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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise Weekend  NBC  February 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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live. local. late-breaking. this is wesh 2 sunrise in high definition. alex: right now on sunrise, a chase crosses 20 miles and two counties. wesh 2 was there as deputies caught up with two suspects. and it' s the democrats' turn to vote in the south carolina primary today. what makes this contest different than the others so far. good morning. thanks for joining us. i' m alex villarreal alongside first alert meteorologist, dave cocchiarella.
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the morning and some people might be waking up to frost appeared -- up to frost. dave: melbourne, 44 degrees. most of us about 10 degrees cooler than typical for the time of year, so you may see some patchy fog in a couple of locations. temperatures in the 40' s. in order to get frost formation, we will need to get down to 38 or 37, and that is possible north and west of i-4. let us know if it does form, we would love to see those photographs. it is going to warm it is going to warm into the mid to upper 60' s. maybe five to eight degrees cooler than typical. tomorrow, temperatures back up into the 70' s.
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in cocoa. i will be back in just a couple minutes with the full details. alex: new from overnight, melbourne police have given the all-clear after a package cleared out a movie theater. they say someone left a bag with writing on it in the bathroom of the movie theater. police just sent us this photograph of a surveillance camera of someone they want to talk to. this morning, we' re working to learn the names of two suspects cuffed after a 20-mile, two-county chase. oviedo police say it started last night when they tried to stop a rental car, but it took off. the chase ended on orange blossom trail in apopka, near sheeler road. oviedo police say the driver rammed one of their cruisers and nearly hit an officer. once the chase got into apopka, orange county deputies used stop sticks. wesh 2 was there as that car pulled into a gas station and deputies slapped on the cuffs.
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our cameras, before he was taken to the hospital. >> i' m a really good guy. i' m innocent. alex: the other suspect did not say anything. police say they' ll be charged with aggravated assault on an officer and fleeing and eluding. in commitment 2016, it' s the democrats' turn to make their presidential pick today in south carolina. wesh 2' s nikole killion explains how why this contest gives us new insight into the election. nikole: palmetto primary, where democratic demographics present a key test -- >> being able to win the minority vote in big numbers is critical for democrats. nikole: analysts say african americans are anticipated to make up over half of south carolina' s democratic primary voters. a constituency that could be critical for hillary clinton after losing the state to
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>> in 2008, barack obama cleaned up with african americans, won a huge majority, obama did in that election. now, african americans like hillary clinton. mr. clyburn: we need a real fighter. nikole: clinton has already secured the backing of prominent south carolina congressman jim clyburn, and courted communities of color with appearances by mothers who lost sons to gun violence. but bernie sanders has rolled out his own big endorsements from actor danny glover, to director spike lee, who cut this radio ad. >> when bernie gets to the white house, he will do the right thing. nikole: hoping to chip away at clinton' s support. >> if for some reason bernie sanders soars in south carolina, it' s a real headache for hillary clinton. nikole: most polls show sanders trailing clinton by double digits in south carolina, but the vermont senator insists he' s not writing off the state. in washington, i' m nikole killion. alex: begin of the candidates, do you remember senator marco rubio' s viral state of the union water break? it turns out, it' s not something
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s now using that moment in 2013 as a way to slam his opponent. trump made the reference while campaigning in texas yesterday. mr. trump: it' s rubio. alex: trump called that moment a "catastrophe." rubio is campaigning across the south today, and has not responded. wesh 2' s commitment 2016 coverage continues on-air and online throughout the weekend. check in with us for results from south carolina and expert analysis, as super tuesday approaches. overnight, we learned the ex-girlfriend of the shooter behind a deadly rampage in kansas is facing charges. prosecutors say sarah hopkins knew cedric ford was a convicted felon, but gave him two guns anyway. police say ford shot two random victims, stole a car, then
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he opened fire, but was shot and killed within minutes. >> the hesston police chief in particular went in immediately to address the situation. rather than even waiting on back up, he went right in and did heroic duty and service. alex: three people were killed and 14 others hurt in the attack. now to washington state, where deputies say a 12-year-old girl is the lone survivor of a murder-suicide. it all started with a 911 call yesterday from the gunman. >> this individual said that he had shot for people and that he had a gun to his head. our officers responded, we did confirm that he had a gun, we set up containment. alex: the standoff lasted three hours, until the gunman committed suicide. deputies say two children are among the dead. governor rick scott is calling on president obama to resolve a water crisis on the treasure
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yesterday, he declared a state of emergency in two counties because of water released from lake okeechobee. the governor wants the president to approve repairs to the herbert hoover dike. business owners in stuart say the lake water is ruining the environment and their bottom line. >> i lost my business. i lost my home. alex: environmentalists say the only real solution is to buy the land south of the lake to restore its natural flow to the everglades. covering volusia county, ormond beach police want you to take a good look at surveillance pictures showing a pair of robbery suspects. police say these guys robbed someone at gunpoint, then used the stolen credit card at an atm. this happened yesterday at ormond town square. if you know who they are, call police. a man, who spent years stealing at daytona international speedway, is going to spend 15 years in prison. prosecutors say steven sanders, who' s from georgia, broke into
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year period. they say he would target race trailers in the infield. prosecutors say sanders got away with thousands of dollars in cash, credit cards, and memorabilia. rounds of drinks and rounds of ammunition. there' s a new restaurant open in daytona beach that also includes a shooting range. wesh 2' s adrian whitsett takes us inside. adrian: it' s opening day for ron ferguson' s new daytona beach bar and restaurant. and gun range. >> i hope they shoot and they come over here and have a meal. adrian: his whole idea is you can have fun what other way you want to, whether that is shooting guns or shooting whiskey. you cannot have a drink here and go to the shooting range. >> i thought if i brought really
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the audience that were going to the range. adrian: if you order a drink at the double barrel -- >> brings up all of your information. adrian: and if you try to go to the range, your id gets flagged. if one person in your group orders a drink, you are done. >> i cannot take the chance of you ordering a beer and sliding it to me. adrian: ferguson thinks that is one reason he is able to open the doors, despite the controversy over the ideal last summer. >> i wanted to take it a step further, prove to my customers and the city that safety does come first. >> once you are over there, that is it. you cannot come in here, so i feel safe about it. adrian: whether it is a bite, then bullets, or the opposite --
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adrian: a daytona beach, adrian whitsett, wesh 2 news. alex: it was feeling a little bit chilly this morning when i stepped outside. dave, tell us if that cold is going away. dave: not necessarily today or tomorrow, but tomorrow afternoon, back in the 70' s. it was clear skies and the wind lightning up. patchy fog certainly in the forecast, 46 degrees in orlando. the executive airport at 44. the last official reading at the top of the hour, temperatures dipped. 37 degrees in palm coast. north and west of i-4, many of you down into the 30' s. frost certainly a big part of the morning in those parts of central florida. frosty rooftops are certainly a possibility.
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s before it is all over. lots of sunshine in the forecast. another chilly morning for sunday, and then a warm-up. 44 degrees here into barry' s -- into barry' s -- 45 in which phil. -- wedge bill -- wedge phil. -- wedgeville. alex: it is five years since casey anthony was acquitted of murder, emotions are raw in central florida. the woman at the center of it all no longer lives here. >> i always wished casey would be able to do something positive with her life. alex: where she is now and how the case changed the entire state for good. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote
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alex: all week we have been looking into the case against casey, five years later. you' ve already heard from the key players, including state attorney jeff ashton and casey' s former attorney jose baez. in today' s conclusion, we' re
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came out of this case. wesh 2' s bob kealing dives into the impact of caylee' s law, and also reached out to casey' s parents, cindy and george. bob: had she lived, caylee anthony would be 10-years-old today. she might be playing right along with these children outside hidden oaks elementary school, just a few hundred yards from the suburban drive swamp where this memorial marks where her remains were found. five years after her mother casey anthony was acquitted of murdering her -- >> we find the defendant not guilty. bob: lawmakers in multiple states have passed legislation in caylee' s name, making it a crime for parents to delay reporting their kids missing. casey never went to the police about caylee' s disappearance. under caylee' s law in florida, if a parent does not report a child missing in a timely manner, they face felony charges
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prison for up to five years. >> i' m all for caylee' s law. if it saves one child i would be absolutely, 100% behind it. bob: besides the recent revelation that anthony is starting her own photography business, off camera her attorney cheney mason tells wesh 2 she is a full time researcher in west palm beach for her former defense team private investigator pat mckenna. baez, who saw a half million dollars in legal fees anthony owed him evaporate in 2013 when she prevailed in bankruptcy court, says he' s moved on and hopes anthony can too. >> i always wished casey would be able to do something positive with her life. if she felt she wanted to prove
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, and do that. bob: last summer, court records show george and cindy anthony settled a foreclosure action on their hopespring drive home that was once ground zero for protests early on. they are grandparents again to son lee and daughter-in-law mallory anthony' s little boy. their attorney released this statement: "they wish to continue to strive for their privacy as they continue moving forward with their lives. they will always mourn the loss of their granddaughter caylee." reporting and origin county, i am bob kealing, wesh 2. alex: we have the whole series posted on our website there you' ll find interviews with both defense and prosecution teams as well as a look at where some of the key players of the case are now. doctors say new fears over the zika virus are becoming a reality. they found a new way the virus is affecting the body. for the first time scientists say the illness is impacting areas outside the central nervous system. in brazil, doctors found swollen tissue in the body of a
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the virus. closer to home, new cases of zika continue to pop up daily. the latest just days ago in orange county. that bring the total number of patients in florida to 30. happening today, volusia county is calling all lifeguards to try out for a spot on the beach. beach safety is hiring 150 qualified lifeguards for the season, and is holding tryouts today. they will be at the ymca in port orange and deland. those early spring breakers are expected to start pouring in this weekend. the big question on everybody' s mind, is it a good day for the beach? dave: 67 degrees is not too bad for the time of year, but the air temperature is 65, maybe not the best day to get into the water. tomorrow will warm up into the 70'
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alex: nice to hear that. dave: sunshine today and the forecast. 44 degrees, not a huge warm-up. 37 on the palm coast and 39 degrees in ocala. if you ourselves south of orlando in wirral areas, some of you have dipped into the 30' s. there is frost and the forecast this morning for just about everyone along and north of i-4. if you are in a low-lying area, you have more frost. it is definitely a chilly morning, not warming a lot, but by tomorrow, we are talking about the middle 70' s. high pressure will remain in control all week. after a chilly, possibly even frosty start this morning, i' m going to call it a mild
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one of those days if you are in the shade, and will feel a bit on the chilly side. in the full sunshine, it will feel just he likes all. tomorrow, -- just delightful. tomorrow, the wind will be very light. in the morning, there is a possibility of patchy frost in the forecast for sunday morning. 66 in bushland and eustis , everyone looking at sunny skies. 68 degrees on east 50. longwood, 67 for your high temperature. 66 in palm bay. these temperatures are six to eight degrees below normal for the time of year. always a good day for golf.
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fest, lake eola, bring a jacket. we are talking about a fairly cool afternoon and into the evening to be out and about. we talked about the beach and the lifeguards trying out in volusia county, 67, not a lot of swell on the water. two to four feet of moderate chop and a moderate chance for a rip current. i will be back with the details on what is happening in your neighborhood coming up. alex: fried food, crafts and canines. there' s no shortage of things to do this weekend. from a little food and wine and boots on loan from broadway, we' re helping you make plans.
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alex: it may be chilly out, but that will not stop crowds from packing into lake eola for the downtown food and wine fest. wesh 2' s michelle imperato shows us some other things to do around town this weekend. michelle: fairs, food festivals, and a kinky musical -- it' s all happening around town. the central florida fair opens this weekend and runs through march 13th. there'
5:25 am
fairgrounds on colonial drive . tickets are 10 bucks. next up is the downtown food and wine fest. try food from 30 restaurants and sip wine from more than 50 sellers around lake eola park. it' s this saturday and sunday . tickets are 15 bucks in advance and $20 at the gate. check out the harlem globetrotters and their impressive moves at the amyway center saturday at 12:30. tickets are still available. and finally, the annual posh pooch festival is happening at lakeside park in celebration. osceola county animal services will be there with dogs available for adoption. it' s free to attend. have a great weekend, everyone. michelle imperato, wesh 2 news. alex: the houston astros are holding their last spring training in central florida. next season, the team is moving to west palm beach. you can see fans lining up for autographs yesterday. county officials are calling the move a big blow, and players are sad to leave too. >> said to leave. it' s a great place here in
5:26 am
great fans here supporting us. time to go to west palm beach, go out there, and keep working. alex: the astros play their first home game next friday. the washington nationals are also moving to west palm beach from brevard county next year. sunrise, there is one attraction central florida does not have and it is one you may want. hong kong is looking to solve the problem many know all too well being sleep deprived. , these are nap lounges that are popping up all over the city. they' re made for some sleep-deprived professionals so they can come in and rest. less than a dollar will get you soothing scents, satin pillows, and relaxing music. overnight, breaking news that yoko ono has been hospitalized. the rumor her publicist wants put to rest right now. and after-school arrests. the classroom prank in one local middle school that landed three students in handcuffs. plus, what their teacher is saying this morning. dave: very chilly out there
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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. alex: right now on sunrise, two suspects in a cross county chase are now facing some serious charges. you would hear what one of them had to say to our cameras. and three deltona middle school students are arrested and accused of trying to poison their teacher. you may be surprised to hear her response. good saturday morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i' m alex villarreal, alongside meteorologist dave cocchiarella. dave, it' s a frosty, february morning. dave: it is. you know, frosty is good for snowmen, that' s a good for us. it is chilly out there in central florida. right now, melbourne is looking at temperatures in the middle 40' s. many of you down in the 30' s. some frost is definitely in the
5:31 am
a little chillier up in ocala. the areas north and west of i-4 are seeing the best chances of frost that will develop over the next hour. if you are south of orlando , in osceola and polk county, some frost in your forecast as well. lots of sunshine out there today. temperatures will likely be in the 40' s, around the i-4 corri dor. we will top out at around 68 degrees. it will be another cold saturday night, but a warm sunday coming up. i' ll have more on your temperatures in your forecast, in a few minutes. alex: new from overnight, melbourne police have given the all-clear, after a package cleared out a movie theater. they say someone left a bag with writing on it, in the ladies room at the oaks 10 theater. police just sent us this surveillance picture of someone they want to talk to. while a bomb squad determined that the package was harmless, they need help figuring out who
5:32 am
if you know, call police. we' re pushing for more information about the suspects arrested for a chase that extended across two counties. it started in oviedo last night and ended about 20 miles away in apopka. oviedo police say, the driver rammed one of their cruisers and nearly hit an officer. once the chase got into apopka, orange county deputies used stop sticks. wesh 2 was there as that car pulled into a gas station, and deputies slapped on the cuffs. one of the suspects talked to our cameras, before he was taken to the hospital. >> i' m a really good guy. i' m innocent. alex: the other suspect did not police say, they' ll be charged with aggravated assault on an officer and fleeing and eluding. three deltona middle schoolers are facing felony charges for a trick played on their teacher. investigators say, on thursday, teacher' s soda with red pepper
5:33 am
distracted her. deputies say, one of the girls wanted to get back at the teacher, since she got in trouble earlier in the week. the teacher was fine, aside from a sore throat and stomach ache. the girls were arrested once the sheriff' s office got involved. wesh 2 spoke with the teacher last night. she said in part, i want them to have a consequence that teaches them a lesson. i did not want them to be arrested and go to jail. teachers are out there doing the best we can for students. i love my students. they broke my heart. my career won' t be the same. this story is the top read on this morning, and it' s getting a big response on social media. on facebook, kathy posted, "charges need to stick to the fullest extent. based on this case, just how many other kids have suffered at the hands of these girls?" but katelyn disagrees. she wrote, "but why ruin their futures and charge them with felonies? do they need to be punished? yes, of course. in my opinion, this is not serious enough for jail time." you can join the debate on
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ucf is facing a second lawsuit in that massive data breach. hackers stole the names and social security numbers of 63,000 current and former students and staff. now, one of them, a former manager for the school' s basketball team, is suing. he wants more than $15,000, according to the lawsuit filed this week. the suit claims ucf failed to take action to protect its systems. through its data security website, we did find out the university is planning two forums next month for possible victims. the two day hiatus is over for the i-4 ultimate project. construction crews will slowly get started again, after the death of a worker on wednesday. marvin franklin was run over by a dump truck, backing up on a site along wymore road near maitland boulevard. project leaders have been performing safety reviews since the accident, hoping to prevent another tragedy. happening today, one of the top dogs in the veterans affairs administration is paying orlando
5:35 am
v.a. undersecretary david shulkin will be here as part of a national effort to reach out to vets. he' ll be at the new lake nona medical center, promoting the national health care stand down. the goal is to make sure vets get timely access to health care. turning to commitment 2016, south carolina' s democratic voters head to the polls in just a couple of hours. nbc' s steve handelsman is in columbia with a preview. steve: good morning from columbia. here in south carolina, african americans are expected to make up the majority of voters in today' s democratic primary. and that seems sure to power hillary clinton to an easy win, her second in a row after nevada. then comes super tuesday. where in 10 states where democrats had major races, only
5:36 am
that bernie sanders -- bernie sanders' home state does polling , indicate he can win . likewise on the republican side in only one super tuesday state is frontrunner donald trump trailing. ted cruz' s home state of texas. despite a shaky debate performance in texas by trump and a strong one by marco rubio. trump got a boost by the endorsement yesterday of new jersey governor chris christie and so, on super tuesday, all eyes on texas. can ted cruz lose? can donald trump? ken hillary clinton both lock the nominations just three days now? alex: overnight, we learned a second governor has endorsed donald trump. outspoken maine governor, paul lepage announced he' s backing the fellow republican. he had previously been a chris christie supporter. wesh 2'
5:37 am
coverage continues on-air and online throughout the weekend. check in with us for results from south carolina and expert analysis, as super tuesday approaches. right now, iran' s election workers are counting ballots in a race that could change its relationship with the u.s.. this election decides both the parliament and a religious body, known as the assembly of experts. so far, it looks like hardliners are losing the race. this is the first election since the nuclear deal took effect. only hours into syria' s truce, at least two people are dead in a car bombing. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the explosion in the government-held town. isis has admitted it' s behind several bombings over the past few weeks. the peace deal took effect at midnight. new from overnight, yoko ono is expected to leave a manhattan hospital today. there were rumors the artist had a stroke, but her publicist denies them. the spokesperson says, ono was being treated for flu-like symptoms. her son, sean ono lennon tweeted overnight, saying she was dehydrated and tired. el chapo says he' s willing to be extradited to the states, but with one condition. his lawyer says, the drug lord
5:38 am
up in a medium security prison. he would even plead guilty, if they can negotiate a, quote, "reasonable sentence." you may remember, el chapo, whose real name is joaquin guzman, is being held at the prison he escaped from twice. on monday, we' ll get an update on the shooting death of a man, killed outside a clermont publix. andrew da' von jones was found dead february sixth in the parking lot of the east towne center plaza. that' s near state road 50 and county road 455. the victim' s family will be there. they' re reaching out in hopes that someone will come forward with more information. today, titusville police plan to give a boy hurt in a hit-and-run, a new bike. 8-year-old dayshaun hill is out of the hospital this morning. police say, a driver ran him over near his home on thursday and took off. while dayshaun has a bump on the head, his bike was wrecked. his grandmother followed the white van that she believes hit him. police caught up with the driver
5:39 am
steve blake saw it all. >> he left the scene, and then circled around the block. he saw the child had pulled himself up to the curb, and other people were attending. alex: police say, they have a person of interest in the case, and some very strong leads. overnight, daytona beach police took down a man they say, was waving a gun around inside a club. city leaders are trying to figure out how to crack down on crime in that area on seabreeze boulevard. police say, crime is up and so are complaints. people, who live nearby, say bar patrons are spilling into neighborhoods and causing problems. city leaders say, they don' t have money to pay overtime during the most troublesome hours overnight. they' re considering making club owners pay a yearly fee of $12,000 total for extra security. instead, club owners support raising the after-hours license
5:40 am
all clubs in the city that stay open until 3:00 a.m. >> that' s going to bring in more money, more police than being punitive against 12 bars thats probably going to bring you a class action lawsuit against them. alex: club owners say they are working to police themselves, and say most of the trouble is not in the clubs, but rather out on the street after closing time. dave: it is going to be a beautiful weekend, but it is absolutely frosty in some locations. currently, oia is at 36 degrees. rural areas, and a lot of areas north and west of i four are down in the 30' s. that is when the frost is expected over the next couple of hours. currently 37 degrees up at palm coast. we are at freezing to -- in denell.
5:41 am
49 in ocoee. south of i-4, south of orlando , these rural areas and polk and osceola county may see some frost over the next couple of hours. 35 degrees at the palm coast. 34 degrees at port st. john. temperatures are only headed into the 64 are high today. i will have your seven-day forecast and just a few minutes. alex: we like that son. thank you, dave. a brutal stretch for the magic may come to an end tomorrow. next in sports, we' re looking past the knicks knock-out punch to sunday. plus, a big setback for kyle busch. the reason he was bumped to the
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
s race. >> the orlando magic are playing back-to-back games. the next are coming off a three-point loss on wednesday in indiana. something had to give. first quarter action. a drive to the basket, mrs., but
5:45 am
carmelo anthony making a move to the baseline. he does not play defense, but he is good at offense. 27-20. he goes up for the nice and easy putback. the next scored a lot of ask it. they lead by 18 at the half. they would take the win over the magic. next, the orlando magic will be back at home against the 76ers. miami heat have agreed to sign three agents, including a seven-time all-star. the 34-year-old has 48% shooting. 46% from three-point range.
5:46 am
media day. their take on a brazilian club team in a preseason matchup. that' s they will take on a brazilian club team in a preseason matchup. >> our first game, the preseason game this year. it is good for us. >> the lines will -- the lions will play in the citrus bowl. kyle busch will head to the rear for sunday' s nascar race. his brother, kurt busch, was the cold winter. trevor bayne and ryan newman will start third and fourth respectively. the solar bears at home friday, they fell behind and never caught up. they lose i-two.
5:47 am
the honda classic in palm beach gardens. the open rental start back up with him in the lead. that is it for sports, have a great weekend. alex: the honda classic is down a player, who had a heart attack on the green. yesterday, jason bohn complained of chest pains and went to see the medical staff at pga national. he was taken to palm beach gardens medical center, where tests confirmed he had a mild heart attack. doctors say, more tests will be completed today. jason bohn is a two-time winner on the pga tour. happening today, in a couple of hours, several streets in ocoee will close to celebrate the little league' s opening day. the closure affects most side streets between bluford and flewelling avenues. that' s between 7:45 and 9:00 this morning. police will be on hand, re-reouting traffic around the event. this morning, it' s still not clear when spacex will launch its falcon nine rocket. two attempts were already scrubbed this week. the first one due to weather. the second because of a technical issue.
5:48 am
launch scheduled for next month at the cape. stargazers in spain got a rare treat. this one pass by at highway speeds. you have to see this footage. it shows the fireball going over the city. experts say it was caused by a fragment of a comment, traveling at a speed of 59 miles per hour. it crashed against the earth' s fantastic splash of light. and looks beautiful, but it sounds dangerous. that' s it looks beautiful, but it sounds dangerous. dave: clear skies there, clear skies here. are you planning to head outdoors today? alex: maybe to the food and wine
5:49 am
dave: then you will likely want to have a light jacket on hand. a good day for the boots, ladies. at the world' s most famous beach, it is going to be a chilly morning. some frost is in the forecast. 32 degrees in denell. that is pretty chilly for late february. frost in marion, sumter, parts of late and volusia county. 43 degrees in winter park. 43 degrees in orlando. 46 degrees in westfield. 50 at merritt island. beachside frost is not an issue. inland of the bit though, that is where the problem is. temperatures are above freezing,
5:50 am
are below freezing underneath the surface. look at this, bangor, maine is very cold this morning. 54 degrees in portland. that city is seeing most of the active weather at this hour. it is in the pacific northwest, where this you' d banned of high-pressure currently is located. it is very clear, and inspected to be quite sunny throughout the day today. a northwest wind will turn northeast, but after a frosty start for some it will be a sunny afternoon in central florida. today, 65 in ocala. yes, these temperatures are 10 degrees cooler than normal for this time of year. it is going to want into the 70' s for tomorrow.
5:51 am
the beaches, a will be a couple of degrees cooler. a north, northeast wind might bring in onshore flow. it will be a cool morning, and you might want that jacket again in the evening hours. a lot of sunshine is in the forecast. there is not a lot of swell on the water. a light shot. there is a moderate rip current threat. in your seven-day forecast, you can see a lot of sunshine. every small chance of rain coming on wednesday. alex: thank you, dave. as we get ready to welcome "the voice" back to wesh 2, one contestant is getting a lot of attention. next on sunrise, why she may look familiar, and why you probably haven' t thought about her in years. and before we go to break, another hoverboard explosion caught on camera. you have to see the flash of light and flames, shooting from inside a home near chicago. there was a little girl nearby. you can see her walk out of the kitchen, just moments before this happened. we'
5:52 am
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t started yet, but one contestant is already taking the internet by storm. a sneak peak of the season features a child star you might recognize. alex: that was alisan porter. you may not recognize her name, but you will when you see this picture. take a look. yet, that is porter. she played curly sue back in that movie in 1991. see which coach she picks, when "the voice" returns monday night at 8:00, here on wesh 2. the 500 foot red carpet has been rolled out, and the countdown is on to hollywood' s biggest night. we' re talking about the 88th annual academy awards. they' ll be held tomorrow night. wesh 2' s brett connolly looks at the local ties to some of the biggest oscar movies. >> we need to know what the russians were telling you. >> tom hanks is the star in bridge of spies but it takes hollywood a huge crew to pull
5:56 am
picture. and for that, they often rely on full sail university in winter park. the school had four alums credited on the film about the cold war all worked behind the scenes for director steven spielberg. it' s part of the continued success from the university offering wide ranging degrees from film and tv to music and recording. in the past three years they' ve , had at least 27 alums credited on oscar-winning films. in 2011, one of the alums won an academy award for ' sound mixing' in inception starring leonardo dicaprio. and it' s dicaprio hoping he knocks off bridge of spies for best picture with ' the revenant.' considering how many alums are involved in the oscars. the school host an academy awards watching event on campus for both students and staff
5:57 am
alex: a state of emergency declared just to our south. all new in our next hour, the big fight over water now reaching the white house. also next, throwing one back and trying to avoid kickback all under the same roof. we' ll take you inside the new daytona beach restaurant that also has a shooting range. plus, marco rubio' s water bottle moment resurfaces on the campaign trail. dave? dave: it is a cold morning
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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. alex: right now on sunrise, a car chase crosses 20 miles and two counties. wesh 2 was there as deputies caught up with two suspects. and it' s the democrats' turn to vote in the south carolina primary today. what makes this contest different than the others so far. good morning. thank you for joining us. i' m alex villarreal, alongside first alert meteorologist dave cocchiarella. dave, it is chilly outside this morning, is it our last taste of


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