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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> we begin with breaking attitude county chase. good evening, i' m jim payne. i' m making -- meredith mcdonough. meredith: chris hush is live at the scene. chris: it is actually pretty incredible that no one was there is -- seriously injured. they tried to stop the car where it pulled into this racetrack off the 441. it is started in seminole county in oviedo where they try to stop a rental car with two people inside but the car took off. when police tried to box the car
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it rammed a police car and almost hit one of the officers. the high-speed chase got its way into orange county. the chase ended as a carpooled over into this gas station. we were feet away from the suspects as they were getting arrested. one of them was in handcuffs and transported to the hospital but not before saying a few words. reporter: as you can hear, that suspect was saying he was innocent as he was being looked -- loaded into the ambulance. the charges include assault on a police officer and fleeing and eluding police. those two suspects are on the way to jail. meredith: late breaking tonight,
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arrested after spiking their teachers drink. it happened at deltona middle' s will. -- middle school. reporter: tonight we know that they spy 13 teachers drink at school to get back at her. this all happened during second. on thursday with one of the girls grab her teachers soda and brought it back to her desk where to her and another report jury. till they were able to put the set of back into its place. her throat was immediately halt she could see it had been tampered with. school officials say they immediately identified the colbert' s -- culprits. tonight, we did receive a
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saying that they do not -- have a consequence. i was under the impression that they would not be physically arrested. i love my students. they broke my heart. my career will not be the same. jim: new tonight, ucf is facing a second lawsuit in a massive data breach that captured thousands of people' s of information. a hacker got information on 23,000 students and staff. a man is suing. he is asking for more than $15,000 according to the lawsuit filed. the suit claims ucf did not take proper action to protect its information. we did find out that the university is trying. meredith: live look outside.
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will naming chile is it to tomorrow. tony: right now, we are already dropping in the low to to mid 40' s right now. the winds are fairly light. that is going to allow for there' s clear skies to continue to drop and by daybreak tomorrow, 33 in ocala. there is a frost advisory just north of our viewing area but i have to tell you that there is a potential for frost here in marion into sumter in to the lake. coming up in just a couple minutes, we will take a look at some neighborhood lows and just how much we need to warm up. jim: if you' re given a long i-4,
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crews doing any work at all after a work worker was killed on wednesday. things could go back to normal soon as they are continuing the i-4 ultimate project this week. this comes after 34 your old marvin franklin was run over by a dump truck. project leaders have been performing safety reviews since the accident hoping to prevent a another tragedy. an orlando woman is killed this morning after a vehicle tried to cross six lanes of traffic and pulling into the path of her moped. this happened a long you universal boulevard. in 29-year-old driver of a jeep cherokee was trying to cross from a public plaza and a parent did not see the 30-year-old natalie santana. she died at the hospital and there is no word if the driver faces any charges. police need your help to rock a couple.
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the suspects. it happened at 4:00 a.m. at performance town square. these images were captured where the pair tried to use the victims credit card. you are asked to call police if you recognize them. but titusville boy is home from the hospital. police are closing in on the man who hit him and then ran off. dayshaun has a bump on the head. a driver may have over near his home last night. his mother saw the white van who they believe in him. jim: with just four days ago until super tuesday, donald trump a huge endorsement today. we are live with details. donald trump' s major endorsement came from governor chris christie.
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>> america has -- must have a strong leader again. meredith: governor christie suspended his bid earlier this month and donald trump previously dismissed the important -- importance of endorsements. much of the conference was around marco rubio. >> chris is an articulate guy. donald trump needs a lifeline . meredith: if trump is the nominee, something suggests chris christie could be his running mate. he plan to remain new jersey' s governor until his term ends in 2018 area.
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camera actions to stop until a decision is made. they are posted at roughly 200 intersections and they want it to double to 400. people appealed their violations. the city says it has since corrected the problems that drivers told wesh 2 at the red light program should be shut down until a range of courses -- cases plays out. >> i think it' s completely the negligent what they' re doing right now. i think they are stalling. the court ruling happened last week and affected the input -- individual that got the ticket, it does not affect anyone else. meredith: shots and shots fired all under the same roof. a new bar and restaurant opened its doors in volusia county. we first told you about the
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it is now open for business. adrian whitsett gives us a look inside. adrian: it' s opening day for ron perkinson' s new daytona beach bar and restaurant. and gun range. >> i hope they shoot and then come over here and have a meal. reporter: his idea is you can have fun anyway you want. the one thing you cannot do is to have a drink and then come over to the range. >>" really good food in here. people who one to eat and go to the range. i can prevent people better than anyone else can. you try to order a drink and then go to the range, your id gets flagged. collects all three of us get id.
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ordering the beer and then sliding it to me. i just decided to do the entire group. >> now we can' t go to the range. reporter: despite the controversy over the idea last summer i wanted to prove to the city that safety is first. >> the have it under control. you have to, that' s it. i feel safe about it. reporter: whether it' s a fight, then bullets were the opposite. in daytona beach, adrian whitsett, wesh 2 news. meredith: still ahead, wesh 2 looks at the case against casey: 5-year note later comes to a conclusion. jim: we will also take a look at where the anthony family is now. meredith: plus, it takes
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>> all this week, we look at the case against casey: five years later. we look at the former attorney jose baez. jim: we are talking about the new law that came out of this case. bob kealing dives into the impact of this law and also reaches out to casey' s parents cindy and george. bob: had she lived, kaylee anthony would be 10 years old now. she might be playing along with these children outside hidden oaks elementary school. just a few hundred yards where the memorial marks where her remains were found. five years after her mother was acquitted of killing her. lawmakers in multiple states have published legislation in
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casey never went to police about caylee' s disappearance. if a parent does not report a child missing in a timely manner, say now face felony charges and the potential of going to prison for up to five years. >> i am all for cayle' ss law and any law that would save one child. reporter: despite the recent revelation that casey anthony is starting her own photography business, she is now a full-time researcher in west palm beach for her former defense team private investigator cap mckennitt. baez who saw a lot of money owed and legal fees disappear when she prevailed in bankruptcy court, he'
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>> i always wish that casey anthony would be able to do something positive with her life if she felt she wanted to prove to certain people wrong. reporter: george and cindy anthony settled a foreclosure act which was once ground zero for protesters early on. they are grandparents again to son lee and daughter in law valerie anthony. the attorney released this statement. they wish to continue to strive for their vivus he as they continue moving forward. they will always mourn the loss of their granddaughter kaylee. jim: tonight, orange county deputies released new information on a wanted robber that dresses like batman. the suspect is believed to be responsible for eight armed robberies along inch county. he is no longer dressing like
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mask slipped off. here is a look at a new sketch of the suspect just released by deputies. if he recognizes the sky, call the crime line at 114 three tips. meredith: if you are looking for a summer job, volusia county is hiring on the beach area they need to hire 150 five lifeguards for the season. it was a little chilly on the beach today, but things are picking up. the first wing of spring breakers are expected to be in town as early as tomorrow. jim: a day at the beach is still a good day. even if it will be in the upper 60' s tomorrow. tony: water temperatures are also in the low to mid 60' s. if you' re covering -- coming from minnesota, you are diving in. let me tell you you back outside right now.
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downtown orlando. we are now in the 40' s. 49 degrees here. we have the cold conditions here and we have a lot of sunshine. 42 land. that is where we think the frost will be setting here. 42-46 from apopka over to lake mary. already down the 44 degrees and back towards i-95. you are in the 40' s and even the upper 30' s as to you make your way up the palm coast. the frost advisory is tonight. don' t be full by that. we take a look at the -- there are many locales outside the process of ice or a.
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it will be a short window of opportunity but it is there. you should have already covered up plants. 34 ocala. and 70. we are looking at the upper 30' s here. mid 30' pierson. that is where we think we will morning. titusville at 39. the weekend set up. the highlight is cool morning spent a very nice afternoon. sunday will be the warm afternoon but we still run the risk for some frost as we get you on to sunday morning. look at these highs tomorrow. very nice comfortable range. by lunchtime it will be 61.
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headed to the food and wine festival, you' re in good shape. 70;' s all day. north of leesburg over towards ocala, even towards the interior of flagler county. check out the frost forecast for sunday morning. aim exact location. two cool mornings. let' s take a look at monday, tuesday and wednesday. here comes a southern flow of air. then a fast-moving quiet front comes in on wednesday the. your updated seven-day forecast.
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summer is kicking off the games next week. temperatures by the middle of next week holding 75-80. jim: florida has always been known as a popular place for retirees and snowbirds. now it is one of the worst to raise a family. apartment was stuck, listed 500 cities based on crime, housing cost will quality. not a single city and our state cracked the top 100. the city of weston in south florida scored the highest coming in at 101 and a b+ rating. melbourne was ranked 253 with a b- rating. tampa got a c grade and ranked 316. orlando ranked 444th, getting an f! allen, texas takes the number one spot with indy and dallas suburbs doing exceptionally well. his florida. we can demand a recount. [laughter] meredith: when night after hanging tough, the magic hit the road. jim: with the magic have
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>> welcome back. melinda magic playing last night but stephen curry torched them. something had to give. he drives and mrs. but then you have aaron gordon who was there. he is good for a follow-up. camillo anthony makes his move. he takes a dunk over to magic defenders. nancy galloway mrs. here and then he stops. you get the drift. not a lot of magic defense. they are going to take this one away to 95. they are coming home sunday. miami heat making a big move
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run area they have agreed to sign free agent joe johnson. the deal could happen tomorrow. 34-year-old johnson was averaging 13 and a half 40% cleaning. he was cut by the next. orlando city lions talking during annual media day. they will take on a brazilian club team as a pre-match up. >> the game tomorrow will be good for us. it will be our first game in the citrus this year. it' s good for us. >> lions kick off the citrus bowl on march 6 against salt lake city. one minute kyle busch is on the top the next he' s in nevada of the pack.
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dave mcmurray will start third. willie haven was in town tonight to watch the orlando city bears. -- solar bears. the same two teams tonight at 8 p.m.. for the gators are hoping for a repeat of their victory. a six-when happened. the game tomorrow is in louisiana. the gators have to be taken care of business against teams that are not obviously superior but the gators and tigers are headed to the naacp tournament.
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>> season 10 of the voice has not even started but there' s already a standout star. sneaky a sneak peek from the upcoming season. this woman was actually a child
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porter played curly sue in the movie back in 1991. the voice returns monday night at 8:00 on wesh two. a lot of people watch it. tony: tomorrow morning is going to be a little cold out there. let' s take a look at the frost and seven-day forecast. we go from the 30' s and 40' s right 60 the next afternoon. high temperature is around 80. both look benign. 80 on wednesday. front to arriving on tuesday. the boys will be happy with those temperatures. a lot of the calendar. since you' re around to wake up with wes, our sunrise crew
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meredith: thanks much for watching and we will see you back here on monday night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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