. alisa was a flying her kite with all the wind out there today. got to hold onto that, or it will be in the next county. it is still windy. we are sustained winds at melbourne at 20 miles an hour out of the west.
5:49 pm
down from 66 degrees as the front cruises through central florida over the next hour or two. you can see the heaviest rain and storms well down to the south. it is pretty much over from the rainfall and storms standpoint, but we still have the rain -- wind and cooler weather coming. to the south tom bay, grand valkaria, watch her travels south. rain today, wekiva springs nearly an inch. just a half an inch of rain in altamonte rings. we look at the peak gusts of the airports, 40 miles an hour. temperatures cooling down. s peninsula. and the east, we will give it another hour to come down. you would following need a
5:50 pm
groveland, 47, poinciana, 49. zellwood, lake mary, orange city , middle to upper 50' s. even ormond beach and marineland in the middle to upper 40' s. mims and rockledge, upper 40' s areas the setup for tomorrow, we have west-northwest winds, it will be brisk. temperatures holding in the 60' s, and afternoon highs are good at five to 10 degrees below what is typically norm this time of year, around 75. get out there and enjoy it. more the same for friday. still a window, but that will taper off. saturday, less wind waking up. we can have the potential for frosty conditions in marion county, and sunday as well. the food and wine fest at lake eola, 63, 67, cooling down by 7:00, good-looking forecast for
5:51 pm
the big story is the chill in the air waking up saturday morning, 34 ocala, 40 orlando, 40 melbourne. let' s look at the updated seven-day forecast. it is 63 degree weather for friday through saturday. we turn around back on monday. next best chance of rain looking to be tuesday and wednesday next week. stewart: thank you. coming up, the egyptian court hands down a life in prison sentence. angela: there'
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
problem, it was for a toddler.a angela: a pair of window washers get stranded 65 floors up a skyscraper in new york, after their scaffolding stalled. crews say the two were working yesterday when the scaffold stopped moving and left them stuck in the air. mechanics on the ground couldn' t get it moving again either, so the two had to wait for firefighters to arrive to rescue them. they ended up removing a pane of glass from inside the building so the two could climb inside. neither of those workers were hurt. stewart: i was going to say, you are going to grind the whole time. a three-year-old boy in egypt is off the hook tonight after being sentenced to life in prison. the child was was convicted of three counts of murder as part of a mass trial of people
5:55 pm
muslim brotherhood. the boy was only 16 months old at the time of the crime. officials now say it was a case of mistaken identity. the actual suspect was 16 years old. he has now been arrested instead. angela: glad that toddler is a safe and sound. stewart: facebook is overhauling its trademark "like" button with six new ways to express your feelings. angela: users can now choose from like, love, humor, anger, wow, and sad. hover the mouse icon over the "like" button, and all of the new options will pop up. facebook says it wanted to give users a wider range of ways to express themselves. they are now available to all of facebook' s 1.6 billion users around the world. stewart: only thing people wanted was the thumbs down. angela: wesh 2 news at 6:00 is straight ahead. meredith: we are following breaking news in the death of a local construction worker. we have learned new information
5:56 pm
i-4 ultimate project. and now, work has been halted. from a and in the death of a man police say was shot by his own mother.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
announcer: you are watching wesh 2. jim: i-4 ultimate death. a tragic scene unfolds along central florida' s busiest interstate. tonight, we' re learning more about the construction worker who was run over on the job. >> working construction is a hazardous job especially when you' re working on i-4. meredith: what went wrong? a local man is dead and his mother is in jail accused of murder. >> i almost got the indication that she hoped she did die. meredith: tonight a newly released report indicates what was going on in the life of virginia arteaga before police say she gunned down her son in the shower. jim: the case against casey, five years later. tonight we' re look at the cast of characters that started coming out in this case not long after 2-year-old caylee anthony was reported missing. announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition.
6:00 pm
a robber, a chase, and it leads one suspect in custody. jim: dave mcdaniel joins us live in the breaking news center. dave: i want to start with where it ended, lake mary boulevard. top or two is over the scene, and that is the suspect vehicle involved in the robbery and the receiver. one person was taken into custody. three people are still on the run, but let' s try to walk through all of this because there is a lot of law enforcement agencies involved. a man robbed a steak and shake on 436 in altamonte springs. the man was taken out of the car, note shots were fired, but he took off. they went east on i-4, they drove up i-4, and according to the police spokesman they threw the gun out the window as they were running from the law. that gun went through the


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