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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  February 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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possible work can resume tomorrow, but it is also possible they could wait until next week. i am standing next to the construction zone and normally that would be active. there would be w orkers present, but as you can see there are none here today. work was halted because of yesterday' s terrible tragedy. all was quiet along the 21 mile stretch of i-4 construction thursday. sgl constructors halted work after one it' s employees, 34-year-old marvin franklin, was killed wednesday when a dump truck backed over him. it happened in a construction zone between lee road and maitland boulevard. >> we want people to feel this is a safe project and this was a terrible tragedy, and everybody is feeling the effects of it. amanda: sgl says workers were offered grief counseling. hourly employees were told to take the day off with pay. suprevisors and salaried workers still reported, but with a different focus.
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reviewing access and how we control dump trucks coming in and out of the area, but certainly we don' t want to look at just that. amanda: sgl says it will do a thorough review of all of its safety procedures, and i-4 work may resume friday, or not until next week. the florida highway patrol is investigating the accident and says the backup warning beeper on the truck was sounding when it backed over franklin, but other details of what lead to the tragedy are being investigated by both fhp and osha. as for the work stoppage, the florida department of transportation tells wesh two news, ensuring safety is its top priority and it claims meantime, the sgl safety stand-down will not impact the project' s construction schedule, which concludes in 2021.
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franklin, had three children ages 10, 13 and 15 who live with their mother in southwest florida. a relative told me over the phone, franklin was excited to have this new construction job, a job he' d been on for only about a month. as for the dump truck driver, he' s identified as 49-year-old riomar morales of orlando . meredith: today, wesh 2 news investigates looked into the history of some of the companies involved in the project. summer: we found some have been fined before. wesh 2' s matt grant joins us live to continue our team coverage. matt, what did you find out? matt: this is the spot where the accident happened. we are looking into the company and what investigators are looking for. highway patrol investigators want to know if a spotter was present during the deadly accident. on wednesday, a 34-year-old carpenter, who just began working on i-4 ultimate, was killed when a dump truck backed
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industry officials call this a backover, and according to federal data in 2011, 70 workers were killed in these type of accidents. most, overall, are caused by dump trucks. according to the occupational safety and health administration, vehicles like that with obstructed views, should only be used if they have a reverse signal alarm audible above the surrounding noise level or a spotter. wesh 2 investigates learned the truck was beeping when it backed up, but the company, sgl constructors, would not say if a spotter was used, or if the truck was equipped with recommended safety features to prevent backovers, such as rear facing video cameras, and other detection software. >> in light of the incident, we need to stop for a moment and take a look at what our safety procedures are. our primary focus right now is our workforce. matt: sgl constructors is a combination of three different companies, skanska, granite and lane. wesh 2 investigates learned lane construction corporation was cited by osha in 2008, for
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employees in safety procedures, after a worker in lakeland was struck and killed by a vehicle while placing signs along a roadway. and in 2006, granite construction was fined $2,000 for allowing someone to operate machinery and equipment who wasn' t qualified. i just spoke to os ha and found out they are investigating two other fatalities with lane, one was similar to what happened the other day and winamp block fell on a worker last fall. this could take up to six months to investigate. summer: thank you. to find out more about the victim and read the full statement from the i-4 ultimate project director, check out the wesh 2 mobile app. meredith: an suv crashes and
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the driver crashed into the back corner of the drive-through. no one inside was hurt. it is not impacting traffic along u.s. 1792. summer: law enforcement officers have announced the bust of a major heroin traffic group. they had a harrowing hotline group and were making $3 million a year. this operates in the i-drive area, but most of their customers were local who sold the heroin for a profit. >> these people were very busy. heroin. it. summer: 11 people were arrested and one is still at large. they are facing charges of conspiracy and possession with the intent to distribute. meredith: a sanford toddler is recovering from a gunshot wound
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from her caregivers leaving a gun unsecured. wesh 2' s bob kealing tells us, a couple is facing criminal charges and the little girl and another child have been removed from the home. >> that' s the thing about children, they' re very quick. you have to put everything out of their way. bob: carrie raines lives across the street from this converted garage where sanford police say a toddler managed to get access to a handgun tuesday night and wound herself in the hand. >> the child was injured by a firearm, and was left in the area unattended with access to a firearm with no supervision. bob: police have charged this couple they describe as the child' s caregivers, 22-year-old devolia sims and 26-year-old aaron davis, with felony child neglect with great bodily harm and unsafe storage of a firearm. police say they received conflicting stories about what happened in the converted garage where it happened. according to police, when they
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drug paraphenalia and ammunition within reach. raines says it' s a blessing the child was not more seriously injured. >> everything has to be put up. one time they' re here, another they' re over there. you can' t just lay stuff down. >> if you own a firearm, you have to be responsible and keep it locked and in a location a minor cannot get access to it. bob: no one answered the door of the home. seminole county child protective investigators took the injured child and another sibling and placed them in the care of relatives. meredith: both suspects are now free on bond. police say the child' s injuries are not life threatening. we' ve got new information in the search for baby willow. orlando police say they are trying to develop new leads for more places to search for the missing newborn. investigators believe she was delivered in the parking lot of the willow bend apartments more than two weeks ago, before disappearing. her mother is now in jail, charged with child neglect, and
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help them find her baby. summer: two men have been arrested as the search continues this afternoon for two others, after an armed robbery and pursuit in seminole county. we brought this to you as breaking news yesterday. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel is live where the chase ended and the search began. dave: the car that was being chased by the deputies came to a halt in this parking lot in the four suspects inside took off running. this is at driftwood village on lake mary boulevard. it all started with an armed robbery, several miles away. >> someone just robbed him. dave: a man without shoes, no wallet or cell phone, walks into an altamonte springs barber shop, needing help. >> he wasn' t harmed, but he was in shock, you could tell he was shocked. >> they put a gun in his face. dave: she relayed what happened to 911. >> they had the gun to his head, and forced him into the car, then they threw him out of the car pretty much. dave: police say this gold lexus took off from altamonte springs with the man'
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i-4, heading east deputies heard the description and got behind it. in a bizarre set of circumstances, the driver of this blue pickup called in to say the suspects managed to throw the gun into the back seat of his truck as he was driving. >> i guess the assailants threw a pistol out of the car window and it smashed through the back window and it landed in the back of my car. >> that driver calls in saying, there' s been some type of explosion, for lack of a better term, inside that vehicle. he looks in the back seat and there' s the firearm. >> robbery with a firearm and kidnapping. dave: rafael caballero was arrested not far from where the car was abandoned. tyron miller was arrested hours later. the search continues for two other suspects. this man was carjacked in orlando very early wednesday morning. this lexus, is that lexus according to orlando police. it' s not clear if there' s any
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incidents. the person who was robbed believes he was targeted at the mall and followed as he walked down the street. he identified rafael caballero as the man who grabbed him, but caballero denies having anything to do with it. meredith: two men charged with a violent crime spree on super bowl sunday are now being held on no bond. police say 24-year-old nathanial woods committed a rash of armed robberies, and that 37-year-old john powell was his accomplice. among their alleged crimes, stealing a dodge charger and pistol whipping an uber driver. they were finally caught after crashing the stolen car, summer: . summer: covering marion county, a motorcyclist is dead after colliding with a car in ocala. it happened this morning just before 7:30 at the intersection of northeast jacksonville road and northeast 28th street. police say the driver of a kia soul was a 15-year-old boy on a learner' s permit who turned left in front of the oncoming
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into his car. meredith: a winter park homeowner learned the hard way that leaving flammable items on a hot stove is dangerous. investigators say a christmas wreath, sitting on a hot stove, caught fire this morning at the home on via tuscany. they say the owners were moving things around when they left the wreath on the stove. it quickly caught fire, but that was just the beginning. >> then the occupants tried to move the burning wreath from the home, igniting other things in the home on it' s way out. obviously we don' t suggest that at all. meredith: the good news is that all three people in the home were able to get out of the house safely, including their pets, and damage was kept to a minimum. summer: new develops ments in the attack of a local mosque. meredith: a new wave of trouble
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. summer: a man charged with vandalizing a local mosque is now also being charged with a hate crime. meredith: that means he could wind up spending his life in prison. new year' s eve break-in at the wesh 2' s dan billow is at the s office. dan, what' s the state attorney saying about this? dan: state attorney released a statement at his office, suggesting the crime was clearly hate motivated and said it will not be tolerated. michael wolfe was arrested and is charged with crime burglary of a structure, and this month' s state attorney' s office decided to let a hate crime enhancement to the charges. it those charges could net him life in prison. one reason for the enhancement
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left a slap of bacon at the mosque which is offensive to muslims. he also slashed items with a machete. he is being held at the brevard county jail without bail and is awaiting trial. we are live in brevard county, dan billow, wesh 2 news. summer: a passenger from a royal caribbean cruise ship that was battered by a major storm in the atlantic, has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against the company. the suit claims the company knew or should have known of warnings for hurricane-force winds in the atlantic before the ship set sail february 6 from new jersey. the next day, the ship was hit by 30 foot waves and foreced to return to new jersey with its 4500 shaken passengers. royal caribbean says it will not comment on pending litigation. meredith: three new cases of zika have been diagnosed. one of them is in orange county. this comes a day after governor rick scott asked the cdc for 250 more zika test kits after state health officials
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pregnant women diagnosed with the virus. that brings the total number of cases to 35. there have been three in orange county and one confirmed case each in seminole, osceola and brevard counties. all of the cases in the state are travel related. the state has currently used 255 kits since february 9, with almost 1200 more still available. summer: wildlife officials say s count of manatees in the state turned out about the same as last year. the fish and wildlife commission says almost 3300 manatees were counted on florida' s east coast this year, with another 3000 on the west coast. the counts this year and last year are the only two times on record when florida' s manatee population exceeded 6,000. meredith: i bet those manatees are' s trying to stay warm. it is breezy out there. a lot of sunshine, so it makes it beautiful. tony: next week, they will be
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the potential for frost saturday morning. let me take you back outside right now. what a gorgeous day. not a cloud in that scott. put one or two of those in the middle of a hot summer and that would be spectacular. downtown orlando, another beautiful shot, 64 degrees. wind out of the west at 21 miles per hour. we have a little disturbance over northern counties a little later on tonight and you could see it just to the north of mobile, but a lot of sunshine across the peninsula, so that is good. notice the temperatures outside, well below the normal for this time of year. typically we should be around 75 degrees, so we are 10 degrees below normal. we are 16 degrees colder than this time yesterday near palm coast. 12 degrees cooler in leesburg. wind gusting toward northern
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watch another rocketing tonight. it will lift off around 6:46. look at the wind gust, 25, 30 in sanford did if you look at the event, that is the biggest concern, otherwise the weather is spectacular. the wind will begin to subside after sunset, so we may have some issues with the wind at the beginning, but at the end of the window, we will be in better shape. it may be delayed a little bit if the wind is holding up at 25 to 35 miles per hour. we will keep you posted on that. 37, the overnight low in ocala. 40, the villages. 41, sanford. let' s take a look at the cg= tgif spectacular friday forecast. temperatures remaining cool. 1:00, 60 degrees and the drive
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let' s take a look at the friday afternoon high temperatures. 60, palm coast. 65, clermont. we head into the weekend, high-pressure still in the gulf of mexico. it becomes more westerly and becoming very light as we get you into sunday which will set the stage for a very cold start. 33, ocala. 39, clermont. 39, sanford. could see some frost into northern lake and marion counties. we will keep you updated on that. the seven-day forecast here. notice a trend, mid-60' s, mid-to-upper 60' s, low 70' s and look at the mornings, low 40' s in orlando, upper 30' s north and west of town. monday is the transition day. that is the day we get back to normal and then we are above normal tuesday and wednesday. the front is set to arrive on wednesday with a round of
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after that, we drop back down to the lower 70' s. we have a highlight of events for you coming up in the next hour. summer: see the video of what happens after rescuers ended up needing to be rescued. summer: traffic news to tell you about. this is on for in the eastbound lanes right at ivanhoe where there was a crash not too long ago. there is a one vehicle off to the side. police officers are there and no word of injuries at the moment, but traffic is moving slowly through this area. this is on i-4 in the eastbound
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meredith: students protesting in south africa torch university buildings, prompting the campus to evacuate and shut down for now. north-west university officials say a students representatives council meeting was disrupted by protesters, and the situation escalated with private security guards trying to use tear gas and rubber bullets on the crowd. a science center and dormitory were burned down. a u.s. coast guard vessel capsized while responding to a fishing boat that ran aground off the coast of rockaway beach.
4:25 pm
swam to shore in queens. the coast guard , sends a rescuers swimming ashore. that is when a coast guard helicopter had to come in and lift the fisherman to safety. meredith: space-x will try again for a launch from cape canaveral just over two hours. the launch window opens at 6:46 tonight. it was scrubbed yesterday because of weather conditions but they' re more favorable today the rocket will carry a boeing communications satellite into orbit over asia. and space-x is attempting to land the first stage of the falcon nine rocket on a drone ship, but engineers don' t expect the landing to be successful. summer: homes in a new jersey town had to be evacuated after a series of blasts and fires. one sent a manhole cover soaring more than 20 feet into the air as seen here. fortunately, no one was hurt and no homes or businesses damaged. fire officials say salt used to melt ice sparked the explosion underground. it was a terrifying moment, an infant suddenly stopped breathing. meredith: but that baby is still
4:26 pm
a new jersey police officer. when alee southrey saw what was happening with two-month-old brian, she immediately began cpr, while a friend called 911. within three minutes, the police officer arrived and continued cpr. suddenly, the baby started breathing again. >> he opened his eyes suddenly, and started breathing again. it was very touching and holds a special place in my heart. >> i was so thankful. i could hear them talking to my son and encouraging him. meredith: the baby, who had a previous medical condition, is now recovering. this was the first time patrolmen ever performed cpr. meredith: a daytona beach woman plays a critical role in solving a crime. summer: she couldn' t get a good look at an alleged thief, but what she did was maybe even better. meredith: plus, what the latest quinnipiac poll says about how senator marco rubio fairs
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>> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at
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meredith: police in daytona beach are crediting a 72-year-old woman with helping them nab a suspected bank robber. summer: the woman got the tag number of the suspect's get away car. and as wesh 2' s claire metz reports, 13 minutes later, the suspect was caught. claire: the woman was sitting in her car in front of this wells fargo on speedway boulevard, while her boyfriend did business inside. she had no idea the bank was being robbed, but thought it odd when a man rushed out, running toward the car parked next to her. >> it was just a feeling that i had, something was not right, something was wrong. claire: and fleurette bowers was right on the money. something was wrong. police say this man, standing at the tellers window, passed a note implying a weapon and demanded cash. he is now identified as 42-year-old christopher gulley, and police say it was gulley who fled the bank in a hurry, raising bowers' suspicions. >> the man who approached the car said, hurry up, let's get out, get out get out, get out. claire: bowers didn' t get a good look at gulley or the person driving the white car gulley got into. instead, she focused on the tag number, writing it down on a
4:31 pm
responding officers. >> once they got it, they were in a matter of seconds knew where the car hit a tag reader, and one of our officers got right behind it and the guy was in custody. claire: police followed the vehicle on to mason avenue. these are pictures of the take down in front of a store there. police don' t believe the driver knew gulley was allegedly planning a bank robbery, so only gulley is charged. police say he confessed and they recovered the cash, all because of this 72-year-old. >> god bless her, god bless her. she doesn' t look 72-years-old. >> we don' t have dementia yet. claire: far from it, her boyfriend says bowers is anything but old. >> i think she was smart and sharp and on it, as usual, as usual. claire: bank employees identified gulley as the suspect. he remains behind bars. in daytona beach, volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news. summer: gulley made his first appearance in court yesterday. bond is $25,000. meredith: we are working to get more information on a double shooting.
4:32 pm
from the first baptist church. officers say both victims were taken to the hospital and are expected to be ok. they have not released any information about possible suspects. summer: two carjacking suspects are on the run in orange county. deputies say they stole a dodge charger outside this circle-k on bonneville drive in east orange county around 3:00 this morning. deputies say the suspect was riding with the victims before the attack. one woman was hit during the incident, but was not seriously hurt. meredith: an edgewater man is accused of repeatedly hitting a one-year-old child in his care, causing extreme bruising to the child' s face. 21-year-old zachary janiszewski was arrested on a warrant for child abuse yesterday, after an investigation that began last month. police say janiszewski' s girlfriend babysits the child, but on january 4, left him with janiszewski, who claimed the baby fell off the bed. doctors determined the extensive bruising to the face was consistent with being hit several times with a hand. right now, searchers are back at it looking for a missing boater
4:33 pm
crews scoured the waters of lake beauclair for hours yesterday looking for 76-year-old william robl. the alert went out after his boat was found empty after a storm moved through. a witness says he spotted the small boat spinning around in circles. orange county dive teams were called to begin searching around 10:30 yesterday morning. s still unclear why the boater went out when storms were expected nearby. summer: in commitment 2016 news, the republican presidential candidates are preparing to face off tonight in houston, texas. frontrunner donald trump is hoping to build on his momentum following his big win in nevada' s caucus on tuesday. senators marco rubio and ted cruz are fighting for second place. john kasich and ben carson will also attend the debate. it begins tonight at 8:30. a new republican race poll shows trump leading in the sunshine state. the poll shows the billionaire with a 16 point lead over florida senator marco rubio 44% to 28%. texas senator ted cruz gets 12%
4:34 pm
and retired neurosurgeon ben carson in the single digits. wesh 2 political reporter greg fox breaks down the poll. >> i love you all, god bless you. [applause] greg: within hours of that concession speech by former governor jeb bush last saturday, pollsters got to work surveying republican voters to see how the florida presidential race looks now with five candidates. the newest poll shows donald trump 16 points ahead of florida senator marco rubio, with ted cruz, john kasich and ben carson far back. >> it' s not impossible that mr. rubio won' t catch mr. trump, but certainly one would rather be in mr. trump' s shoes today than mr. rubio' s. greg: rubio does have some plusses, while republican voters prefer trump in the area of strong leadership, he and rubio are both viewed to be honest and rubio has an edge among voters who think he, not trump, shares
4:35 pm
chance to win in november. rubio supporter, lieutenant governor lopez-cantera, tells me he' s not worried about the poll. >> no it does not. it does not concern me. donald trump has a plurality of support, but nobody has been able to get a majority because there are so many candidates to choose from. greg: instead, the lieutenant governor is throwing his support behind the candidate to whom he has already donated money. >> i' m confident floridians are going to support marco rubio. greg: the poll also shows the top three issues on florida voters' minds are the economy and jobs, terrorism and immigration. what we won' t know until march 15, is which candidate voters think can tackle those problems. summer: moments ago we received this statement on behalf of marco rubio he says, we are going to win florida, take it to the bank, florida is marco rubio country.
4:36 pm
is become a two men race. coming up on question is a 5:00, greg will continue this conversation with the lieutenant governor and zero-in on published reports that trump has governor rick scott on the short list for a running mate. meredith: a seminole county schools director is accused of shoplifting from a department store in oveido. erica pooler is facing charges of retail theft. officers say she tried to steal more than $800 worth of merchandise from the kohl' s on deep lake road. pooler is the director of the office of school safety and alternative placement in seminole county. time is winding down for apple to respond to the f.b.i' s request to unlock one of the san bernardino shooter' s phones. they have until tomorrow. nbc' s steve handelsman updates us on that case, and reports isis supporters are threatening some social media companies for cooperating in the war on terrorism. reporter: with the apple battle fought in public, the fbi director made his case.
4:37 pm
>> part of me thinks, that is great i do not want anyone looking at my stuff, and that i step back and say law enforcement really does say people' s lives. reporter: that is why after san bernardino, looking for others that would kill for isis, knowing the terrorists rely on technology, the fbi got a court to order apple to unlock the iphone of the san bernardino killer. >> what apple is objecting to is the government wants them to new software that does not exist right now that would give them access to be found. reporter: tim cook told abc the new code could get stolen and spread, sort of the equivalent of cancer. he said, we would never write this. our job is to protect our customers. the fbi director says law enforcement' s job is to protect the public. >> read the communications of terrorists, gang bangers,
4:38 pm
reporter: apple charges the fbi could ask to turn on microphones or timers for surveillance. apple cited 12 other court orders to unlock devices. apple is working on a new operating system that could never be unlocked by apple or law enforcement. summer: the state supreme court will decide if a convicted killer set to die march 17 will get a stay or execution. mark asay killed two men in 1987 in jacksonville. justices will hear arguments next wednesday from asay, who claims he didn' t receive adequate legal representation. the arguments come as state lawmakers try to figure out how to address a u.s. supreme court ruling that said florida' s death-penalty sentencing system is unconstitutional. meredith: when it comes to concert venues, central florida only has a couple of options. the show either has to be really big to justify being held at the amway center, or much smaller to fit inside a venue like the house of blues. but that'
4:39 pm
s jazmin walker reports a new, outdoor venue is taking shape at the central florida fairgrounds. jazmin: it' s called the orlando amphitheater, a privately-funded, 10,000 capacity venue. it' s been in the works for three years, and now the first act will take the stage in mid-april. >> we built this specifically to host main national acts. jazmin: crews are still building, but central florida fair ceo shawn krauel says once they're finished, concertgoers will want to bring out the lawn chairs and blankets. >> we really didnt' want to do -- didn' t want to do seats. we really wanted people to enjoy the festival type atmosphere. jazmin: the $1.5 million orlando amphitheater has a 60-foot-wide stage and the lawn is inclined. >> when you' re up here, you get to see lake lawne, the beautiful lake lawne, but you' ll also see the rest of the fairgrounds, so it's going to be a hotspot when we have multiple concerts. jazmin: the first event scheduled at the orlando amphitheater is earthday birthday, a one-day festival on april 23. since the venue is larger than hard rock live but smaller than the citrus bowl, krauel says
4:40 pm
to play in west palm beach and st. augustine amphitheaters may soon make central florida part of their tours. >> it' s going to be exciting to see all the festivals and events that come here. jazmin: after earthday birthday, the orlando amphitheater will host the moonstone music festival, a two-day festival featuring kiss, def leppard and 50 other acts. country music singer-songwriter hunter hayes is the first solo concert. he performs may 6, and organizers say we' ll be hearing more announcements in the weeks to come. jazmin walker, wesh 2 news. meredith: there are still some tickets available. a two day ticket for the moonstone music festival will set you back $229. summer: you' ll have the chance to voice your opinion about the future of orlando international airport tonight. in about an hour, officials are holding a meeting to discuss the capital improvement program. that' s a $1.3 billion project designed to accommodate more passengers. the meeting starts at 5:30 tonight at the u.f. extension center on south conway. meredith: storms rip through, leaving a trail of damage on the east coast. how they' re picking up the pieces.
4:41 pm
worker is on capitol hill. what he' s saying about being replaced by a foreign worker. meredith: and tonight at 6:00, we look into the case against casey, five years later. why the prosecution team says the jury was not convinced of casey'
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>> you' re watching wesh 2. summer: today, a fired disney worker today testified before congress about losing his job to a foreign worker. meredith: leo perrero of longwood is one of 250 i.t. engineers suing disney after being laid off in 2014. in his testimony, perrero explained how they were told they were losing their jobs in 90 days and would have to train their replacements. he told senators that the final weeks of that period were disgraceful and demoralizing, as
4:45 pm
watch the foreign workers take over their jobs. summer: seaworld says more people came to their parks in 2015. about 43,000 more people went to a seaworld park in the fourth quarter of 2015, compared to the last three months of the year before. they also saw a $3.3 million revenue increase during that time. they took a $6.8 million loss, when you look at the year to year numbers, but they say attendance was up by 72,000 people. in a statement the president and ceo of seaworld entertainment says, expectations are high with three highly anticipated attractions opening this summer. meredith: king kong is returning to universal orlando this summer. today, the theme park is revealing details about the new attraction. wesh 2' s jason guy gives us a preview. jason: skull island, reign of king kong is coming along inside islands of adventure at universal orlando. chopper 2 flew over the construction progress this afternoon. you can see the massive entrance. today, universal gave us this rendering of what it' ll look
4:46 pm
summer. universal also just told us new details today about the 3-d ride' s story. " orlando my way' s" jon busdeker explains what happens when you walk through the giant doors into a labyrinth of caves. >> you' re part of an expedition. you' ve gone to this mysterious island. you' re going to see what' s there and at some point, you run into king kong. jason: kong sits between toon lagoon and jurassic park at islands of adventure, and universal orlando touts that visitors are in for quite a journey. >> this is how they phrase it, this is one of the longest ride experiences created at universal. greg: the attraction' s designers say the ride looks scary, but it is for all ages. this is the second king kong attraction for universal orlando. " kongfrontation" at universal studios was open from 1990 to 2002. skull island, reign of king kong
4:47 pm
islands of adventure since the opening of the wizarding world of harry potter in 2010. i' m jason guy, wesh 2 news. meredith: some good news today about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. the cdc now says people who have gotten the vaccine are 59% less likely to get the flu than those who did not get the shot. that number is much higher than last year, when the vaccine was only 23% effective. doctors say flu activity is still on the rise, and is expected to continue for several more weeks. summer: it' s a mix of severe weather depending on where you live. in virginia, four people were killed by the string of storms. this includes a two-year-old child. officers say a tornado left an eight to 10 mile path, and in north carolina residents started looking for anything left in their destroyed homes. they had more than 20 tornado warnings. a different scene in the chicago area. it' s snow that' s causing a lot of problems. this is video from crete, illinois, just south of chicago, where strong winds and heavy
4:48 pm
powerlines. flights delays are being reported across the country. in chicago alone, there were 1300 canceled yesterday. meredith: it is beautiful outside here at home. there are barely any clouds. summer: we need those jackets though. tony: that is well said. once the sun sets look at the gorgeous view near lake eola with the fountains and moisture being alone around with the gusty wind, temperatures struggling just to get into the mid 60' s. that is why we will need these jackets tonight. mostly sunny skies . look at the wind, sustained at 21 miles per hour at the top of the hour. there are some clouds and the little disturbance in a northern florida, a few of those clouds may stretch into marion county later on. 62, romeo. 63, bellevue.
4:49 pm
downtown orlando, 65. under par, 63. palm coast near palm bay, 60 to about 65 degrees. when guests at the top of the hour, anywhere from 20 to about 30 miles per hour. -- wind gusts at the top of the hour, anywhere from 20 to about 30 miles per hour. if you are heading out toward central florida tonight, the temperatures will be dropping to about 55 at 8:00 and then 10:00, right around 53 degrees, so make sure you have a jacket ready to go. overnight low near ocala, 37. 41, stanford. 41, kissimmee. 41, titusville.
4:50 pm
right on the south and west. a gorgeous day so get out there. it will be cool with temperatures running into the middle to upper 60' s by friday night, a few offshore clouds but overall, a fantastic friday. we are running 10 degrees cooler than that on the northwest, approaching 20 miles per hour wind. jacket in the morning, you will be just fine by lunchtime, 62 degrees. by 5:00, 65 degrees. pollen will be blowing all over the place and will be quite high for the rest of the week. if you have allergies, make sure you have your medicine ready to go. saturday, west-northwest wind flow. another beautiful day. get out there. do some painting. on sunday, look at the big dome of high-pressure right over the western side of the florida peninsula, and that sets us up for one of the rest festivals we
4:51 pm
so far. let' s take a look at the updated seven-day forecast. we are back in two the mid-70' s on monday, low 80' s by tuesday, the front arrives on wednesday, showers mainly up north and cooler weather on thursday. summer: where do people like to shop least? we' ll let you know. meredith: and speaking of shopping, how about one of everything on amazon? someone took the time to figure out how much one of each item would cost. we' ll tell you the grand total, next. stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you
4:52 pm
whenever i want you
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4:54 pm
meredith: you might agree or disagree, but a new survey out in the country. summer: and it' s not walmart. according to the customer satisfaction index, abercrombie and fitch is the most disliked, earning a score of 65. that' s 10 points lower than the entire retail sector' s overall score. walmart, who for nearly 10 years has always scored the lowest, came out one point above at 66. when it comes to retailers scoring high marks, customers love nordstrom and cosco. meredith: it' s a question you
4:55 pm
would it cost to boy one of everything on amazon? a computer scientist in zurich, did some research and came up with the dollar figure. he first determined there were 479 million different items available, and the average price of an item was $26.86. that brings the total to nearly $12.86 billion. i would like to check out the warehouse. i would have a lot of fun in there. summer: wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. meredith: jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour. jim: a major heroin ring is taken down right in the heart of the tourist corridor in orange county. how authorities finally cracked this high-dollar, sophisticated operation and the human toll from the heroin this year alone. a man charged with vandalizing a local mosque is now facing more serious charges. why prosecutors are adding hate crimes. and skull island is starting to take shape at a local theme park, coming up on wesh two news
4:56 pm
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 5:00 in high definition. >> i want them to know that regardless of where they go we
4:59 pm
angela: tough talk from the orange county sheriff. he spoke out today announcing the bust of an orange county heroin ring. good evening, i' m angela taylor. jim: i' m jim payne. this comes on the heels of a startling statistic. last year alone, nearly 450 people died from heroin overdoses in florida. angela: wesh 2' s michelle meredith joins us live with more. michelle: well officials said the drug ring operated mainly in the tourist corridor and that they had their reasons. >> to federal law enforcement -- michelle: in the news conference this afternoon, the u.s. attorney' s office the dea and , their law enforcement partners, had to admit the heroin ring they broke up this week was very creative. lee bentley: the name of this conspiracy was la compania that was a name the conspirators gave themselves. michelle: federal and state investigators say the company even had a heroin hotline.
5:00 pm
changed, customers got the new number via text. there was a boss lieutenants and , employees called sell heads and if you missed your phone , shift more than once, you were fired. jeff walsh: these people were very busy. two 12 hour shifts 24 hours a day seven days a week with these phones selling heroin. michelle: making approximately $3 million a year until wednesday when 11 out of 12 members of the company were arrested. according to officials, the heroin ring was operating mainly in the tourist area around i-drive but say most the customers were locals. buying up to 200 bags of heroin a pop looking to sell. why the tourist area? jerry demings: and sometimes it' s easier to assimilate when you are in the tourist corridor and you are staying in hotels but i want them to know that , regardless of where they go we , are going to be after them. michelle: the sheriff says, not


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