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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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as woulde be abley new information at 6:00, the i-4 ultimate project could resume tonight. good evening, i' m jim payne. >> i meredith mcdonough. the company holds all work to revisit safety rules. dave mcdaniel has new information. reporter: even while road work was suspended, we saw plenty going on. >> if we can come up with will prevent this from happening again. a safety review was held today issued by sgl construction. 34-year-old marvin franklin was run over by a dump truck and killed. the suspension will be lifted sometime tonight. they will build up to a full
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everything at every site was under review. the crews were performing an extensive inspection . once the crews felt they were my needs go to work, they would request approval from a senior sgl manager. the manager then reviews the work plan and they will decide if they can commence work. we are now told work will restart with a gradual buildup when hundred percent in about a week. the spokesman says they do look forward to returning to work. state troopers are still looking into him killed. that may take weeks. temporary suspension of work anyway. many years ahead. -- the i-4. meredith:
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working. the titusville employee is home. they are closing on the man who ran into him. dayshaun hill only need a last night. his wrecked price of gold looks pretty bad. police caught up with the driver in the parking lot. steve blake saw it all. >> he left the scene and then circled around the block. other people were attending to then he kept on going. right now, police say they have a person of interest in meredith: after a woman crossed six lanes of traffic.
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troopers say the 29-year-old driver of a jeep cherokee was trying to cross and apparently did not see the woman on the moped. they then collided. she was pronounced dead at phillips hospital. >> she had a legal right to that lane and she of the right-of-way for anyone coming when of the side streets. within the hour, tubers identified the victim as 30-year-old natalie santana of orlando. jim: people slapped with a red light camera tickets are seeing red after a hearing today. one week after an orlando court ruled that they were not following the law, other drivers expected changes to the program. it is business as usual however. >> i don' t think it' s fair that i have to pay for that.
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reporter: more than a dozen drivers did fight red light camera tickets with nearly all failing. a lot of the people who showed up at the healing -- hearing after this red light camera gave the violation, they heard about the orlando court ruling last week where a panel of judges determined that in one case they had not filed state law. orlando was giving police powers to its vendors. the city says since june, it began handling all of the work. it affected the eventual that got the ticket. that did not stop drivers from trying to avoid paying the $158 line. the hearing officer who is paid by the city found 12 of 13 people in violation.
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camera say it could make a lot of money. >> it is purely a safety issue. reporter: people say it should prompt the city to stop them collecting fines for now. >> i think it' s completely negligent what they are doing right now and i think they are stalling. reporter: in orlando, greg fox, wesh 2 news. jim: the city of orlando has not hired new enforcement officers access the new workload. the head of the program says that she would likely have to hire five more enforcement officers to review all potential violations as meredith: orlando does now. the search for a missing boater continues. 76-year-old william robel disappeared. his fishing boat was spotted from shore empty. local police have arrested a third man in connection with a
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please say shelton rucker was involved in a gunbattle back in october. he later died. record now joins and 20 heart who were arrested and charged with the shooting. jim: people who live near this area crackdown on crime. crime has risen along the street where a dozen nightclubs operate but they don' t have money to pay overtime during the troublesome hours from 10:00 to 4:00. they will pay a lot of money total. club owners say that is punitive. they support raising the after-hours license the from 300 to $400 for all clubs in the city to stay open until 3:00 a.m. >> that is probably going to
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lawsuit against them. reporter: club owners say they are looking to police themselves. it is out in the club after closing time. jim: new information tonight on the redevelopment project. there was a big reveal for shoppers on international drive. the orange county planner and announced a new development at universal boulevard. destination parkway shops is supposed to be a mix of residential space, retail and restaurants. meredith: a $5,000 reward is being asked for the death of her team watson. police say watson was in a car with two others when he fired at several people. no injuries were life-threatening. police say watson may now be driving a silver audi with a
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investigators say richardson davidson junior deliberately joe his truck into a mobile home of a woman he would not stop trying to contact. we' in the home at the time. stay away from the victim and their home. women have to wait 24 hours before having an abortion in florida. another court says leon county district judge failed to show the need for the injunction. as a result, the 24 hour law is effective immediately. the tallahassee attorney says it will make some women' s lives harder. >> it is a law that will harm the poor, it will harm the
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it is kind of an ill wind. jim: supporters of the law says it is consistent. the number of secret cases in florida continues to grow. that brings the total of number of secret cases to 37. six of those cases have been confirmed in central florida. all our travel related. only four of those people are still exhibiting weaknesses symptoms. meredith: four people have suffered extensive damage following a fire. investigators say the fire spread quickly from one vehicle to the next before contained. firefighters were able to keep the fire from damaging the building. it was quite a scene on international drive overnight. a car hit a water meter and
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the meter serves the nearby doubletree hotel. the trooper tells wesh 2 that a 29-year-old is being cited for careless driving. it is the last year the human -- houston astros will hold their spring training in central florida. city leaders are calling this a big blow to the community. i am lined up for our graph and some players tells they are sad to leave. >> this was a great place and great fans here supporting us. it is time to go to west palm beach and keep working. jim: the astros play their first home game next friday. the washington nationals will relocate as well to west palm beach next year. kaylee anthony was last seen in 2008 and her mother never ordered her missing to police. her death has inspired a in many states including florida. >> is it would save just one
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meredith: tonight, we wrap up our coverage of the case against casey: five years later. jim: plus, the batman robert makes national headlines. we are releasing new pictures. next on wesh 2 newsat 6:00. tony: temperatures are dropping. we are going to be talking about frost in our northern areas. donald trump is stealing this spotlight back. it left three dead and we will have a
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all this week we have been
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casey : five years later. in tonight' s conclusion, we are talking about the new law that came out of this case. after casey never reported that her two-year-old daughter was missing. bob kealing dives into the impact of kaylee' s law. reporter: had she lived, kaylee anthony would be 10 years old now. she might be playing right along with these children and hidden oaks elementary school. this memorial marks where her remains were found. five years after her mother casey anthony was acquitted of murdering her. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. reporter: lawmakers have made
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a crime to report -- parents reporting their kids missing. is the parent does not report a child missing in a timely manner, they now face felony charges and the potential of going to prison for up to five years. >> i am all for it kaylee' s law and if it could save one child, i would be behind it. behind the recent revelation that anthony is starting her next photography business, she is now a full-time researcher in west palm beach for her firmly defense team private investigator. baez has millions of fees owed to her -- him by her.
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anthony could do something positive with her life. if she wanted to prove certain people wrong, go ahead and do that. george and since the anthony settled on foreclosure. they are grandparents again to son lee and daughter-in-law man mallory. their attorney released this statement. >> they continue to strive for their privacy. they will always more the loss of their granddaughter cayle.. jim: wesh twos coverage of the case against casey -- four years later. bob kealing shares the two things you will never forget the covering the anthony trial. you can watch the entire new
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attorney pose a -- jose baez. meredith: investigators now have composite specialist of the suspect of the batman robber. he brought at gunpoint eight stores. he is no longer dressing like batman. recently, his conventional mask slipped and clerks got a glimpse of the space. >> i believe people saw that. my understanding was it went national so with all that media attention, he decided it was time to changeup. meredith: if you recognize him, you are urged to call crime line. crystal clear blue skies across central florida today. temperatures are on the chilly side but just wait until tonight. tony: we will have a nice good
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-- 10 degrees drop. take a look at the sun setting. that is just fantastic with our hd cam. he will continue to give you those updated numbers. it is currently 61 degrees. the jacket is a good idea. we have a flow out of the northwest. it is absolutely beautiful. we had to brush fires that are producing a lot of smoke. 56 bushnell. that is the number in winter park. back towards the east, the middle of her 50' s right now and even a 60 degree reading back towards melbourne beach. make sure you have a jacket, it is going to be comfortably cool. now, let'
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that could change by tonight. it is going to be cold. we will look at that northwestern up. it will certainly be at risk for frost. if you have tropical plants, you have to put some cloth over them. with readings in the villages of the 30' s. a little farther to the south, upper 30' s to low 40' s and you won' t even be surprised to see some patchy frost here. they tend to get awfully chilly. the land at 37. new smyrna beach at 30. a little bit warmer towards barrier islands.
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sunday has a big dome of high-pressure that is generally going to ride overhead on sunday. it will be warmer by sunday afternoon. let' s take a look at those numbers. mid-60' s in low town. we should normally be running in the low 70' s. for the golfer samarra, there is a net in the air. 65 by 5:00. food and wine festival, could not ask for better weather. we go ahead and take a look at the extended seven-day forecast here. we have one arriving on wednesday. not a whole lot without one. meredith: the orlando city lines answer your questions and the magic tries to recover from their loss. jim: it was a remarkable
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the magic has another matchup tonight. it will try to change their
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first, the game that had a lot of people still talking. stephen curry shot 51 at the amway center last night. hugh broke the record for the number of consecutive games with a three pointer. the key will be better defense next time. >> it' s incredible how much we have covered not to run up on people in the back court and we just continue to do it. we ran up and he took off. he works on the shots. he hits them regularly but you have to stay between him and the basket. pat: the magic look to regroup in the big apple. the magic arm leading in the series to to nothing. orlando city lions are talking
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this day. it was not just the reporters asking questions. >> for me, it is to put yourself to the max. whenever you have done enough, you have to do more. >> i' ve been through a lot about moments when i was young, but i kept fighting and i got here. never ever stop fighting. jim: the lions kick off the season marks six -- march 6. they are on the way to advance
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we have much more >> following a controversial vote a leaders, a gun range is fixing to open in volusia county. it will be in bellevue avenue.
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and if you want to see what it looks like on the inside, we are getting a tour of top gun tonight. plus, a local employees is suing the school after his finances were wiped out following a recent data breach on campus. what you nee d to know if you are also a victim. stewart: plus the latest on 10:00 and at 11:00. breaking news tonight. trump bombshell. chris christie shocks the political world by endorsing the front-runner hours after marco rubio unloaded on trump at the debate brawl. one of the most dramatic campaign days ever. nbc news investigates amid allegations from uniio the inside story of how undocumented workers worked at the site of trump tower.


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