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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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re getting our first look at the man accused of accidentally shooting a county worker. deputies say jakell ward began firing shots as his girlfriend drove away after the two had been arguing. good evening, i' m jim payne. angela: i' m angela taylor in for meredith mcdonough. one of those bullets struck a man who was taking down a nearby fence. and that man just became a new dad. jim: tonight, wesh 2' s summer knowles spoke with the victim' s boss about what happened. >> i' m glad the kids are on spring break. summer: concerned parents relieved to hear no children were hurt when their orange county playground turned into a crime scene friday. deputies say a man working for dave' s fence inc. was hit by a stray bullet while building a fence around the ingram academy' s playground, a playground that sits right nextdoor to the magnolia court apartment complex where a domestic dispute spilled into the parking lot and ended in gunfire, with an unintentional target. >> you never know what happened.
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four days ago. and now he' s at the hospital, but he will pull through, his family is tough. summer: the victim' s boss and childhood friend, ryan hippchen, says the victim' s brother, who was working with him at the time is certified in cpr and possibly , saved his brother' s life. >> a lot of people would freeze. he didn' t. summer: sheriff' s deputies have now arrested 21-year-old jakell ward and charged him with two counts of attempted murder saying he fired the gun while , trying to shoot his girlfriend. though pleased with an arrest being made, hippcehen says his sole focus is on his buddy' s recovery. >> anger is part of it, but just , we are just scared for brian. i just want him to be ok. that' s 100% all that matters. summer: meanwhile parents living in the apartment complex where the shooting happened say they are constantly living in fear. >> you hear inside the house all the time. pop, pop, pop, i mean it' s crazy . summer: and what do you do? take cover? >> basically. we lay on the floor if we have to. it is scary. summer: so what do you do?
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>> -- s what i' m gonna do. jim: we are following breaking re getting reports of a deadly commercial jet crash. according to cnn, a boeing passenger jet carrying 55 people crashed as it was landing at the rostov-on-don airport. that' s in southern russia. just east of ukrainian border. flydubai flight 981 was coming we' re being told there are no we' ll continue to bring you more details once we get them. late breaking, a deadly wreck in volusia county. that' s where a motorcyclist hit a tree along state road 415 and town west boulevard in port orange. the rider died on scene. right now, there' s no word on what caused the wreck and we have no information on the identity of the bike rider. angela: tonight, a teenage couple is behind bars, charged in the murder of an orange county 15-year-old. deputies say 17-year-old michael anderson shot and killed antwan davis in ocoee last weekend. now, anderson and his girlfriend both face charges. wesh 2' s matt lupoli is live at
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one of those suspects is being held. matt? matt: that is true, and one of the suspects is a 17 years old, the shooting suspect so he is , being held at the juvenile detention center, but his reported girlfriend is 18. she is being held as accessory after the fact the orange county jail. she could leave the jail if she makes a bond. >> we know this won' t to bring antwan back. matt: the orange county sheriff jerry demings announced the arrest in this case. he was gunned down last weekend in ocoee. his grieving family spent the week pleading for answers and for justice. >> you know, he didn' t get a chance to live his life. they took his voice, but they won' t take hours. -- ours. the biggest thing is to make sure that we have justice for him and let him know that he has
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17-year-old michael anderson shot and killed antwaun. he bases of second-degree murder. and the girlfriend covered up evidence and is charged as an the sheriff headed the funeral, some sense of closure. >> we hope this news will bring a measure of comfort to his family. matt: again, suspect anderson is being held at the juvenile detention center. it is likely he will face a judge tomorrow. the state attorney' s office will decide whether to charge him as a juvenile or an adult in this case. angela: new tonight, we just got our hands on this video of an armed robbery at a convenience store in ocala. this is on southeast 17th street. you can see a man enter the store wearing a ski mask. he walks to the counter, takes
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and the man then runs out. , no one was hurt. s take a live look along i-4. we want you to be ready for some all connected to the i-4 it' s all tied to the installation of steel girders for a new northbound bridge over i-4 along kirkman road. a huge crane will install enormous steel beams on newly-constructed piers. it takes 30 minutes without traffic for each beam to be secured in place. so law enforcement will use rolling roadblocks to buy highway crews the time they need. starting at par street, law enforcement will jump in front of traffic and slow it to 20 miles an hour. all 13 westbound i-4 entrances between the par street and kirkman road interchanges will be temporarily blocked by law enforcement. when the rolling roadblock rolls by, traffic onto i-4 will reopen. two rolling roadblocks are scheduled each night between the hours of midnight and 5:00 a.m.
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angela: the search is on tonight for the man who took off from a traffic stop, injuring a seminole county deputy in the process. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel was first on scene and has exclusive information as to how exactly the deputy was hurt. >> heavily bandaged left arm. the driver of the venue pulled speeding got out of hand. a white van clocked at 71 in a 50 was heading westbound on lake mary boulevard. the person pulled him over, but was suspicious of information provided by the driver. he called for backup and try to get the person out of the van. according to the authorities, the deputy was trying to get the suspect out of the van, but the window was rolled up on his arm, said he grabbed the window and pulled it out so he would not be trapped in the window. >> the deputy felt quite threatened, and started to pull back on the window because it was pinching his arm. dave: he was break the window or
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>> and at that time, the diver punched the gas and started to drive out of the area. dave: that he dragged the deputy? >> he did it start to come up the deputy was able to get away. dave: chopper in the air and cruise on the ground are searching for a white chevy van with a for license tag gdi w 69. >> we can resolve these things very peacefully. this is a minor traffic infraction. it could' ve ended peacefully but now it is resulting in criminal. dave: what started with suspected speeding is no criminal. -- now terminal. angela: late breaking tonight. a jury sides with former pro wrestler hulk hogan and awards him in his sex tape lawsuit $115 million against gawker media. hogan sued gawker for posting a video of him having sex with his former best friend' s wife back in 2012. hogan contended the post violated his privacy. also late breaking, tonight we'
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player tray walker has died from injuries he suffered in a dirt bike crash in miami. walker was critically hurt after the bike he was riding collided with an suv at an intersection last night. police say the dirt bike he was riding had no lights and he was wearing dark clothing at the time of the crash. police are still investigating. walker suffered serious head injuries and spent all night in surgery before passing away this afternoon. he was 23 years old. jim: plenty happening in court today. a local man will spend five years in prison and then five years on probation after running down and killing a horse, injuring the rider. last month, christopher todd pleaded no contest to several charges, including aggravated battery and animal cruelty. todd got into an argument with four horseback riders in orange city last year after they yelled at him for driving recklessly. deputies say todd then drove his truck at the group. one horse was killed and its rider broke her collar bone. also in court, a local woman learns she will spend the rest of her life in prison, after
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death of her own daughter. sujatha guduru killed her teenaged daughter chetana in their oviedo home more than two years ago. she had plotted her own suicide and didn' t want to leave her daughter behind. several times, guduru had asked to be put to death, but the state said it would not pursue the death penalty. her attorney wants her sent to a facility where she can get mental health counseling. the woman who caused a deadly crash at a busy intersection learns her punishment today. 75-year-old cynthia guthrie was cited but not criminally charged after she slammed into the back of a car at state roads 434 and 436 in october. jose vargas rosario and his one-year-old son brayden died, his wife was critically injured. guthrie' s license is suspended for a year and she must pay $1000 fine. her driving skills must also be retested before she can get her license back. angela: all week, we' ve been telling you about a bigger spring break than expected in daytona beach. more than 130 college students have been arrested on the beach
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most of the arrests related to alcohol violations, and at night, in the seabreeze entertainment district, police say arrests are way up there too. nearly 200 arrests have been made at local bars, most for underage drinking. >> we want people to come here obviously. we wanted to have a good time, but underage drinking is against the law, so we' re cracking down hard. angela: beach safety officers also say they arrested 2 spring breakers on the beach after they allegedly stole a law enforcement jet ski and went on a joyride in the ocean. jim: several threatened go for tortoises are on their way to new homes tonight, and if they were not moved, they would have died along and suffocating death. this. melbourne has one of the richest populations in tortoises around. if they weren' t moved, they would have been buried forever when houses were built here. organization called saving
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reptiles and taking them into a safe new habitat in the wild. still ahead, 911 calls after a child nearly drowns in a local canal. >> a boy' s crying, saying his brother is going to die because he can' t swim. angela: tonight, wesh 2 asks county workers why the fence surrounding that canal is still not secured. jim: and a texas lawman is busted for his bad behavior during a traffic stop, and it has nothing to do with the truck he pulled over. tony. tony: we continue to watch heavy rain pushing for the northeastern gulf of mexico. what it means for overnight
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jim: new 911 calls tonight from the afternoon when an eight-year-old boy fell into a canal near riverside elementary school. angela: shamore franklin was rushed to the hospital in one. since then wesh 2 news has asked questions about the safety of jim: today, our crew was shocked at what they found upon returning to the canal that almost claimed one child' wesh 2' s michelle meredith has the story. michelle: the afternoon eight-year-old shamore franklin fell into the canal near
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school employee called 911 to get help. >> 911, what is the location of your emergency? >> yes, the location is one of the children fell into a pond over here. michelle: it happened march 1. according to deputies, the eight-year-old was walking home from school with his brother, and for the first time, they took a shortcut, a shortcut by a canal that was fenced in and marked with no trespassing signs. investigators say while walking across the pipe, the boy fell into the water. >> boy is crying. saying his brother is going to die because he can' t swim. michelle: how did shamore get in the fence? witnesses say through a hole underneath. in the days following, orange county inspected, patched holes, in an effort to secure the fence. despite the county' s effort to make this area safer, look what we found: this is a gate that should be locked. here is the lock and here is the chain. it' s clearly unlocked, unsecured, anyone can open this, and it is right next to the blue
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the 8-year-old was trying to cross when he fell into the water. look at this gate. this is how we found it. we called orange county most importantly to get an employee to lock the gate. so i have to ask you, sir, how do you think it got this way? >> i don' t know. michelle: i hate to say it, but this is pretty disturbing to see. the employee put on a new lock, a combination lock. and while young shamore franklin still struggles to survive -- >> and you' re in the office though, right? >> yes. >> ok. >> i hate stuff like this. >> i know. michelle: the staff and his friends at riverside elementary are haunted by what happened. in orange county, michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. angela: there' s a new scam out it' s targeting central florida drivers and it could cost you hundreds of dollars. they' ve received a red light camera ticket. the email instructs people to download a file to view the view the supposed violation, but
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download a virus onto your computer. that allows hackers access to your private files. orlando code enforcement says legitimate tickets will never be sent through e-mail. >> we would never send you anything via e-mail of any kind. you are going to get a notice from us that would provide a link with a secure password to be able to go in and get information safely. angela: city officials say you can always verify a ticket with them. and when it doubt, don' t click on something unless you know what it is. jim: a texas lawman is removed from patrol duties after new video shows him pepper-spraying a group of bike riders as they pass by him. the fort worth police department says the officer pulled over a red pickup truck sunday afternoon for blocking traffic to record motorcycles driving recklessly. but cell phone video shows the officer getting out of his patrol car and pepper-spraying the group of passing riders. five bikers were treated at the scene for exposure to the spray,
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hospital with minor injuries. angela: it was game day for the atlanta braves at disney espn' s wide world of sports. and some of us got to be part of the fun to kick off the game. tony, stewart moore, and i took -- you talking about my throwing arm. we threw a first pitch before the braves faced off with the miami marlins. tony: did you get a 10 day contract extension? angela: yeah, i am a brave. jim: oh my goodness. angela: you said i did really well. jim: and you couldn' t get it off the field after enough. -- fast enough. tony: was i to see some of the old guys there. and thank you to the braves. and the weather was great. so we are spending this weekend, it does look a bit wetter with the new model. we get to that in a second.
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, temperatures around 75 degrees as we look at what is going on. there was a lot of energy in the gulf of mexico, one complex here and another here setting up to new orleans, and a lot of this energy is going to be radiating northward -- rotating northward, with spotty showers down to the south well after midnight. he was ocala, you have rain coming in. the computer models are struggling with what to do with all the complexes out there. to me it is looking wetter and wetter, and that is what i like. here' s broncos in daytona beach. 1:00, 3:00 in the morning. and we have a reprieve. and the we have a next complex, i will show you in a second. we get up break after sunup, we have the bay hill off ok in the morning. i am glad they up to the times, get the players up sooner, because we are going to see the rain either earlier or the
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66 in orlando, 66 in melbourne. 11:00 tonight, let' s do this one more time. 4:00 to 7:00, there is sundown. we begin to heat things off. by 12:00 and 1:00, look at this ball of energy rotating across i-4, the beach line, and pushing back to the east. we will have to watch that complex. and the actual cold front is set to arrive until daybreak on sunday, and it is a bit slower. you see this, you think maybe the showers will stick around longer on sunday until very late in the day. look at the rain now. one to two inches from orlando on south, the majority from lunchtime on saturday right to about 5:00 in the evening. some of the trends we are watching, check in in the morning with dave cocchiarella and eric burris.
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we also have baseball in viera. the braves have the first pitch at 1:05. we wish our they could linger for several hours in the afternoon, winding down from northwest to southeast , and then we have scattered showers lingering deep into the evening hours, but not a washout. behind all this mess, look at monday and tuesday. comfortably cold for the first two days of spring. angela: thank you. the cream is writing to the top at bay hill. jim: city lions looking for their first win of the season. pat: hoping decision against new york city. we will to you how they did. after being blown out three times by the cavs, the magic
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experience a year of fun and all four theme parks with a florida resident annual pass. pat: scott skiles was lamenting the march schedule for his magic men way back in november, and now we know why. needing desperately to make some hay if the playoffs are to remain a realistic goal, orlando hosting the cavs tonight before a rugged four game road trip next week.
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lebron and the cavs have beaten orlando by a combined 74 points. no blowout tonight, in large part because of the game played by victor oladipo. a splendid night. vic 16 of 22, 6 of 7 three-pointers. the guy scores 45 points in this one. the magic would trip a cleveland lead to four points late in this game, but unfortunately would get no closer. kyrie irving had 26 for cleveland ,18 for lebron and a six-point cavalier win. 109-103. city lads playing their third game of the season tonight at yankee stadium, and a victory there against new york city fc would be a real home run, metaphorically speaking. and the lads arfe rounding the bases. the seventh minute of this which one, would prove the only scoring of the entire match. adrian heath might be concerned about a lack of offense, but there was just enough of it for orlando' s first win on friday night. 1-0 was the final.
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weekend at bay hill. hopefully not enough to throw things out of whack at the arnold palmer invitational. more on that in a moment. but rain or shine, one thing we do know, jason day' s game is not all wet. round two of the king' s event with mr. palmer out on the course watching some great golf played under overcast skies. and day again taking advantage of great conditions out early friday morning. this for birdie at the 17th, his eightth hole of the day. day would make 126 feet of putts and when you do that, you' re , gonna be at the top of leaderboards. i guarantee you. another bird on his final hole the 9th from 36 feet. , a 7-under-par 65. 13 under par for the tournament. had a five shot lead much of the day then henrik stenson crashed the party. long bird at 18 to cap a 66 he' s just two off the pace, but day still setting a blistering pace. >> like i said, i felt like this was coming. i just had to be patient with
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it is through the second round. i got to be more patient tomorrow because i have wet weather coming in. that should bring in wind, and those are trying days. i' m halfway through it and i have two more days to go. pat: and you should know this is not a two-horse race by any means. justin rose in the middle of things. jamie lovemark among four golfers at 8-under-par for those of you going to the hill tomorrow all tee times moved up , because of the threat of bad weather. so day, stenson and rose will go out in a three some at 9:35 in the morning. and we knew that this year' s ncaa dance would be unpredictable but had no idea , that so many favored teams would bunny hop out of thise thing in the first round. the biggest shocker friday afternoon, when 2-seed michigan state was bumped by middle tennessee. middle tennessee which took a , big early nead and never trailed, winning 90-81. the eighth time a 2-seed lost to
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someone is sitting at his desk and had michigan state going to the final four.
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jim: finally tonight, who doesn' t love a good magic trick?
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s gone viral, that shows that even animals are impressed by a card trick. [laughter] angela: at first, this, the baboon seems bored but then, wow. the primate is positively awestruck by the man' s wizardry, and her jaw drops again when the man makes the card reappear. how funny is that? jim: a natural reaction that we would all have. angela: wow. [laughter] that is adorable. jim: do it again. tony: let' s look at the legoland forecast. rain is moving in. i wanted to check in with the folks in the morning. only one that said michigan would be the -- pat: michigan state. tony: michigan state. jim: 20 for joining us of this
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