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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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week started right. michelle: let' s give you a quick look outside. no surprise here, it is dark over downtown orlando. eric is visiting us on monday morning. eric: good morning to you. we' ve got a lot of clouds overhead too. we will start off at about 54 in the city. 64 by 9:00. because of the situation, we' ve got compressing air. without getting into the jargon, we climb to temperatures warmer than yesterday. 75 at lunchtime. first alert doppler radar is quiet. while we' ve got plenty of clouds, the rainfall, we do not have. this morning, 44 in palm coast. 56 winter haven. 52 in sanford. the forecast for this afternoon, not bad at all. 75 today in ocala. 70 degrees our high temperature in claremont.
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75 new smyrna beach. much more on that forecast and if you want to head to the beach today, think you are going to like that. here' s ted with a look at the roads. ted: 95 northbound by state road 44, move over for about a mile. the left lane is blocked with roadwork. city road just south of riverside park road, make plans to get around that crash. here' s the construction on i-95. turnpike southbound has construction in lee county. you will lose a left lane. jason: in just a few hours, a woman accused of hitting and killing a man in orange county will face a judge. michelle: troopers say syndia saint cyr hit and killed cody garrick yesterday while trying to outrun a sheriff' s deputy. alex villarreal is live this morning. alex, this is not the first time saint cyr has been in trouble.
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she has a history of driving violations, including driving with suspended license previously. that was the case in this accident that happened very early sunday morning. we do believe she will be making her first appearance before a judge here at orange county jail today. she is currently being held for vehicular manslaughter. troopers say saint syr was driving with a revoked license when she slammed into cody garrick' s car, killing him. it happened sunday a little before 2:00 a.m., say troopers, after the 27-year-old saint syr ran a red light while fleeing from a deputy who caught her speeding. 23-year-old garrick was just finishing up his first night as a pizza delivery driver for dominos when saint syr' s car hit his at americana and john young parkway. he leaves find a 2.5-year-old daughter. wesh 2 talked to the victim' s mother who finds saint cyr' s
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upsetting. >> she chose to run from the law. she chose to do it over and over again, drive without a license, and she killed my son. a lot of people will miss him. reporter: obviously an extremely emotional time for this family. saint syr was already facing trial in april on charges of fleeing law enforcement and driving with a revoked license from a separate incident back in november. we will be watching as she has her first appearance today. check in with us on tv and on for updates. live in orange county, alex villareal. jason: a murder has neighbors on edge in an altamonte springs apartment complex. his body was found saturday night in the parking lot. jazmin walker joins us with the investigation. reporter: we know the man was shot to death and police are
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s body was found in the parking lot of lotus landing apartments, just off state road 434 in altamonte springs. a neighbor tells wesh 2 the victim' s body was next to a vehicle when it was discovered last night. >> his trunk was open, his door was open and he was laying on his back behind his car. reporter: police have been keeping an eye on the area, doing extra patrols throughout the complex. so far, neither the victim nor a suspect has been identified. michelle: clermont police will release new details today about the shooting death of a man, outside of a publix. andrew da' von jones was found dead early this month in the parking lot of the east towne center plaza. that' s near state road 50 and county road 455. the jones' family is also expected to be at today' s news conference. longwood' s former police chief will find out how long he' ll spend in prison. thomas jackson was convicted in
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bribery. prosecutors said he took more than $30,000 in bribes to help his friend, who was a convicted felon, become a sworn longwood police officer. the payments lasted until jackson' s retirement in 2010. jason: right now, a local coach, accused of molesting a chid, is waiting to be sent back to florida. brevard county deputies say david white is a longtime coach with the palm bay youth basketball league. brett connolly is here, brett investigators believe white was trying to leave the country reporter: they believe he was trying to cross the border into mexico and u.s. marshals caught him at a hotel in texas. david white will be brought back to o brevard county after deputies say he tried to escape. authorities say white is a longtime coach for the youth basketball association in palm
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and girls from ages seven to 17. they say he' s hosted sleepovers for kids at his home and these allegations stem from one of those overnights. we did not find any previous criminal record for white in brevard county. authorities are asking anyone with knowledge of alleged victims to contact police. jason: new on sunrise, deputies in oasceola county are asking for your help to find the man in this surveillance video. he' s seen here on the other side of the counter robbing the congo river mini golf in kissimmee yesterday. employees say the man handed them a note demanding money. they handed him the cash and he turned around and left. if you have any information you' re asked to call crimeline at 1-800- 423-tips. michelle: in commitment 2016, candidates in both parties are pushing hard for support with less than 24 hours before super tuesday. eleven states are voting for both parties and those are in purple on your screen. t look like purple to
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only republicans will be on the ballot in alaska and wyoming. tomorrow could be make or break for some candidates. reporter: donald heads into tuesday with his first senate endorsement, jeff sessions. with trump leading every super tuesday state except texas, his opponents are hitting hard. >> i' m a con man -- such an insulting thing. you don' t call somebody of achievement. reporter: ted cruz is slamming trump for not condemning support from the former head of the ku klux klan. >> we should all be united in saying that the k lan is reprehensible and has no place in politics. reporter: hillary clinton coming off her huge win in south carolina. bernie sanders feeling the burn of the south african-american
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>> i need your help to win the democratic nomination. reporter: clinton is leading in key states, focused on trump. >> i don' t think in a campaign you make wild promises, insult everybody, and people wonder what does that person really stand for. reporter: clinton could also find herself on defense. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. michelle: as the candidates look toward super tuesday count on us for commitment 2016. get up-to the-minute coverage on air and online on and the wesh 2 mobile app. in just a few hours, a manatee county home builder will officially join the race to fill marco rubio' s seat in the u.s. senate. republican carlos beruff will make his official announcement at 9:00 in miami this morning. he' ll also be making stops in jacksonville and orlando today. it' s a crowded field he joins, according to the most recent poll, the leading republicans are congressmen david jolly and
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governor carlos lopez-cantera and on the democrats side, congressmen alan grayson and patrick murphy lead the polls. covering brevard county, we' ve just learned the reason for spacex' s failed launch attempt last night. jason: ceo elon musk tweeted that a low thrust alarm went off due to rising oxygen levels during a hold. the rocket never made it off the launch pad. >> 3, 2, 1. abort. jason: spacex says the rocket and the boeing satellite it is carrying are both fine. the launch had been scrubbed twice before. no word on when spacex will try again. michelle: let' s talk about our weather. we are sitting under the clouds. eric: we sure are.
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little bit of whether because you only get this day once every four years. mostly cloudy skies. no strong storms. a nice and dry day. average high is 76. we will call it right on par in melbourne. a little warmer than average in daytona beach. and this hour, you will want that light jacket. 45 in lynn. 45 in citra. maxing out in the 70' s today. 52 out the door in winter park. 51 in lake mary. 49 in oak hill. 46 in pierson. lots of cloud cover moving in from the gulf of mexico. all in all, not a bad day at all. we are headed into the upper 70' s. 3:00 p.m. temperature, 78 degrees. ted: go outside and play. we are looking at a crash on
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use magnolia holmes road as a macro. i-95 northbound, a left-wing blocked with overnight:. same thing on the turnpike if you are traveling southbound beyond u.s. 27. live look on your screen at i-95 construction, not a huge impact. i-4 eastbound into downtown orlando, a-ok. jason: a long journey finally comes to an end for one actor who' s been after a coveted award for years. >> leonardo dicaprio. michelle: i think we can all say he earned it. more on leonardo dicaprio' s oscar win and the other big moments that have everyone talking online this morning. jason: plus, why a local
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not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. jason: right now, a look at the top stories we are following on sunrise. a woman accused of killing a man
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be in court today. troopers say syndia saint cyr was speeding away from a traffic stop, when her car slammed into another early yesterday morning. cody garrick, a young father, was killed. michelle: altamonte springs need your help to solve a man' s murder. the man was found saturday night in the parking lot of the lotus landing apartments. witnesses tell wesh 2 his body was laying next to a car with an open door and trunk. jason: presidential hopefuls are now just 24-hours out from super tuesday. a new nbc news/wall street journal poll shows hillary clinton topping bernie sanders. donald trump is ahead in every state, except texas, where senator ted cruz is leading. 5:15, and we are turning to the oscars. what a night it was. michelle: especially for one movie star who has been kind of begging for an oscar over the years. reporter: good morning. it all started with chris rock. he addressed all the issues and
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right off the top in his opening monologue. some in hollywood protested that event. rock obviously did not and he spoke about why. >> if you want black people every year at the oscars, just have black categories, like best black friend. ' and the winner for the 18th year in a row, wanda sykes.' reporter: then we had vice president joe biden introducing lady gaga on stage, asking the audience to make a stand against college campus rape. >> i will intervene in situations where consent has not or cannot be given. let' s change the culture. reporter: michelle, you made reference to this. best actor going to leonardo dicaprio. he used his time on stage to talk about global warming. >> climate change is real.
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it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. we need to work and stop procrastinating. reporter: after nearly yep decades --two decades on the big screen in some very big roles, leonardo dicaprio wins his oscar. "mad max" picking up six awards on the night and "spotlight" picking up best picture. jason: the message out of this, if at first you don' t succeed, try again. it will eventually happen. a member of seal team 6, who helped rescue a u.s. hostage, will receive the medal of honor today. edward byers, junior was part of a mission to save doctor dilip joseph who was being held by the taliban in afghanistan in december 2012. byers says he was shocked when he learned he would recieve the nation' s highest military honor. >> it wasn' t until he called and i got to speak to him that, and he said, congratulations. i looked at your reward and i' m
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congressional medal of honor. that' s when it' s like ok, this his real. jason: byers is the first living seal to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war. michelle: former orlando magic player, vince carter, has closed his daytona beach restaurant. the doors were locked saturday at vince carter' s. carter grew up in the area and opened the business back in 2010. workers say the community has been really good to them over the years. customers who had reservations were shocked to find out. >> we are sorry to see at closing. it was a great addition to our community. michelle: officials say most workers have found other jobs. wesh 2 tried to speak with management but could not find out why the restaurant closed. jason: winter park' s century-old golf course gets a facelift, starting today. the parks and recreation department will hold a divot tossing ceremony at noon to kick off the six month renovations. the golf course will be redesigned with new fairways and will also get a new irrigation system.
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out for a free cookout at 11:00. michelle: it is going to be warm. eric: but it is not going to be bad. we are not going to be dealing with rain. then again, we are also in february. though temperatures are looking a little more like march or april. let me get you outside. let' s get you to that bus stop forecast. temperatures, 78 degrees, not bad at all. let' s break down these morning temperatures. 44 degrees over in palm coast. 50 degrees now in the villages. out the door at 54 in orlando. comparing temperatures to this time yesterday when dave was on the air, we are tracking a much warmer start. 10 degrees or so warmer this morning.
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the gulf of mexico. watching a few showers out there. as they push closer, we have higher pressure. high pressure sitting right on top of us today. over the course of the day, it slowly shifts offshore. we will start to get some wind coming in. not much wind today and not much sunshine either. 75 in bellevue, 76 degrees in lady lake' s, 78 degrees in groveland. 79 in celebration. topping off at 78 degrees over in deer park. 77 in sanford. daytona beach, 75. 74 over in the cake. futurecast showing plenty of clouds around. through the day today, that is all we get. tonight, no rainfall. tomorrow, we have a little more
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that is going to allow temperatures to warm up just a little bit more. if you' re heading out to the beach today, i think you are going to like this. not great for the surfers, but awesome if you want to just weighed in the water. surf running zero to two feet. voters, really great stuff. so time is at 6:05. high tide is at 11:55 in the morning. as this high pushes away from us, it makes way for our next weather maker, a cold front during the day on wednesday. it brings us a few more clouds and helps to drop those temperatures just a little bit. here' s florida' s most accurate seven-day forecast. aside from a sprinkle on wednesday, we are looking nice and dry. highs in the 80' s for tuesday and wednesday. here'
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the roads. ted: a couple accidents come and go. my picture on your screen of i-numeral or in altamonte springs. getting out of seminole, still looking great. 11-minute drive. turnpike southbound, we still have construction. some of the cars are passing through yellow. that is after u.s. 27. keep that in mind. 95 northbound, state road 44 in volusia county, construction blocking a left lane. jason: a new look at the capture of an alleged car thief. michelle: what new video is revealing and where that suspect was found.
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the selfless michelle: we are getting a new look at video showing a helicopter tracking down a suspected car thief. you can see deputies searching the area. they spot the suspect hiding in a tree. they were able to get to the area and arrest the man.
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got a big boost this weekend thanks to some generous animal lovers. jason: i was there on saturday night for the annual fundraising event. the goal of the charity is to raise money to help homeless pets find their forever homes. a third-grade girl was honored at this event for raising $1500 to help local pets. i spoke with eight-year-old mackenzie savage about how she did it. i used -- >> i used my birthday party to raise money for the dogs. i would rather have the dogs be protected. jason: i think a lot of parents would hope their kids would have that kind of heart. the event brought in more than $60,000. that money will be given as grants to local nonprofit agencies. michelle: what a sweetheart she is. jason: some good news for
5:27 am
state legislators reached an agreement about spending. michelle: how much money schools will get and how it works out for your students. reporter: a woman in jail after troopers say she hit a car and killed the man driving it will face a judge today. jason: a couple construction spots still blocking lanes on some highways. eric: a warmer afternoon across central florida.
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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise. a local father is killed after getting hit by a woman, who was trying to outrun a sheriff' s deputy. we' re live as she prepares to face a judge. jason: plus, an amber alert is canceled as a baby, kidnapped from south florida, is discovered in orlando. what we' re now learning about the case, and the questions still surrounding the investigation. michelle: and counting down to super tuesday. eric: i will have your full work week forecast for you also, coming up. michelle: the latest efforts
5:31 am
parties, to gain support, before the big day. thank you for joining us. i and michelle imperato. jason: i in jason guy. -- i am jason guy. eric: it is 58 degrees now. it will be warm in our day ahead. it is a beautiful setup for the day today. we have mostly cloudy skies in the forecast. we will be starting off overcast, but as the sun comes up, it will help to break some of the clouds apart. mostly cloudy, partly sunny today. 64 degrees at 9:00. we' ll make it to 75 degrees i lunchtime. you' ll not really need a jacket today. 78 degrees before all is said and done. sunrise is officially at 6:50. just over an hour before we get that cloudy sunrise going. 52 degrees in sanford this morning.
5:32 am
first alert doppler radar is looking nice and quiet. it will stay that way all day long. here' s a look at your high temperatures for the day. we start at 77 degrees. in the metro area, it is about 79 degrees maitland. 73 degrees greenland. 75 at daytona beach. the pollen has been bad, but we' ll talk about the week ahead and your most accurate forecast in just a few minutes. here is ted noah. ted: a crowd just popped up -- crashed just popped up on oak ridge road. it is blocking a lane there, and it could impact your drive. in lake county, there is construction taking out a left lane. it is slowing the flow of traffic going through that area. keep that in mind. a live look in volusia county,
5:33 am
we still have a left lane taken out there with roadwork. jason: a woman accused in a deadly crash that killed a local father will face a judge in a few hours. michelle: she killed the man, trying to run from a deputy. alex villareal is live for us as morning. alex, the family is obstinately devastated. alex: absolutely. extremely upset, and especially so because the woman has a history of driving violations. she is in jail at the orange county jail here. she is in custody, charged with the nuclear homicide. -- the nuclear -- ve hicular homicide. again, she has a history of driving violations, including driving with a suspended license. the crash occurred just a little
5:34 am
she ran a red light while fleeing from a deputy that had caught her speeding. the victim was just finishing up his first night as a pizza delivery driver for domino. he was hit at john young parkway and americana boulevard. who is behind a two and a half-year-old daughter. we spoke with his mother. >> i want her to lose her license and stay in jail for the rest of her life. she took my son' s life for stupid reasons. she ran from the cops, and she did not get away. she took someone' s life, and they say she showed no remorse. alex: she was already facing trial in april on charges of fleeing law enforcement and driving on a revoked license. we will be watching this morning as she faces a judge.
5:35 am
air and on jason: this morning, investigators are trying to figure out how a baby, kidnapped from her home in south florida, ended up here in orlando. you may have received the amber alert to your phone saturday. two people, including a 14-year-old boy, are now charged in this case. jazmin walker is here with the new developments. jazmin? jazmin: jason, we' ve now learned two-month-old taraji kemp was found abandoned in an apartment, in orlando' s rosemont neighborhood. investigators say, she was safe in her car seat. a 14-year-old boy is charged in the home invasion, where taraji was taken from her fort lauderdale home. the mother' s cousin, stephanie augustin, who was originally a person of interest in the case, is now charged with kidnapping. back in south florida, the mother' s neighbors are shaken with so many questions still unanswered. >> it is scary. we do not know the motive , or what is going to happen. michelle: deputies from broward county tell wesh 2, taraji
5:36 am
palmer hospital as a precaution. jazmin: as we mentioned, an amber alert was issued for the missing baby, but it' s still unclear how she ended up in orange county. michelle, back to you. michelle: thank you, jazmin. now to flagler county, where troopers believe a medical problem caused a man to slam into a mcdonald' s and die. troopers say, at first, 92-year-old william lavender of palm coast parked at the restaurant on belle terre parkway, on sunday. but then, he lost control, and his suv ended up inside the restaurant. three customers were hurt by flying glass. it' s unclear whether lavender died from the medical problem or the crash. covering volusia county, an escaped inmate and his girlfriend are back in central florida to face charges. overnight, we got these new mugshots of gary bullock junior and natasha quigley. on sunday, they were extradited from kentucky, where they were caught after weeks on the run. deputies say, quigley took her three-year-old son, xander, with her, when she helped bullock escape. xander is safe and living with family members.
5:37 am
sunrise, florida lawmakers are disagreeing with governor rick scott on funding education, but the money pouring into the state is on the rise. how lawmakers agreed to boost school funding by several million. it brings the total to 178 million a year. governor scott had proposed using an increase in local property taxes in order to boost school funding, but it will instead be coming from state tax money. the decision by a legislators means that property tax rates, charged by the school districts, will now go down. jason: turning to commitment 2016, candidates have just 24 hours to make their last super tuesday pitches. 11 states are voting for both parties, those are in purple. -- yellow. only republicans will be on the ballot in alaska and wyoming. wesh 2'
5:38 am
controversy. nikole: his refusal to reject a support from a former kkk leader is drawn ire. >> i do not know that -- the support has landed firestorm. john kasich, ted cruz, and marco rubio are all upset that donald trump would not refuse the support. hillary clinton called him pathetic. donald trump is still conley holding the advantage over his gop competitors. jason: here in central florida early voting today begins for , orange and lake counties. only registered democrats and republicans can make their picks. other counties will hold early voting later. it'
5:39 am
florida primary election, march 15th. michelle: also happening today, students will be in to type away for the florida standard assessment test. today is the first day of the computer-based, english language arts writing tests. last year, districts were plagued with software problems. investigators blamed hackers, but never named any suspects or determined a motive. jason: happening today, a big milestone for the orlando city lions. steel installations will begin on their new stadium. orlando mayor, buddy dyer, and team president, phil rawlins, will be on hand for the celebration. it will take place at 11:00 this morning at the construction site off terry street. that new stadium won' t be ready until 2017. the lines will kick off the new season in the citrus bowl, coming up this sunday. michelle: the voice returns with a round of fresh numb -- auditions. coaches said they will be looking for the same, talent
5:40 am
-- kind of talent that won last year. you can catch the voice right here at 8:00, and then a new episode of blind spot will follow at 10:00, followed by wesh 2 news at 11:00. i am looking forward to today, because i love this kind of weather. eric: it is going to be a nice and warm afternoon for us. we will start off with temperatures in the 50' s, but we will make it to 75 degrees by the lunchtime. 78 degrees will be our daytime high. take a look at our satellite radar there. plenty of clouds coming in from the gulf of mexico. even a few showers out there. with a high pressure in control, it is a nice, stable air mass. anything that tries to come in, we will not get any rainfall today.
5:41 am
it is great weather to take the boat out. on futurecast, we are looking nice and quiet. plenty of clouds, but nice and dry. will stay that way until about 1:00 this afternoon. the forecast looks like this. by 1:00, we will top out at 78 degrees. the roadways are starting to get a bit busier. you' d is ted noah. ted: not too horrible still. this is i-4, into downtown orlando. it starts to back up a little bit closer to 7:00. john young club -- parkway to colonial is still about eight minutes. 95 northbound through volusia county is looking good. we do have a left-wing bloc at state route 44 as they continue
5:42 am
jason: we are learning new information this morning about a suspect that shot and killed a virginia police officer on her birthday on the job.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
caught in a massive s >> this is wesh 2 news at noon in high definition. -- you are watching wesh 2. eric: good morning. it is comfortably cool this morning. we are in for an extra 24 hours today. it is federer and 29th, we do not see this except for once every four years. eric burris will be here with a look at your first alert weather. michelle: today, a local college is mourning the loss of a former student. ashely guindon was killed her first day on the job, as a police officer in virginia. jason: you are looking at some footage from her vigil was held
5:46 am
michelle: jazmin walker is here with her story. jazmin: she was with her training officer, responding to a domestic call. the suspect is army staff sergeant ronald hamilton, most recently stationed at the pentagon. those who knew her say that her drive to do service for others was excellent. >> we miss her dearly. we grieve, we mourn her loss. we will memorialize her as a student. jazmin: investigators also found the suspect' s wife dead inside the home. that occurred as they secured the scene. two other officers that were injured arts is -- are expected to recover. the accused -- the suspect will
5:47 am
jason: thank you, jazmin. new information this morning on a royal caribbean cruise ship, forced to cut its journey short twice in a month. the anthem of the seas is on its way back to new jersey, because of a norovirus outbreak and a stormy forecast. you may remember, earlier this month, that same cruise ship was damaged by 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds, just one day after setting sail on february 6th. that left 4500 passengers locked in their room for hours. michelle: the pasco county sheriff is defending the deputy whose body camera shows a bloody takedown. on it, you see the arrest of tiffany tebo, who' s accused of stealing from a bealls store two weekends ago. some people are upset about the video, because you can see tebo' s head slammed into a wall. the sheriff points out tebo did not listen to the deputy' s commands. this -- >> this is not somebody who is having her first interaction with law-enforcement. she has been in our jail before for a number of charges. michelle: the sheriff is hoping
5:48 am
video on the department' s facebook page, before judging his deputy' s actions. jason: this morning, we are getting more reactions from you about disney' s ticket price changes. the park announced new season pricing over the weekend. the prices will reflect a value regular or peak time, eight to 11 months in advance. people can expect to pay more earning the busier times that are forecasted. here is what some of you had to say. james posted on facebook, "this is a good thing. it will encourage people to travel at non-peak times and the parks should be less crowded as often as a result." math disagrees. he says, "i can just see this mess -- the mess this will create. i have to pay x amount of money
5:49 am
be quiet and now it is packed." eric: take a look at the weather this weekend. so many were hoping for the rocket launch, but were disappointed yesterday. everybody was out and about and enjoying it though. we have plenty of sunset, and clouds that has settled on in for us overnight. as a look ahead to the school bus forecast, it is a range of temperatures in the 40' s to the 50' s. nice and cool this morning, but by the afternoon it will be just wonderful. 52 degrees in the villages. 50 reason at daytona beach. 60 out the door in cocoa. doppler radar shows us rain free this morning. you can see all of those clouds streaming in across the peninsula. a few sprinkles are out, over the gulf. as they tried to move towards the peninsula, we have a real stable air mass, so it will not
5:50 am
through the lunch hour, we will be nice and dry. through the afternoon, the clouds will linger, but we will not get any rainfall. 75 degrees are high in ocala today. 76 in the villages. 78 in claremont. 79 at st. cloud. 78 in orlando. 78 in windermere. longwood, we are at about 77 degrees. in volusia county, 75 or 76, depending on where you are. 74 at cocoa beach. 75 in melbourne. the high-pressure is sitting right over top of us. it will slowly move offshore as the day progresses. it will give us a quiet set up. tomorrow, we' ll get a more southerly influence on the wind.
5:51 am
up, and the 80' s will return to town. on wednesday, we are watching this funnel down three moving on in -- boundary moving on in. rain, but for now i will hold at 10%. -- rain chances, our pollen levels will remain high. into the 80' tuesday, and on your wednesday. and then, we' ll be back in the 70' s for the weekend. let' s get a look over at the roadways with ted. ted: a live look at the four right now. this is westbound, just past the conway toll plaza. no delays just yet. if you leave right now, it will only cost you four minutes. we have a crash at oak ridge road, blocking some traffic there.
5:52 am
there on the northbound side. jason: another big win for the film dead pool at the box office.
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sorry. get a free quote at michelle: welcome back. we want you to some breaking news on i-drive. orange county firefighters are on the scene of a pizza hut, whether happen calls due to smoke coming out of the building at: 30 this morning. -- 5:30 this morning. jason: we will stay on top of this, and bring you the latest here on sunrise. michelle: the faa might soon be forced to give you more leg and seat room the next time you fly. jason: new york senator chuck schumer is arguing new statistics show legroom has shrunk about four inches, and the seats are about two inches smaller. he' s now adding an amendment to the faa reauthorization bill that would require minimum seat standards for airplanes. >> as you pay more and more for tickets, at least you ought to get a place to sit, where you'
5:56 am
not treated as a sardine. jason: a vote on the faa reauthorization bill is expected in march. the orlando magic are looking to start another winning streak after last night' s win against the 76ers. the magic started the game with a big lead scoring 40 points in the first period and 77 in the second half. the game gave orlando 26 wins this season. the magic will be on the road tomorrow to face dallas, with a tipoff at 8:30. michelle: deadpool remained the star of the box office this weekend. the film, about the sarcastic anti-hero, won it' s third straight weekend with $31.5 million. it has earned more than $285 million so far in the u.s. action film gods of egypt, starring gerard butler, came in second place with $14 million. and kung fu panda 3 is still kicking it. the animated kids film came in 3rd with $9 million.
5:57 am
sunrise, an attempt to out run a shirt that the ends with a local father being hit and killed. michelle: alex villareal is live. alex: today, the woman that investigators say was responsible for the crash will face a judge. coming up, i will be live from the orange county jail with her history of driving violations. michelle: an end is found dead in a seminole county apartment complex with no sign of the gunman. next at 6:00, you would hear from the man that made a gruesome discovery of the body. county. some overnight roadwork is still lingering on the roadways.
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>> local, live, late-breaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise, in high definition. michelle: right now, a pizza driver, hit and killed, his first day on the job. why deputies say the woman behind the wheel, was running from the law. she faces double trouble in court. jason: a local youth coach caught after investigators say he skipped town. what he' s accused of doing to a


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