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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you know. jim: right now, a break in a case. good evening, i' m jim payne. >> i meredith mcdonough. police just announced his car has been found in another city. in an emotional plea, the victim' s father speaks out today. gail paschall-brown was there. reporter: the family of 21-year-old andrew jones spoke out today to help generate leads in this ongoing investigation. my family just wants closure. >> if you are a parent, you always want to know what happened to your son. reporter: the police report says it was back on february 5 went and do jones was shot at the parking lot near state road 50. he was pronounced dead at the
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>> this young man was just running by me. he hit the ground right in front of me. i asked, are you all right? then i realized it was blood on the ground. reporter: police say there is no motive but jones may have known his killer. the details came a few hours ago. >> the volkswagen was recovered behind college park and was torched. reporter: the car was covered in graffiti. crimeline is offering a $5,000 reward for any information. for the family, this has been too much to bear.
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matt: -- meredith: if you know anything about this manner, call crime line. jim: a woman stands before a judge today for running a red light and slamming into a 23-year-old father who died at the scene area the judge revoked syndia saintcyr' s bond from which she is still a raving trial. she took off at an attempted traffic stop at 100 miles an hour and plowed into a car. >> these innocent victims out there are trying to get to work and to school. they are the victims of drivers should never have been behind the wheel. jim: they' re confident that red light cameras will provide valuable evidence. we are working to learn more about a crime and altamonte
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a neighbor tells us that the victim was shot next to a car and then the vehicles trump was open. please have been keeping a close eye. the victims identified has not been released. meredith: a boy allegedly touched by a basketball coach begs his mother to rescue him. david white had several kids spending the night on february 14. the alleged victim refused to get off the phone until his mother got there. >> he woke up with white next to him and his pants were down. meredith:
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was a recommends -- arrested in texas. jim: the toddler is safe at home tonight after a statewide search. the child was found safe and one of two suspects was arrested. dave mcdaniel explains. reporter: the car from the amber alert was on the turnpike heading south just saturday afternoon. two month old taraji kemp had been kidnapped on saturday night. reporter: driving the car was 23-year-old stephanie augustin, a person of interest. augustin told troopers she was planning to check in with authorities.
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a 14-year-old cousin is also in custody. >> our goal was to get that suspect to the investigators that they can get the information from her on a child. it certainly helped lead them to the apartment where the baby was found. that apartment in orange county is in rosemont. >> i had seen the baby. reporter: the child was alone and still in the car seat. >> i' ve have been praying for the baby and the mother. i am glad the baby is safe. reporter: taraji kemp was reunited with her mother after a short hospital checkup. both the suspects are cousins of the baby' s mother. jim: no one can say yet why the infant was taken or why she was brought to central florida and
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orange county deputies say one --juan morales wore the batman costume when robbing eight stores. investigators say the suspect robbed a pizza place and dropped his cell phone. >> we told him that the gun was not real and he hesitated. the guy took off running. to track him down. they feel confident they will be able to charge him with five armed robberies. jim: a maitland man and his girlfriend returned from kentucky. gary bullock jr. and natasha quigley made their first appearances in court. he cut off his ankle monitor went on work release.
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quigley was set at $10,000. gerry will not be going anywhere. investigators say she helped him and they fled with her three-year-old son who was the subject of a missing persons alert. meredith: deputies are looking for a man who robbed a mcdonald' s. this happened on university boulevard. investigators say the suspect stood in line like he was going to order food but instead of ordering, he rocked the place. -- robbed the place. we just received this statement from mcdonald' s. >> we are thankful no one was hurt. new at 6:00, the deputies are looking for a man who stole a
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this man snatched the money outside of a walmart. they say this woman was with a child. he grabbed the money. he took off in a grade-day. jim: work on the i-4 ultimate project will gradually get back to all steam ahead. safety protocols are still being reviewed. the entire project was suspended after a worker was killed by a dump truck. this will not affect the construction schedule. all new at 6:00, holly hill police say hines peer was bicycling when he was hit by robert tengion. he is affected to be ok.
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investigating the death of a woman with a man beside him in a car. they were cleaning the back parking lot when they spotted a running google parked near the river. the two were rushed to the hospital. allison mcavoy died. the still identified man is still in icu. no sign a file play. >> -- of foul play. >> it might have been a drug-related incident. reporter: a witness told police saw the car pulled in around midnight. convicted of conspiracy and bribery, a former police chief was sentenced to four years in federal prison. tom jackson was convicted of conspiracy and bribery accused
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for exchange for a friend to be a police officer. jim: a local tax force is trying to stop heroin deaths. 80% of these deaths were in orange county. so far, there have only been two deaths. officials credit targeting heroines suppliers making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. there is still a long way to go. >> we cannot arrest our way out of this. we are resuscitating people who go back to the addiction. members discussed a program to treat addicted inmates. meredith: early voting is now underway for the primary. it started today. they are continuing throughout
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only registered republicans and democrats can vote here. jim: a local teenager is speaking out after he watched his brother be struck and killed. he calls the stretch of road very dangerous. >> i don' t even know where to go to start something like this. meredith: we learn how to bring attention to a road you believe is dangerous. they try to determine whether it is safe for pedestrians and drivers. jim: you will need the newborn who will have to celebrate her first birthday in four years. we continue to watch a brush
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temperatures will be >> parents of an apopka teen want to see more features on
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we talked to the people that can make that happen. >> umno iwatch -- lost my brother. he watched his brother nate get killed crossing dixie highway. now he wants to slow down cars where schoolkids often dart across the road to get to a new >> i would like to see a four-way stop. some form of crosswalk i don' t even know where to go to start something like this. jennifer burton of the department of transportation says they welcome citizen input.
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this audit this diagram shows where the students have been killed in recent years. short-term solutions . long-term, they want more direct access ramps away from traffic. they are also looking at the timing. it is easy to see why this is such a dangerous stretch. we have seen numerous incidents. >> this canadian tourist witnessed an accident. >> i hate to see that kind of accident.
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reporter: when you make a left, you see 1, 2 or three drivers turning behind the dead -- pedestrians with the right-of-way. another part of this road audit is in -- education. this transit is crossing six lanes of traffic with no crosswalk. >> it' s not just your safety i' m right about, it' s everyone else' s. back where his brother was killed, he hopes this stretch of road could be next. in orange, wesh days.
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you can call the 311 headline -- concerns. some people might say having a birthday every fourth year is a raw deal. the birth. alexandria was born this afternoon. her parents say they made the decision at of time that if she arrived for noon on of non-leiby or they will celebrate her birthday on the 28th. if she writes afternoon, they will celebrated march 1. >> it was pretty special. my husband is funny. >> she will be forever young. meredith: on leap years they will have next to big celebration.
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jim: what you learn after covering brushfires every few years. if you see firefighters being kong, they do not have a lot to worry about. we have got the flow in out of the atlantic. let' s take a look at that brush fire. here is a1a . the winds were a little bit stronger but we do have a couple of brushfires. we have a second one out. there is a lot of smoke and this area. much smaller one across the
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day today. we are still running 72-85. overnight lows tonight are not that bad. s. a little cooler of palm coast. tomorrow, there is high pressure. it will climb up into the 80' s. starting off at 9:00. 82 degrees by 3:00 in the afternoon. they neighborhood high good. belleview at 80. s here.
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a good-looking day here. we forge ahead to wednesday. it is not going to do a whole lot. france number two will arrive just in time for bike week. all in all, it is a pretty quiet weather week. 57 in the morning on writing. by sunday, orlando city soccer is kicking it off. salt lake temperatures in the upper 70' s. take a look at your updated seven-day forecast. it is not that impressive. it is running 75-80 degrees. opening day less than a week away.
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the lions had hoped that he would be in the full by now. when we do expect him. bittersweet victory.
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elects on the eve of today' s leap day, the orlando magic tried to jump back into the eastern conference playoff race. the win was a small and necessary step, given that philly has won only a game this season but there is cause for concern. the magic once led a 21 points. after scoring 77 in the first half but, but instead of putting this thing away, they flirted with giving it away. this is the worst team in the league, mind you. magic got away with it last night. they play at dallas tomorrow. >> we' ve had good offense again. we came out and had a good offense. they beat us in the second half. we had enough cushion. >>
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lions opened their second mls season. they will do it with antonio note should be no. when he will join the team is still unknown. the later he arrives, the tougher it would be for adrian heath to implement the former ac milan star into the city line up. no serino still completing visa and transfer paperwork overseas, so how he would figure into an opening day plan means to be seen. conference to tournaments begin this week with a bigger conference is set for next week. miami is on a roll. all the way from 12 to seven
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has r meredith: a man who caught a 50 foot python is the winner. his team known as the height on boys, the fish and wildlife commission says more than 1000
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turned into wallets and handbags. jim: still ahead, new information on when the i-4 ultimate project will keep going. meredith: we are looking to learn more about the man accused of stealing money from a group of girl scouts. >> a man pulled out a gun and i have a safety. jim: 911 calls made after he she tonight the klan controversy exploding around donald trump after refusing to condemn the kkk's former leader. what he's saying now and what we found him saying years ago. plus, tensions boil over at trump's rally, and tonight some republican leaders are scrambling to stop him. school shooting emergency. all-out chaos as police say a 14-year-old suddenly


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