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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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busiest interstate. good evening, i' m meredith mcdonough. jim: and i' m jim payne. 44-year-old marvin franklin was killed in a construction area near i-4 and the maitland boulevard exit. we learned today that his son found out about his dad' s death on his 15th birthday. meredith: wesh 2' s amanda ober joins us live with new information. michelle: the worker killed was a father of three, anas a result of his death, all construction work on all 21 miles of ultimate i-4 was halted today so they could review safety protocol. there is no activity here at the ivanhoe boulevard construction site, and it is unclear whether it will resume tomorrow or possibly not until next week. all was quiet along the 21 mile stretch of i-4 construction sgl thursday. constructors halted work after one its employees, 34-year-old marvin franklin, was killed wednesday when a dump truck backed over him. it happened in a construction
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maitland boulevard. >> we want people to feel this is a safe project, and this was a terrible tragedy. and everybody is feeling the effects of it. amanda: sgl says workers were offered grief counseling. hourly employees were told to take the day off with pay. supervisors and salaried workers still reported but with a different focus. >> certainly we' re going to be , reviewing access and how we control dump trucks coming in and out of the area, but certainly we don' t want to look at just that. amanda: sgl says it will do a thorough review of all of it' s safety procedures and i-4 work may resume friday, or not until next week. the florida highway patrol is investigating the accident and says the backup warning beeper on the truck was sounding when it backed over franklin, but other details of what lead to the tragedy are being investigated by both fhp and osha.
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florida department of transportation tells wesh 2 news ensuring safety is its top priority. it claims meantime, the, sgl safety stand-down will not impact the project' s construction schedule, which concludes in 2021. a relative of the victim, marvin franklin, tells me his three children live with their mother in southwest florida. sgl constructors say this work stoppage, even if it lasts into next week, will not affect their plans to complete this project. amanda ober, wesh two news. meredith: tonight wesh 2 news investigates. we' ve learned one of the companies involved in the i-4 ultimate project is already under federal investigation after two workers died on the job a couple months ago. the occupational safety and health administration is currently investigating lane construction after an ocoee worker died in a similar manner last september when he was
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truck. another employee was killed in october when a wood block fell. a spokesman for sgl constructors , which lane construction is part of tells us safety is of , the upmost importance and workers are given daily safety instructions. osha says its investigation into what happened could take up to six months. jim: the man charged with vandalizing a titusville mosque earlier this year will now face hate crime charges. police say michael wolfe broke into the building, smashed lights and windows, and threw bacon on the front steps. prosecutors say he carried a machete, hacking at windows and other property as he went through the building. the former state prison inmate was arrested days later. this month, prosecutors decided to add a hate crime enhancement to wolfe' s charges. wolfe is charged with armed burglary of a structure and criminal mischief in a place of worship meredith: right now a sanford couple is charged with child neglect. police say a child in their care got a hold of a gun, and shot herself. 22-year-old devolia sims and 26-year-old aaron davis are
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and improper storage of a firearm. police say the child was left unattended in this converted garage late tuesday. a follow-up investigation found drug paraphenalia and ammunition out in the open. the child is expected to be ok. she has since been removed from the home. jim: an edgewater man is accused of repeatedly hitting a 1-year-old child in his care, causing extreme bruising to the child' s face. police say 21-year-old zachary janiszewski has been under investigation since last month. they tell wesh 2 his girlfriend babysits the child, but on january 4th, she left him with janiszewski who claims the baby fell off the bed. doctors determined the extensive bruising to the face was consistent with being hit several times with a hand. right now searchers are back at it looking for a missing boater in mount dora. crews scoured the waters of lake beauclair for hours yesterday looking for 76-year-old william robl. the alert went out after his boat was found empty after a
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a witness says he spotted the small boat spinning around in circles. it' s still unclear why robl went out on the water when storms were expected nearby. meredith: a huge heroine ringed is busted in orange county. that news coming from orange county. this is on the heels of a startling statistic. in 2014, nearly 2100 people died from overdoses in florida. >> we actually have direct evidence that sometimes they were pulling in $15,000 to $20,000 a day. michelle: in the news conference this afternoon the u.s. attorney' s office the dea and their law enforcement partners, had to admit, the heroin ring they broke up this week was very creative. lee bentley iii: the name of this conspiracy was la compania . that was a name the conspirators gave themselves. michelle: federal and state investigators say the company even had a heroin hotline. and when the phone number changed customers got the news
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there was a boss, lieutenants and employees called sell heads. jeff walsh: these people were very busy. two 12 hour shifts 24 hours a day seven days a week with these phones selling heroin. michelle: making approximately $3 million a year, until wednesday when 11 out of 12 members of the company were arrested. according to officials, the heroin ring was operating mainly in the tourist corridor and around i-drive but say most the customers were locals. buying up to 200 bags of heroin a pop looking to sell. why the tourist area? jerry demings: and sometimes it' s easier to assimilate when you are in the tourist corridor and staying in hotels, but i want them to know that regardless of where they go, we are going to be after them . michelle: michelle meredith,
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meredith: so far they have found eight deaths this year. jim: the search continues for 2 suspects after an armed robbery and car chase we brought you as breaking news this time yesterday. the gold lexus was found abandoned in a lake mary parking lot after deputies went after it on i-4. a man was robbed at gunpoint in altamonte springs, shortly after he left the mall. his wallet, cell phone, even his shoes were taken after he was pulled into the car then pushed back out. he went to a nearby barber shop for help. maggie cummings: they had the gun to his head, and forced him in the car, and then they threw him out of the car pretty much. jim: the vicitm says four men were in the car. two men were arrested, after all four ran from the abandoned car. they are being held without bond in jail tonight. meredith: a seminole county schools director is arrested and is being accused of shoplifting tuesday night. erica pooler is responsible for programs aimed at students with difficult home lives. she and her niece are being accused of shoplifting $863 worth of merchandise at a kohl' s department store in oveido, a spokesman says she will be
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new information tonight in the search for the missing newborn known as baby willow. it has been a week and a half since the search began and today orlando detectives tell wesh 2 they they are switching from , search mode to investigation mode. they hope to develop some leads that could result in more probable places to search in the upcoming days. it' s believed the child' s mother, susan richardson, gave birth in the apartment complex' s parking lot, and then got rid of the baby. she is in jail charged with aggravated child neglect and unlawful child desertion. jim: an orange county man is jailed on charges of stalking members of a family in taft and driving his pickup in to their mobile home on purpose. 48-year-old richard davison junior is charged with aggrevated stalking with a credible threat and criminal mischief. witnesses say davison drove in to the victim' s chain link fence, then came back tuesday evening and took out part of their car port. deputies say he also sent the victims threatening text messages. a woman who was inside says they
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savannah hughey: the whole trailer moved, and we have a baby that sleeps in the front room so it was really scary. ,jim: davison' s bond is set at $25,000. he' s been ordered to stay away from the victims and their home. meredith: all new at 6:00 thanks , to tips from citizens, kissimmee police say they were able to arrest a man, and seize drugs, and other items. take a look at some of these evidence photos. kissimmee police say they were getting complaints of possible drug activity in the spring meadow condominiums. officers later searched 20-year-old adam catli' s apartment. inside they say they found over 130 grams of cannabis and other items. catli is facing a slew of charges including possession of marijuana over 20 grams. jim: in commitment 2016 coverage florida' s lieutenant governor , says a republican presidential ticket of donald trump and rick scott is not on the political radar just yet. last month, governor scott wrote an article complementary of trump and the new york billionaire yesterday said a running mate with
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sense. today, wesh 2 political reporter greg asked carlos lopez-cantera if talk of a trump-scott ticket is gaining steam. greg: have you even discussed that with rick scott? carlos lopez-cantera: no. we haven' t. not as far as this presidential cycle. that' s pure speculation right now. there' s no evidence to be able to confirm that that is even part of the realistic discussion. jim: lopez can terra is running for a u.s. senate seat that will become governor if scott resigned to join a presidential ticket. meredith: in just a little more than 30 minutes spacex will try , to launch a rocket from cape canaveral. last night' s planned launch was cancelled due to wind. the launch window opens at 6:46 tonight. the rocket will carry a boeing communications satellite into orbit over asia and spacex is attempting to land the first stage of the falcon nine rocket on a drone ship. however engineers say a successful landing is not expected. you can see the launch live on
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five years ago it was just about impossible to go anywhere where people did not know the name casey anthony. jim: in our look into the case against casey, five years later the prosecution team is talking , about the media impact on the trial. >> they wanted a smoking gun or a piece of dna and that just wasn' t there. jim: why state attorney jeff ashston says the jury was not convinced of casey' s guilt. >> it was just a feeling that i had. something was not right, something was wrong. meredith: and tonight local police credit that 72-year-old woman with helping them catch a suspected bank robber. we' re got her story next. tony: a cool day will lead to a cool night. who will be in the 30' s and who
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jim: the systen beat itself. that' s the message from the lead prosecutor in the casey anthony trial that happened almost five years ago. meredith: all this week, wesh 2 news is looking into the case against casey, five years later. jim: all new tonight, members of the prosecution team address
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on this case to the notoriety they all had to get used to. >> something is not right here, something is not what this girl. michelle: the trial of casey anthony. >> they had a very special mom. michelle: it was the trial that lasted eight weeks in the summer of 2011. >> you have an opinion? >> homicide. michelle: the trial that captivated the nation. >> it is your decision not to testify? >> yes, sir. >> it was not a result that i would have expected. michelle: and when we met with two members of the prosecution team it was clear that jeff , ashton and frank george have done some soul searching in the past five years. how did it change your life professionally and personally ? >> people are taking pictures of
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>> i was in a wave pool in my baby suit, and that is uncomfortable. michelle: there were t-shirts for team ashton. >> people would start cheering. >> he became unnerving, walking from here to the courthouse. michelle: and while prosecutors did appreciate the support, >> this is not a sporting event. this is not a team sport. this is about something much bigger than that. michelle: it was about the murder of two-year-old caylee anthony. and if found guilty, her own mother faced a possible death sentence. >> this is a tragic accident. michelle: in terms of interest, the casey anthony trial blew to the top just about every trial before or since. but why? ashton credits the internet. >> this was the first big trial of the internet age. allowed people to watch it
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there were so many millions of people that watched this thing gavel to gavel all over the country. michelle: and the country was transfixed. two and a half months later, it became the trial with the surprise ending. >> we' ve the jury find the defendant not guilty. michelle: in the effort to pick jury not convinced of her guilt or innocence, the jury that sat for the trial was in unconvinced of her guilt because they heard nothing new. they heard it all before. through the media. >> they wanted a smoking gun or a piece of dna and that just wasn' t there. >> we respect that was their job to decide. not ours. the system worked they way it was supposed to. michelle: and ended with results, that for many, that were as perplexing as casey anthony herself. >> this is the first time i have truly been angry this entire time. michelle: in orange county, michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. meredith: wesh 2' s look at the case against casey, five years
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tomorrow night. we' ll be talking about the legislation passed in caylee' s name and we' ll also take a look , at where the anthony family is now. that' s tomorrow on wesh 2 news at 6:00. jim: daytona beach police say they caught a suspected bank robber within minutes after he fled because a woman outside the bank got the tag number. 72-year-old fleurette bowers was in her car outside this wells fargo on speedway boulevard. tuesday when a man, later identified as 42-year-old christopher gulley, came running out of the bank, rushing toward a car parked next to her. >> it was just a feeling that i had. something was not right, something was wrong. the man who approached the car said hurry up, lets get out, get out get out, get out. jim: bowers wrote the tag number down of the fleeing vehicle, gave it to police and 13 minutes later, gulley was in custody. he allegedly confessed and had the stolen money on him. meredith: tony mainolfi is joining us now. we are in the 60 degrees range. is it still breezy? tony: it is very at.
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it may affect the falcon nine launch. sunset at 6:20, a little civil twilight. that bends over the horizon for about 20 minutes after, and a gorgeous looking shot. orlando 60 degrees, but as the sun drops, the temperature does as well. a few up north, a few clouds. temperature not bad. 61 palm coast, 67 the villages. look at the difference between temperatures right now and this time yesterday. running 10 degrees cooler. i-4 south and east, and five to 10 degrees cooler back to the west. falcon nine launch, biggest concern is the wind. it was more windy earlier, so if they want to wait for how they are going, they have a window of opportunity. we will have to see how they
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temperatures are going to be nice and comfortable that way tonight. and comfortable for the florida fair, but after sunset you will need a jacket with readings in the low 50' s. 39 bellevue. wind to be ok. 42 celebration, 43 deer park. you can see the west wins in orange city, and keep canaveral, -- cape canaveral low 50' s. it doesn' t get much better than this. tons of sunshine , don' t forget sunglasses driving around in the afternoon. normal high to be 76, but we will not complain. 66 will fill good. -- feel good. let' s a temperature of 62, 5:00 around 65.
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in the air saturday above freezing in ocala. 39 sanford, 38 daytona beach. this may be a better night to see frost north and west of i-4. in the weekend, if you have outdoor plans you are in height -- good shape. a few lower wins by sunday. food and wine festival saturday and sunday. 65, 66. sunday is low 70' s. get over there and enjoy it at lake eola. monday, tuesday, wednesday, high-pressure in the east. late wednesday here comes the next cold front, a couple showers. we are not concerned about severe weather. we go from the 60' s to the 70' s sunday and monday, 80' s by tuesday. meredith: warriors at the amway center. jim: a free shooting show on
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house after he could shoot his
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the magic planningc jim: the greatest show on hardwood makes a stop in orlando tonight. to say the magic have their
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warriors might be the understatement of the season. we went to team shoot-around this morning where scott skiles and his staff are game-planning for one of the most high-powered offenses in nba history. the good news, the magic have improved on the defensive end as of late winning their last four , of six. the bad news, they' ll have to figure out how to stop a guy named steph curry. >> you get get discouraged when they are making crazy shots. he makes a three in a row, you just got to stay in tune and stay focused. >> is a team where we could have phenomenal defense position and do everything right and they can still get a basket. we have to understand that. what they do, any team like that, they demoralize you. jim: the warriors are coming off a close victory last night with the heat. curry had 42. the league mvp will look to break the nba record tonight for the most consecutive games with a three pointer.
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central florida. the atlanta braves holding their first full-squad workout this morning at espn wide world of sports. braves will start spring training games march first, next tuesday against the oriels. windermere prep playing for all the marbles in lakeland, right now. the boys team facing westminister academy in the state 3-a basketball finals. much more on this game tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. when ucf brought scott frost in to lead its football team into a new era, the school wanted to move the program in a new direction. that new direction is already taking shape as the knights will play their first spring game under the lights. for the first time, ucf will play its spring contest in the evening. kickoff this year is set for 7:00 p.m. april 16. knights kickoff the season at home against south carolina state on september third. magic highlights tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. we'
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meredith: a little girls wish just came true. jim: thanks to the people over life-size playhouse, complete with a loft, front porch, and a ladder. 9-year-old layla popoff suffers from a respiratory condition but and she was involved with the
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in commitment 2016, all eyes on the gop as we anticipate another heated debate. meredith: the five remaining republican candidates take the stage tonight for the final time before super tuesday, and we' ll have all the highlights. jim: plus, a ko after karaoke. this woman is accused of attacking and then running over a pregnant woman after a night out. meredith: the latest at 10:00 p.m. on cw 18 and on wesh 2 news at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] developing news tonight. tornado disaster. states of emergency as over two dozen twisters carve a deadly path of destruction. hundreds of homes decimated. for the first time, we see the massive scope of the damage. targeting tr a critical night for cruz and rubio. it could be their last chance to blunt donald trump's march t the nomination. super lice warning, striking in 25 states. extremely resistant to


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