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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> local, live, late-breaking, this is wesh 2 news sunrise, in high definition. michelle: right now, a pizza driver, hit and killed, his first day on the job. why deputies say the woman behind the wheel, was running from the law. she faces double trouble in court. jason: a local youth coach caught after investigators say he skipped town. what he' s accused of doing to a
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home. eric: and clouds overhead. >> i' m here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people' s choice awards. michelle: chris rock has a lot of people talking this morning. his message to hollywood and the , other big moments at the oscars. i' m michelle imperato. jason: there was a fire reported at this pizza hut on i-drive. smoke had been seen from that business. it is on i-drive in the 9000 block. it is not open for business right now. you see the fire response is pretty massive. much more ahead on sunrise. it is cool to start us off. here' s eric burris. eric: a beautiful start to the day. plenty of crowds.
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54 degrees in orlando. that will hold. lunchtime, 75 degrees. great weather to get to your lunch spot. we are nice and dry. not just in the forecast, but the morning as well. rain free out the door. 54 in leesburg. 55 in the city. 56 in melbourne. looking ahead, 75 in ocala. 77 in eustis. 70 in winter garden. along the shoreline, can' t ask for much better than this. talk more about this in a few minutes. ted: this is a live shot of i-4. it is right after the st. johns river bridge. from volusia into seminole, no
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road, a block. fhp is on scene. construction on i-95 northbound. michelle: today a woman will face a judge, after deputies say she killed a pizza driver, while trying to run from the law. jason: syndia saint cyr slammed into cody garrick, as he was about to finish up his first day on the job. alex villareal is live with the charges that suspect faces today, alex? alex: she is in jail now. at the orange county jail, where she is currently being held for vehicular homicide. she has a history of driving with a suspended license and other violations.
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red light when she slammed into cody garrick' s car, killing him. it happened sunday a little after 2:00 am, say troopers, after the 27-year-old saint cyr ran a red light while fleeing from a deputy who caught her speeding. finishing up his first night as a pizza delivery driver for dominos when saint cyr' s car hit parkway. and he leaves behind a 2.5-year-old daughter. wesh 2 talked to the victim' s mother who finds saint cyr' s , history of driving violations upsetting. >> she chose to run from the law. she chose to do it over and over again, drive without a license, and she killed my son, only 23 years old. there is a lot of people who will miss him. alex: saint cyr was already facing trial in april on charges of fleeing law enforcement and driving with a revoked license from a separate incident back in november. we will be watching as she has her first appearance before a judge this morning.
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ll bring you updates here on hair and at jason: a murder has upset people living in an altamonte springs apartment complex. a man' s body was found saturday night in the parking lot. jazmin walker joins us with a fresh look at the investigation. jazmin: we know the man was shot to death. now, police are trying to find the person who pulled the trigger. the victim' s body was found in the parking lot of lotus landing apartments, just off state road 434 in altamonte springs. a neighbor tells wesh 2 the victim' s body was next to a vehicle when it was discovered saturday night. >> his trunk was open, his door was open and he was laying on his back behind his car. jazmin: police have been keeping an extra eye on the area, doing extra patrols throughout the complex sunday. so far, officers have not released the identity of that victim. police are asking anyone with information to call crimeline. show?
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release new details today on the shooting death of a man, outside a publix. andrew da' von jones was found dead early this month in the parking lot of the east towne center plaza. that' s near state road 50 and county road 455. the jones family is also expected to be at today' s news conference. happening today longwood' s , former police chief will find out how long he' ll spend in prison. thomas jackson was convicted in october of conspiracy and bribery. prosecutors said he took more than $30,000 in bribes to help his friend, who was a convicted felon, become a sworn longwood police officer. the payments lasted until jackson' s retirement in 2010. jason: right now, a local coach, accused of molesting a child, is waiting to be sent back to florida. brevard county deputies say david white is a longtime coach with the palm bay youth basketball league. brett connolly is here with us in the studio. brett investigators believe , white was trying to leave the country before his arrest.
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they believe he was trying to get into mexico. us marshalls tracked him down to a texas motel, and took him into custody. earlier this month, a minor accused the 51-year-old of instigating an inappropriate sexual encounter. they tell us white is a longtime coach for the youth basketball association here in palm bay. the league includes both girls and boys, ages seven to 17. they say he is hosted sleepovers were kids at his malabar home. they tell us this results from one of those and they' re , concerned it' s not the only one. we' re not found any prior criminal record for white in brevard county. michelle: in commitment 2016, candidates in both parties are pushing hard for support with less than 24 hours before super tuesday. tomorrow may determine which candidates stay in the race when voters and states cast their
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tracie potts has a look at the issues the candidates are facing today. >> donald heads into super tuesday with its first senate endorsement. mr. trump: i hate to say it, i am becoming mainstream. >> his opponents are hitting hard. sen. rubio: friends do not let friends vote for a con artist. >> ted cruz is slamming trump for not condemning support from the head of the ku klux klan. sen. cruz: the clan is reprehensible. and it has no place in politics. >> super tuesday looking good for hillary clinton, coming off a huge win in south carolina. sen. sanders: well, we got decimated. we will need your
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>> clinton leads nearly two to one in clear states. sen. clinton: you do not make insults, and then everybody wonders what that person stands for. soak -- >> the rest of her e-mails are due out today. michelle: in just a few hours, a manatee county home builder will officially join the race to fill marco rubio' s seat in the u.s. senate. republican carlos beruff will make his official announcement at 9:00 in miami this morning. he' ll also be making stops in jacksonville and orlando today. and he is joining a crowded field. according to the most recent poll, the leading republicans are congressmen david jolly and ron desantis, and lieutenant governor carlos lopez-cantera. on the democrats' side, congressmen alan grayson and patrick murphy lead the polls.
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if you enjoyed yesterday and saturday, you' re in for another tree. michelle: it was really sunny and nice out. are we headed for 80 today? eric: not today, but tomorrow for sure. sony five in daytona beach. out the door this morning, 49 in the villages. 53 in chilly odor. -- here' s a look at the forecast for the day ahead. temperatures in the low to middle 50' s to start. lunchtime, 75. we keep going from there, it will be a beautiful, dry, cloudy day. 78 degrees our high. much more, and beach and boating in a few minutes. ted: a crash on oak ridge
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use conroy road to get around that one. as you look elsewhere, was found on i-4, altamonte into maitland , no delays just yet. remember to check the bottom of the screen. michelle: still ahead, we bring you the best moments from hollywood' s biggest night. >> if they nominated hosts, i wouldn' t even get this job. y' all' d be watching neil patrick harris right now. [laughter] jason: chris rock takes on diversity in his oscars monologue. plus, the winners and losers, coming up. there was a small fire at the back of a building on i-4. -- i-drive. this came in around 5:30 a.m., someone saw smoke. the business was not open. much more ahead. don'
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jason: 6:14 a.m. here are some of the stories were following. a woman accused of killing a man while running from deputies will face a judge this morning. troopers say syndia saint cyr was speeding away from a traffic stop, when her car slammed into another early yesterday morning. cody garrick, a young father, was killed. michelle: altamonte springs police need your help solving a murder. a man was found saturday night in the parking lot of the lotus landing apartments. witnesses tell wesh 2 his body was laying next to a car with an open door and trunk. jason: presidential hopefuls are now just 24 hours out from super tuesday. a new nbc news/wall street journal poll shows hillary clinton topping bernie sanders. donald trump is ahead in every state, except texas, where senator ted cruz is leading. >> if you want black people every year at the oscars, just have black categories, like best black friend. and the winner for the 18th year in a row, wanda sykes. [laughter]
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are saying host chris rock was the big winner of the oscars. michelle: he opened the show with some very harsh criticism for hollywood. brett connolly is here with the memorable monologue, and the other top moments of the night. brett: he definitely did not hold back. this was highly anticipated, as much as the awards themselves. he put it into his own historical perspective. >> and black people did not protest. why? because we had real things to protest at the time. [laughter] >> we had real things to protest. we were too busy being raped and lynched to care about who won best cinematographer. [laughter] brett: vice president joe biden introduced lady gaga, and asked the audience to make a stand
6:17 am
>> a pledge that says change , i will intervene when consent cannot be given. let' s change the culture. [laughter] brett: now onto the awards. he was a favorite for a long time, and he finally won. best actor going to leonardo dicaprio. he used some of his time on stage to talk global warming. >> climate change is real. it is happening right now. it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. and we need to work collectively together, and stop procrastinating. brett: after five previous nominations, and blockbuster films, leo finally gets his award. mad max fury road led the way, picking up six awards on the night. and spotlight, looking into the sex abuse scandal, winning best
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michelle: former orlando magic player vince carter, has closed his daytona beach restaurant. the doors were locked saturday s. carter, who grew up in the area, opened the business back in workers say the community has been really good to them over the last years. customers who had reservations were shocked to find out >> we are sorry to see it closing. we really think it was a great addition to our community. michelle: officials say most workers have found other jobs. wesh 2 tried to speak with management, and could not find out why the restaurant closed. jason: winter park' s century-old golf course gets a facelift, starting today. the parks and recreation department will hold a divot tossing ceremony at noon to kick off the six month renovations. the golf course will be redesigned with new fairways and will also get a new irrigation system. they city is inviting everyone before that divot tossing to a free celebration cookout at 11:00. michelle: if you' re taking a spring break road trip, you' ll see the lowest gas prices in more than a decade. aaa says the average in the
6:19 am
that is the lowest for this time of year since 2004. it' s even cheaper in orlando. the average is $1.65, but some stations are selling it for as low as $1.54. daytona beach' s average is around $1.74. jason: plan that road trip, get out there and enjoy the beach. or all of the things the sunshine state has to offer. eric: a lot of cloud cover, but nice, warm temperatures. get on ready to head on out to the bus stop. nice and cool this morning. 54, 55 degrees. we headed for 78 degrees. there are clouds overhead, but we keep this forecast nice and dry. good stuff in the weather department. 52 degrees in the villages of this morning. 51 in sanford. 60 degrees on the beach in brevard county.
6:20 am
this time yesterday. so we' re looking a ok across counties. we will look at the satellite and radar, and the clouds working in. here' s the setup. clouds yes, but high-pressure keep is nice and dry. it slowly shifts. not much wind. certainly, no rainfall. we' ll make it to 76 today in wildwood. 77 and umatilla and paisley. the top off at 79 in poinciana. 77 today in sanford. 75 in daytona beach. 75 degrees in port st. john. right over the water into the barrier islands, 74 degrees. here' s futurecast. looking good.
6:21 am
overnight tonight, into tomorrow, will clear those clouds out. 7:00 tomorrow morning, amy sweezey is tracking a wide set up. other than clouds, looking good. warmer for tuesday. the beach today, voters really enjoying this. serve nearly flat -- surf is nearly flat. water temperature is 61 to 66 degrees. tuesday and wednesday, a week for the boundary will move into wednesday, bringing in a sprinkle. that puts us back in the 70' s. i think this is the perfect forecast. ted, what do you think? ted: sounds good. not so good, a crash on i-4. it could be blocking a lane. we are trying to gather more information. we are flying over i-4, and for the most part, looking good. we'
6:22 am
reported with oak ridge road. this was said to be blocking a road. westbound into winter park, no delays just yet. michelle: next, a special birthday wish. jason: how a local third-grader helped raised thousands of dollars for animals in need. michelle: eric: and disney ups
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jason: new on sunrise, deputies in osceola county are asking for your help to find the man in this surveillance video. take it out. he' s seen here on the other side of the counter robbing the congo river mini golf in kissimmee yesterday. employees say the man handed them a note demanding money. they handed him the cash and he turned around and left. if you have any information you' re asked to call crimeline at 423-tips. this morning, we are getting more reactions from you about disney' s ticket price changes. michelle: the park announced new season pricing over the weekend. the prices will reflect a value
6:26 am
11 months in advance. jones on the busiest days of the year. here' s what some of you had to say. james posted on facebook. this may be a good thing. it will encourage people to travel at non-peak times and the parks should be less crowded as often as a result. now matt disagrees. , he says, i can just see the mess this will create. i paid x amount of dollars to come when you said it would be quiet, and now it' s packed. we want to know what you think. tell us on the wesh 2 facebook page. local pets and animal shelters have received a big boost thanks to some generous animal lovers. jason: i was there yesterday to emcee the annual fundraising event for franklin' s friends, at the orlando science center the goal of the charity is to raise money to help homeless pets find their forever homes and take care of them in the meantime. a third-grade girl was honored at the event, raising so much money. i asked her how she did it.
6:27 am
save money. i would rather have the dogs be protected that have a birthday present. jason: she has such a great art. event brought in more than $60,000. 100% will be given in grants to local animal non-profit and government agencies. michelle: it is so mature over to think of others and not herself on her birthday. jason: with breaking news were following along international drive. you see here, a fire, officials on the scene. there was smoke spotted from the pizza hut on i-drive. we will have more for you as you investigation unfolds. eric: lots of clouds on hand. spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps
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love that late -- woman accused of killing a man while on the run for the law faces a judge this morning. michelle: wider pass good lead
6:31 am
a kidnapped baby found safe in orlando, hundreds of miles away from home. plaza suspects face additional charges. brett: state lawmakers strike a deal on the education budget. the boost to schools, and where that money is coming from. jason: it is from right wing nine, yes february rolls on this morning. i am jason guy. michelle: i am michelle imperato. some warm temperatures. take a look at the shot, downtown orlando. covered with clouds. eric burris joins us this morning. will the clouds clear? eric: we keep them for a good part of the day today. overcast or 7:00. some of those clouds will burn off. mid-50' s in the city, 64 by 9:00. lunchtime, 75. feel so wonderful outside. those temperatures will start
6:32 am
51 degrees in daytona beach. re 45 degrees in palm coast. certainly cooler there. nice to get out the door this morning. warmer temperatures today. i don' t think there is much in the way of complaining. 77 on the final day of february. apopka 79. shoreline. much more in a few minutes. let' s look at the roadways with ted noah. ted: osceola county, you see this link blocked here. just past osceola parkway. slowdown in both directions. people stopping to take a look there on both sides. southbound through osceola county the turnpike, a little bit slow. i-4, a crash off to the side,
6:33 am
slows down. for a week, things looking perfect. east on international drive, question you eight minutes. michelle: a local family wants the woman who killed a local father locked down. jason: detective say syndia saint cyr killed cody garrick while trying to run from a deputy. wesh 2' s alex villarreal is live this morning. she was already out on bond. alex: that is what is so difficult for this family, she had this history of driving violations. she was expected to face trial in april on an incident in november. she was charged with leading law enforcement, and driving with a revoked license. we did talk to the mother of the victim yesterday. >> he gave everybody a bear hug and told us how much he loved everybody.
6:34 am
oust go she says her son was her happiness, and he was taken from her, on his very first night delivering pizza for domino' s. the 23-year-old died at the scene. >> i do not know how i will do it without him. alex: investigators say the woman who hit them, syndia saint cyr, ran a red light while driving with a revoked license, a little after 2:00 a.m. she was already facing charges from a november incident. >> she chose to run from the law. to do it over and over again drive without a license, and she , killed my son, only 23 years old. there are a lot of people who will miss him.
6:35 am
and since there is now in custody at the orange county jail. we will watch this morning as she makes her first appearance before a judge. jason: this morning, abb kidnapped from her home in south florida is back with her mother. you may received the amber alert to your phone on saturday. two people are charged, including a teenager. jazmin: we have learned the kidnapped baby was found in an apartment along north lake orlando parkway in rosemont yesterday. the mother' s cousin, stephanie augustin who was originally a , person of interest in the case, is now charged with kidnapping. back in south florida, the mother' s neighbors are shaken with so many questions still unanswered. >> that' s scary. you don' t know the motive. or what' s going to happen to
6:36 am
jazmin: we' re told the baby stayed overnight at arnold palmer hospital before being reunited with her mother. it is still unclear how she ended up in orange county. our affiliate in miami says augustine has a worm in orlando. michelle: new from overnight, troopers believe a medical problem caused a man to slam into a mcdonalds and die. troopers say 92-year-old william lavender of palm coast parked at the restaurant on belle terre parkway on sunday. but then, he lost control and his suv ended up inside the restaurant. three customers were hurt by flying glass. it is still unclear whether lavender died from the medical problem or the crash. covering volusia county, an escaped inmate and his girlfriend are back in central florida to face charges. overnight, we got these new mugshots of gary bullock junior and natasha quigley. on sunday, they were extradited from kentucky, where they were
6:37 am
deputies say quigley took her three-year-old son, xander, with her when she helped bullock escape. xander is safe and living with family members. brett: new on sunrise, florida lawmakers just boosted the amount of money headed to schools in the state. but they' re not seeing eye to eye with the governor on education funding. house and senate members agreed on sunday to boost school funding by $458 million. it' s a 1% increase per student , and that brings the total to $7,178 a year per student. here is where the governor and lawmakers disagreed. gov. scott had proposed using an increase in local property taxes to boost that funding. but the legislature' s plan will actually mean lower property taxes for many people. so the decision by legislators to use state money for the increase means that property tax rates charged by school districts will go down in the fall. jason? jason: interesting to know.
6:38 am
have just 24 hours to make their final super tuesday pitches. 11 states are voting for both parties, those are in yellow. only republicans will be on the ballot in alaska and wyoming. wesh 2' s nikole killion tells us about the latest donald trump controversy. >> donald trump refusal to reject an endorsement from a former ku klux klan leader has drawn criticism from both sides of the aisle. mr. trump: i do not know anything about david duke. i do not know what you' re talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. nikole: the situation has landed him in another firestorm. several republicans have denounced him. on the democratic side, bernie sanders took to twitter, while hillary clinton called it pathetic. the latest poll shows clinton has a commanding lead.
6:39 am
washington, nikole killion. jason: here in central florida, early voting today begins for orange and lake counties. only registered democrats and republicans can make their picks. other counties will hold early voting later. it' s all leading up to the florida primary election, march 15. michelle: covering orange county, there' s still no sign of a robber who has held up at least two businesses in winter park. this is a surveillance photo of his latest holdup, at the mcdonald' s on aloma avenue saturday afternoon. police say he hinted he had a gun when he robbed the park avenue store ' current' on friday. jason: today, we' ll find out just how much of a problem deadly heroin overdoses are in two of our local counties. the medical examiner for orange and osceola counties will reveal the latest numbers to the heroin task force. it met for the first time back in august to address what was described as an epidemic among local young people. michelle: also happening today, students across the state will start typing away for the start of the florida standards assessment. today is the first day of the
6:40 am
arts writing tests. last year, districts were plagued with software problems. investigators blamed hackers, but never named any suspects or determined a motive. jason: happening today, a big milestone for the orlando city lions. steel installations will begin on their new stadium. orlando mayor buddy dyer and team president phil rawlins will be on hand for the celebration. that new stadium won' t be ready until 2017. lions kick off the new season at the citrus bowl on saturday. coming up, a police officer killed on her first day of duty. michelle: she had ties to a central florida college. jason: it is called the cursed cruise ship. why it is being forced to return home early once again. jason: and tonight, a new season of the voice on wesh 2.
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eric: good morning, 6:43 a.m. is the time. the sun is beginning to peek over the horizon. what a beautiful shot over there. a beautiful morning. nice and quiet forecast. nice and dry conditions. 78 degrees before all is said and done. look at the radar. clouds, through central florida. i pressure, that has the influence. we are dry, 75 degrees for lunchtime. 76 for 1:00. that said, we need some rain. we' ll talk more about that in a few minutes. right now, ted noah on the roadways. getting busy.
6:45 am
look up his mess on the turnpike. the crash scene is up on, just best osceola parkway. there is debris all over the median. even into the northbound lanes. northbound, people are taking a beat. if you' re going on the turnpike sometime soon, it will be slow. state road 415, a crash blocking. you might want to years just use pioneer trail to get around that. i-4 into downtown orlando, we look at the dot. starting to get busy at 436 michelle: today a local college is mourning the loss of a former student, ashely guindon was killed on her first day on the job as a police officer in virginia. jason: a vigil was held in her honor last night in washington,
6:46 am
day after she was sworn in. michelle: jazmin walker has the story. jazmin: this story is just try -- tragic. she was with her training officer, responding to a domestic call. ashley guindon would serve her first and last shift as a prince william county, virginia officer. her life cut short moments after arrival. i say her drive to do more was shown in the classroom and more. >> we miss ashley dearly, we grieve, we mourn her loss. embry-riddle will do the appropriate thing and memorialize her as a student. jazmin: investigators also found the suspects wife dead inside the home. two other officers are expected to recover. the commonwealth attorney is considering a death penalty case. the suspect, rob hamilton, is expected to be arraigned this morning. jason: new information on a royal caribbean cruise ship, forced to cut its journey short twice in a month. the anthem of the seas is on its
6:47 am
of a norovirus outbreak and a stormy forecast. you may remember earlier this month, that same cruise ship was damaged by 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds just one day after setting sail on february 6. that left 4,500 passengers locked in their room for hours. we' ve just learned the reason for spacex' s failed launch attempt last night. michelle: ceo elon musk tweeted that a low thrust alarm went off due to rising oxygen levels during a hold. the rocket never made it off the launch pad. >> 3, 2, 1. ok, we' ll launch abort. michelle: spacex says the rocket and the boeing satellite it is carrying are both fine. the launch had been scrubbed twice before. no word on when spacex will try again. we are recapping today' s top stories, next on sunrise.
6:48 am
today show. >> we are live in los angeles with a full wrapup of the oscars. the fashion, the after parties, and more. and donald trump, and of the super tuesday. so much to talk about, including marco rubio' s latest attack. and a new trick used by hackers to access your computer. one of us fell for it recently. what to watch for. rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics?
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every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. eric: good morning, 6:50 a.m. is the time. that is a beautiful shot. the sun beginning to come up, on the right. and it is overcast in downtown orlando. it is comfortably cool . the school is forecast darts out in the 40' s in some areas. cool to start sunrise, the rose about a minute ago. as you look at the temperatures, we are warming from here. 50 in the villages, 45 in palm coast. our first alert apple radar is rain free. lots of clouds coming in of the
6:52 am
we are dry today. high pressure is our dominant weather influence. take a look at futurecast, as we get through the day. we have got clouds, but note rainfall. and over the afternoon, we keep the clouds around, but state nice and dry. as far as temperatures go for your monday, a little warmer than yesterday. 75 degrees in ocala. 77 in eustis. 79 in st. cloud. 78 today in orlando. 76 in volusia. 75 in daytona beach. down here in brevard county coast, 74 degrees on the barrier islands. high pressure sitting over us right now. it shifts offshore later today. nice and quiet on the backside. tomorrow, a southerly winds blow. would you believe it, 80' s returned to central florida. and by wednesday, a frontal
6:53 am
we could see some showers, but it seems to be backing off on that. cloudy skies wednesday. not a ton of rainfall. because it is not a lot of rain over the next five to seven days, will keep the pollen forecast in the high category, all the way through thursday. 81 degrees is your high tomorrow, it tuesday 82 degrees. -- anyone on tuesday, 82 on wednesday. no big downpours expected the next seven days. 6:53 a.m., and here is ted noah. ted: a bad crash on the turnpike, southbound year. mile marker 247. this crash of debris all over the roadway. then i just trying to clean up the crash scene, but the roadway
6:54 am
northbound side, as well. a crash on state route 434, it is blocking a lane. you might want to watch -- use pioneer trail to get around that. downtown orlando, still delivery. seminole is seeing the slowdowns. from the seminole rest area to colonial, 17 minutes. jason: here are the big stories we' re following this morning, beginning with a woman accused of killing a man while running from deputies. michelle: that woman will face a judge this morning. troopers say syndia saint cyr was speeding away from a traffic stop, when her car slammed into another early yesterday morning. cody garrick, a young father, was killed. jason: altamonte springs police need your help solving a murder. a man was found saturday night in the parking lot of the lotus landing apartments. witnesses tell wesh 2 his body was laying next to a car with an open door and trunk. michelle: fire crews are trying to figure out what caused a fire at a local pizza hut, on i-drive.
6:55 am
ll bring you more information as it becomes available. jason: longwood former police chief will find out how long he will spend in risen today. prosecutors say he' s up more than $30,000 in bribes to help his friend, a convicted don, become a longwood police officer. michelle: a local coach, accused of molesting a chid, is waiting to be sent back to brevard county. david white coached with the palm bay youth basketball league. a minor accused him of instigating an inappropriate sexual encounter and he tried to run. u.s. marshals caught him in texas. jason: early voting starts in
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
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6:59 am
s, and a few sprinkles on wednesday. all in all, absolutely a perfect forecast. that gets you through the next seven days. that is a quick look at the forecast, and here is ted noah. ted: a bad crash in osceola county, southbound. they' re trying to clean up the debris from the crash. and northbound, everyone is stopping to take a peek at it. if you' re near osceola parkway, yourself extra time. volusia county, state road 415, a crash blocking. it is slowing things down. use pioneer. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jason: the today show is next on wesh 2. brett: we are not the of the buzz from the oscars on cw18. jazmin: and so brooding the day.
7:00 am
jason: as they mentioned, it is for a 29th, enjoy this extra day. we' ll see you at 4:30 a.m. good morning. king of the world. leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar 22 years after his first nomination. >> i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> brie larson nabbing best actress. "spotlight," the surprise winner for best picture. host chris rock takes on the


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