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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i'm dara brown along with jason: it' s 4:30 right now on sunrise. the entire i-4 ultimate construction remains on halt this morning after a worker was killed. what we' re learning about the company behind the project. four people, including the gunman are dead after a mass shooting in kansas. the information we learned while you were sleeping. and wesh 2 news continues looking at the case against casey anthony five years later. how the prosecution team say media impacted the case as wesh
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announcer: local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: the weekend is just around the corner. a lot of you are telling us you are the gymnasium at this hour. you are going to glad you are not outside. it is chilly. amy: it is colder than it was yesterday. it is windy, so that helps out a little bit. we are talking about a wind chill on this friday morning. plenty of sunshine today. temperatures climb into the lower to middle 60' s. we will see a lot of sunshine and blue sky today. five to 10 degrees cooler than
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45, daytona beach. orlando, 48. melbourne, 48. the wind is lighter than yesterday. they are coming of the west. overall, pushing towards the coast. it does feel a couple of degrees colder than it is. 44, sanford. 43 is how we feel in daytona beach. it will not be as blustery or gusty as yesterday. we will climb into the lower to middle 60' s. 65, orlando. right now, let' s get an early check on traffic. ted: breaking news on i-drive by
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you can see the plume of water. a car struck a fire hydrant. this is international drive. it is closed due to flooding. you might want to use orangewood boulevard, which becomes universal. quiet for a lot of us traveling on i-4 this morning. looking good from the seminal rest area -- the seminal rest area. jason: this morning we' re working to learn if any charges will be filed after a man was hit and killed in brevard county. titusville police say it happened where state road 50 meets i-95 just before 8 last night. police say a driver hit a man who was in the middle of the road killing him. scene. s name has not been released.
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find out how an eight-year-old is doing after a car hit him when he was riding his bicycle. this is a picture of the scene titusville fire department sent us. this accident happened on alpine lane and delespine avenue. firefighters say the boy was conscious. police found the car and driver they believed to be involved. safety inspectors will be out at the scene of a deadly accident that killed a construction worker on i-4. 44-year-old marvin franklin was killed when he was run-over by a dump truck wednesday near i-4 and the maitland boulevard exit. the incident forced construction on the i-4 ultimate project to be put on hold. the company in charge of the project, sgl constructors, says it is performing a thorough review of all it' s safety procedures. this woman is out on bond this morning after deputies say she violently attacked a pregnant woman. according to shannon perez' s arrest report, she hit the expecting mother multiple times, including in her stomach area. she even threw her to the ground
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perez hit her with her car. deputies say a brawl outside q karaoke and billiards bar on south orange blossom trail lead up to the fight. we spoke to the suspect' s former roommate who said she had just spoken to perez on the phone. >> is this in her behavior to do that? >> they have seen each other at the bar before. jason: the victim says her child is ok. she will be pressing charges and we will have more on the story as it unfolds. take a good look at this orange county man. he is out on bond this morning. 48-year-old richard davison junior is charged with aggravated stalking and criminal mischief. witnesses say he drove his truck into the victim' s chain link fence, then came back tuesday evening and took out part of their carport. deputies say he also sent the
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messages. >> he told me he was going to kill me, that he was going to kill him. jason: davison has been ordered to stay away from the victims and their home. the man charged with vandalizing a brevard county mosque last year is facing new charges. police say michael wolfe broke into the building, smashed lights and windows, and even threw bacon on the front steps in december. prosecutors say he carried a machete, hacking at windows and other property as he went through the building. prosecutors are now charging wolfe with hate crime. developing story out of kansas this morning. four people are dead, including a gunman after a mass shooting at a manufacturing plant in hesston. sarah plake is outside of the excel industries plant with overnight developments.
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a building an open fire. >> people were >> i started running, too. >> more than a dozen wounded, many critically. the suspect, who was an employee of the plant was armed with an assult-style weapon. the man shot and wounded three people he encountered on the way to the plant before he went inside and opened fire. >> he shot anyone that has gotten in his way. >> he took fire, when inside that place . >> about 150 people were in the
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they have leads on what may have triggered the attacker. jason: today is the deadline for apple to respond to the court order over a terrorist' s iphone. the order from the department of justice would force the tech giant to create a new way to access the phone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. apple has refused the order, citing privacy concerns. google is also expected to file a document in court supporting apple today. happening today, seaworld is releasing two rehabilitated manatees back into the wild. the manatees will be released into the indian river in port saint john at nine this morning. this is done so the animals can be in warm water during the current cold snap. just yesterday, florida fish and wildlife said there were more than 6200 manatees in florida. that' s a little up from last year. the 42015, the count barely
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all week wesh 2 has been looking into the case against casey five years later. this morning, we are hearing the prosecution team discuss how the media had an impact on the case. right there on international drive, we have a road a blocked because of a vehicle hitting a fire hydrant. we have the latest and how to
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me jason: live pictures coming to you from international drive. this was an accident where a car struck a fire hydrant. crews are on scene, trying to stop the flow of water going all over international drive. international drive is closed off due to flooding. use orangewood boulevard or universal boulevard. the rest of us are looking at a quiet drive, here we have westbound coming at the camera. only seven minutes on the 408. a live picture of i-4 eastbound on the right. things are looking pretty good. amy: another cool day. sunshine expected for friday. temperatures cooler than
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a few places cooler than yesterday, plenty of sunshine and a few clouds here and there. we are starting off cooler this morning. a lot of 40' s. dunnellon has dropped to 38. 43 in the villages. claremont, at 46. we are not done dropping yet. these temperatures will head down through sunrise. 49, winter park. apopka, 41 degrees. celebration, 49. 43, palm coast. 48 degrees in oak hill. the wind is not as breezy as yesterday. it feels colder than it actually is. it feels in the low to mid 40' s in most spots even though it is actually in the upper 40' s.
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the cool air continues to filter in today. our afternoon highs will only be in the low-to-mid 60' s. we will talk about your weekend forecast, coming up. jason: the system beat itself. that' s the message from the lead prosecutor in the casey anthony case, which took place almost five years ago. wesh 2' s michelle meredith talks with members of the prosecution who address everything from the media impact on this case to the notoriety they had to get used to. >> something is not right here. something is not right with this girl. >> the trial of casey anthony. it was the trial that lasted eight weeks in the summer of 2011. >> do you have an opinion as to the manner of death in this case? >> homicide.
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>> yes, sir. >> the defense rests. >> we met with two members of the prosecution team. it was clear they have done some soul-searching in the past five years. >> how did it change your life professionally and personally? >> trying to get a slice of peace a or a sandwich, summary has her cell phone out to take a picture of you. >> there were t-shirts, lines to get in the trial. >> it became a little unnerving everyone said a while, walking from here to the courthouse after lunch. >> state prosecutors appreciated the support. you wanted to look at them and go -- this is not a sporting event. this is about something bigger
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>> it was about the murder of a two-year-old. >> of this is a tragic accident. >> the casey anthony trialed blew the top off of just about every trial before or since. ashton credits the internet. >> this was the first big trial of the internet age, allow people to watch it wherever they were. there were so many millions of people that watched this thing gavel to gavel. >> the country was transfixed. 2.5 months later, it became the trial with the controversial ending. ashton believes in the effort to pick a jury that was not convinced of guilt or innocence, they were unconvinced of her guilt because they had heard nothing new.
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>> that was their job to decide, not ours. >> it ended with results for many that were as perplexing as casey anthony herself. in orange county, michelle meredith. jason: the final piece of out look at case against casey, five years later, airs tonight, we' ll be talking about the legislation passed in caylee' s name and we are also reviewing where the anthony family is now. the team with the best record in the nba. highlights next in sports. plus, we are on top of breaking news. fhp has shut down traffic in both directions near the beach line.
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we have more for you and >> steph curry just need to made one three-pointer. magic may have been impressed by the beat, but they did not show up. let' s take it up in the third
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the scramble for the ball. payton from the corner, nails the three-pointer. they get the steel and that is where aaron gordon grabs the ball. you know what he is going to do. one step inside the free-throw line, slams a home. fast-forward , steph curry makes a half-court shot, beats the buzzer. fancy ball movement all around the court. steph curry with an easy land. scott had a lot to say about the young man after the game. >> it is not like he did not do anything else. he played good defense. he has turned into a great player. he is clearly , what he has done from a summertime conditioning standpoint, a diet, whatever, he
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>> last line on the road, taking on duke, the knowles. -- the noles. devonte booker nails the three and keeps a close. the seminoles -- a that point. duke takes this one, not in a close game. bragging rights at school today. tiger davis had 21 points. wayne ucf brought on scott frost , the school wanted to move the school in a do direction -- in a new direction.
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sc state on september 3. stetson also a winner against florida gulf coast. have a great weekend. jason: next, we will check the weather after a quick great. this is what is happening along international drive. both directions closed. the vehicle involved is on the tow truck.
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jason: live pictures of international drive. we had an accident here involving a car that struck a fire hydrant. from what we are hearing, international drive is still closed by the 528. as you can see, it is by the 528 on-ramp.
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boulevard. the crash we are keeping an ion right now, mills avenue, report of a right lane blocked. speaking of colonial, the right side of the screen, no delays getting through downtown orlando. a picture of i-4 in seminole county, looking good. amy: it was a cool day yesterday. 75 was our average high yesterday. we made it into the mid-60' s in most spots. today, the average goes up to 75. some temperatures will be court today than yesterday. we have been dropping over the next -- over the last several
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45 in the villages. it is a cooler start. as temperatures continue to drop, we are going to be farther away from our average low temperatures. the wind is not as breezy as yesterday morning. feels-like 43. dealing with a little bit of a wind chill. it feels like 44. it will continue to be dry today. the wind will pick up a little bit. it will be breezy, but not as gusty as yesterday. we will still already being in the low-to-mid 60'
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65, longwood, oviedo. 66 degrees will be our high today in saint cloud. 62, daytona beach. lots of sunshine if you' re heading to the beach today. the wind will not be quite as gusty as yesterday. we have moderate risk for rip current. the rips are strongest with the outgoing tide. that happens during the day to day. tomorrow, we have a frosty start . lots of sunshine and our temperatures will be warmer in the afternoon. we are going to climb into the weekend. monday looks to be a great day. temperatures will be in the upper 70' s and then we are back into the lower 80' s before our next front comes through and
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jason: next at 5:00, fireworks and in houston. all five remaining gop candidates face off in a final debate before super tuesday. how it went from quite to ugly and why marco rubio stole the spotlight. let' s take you live to international drive. it involves a car and a fire hydrant. announcer: local, live, latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. >> breaking news, a fire hydrant shooting water into the sky. we will have the overnight developments straight ahead. jason: republicans go toe to toe in texas. we will get to the breaking news
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michelle: here is a quake look outside. -- here' s a quick look outside. amy, what are our temperatures? amy: the breeze is a little lighter. we do not have quite a significant windchill. we are cold this morning. cooler than average. we will be cooler than average later today. lots of sunshine expected. we will drop here. lower. 46, melbourne.


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