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tv   Today  NBC  March 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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right now on c.w. 18. jazmin: we just checked out the schedule for the dr. phillips center. brett: and you will not believe what men -- what one man can do with a balloon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] michelle: we look forward to it. and look for news updates anytime inside the wesh 2 mobile app. >> t good morning. march madness. voters in 12 states head to the polls on this super tuesday. the most crucial day of the election so far. crump and clinton way out in front. will they deliver knockout blows or can rubio, cruz and sanders hang on? our decision 2016 team has it covered from every angle.
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one of apple's top executives facing off in congress today in their battle over unlocking iphones, as a judge deals the government a big blow in court. tearful testimony. erin andrews breaks down over the video of her most private moments she says left her humiliated and ashamed. >> everybody said i was doing it for publicity and attention and that ripped me apart. >> her convicted stalker also taking the stand. >> i pulled the plug out and waited for the opportunity. >> was it your intent to hopefully get her without clothes on? >> yes. >> will jurors hold him and the hotel responsible in andrew's $75 million lawsuit? homeward bound. after 11 long months in space, astronaut scott kelly is coming back to earth. the celebration that nasa is planning today, tuesday, march 1st, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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"today", super tuesday, with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on to super tuesday morning. imagine this were the day you were coming back to earth like astronaut scott kelly. just a boring campaign season. >> when's the next rocket out of here? anyway, we'll have more on that coming up later on. >> this is super tuesday and let's look at this map. primaries and caucuses held in 12 states overall. the majority of them across the south. ourfanned out across the country and we'll bring it all to you this morning. let's start with national correspondent peter alexander in texas. the biggest state up for grabs. good morning to you. >> good morning from here in texas. this is the biggest prize, and it could be make or break for some of donald trump's
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stop his march to the nomination. our surveymonkey online poll, donald trump at a new high nationally, 40%. marco rubio up, but still trailing trump 2:1. ted cruz in third on a day that could be his last stand. >> reporter: donald trump on the fast track, hitting the gas in georgia with the head of nascar. >> if the people that like and watch nascar vote for donald trump, they can cancel the election right now. nobody can win. nobody. >> reporter: today, 11 states, 595 delegates up for grabs, more than any other day all primary season. with trump heavily favored everywhere but texas, ted cruz's home state, where the freshman senator needs a victory to stay in contention. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, join with us and stand with us. >> reporter: marco rubio is focused on securing a first place finish in florida later
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tonight, he'll be hard pressed to stay in the race with zero wins in 15 tries. >> a vote for trump tomorrow is a vote for hillary clinton in november. >> reporter: this scuffle at a trump rally. the man was blocked from leaving the press area. meanwhile, trump and david duke. kkk. think about that, for president? >> reporter: also, a new buzzfeed report about an off the record interview the "new york times" conducted with trump, where he is rumored to have revealed flexibility in his hard-line immigration stance. his rivals demanding it be released immediately. >> that tape can clear it up and the voters deserve to know. >> reporter: even mitt romney tweeted, another bombshell?
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trump responding. >> things are negotiatable e negotiable. i can make it a few feet shorter. >> building it is not negotiable? >> no. >> watch the backlash to be louder and more public. one republican senator said he will not support donald trump if he is the nominee. wouldn't vote for him, saying conservatives will need to find a third party option. >> peter alexander, thank you. hillary clinton enters super tuesday with momentum on her side. a strong showing today and tonight could all but end the democratic race. nbc's andrea mitchell is in miami with that part of the story. >> good morning, matt. bernie sanders is about to vote in burlington, vermont. you see a live shot of the polling place in burlington. hillary clinton is so far ahead in the biggest states voting today.
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bernie sanders to a general election matchup. her strategy against the most likely republican nominee, donald trump. >> republicans want to sell the same snake oil. >> reporter: today as voters head to the polls, hilary kin lary clinton trying to clid fi solidify her lead and bernie sanders trying to hold on. clinton is crushing sanders 2:1 in texas, tennessee and georgia. in oklahoma, a new poll has sanders topping clinton. >> it is time for massachusetts to lead the political revolution. >> reporter: in massachusetts, sanders' backyard, they're locked in a tight race. >> they've been after me for 25 years and i'm still standing. >> reporter: hours before super tuesday, the state department released the final batch of
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server she used as secretary of state. it's a place republicans vow to hit her on. >> we'll be talking about those e-mails every moment of every day. >> reporter: now, clinton is turning her focus to a potential matchup with donald trump, who she and her husband think is her most likely opponent. >> america never stopped being great. we have to make america whole. >> the clintons think their best case against trump is to point to his controversial remarks and portray him as a bigot. clinton has called for love and kindness and telling crowds, instead of building walls, we need to tear down barriers. they have no illusions of how tough it'll be if they run against this unconventional republican candidate. >> andrea, thank you very much. we'll turn to chuck todd, nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." >> good morning. >> i've seen the polls you've seen. take me through what you expect trump's night to look like.
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wins every single primary and caucus tonight other than texas. he could win every one by five or more points. >> we wake up tomorrow, show me what you think things could look like in terms of the delegate count. >> this is a conservative estimate we've put together. he has a 60 delegate lead. he could build well over a 100 delegate lead. this is a conservative estimate. if he's closer to 40% in all the polls, this number could be well over 300. what we don't know is who is going to be in second. this will matter tonight. >> a lot of attention on marco rubio. what could happen with him tonight? will he win any contests at all? you think trump will win most. >> i think we're going to be 0 for 16 for marco rubio. what they will say is a good night is if he's in a close second in virginia. if he can beat cruz here. maybe pull a surprise up there in minnesota. that's what he's hoping to do. >> you talk about these two states.
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strategy of ted cruz. but you add this state, as well. >> ted cruz has been spending all his time in texas. if he loses texas tonight, he really has no way to go. he'd like to pull off not just texas but maybe an oklahoma, arkansas. they border texas. he's been spending a lot of money. he hopes to win in alaska. if he can win more than one state, it's a big deal for him. then good-bye, marco. >> hillary clinton coming off a huge win in saturday in south carolina. what's the map look like for her tonight? >> pretty much a dominant here in the south. i think the question is going to be, does she pull off a minnesota? does she pull off a massachusetts? i say that if she does that, they're knockout blows to bernie sanders. sanders is targeting the states with the least diverse electorate. three up here plus oklahoma and the colorado caucuses. if she can sweep the south and
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>> this leads us back to the desk. nicolle wallace is joining savannah savannah. >> for the republican party, for years, there was always the talk about, there are fissures in the republican party between movement conservatives and the establishment. now it's a gaping crack. what happens? what happens to the republican party if trump emerges tonight and he's the nominee? >> in 2012, the rules changed about how you get delegates, to make it easier for an establishment front runner to seal up the nomination. >> excellent. good job. >> right? well done. there's a reason the country wants to kill the republican establishment. trump has this locked up at this point because of the rules put in place in 2012. >> irony alert. >> right. >> what is the reality of a third-party candidate? not talking about trump, but an actual republican who might say, i can put the party back together?
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in washington who doesn't have their own scenario. it's mitt romney. it's rick perry. constitution party. it's -- maybe they can comen n commandeer the libertarian vote. if you want to run an independent campaign, you have to start tomorrow. michael bloomberg's people, who are seriously looking at this, they have basically said, if he doesn't make the decision to go tomorrow, as in march 2nd, you can't get on the ballot in the state of texas. if all these people want to do this, they have to start now. they can't wait another two weeks. >> take us inside your watching party. what state will you be watching closely tonight? >> i'll be sober because i'll be here. you can't find a clear headed republican who says there is a realistic third-party scenario. they are moving from sort of depression to acceptance on the reality of trump is our party's standard bearer. i think that i am watching for
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trump is going to have a huge night. trump is all but certainly the republican nominee. i think what you hear republicans say privately is that they were able, a couple weeks ago, to imagine the scenario where he started to settle in and mature in the role. they're alarmed that the refusal to acknowledge the news cycle cycles -- you gave him a chance to disavow david duke. it makes him run against clinton daunting. >> the clinton versus trump race, democrats were laughing saying, if it's trump, that's great. they're not saying that again. >> they say, okay, republicans didn't go after this guy early. they know they have to engage early. here's what it means for us as a country, nasty, low, early, often. it's going to be a race to the bottom.
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commandeered his monitor back. >> roker. >> that was short-lived. >> i'll raise your touchscreen, buddy. >> thank you so much. stay with nbc news throughout the day and night. complete coverage of super tuesday. we'll be will lester holt tonight for prime time coverage as the results come in at 10:00 p.m. eastern. i'll take a double latte, chuck. >> could some storms impact voting tonight? >> i think it could. could i get some windex? anyway, you can already see pretty good storms firing up. we're going to be looking at a very wide swath from louisville down to new orleans and mobile. 22 million people at risk. the super tuesday states, arkansas, memphis, tennessee, knoxville, birmingham, alabama, atlanta, georgia, possibilities of having severe weather later this afternoon and on into the
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active weather for tennessee, arkansas, louisiana, alabama, mississippi. by this afternoon, we have storms from knoxville, nashville, down to jackson. into tonight, active from tennessee, north carolina, all the way down to the gulf coast. heavy amount of rain stretching from little rock all the way to pittsburgh, guys. we are looking at a fair awe mount of rain and active weather that could affect voter turnout. >> keep us posted. >> thank you so much. the government's battle with apple over one of the san bernardino shooter's phones is center stage on capitol hill today. the head of the fbi and apple's top lawyer will appear before congress as apple celebrates a s s a ruling in a similar case. pete williams has more. good morning. >> it is apple's first court victory, with the judge ruling the government cannot force the company to open a locked iphone. the ruling came late monday from
7:15 am
a dispute in an iphone belonging to a suspected drug dealer. this is a separate case from the tug of war over the iphone used by one of the san bernardino attackers. but the legal issues are basically the same. the judge ruled the relief the government seeks is unavailable because congress has considered legislation that would give the same result. phone companies allowing the government to tap into their systems when it has a search warrant. congress decided not to cover phone makers like apple and google under the law. the judge said requiring apple to bypass security mess sure asures that the company markets to its customers would be something offensive. he said it's beyond the government's power. later today, the fbi director james comey and apple's general council appear before a house committee. they both agree that this problem will get worse unless congress draws bound are i y e --
7:16 am
>> you have the ruling in brooklyn, the san bernardino case is going forward. they're not legally bound but what is the practical effect of what happened in brooklyn on the san bernardino case? >> the legal matter is the brooklyn ruling is not binding on any other court, but it is the first decision on the issue and it does give apple a leg up. it'll be arguing in court in california later this month why it should not have to help the fbi open that san bernardino phone, savannah. >> pete williams in washington, thank you. turn to california now where the search is on for a kidnapping suspect who escaped overnight after a bizarre police chase and standoff. nbc's steve patterson is in los angeles. >> police with the california highway patrol say this guy is still out there, escaping after an hour's long police pursuit with an ending you have to see to believe. >> reporter: low speed, high stakes. >> all over the paint, riding the shoulder, trying to get past the traffic.
7:17 am
the air, calling a dangerous game on the ground. >> he's not going to get very far. you can run but you can't hide. >> reporter: a notion the suspect would test, starting east of los angeles. police say the suspect kidnapped his girlfriend and their two young children, boys ages 1 and 5, heading south in a hummer. police pursuing, just not very fast. >> he's not breaking any speed records. >> reporter: the chase spanning multiple highways, a couple hours, 40 miles south through orange county. [ sirens ]. stops. the suspect on the phone with negotiators, handcuffs in the rear-view mirrors, hello kitty stickers on the window, before he's on the run again, finally coming to a stop. hours passed, tense moments. california highway patrolmen with guns drawn. the man opening the door, standing outside with the baby and going back in. the 5-year-old popping his head
7:18 am
then the suspect makes his move, sending the women and children around the vehicle and making a break for the hills. shots fired. [ gunshots ] but the man escapes. the search is on amid a sigh of relief. >> the woman and two children were not harmed. of course, police would like to have their man in custody, but this could have ended worse. and breaking news. swat teams searching a gated community near newport beach. they believe the suspect was seen near a home there. they're closing? >> steve, thank you very much. now to the white house where president obama awarded the highest military honor to a navy seal who participated in a daring rescue of an american hostage in afghanistan in 2012. edward byers is the first living, active duty member of the navy to receive the award in four decades. byers is a member of the navy's
7:19 am
d seal team 6. the president said it gives the american people a chance to get a glimpse of a special breed of warrior who often serves in the shadows. now to a frightening scene at a texas gas station caught on camera. this car comes barrelling into the picture, slams into the gas pump head on. the pump then burst into flames. the passenger jumps out of the car and runs away, while the driver tries to free other passengers from the backseat. everyone did get out okay, but it took firefighters two hours to get the flames under control. we still don't know what caused the driver to lose control in the first place. >> lucky people. >> yeah. mr. roker has more on the weather. >> out west, we have a big storm system bringing a lot of rain to the pacific northwest. northern california and southern california. we have a slight risk of storms through the southeast. plenty of sunshine through the plains. we'll look at the winter side of
7:20 am
we'll get to your amy: good morning central florida, i' m amy sweezey. we are starting off with a bit of sunshine and we will have just a few scattered clouds building into the afternoon.
7:21 am
>> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. coming up, erin andrews in tears on the stand in her $75 million civil trial, while the stalker opens up about how he secretly recorded her. we'll hear from both of them. plus, the big homecoming being planned as scott kelly returns to earth tonight after nearly a year on the international space station. first, on a tuesday morning,
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>> local, live, late-breaking, this is a wesh 2 news update. jazmin: good tuesday morning. i' m jazmin walker. brett: and i' m brett connolly. it' s 7:26. firefighters are keeping a close eye on a brush fire in volusia county. they came dangerously close to some buildings. the danger is moderate throughout central florida today. jazmin: a man known as the batman robert will face a judge today. he is accused of dressing up as batman and committing armed robber -- armed robbery. ted: we are covering a deadly car crash on i-95 south down in
7:28 am
traffic is being forced at mile marker 188. in lake county, u.s. 27 south, lanes blocked. you might have to use state road 33. amy: it really depends where you are, whether you want a jacket or sweater this morning. 51 in daytona beach. 53 in sanford. 56 in melbourne. high-pressure brings wind out of the south today. that means, between the south wind, and lots of morning sunshine, will be even warmer today than yesterday. a couple of clouds moving in this afternoon, like yesterday. partly sunny later on. look at these high temperatures. 80 degrees in ocala and the villages. 82 in sanford. tomorrow, a cold front on the way. it is very weak.
7:29 am
a brief sprinkle here and there. not really a cool down behind the front. our temperatures do not really drop, still at 80 on thursday. another front you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing...
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we're back at 7:30 on a tuesday morning. not just any tuesday. it's super tuesday. you're looking at video from moments ago. that is senator bernie sanders voting in his state of vermont this morning. find out what his fortunes are as the voting is calculated throughout the day.
7:31 am
of course, the primaries and caucuses being held in 12 states overall. 11 a piece in the democratic and republican races. a quarter of delegates are up for grabs tonight. hillary clinton and donald trump are e- heavily favored in every contest. trump sounding confident at a rally last night. >> you're going to look back on this night and say, in two years, three years, four years, in twenty years, this was an amazing evening. because it is a movement. >> the secret service is investigating this incident during a trump rally in virginia. take a look. you can see an agent slamming a photographer to the ground. the man claims he'd briefly left the press pen. in other videos, you can hear the photographer swearing at the agent before the physical altercation. at the supreme court, something we haven't seen or heard in a decade.
7:32 am
questions from the been ch nch since 2006. it was about a ban on the law for owning guns. erin andrews turning to the stand during her $75 million lawsuit. morgan radford is covering the trial for us. good morning. >> good morning, matt. today, erin andrews takes the stand for a second day in a row. this will be facing cross-examination from the hotel's legal team, who must prove that, one, this video was not their fault. that it was the sole responsibility of her stalker, michael barrett. and, two, this has not irreparably damaged her career. >> reporter: this morning, erin andrews returns to the stand to face cross-examination, questions from the lawyers for the hotel who she says was at fault. >> they called me and said, you're putting this man that requested to be next to you.
7:33 am
they could have stopped this. i'm so angry. so mad. >> reporter: in emotional testimony, andrews broke into tears numerous times on the stand as she told the jurors how the naked videos taken by michael barrett turned her life upside down. >> i was screaming, dad, i'm naked all over the internet. i felt so ashamed. i was so embarrassed. somebody sent me a still of the video to my twitter or someone screams something from the stands and i'm back to this. >> reporter: barrett appeared in two taped depositions. andrews left the courtroom before they were shown. barrett said he snuck past a maid, sawed off the peephole to her door and took video of her naked with his cell phone. >> why did you decide to do that? >> great question. >> i'd like to hear the answer. >> i would, too. i've thought about it over and
7:34 am
it was a huge, huge mistake in judgment. >> reporter: he says he feels horrible. >> i knew what i was doing was wrong. i knew it was a horrible thing. for her sake, and my sake, i knew that soon enough i'd be in huge trouble. >> reporter: erin's mother says the pain can't be undone. >> the hue miliation continues. the things that woman has had to hear breaks my heart. >> reporter: erin says her career is damaged and her life will never be the same. >> all i wanted to do was be respected. i wanted to be the girl next door that loves sports. now i'm the girl in the hotel scandal. >> erin andrews says espn forced her to do an interview about that ordeal. one she says continues to haunt her to this day. just over an hour, she'll first take questions from her defense team and then begin the cross-examination. >> morgan radford, thank you
7:35 am
let's turn to ari, chief legal correspondent. obviously, this testimony from andrews was powerful, emotional, wrenching. how does erin andrews overcome what the hotel is likely to say, which is, hey, it's awful what happened to you, but we have a bad actor who lied and deceived his way into the room next door to you. it's not our fault. >> the plaintiff's argument, they're going to make the case there were two groups at fault. obviously, the stalker who did this terrible, gross thing, but also a hotel that had the duty to its customers, that relates to this harm and personal security and safety, and they fell down on the job. >> the stalker, michael barrett, was not in the courtroom. this was taped testimony. a taped deposition that was played in court. erin andrews left while it was being played. did he say anything when he took the jurors through exactly how he accomplished this that, in your opinion, really hurts the hotel? >> what hurts the hotel is the idea that basically, this information was easy for someone
7:36 am
that didn't give her any warning. i think that came through loud and clear. there's plenty of people who are going to say, well, okay, but the hotel didn't do anything explicitly wrong. it didn't try to hurt her but, yet, it was clear that this guy, who doesn't come off as the most sophisticated or well-trained, he's not a security expert, was able to do this relatively easily. it's scary. >> meanwhile, you have her on the stand so emotionally. sympathetic, likely, to the jurors watching it. if you're the defense lawyer, it's your turn to cross-examine her today, what is your approach? >> to minimize the damages. not to say this wasn't terrible. it was heart wrenching to watch. her life and career was affected. she talked about watching this tape with the fbi and she vomited uncontrollably. that's how much she was shook. the only thing you do from the other side, the other lawyers say, look, $75 million is a lot
7:37 am
wrongful death suits pay out $3 million to $5 million. otherwise, i think people identify with her. >> thank you so much. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> thanks so much. we have the severe weather to talk about, but there is a winter side to this storm. as we've seen so many times this winter already, from madison, green bay, chicago, into detroit, we've got the possibility of snow. 31 million people at risk for snowy, wintry travel. this extends from iowa to maine. we're talking 1400 miles. here's the storm system pushing to the north. we look for snow from rockford to detroit. rain changes to snow as it moves to the east. tomorrow, we've got heavy snow through northern new york, northern new england. gusty winds here in the northeast. going to cause problems for air traffic. the snowfall amounts, heaviest amounts, 12 plus inches northern new england. northern new york state.
7:38 am
6 to 8 amy: good morning central florida, i' m amy sweezey. we are starting off with a bit of sunshine and we will have just a few scattered clouds building into the afternoon. amateurs will be warmer >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thanks. just ahead, a high school basketball team learns the hard way, you don't celebrate too early. wait until you see the wild finish to the championship. >> something happened after the dog pile? houston, we have a homecoming. astronaut scott kelly returning to earth tonight.
7:39 am
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we're back at 7:42. nasa is planning a very big homecoming celebration in houston as scott kelly prepares to return to earth late tonight. >> here's a guy who spent almost a full year on the international space station. a record for an american astronaut. nbc's tom costello covers nasa for us. good morning. >> good morning. scott kelly has turned over command of the space station to another astronaut after almost a year in space. he says he can't wait to jump into his pool back in houston. he's now spent more time in space than any other american astronaut. not just on this mission, but cumulatively. the question from nasa docs, what about the health effects?
7:44 am
earth orbits, nearly 11,000 sunsets. for nearly a year, scott kelly has floated 250 miles above the earth. >> probably almost half the time i've been here between sleeping and working on the computer, i've spent in basically a box the size of a phone booth. >> reporter: along the way, he's captured and tweeted breath-taking images of sunrising, massive weather systems, melting icecaps and a space suit selfie. he's also been the ideal test subject to evaluate the physical and emotional effects on long-duration space flight. because on the ground in tuscan is scott's twin brother mark, husband of gabby giffords. as a near genetic duplicate, researchers have been comparing scott to mark, critical if
7:45 am
and twins will be twins. it was mark who sent a gorilla suit into space for scott to terrorize other astronauts. but the science is serious stuff. >> they had an opportunity they've never had before. my brother and i are the only individuals, only siblings, that have ever flown in space. the fact we're twins gave them this unique opportunity to do some pretty substantial science. >> cover of "time" magazine. >> reporter: at his home in houston weeks before his mission began last year, i asked scott what he'd miss most. >> are you going to miss tacos? are you going to miss pizza? watering the lawn? what will you miss? >> i think what most people miss, what i missed last time, are the people that are important in your life. the relationships you have with people on the ground. >> reporter: from space, he says, that's still true. >> there's certainly, you know, a loss of connection with folks on the ground that you care for
7:46 am
>> reporter: still, after nearly 144 million miles, he says he's not climbing the walls. >> i could go another 100 days. i could go another year if i had to. >> reporter: no need. after 11 months in space, late tonight, scott kelly will finally be home. >> he'll get a very thorough medical exam. researchers say in the absence of gravity, bones become brittle, fluids move upwards and sometimes vision is affected, shifting toward farsightedness, something scott kelly said he's already experienced. when you add up his missions over the years, he'll have set the american record. 520 days in space. >> tom costello, thank you very much. we all remember the images of the astronauts getting off a capsule after three weeks and they were wobbly. >> i wonder how he'll feel. he'll be like, what'd i miss? carson, what did he miss?
7:47 am
hey, guys. this is social media, and scott kelly has been able to give us all a glimpse into what it's been like to be in space for a year. the sunrise pictures, all the cities lit up at night. we followed along with him as he celebrated holidays. this came from easter. here he is in the space station with a christmas tree. thanksgiving, his twin brother mark posted this. scott, gabby and i missed you at thanksgiving dinner. a big feast, rubbing it in. scott replied, not quite the same. over the months, we saw him take these wilted flowers and would send pictures of progress there. brought them back to life. beautiful shots there. scott's tweet as he prepared last night. earth, i'm coming for you tomorrow. station. we look forward to a safe return for him tonight. >> big sacrifice, great service.
7:48 am
coming up, wow, chris jend kris jenner
7:49 am
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>> local, live, late-breaking, this is a wesh 2 news update. brett: good morning. i' m brett connolly. jazmin: and i' m jazmin walker. time now is 7:56. breaking news on i-95. ted: a deadly crash with an ejection just south of the pineda causeway extension period now, one lane of travel is open. tulane still blocked. slow there, people stopping to take a look at it. elsewhere, a backup year. lake county, south louisa road, southbound lanes blocked. use 33 to get around that one. a crash on obt using -- including a pedestrian at washington. amy:
7:58 am
55 in daytona beach. still cool in ocala, boomer at 39 earlier. we will keep climbing until we get to the higher 70' s and 80 today. 82 in orlando. 78 today in melbourne. tomorrow, a cold front on the way. it will not make us call. it is pretty weak. a few isolated sprinkles. some cloud cover. we will still stay warm. on the seven-day forecast, we stay at 80 right through
7:59 am
79 o spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me take a mountain of beads, an ocean of screaming fans, boatloads of shrimp, an ice cold coca-cola, and you've got florida's biggest party.
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thru april 16th. grab a coke and get up to three months free on any annual pass. you'll enjoy amazing mardi gras concerts at universal studios. plus fun in both universal theme parks. so grab an annual pass and catch all the fun of universal orlando's mardi gras. it's 8:00 on "today". coming up, too much stuff. >> wow. oh, my goodness. there is not much room to move. >> natalie takes us inside the home of a hoarder and explains why some people can't help themselves. plus, two big stars are about to light up studio 1a. tina fey stops by to talk about
8:01 am
in her new take on war film. >> we need people to fill the void in afghanistan. you folks here are all the unmarried, childless personnel in the bureau. kim, are you going to be joining in? >> the travel or the crying? >> then we'll catch up with jenter jen ter jennifer lopez on vegas and her new show. today, tuesday, march 1st, 2016. >> nursing students on spring break. hi, mom! >> spring break from the university of florida. go gators! >> celebrating my retirement from the university of oklahoma.
8:02 am
>> i don't think we're in kansas anymore. >> celebrating our second anniversary from dallas, texas! >> hi, mom! >> morning, everybody. welcome back. what a crowd. that was carson giving a big "whoo." do it again. >> whoo. >> march 1st, everybody. >> favorite sound. >> i love that sound. >> all right. we've got a great crowd on the plaza. a lot coming up. coming up, march can be a great time to score deals if you know what to look for. we've got your buyer's guide for the entire month coming up. first, let's get a check of the morning's top stories. we have sheinelle in for natalie who is on assignment. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are looking to cement their front runner status with super tuesday voting in 12 states. today's biggest prize is texas.
8:03 am
houston. >> donald trump is hitting a new high nationally. 40% in our new nbc/surveymonkey online poll. rubio in second and cruz in third there. you can see a live look at one location in roanoke, virginia. trump looks ready to dominate all the states except one, here in texas, where ted cruz leads and needs to win. he and rubio are teaming up to try to slow trump down. both of them pushing trump to reveal more about an off the record conversation he had with the "new york times" in which trump reportedly implied he might back off his tough immigration stance. trump saying everything is negotiable but building a border wall is not. he's on defense about his comments on the kkk and under fire after a secret service agent body slammed a reporter at a rally in virginia. all of this as hillary clinton takes aim. she's focusing more on trump
8:04 am
bernie sanders, as he hopes to hang on on this super tuesday. clinton maintaining her lead in our new poll as we head into a big political day. >> never a dull moment. thank you. the state department released the final batch of e-mails from the private server hillary clinton used while secretary of state. monday's release of 3800 documents contained more than 250 that had been upgraded to secret and confidential. however, none were marked as classified at the time they were originally sent. fourteen agers are teenagers are recovering after a shooting at a school in cincinnati, ohio. a boy opened fire in a cafeteria. two boys were shot but are expected to recover. another boy and girl were recovered either from scrappal
8:05 am
they think they know the motive but haven't released it. an amazing sight during a drive in scotland. watch the left-hand side of your screen. white lights up the sky. it was apparently a meteor streaking to earth. people saw the sky show but only one captured it on camera. a wild finish at a high school basketball championship game in rhode island. a few seconds left on the clock, the team in the white jerseys, down by one, need a quick basket. a player on the other team steals the ball. thinking the game was sealed, he throws the ball into the air. a chariho player caught it and called time-out. chariho gets one more chance. lay-in. chariho wins by one. a game neither side will ever forget. can you imagine? >> premature celebration there. >> little premature. one second. >> sheinelle, thank you.
8:06 am
thrill of victory. only one actually was the victor. coming up next, a bump in the road for driverless cars. the accident one of google's creations just caused. plus, who wouldn't want to be on the "tonight show"? why steve martin was singing a protest song last night. on compelling compulsions, an inside look at hoarding and the heartbreaking impact it can have on you can help prevent blindness in undernourished children all over the world. when you get your vitamins at walgreens, you help give life-changing vitamins to kids across the globe. get vitamins here. change lives everywhere. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. we wonerere. and here. and here. here. and here.
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let your eyes decide. everything. 8 :09. a lot of people outside on a beautiful day in the northeast. great time to trend. >> love to trend. >> let's do it. >> have you ever been in a good mood? >> no. >> gone to work and then ran into the debbie downer and then
8:10 am
caught their bad attitude like a cold? it's not in your head. there is a scientific term. it's monday morning with matt lauer. >> yeah, yeah. >> just kidding. >> that is not nice. >> i know. i couldn't resist. >> long way to go for that. >> impressive. >> you will see tuesday morning with matt lauer in a second. >> it's called emotional con contagion. it happens instantly. milliseconds. in fact, scientists say it's easier to catch their bad mood than cold or flu. the more expressive someone is, the more likely you are to notice that expression and mimic it. >> what's the other way? >> can the opposite happen? >> that's what i was thinking. actually, you put me in a good mood every day. >> that's very nice but not going to work. too late. but i will say also, sometimes if i'm in a really bad mood and someone is in an overly good mood, it makes you feel worse. >> that's true. >> i tend to do that to people. >> hey! >> how long does it take to fly
8:11 am
>> 5 hours, 48 minutes. >> you do it a lot. >> what if it lasts as long as a "star wars" movie, two and a half hours? it could be reality now that nasa is trying to revive the super sonic jet. partnering with lockheed martin to develop an aircraft that exceeds the speed of sound. costs $20 million in development over the next year or so. remember, the last super sonic jet retired back in 2003, grounded after complaints over sky-high costs and the loud takeoffs and landings. if they can create a jet without the boom, i wonder if people will -- >> did you fly on it? >> i did. >> how was it? >> quick. >> do you feel the speed? >> not really. you felt a little, like someone knocked the back of your chair, and then you're gone. you're going. >> it's kind of cramped. >> narrow, too. it had to be so it could go super sonic. >> i would never fly that. too cramped. >> you expect it.
8:12 am
new york before you left. >> didn't you say they also had a limb o picking you up? >> little bit of a 1% issue there. >> thanks for bringing that up. >> okay. moving from super sonic jets to cars that travel at 2 miles an hour. that's the speed of google's self-driving car. something unprecedented happened. there have been 17 accidents so it wasn't there but a crash happened on valentine's day in california. a lexus suv struck a slow-moving bus. no injuries. >> oooh-nn o! >> the driver doesn't take responsibility because there's no driver. >> now kris jenner's thoughts on
8:13 am
why steve martin doesn't want to be on the "tonight show" while he's on the "tonight show." kris jenner is played in the moviely selma blair. she was close friends with nicole brown simpson. on the ellen show, kris talks about the friendship. >> like we failed her as a friend. you go through this and sis discover things about somebody and it was horrible. >> did o.j. try to reach out to you at all? >> right after, yeah. he called me a few times. you know, wanted to talk and explain how he felt. it was very difficult because my ex-husband was on one side and, you know, i was kind of on the other. the kids were in the middle. >> kris has a lot more to say about the situation. you can see the interview today on "ellen." we'll move on to "the voice." yes! what an awesome premiere. >> what a great show. >> we told you about the former
8:14 am
she got all four coaches to spin the chairs. we showed you her performance last week but didn't reveal the coach she went with. here's your answer. i'm going back someday >> who do you pick as your coach? >> i pick christina. >> christina was the last to turn around. >> listen, christina has a great, great team. she could be the first female coach winner. it's early but she had a good night. finally, steve martin was scheduled to be a guest on jimmy fallon's show but when they opened the curtain, steve wasn't anywhere to be found. backstage, steve explained why. >> i got no more material, i
8:15 am
i used up all my stories when i was in my 40s but now i'm 52 years old and i don't want to do this show now i must go out there and sit in the velvet chair ask him about his wife and kids and pretend i care i don't care no one cares no one cares >> eventually, steve did go out there, and he joined jimmy on stage to promote his new broadway musical, "bright star." great steve martin. what a great moment. that is your pop start for today. >> really good musician. >> thank you. mr. roker? >> it is super tuesday. there's a lot of voting going on. you look at the states all across the country. most are going to get by without a lot of problems. we start off in new england. all in all, not a bad one. clear skies, clounds
8:16 am
dry in massachusetts. tennessee and alabama, storms. most of the day, dry in the mid-atlantic states. here's the big problems. texas, oklahoma, arkansas, afternoon storms, clearing skies later in the day. in the plains, clear from business bismarck and st. paul. peeks of sun and a few snow showers across the southern p amy: good morning central florida, i' m amy sweezey. we are starting off with a bit of sunshine and we will have just a few scattered clouds building into the afternoon.
8:17 am
>> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. on this super tuesday, we turn to a major theme of the presidential campaign. anger. >> even in states where things are going pretty well, voters are still angry. why? tom brokaw has been looking into that for us. good to see you. >> good to see you, gang. the more i thought about it, the more i realized that this all began on one of the worst days in american history. >> reporter: this all started on 9/11 when america became a different country. a surprise attack that shattered our sense of security. >> america has been attacked, and it has been changed. >> reporter: the war against iraq went disastrously wrong. no weapons of mass destruction. the hussein army became part of isis, while american forces paid a heavy price. at home, banks and wall street grew america into a great recession, with a housing scam.
8:18 am
big short." >> fraud never, ever worked. eventually, things go south. when the hell did we forget all that? >> reporter: wall street was bailed out, but the working and middle classes lost jobs and confidence in government. >> i'm doing everything i'm supposed to. just because they're not doing what they're supposed to do, it leaves me almost homeless. >> reporter: president obama promised change, but he initiated a blue state agenda. health care overhaul. same-sex marriage and met gop opposition. >> you lie! >> reporter: congressional republicans were not interested in negotiation or compromise. they had their own problems with the tea party. the rich, 1% of the country, got richer. while the working and middle class were stuck in neutral or reverse. the college kids ran up big debt.
8:19 am
escalated. young american warriors, less than 1% of the population, went back again and again. >> we have at least 20 victims. >> reporter: then terrorism came home. this time in california. while in small towns and big cities, police race became a brew, things seemed to be broken. >> it needs fixing. that work is underway. what goes on beneath the dome and in the rest of washington, that will take longer, and it won't be solved with rhetoric alone. >> of course, one of the sad things about this campaign on both sides is that there is a deliberate attempt to stir the anger even more, so it begins to feed on itself. >> i love the perspective there, tom. we talk about that anger so much and have over the past six months. to go back and look at the roots of it is eye-opening. >> i really do -- i had to think
8:20 am
it did. i think it affect td country in a way we didn't appreciate at the time. it was the hyperpatriotism. instead of going together, we went in separate directions. how we get out of that, it's not going to happen in this campaign. >> all of that happening in relatively short period of time, as well. >> it did. and as matt said at the beginning, there are so many good stories in the country. so many states are doing well. new hampshire and iowa, under 3% unemployment. it's inexplicable. >> well done, tom. thank you very much. >> thank you. turn now to our special series, compelling compulsions. this morning we're taking a look at hoarding. questioning how common it is. natalie is out in los angeles with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, guys. savannah, you asked how common is it? the answer may shock you. up to 5% of the population suffers from this disorder. that is a hoarder in 1 out of
8:21 am
left untreated, it can become very dangerous. not only for suffererers, but also for their families and communities. >> oh, my. wow. oh, my goodness. there is not much room to move. i don't want to step on this. wow. >> watch your footing. >> reporter: this was my first time visiting the home of a hoarder. >> she sleeps in this little area right here? that's it? >> little three-foot space, maybe. >> not a lot of cooking happening here. >> no way. >> reporter: it was hard to believe someone could even live in this situation. >> can you imagine living not only in this space, but being a neighbor, or living under it? there's a lot of health and side effects that come with this. >> yes. >> other than just for the people living here. >> reporter: cory is a hoarder expert. his business has specialized in cleaning hoarder households for the last 20 years. he was hired by these
8:22 am
and her son, to help change their lives. >> how does someone get to this point? >> there's always a trigger with hoarding, and it seems like post trauma, death, divorce, as simple as children moving away and going to college can create voids. they're truly filling voids. >> how do you know when you're somebody who likes to collect things to, i have a problem? >> the easier way we define it is when you lose functionality. there's a lot of collectors. people collect all types of things. when you lose functionality of rooms, can't sleep in your bed, can't cook at your kitchen, can't sit on the dining room table, we've lost functionality. >> you were a paramedic. that's how you initially got into this? >> having to come into homes like this to get people out or, as a firefighter, too, coming in and trying to put a fire out and trying to find someone. seeing people burn up in these homes is very common and it's sad and tragic. it's such a small place. they think they can get out. >> reporter: the homeowners gave us permission to be there, but wish to remain anonymous.
8:23 am
hoarders know, they're not alone. judy knows this firsthand. her sparseless furnished apartment is that way intention gnatly. ally. she wrote a memory, "white walls." >> what was it like for you glow growing up in the home of a hoarder? >> i felt i was drowning in her disorder. growing up with my mother's piles of stuff, i felt locked from her, physically, but also emotionally, too. when i was very young, i have memories of, you know, i had a nightmare. it was actually hard to get to her in the night because there was so much stuff on her bed with her. >> reporter: judy's mother was a polish refugee, the daughter of a holocaust survivor. >> i do think that some of her
8:24 am
a desire to create a nest for herself, some safety. hanging on to whatever is there. >> reporter: judy brought us to montreal to meet her mom, who bravely allowed us into her home, where she clearly still suffers from the disorder. >> i do not know. rationally, it doesn't make any sense. you know, this place is full of junk. i know that. but from a need to control to give a reason for having spent the money, i cannot control it. >> where is the control? >> it's elusive. it's not there. there is a great fear that people will despise me and i'll be left with nothing and no family. i don't know how to respond to that. >> reporter: judy's mother tried
8:25 am
it's evident her pain and shame run deep. >> maybe i can make up for the shame i've caused you all these years. i am so sorry. i'm so sorry. >> as you see, it's just heartbreaking. in 2013, hoarding became a recognized psychiatric diagnosis. now people can get counseling and therapies for it, and they can also seek insurance coverage. judy's mom did not want us to use her name but we want to thank her for being so brave to allow us in with our family rahs s -- cameras and see how this is affecting her. >> i think a lot of people will relate to that. it took a lot of courage from her. >> appreciate it. we have more information on hoarding at tomorrow in our series, we'll tell you about a young man who is so obsessed with counting calories, he lost half of his body weight. that is tomorrow on "today".
8:26 am
coming up, we have jennifer lopez and tina fey, both live in our studio. we'll catch up with them right
8:27 am
announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is a wesh 2 news update. jazmin: good tuesday morning, i' m jazmin walker. brett: i' m brett connolly. we have a major issue on i-95. ted noah has more. ted: breaking news i-95, covering this all morning south round, a deadly car crash just pass the pineda causeway extension period it has been causing a backup northbound and southbound. two lanes are blocked on the southbound side just beyond mile marker 188. a two and a half mile backup. a problem in brevard county, courtenay parkway has the lanes blocked near cain -- kingsway. use tropical trail. amy: plenty of sunshine to start
8:28 am
we are up to 60 now in melbourne and orlando. 65 in daytona beach and 46 degrees in palm coast. we will keep climbing into the upper 70' s and lower 80' s is afternoon with lots of sunshine this morning. wind coming out of the south, fairly light. we will make it to 82 in orlando and 80 in daytona beach. we have a cold front on the way tomorrow and that is pretty weak. it will not make it cold, it will probably not bring any rain. an isolated sprinkle as possible. behind it, not a big blast of cold air. that means we are staying in the 80' s right through thursday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
nt we're back now. 8:30 on this tuesday morning. super tuesday 2016.
8:31 am
states voting today, get out and do your constitutional, civic duty. >> coming up, you want stars? we have stars. tina fey is here, going to war in her new movie. we'll talk to her about that. she was at the oscars the other night. we'll hear about her night coming up. >> and jenny is on our block. jennifer lopez, that is. she's made her way to studio 1a. we have a lot to talk about. her n bc show, " the end of idol, las vegas, we'll cover it all. >> looking beautiful all the time. tina and jennifer, incredible. first, it is super tuesday. if you want to latest on the presidential race any time, nbc news has a new app, it's a tool that'll give you complete candidate information. the headlines and poll data, political trivia.
8:32 am
app, and search away. we want to hear your birthday ideas. sign up at team. i did mine last week. mr. roker? >> today, we have a risk of strong storms down the gulf coast and southeast. we have windy, wet weather makes its way through the pacific northwest. high surf advisories in southern california. they had morning fog the last few mornings. tomorrow, we've got more rain and snow up through the great lakes. some rain and thunderstorms down through florida. plenty of sunshine. southwest, more rain in the pacific northwest and gulf coast states looking good. that's what's going on aroin amy: good morning central florida, i' m amy sweezey. we are starting off with a bit of sunshine and we will have just a few scattered clouds
8:33 am
amateurs will be warmer >> and that is your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you so much. from "snl" to 30 rock, laugh out loud movies and award shows, tina fey charmed all kinds of audiences. in "whiskey tango foxtrot," she plays a journalist adjusting to life in afghanistan with help from a fellow reporter. >> you're like, what, six or seven in new york? >> yeah. >> you were nine, borderline ten. >> what are you here, like a 15? >> yeah. >> huh. >> tina fey, good morning. >> morning. >> i love that scene. >> nothing like a hotness scale. >> you're better over here because there's no women here.
8:34 am
there's cute and then there is kabul cute. >> you're a 4 at home, ship out, you're a 10 and go home, you're a 4. >> you play this journalist in tv news but in a life rut and decides, i'll go to afghanistan. >> yeah. it's a time when there was a shortage of journalists when the war in afghanistan was being outshadowed by the war in iraq. they were like, anyone who wants to go with go. this woman thinks she's going for three months and stays for three years and kind of changes her life in the process. story. there's a book by a chicago tribune reporter, kim barker. the "new york times" review of the book says she depicts herself as a tina fey character who finds herself addicted to the adrenaline rush of war. was that a light bulb, like, i know who could play tina fey? >> it is embarrassing to say book. then i read it afterwards and it was funny, smart and well-written.
8:35 am
>> it's cute. what does that mean, tina fey character? >> like a slob. eats poorly and doesn't comb her hair, i think. >> it's a military setting. you're shooting guns, hanging out with soldiers. did you like that? >> i did. i got to fly in a helicopter. flew in a huey with no, you know, doors on the side. it was really cool and exciting. i fired an ak-47, which a lot of guy friends of mine was like, was that awesome? i was like, it's fine. >> i thought you caught the bug and you'd be in terminate or 4 or something like that. >> yeah. >> it's a war movie, funny but it's not a ha ha movie. >> it's a human story about people getting addicted to the adrenaline lifestyle. the journalists get there and work in intense environments all day and cut loose and party all night.
8:36 am
>> i love the title, by the way. "whiskey tango foxtrot." >> military speak for wtf. there. >> like the oscars, a scroll can come across, what it means. there. >> yeah. insane, chaotic atmosphere that people cope with. >> did you have fun at the oscars? >> as much fun as you can have being, like, up high and -- >> that's what i was going to is squ. ask. first of all, there was a nice article about your outfit. it said, tina fey literally slayed. i was like, is that what you were going for, literal slaying? >> i'm going for it every minute and always failing. >> am i slaying now? am i slaying from this angle? but is it fun or is it like a suck in your gut night? >> it's both. it is fun. to get literally with people stepping on a suitcase, get me
8:37 am
>> we always run into each other in the gym on golden globes morning. i'm getting the doughnuts and you're in your cute outfit. >> workout with natalie and al. >> actually, that was natalie's story and i stole it. let's talk about the political season. >> okay. >> do you have a special phone that's like red and it's lauren michaels saying, i need you to come in. we have palin in the news again? >> it's a regular phone. when i saw the endorsement happening, i texted them and need me. blizzard. >> that's right. >> hammond, who we live across from each other in new york, we had to break the law to come down in the blizzard. >> yeah. then go home. >> it's the jacket sold out.
8:38 am
people. richards built that bead by bead. >> in a blizzard. >> i don't know where they got the beads. >> super tuesday, are you going to watch the results tonight? >> well, we have the premiere of the movie tonight, but it's super tuesday. >> i love that. thank you for caring. don't go to the premiere. we're on lester. me and chuck. he has his telestrator. >> exactly. >> does it make you miss the update desk? >> it's a weird, ugly election this year. it's a tricky one. i don't envy them. >> a lot of material. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. love the movie. "whiskey tango foxtrot" opens in theaters nationwide on friday. up next, mega-star jenter low -- jennifer lopez is here.
8:39 am
8:40 am
that's part of the reason. all right.
8:41 am
only jennifer lopez. she's juggling a lot right now. judging the farewell season of "american idol," extending dates for her las vegas residency, "all i have," and serving as a star and executive producer in "shades of blue." >> i'm not holding a man hostage. >> this doesn't feel right, but the best thing to do to help him is get him talking. >> he'll talk when he feels safe. >> where is safe? these people kidnapped him. you don't think they'll pay him another visit? if he's a dead end, we blew our only lead and your cover. harlee, listen, i'm not going to leave you alone for a second. i don't want anything to happen, okay? >> we're very happy to say that "shades of blue" was picked up for a second season on nbc. >> it was. >> jennifer, congratulations. >> thank you. >> executive producer and actor. >> yes. >> what was the mood like on the set when the word came down that
8:42 am
>> everybody was thrilled. everybody is so happy. we have a great cast, you know, with ray and all the actors on the show. great crew behind the scenes, as well. we're excited. >> for people who haven't seen the show yet, harlee is not your typical cop. she's a bit of a bad girl who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. >> she gets in trouble. >> yet, she's still a cop. >> yeah, she's a cop. listen, she's human first, you know what i mean? i think that's what the piece is about. the piece is about humanity. it's about, you know, human nature. how we can -- it's easy to slide down the slippery slope when you just, you know -- even with great intentions, trying to do the right thing. trying to do the right thing. >> people confronted with a choice in an instant, do they make the right choice or the wrong choice? >> they think they are. that's the crazy part. even if you know, this is pushing the lines of what is morally right or ethically
8:43 am
you'll make the choice if it means survival or saving your family or anything like that. >> i was reading all you have going on right now last night when i was thinking about doing this xhausted looking at it. >> this is why i'm sleepy. >> are you the person, generally speaking, not to put you on the couch here -- >> go ahead. >> do you fear if you slow down, the world will pass you by? >> there is a little bit of fomo, fear of missing out. i had that when i was little. do you remember moments like this when you were lying in bed and you heard the grown-ups in the next room and you wanted to be out there? you're like, what are they doing? is there a party going on? can i -- >> now you're one of the grown-ups worrying about what the people in the other room are saying. >> i love my work. i really do. i enjoy it. it fulfills me. it really is something that -- i just love creating. all of it. i did take on a lot last year,
8:44 am
have. >> a lot of irons in the fire. >> but it was great say no to. >> and it seems when one of the irons cools, the other heats up. here, we have second season of "shades of blue" at the same to an end. >> yes. >> i've watched you on that show over the years and i think it changed you as a person. is that too much of a stretch? >> i don't think it changed me as a person as much as it let people know who i really was. >> because you were able to share things? >> because it was the first time, you know, you wouldn't see me in a movie, playing a role, doing the j.lo, you know, music thing. where i'm singing and playing that type of -- not playing that character but being that person. but actually showing me as a human being. the person who, you know, loves music and is very emotional. you never got to see that before. i always felt like people were getting that from me but i realized they hadn't. they saw me speak for myself and be myself on a show.
8:45 am
loves music. you've got a show out in las vegas that you even said to me is hard. >> it is. >> you created a show that is really hard to do. sometimes you must think, why didn't i just put a microphone in the stage and a chair? >> i could just stand here and sing. i could be on a stool right now. i created it thinking, okay, this section will be like this. it'll be really high energy. this section will be this. when i did them back to back and realized i had seven or eight sections and they were all really high energy, i was like, what the heck am i doing? you know what? it's a crazy, energetic show and people are appreciating it and it warms my heart and makes me happy. >> lastly, where do you hide the machine? >> what machine? >> the time machine. seriously, every time you come here, especially the women on the staff say, how is it possible she looks better today than perhaps 10, 15 years ago? >> i guess i've grown into myself a little bit. you know what i mean?
8:46 am
yourself out a little bit. now, i kind of feel comfortable with who i am. >> i want one hour with the time machine, whatever you have. i want one hour with it. >> thank you. >> you look great. >> you're sweet. thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> you can catch "shades of blue" thursday night, 10:00/9:00 central on nbc. jennifer will be back with kathie lee and hoda. if you have a question for her, and it's particularly nice, go to their facebook page or tweet us using the #j.lo today. up next, scoring deals. five things you should look to buy in march. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> you're the best. thank you so much. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'.
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for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin . because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more
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welcome back. it's the first day of march. there are bargains to be had. with a low down on the best sales of the month, we have our tech contributor. i love when you come and say,
8:49 am
year where it's good to buy certain things. >> that's right. we're going to start with travel. believe it or not, it's a great time to travel. the reason is, the busy holiday season has passed. this is right before the busy summer vacation season. right now, we're seeing celebrity deals of 15% to 40% off on certain sites like expedia, travago and you can go to seattle, atlantic city, even abroad to london or jamaica. >> are there blackout dates? >> you have to look at the websites and make sure you're looking and finding what you need. read the fine print. it's a good time to book something. >> actually, the next item, good time to buy luggage. >> if you're looking for an upgrade, the time is now. a lot of these big box stores we're seeing savings of up to 50%. we have great deals at jm cpenney and may see cy's.
8:50 am
>> small electronics, like digital cameras and stuff? >> when you're on vacation and want to take a picture of what you're seeing and doing, so it's a great time to buy digital cameras and go pros. also good deals on tvs. this might have to deal with the fact that the consumer electronic show was in january. they're trying to get rid of the older models. up to $300 off cameras. up to $100 off of personal tablets. up to $300 off a tv. you can get these deals at sears,, best buy and walmart. >> those things don't go on sale often. >> you have to get them when they're hot. >> on your trip, you'll be bejewelled. >> you want to be blinged out. >> like my boot, yeah. >> obviously, valentine's day is the time of year where people buy jewelry. thankfully, there's overstock in march. we're seeing up to 75% off of jewelry.
8:51 am
like sears and macy's. zales also has deals, along with kays. but there are fine print, but you can get fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. >> so the last one, frozen food. really? that's random. >> i kind of love it. >> me, too. i love my broccoli florets. >> all things frozen are on sale. the reason is, it's national frozen food month all of march. some of your favorite brands will be deeply discounted. this is the time of year to stock up on frozen foods because you can save them a really long time. go to and you can get even more promotions. try new food or stock up on the staples right now. >> lasts forever. i don't see ice cream on the list. >> definitely on sale in march. >> thank you. >> thank you.
8:52 am
when, how, the fine print on today pont this is "today" on nbc. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love...
8:53 am
and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. 8:53. you know what time it is? time to find out who is celebrating a birthday. >> you bet. we have great folks to introduce you to. mr. bill hannig, 100th birthday. mountaineer from wheeling, west virginia.
8:54 am
hopefully you, mr. lauer. >> thank you. >> ms. viola of new york is 100 years old. sweet lady who volunteers at her local hospital more than 50 years. alice from pennsylvania enjoys cooking and spending time with family. join our food team. and harold nelson in colorado, 101, a veteran, thank you, sir. he enjoys fishing and goes to the slot machines. puts fish in the slot machines. unbelievable. and francis, 100 years old, from massachusetts, purple heart recipient. married for 74 glorious years. that is fantastic. >> wow. >> happy 100th birthday to juliet juliette raymond has 24 great grandkids.
8:55 am
somebody, please include their name, pictures and also the anniversaries of 75 years or more. go to >> that's cool. thank you very much. who knows what's coming up next hour? >> i'm not doing the next hour. >> anyone doing the next hour? >> i am. we have spring cleaning secrets. we're going to tell you how to do the best spring cleaning. we've got great gadgets and gizmos for the spring, as well. >> i love gadgets and gizmos. >> i know. i can't have gadgets without gizmos. >> by the way, i saw chips and nacho cheese dip. what's that all about? >> i don't know. but i will find out. >> sounds good.
8:56 am
announcer: local, live, late breaking.
8:57 am
brett: good morning, i' m brett connolly. jazmin: i' m jazmin walker. spacex will make its fourth attempt to launch a falcon nine rocket from kate and avril today. leaders are aiming to lift off at 6:35. the third launch was scrubbed on sunday. the rocket will carry a satellite into orbit. ted: two lanes close on i-95 southbound by the high need a causeway extension. a deadly car crash involved ejection much earlier in the morning still under investigation. use u.s. one is your alternate. both directions are slow. courtenay parkway northbound lanes blocked near kingsway. use tropical trail. in lake county, southbound u.s. 27 south -- at lake louisa. use u.s. 33. amy: lots of sunshine, look at how our temperatures have reacted to that. 68 in melbourne, 66 in orlando,
8:58 am
we will keep timing today into the upper 70' s and lower 80' s. with all this morning sun, wind coming out of the south will be even warmer than yesterday making it to 82 in orlando. 80 daytona beach and 78 melbourne. we will see classes afternoon. partly sunny and tomorrow we will have clouds as a cold front comes through. it is pretty weak, i don' t expect a lot of rain. maybe some isolated sprinkles. behind the front this week, we won' t get a big significant cool down. we will still be at 80 degrees on thursday. another front comes through friday. have a tuesday. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
8:59 am
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>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new action-thriller, "london has fallen," gerard butler. and a cooking lesson from teigen. plus, we'll take a look back at our big after-oscar show. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by


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