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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2, the news hour. jim: we start tonight with a developing story. meredith: we are live long i fourth more on what happened. >> like and the constructions on there is a lot of reflective gear. a lot of reflective signs that one is a bulldozer. help get the drivers alert when passing by. to remind him drive carefully through construction zones like this one. the focus right now is on safety among the construction workers themselves. 34 year old construction worker
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by a co worker in a dump truck. he was pronounced dead shortly after the incident right there in the i-4 ultimate construction zone just north of kennedy blvd in maitland. residents who live nearby and saw the aftermath were horrified. >> in my mind i was thinking that could be my loved one and i' m praying for the family members. >> unfortunately i never got to personally know marvin. he' s been with us just a little over a month. so i' m sad to say i never got to shake hands with marvin. but even so we are still all very saddened by the loss today. summer: a loss now prompting i-4 ultimate project director brooke brookshire to suspend and shutdown all activity along the 21 mile corridor of construction on i-4. >> in light of the incident we need to stop for a moment and take a look at what our safety procedures are our primary focus
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people. summer: as for when i-4 ultimate construction will resume. >> we are going to go back to work when we feel we are ready. i cant give you a definitive time. tomorrow we are not working. friday if everybody is ready will go back to work. if everybody's not ready we wont go back to work until they are. summer: brookshire says osha has been notified and that investigators were actually out here at the scene earlier this evening. no word yet on what those investigators have pieced together if anything at this point. pass it on. jim: people that run the manner set of a second shake. that triggered a wild wesh 2'
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tonight. matt: all is quiet now but this is where that chase ended with a crash here . investigators are still looking for two of three suspects in this area. this is the vehicle police say suspects used as they led them on a chase. after it crashed, the three of them ran off. officials say they nabbed one, but two others got away a search for them by land and air ensued. it all started at the steak and shake here on state road 436 in altamonte. police say a man was robbed at gunpoint. the thieves stole his wallet and shoes then sped off. a seminole county deputy spotted the suspect vehicle on i-4. the chase was on police say at some point while on the interstate the thieves tried to ditch their gun by throwing it from the getaway car. that gun sailed into this pickup
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the driver had to pull off into a rest stop thankfully the driver and a passenger were not hurt. the suspects exited the interstate onto lake mary boulevard eventually crashing. it was towed away as evidence. no one was hurt in any of this commotion. again, investigators are looking for two outstanding suspects tonight. even as many as three still on the loose. meredith: a man in his 60' s is carjacked at gunpoint. he said he was at his orlando complex when a man and a hoodie through a gun in his face and demanded a' s key. >> he told me to get out. whether it was loaded, i don' t know none of that. meredith: the stolen car is
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hand lexus es 350 that was taken from the apartment along sanderlin parkway. the man who still this car is to let there. jim: it' s been more than 12 hours since anyone has seen a boater, believed to be missing in lake beauclair in mount dora. within the past two hours, fish and wildlife told us they' re looking for 76 year old william robl. new tonight, wesh 2' s chris hush talks exclusively with the man who found robl' s boat. >> small little boat, spinning around, no one in it. chris: an eerie sight out on lake beauclair wednesday morning. along with the rough water, gray skies, and wind gus castello knew something wasn' t right. >> it was just spinning. it was spinning for 45 mins. about 35 feet from the shore. chris: after castello called to get help around 10:30 am orange county dive teams, florida wildlife officials and the lake county sheriff' s office closed down trimble park and started searching for 76 year old william robl. >> even on a calm day you can get some pretty good swells out there. today was not a day to be out on the lake.
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who frequent these waters know how quickly conditions can deteriorate on the chain of lakes spreading through lake and northwestern orange counties. lake beauclair is more than 1100 acres wide. but at an average of 10 feet deep it' s considered shallow. search crews spent all day searching the majority of the lake until the day light was replaced with darkness. it' s unclear why the boater went out when storms were expected nearby. the small boat found empty wednesday morning is now back on the shore. but without it' s operator. still no sign of a body. >> something is obviously wrong here. chris: the park remains closed tonight. within the past hour we found out search crews have still not located the missing 76 year old. crews will stay has up tonight and will continue the search on thursday. meredith: a furniture from manager is charged with raping a woman inside the store early sunday morning.
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mattress and furniture store while the business was close. while they were having a drink she told investigators the suspect suddenly forced her down on the bed and repeatedly raped her. he is charged with two counts of sexual battery by force. we are learning to information with the disturbing murder in altamonte springs way mother is accused of murdering her son, the woman is being held without bond. a report says blake howard was has been out of work and suffering from depression. howard was shot five times in the shower monday morning. she appeared in court today. she' s been more than 24 hours after she shot him working up the courage to take her own life. jim: tonight, an exclusive. in orange county store clerk was wounded by a bullet fired right
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can see the clerk walking out with buckets of mop water. money. with a struggle and he is shot twice in the leg. >> he came out from here. jim: if you know who these four men are called the crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. angela: meredith: a walt disney world contractor is accused of sexually assaulting a co worker at blizzard beach last year. the victim tells deputies he was working at the water park after closing one night. an arrest report says michael cooper a contracted janitor later forced himself upon the victim. cooper pleaded not guilty monday to charges of sexual battery and battery even though deputies say he confessed and apologized during a recorded phone call. he' s being held in the orange county jail. now to a story you' ll see only on wesh 2.
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group of distraction thieves. look at this video from altamonte springs. some ladies are enjoying a nice lunch while four people are behind them. a man reaches into a woman' s purse uses his jacket as a shield and then he snatches her wallet. some cash and coins are dropped and they even come back to get it sliding some money over with his foot before grabbing it and taking off. jim: we know who' s running for president but tonight in commitment 2016 we' re also hearing who could be a possible running mate. and one of them resides in our state. we' re talking about the republican race for the white house. today, while campaigning in virginia beach, nevada caucus winner donald trump said he wants a running mate who is somewhat of a politician, and brings experience to the table. published reports name florida governor rick scott as being on the short list of choices. today, governor scott shrugged off the chatter. >> what i am focused on is my job here. i have got three years left in this job. we have added one million and 25,000 jobs, and i want to add more jobs.
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january soon, and hopefully we will continue the progress we have made with adding about 20,000 plus jobs per month. that' s my priority right now. jim: before scott was elected in 2010, he was a ceo of the nation' s largest hospital chain. meredith: all week wesh 2 has been looking back at the case against casey anthony 5 years later. jim: from the time casey' s daughter caylee was first reported missing central florida was introduced to a cast of characters that we' re still hearing about today. tonight, we' re checking out where they are now. meredith: plus a damaged delorean. wesh 2 news investigates the battle over a classic car that was towed to a shop for some simple repair work. jim: and how' s this for an example of the dangers of smoking. a man' s pants catch fire after his e cigarette suddenly explodes. tony: our cooldown continues. 80' s today, 50' s now tomorrow morning.
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angela: this week wesh 2 news is looking at the case against
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ve already heard from casey' s defense team and the prosecution. jim: tonight we look at what' s happened to several other key players in this case, that also became household names starting in 2008 when casey' s daughter caylee was first reported missing. these were people involved in the search for 2 year old caylee anthony and the man who actually found her remains. meredith: wesh 2' s amanda ober takes a look at all the colorful characters. >> the area attorneys looking to save his sister tried to make him a scapegoat. casey anthony' s brother had a strange relationship with his sister after her attorneys alleged that he had sexually abused casey. there were reports that casey and lee met in 2012 and reconciled. that is the same year lee married his longtime fiancee mallory parker, who is also a
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wedding. tim miller brought his texas volunteers to orlando to help look for caylee. after the trial, casey sued him for fraud. they eventually settled out of court. today, miller continues to lead the group he found that the abduction and murder of his own daughter. >> that was a very horrific thing to find for me. amanda: he discovered the remains will taking a bathroom break in the woods during his shift at the -- as a meter reader. one of the last lawsuit is still active. >> where he found her come we do not know. amanda: during the trial,
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early on, casey claim for nae nae, a woman made -- named zena ida gonzalez. she was questioned by detectives for never arrested. she soon to but a federal judge threw that kids out last september. last month gonzalez was arrested for stealing a credit card from a cancer patient and going on a shopping three. in a case full of colorful characters, california about the under leonard padilla was one of those. wearing his trademark of black cowboy hat, he swept onto the scene to oversee casey while she was out on bond. after the case, he ran for mayor in his hometown of sacramento, and lost. >> the skeletal remains found on december 11 are those of the missing toddler. amanda: medical examiner dr. g was one of her most fierce
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death was clearly a homicide despite her ability to name a cause of the death. -- inability to name a cause of the death. she now lives in a small washington state town to the canadian border. jim: tomorrow our look at the case against casey five years later continues with the prosecution. we' ll take a look at the media impact on the case and why state attorney jeff ashton says the system beat itself. that' s tomorrow night right here on wesh 2 news. now to another story you' ll see only on wesh 2. the ultimate delorean dilemma. meredith: a local man recently had his delorean loaded onto a tow truck but when it reached its destination the mint condition vehicle was banged up. scott hooper says last august he called triple a to tow his 1981 delorean from his home windermere to his mechanic for some ac work. hooper says this home surveillance video shows that when the car left his home, it had no damage. but a short while later, he got a disturbing call.
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shop about an hour and half later it' s about a ten minute drive i got a call saying it was all smashed up i thought they were teasing me, i said oh come on really. meredith: hooper says when the car arrived at his mechanic it had a dented and twisted back panel and the frame was bent. he claims triple a investigated the incident but ultimately told him they were not responsible for the $10,000 in damage. triple a says they' re investigating the incident. jim: the space x rocket launch is canceled because of weather conditions. you can feel the changes with this weather front coming through. tony: it is borderline close for tomorrow afternoon. i will show you some of the wind speeds. great photos coming in from our viewers today. they go pro camera on his high-rise. we believe it at that. we want get him in trouble.
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another windy day, flying a kite . she can do that again tomorrow. satellite and radar shows that front moving into the northeastern gulf of mexico. we had a little bit of rain to talk about that i. 1.53 inches. temperatures now falling back into the mid to upper 50' s north and west of i-4. looking at the current wind speeds, we have wind now on the order of about 10-20 miles per hour and a gust last hour of 28. the computer forecast for tomorrow morning showing us we' re going to have temperatures in the low 50' s. you definitely want to have those little ones with a jacket as they head to the bus stop. 47 and
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upper 40' s to 50 degree mark, look at a wall would towards moorman beach temperatures here in the mid 40' s. on into boulevard county upper 40' s north right around 50. let' s set up your thursday now, a cool day. a windy day with that northerly flow. temperatures will be about 5-10 degrees cooler than we should be for this time of the of. normal high temperature the time of the is right around 75, where at 65 on palm coast. 11:00 am a 20-30 mile per hour wind as we get into 5:30, coming down a notch. more the same through 7:30. there will be a breeze around. we put this lift off at about an 80% go.
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stretch of weather. high pressure builds in off the coast of mexico. on into sunday, little bit warmer. now, back to saturday, look at the chill in the air. it is almost a march. the food and wine festival this morning looking good. 67, 59, 70 forecast warming up by early next week. jim: this is one of those stories you have to see to believe. a man is inside a kentucky convenience store when it appears as if his pants explode. it was actually the battery from an e cigarette. once the explosion happens, the man stumbles out the store pants on fire trying to put out the flames. he suffered 2nd degree burns to his leg but is able to walk and expected to recover. meredith: i like it would of those e-cigarettes. jim: i don' t think he' s going to
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meredith: the best team in the nba playing the heat tonight, before a date with the magic tomorrow. pat: i hadn' t seen that. [laughter] pat: and ucf trying to dig itself out of a miserable slump tonight against a very good team . there may not be enough shovels to get that job done. really rough stretch coming late in the season, and a tough nut to crack in houston tonight. cougars with much to play for the knights now playing the role
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pat: my mom used to tell my sisters and me that if you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen. certainly, the ucf basketball team has not been getting room service this season no perks, nothing handed to them, and what once seemed a promising season has dissolved into a mess. knights had lost 5 in a row and 8 of 9 as they hosted houston tonight. remember this ucf team will also host the aac tournamet in a couple weeks at the amway, trying not to enter it in embarrassing fashion. and a ray of sunshine early tonight stephon blair wiht the easy slam in the first half and as one point ucf lead.
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fall out again and when devonta pollard stole the ball late in the half and nearly killed himself on the slam the cougars were up 7. led by 12 at the half. and then things got worse ucf stopped playing defense, evidenced by an uncontested pollard drive. cougars began the second half on on a 23-4 run went up by more than 30 and made the knights look very weak 88-61 the final. losing streak now 6. magic get the league' s best team and arguably its best player tomorrow night when the warriors and steph curry are here. curry began this night with 260 three pointers this season 88 more than the next guy. a scratch golfer who played augusta national on a day off yesterday and wouldn' t you know it? another three there. > is any golfer
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pat: curry and his pals were in miami tonight looking for their 51st win of the year against only 5 losses. curry early with a 3 his first shot of the night now with at least one 3 in 127 straight games, which ties an all time nba record he can here tomorrow night against the magic. the win by 6. city lads defeated ft. lauderdale, 2-0 in a friendly this afternoon as the regular season nears. local fans would like for good things to come from local boy tommy redding this season so would adrian heath. tommy who hails from oviedo has been less than advertised in his first two professional seasons, challenged by the orlando head coach to make strides this season. redding had only 87 minutes of game time last season for the lads. >> for me, this year will be great for my development.
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this year. i did last year, but without getting in games it is hard to develop. this year will be a big year for me. pat: can quickly, congratulations to the holy trinity boys hoop team coming from 10 down in the first quarter to beat a team from
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in lakeland. stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam
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when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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meredith: finally tonight how would you like to sing like christina aguilera? well, there' s a class for that and she is teaching it. aguilera announced on twitter that she has joined an online education platform that has signed on coaches and singers to help regular people make it big. jim: aguilera will actually teach the course showing people how to expand their vocal range and master some of the techniques that have earned her 6 grammy awards. classes start at $90. the public is way up. meredith: she' s a pretty good voice good cheer as well on nbc. jim: let' s take a look at that forecast. altidore, 50 degrees and a nice bit of breeze out there. it is like the pilot putting
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