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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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jason: it' s 4:30 right now on sunrise. a young father is dead, killed >> he' and i don' t know how i' m gonna do it without him. jason: the driver blamed for the crash that killed him is about to face a judge. why it' s not likely she' ll get out jail anytime soon. plus, a gruesome discovery at an altamonte springs apartment complex. and racing into super tuesday. the pressure mounting with just
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wesh 2 news sunrise starts right now. >> local, live, latebreaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. jason: good morning. i' m jason guy. let' s get you out the door with a look from our weather camera. 58 comfortable degrees right now and this morning, meteorologist temperatures in your neighborhood. eric: we are starting with overcast sky over much of central florida. clowns around. control. 64 at 9:00. lunchtime, 75. 78 at 3:00 this afternoon.
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the villages, 49 in daytona beach, 55 over in melbourne. first alert doppler radar nice and quiet. even though we have plenty of cloud cover, because that high sits over top of us, it is a nice and dry forecast. neighborhood by neighborhood, wildwood, 76 degrees. belleview, 75. 77 leesburg into ocala. 77 in ocoee. 76 west volusia county. 75 degrees in daytona. 74 at the cape. not bad if you want to take the boat out today, though it is a workday. much more on that in just a couple minutes. let' s get a check on the roads. ted: we are looking at the turnpike. we have construction southbound of u.s. 27. there is occasional slowdowns with this.
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on your screen, 95, mile marker 248, left lane taken out in volusia county. not a big impact on traffic. eastbound on the right, getting into downtown orlando, approaching the 408, a left lane is taken out. jason: now to a story you saw first on wesh 2. the repeat offender blamed for a deadly crash 24-hours ago, will answer to an orange county judge today. troopers say she killed 23-year-old cody garrick on his first day on the job as a pizza delivery driver. this is the woman investigators say was driving. her license was revoked last august. and troopers say this is the second time she' s been caught driving. wesh 2' s amanda ober spoke with garrick' s heartbroken family. reporter: on his twitter page, 23-year-old cody garrick called his two and a half-year-old daughter the most important thing in his life.
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working hard to support her and was finishing up his first night delivering pizza for dominos when his car was struck by a woman deputies say had just fled an attempted traffic stop. 19:52:33 he' s gone, my son is gone, and i don' t know how i' m going to do it without him. he was my rock. reporter: garrick died at the scene. investigators say the woman who hit him, 27-year-old syndia saint cyr, only had minor injuries. according to deputies she fled a traffic stop for speeding and was running the red light at americana and john young when she hit garrick' s car just before 2:00 a.m. sunday. saint cyr is charged with vehicular homicide and driving with a suspended license. she was already facing a trial in april on charges of fleeing law enforcement and driving with a revoked license from a separate incident back in november. now, garrick'
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>> she chose to run from the law. she chose to do it over and over again, drive without a license and she killed my son who' s only 23-years-old and there' s a lot of people who will miss him. reporter: amanda ober, wesh 2 news. jason: wesh 2 tried reaching out to saint cyr' s family in orlando. but a friend told us they' d just learned of her arrest and were too upset to talk. covering lake county, we' re expecting to hear from police and family members of a man shot to death outside a clermont publix. andrew da' von jones' body was found earlier this month in the parking lot of the east towne center plaza. police and family members are hoping someone comes forward with information about the killer. now to altamonte springs, where police are also on the lookout for a murderer. the victim' s body was discovered saturday night in the parking lot of lotus landing apartments, just off state road 4-34 in altamonte springs. a neighbor tells wesh 2 the victim' s body was next to a car. >> his trunk was open, his door
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his back behind his car. jason: wesh 2 saw extra patrols at the complex sunday. so far, neither the victim nor a suspect has been identified. in just a matter of hours, longwood' s former police chief will find out how long he' ll spend in prison. thomas jackson was convicted in october of conspiracy and bribery. prosecutors said he took more than $30,000 in bribes to help his friend, who was a convicted felon, become a sworn longwood police officer. the payments lasted until jackson' s retirement in 2010. covering volusia county, an escaped inmate and his girlfriend are back in central florida to face charges. overnight, we got these new mugshots of gary bullock junior and natasha quigley. on sunday, they were extradited from kentucky, where they were caught after weeks on the run. deputies say quigley took her three-year-old son, xander with her when she helped bullock escape. xander is safe and living with family members.
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we are just 24 hours out from super tuesday, when more than a dozen states will make their presidential picks. steve nannes is looking ahead to the crucial contest. reporter: with a major victory in south carolina, hillary clinton is hoping to keep that momentum going. sunday, clinton traveled to congregation in memphis. >> i will need your help tuesday. the primary in tennessee is very important. i hope you will vote and i would be honored to earn your vote. ted: as -- reporter: as part of his strategy, senator bernie sanders skipped the palmetto state and moved on to texas and minnesota. >> i' m going to be asking your vote, but i need more than that from you. i need your help after the general election, because i can' t do it alone.
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won three of the first gop races, is confident he will sweep the super tuesday states, and john kasich agrees, but the ohio governor believes a strong showing in his home state will provide the boost he needs. >> i think donald trump is going to win probably all of them. our campaign plan was to hold our own and we will. what changes this race is my ability to win in ohio. reporter: senator ted cruz believes trump can be beat. >> our campaign is the only one in a position to beat donald trump on tuesday. if you want to stop this train, the only way to do so is to beat him on super tuesday. jason: as the candidates start looking toward super tuesday count on us for commitment 2016. get up-to-the-minute coverage on air and online on and the wesh 2 mobile app. new from overnight, public schools are getting more state funding. lawmakers reached a deal that
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that' s a 1% increase per student. while the governor initially t re set to decline this fall. try, try again and fail. next on sunrise, the reason a spacex rocket didn' t make it off the ground revealed overnight. plus, more problems for the cruise ship damaged in a dangerous storm. why its latest trip just ended early. and let' s take you outside.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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jason: -- eric: plenty of clouds to get you going. we it 78 today. it is going to be a warmer afternoon. taking a look at satellite radar, we are dry, but we' ve got a lot of clouds streaming in from the gulf of mexico. high pressure sitting over top of us. when you get high pressure near by, we are high and dry, but it means the air sinks. it is going to limit any kind of shower development. our winds are going to be all over the place today. we are not going to be able to blow these clowns out. we' ve got those clouds, and through lunchtime, we are nice and dry. it is going to be a nice and dry
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64 degrees to get you going 9:00. mostly cloudy skies and clouds in all day long. 75 for your lunch break. 76 1:00. 78 degrees is our high temperature today. if you are heading over to the area waterways, with no wind, we are talking about a perfect setup to take the old boat out. while the water temperatures are a little chilly, not bad either. we will have that and a look at the work week when i see you in a couple minutes. here' s a look at the roads with 10. ted: roadwork on the i-95 section northbound past state road 434. southbound, about a mile south of u.s. 27, left lane blocked. occasional slowdowns. be prepared.
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jason: covering brevard county, we' ve just learned the reason for spacex' s failed launch attempt last night. ceo elon musk tweeted that a low thrust alarm went off due to rising oxygen levels during a hold. the rocket never made it off the launch pad. >> 3, 2, 1. abort. jason: spacex says the rocket and the boeing satellite it is carrying are both fine. the launch had been scrubbed twice before. no word on another launch date this morning. a longtime palm bay basketball coach is awaiting extradition to florida on child molestation charges. wesh 2' s matt lupoli reports, investigators believe david white was trying to run to mexico when they arrested him. reporter: 51-year-old malabar man david white will be brought back to brevard county, deputies say, after trying to escape molestation allegations by moving across the mexican
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s tracked him down to a texas motel, and took him into custody. earlier this month, a minor accused white of instigating an inappropriate sexual encounter. deputies say white is a longtime coach for the youth basketball association in palm bay. the league includes both girls and boys, ages seven to seventeen. deputies have not yet divulged the exact age of the victim or how white knows that minor. but they have said white often hosted league players and friends of his own children overnight at his malabar home. investigators tell us this encounter, for which he' s been arrested, happened during one of those sleepovers, and they' re concerned it' s not the only one. that' s why they' re asking anyone with knowledge of other potential victims to contact authorities. the basketball league' s handbook says it complies with state law requiring background checks. and we found no prior criminal record for white in brevard county. matt lupoli reporting. jason: new information on a
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forced to cut its journey short twice in a month. the anthem of the seas is on its way back to new jersey because of a norovirus outbreak and a stormy forecast. you may remember earlier this month, that same cruise ship was damaged by 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds just one day after setting sail on february 6th. that left 4500 passengers locked in their rooms for hours. former orlando magic player, vince carter, has closed his daytona beach restaurant. at vince carter' s. carter, who grew up in the area, 2010. workers say the community has been really good to them over the last years. customers who had reservations news. able to find other jobs. wesh 2 tried to speak with management and could not find winter park' s century-old golf
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today. the parks and recreation department will hold a divot tossing ceremony at noon to kick off the six month renovations. the golf course will be redesigned with new fairways and will also get a new irrigation system. they city is inviting everyone to a free celebration cookout at 11:00. also happening today, students across the state will start typing away for the start of the florida standards assessment. today is the first day of the computer-based, english language arts writing tests. last year, districts were plagued with software problems. investigators blamed hackers, but never named any suspects or determined a motive. a speedy outcome for the latest spring cup race in atlanta. next in sports, the driver who could set a new record this season. and a near franchise record set for the magic. you'
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shot his way into a career high. jason: it' s been a lousy run for the magic lately. but last night, they had a chance to turn things around while taking on the worst team in the nba. wesh 2' s pat clarke has a recap. pat: scott skiles has said that if the magic have any chances of making the playoffs, they have to win the games they are supposed to win. that means last night' s game against the sixers was a must win. orlando trying to put the sixers
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magic raced out to a big lead, scored 40 points in the first, 77 in the half , just one point shy of a franchise record. orlando opened a 29-point lead in the third before the sixers whittled away at it. at one point, and eight-point game. orlando holds on. nick and victor , career-high 22. daytona still fresh in everyone' s mind. sprint cup attention shifted yesterday to atlanta, where all drivers except denny hamlin were looking for their first win of the season. there were just two cautions throughout the entire 325 laps. jimmie johnson would figure into the outcome. as the bottom few laps were winding down, ryan newman wrecked or just the second
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on the restart, johnson zooms back to the lead and passes the new overtime line. a crash behind him involving -- brought caution out and ended the race. jimmie johnson, a winner in atlanta. his 76th career victory tying him with the late, great taylor earnhardt. >> there' s been a great void in my mind about not having that chance to race against him. i was a handful of months of against -- away from having that opportunity. tying him today, personally, gives me a little bit of
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pat: jason: good morning, michelle.
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a controversial arrest captured on a body cam. it' s bloody and violent. and we' ll tell you why the sheriff wants you to watch the video. today, a member of the famous seal team six gets top honors from the white house. we' ll introduce you to the newest medal of honor recipient. and hollywood is still partying after the oscars. from chris rock' s most hilarious moments to the fierce showdown over the biggest awards, we' ll have it all at 5:00. jason: it was a big night. let' s get back to that forecast. it is cool as you step outside, but eric, nothing like set or a morning. eric: temperatures will be on their way up. the forecast this morning starts off with readings in the mid 40' s in our cooler locations. upper 50' s in our milder locations. it is all about the clouds overhead. 44 in palm coast. 58 in leesburg.
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satellite and radar, we are as nice as can be. there are plenty of clouds streaming in from the gulf of mexico. a few showers out in the gulf, but given the situation where we' ve got sinking air, these showers are not able to sustain themselves. futurecast showing that through lunchtime, we stay nice and quiet. plenty of clouds, but that is it. temperature-wise today, 75 in ocala. 76 in the villages. 76 in webster. 77 in paisley. 79 in st. cloud and kissimmee. we will top off at 78 degrees today heading to the office in altamonte springs. 75 daytona beach and at the space coast, a mixture of 74, 75.
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it is going to gradually work off to the east. because of that, it is a quiet day. not much wind, plenty of clouds without any wind to push it out of the way. tomorrow, we get that high moving offshore. more of a southeasterly wind is going to get a clouds out of here. by next wednesday, our next front moves in. it is not going to be a rainy day. because we don' t have any rain to clear out the gutters, pollen forecast will remain high. allergies sufferers have been e-mailing and tweeting and i know it myself. we have been struggling. here' s a look at the seven-the forecast. 81 degrees on tuesday. mention of a sprinkle on wednesday, then wrapping up the work week with slightly cooler temperatures. how gorgeous is that sunshine?
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let' s head over to attend for a look at the roads. ted: we are looking at a crash on 434. riverside park road, it is blocking the lane. in volusia county, 95 northbound by state road 44, left wings blocked for about a mile. slow down a bit. turnpike southbound, lose a left lane. this is a mile and a half after u.s. 27. keep that in your travel plans. jason: a terrifying drive-thru at a local mcdonalds. why troopers say a driver lost control and slammed into a palm coast restaurant. and a mini golf money grab. you' ll see the robbery targeting a popular local chain. working on for 5:00. of hitting a car and killing the
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first appearance before a judge today. jason: wesh 2 news. [inaudible] just head over to the itunes app store or google play to download it for your smart phone or tablet. [inaudible] >> local, live, latebreaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: a repeat offender behind bars after a deadly crash in orange county. the suspect prepares to face a judge. jason: a big push ahead of one of the biggest days in the campaign for the presidency. [inaudible] it is monday morning.
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week started right. michelle: let' s give you a quick look outside. no surprise here, it is dark over downtown orlando. eric is visiting us on monday morning. eric: good morning to you. we' ve got a lot of clouds overhead too. we will start off at about 54 in the city. 64 by 9:00. because of the situation, we' ve got compressing air. without getting into the jargon, we climb to temperatures warmer than yesterday. 75 at lunchtime. first alert doppler radar is quiet. while we' ve got plenty of clouds, the rainfall, we do not have. this morning, 44 in palm coast. 56 winter haven. 52 in sanford. the forecast for this afternoon, not bad at all. 75 today in ocala. 70 degrees our high temperature in claremont.


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