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tv   WESH 2 News at Noon  NBC  March 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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lc local, live, latebreaking. michelle: breaking news right now on i-4. look at this video, from about 10 minutes ago. you can see a car on fire. this is in the westbound lanes, let' s take a live look at that road. two lanes are closed, and that' s causing big backups, already stretching more than a mile. get instant updates on this brekaing situation on the wesh 2 mobile app. new today, a woman who murdered her teenaged daughter, is headed to jail for the rest of her life. m michelle thank you for joining us.
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jason: i' m jason guy. sujatha guduru admitted to first degree murder this morning in the seminole county courthouse. jazmin walker is in with the new developments. jasmine: 46-year-old sujatha guduru has a lenghty history of mental illness according to her attorney. guduru shot and killed her teenaged daughter in their oviedo home. guduru had plotted her own suicide and didn' t want to leave her daughter behind. several times, guduru had asked to be put to death, but the state said it would not pursue the death penalty. this morning she pleaded guilty to murder, and was sentenced to mandatory life. >> i personally do not believe it' s a rational decision, but i understand what' s going on in her mind psychologically, and that is she is looking for a way to punish herself for what she did. jasmine her attorney believes : she did not know right from wrong on the day she shot her daughter and tried to kill
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that attorney tells wesh 2 news he thinks guduru should be sent to a mental hospital to get the treatment she needs, not prison. michelle new details this noon : also out of the seminole county courthouse. the woman who caused a deadly crash at a busy intersection learned her punishment. 75-year-old cynthia guthrie was cited but not criminally charged, after she slammed into the back of a car at state roads 434 and 436 in october. jose vargas rosario and his one-year-old son brayden died in that crash, the mother was critically injured. this morning, guthrie was assessed and a $1000 fine and one year she didn' t want to say anything afterward. >> cynthia what would you like families? they have not heard from you at all. they just want from this whole thing to get some closure. what would you say to the family, what they are going through? >> we have no comment. jasmine: -- michelle: guthrie' s driving skills must be retested before she can get her license back. jason ormond beach residents saw
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took over a busy intersection. police say a man refused to get out of a car after he and someone at gunpoint in daytona wesh 2' s alex villarreal talked scary to see. granada boulevard in ormond beach back to business as usual, after a swat standoff blocked roads this morning. >> it was crazy. there must have been 20 cop cars closing new britton, to old ridgewood to granada alexa: police say the 21-year-old man they surrounded was a suspect in an armed robbery at a-1-a and oakridge boulevard in daytona beach. four others with him in the car that daytona beach asked other but he didn' t come out for four hours. down the car. he would not come out. they say give up. alexa: police say all five suspects were arrested and turned over to daytona beach police.
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>> it is scary. we have a school right down the street from where the car was sitting. so yes this was a total shock , when i came in this morning. alex in ormond beach alex : villarreal, wesh 2 news. jason just in. : a man has been ordered to spend five years in prison and five years on probation after the sentence is part of a plea deal christopher todd entered battery charge. in february 2015, todd got into an argument with four horseback riders in orange city. the riders were mad at todd because he was driving recklessly near their horses. deputies say todd revved his engine, turning up dirt, and intentionally drove his truck at the group. the horse was killed, a rider was thrown from the horse and broke her collar bone. the teenager, charged with trying to run over an orange county deputy, appeared in adult court this morning.
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charges on 15-year-old jancarlos ortiz earlier this week. today, the judge ordered him held without bond on a count of attempted murder. investigators say ortiz tried to run over deputy marcy pearce outside a home on high street in february. new information this noon. michelle for the first time we : are hearing from the fire breather who burst into flames at a pep rally thursday at atlantic high in delray beach. several students recorded what happened on their phones. you can see the performer, ricardo charles, running for help. he says he typically uses charcoal lighter fluid. this time, he decided to use camping oil instead and never practiced. >> the fires in my face and i' m going this is new what? and what? and then boom. as soon as i saw my pants on fire i' m like i' m done. michelle the performer suffered : serious burns. seven students were taken to the hospital and 12 more were treated at the school. the students taken to the hospital are expected to be ok. jason: let' s turn to the forecast. the weekend is nearly here. we hope the weather will cooperate.
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michelle: we have dave outside. dave: -- we will get back to him. michelle: a lawsuit just filed an orlando federal court sitting man' s finger was cut off while driving a disney cruise. jason: he said it was cut off during the disney fantasy 18 cabin door slammed on it. his thumb was cut off. the lawsuit alleges the cruise line was negligent in maintaining safe cabinet doors. or installing safety devices on the hinges along with failing to provide adequate medical care. the suit is seeking a jury trial for an unspecified amount to s medical care and other costs. a disney cruise line re not commenting on the lawsuit. michelle the former ceo of
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taking her former employer to court. carol wick was abruptly fired in february from the domestic abuse shelter. attorney mark nation says wick is suing for breach of contract and back wages which could total nearly $200-thousand dollars. nation is representing wick at he says she did a lot for the community and feels like she is being bullied. jason a lake county family is : dealing with heartbreak after a teenager died in a house fire yesterday morning. and now the community is coming out to remember 17-year-old trevor ross. ross' s high school and the city of minneola are collecting clothes and donations for housing. pictures and flowers now stand trevor' s life. his family' s historic home caught fire wednesday. t get out. trevor went to lake minneola high school. friends told us off-camera he was good-hearted, quiet, and always kind.
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s nothing you can s unfathomable to think of someone who was there five minutes ago is not completely gone. jason the fire is under : investigation. , religious leaders appeared in a pennsylvania courtroom on charges of conspiracy and child endangerment charges. giles schinelli director of the san pedro center and robert d' aversa from saint patricks this morning, along with a third friar from minnesota. prosecutors say all three knew about sexual abuse allegations against a priest. jobs that gave him access to officials suspect the priest molested more than 100 kids. he killed himself in 2013. a judge set bond for the clergymen at $75,000. schinelli and d' aversa were removed from their positions locally after the indictements jason disturbing allegations corrections officer is charged with child abuse. put liquid soap in a 7-year-old s mouth. then choked her and punched her in the face. the 29-year-old denied the allegations and say the girl was
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fell on her. but in an affidavit a doctor disputes that claim saying the injuries are the result of choking, punching, and slapping. the pasco county sheriff says ferguson has been with the agency for almost 5 years. this weekend country music is setting up camp in osceola county, and tens of thousands of fans will be in town for the three day festival michelle it starts this : afternoon and it' s the first time the event is being held in kissimmee, here' s a look at the headliners and they' re some of the biggest names in country music. jake owen today, kenny chesney tomorrow, and eric church on sunday. the festival used to be in melbourne but this year it' s at osceola heritage park. single day tickets go for as low as $89 dollars. the 3 day general admission is $129. camping sites are also available and if you' re headed down be sure to budget some cash for parking. an nfl player is in critical condition after a serious motorcycle accident in south florida. jason: officials say baltimore ravens cornerback tray walker was on a dirt bike when this
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they say he collided with a ford escape just before 8:00 last night. police say his bike did not have lights and that he was wearing dark clothes. walker graduated from miami northwestern high school and was drafted by baltimore last year. ravens head coach john harbaugh reacting in shock saying quote -- "this is devastating news. our prayers are with him and his family tonight." the alleged isis fighter is still being held in a rock. michelle: what he said about leaving to join the terrorist group. one of donald' s sons and gets a suspicious package. dave: good friday. we are looking at construction. we have trouble here on maitland boulevard getting onto the west i-4. will have a ramp closure impact as for the next four days. it will be from march 18 until 6:00 p.m. on the first give a
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you can continue east then, loop around with the detour that is there. westbound, or, you can get onto i-4 westbound.
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major re learning isis fighter who was captured in iraq and is still being held there. t.v. channel about how he joined the militant group and why he wants to come back to the united s richard engel reports. >> he is the first alleged american isis fighter to surrender in iraq. >> i am from the united states. richard: a taped confession, the traveled through turkey, linked up with isis in syria and was transferred to the isis stronghold. >> my message to the american people is life and muscle is ripped -- life here is bad. the people controlling this
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the statements were made while he is held in captivity. >> i do not support their ideology. at that point, that is when i decided that i needed to escape. >> to escape from isis, he said he crossed battle lines. knowing they are close allies. the united states official told nbc news that american personnel have not yet met him in custody. the kurds have been debriefing him and passing the information along. richard engel, nbc news. michelle: investigators say the 18-year-old behind a stabbing spree was inspired by isis. 18-year-old faisal mohammad was shot and killed after stabbing four students at the university of california, merced in november. the fbi says he may have become self-radicalized, drawing his inspiration from isis propaganda which they found on his laptop. agents say he also visited isis and other extremist websites in
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attack. right now several agencies are investigating suspicious mail son. a law enforcement source said a suspicious powder was tested and eric trump' s wife was going through the mail when she picked up the envelope and the powder came out. there was a handwritten note in the envelope threatening donald trump if he does not drop out of the race. jason: former olympic figure skater michelle kwan is campaigning for hillary clinton. the two-time olympic medalist was in idaho yesterday. kwan says that when her skating career ended, she wanted to stake. so, she went back to school, studying political science and international affairs. >> when the opportunity came about to join the campaign i said, ' how can i help?' the utmost respect for her. i know that she will be the most
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jason: kwan works on surrogate outreach for the clinton campaign. threatening new actions from north korea, u.s. officials confirm the regime fired a ballistic missile off it' s coast. experts say the missile flew about 500 miles and landed in the sea, they say it was fired from a mobile launcher, which u.s. intelligence says is very hard to detect, the military says it is closely monitoring the situation. this comes after the u.s. imposed new sanctions on north korea earlier this week -- week. michelle: right now texans are bracing for the possibility of more severe weather. the dallas-fort worth area was hit with 60-mile-per-hour winds yesterday and large hail. take a look at the hailstones that hit the fort worth zoo they range from pea sized to golf ball sized. at lest seven animals were killed in the storm. >> we lost a couple of flamingos. 4-5 flamingos that we know of, and a pelican and a couple of ducks. >> it was far worse than anything it seemed to hit in the
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michelle: several other animals were hurt and are being treated by veterinarians. spring officially arrives on sunday. the season changes at which is 12:30 a.m., the exact moment of the vernal equinox. that' s when the sun' s rays are directly over the equator. while the calendar may say spring winter won' t be going away quietly. a snowstorm could hit portions of the mid-atlantic and northeast on sunday. dave: we have been doing with warm weather. the cold front is going to ring is going to bring us cooler weather for sunday afternoon. we have complaining warm weather. as jason said , we have a stats on the vernal equinox. again, it is 12:30 a.m. on sunday morning. this was 56 for the low. we are asked to going to be a bit below that.
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we have high clouds. we are in wesh 2. it is a beautiful day. 81 degrees and warm. we do have a cloud deck in place. that will be with us for a good bit of the day today. we' ll have filtered sunlight. we' re looking for temperatures to get up into the middle and even upper 80' s. we are warmer temperatures. a1 melbourne. 77 degrees in sanford. a tad bit cooler. we' ll probably see temperatures along the coastline not quite as warm as where finding in the interior locations. this is the set up in the surface. we have a boundary off to the north. it will stay with is there. as we lift through the day today, we'
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we have rain chances in orlando. there, only a 20-30% chance. limited areas north and west of the i-4. into friday and saturday morning. we' ll keep cloud cover around. we' ll be in the middle afternoon into the early evening when we get showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. so, the afternoon, late afternoon plans for your saturday, best to do it early in the day. into the early afternoon, we clearly forecast area. we have a northwest flow that will clear skies out. it will bring in a delightful forecast. overall, we have rain that we absolutely need. we cannot complain. 82 in melbourne. 87 is the expected high in the orlando area. in the big game, we' re throwing out the first pitch. we have clouds around.
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that is the expectation. have a small chance for late afternoon showers out there. the beach forecast rings is a swell. the recurrent is high. the surf will be fun. there is the seven-day forecast. what monday, tuesday, wednesday, the first days of spring. they are looking fabulous. michelle: that is what we like to hear. jason: new at noon we' re getting a new look at pluto. michelle: nasa just released these pictures taken by the new horizons spacecraft. take a good look at the edge of you' re looking at about twenty . the layers typically extend horizontally over hundreds of kilometers but are not strictly parallel to the surface. jason: italy' s coastguard has rescued more than one-thousand migrants off the coast of southern italy in the last 24 hours. migrants packed into dinghies are continuing to try to make
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reach italy. the coastguard picked up the mainly african migrants from more than six different dinghies. european union leaders will try to convince turkey' s prime minister at a summit in brussels today to help end europe' s migration crisis in return for financial and political concessions. michelle: pro golfers are back out for the round two of the arnold palmer invitational. jason bay shut six under par. they have seven winds on the pga tour. he is never wanted bay hill. today is also cut day when the bottom half of the field will be eliminated while the bottom half here is the group headed into around two. five golfers tied one shot back. green. we' ll have a live report starting today at 5:00. some familiar faces to wesh viewers will be taking the mound of spring training in just about an hour or so.
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they came in with chief meteorologist. he will be showing the first pitch for the marlins take on the atlanta braves. so, again starts at a half hour. is at 1:00 p.m.. with the sports complex at disney. they had some trash talk in the newsroom. actually get back to the breaking news her head of the top of the hour. that car on fire has now been put out. this happened in the westbound lanes of the fairbanks avenue. the situation has now clear, as you can see, traffic is moving normal. right now, this tiny baby is creating all sorts of buzz online. we have the story about mr.
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jason: we' re following breaking news out of tampa, crews are responding to reports of a small plane crash. michelle: this is at an airport newr downtown tampa, right now we know peter o. knight airport is currently closed because of the crash, we' re working to get more information. stay with us. jason: and some work this weekend bringing delays for drivers, beginning this weekend, construction workers will be installing some bridge beams for the kirkman road interchange at i-4. how it will impact i-4 traffic today first at 4:00. right now all eye are on mr. president and the first lady. michelle: we' re not talking
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about bald eagles. a live camera aimed at the nest at the u.s. arboretum allows us to watch as the family grows. on february 10th, the first lady laid one of two eggs, around 8:30 this morning, the fully hatched eaglet was visible. another egg was laid on valentines day in the nest high up in a tulip poplar tree. that eaglet is expected to hatch in about four days. jason: that doesn' t for us. you can check out the forecast
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