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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i'm dara brown jason: it is 4:30 on sunrise at a shooting in orlando sends two people to the hospital. >> just a small little boat spinning around, no one in it. jason: today, the search continues for missing boater in lake county. only we hear from the man who found the boat. the case against casey, five years later. an exclusive look at the key colorful characters in this one and where they are now. wesh 2 news sunrise starts right now. announcer: local, live, late breaking.
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jason: is february 25. could thursday morning, i am jason guy. let' s get you out the door. and is very conga. what we were dealing with 24 hours ago. a few clouds hanging out of the downtown orlando where you are looking live. amy sweezey has the preview for a day ahead. what can we expect? amy: we have some cloud cover on today. it won' t last too long. we will end up with lots of sunshine later today. and i temperatures, a whole lot cooler. we are starting off cooler. cooley or keeps coming in. our highs today will be mid-to-upper 60' s which is cooler than i lows from yesterday. but four hours ago, we were a whole lot warmer. anywhere to 10 to 20 degrees cooler -- cooler than yesterday morning. that puts us in the 50' s
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52 in daytona beach and villages . 56 in orlando and kissimmee. 55 degrees right now in melbourne. there is the cold front that rolled through yesterday and brought the storm and now just a few leftover clouds across the area. but those clouds will be clearing out as we have a lot of really dry air moving in. look at the water vapor. all the orange color we have here, that is dry air. that will really be a dominant feature of the next several days or it so lots of sunshine expected and we are to keep highs today, 65 in ocala. six and eustis. 68 is where we are headed in orlando and with heart. 67 longwood and to land. a banana coast, expecting mid to upper 60' s as well with those easy west northwest winds. we will talk more about the wind and weekend forecast in a you minutes. right now, it is 4:32, let' s get an early check of the roads.
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south outside by the gordon street offramp. on the ramp it is blocking a lame. the interstate is moving by ok with no actual delays right now. crash on goldenrod road at old goldenrod. you could head to 436 is our backup land. 436 has a live sensor showing things are good or it i-95 through volusia county on the southbound side of state road 44. left wing taken out with overnight construction. jason: two people are recovering after a shooting in orlando. orlando officers telling us shots were fired on king cole boulevard. that' s not far from the first baptist church. all police are telling us is when they got there they found two people with gunshot wounds. they were taken to the hospital and are expected to be ok. there is no information about any suspects. once we find out more, so will you. happening today, one person arrested after a robbery and a chaotic chase will answer to a judge. seminole county deputies are still searching for three more
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authorities tell us again yesterday when they rob a man -- suspects robbed a man outside a altamonte springs steak and shake at gunpoint. they then let him go and drove off. deputies began chasing the car, trying to stop them. that' s when deputies say a gun was thrown out of the suspect -- window and the suspect car -- from the suspect car. it landed in the pickup truck nearby on i-4. the chase ended when suspects crash their car in lake mary near driftwood plaza. if you know where other three -- the other three suspects are, call police police. -- right now, all construction on the i-4 ultimate project is on hold after a worker was killed. officials tell us marvin franklin died after his co-worker ran him over with a dump truck in the construction zone near kennedy boulevard in maitland. i-4 ultimate project director they tell us that franklin had just been on the job for a month. >>
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know -- personally know marvin. i think it best just over a month. i am sad to say i never got to shake hands of marvin. but even so, we are very saddened by the loss today. in light of the incident. we need to stop or the moment , take a look at what our safety protocols are. jason: it' s not clear when construction will resume. grief counselors will be on hand today for the workers. now to a wesh 2 news exclusive, today crews will continue searching for a missing 76-year-old voter -- boater william robi. he is believed to be missing in lake beauclair in mount dora. wesh 2' s chris hush talks exclusively with the man who found his boat. >> just a small little boat, spinning around, no when it. >> an eerie sight out on lake beauclair wednesday morning. along with the rough water, gray skies, and wind, gus castello knew something wasn'
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>> it was just spinning. it was fitting for about 45 minute. it was about 100 feet,75 feet from the shore > -- sure. >> after castello called to get help around 10:30 am, orange county dive teams, florida wildlife officials and the lake county sheriff' s office closed down trimble park and started searching for 76-year-old william robl. >> even on a calm day you can get some pretty good swells out there. so today was not a day to be out out on the lake. >> neighbors like tracy post who frequent these waters know how quickly conditions can deteriorate. lake beauclair is more than 1100 acres wide. but at an average of 10 feet deep, it' s considered shallow. search crews spent all day searching the majority of the lake until the daylight was replaced with darkness. it is unclear why the boater went out when it storms are attracted nearby. the small boat found empty wednesday morning, is now back on the shore. but without it' s operator. still no sign of a body.
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the wrong here >> area --. >> crews have still not located 76-year-old. crews will stay or that the night and will continue to search on thursday. jason: in orange county, a carjacking suspect is on the run after holding a banana gunpoint. morning. ernest ward spoke with us. he said he was at an apartment complex in orlando when a man in a hoodie through gun his face and demanded the keys. >> step in my face and told me get out. i don' t know if it' s loaded a lot. so i just go with what he says. jason: the stolen cars a tan 2000 evan lexus es 350. it was taken from the eagle reserves apartments on cinderlane parkway. the man who stole it is still out there. this morning, a store clerk hurt in a shooting opens up exclusively to wesh 2 news. in this surveillance video from
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see the clerk walking out with buckets of mop water the night of februry 7th. then, four men barge in one with a gun demanding money. when the clerk returns, he sees cason the store. there' s a struggle and the clerk is shot twice in the leg. >> he starts shooting the door. he should up there, he shoot down there. it hit here and came out here. jason: deputies are solution for the men in this footage. if you know who they are, call crime line at 1-800 423-tips. florida health officials say there are now three more cases of the zika virus in our state. all are pregnant woman who traveled here from outside the u.s. that means 32 cases have now been confirmed in the sunshine state. five in central florida. more zika test kits. -- governor scott is now asking the cdc for 250 more zika test kits. the state has currently used 255 kits since february 9th, with 1200 more still available. the case against casey anthony five years later. we'
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players in a case that captivated the entire nation are now. and this is a live look outside. amy is back with central -- will show you a view of our
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amy: good morning and welcome back you are looking at a lot of sunshine in the forecast for
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ebola cooler than where we have been lately. it is 4:41 on thursday. we are headed to the mid-to-upper 60' s today. which is cooler that are high, cooler than a lows from yesterday. we are deathly seeing that cooler come at a central florida. we will be about 10 degrees cooler than we are supposed to be later today. we are starting off cool, even though we have a little cover. the cooler has been pulling in since the -- pouring and since the cold front came through. 56 orlando, 55 melbourne and 51 palm coast. he may drop with cindy' s wins on the breezy side. look at his membership. 10 to 50 mile per hour sustained winds. once the sun comes out the wind will kick up more. we have 20 mile per hour sustained wind gusts. even up to 30 miles per hour today area drier air will come
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will start to clear out and then the sunshine will do its thing and temperatures will climb. at that cold air comes in it works against us, so means we will only recover into the upper 60' s. but it a traffic update, ted noah is standing by. ted: 95 northbound in the shot coming at the camera is southbound at the garden street where he had a crash partially blocking the offramp to that -- garden street. it is slowly wrapping up and not a huge impact. keeping an eye in case there' s any delays. goldenrod road near old goldenrod road, a crash blocking on goldenrod. use for 30' s etc. or alternate. 95 southbound in volusia county, heads up for construction locking lane in the area. jason: this week, we are looking at the case against casey anthony five years later area we of art heard from casey' s defense team and the prosecution. this morning, we are looking at
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s taking place in the lives of several other key players in the case these were people where it these were people involved in the search for 2-year-old caylee anthony and the man who actually found her remains. wesh 2' s amanda ober takes a look at all the colorful characters. >> the very attorneys working to save his sister try to make him a scapegoat. >> on certain occasions when he was a teenager, he attempted to touch his sister. >> casey anthony' s brother had a strained relationship with his sister after her attorneys allege that lee had sexually abused casey. there were reports that casey and lee met in 2012 and reconciled. that is the same year lee married his longtime kian say mallory park, who was always -- also a witness in the trial. casey did not attend the wedding. kim miller brought his texas
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after the trial, miller sued anthony for fraud, saying she let him spend $100,000 on a search for a child she already knew was dead. equus search settled out of court. miller continues to lead the group he founded after the induction and murder of his own daughter. >> that was a very horrific thing for me to find out. >> roycroft was the men found case -- kaylee anthony' s remains. >> i' m trying to help out. >> his defamation suit is the last casey lawsuit that is still active. >> during her trial, casey' s lawyer tried to implicate kronk in the crime. >> never in a million years. >> a woman named the night a gonzalez sued casey anthony for defamation. early on, casey going to
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-- manny --nanny of ducted kaylee. last month, gonzalez was arrested for stealing a credit card from a cast -- cancer patient and going on a shopping spree. >> i' m a bounty hunter. >> california bounty hunter leonard padilla was one of the most memorable. >> it only takes one not in a situation. >> wearing his black cowboy hat, padilla step on the scene to make -- watch casey while she was on bond. >> ' s guilt or made sound in december 11 are those of the missing toddler. >> dr. g was one of kaylee' s most fierce advocates. she testified the death was clearly homicide, despite her inability to name the cause of death.
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she works part-time as a medical examiner in a small washington state town on the canadian border. amanda ober, wesh 2 news. jason: i look at the case against casey five years later continues with the prosecution. we are reviewing the media impact of the case and why state attorney jeff ashton says the system beat itself. that' s tonight right here on wesh 2 news. you can voice your opinion about the future of orlando international airport. this evening, officials are holding a meeting to discuss capital improvement program. that is a $1.3 billion investment designed to accommodate more passengers. the meeting is at 5:30 this evening at the u.s. new on -- u.s. extension center on south conway. new on sunrise, computer coding could soon be recognized as a foreign language. the florida senate passed a bill that would count coding classes as a credit for high school students. students are required to take foreign language for two years. the bill now needs an approval from the house.
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packages faster. the company is investigating same day delivery. the company deliv works with several retailers on delivering online orders within the same day. ups says the investment will help them observe the same-day delivery market. deliv' s founder says same-day delivery is becoming the new standard. the magic are welcoming golden state warriors tonight. and ucf trying to dig itself out of a slump against a very good
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>> my mom used to tell my sisters and me that if you have breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen. the ucf basketball team is not been getting room service. what once seemed a profit -- promising season has devote just dissolved into a mess. the knights have lost five in a row and eight of nine as they hosted houston. this ucf team will host the aac tournament in a couple weeks of the amway. a ray of sunshine early, staff aware with an easy slam. at one point ucf with their lead. the bottom falls out again. when da' vante pollard nearly kill himself on that slamdunk, the cougars were up seven.
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ucf stopped playing defense, evidence by that uncontested drive. cougars begin the second half on a 23-4 run. went up by more than 30 and made the knights look very weak. 88-61 was the final . the losing streak is now six. the magic at the league' s best team and our delete best player when the warriors and steph curry are here. curry began here 263 pointers the season. 88 more than the next guy. another -- >> any golfer knows you need to be very versatile. you can only go downhill from there. >> curry and his pals were in miami looking for their 51st win of the year against only five losses.
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his first shot of the night. warriors trailed in this game late. curry drilled a couple of cold-blooded threes. he had 40 on the night and the warriors win by six. that is a quick look at sports. i' m pat clarke. jason: is going to be a great when the weather department. we are expecting some comfortable temperatures ahead and all the storms yesterday have moved away. looking live now outside. you' re seeing if you' ve
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amy: we had showers and storms yesterday. maybe you are one of the places that did not getting a lot of rain. some of us had some big
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a half-inch of rain in orlando at oia. a half-inch reported at the airport in daytona beach. definitely more rain down to the south where we had the stronger storms in the tampa area across polk county and also points south of even brevard county. now our temperatures yesterday still made it into the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. it was quite warm. we got a little bit of sunshine in between those rounds of doors and the average high was 75. your way above average yesterday. today, the cool air is coming in. look at where we are. even though we had some cloud cover, we' ve got to the low to mid 50' s and we may drop a little more through sunrise, especially in places that clear out some of that cloud cover early on. that is in the process of happening now. wind is quite breezy. attend a 15 mile per hour sustained winds. now our front from yesterday' s to the south. you can see the rain just of the south of our state.
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s still a bit of cloud cover here. it will work its way out as drier air in the middle part of the atmosphere. not only will we get rid of the cloud thinks to be drier, we will also end up with quite low humidity as well. that of course we will stay cool and breezy as well. wind coming out of the west northwest will keep trying in the cool air. we will get lots of sunshine. you will notice the gust, especially beaches. if you' re planning to head to the beach to enjoy the sun, keep in mind it is going to be breezy. inlet spots mid to upper 60' s for high. 611 ocala, 66 and eustis and 67 clermont. we will make it to 67 in longwood and oviedo. 68 orlando in winter park. up and down the coast, also expecting me to upper 60' s. 68 is where we are headed in palm bay. at the beach there will be lots of sun and a moderate risk for rip current. but the him well as want be standing still.
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the coast. we have small craft advisory in effect for today. it will expire for tonight. tomorrow we continue with the breezy wind although it won' t be quite discussed he is today. lots of sunshine we will be even colder tomorrow than today. in the morning we will drop down to the upper 30' s lower 40' s and highs will be in the middle 60' s on friday afternoon. time for traffic, here is ted. ted: a crash on i-95 northbound getting onto garden street partially blocking ramps. crews are trying to wrap things up. goldenrod road near hopper is locking 436. construction on i-95 in volusia used a road 44 has a lane taken out. jason: all new at our next hour of sunrise, local communities are coming together to help victims of the whitewater crisis. next at 5:00, how you can make a donation today. now let' s go out to alex
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alex: i-4 ultimate construction is suspended after a worker was killed yesterday on the job. i will tell you what officials are saying about the tragedy. jason: plus this morning not expecting any severe weather, but tracking is temperatures that are a bit cooler than those 80' s we' ve been dealing with using the first alert weather at. it is a free download from your at work. just search for wesh. sunrise gets going right now. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, the i-4 construction project has been shut down after the death of a construction worker. we are live with reaction the company charges said today. jason: supreme court showdown. the challenge president obama is facing is works to appoint a new supreme court justice. it is a minute before 5:00, time to get going. i' m jason guy.
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what a difference 24 hours makes. you will feel the much cooler air in central florida. here' s a quick glance in daytona beach. amy sweezey is joining is now. it will be sunny but cool day. amy: and breezy. we sustained wind will be 20 miles per hour. we' ll have gusts up to 30 during the day. once as clouds worked a way out, we will end up with lots of sun. it is a cool and dryer. the cool air will keep getting reinforced and temperatures will only be able to make it into the mid-to-upper 60' s this afternoon. we are quite a bit cooler than yesterday. you can see the numbers here. 15 to 20 degrees cooler. play for hours ago we were in the 70' s and now we are in the low to mid 50' s. 53 in sanford. 56 now in melbourne. cold front is to our south now and still you can see it little bit of leftover clouds here across central florida.


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