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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a robber, a chase, and it leads one suspect in custody. jim: dave mcdaniel joins us live in the breaking news center. dave: i want to start with where it ended, lake mary boulevard. top or two is over the scene, and that is the suspect vehicle involved in the robbery and the receiver. one person was taken into custody. three people are still on the run, but let' s try to walk through all of this because there is a lot of law enforcement agencies involved. a man robbed a steak and shake on 436 in altamonte springs. the man was taken out of the car, note shots were fired, but he took off. they went east on i-4, they drove up i-4, and according to the police spokesman they threw the gun out the window as they were running from the law. that gun went through the
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up the interstate. that car crash and is on the side of the road with the suspects gun still in the backseat. and then they went east on lake mary boulevard, still law enforcement going after them, and they crashed into this blas up. there were a couple of crashes along the way on lake mary boulevard as well. one person in custody, three still on the run. we don' t think anyone was hurt. we don' t -- we know that no one was hurt in the incident at the steak and shake parking lot. they want to figure out exactly what was going on. jim: five miles of mayhem. breaking at 6:00, a deadly accident in orange county. meredith: and i for worker is dead after being struck by a dump truck. adrian whitsett is live at the scene. jim: we now know the name of the victim.
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about 30 minutes ago he is 34-year-old marvin franklin. he has been on the job for only about a month. as you mentioned, the i-4 construction project, all 21 miles, including this stretch near kennedy boulevard, isn' t shut down and will be for some time. the driver of a jump truck came in to do delivery, and he was behind the truck and they just a. see him as he started to back up. the started at 1130 on i-4 -- this started at 11:30 on i-4. the dump truck driver backed up over him. it was the first construction incident of its kind since the i-4 ultimate project began here. work is been called it -- halted, and they will have grief counselors available.
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of their workers feels safe. >> we are going to stop for the moment, take a look at the safety protocols, focus on the work plans, access, see if we have any other issues out on the project. make sure we have got training reemphasize for employees and just have a stand down to emphasize the safety on the project. adrian: they will have grief counselors tomorrow and friday if necessary. it is not necessary, they will be back out on the construction project again. we also saw osha here at the scene with stl contractors looking in. we will have an investigation from osha as well as sgl, and an hp will continue to investigate as well.
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meredith: right now the search continues for a missing boater in northwest orange county. chopper 2 was over the scene a short time ago at lake beauclair near trimble park. the sheriff' s department says the man was reported missing about 10:30 this morning. deputies have been searching ever since. the boat entrance at the park has been closed while that search continues. jim: new information about the local mother accused of murdering her own son, even though she says she loved him. the shooting death in an altamonte springs condo complex is described in the police report as an act of desperation and despair. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel looks at the situation which led up to the fatal shots. >> first degree murder. dave: facing an accusation she not only killed her own son, but that she planned it. 59-year-old virginia arteaga will remain in jail without bond. jeff dowdy: i have no evidence whatsoever there was any type of bad relationship between mother and the sun. dave: when 29-year-old blake howard didn' t show up for work
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godmother called his mother. arteaga said on the phone, "howard was no longer with them and when she hung up the phone, she won' t be either." officers were immediately asked to check on the place and they say when they forced their way in, they heard arteaga pulling the trigger, but the gun never fired. jeff dowdy: it seems like she was trying to kill herself. dave: out of work, on medication for depression according to the police report arteaga wrote a , note stating, "i love blake. this world is too ugly to leave him behind." the report says howard was shot five times in the shower monday morning, and that arteaga spent the better part of the next 24 hours "working up the courage to kill herself." jean woodward: she was friendly and had a good sense of humor. dave: a neighbor said her once spunky neighbor had changed recently. jean woodward: like she didn' t want to, she' d just say hi and kind of run in. dave: blake howard was enrolled at seminole state working on an associates degree. a professor told me he was quiet, smart, but enthusiastic about his studies. she said she' d miss him on her english class. in seminole county, dave
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jim: the attorney for arteaga says it' s too early to say if he' ll use some sort of mental health defense, or even if his client will have competency issues as they prepare for trial. meredith: it has been a rainy and stormy day across much of central florida. we' re now starting to dry out as a dangerous storm system moves away. while we did not see any damage in our area other parts of florida were not so lucky. some cities got quite a bit of strong wind and in pensacola a tornado touched down. this is drone video checking out the 70 homes, 24 apartments and dozens of vehicles that were damaged. let' s get right to first alert chief meteorologist tony mainolfi with what we can expect now. tony? tony: thankfully for us, the weather is significantly improving and quickly. the wind will still be an issue and we will cool off deeper in the evening. the last vestiges of rain across southern brevard ante, i-95, still seeing bad weather.
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filtering out -- 63 near melbourne, cooler weather filtering out. out the door tomorrow morning, before ocala, 50 in town with a bit of a breeze. it will feel cool. by the time we wake up saturday morning, some of us will have frost. i will talk about the changes straight ahead. jim: thanks. new at 6:00, a disney contractor is being accused of sexually battering a co-worker at blizzard beach last year. the victim tells deputies he was working at the water park after closing one night. an arrest report says michael cooper, a contracted janitor, later forced himself upon the victim. cooper pleading not guilty monday to charges of sexual s being held in the orange county jail. meredith: a pine hills furniture store manager is charged with raping a woman inside the business early sunday. the woman says 27-year-old andy metayer invited her to the miracle mattress and furniture store on north hiawassee road while the business was closed. while the two were talking and having a drink, she tells
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suddenly forced her down on to a bed and repeatedly raped her. in his first court appearance , will fight the charges. >> i have an attorney. i just haven' t had a chance to be with them since i have been here. meredith: he is charged with two cap of sexual battery by force and is held on no bond. jim: four people were shot and wounded in a drive by shooting in daytona beach last night and police say the suspect remains on the run. police have an arrest warrant out for 27-year-old rakim watson and say he fired at people outside a house in retaliation. 25-year-old resident of the home on sheridan road and three teenage girls who were visiting were shot multiple times. police say the suspect was with two others in a stolen car and firing handguns and an ak-47. an 18-year-old girl asked us not to identify her but she was shot five times in both legs. >> i' m just in a lot of pain,
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it could have been worse. i could have been dead. jim: all of the victims are expected to be ok. meredith: a newly released analysis of bullets fired at a brevard county deputy sheriff does not prove the bullets came from the suspect' s gun. brevard county sheriff' s agent casey smith was shot last summer. john derossett is charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting it out with deputies. a report from the florida department of law enforcement says analysts could not identify which gun fired the shot that hit smith in his bulletproof vest. a second bullet that entered smith' s body has not been accounted for publicly. it is not mentioned in the fdle report. former isleworth millionaire bob ward is now asking a judge to release him on bond while he awaits a new trial. this week a judge overturned ward' s second degree murder conviction in the 2009 shooting death of his wife diane ward. in a newly-filed motion his attorneys argue ward has already served five years in prison based on an invalid conviction and deserves to be free while , the state appeals the judge' s
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trial. jim: tonight a wesh 2 news exclusive we' re hearing from the orange county store clerk who was shot by a bullet flying through a glass door. you can see the clerk named abdul walking out with buckets of water the night of february 7. four men barge in one with a gun demanding money. , when abdul returns, he sees chaos in the store. there is a struggle, and abdul was shot twic in the leg. abdul: he start shooting the door, he shoot up there, he shoot down there. it hit here and came out here. jim: deputies are still looking for the four men if you have info that can help call crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. wesh 2 news has been looking back at the case against casey anthony five-year slater. meredith: from the time her daughter was first reported missing, until florida was
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characters we are still hearing about today. we are checking out where they are now. >> $10,000 in damage. heavy impact to the back. jim: the local owner of a delorean shows only wesh 2 news proof that his prize vehicle was
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meredith: this week wesh 2 news is looking at the case against casey, five years later. jim: we' ve already heard from casey' s defense team and the prosecution. tonight, we look at what' s happened to several other key players in this case that also became household names, starting in 2008 when casey' s daughter was first reported missing. only on wesh 2 amanda ober takes a look at all the colorful characters such as the people involved in the search for 2-year-old caylee anthony and the man who actually found her remains. >> i didn'
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amanda: the very attorneys working to save his sister tried to make him a scapegoat. >> on certain occasions when he was a teenager, he would touch his sister. bob: -- amanda: casey anthony' s brother, lee, had a strained relationship with his sister after her attorneys alleged that lee had sexually abused casey. there were reports that casey and lee met in 2012 and reconciled. that' s the same year lee married his long time fiance, mallory parker, who was also a witness in the case. but casey did not attend the wedding. >> we need to be searching. amanda: in july of 2008, tim miller brought his texas equusearch volunteers to look for caylee. after the trial, miller sued anthony for fraud, saying she let him spend $100,000 on a search for a child she already knew was dead. equusearch eventually settled out of court. today, miller continues to lead equusearch, the group he founded after the abduction and murder of his own daughter. >> that was a very horrific
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amanda: roy kronk was the man who found caylee anthony' s remains. he discovered them while taking a bathroom break in the woods during his shift as a meter reader. kronk' s defamation suit is one of the last casey lawsuits that is still active. >> where he found her, we do not know. amanda: during her trial, casey' s lawyer tried to implicate kronk in the crime. >> [speaking foreign language] never in a million years. amanda: a woman named zenaida for defamation. early on, casey claimed her nanny a woman named zenaida gonzalez, abducted the toddler. >> i told you, i did not do it. amanda: gonzalez who had no ties to the anthonys was questioned by detectives but never arrested. she sued. but a federal judge threw the case out last september. last month, gonzalez was arrested for stealing a credit card from a cancer patient and going on a shopping spree. >> i am a bounty hunter. amanda: in a case full of colorful characters, california bounty hunter leonard padilla
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>> it only takes one not to create a situation. amanda: wearing his trademark black cowboy hat, padilla swept onto the scene to oversee casey while she was out on bond. after the case, padilla ran for mayor in his hometown of sacremento and lost. >> the skeletal remains found december 11 are those of the missing toddler. amanda: medical examiner jan garivaglia, "dr. g," was one of caylee' s most fierce advocates. she testified the death was clearly a homicide despite her inability to name the cause of death. dr. g retired last year. she now works part-time as a medical examiner in a small washington state town on the canadian border. jim: that was amanda ober our report. tomorrow, our look at "the case against casey: five years later" continues with the prosecution. we' ll take a look at the media impact on the case and why jeff ashton says the system beat itself. that'
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on wesh 2 news at 6:00. a local man recently had his delorean loaded onto a tow truck but when it reached its , destination, the mint condition vehicle was banged up. meredith: scott hooper of windermere says last august he called aaa to tow his 1981 delorean to his mechanic for some ac work. hooper says this home surveillance video shows that when the car left his home, it had no damage. but a short while later, he got a disturbing call. scott hooper: once it arrived at the mechanics shop, an hour and a half later, it' s about a 10-minute drive, i got a call saying the car is all smashed up. i thought they were teasing me. i said, oh come on, really? meredith: hooper says when the car arrived at his mechanic it had a dented and twisted back panel and the frame was bent. he claims aaa investigated the incident but ultimately told him they were not responsible for the $10,000 in damage. a aaa spokeswoman tells wesh 2 news, "we appreciate you bringing this situation to our attention.
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our members. we are investigating this situation." jim: the scheduled launch of a spacex rocket has been scrubbed, and it probably had something to do with the wind. tony: the wind is 25 to 30 miles per hour, and that is pushing it right there. as soon as we get confirmation, will let you know. the big story has been that storminess pushing through. central florida fared very well compared to up north and down south. goldenrod, a picture of clouds. travis was out there today, and he had his drone in the air taking pictures at a comfortable safe level. right now at melbourne we have clouds and rain beginning to push off shore. 73 degrees, southwest wind 18 miles per hour. there is the front getting ready to push across the peninsula. that will drive temperatures down after sunset.
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the far southern brevard county. that is good news, and at osceola county, new the turnpike, we are watching travels. nearly an inch of rain. daytona international be way half an inch of rain. as we mentioned, because of the wind, we are taking a look at current temperatures, but because of the winds near the cape, that is the primary reason why the launch is not going out. 26 miles per hour, gusts higher than that. wind may have been the demise of the launch today. we bought to see what they do tomorrow with the wind during the afternoon. 44 ocala, 50 orlando, 57 daytona beach. breezy and cooler. that is the theme tonight. we of high-pressure north and west of tallahassee. a cooler breeze throughout the day.
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we will be in the 60' s areawide. central florida fair kicking up tomorrow, and will be cool by 10:00, 53 degrees. on friday through saturday and sunday, a comfortable day. high pressure near by saturday morning, we will see patchy frost in marion county. a little warmer by sunday, and great weather through the kickoff of the food and wine festival as we get you to lake eola saturday. temperatures 63, 7:00 upper 50' s. -- noon time temperature 63, 7:00 upper 50' s. palm coast 37, daytona beach around 38. we are not done with cold temperatures this winter. we look at the extended seven-day forecast, love 60'
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sunday, next chance for rain wednesday night. by then, getting back to the lower 80' s. jim: let me get you back to the breaking news in seminole county. this is the suspects car in a fender squealing robbery. this was starting at the steak and shake in altamonte springs when a man was robbed of most of his positions, shoved out of a car. the suspect took off up i-4, banged into several vehicles, and another accident where they took off running and somehow wound up in this vehicle, which boulevard and rinehart road. meredith: the suspects actually threw a gun out of their car and it landed in someone else' s car by busting their windshield. one person is in custody, three others still on the loose. we will continue to follow this
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pat: the good news is the magic beat the worst team in the nba last night. the potentially bad news is that they play the best team tomorrow. golden state will be here with its bang-bang offense and splash
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will on the magic. and scott skiles, for one, is worried. for most, last night' s 9-point win over philadelphia was satisfying. aaron gordon gave us more highlight reel stuff, nic vucevic had a season-high 35 points, but the magic allowed 115 points and 54% shooting from the lowly sixers, and after, here' s scotty responding to a question about ersan ilyasova taking charges. >> he did, but it was bad all night. i thought victor, being on canon, he did a good job, and ersan had a good effect on the game, but golden is going to get 300 off if we play like that. pat: summer: 300 points, dikes. -- yikes. a lot of soccer fans in this area rooting for tommy redding as a new mls season inches closer. tommy is the homegrown product from oviedo, now in his third season with the lions, but to this point, a mild
6:27 pm
just 87 game minutes last year and a challenge from adrian heath to fight hard for pitch time. redding almost certainly will spend some time with orladno' s b team this spring, aware of expectations not yet achieved. >> i think for me, this year especially is going to be great for my development. i am going to wish myself very hard this year. i did last year as well, but not getting gains it is not --
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pat: jim: the latest on a robbery that left several vehicles damaged. breaking news tonight. a new outbreak of deadly tornadoes. decimating homes and towns. a rising toll with nearly a dozen states on high alert. fears the biggest threat is yet to come. exploding air bags bombshell. news tonight half of all cars being driven right now in america might need to be recalled as investigator say the air bag maker continues to deceive customers even after deadly crashes.


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