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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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program his job at the el caribe resort in daytona beach shores. january 22, investigators say he cut off his ankle monitor and escaped with his girlfriend and her son. >> are you gary bullock? >> yes, sir. claire: gary bullock was just eight months from being a free man, in prison since 2010 for robbery, burglary and grand theft, due to be released in the fall. instead, investigators say bullock decided to run, his ankle monitor found at the resort. if convicted of escape, bullock will no doubt get more prison time. for now, he won' t get bond. >> i' m finding that there' s no reasonable amount of bond that can secure your appearances. >> are you natasha quiqley? >> yes, sir. claire: bullock was allegedly aided in his escape by girlfriend natasha quigley, who, with her three-year-old son xander, left with bullock, prompting a missing persons alert for the child. when u.s. marshals found the couple and xander in kentucky three weeks after they fled, the toddler's grandfather in palm coast, who' d been worried sick, rejoiced. >> it's just so great. all these scenarios are out of my mind now. they are safe.
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girlfriend quigley is charged with aiding and abetting the escape. she stood quietly as the judge made a bond decision. >> bond is set at $10,000. good luck to you, ma'am. claire: no one was in court for either bullock or quigley. if she makes bond, it' s unclear what if any contact quigley can have with her three-year-old son. in volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news. meredith: xander quigley was placed into protective custody in kentucky when the trio was found. at the time, we learned his paternal grandmother was in route from pennsylvania to care for him. summer: breaking right now, orange county deputies have just announced the arrest of the man they think was behind the mask in this video. wesh 2' s michelle meredith is live at the orange county sheriff' s office with the breaking details. michelle: investigators say the serial robber who liked to dress like batman has come to the end of his run as the caped crusader
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at a news conference today, announced blank has been arrested in connection with the eight robberies that happened back for about a month in east orange county. in two robberies, deputies say blank dressed like batman, but eventually shed his caped crusader getup possibly because of all the national attention he was getting. here is where he made his last mistake. investigators say friday night, he robbed a pizza place on east colonial. he dropped his cell phone and investigators use it to track him down. according to the sheriff, he was feeding a heroin addiction. >> they love the drug so much, they are willing to do anything to get it.
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food or doing some other basic life thanks. they chase the drug on a day to day basis. michelle: at this point, the suspect is facing five armed robbery challenges. -- charges. meredith: a shooting at a cleveland-ohio high school is leaving four students injured. witnesses say someone was seen opening fire inside the school' s cafeteria. officials say two students got hit by gunfire. another two were either hurt by shrapnel or when they were trying to run away. >> we had an individual come into the school and begin firing a weapon at students in the lunch room. we believe to were injured with gunshot and to others with another type of shrapnel, trying to get out of the way. the shooter has fled and was then taken into custody. meredith: one 14-year-old male student is being taken into custody. officials say there may be a motive, but are not releasing it at the moment. summer: late breaking, police
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victim was seen driving in a nearby town. 21-year-old andrew jones was shot and killed around 8:30 friday night, february 5. wesh 2' s gail paschall-brown is live outside the publix where his body was found. gail, we also heard from the victim' s family today. what are they saying about all of this? gail: they want closure. it is something the victim' s father has said over and over again. the family were in attendance this is very tough on them because they know that the victim' s killer is still out there. >> me and my family just want to some closure. if you are a parent out there, or anything out there, ya'll would want to know what happened to your son. andrew da' von jones spoke out today to help generate leads in this active and ongoing investigation. the police report says andrew jones was shot once in the chest in the publix parking lot in the
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state road 50 and country road 455 in clermont. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> i think i just saw a kid get shot. he' s laying here in the middle of the road and he' s bleeding. gail: dominic nicolo called 911. clermont police says there' s still no motive, but the shooter and victim may know each other. >> preliminary investigation shows this was an isolated incident where as andrew jones and the suspect were acquaintances and may have knew one another. gail: the latest discovery in the case came just 24 hours ago. oakland police found the victim' s white car. >> the white 2012 in a wooded area in the town of oakland behind pollard park and was torched. gail: crimeline is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the person or persons repsonsible, but for the family, this is has
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brought with them photographs of andrew jones during happier days. that number for crimeline is listed. the car they found have graffiti all over it. you do not have to give your name when you leave information. meredith: a woman is dead, a man is in the hospital, and detectives aren' t sure what happened to them. the staff at the overlook apartments on seabreeze boulevard in daytona beach found the two just before 8:00 this morning. they were found in a running car. police say there were no signs of foul play and the medical examiner will determine cause of death. the two have not been identified. convicted of conspiracy and bribery, the former police chief from longwood was sentenced to four years in federal prison this morning. tom jackson was longwood' s chief of police for 13 years, retiring in 2010. he was convicted of conspiracy and bribery, accused of accepting $30,000 in payments. in exchange, he got a friend of
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as a police officer. summer: this is the young single father killed in a crash yesterday. the 27-year-old woman who collided into the victim' s car, going 100 miles per hour was driving on a suspended license and was already awaiting trial for running from police in a previous incident. wesh 2' s bob kealing joins us live from the orange county jail. and bob, she had her bond revoked? bob: that means she' ll remain jailed until her april trial in another case. as for this terrible tragedy that happened over the weekend, the family says they are dealing with devastating consequences. 27-year-old syndia saint cyr stepped to the podium, still limping from a crash early yesterday morning. deputies say she was travelling 100 miles an hour shortly before running a red light at john young and americana, and slamming in to a car driven by 23-year-old single dad, cody
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>> clearly, she has not learned her lesson and by getting back behind the wheel, she has now killed a person. >> driving with a suspended license, causing death also a vehicular homicide. bob: before the collision, troopers say a deputy tried to pull saint cyr over, but she fled. shortly after, he heard what sounded like an explosion. at the time, saint cyr was already on bond for driving without a valid license and fleeing law enforcement last november. today, that bond was taken back. >> i' m gonna revoke that bond and set it at zero. bob: his family tells us garrick was just finishing up his first shift as a pizza delivery driver. his mom says there is no excuse for the choices saint cyr made. >> she chose to run from the law. she chose to do it over and over again drive without a license and killed my son, who was only 23-years-old and there' s a lot of people who will miss him. >> she'
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based on her previous history, and we have other charges pending. bob: troopers say this intersection was equipped with several different cameras, including red light cameras that documented this entire accident. new at 5:00, how these so-called worst of the worst drivers are making streets more dangerous for all of us. we will show you how. meredith: a central florida trooper played a major role in the missing instant case. this is sam stop in a car that had been identified in a statewide amber alert. the cousin of the infant' s mother was taken into custody. deputies in fort lauderdale say the child was taken in an armed home invasion friday night.
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headed from central florida back to south florida. just afternoon on saturday, they called for backup and pulled it over. >> that is our primary focus, to find that child and our focus we knew was to look for that vehicle and that is what this trooper did. meredith: shortly after the stop, the baby was found in an orlando apartment, abandoned but ok and was reunited with her mother. summer: right now, testimony is continuing in the erin andrews civil trial in tennessee. the sportscaster is expected to take the stand this week. she' s suing the marriott hotel for $75 million. she says the hotel granted her stalker' s request to an adjoining room. he then went on the record her as she changed clothes in the nashville hotel room in 2008. her stalker walked through what he did to the hotel room, you' ll hear more about that at 4:45. meredith: five new cases of the zika virus have been diagnosed in florida. none of the cases are local. the patients are in broward county and miami-dade county. we' re told one of these cases is
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returned from a trip. all of the other cases are also travel related. there have been three cases diagnosed in orange county and one confirmed case each in seminole, osceola and brevard counties. summer: i-4 ultimate work is planned to continue ramping up this week. safety protocols are still being reviewed. work was suspended wednesday after a worker was killed by a dump truck. we' re told this incident will not impact the project' s construction schedule, which ends in 2021. it is a new milestone in the orlando alliance effort to build a new stadium in downtown orlando. meredith: we have uncovered that the cost of tickets may be on the verge of a big height. summer: the giant vote that was battered by that sees a few weeks ago, faces another round of trouble.
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resident of the iss is handing over the keys and getting ready to come home.
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s. >> you' re watching wesh 2. meredith: orlando' s new pro soccer stadium is going vertical. summer: the project reached a major milestone today, as the 25,000 seat stadium became more visible in west orlando. wesh 2' s greg fox shows us how it looks, and explains why you could be facing steep surcharges tacked on to the cost of your soccer tickets. >> i want to thank orlando city, the whole organization for putting orlando on the soccer map. greg: city leaders called the vertical construction of the new $155 million orlando city soccer stadium a milestone in the project that' s creating construction jobs and will pave the way to permanent stadium operation jobs when the team moves and. in. the mayor, commissioners and team officials signed this beam which will be bolted into place along with 4,600 tons of steel, enough to built 53 space shuttles.
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s opener. as soccer fans see the construction continuing here, and this is a look at the north side seating going up, they of course have some greater anticipation about watching games in this stadium, and this year going to soccer games at the citrus bowl. but that could be a financial challenge. all 18,000 season tickets are sold. and single game tickets can be loaded with fees. the cheapest ticket for sunday' s game from ticketmaster, is more than $26, which includes a 60% surcharge of nearly $11. stubhub' s cheapest ticket will cost more than $32, including a 29% surcharge of more than $7. i talked with orlando city' s phil rawlins about the sharp difference in fees. does that bother you? >> uh, yes. but you should be asking ticketmaster that question, not me. greg: there are 14,000 tickets left for sunday' s match, which could be a sell-out as it was in last year'
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meredith: we reached out to ticketmaster for comment but our messages have not been returned. royal caribbean cruise ship anthem of the seas is on its way back to new jersey because of a stormy forecast. earlier this month, that same cruise ship was damaged by 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds just one day after setting sail on february 6. that left 4500 passengers locked in their room for hours. royal caribbean says some guests have experienced norovirus symptoms, but that didn' t affect their decision to return. summer: disney has a new way of pricing tickets depending on when you' re going to visit one of its parks. here' s the breakdown. there are three levels of pricing. if you' re attending magic kingdom on a value day, the price stays at $105, the other parks set you back $97. the ticket prices go up $5 for regular days, and those big holidays like the 4th of july, thanksgiving and christmas are the most expensive. a lot of you are talking about the changes on our facebook page. carole posted, i understand their reasoning, but i am one unhappy shareholder and disney visitor. as a teacher, i'
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season will be basically be any time my scheduled breaks occur. i don' t have the luxury of visiting during non-peak season, as we don' t set our vacation time as in other fields. and john posted, hotels have the same practice, the parks are getting so crowded lately i think it is a great idea. it sucks for those who are only able to travel during peak times, but when you think about the length of time you wait in lines for attractions during peak times, it is really not worth going then. get in on the conversation and let us know what you think on our wesh 2 news a spec phase. it is very heated. -- wesh 2 news facebook page. it is very heated. tony: we may have one or two brief opportunities to get a couple sprinkles but nothing major. spring training opens up this week. we have some games and central florida and many more across south florida.
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middle and upper 70' s. eastern orlando, 76 degrees. wind six miles per hour out of the northeast. boy, did we have a lot of sunshine out there today and it warmer weather conditions or it it has been rather cool here since the beginning of february. we had smaller fires along the florida turnpike, near harmony and as far northeast as deer park, you may have the smell of smoke in the air. romeo, 75 degrees. clermont, 74. neighborhood temperatures near hunter' s creek, middle 70' s. sanford, 76. down toward the coast, a little
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downtown orlando, temperatures in the mid-60' s by 9:00 a.m. daytona beach, 9:00 temperature near 62. that is pretty good. melbourne, 66 degrees at around 9:00. morning low temperature, ocala, 49. clermont, 57. devonport, kissimmee, st. cloud, mid-50' s. near flagler beach, lower 50' s for you. we head toward cocoa beach near melbourne and palm bay, 58. barrier islands, here is the big dome of high-pressure flying off to the east, which means we get the return of southeasterly flow on the outside of high-pressure. we will be a little bit warmer.
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near lake eola, we are hitting 80 around 1:00 and getting 82 by around 2:00. 76, palm coast. 75, thomasville -- titusville. the pollen is going to be very high right to the end of the week area a couple recent showers may help by friday. it is not a big rain event , just a 20% chance for showers. notice the temperatures all week hovering right around 80 degrees. this is why we live in florida. summer: absolutely. thank you, tony. a pastor shot. meredith: his brother is charged with his death. summer: time is winding down for scott kelly on the international space station. rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. meredith: an ohio pastor is gunned down as sunday services were winding down. summer: the pastor' s brother will be charged with murder today. dayton police say 70-year-old reverend william b. schooler was shot at saint peter' s missionary baptist church. police say they don' t know what led 68-year-old daniel schooler to shoot his brother, but say the pastor was the only intended victim.
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, congregation is in shock and heartbroken by the loss. >> then we heard pa pow pa pow pa pow. that' s when everybody started running. i had my coast and purse still -- my coat and purse still in there. all i had was this walker and we all ran out. >> i can' t believe it. i can' t believe it, that my pastor is gone. meredith: the brother' s niece says daniel has a history of mental illness. summer: one of the last remaining nazi trials has been delayed. the former s.s. medic is facing more than 3600 counts of accessory to murder allegations. prosecutors say the medic' s unit put gas into the gas chambers to kill jews. the 95-year-old was found unfit to be transported to court over the weekend, citing stress and high blood pressure. the trial has been postponed until march 14. meredith: space-x has yet to announce when they' ll try again for launch after rising oxygen temps during a hold for a boat scrubbed yesterday' s mission in
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>> 3, 2, 1. meredith: space-x says the rocket and the boeing satellite it' s carrying, are both fine. the launch had already been scrubbed twice before. and today is nasa astronaut scott kelly' s last full day in space, capping off 340 days ins . kelly and a russian cosmonaut served as test subjects living on the international space station for a year so scientists could study the affects of space travel on the human body. it' s part of nasa' s goal, making sure astronauts can handle a trip to mars. kelly returns to texas on wednesday. a dog in lousiana is being credited with helping find a missing boy. summer: the three-year-old boy was reported missing on tuesday night. police and community members spread out looking for the boy. honey, the dog, is the hero . within an hour he sniffed out the boy. the dog' s owner says he was nervous because honey only sniffed out deer in the past. needless to say the boy'
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home. meredith: we are getting new details about a coach a rested. summer: the tears roll call to a mother from an alleged victim. meredith: candidates spread out,
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>> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition. meredith: a young boy who was the alleged victim of a sexual attack by a youth basketball coach called his mother at 3:00 a.m. and begged her to rescue him. summer: that' s one of the stories in a newly released court document about david white of palm bay. wesh 2' s dan billow reports the coach was arrested while reportedly trying to flee to mexico. dan: david white' s gate is locked and his home is deserted. and neighbors are just finding out about what investigators say about the frequent parties for children held at the home. >> it' s sad. it makes me sick to my stomach. dan: a newly released arrest warrant affidavit says white, a youth basketball coach, had several kids spending the night on february 14. the mother of one boy, the
4:31 pm
after 3:00 a.m., the 15th, when she received a frantic phone call from the victim. he asked her to come get him immediately, and refused to get off the phone until she got there. the victim told his mother and investigators that he had awakened to find his pants down and white sitting next to him. agents then recorded a phone call between the mother and white, who said he was just sitting next to the boy watching a movie. i didn' t touch the boy, white said. i don' t do that. but in a later phone conversation from white' s home, the report says he changed his story and told a detective he caught the boy touching himself. white has, for several years, coached teams in the palm bay youth basketball association. the association' s web site says coaches get background checks. the league president did not respond to our repeated attempts at contact. what do you think of this? >> it' s shocking to me, you know? he didn' t seem like that type of a person. dan: agents say they caught up with white on friday in texas, just as he was trying to cross the border to mexico. he'
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lascivious molestation. in palm bay, dan billow, wesh 2 news. summer: at 5:00, we will tell you more about an arrest for way to mexico. meredith: we' re working to learn more, but altamonte springs police aren' t telling us much about their case into a man left to die in a parking lot. the victim' s body was found at saturday night. a neighbor tells wesh 2, the victim was shot next to a car, and his trunk was open eye on the area doing extra patrols throughout the complex. s identity has not been released. summer: the orange county sheriff' s office says heroin overdoses are down this year in orange county. we' re currently at 35 overdoses for january and february, compared to 50 this time last year. officials say several recent operations in the county have been busting suppliers. orange county' s heroin task force is now even talking about creating a program to treat addicted inmates. coming up at 5:00, even more ways county leaders are thinking of fighting the problem.
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injured after being hit while riding his bike, the driver took off. police in holly hill say hienz peier was riding his bike on riverside drive near silver beach drive around 8:30 this morning when he was hit. the victim was taken to the hospital, but he' s expected to be ok. the vehicle is described by witnesses as a black mazda sedan with the passenger side mirror missing, broken off during the crash. summer: investigators say a suspect stood in line at a mcdonald' s, but instead of ordering, he robbed the place. the customer right next to him not even realize what was going on. although they suspected not threaten an employee with a guy, he did threaten her verbally. >> he did threaten to hurt the employee if she did not comply
4:34 pm
out of fear for her life, she did what he said. summer: another mac donald' s was robbed in aloma on winter park. meredith: deputies in osceola county are asking for your help to find the man who robbed a mini golf spot. he' s seen on this surveillance video robbing the congo river mini golf in kissimmee yesterday. employees say the man handed them a note demanding money. they handed him the cash and he turned around and left. if you have any information you' re asked to call crimeline . summer: a 31-year-old daytona beach woman was found passed out, an 18 month old in her care alone and screaming in the bathroom. ashley johnson was arrested and charged with child neglect. police went to the home on lockhart street last night. they say johnson was passed out in a bedroom and the child was standing on top of an open toilet, screaming. police say not far from the child, they found a syringe and spoon, both with residue on them. a pizza hut near pointe orlando caught fire and smoke quickly filled the air along i-drive this morning. crews quickly got the blaze under control.
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the building, and no one was inside at the time. meredith: the army staff sergeant charged with killing his wife, and a northern virginia police officer with ties to central florida, is now being held without bail. penatagon worker ronald hamilton appeared by video in court this morning, and asked for court appointed counsel on the charge of killing his wife. he will be back in court later today to face charges for killing officer ashley guindon, who was a graduate of embry-riddle university in daytona beach. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty against hamilton. summer: a prison guard who helped two prisoners escape has now been sentenced to time behind bars. new york state prison guard gene palmer admitting to smuggling hacksaw blades and nose pliers, to a convicted murderer, all in exchange for paintings. now palmer is being sentenced to six months in jail and a $5000 fine. a navy seal who risked his life to save a hostage is receiving the medal of honor. president obama: ed lept across the room and threw himself on the hostage, using his own body to shield him from the bullets.
4:36 pm
and with his body, ed kept shielding the hostage. with his bare hands, ed pinned the fighter to the wall and held him until his teammates took action. summer: senior chief special warfare operator edward byers is the sixth navy seal in history to receive the medal of honor. he is also the first living, active duty member of the navy to be given the honor in four decades. meredith: candidates are spread out this super tuesday eve. some of the other republicans are pouncing on donald trump after his reaction to support from a ku klux klan leader. the 11 states highlighted in red have a chance to head to the polls tomorrow with 594 delegates up for grabs between them. nbc' s steve handelsman handles our commitment 2016 coverage from one of those states. he' s in texas, reporter: ted cruz is campaigning in texas, the only super tuesday he figures he can win and must win. he vows >> to take test is
4:37 pm
>>at that point, it will be abundantly clear it is a two-man race. reporter: voters are divided between trump and crews. -- ted cruz. >> he is not a whiny, yankee new yorker. reporter: donald trump was in virginia. he is being called racist. >> all lives matter. reporter: claiming he could not hear the question, trump refused to condemn the kkk. >> he is unelectable now. he refused to criticize the kkk. reporter: trump got support from the next new yorker. >> i will support donald trump , who finance or basketball to him and kept us off reporter: the streets. i know he is not a racist.
4:38 pm
>> what we cannot let happen is the scapegoating, the blaming, finger-pointing that is going on on the republican side. reporter: bernie sanders was in minnesota, a state he hopes to win while back in texas, ted cruz is fighting just to win his home state. the latest polling in texas shows ted cruz widening the gap with a 10 point lead over donald trump with the largest of super tuesday states. presidential candidates are making their way down to florida for super tuesday. marco and donald trump are expected to be in south florida tomorrow night. hillary clinton and rubio will be holding events in miami. meanwhile, donald trump is expected to appear in palm beach county. florida is holding its presidential primaries march 15. summer: some of you registered voters can now cast your vote. starting today through march 13 for orange county, you can go ahead cast your ballot. other counties could start a day later and have one less day. other counties could also be offering more hours than orange county.
4:39 pm
register or change party affiliation. meredith: a manatee county home builder has officially joined the race to fill marco rubio' s seat in the u.s. senate. republican carlos beruff made his official announcement in miami this morning. he also made a stop in jacksonville and orlando. it' s already a crowded field. according to the most recent poll, the leading republicans are congressmen david jolly and ron desantis, and lieutenant governor carlos lopez-cantera. on the democratic side, congressmen alan grayson and patrick murphy lead the polls. summer: shrinking leg room on flights can leave you feeling as if you' re packed in a sardine can, and one senator wants to change that. new york senator chuck schumer wants the faa to make airlines follow a seat-size guideline. he says leg room used to be 35-inches, but has gone down to an average of 31. now schumer is introducing a seat size amendment to the faa that is pending in congress. meredith: many people have made a conscious effort to eat more healthy. when it comes to walking down
4:40 pm
overwhelming. wesh 2' s brett connolly breaks down which options actually are most beneficial, and you may be surprised by what he found. brett: olive. sunflower. even avocado oil. feels like endless choices. dietitian chris nixon says there' s cooking categories of, never use, use with caution, and safe for searing. first up, flaxseed oil. >> you never want to cook with flaxseed oil. in fact, you actually want to keep it refrigerated to prevent it from being oxidized. brett: she says oxidized oils can cause stroke and high cholesterol. >> it can lead to cardiovascular disease. brett: medium heat may take longer, but you have plenty of options for oils that can cook at stovetop temperatures between 300-500 degrees. >> if you' re doing more of a stir fry or baking or cooking, then the grapeseed or extra
4:41 pm
canola oil would be good options. brett: for high temps, like searing or browning meat our >> for cooking, i would go with the sunflower oil. it' s got a very light mouth feel, so it doesn' t have a strong flavor, and it' s got a high flash point so i know i'm safe. brett: another thing to consider is whether your oil has the unsaturated fats that you want. that' s sunflower, canola, olive and grapeseed oils. the most saturated fats are in, what she calls tropical oils, like coconut or palm. meredith: erin andrews walks out of testimony today. summer: we spoke to jurors and a story the sportscaster cannot bear to hear. meredith: the future of disney springs.
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summer: we are following breaking news out of volusia county. here are live pictures from chopper 2 near oak hill with russia fires. you can see in tents flames moving through the brush right now. meredith: we will keep our eyes on this and he will have much more coming up at wesh 2 news at 5:00. another emotional day in a nashville courtroom for sports reporter erin andrews. summer: nbc' s jay gray. updates reporter: us on today' s testimony. erin andrews walked out of the courtroom this morning, before the legal team showed these videotaped depositions. her knowledge? >> correct.
4:46 pm
altering the peepholes in her hotel room and secretly recording nude video. >> why did you decide to do this? i would like to get the answer. >> i do not have the answer to that. it was a huge mistake. reporter: he spent 30 months in jail after admitting to that mistake and now enters is seeking $75 million in a lawsuit against the hotel and management at the time, claiming negligence, emotional distress and invasion of privacy. the hotel says they were duped as well. >> he deceived and stock. reporter: they claim team in a belated the reservation system to get next-door to enters which allowed him to make the videotapes. summer: we' re hearing that andrews' mother will take the
4:47 pm
trial this week. meredith: florida lawmakers have boosted the amount of money headed to schools, but they' re not seeing eye to eye with the governor on education funding. house and senate members agreed to boost school funding by $458 million. it' s a 1% increase per student and brings the total for $7,178 a year per student. governor rick scott had proposed using an increase in local property taxes to boost school s plan will actually mean lower property taxes for many people. also in education, new students across the state began typing away for the start of the florida standards assessment. it was the first day of the computer-based, english language arts writing tests. last year, districts were plagued with software problems. investigators blamed hackers, but never named any suspects or determined a motive. we didn' t hear about any issues today. summer: you' ll have more shopping and dining options very soon at disney springs. they just announced a long list of shops with a little something for everyone to be opening in phases starting may 15. they say the largest expansion
4:48 pm
s complete, it will have more than 150 retail, dining and entertainment offerings. you can see the full list of new shops on the orlando my way app. meredith: your first alert weather now if you are headed out to the evening, it is pretty nice out there. summer: we are in the 70' s now but we are headed in the right direction, tony? tony: she wants those 80' s and what she wants she will get tomorrow. we' re coming in at 72 degrees right now. any airflow off the atlantic for this time of year, especially at the beach tends to cool us down. we have a front through the upper midwest. this fund is going to die south and east and giving us a few mark clouds by the time we get to wednesday, a few sprinkles of north, but look at this, visible satellite imagery, 20 of sunny skies and clear conditions across central florida. what we have noticed are these,
4:49 pm
this is near oak hill on the north side and you can see the smoke billowing out. we have a few more brush fires where tracking, the largest in each orange county. a smaller one near the florida turnpike in osceola county. outside of that, things are pretty fair. temperatures running 73 and 76 through the interior. compliments of the onshore flow and the relatively cooler atlantic waters. altamonte springs, right through 9:00 a.m. a falling to the mid-60' s. ocala, falling 257 degrees. back toward the coast, palm coast, looking pretty good. 9:00 temperature looking well. marion county, 49. clermont, middle to upper 50'
4:50 pm
kissimmee down toward st. cloud, mid 50' s near harmony. central orange county, mid-50' lower mid-50' s near deltona back toward daytona beach, running 55 out the door tomorrow morning. warmer and near cocoa beach in the barrier islands, 66 degrees. there is the front off to the east, lower high-pressure moving clockwise. get the flow coming out of the south and east some things will begin to warm up. noon it temperature of 79 -- new the time temperature of 79. high temperatures are around 80. wildwood, leesburg, umatilla, groveland, 81. downtown orlando , 80 degrees.
4:51 pm
marineland, upper 70' s and more of the same as you work your way into brevard county. the forecast for beaches looking fine. the water temperatures are on the cool side. best shot of rain this week will
4:52 pm
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summer: full sail university says 51 of its graduates were credited on eight oscar-winning films last night. meredith: in case you missed the academy awards, host chris rock opened with some very harsh criticism for hollywood. wesh 2' s jazmin walker shows us the winners, losers and big talkers from the night. >> if they nominated hosts, i wouldn' t even get this job. [laughter] >> y' all' d be watching neil patrick harris right now. jazmin: chris rock wasted no time addressing the " oscars so white" controversy. but his highly anticipated monologue wasn' t the only big win. leonardo dicaprio is this year' s best actor. some of his speech focused on global warming. >> it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take this night for granted. thank you. jazmin: some former central florida students walked away
4:55 pm
51 grads from full sail university were credited on eight oscar-winning films, including this year' s best picture winner, " spotlight." as for best dressed on the red carpet, a local stylist said the danish girl co-stars were top picks. eddie redmayne, who didn' t have a stylist and alicia vicander, channeling belle in yellow. the worst? heidi klum. >> if i was four-years-old, i would' ve loved to put my barbie in this dress. jazmin: twitter thought heidi channeled her inner fairy godmother. social media is still buzzing about this bizarre moment, too. >> i can' t wait to help my people out. happy black history month. >> people were confused. they were like, what is going on? so don' t worry, i have lots of questions for stacey. jazmin: kevin frazier will ask stacey those questions on " entertainment tonight." it airs at 7:00 here on wesh 2. i' m jazmin walker, wesh 2 news. meredith: wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. summer: jim payne: joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour.
4:56 pm
serious charges for allegedly running from the law then causing a deadly wreck. and investigators say it' s not the first time this woman has fled from authorities. how this latest tragedy played out and the charges this woman now faces. and the man known as central florida' s batman robber is finally tracked down. what deputies say fueled the batman robber'
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
next on wesh two news at 5:00. >> we begin with breaking news tonight in volusia county. firefighters are battling a brush fire. gary bullock jr. and natasha quigley -- good evening, i' m jim payne. this is a big grass landing strip. we are told this fire is fast-moving. jim: it appears to be threatening some buildings, this place in particular. thankfully, wins are fairly light. we will keep an eye on the situation. right now at 5:00, a local woman
5:00 pm
her car while running from the law. syndia saintcyr was driving 100 miles an hour when she crashed into cody garrick, killing him. adrian: this all happened . a judge revoked this woman' s bond this morning. bob: now you have a new crash where she is accused of causing a man steps. troopers say this is a common and changes -- dangerous scenario. 27-year-old syndia saintcyr hobbled to the stage. she was driving a hundred miles


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