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tv   Today  NBC  March 18, 2016 10:00am-10:59am EDT

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this morning on "today's take," our good friend brooke shields is back to help us kick co-host. break out the windex from "my big fat greek wedding 2" star john corbett. tacos. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today".
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we have a nice spring vibe on the plaza today, don't we? inside studio 1a, i'm willie with al, natalie and tamron, are on assignment, and we have brooke shields with us all morning. happy you're here. >> love your jam. >> bob marley. >> i thought it was appropriate and fun. >> spring vibe. >> yeah. >> it's all happening here. it's all happening. >> it's all happening right here, yeah. >> literally, you have so much going on. >> yes, i've been busy. >> i'm surprised you found time to sit down and hang out with us. you have so many projects in the works. episodes of "when calls the heart." the first episode airs sunday, april 3rd. >> the fun part of that is the period because it's pioneer. you ride horses and play poker and -- >> swear? >> it's the hallmark channel. >> don't do that.
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and murdered with lots of blood. >> nudity. >> so much sex on the hallmark channel, it's unbelievable. >> i'm sure this is making the hallmark channel very happy you're saying all this. >> they trust me. they have another channel, which is a movies and mysteries channel. >> right. >> that, i'm doing very many movies. i've just completed the third one. >> you entered one of the 1940s mgm deals. you sign with a studio for life. >> then they get you to do everything else. >> sure, why not? >> then they just trot you out. >> now that they have you in there. >> what's nice about it is, a, it's very much like "murder she wrote," in that vain. it's so lovely to do this type of programming. people enjoy it. i do joke about, there's a murder every week in our sweet little town. it's amazing. >> people are dropping like flies.
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in new chapel. it's on the mystery channel. >> snipped in the bud, get it? >> i own a flower shop, so it's mysteries. used to be a lawyer and now i have just a flower shop and can't help myself -- >> are you a gardner in real life? >> i'm learning to be. so no, no. we grow tomatoes. >> okay, that's a smart. >> basel. >> let's take a look. snipped in the bud, sunday, june 5th at 9:00 p.m. >> detective. carson howell and i had a twisty history that stretched from law school into our professional lives. let me tell you, he's not a good man. not a good guy. a total womanizer. not me, my friends. yes, i lost an important case to him and, yes, i did bring all of that up when i saw him that day,
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to kill the man. look at me. happy scissor hands. i'm going to put that there. >> that's good stuff. >> that's comedy. >> fun. they're allowing us to be funny, which is slightly differentiating our hour of mystery wheel, what they call them, from others. there is a lot of humor. i get to play like that, which is my favorite thing to do. >> i would think there would be room for a couple of cameos for a couple of -- >> i think there is, actually. >> did you see our work in "kung fu panda 3." >> perhaps you've heard. we were cousins, i think. >> that's right. yeah, you get dim, i'm sorry. >> you'll see our work. >> you're doing an indie film?
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we shoot this summer. well, in may. it's about this really incredible little girl. i play her mother. i don't want to spoil it too much, but she -- i pass away. >> oh, okay. >> in the first couple minutes. no, and the little girl doesn't tell anybody. so she tries to live her life without anybody knowing that her mom is passed away. >> you're still in the house? >> i don't want to ruin it. it's actually so beautiful and such a -- the little girl, her name is sterling, she is so sweet. the relationship that she has with her mother through poetry and through her mother's photography, it's a really beautiful -- it's a nice contrast, to go from what i'm doing now to go into this dramatic -- >> when does that come out? >> i think a year. >> indie. >> great gig. most of the movies you're
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>> i'm mummified. no, it's not about her death. >> no. it's a celebration. >> yes. it's all about their life together prior to her being dead. this is not coming out right. >> fantastic. >> it'll be great. >> it'll be sweet. >> hallmark channel, tons of nudity. >> i've been up in northern ontario. it is so cold. we've lost -- i mean, not deaths -- but we've had cast and crew members get frostbite of the lungs. did you know that was possible? >> that's a thing. >> never heard of it. >> the air is so cold out there. so unbelievably cold up there. we're going to try to shoot in the summer. >> of course. >> tape heating things all over me. it's hard to concentrate. >> you survived that, we have amazing survival stories here. >> incredible. >> first, oakland park, florida, a man and woman escaped injury.
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the front of a pizza parlor yesterday. >> wow. >> here's what the couple remembered from that very moment. >> all i remember is being pinned up against the counter and between the counter and the car. then the people trying to drag me out. >> the only thing i see is me going to the floor, the car coming past me and him being slammed against the wall. >> amazingly, he suffered only bruises and cuts, as you could see. she had 11 staples in her arm. officials say the driver lost control of the vehicle. >> you think so? >> he said that she was really hungry for pizza. >> more elderly woman. we don't know what happened there. >> usually what these are. >> at what point -- >> at what point does a license get taken away? >> or retested, to make sure you're competent. >> the young man, evidently, said all he could think of was saving his fiance. he shoved her out of the way and he was the one pinned. >> amazing. dog owner reunited. we had this story.
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fisherman reunited with his dog yesterday. nick hayworth thought he lost luna after she fell overboard five weeks ago. nothing. you'd think, she's gone. luna swam ashore and was found by the u.s. navy. obviously, nick, very, very happy to get luna back. >> i was overwhelmed with joy. i honestly was the happen nest iest i've ever been. to have my best friend back was really nice. >> the dog swam to another island and lived off of fish and water. >> wow. >> amazing. >> for five weeks? >> five weeks. >> unbelievable. there is another type of survival which i'm still trying to do, which is the survival of parenthood. jennifer garner gave seth meyers, dad to be, some advice. >> everyone gives you so much advice, right?
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>> there are experts out there. >> yeah. >> as much as you think, i'm going to follow what this person says, i'm going to read this book and i'll have this birth plan, it's not up to you, dude. >> did you read the books? matter. let it go. you're going to struggle. for everyone else. >> right? >> based on what you've told me, i can go back to my wife, who me -- >> she can't help it. god bless her. you don't say that to her. >> okay, cool. >> don't say that to her. >> i stopped saying anything to her. >> yeah, i'm so glad you mentioned that. i would never do that to you, no. treat this with caution. be very, very careful. just know in your head, this is all going to go to hell in a hand basket. >> she's right. >> it is. >> good advice. >> doesn't matter how many books you read. >> did you read? >> all the what to expects and
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it just, you know -- then they're there. >> christina hears people talk about the birth plan, adele will be playing. she's like, oh, you're adorable. >> then they turn into teenagers. >> oh, good times. >> so much fun, i love it. i made five or six tapes to play during labor. she said, if you don't turn that off, i'm going to push it so far up -- i mean, it turned ugly. maybe i don't want to bring out the videocamera right now. >> not at that moment. >> what kind of music was there? >> i did a little 101.9, light jazz. >> she didn't want it? >> shut it down. shut it down. let's get some weather. don't really want to remember those days. everybody is so good now. let's show you what's going on.
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we're going to be watching this thing. snow and rain will start late saturday night for washington, d.c. we're tracking two models, the main models. the american model and the european model. both have the storm off the coast. further off. closer. the storm will intensify by sunday afternoon. it's snowing in new york city. could be an icy mix in new jersey and parts of pennsylvania. as the day wears on sunday into early monday, it intensify ies. heavy snow for new england, gusty winds, much colder. the forecast for the european model, snowfall wise, 2 to 4 inches from northern new jersey to central new england. heavier snow, 6 to 8 inches around boston. the american model, almost no snow. new york city to boston. we'll going to track these. the storms haven't formed yet so it dave: good morning. mostly cloudy skies.
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showers moving in later in the day. high temperatures in the middle 80' s. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. up next, melissa george is not only a superstar heart surgeon on tv, turns out, she's a real life superstar roller skating champion. how cool is that? talk to her about her new show and new baby, all on soup and sandwich and cannonballs and clean and real and looking good and sandwich and soup and a new personal best. and a little help and soup and sandwich
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incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. we are looking through the archives this morning. we can say with some authority, we have our first celebrity guest who is a certified championship roller skater. >> impressive. beyond skating circles she's in the new nbc series "heart jn beat "heartbeat." a heart surgeon with an unorthodox way of saving lives. >> i've done this bunches of times. tell the passengers to throw any medicines they have in it. spray tan, i need a long needle. first class, who has a black heart? >> melissa george, come? >> look at this entrance, ladies and gentlemen. >> wow.
10:16 am
>> i mean, that's incredible. >> amazing. >> where did brooke go, by the way? >> here i am! >> oh, look. >> here i am. >> the grace. >> the grace. >> there it is. i can cross my legs. i used to skate in the '80s, did the crossover. >> you're a championship roller skater. when did you switch gears and go in for acting? >> i was competing in the junior worlds, the national titles, and i auditioned for a tv show in australia. went from the rink to being the star of a tv show. i was 16, and i left the skating behind. it's like riding a bike. it stays with you. >> a lot of signatures. >> these are the skates from "heartbeat." my character uses it and all the patients sign. >> do you get to use your skating in the -- >> yeah, it's funny. she's very competitive in the operating room. when the skating tournament
10:17 am
she's extra competitive. >> and based on a real character? >> yeah, she wrote a memorial called "heart matters." gordon used the inspiration from the book to pen the script. it's great. a lot of fun. >> people who perform surgery on tv or play doctors, they're always criticized by real doctors. people who watch this show say, you have it down pretty good. is that because she's an executive producer on the show with you? >> we have her susie, who came from "grey's anatomy." we have the terminology. for me, how to say it as an american. i have an extra step. we don't say this back in australia. this is how the americans say it. have to know how to do the surgery, as well. >> did you sit in on a real -- >> i did in france. i thought i was going to talk to the doctor and learn words. he said, no, the patient is out and we're ready to use the sternum saw.
10:18 am
hours watching this lovely man who, when he woke up -- he survived. he was happy to know i was in the room and watching the entire thing. it's really intense. very respectful. the room is great. there was a woman next to me, and her job was to catch me if i fell from passing out. >> but you didn't pass out? >> i was covered in bone dust. >> oh! >> i was a mess. then i had to run home and get showered because i had a fashion show straightaway. i remember sitting there -- >> what a dichotomy. >> it was a big day. big day. >> on top of -- >> cool to see the beating heart. >> speaking of beating heart, your heart is beating more. you have a brand-new four month old. >> i do. and i have a 2-year-old. they're beautiful. i wanted children my whole life. this is me at work, a working mom. that's my son's 2-year-old birthday. we had elmo come. >> perfect. >> and got a baby elmo as a gift. there he is there.
10:19 am
>> i wanted it my whole life. >> as we leave, can you show becomes ro brooke moves? >> this is what we want to spend our time on. thanks. >> want to do them together? >> yes. i don't want to let you go. >> you're going to bring them in like this. >> now you sound like a russian -- >> wow. >> march 22nd at 9:00 eastern. the regular time slot on march 23rd at 8:00 p.m. on nbc. >> thank you, melissa. up next, we have another -- oh, that was close -- another melissa. "supergirl's" melissa benoist is joining us after this. alright, let's do this. i got minds to twist and values to warp. mr. tyler, your skittles portrait. that is e to the z oh twiddly dee-sgusting! you haven't heard me sing diddly-ding yet. dream on!
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rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena . can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's melissa benoist, playing "supergirl" on the action adventure based on the d.c. comic. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> huge fan of the show. >> oh, thank you so much. >> so much fun. were you a fan of "supergirl," the comic, before you got this role?
10:23 am
supergirl mythology, but now i'm the biggest fan. >> she's superman's cousin, right? >> yeah. >> tight cousins from krypton way back? >> she's older than him. she was 12 years old when >> right. >> he was a baby. she's actually his older . >> even though she is made it to earth and he is older than her, because of space, time, and -- >> she is raised in a normal house at first? >> she has an adoptive family. she has an adoptive family, it is her sister, alex, who is also on the show. >> when you get into the super hero shows, you learned there are legions of fans that have known when about the characteristics.
10:24 am
we went to comic-con. everybody knew so much more about it. >> it veers from the super girl mythology, you have taken t making a little love thing going on with you and jimmy? >> we call it the love rombus. >> there is a few little lines going from person to person. >> you are married to blake jenner, who guest stars on the show. >> we love working together. >> we met working together it is always fun. >> dare i point out, that you got a ringing endorsement on the campaign trail this year from jeb bush, who is a big fan of your yours yours, personal,
10:25 am
>> i think he saw the promo. >> i am trying here. sglm so great to meet you, congratulations on the success of the show. "super girl" airs monday nightos cbs. >> you loved him in the original, "my big fat greek wedding." without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist, olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. not yet. .
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mmmm, yoplait. so there will be things to keep us up. but tonight johnson's can help with a bedtime routine. clinically proven to help them fall asleep faster. and stay asleep longer. tonight, we sleep. crews closed one ramp and opened another overnight.. as part of the i-4 ultimate project. it's the first real sign of change at the interchange with the 408. for the next three years.. drivers will use an on-ramp at division avenue.. instead of the one at orange avenue. a local community is coming together for a family who los their son to a house fire. trevor ross died on wednesday when the home caught fire on wednesday. he was home alone and couldn't get out. his high school and the city of minneola are
10:27 am
for housing. this weekend will be your first chance to see the ladies of the orlando pride in action. the team is heading to melbourne on saturday for their first preseason game against eastern florida state college. the match is free but you will need to reserve a ticket online. the second round of the arnold palmer invitational tees off in less than an hour. the annual p-g-a tournament will get started at 7-35 this morning. you can watch third and fourth round action right here on wesh 2 this weekend. taking a live look outside... meteorologist amy sweezey is up next with the forecast.
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first generati >> taking a look at the headlines, a new study finds that a main ingredient in pain not found to be effective for common arthritis pap, knees, hip and back. antiinflammatory drugs like
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>> people with mild to moderate obesity, a group of patients, with stomach stapling surgery, and another group, in a diet and exercise program. it was complete for the stomach stapling group, and only 6% of the diet and exercise group. >> for $4.99, a medal, the couple realized the item was priceless. after a google search, they found it was earned by eual whiteman. they contacted a family member and returned the award.
10:32 am
today and tomorrow only, if you bring in your own cup, you can fill it up for $1.50. the cup must be leak-proof, and unlike pictures from past years, they can't be more than nine inches wide and 11 inches tall. >> i can't remember the last time i had one. >> i am trying to remember. it has been a while. >> there used to be a lemon lime as a kid, it was my favorite. >> did you get a brain freeze? >> put the tongue on the top of the mouth, it dave: good morning. mostly cloudy skies. warm and humid conditions. showers moving in later in the day.
10:33 am
that is your weather. >> john corbet. now, he returns in "my big fat greek wedding 2," romance. >> sit down, before my wife gets here. wow. you look pretty. well, four hours, $500. >> how much? >> good to see you.
10:34 am
>> people are pumped about this. they released the trailer on our show. people flipped out. was this an easy call? >> she called me on my birthday, two years ago, and said, let's do it. i have been asking every six months for a decade. thought the window closed. it was the best birthday call. >> we have our first table report last march, and shooting in may. we were shooting this thing. >> everybody that is involved in it seems to have a special sort of camaraderie. a love for the movie and for each other. you can see it. you can feel it. >> well, we are a bunch of odd balls up there. when we shot this thing. we got room, 222, and lany, and the guy on "sex in the city." it was a sir cus. >> from that humble shoot in toronto, became this
10:35 am
such big business, the dynamic is different. you are not a scrappy little movie, there is an expectation from your fans. does it change the way you shoot it and feel about it? >> the expectations are high. the good news is, when you see sequels, it is usually a year or two after. mia has let it settle into your mind. i think it is better than the first. we had the big premier the other night. i think fans will love t maybe more than the first one. them. it's be fun, for people who didn't, in 2002, see it or were that. to get the whole thing. >> absolutely. >> it'd be great. >> brooke is on to something. >> where are ian and toula? clip. >> at the end of the first, we have a 6-year-old.
10:36 am
17 years old. we're where everybody who has one of those is. the shine has worn off, we're just trying to get through it, man. we're trying to make it happen. do our jobs, raise this daughter, who isn't a big fan of us, and deal with all the things that life tosses at ya. >> we're not going to say what it is, but there is an interesting, fun surprise. >> well, it is called "big fat greek wedding," so you have to have a wedding. >> that's right. for people who are excited about the anticipation, they'll be very excited about this, what happens, or this treat. >> he's not saying a word. >> i'm not either, no. >> nia is around the corner. we've been here. thank you, guys, for pumping us up. eight days or so, we're on here every day. nia will kill me if i give any secrets away. >> i'm not trying to give them away. i'm saying, there is anticipation and it's very exciting. >> we cannot wait. we've been lucky enough to see a lot of the movie and people are
10:37 am
john, thank you. "my big fat greek wedding 2" opens on march 25th. al, what are you working on in the kitchen? >> doesn't get much better than this. roasted red snapper tacos but without the taco shell. healthy, delicious and simple. don't miss this recipe when we come back. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100%
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i wish sarah was here. i know, mom. but the happiest moments in life don't always come from a cookbook. look who's joining us. happy easter. they come from the heart. find low prices every day on fresh food for your easter meal. walmart. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. soup and sandwich and clean and real and inside jokes and school night. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don't let go until i say so. i got you... start strong with the lasting
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jamie. what are you doing? -i'm being your hype man. not right now. you said i was gonna be the hype man. no, we said we wouldn't do it. i'm sorry, we were talking about savings. i liked his way. cha-ching! talking about getting that moneeeey! talking about getting that moneeeey! savings worth the hype. now that's progressive. this morning on today food, we're wrapping up our week. today, we have the perfect friday dish, roasted fish tacos, without the taco. make it a little healthier. first of all, there are your ingredients. your salt, lettuce, red snapper, but you can use any fish you want. a lot of people are intimidated by the whole fish. but the fact is, it cooks better. it's more moist. it's cheaper if you buy the whole fish.
10:42 am
>> skin on. first thing you'll do is make a slit in the bottom. then you're going to slice across, right at the top, on both sides. when you cook your fish, it doesn't curl up and allows the flavor to get in. now you're going to take some lime slices, put them in the middle here. >> oh! like a fish pocket. >> exactly. hot pocket, and that's a fish pocket. make a little marinade. cyan pepper, garlic, little cilantro, put that together. you've got some olive oil in there. mix that up. >> make these at home, al? >> i do. then you put that in and let that kind of marinade on top of it for a little bit. then you get a little salt. >> do you like a lot of salt?
10:43 am
you put it in the oven at 375 and let it roast. take the fish out and bring it over here. don't hold the pan with your bare hand. always bad. >> good advice. >> that's another best thing about buying your fish. it's going to come apart anyway. >> i feel like i'm in the "heartbeat" show. >> you can see how fresh your fish is. when it's fileted, not so much. when this is cooling, you'll make the coleslaw marinade. lemon juice, sour cream, honey and chipotle for smokiness. >> the smoky and the sweet is good. >> exactly. little salt, little petter. in here, you have some sliced up scallion. you've got some cron peppers and purple cabbage. slice it up, put it together and mix this up.
10:44 am
your dressing and mix it together like that. you've got your coleslaw. now, what you're going to do is flake your fish. put it in a bowl. you take a little bit of lettuce and build -- here we go. build your taco. you can put anything you want on it. little coleslaw, some avocado, anything. there you have a -- and you can put regular taco shells. i like it. >> really good. >> less expensive because you use a whole thing. go to for the recipe. congratulations to the today food team. we were nominated for a james beard award. i'm very, very proud of all our team members. food for your soul. joss stone performing live after these messages. when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana
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and now in delicious chocolate. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> grammy winning recording artist joss stone released seven albums and sold more than 14 million records. now, she's out with a new album called water for your soul. here she is now singing "let me breathe." the more i fight the day the more it drags on and no blues can sing it
10:50 am
i just gotta press on the more you talk to me, baby the more i cry just leave me quickly, save me from the darkness you provide it's just too hard with it's just too much with i've had enough so hang up on my call let me be, let me breathe let me get control of my focus i ain't meant to speak no more please don't make me love you no more let me be, let me breathe let me get me out from under more
10:51 am
no more you swore you'd love me forever but you'd rather stay away you promised we'd be together are you expecting me to wait for an imaginary day to come and fix this pain baby i know i tried to wait and it's a shame gonna get to play always ask me do you think i am you're not gonna wipe your feet on me just tell me straight and there'll be no mistaking it's just too hard it's just too hard to deal with it's just too much it's just too much to deal with i've had enough so hang up on my call
10:52 am
let me take control of my focus i ain't meant to speak no more please don't make me love you no more let me be, let me breathe let me get me out from under i can't take this feeling no more please don't you know that i don't feel right without you and you kind of like the option of falling back into my love whenever you feel like way down, in the shadows i can make out, just a change of light the window is just too hot freedom's asking me why let me be, let me breathe let me take control of my focus i ain't meant to speak no more please don't make me love you no more let me be, let me breathe
10:53 am
i can't take this feeling no more please don't make me love you [ applause ] >> man, is she good. the water is "water for your soul." joss stone, thank you. back in a moment.
10:54 am
one day you're enjoying rides, events, and up-close animal encounters at seaworld. the next, you're having for a limited time, you can buy a seaworld annual pass and get a
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kick your feet up at and plunge down ihu's then experience the ultimate thrill with mako, fastest coaster, surfacing at seaworld this summer. get an annual pass, and play all year at both parks. two great parks, one great deal. i wish it was sunday our buddy sheinelle jones is here to talk about the weekend. >> joss stone oozes cool. doesn't she? >> i would say it's something else. >> i'll tell you what's coming up this weekend. unbelievable 14-year-old, a record-holder around the world for rock climbing. specifically, for bould ldering. climbing without a harness. it's amaze ing to watch. even teaching dylan to climb. be inspired this weekend.
10:56 am
sheinelle, thank you. brooke, love you, thank you for being the spring home event is happening now.
10:57 am
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bada ba ba ba from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome. it's try day friday. we made it. and that's the good news. march 18th, 2016, jenna bush hager is filling in while kathie lee is off.


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