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tv   Mad Money  NBC  March 19, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> i think so. i think i'm getting sick. should i stand over here? where you are. being here. everybody. >> you're welcome. you're welcome. >> sorry about the peeps. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to put it in context and educate you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or be nice and tweet me @jimcramer.
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it phony? putting the averages in the black for the year. i keep hearing the question. so let me give you the answer from the old days when i was running money at my hedge fund. if you're long the right stock sos if you own them during six straight days of gains this rally is very much real and you are not questioning it. if you're in the wrong stocks or assuring the winners you would be asking the question is it real? being wrong poses real risks like not being able to think straight. being right, you know what's real and what's not because your head is clear. you thought it through. you recognized that you're buying what's cheap and can work at a lower dollar, inflation rate with the environment with the fed on hold and a crazy presidential election. those who are on the wrong side
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they can come in on top of a market that's worn from the february lows or wait for a pullback. they can question the reality of the move. in turn, i question their judgment. with the rally that lasts this long it's no longer worth questioning its veveracity. we are seeing a huge expansion with health care stocks into cyclicals and industrials that will be very cheap in f the once super freaking strong dollar really has peaked. so here's my suggestion. stop asking is it real and start understanding that if you read the situation right and realized enough boxes of worry -- remember we checked them off? had been checked to fuel a sustainable rally you wouldn't have to ask this moot question -- is it real? and with that very angry admonition, although on a friday i'm trying to be softer let's
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first up, existing home sales. we need to see the number stay strong if we are going to keep buying the home and home related stocks, some of the hottest that have been the market leaders. it's clear as the amazing cfo of home depot told us on the conference call that was beautiful that we could potentially get a substantial increase in household creation in 2016. a big number here is a good signal. >> after the close we get results from an outfit i care about you may not be thinking about called mattress firm. i fear they took down too much debt in the mongo buying spree of bed stores. i saw mattress firm on literally almost every corner had me scratching my head. we'll look at the crash flow to see what's known as the coverage of the debt about mattress firm. i'm concerned it will be more stretched than i'm comfortable with. it will be a focus for me.
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reports and they wille do so again on tuesday. i like to rank conference calls by presentation, excitement, substance, the arc of the drama and nike gives you that and more. it's like a netflix conference call for me. i'm thinking of creating my own award for best calls. tweet me if you like the idea. maybe you have a name for them like tonys, oscars or emmys. i will pick one wha you suggest. i would be a buyer if the stock is hit before the quarter. i expect strong numbers. there is one k56 yat. so is everyone else. the cloud is on fire. adobe, oracle, sales have given us amazing reports in the last few weeks. i think he we eel hear the same from red hat when it reports on tuesday. the stock is off the highs. this could be interesting. red hat could be a wild trader. i believe there are suggestions
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untrue. jim whitehorse delivers once again when red hat reports. we have become positive about five below. it was inconsistent but seems to have gotten its groove back. michael's is back as is children's place. i think five below may join themle in the winners' circle. we hear from the consistent, nobody ever got hurt buying general mills which we call generous mills back in the old days. we want to gauge the success of attempts to be more natural and organic. the company reportedly just agreed to label gently modified foods nationally. it seems to have gotten in the good graces of the millennials. it didn't used to be. this goes up over time. doesn't jump all at once f. you don't own generous mills, wait. if it gets hit, i'd do buying. this is not a rocket ship. after the close pvh announced
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i haven't been in love with apparel but they started to rally back. let's hear what they say as the volatility of the apparel group is too much. then i called that the faux credit crisis. remember it ended -- f-a-u-x. that's faux. in the second week of february, oil bottomed. european banks shook off worries about a collapse and we saw strength in the home building cohort. i have never been a fan other than when i pushed them out after the great recession t. fed is less stern about the need to raise rates and the group continues to propel higher. the strength in the group will be tested when kbe homes, an inconsistent home builder reports wednesday. if they deliver a good number, i guess that's a possibility. i think it jolts the group to another level especially because there is such a strong correlation among them all.
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you want to play the pin action. for a short week this one has a lot of controversial picks. do you know that? thursday, accenture, signet jewelers, finish line and game stop after the close. accenture failed to meet earnings estimates last time around. it is a fabulous consulting company. since then the stock had a remarkable renaissance. it's now above where it was when the company reported that surely suboptimal quarter. it is a stupendous company. the last miss was an aberration. call me a buyer. earlier this month foot locker delivered a good number but gave a weak forecast. the stock plummeted. it's starting to work higher. finish line consistently missed
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i'm on the sidelines waiting to see if they can get it together. i'm dubious until proven innocent. signet jewelers had been a red hot stock and hit a speed bump a quarter ago. i want to see what the balance sheet looks like. the company has more debt than i care for. the long knives are out for the guys. same with game stop. with a 4.8% yield, you would think game stop would be a natural to value buyers. the last quarter was panned. they are going to have to shoot lights out this time to scare away the short sellers. the shorts represent 38% of the shares to trade. game stop is up 10% for the year. i believe if there is a way to grow a brick and mortar video game store in this year, game stop will fig it out. that's a big if. the markets close for good friday but that doesn't keep the government from issuing data and we have personal consumption figures that matter. why?
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this week. and frankly, i would like to see if the consumer has a pulse. maybe this number will dissuade negativeness. bottom line. we are back in the black for the year. all the predictions for a horrendous 2016 based on a poor january, the ones i told you were specious are blown out of the water. now it's time to return to examining the fundamentals of companies, not the taxonomy of the federal reserve. we'll like what we see with nike, red hat, general mills and accenture. they may present strong opportunities. we'll start with samir in new jersey. >> hi, jim. how you doing? >> i'm shot out of a cannon. you? >> railroad very well. thanks for having me on the show. >> you're welcome. >> i wanted to get your opinion
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i invested in it. a few weeks ago the ceo was interviewed on nbc. the stock went up almost 27%. with oil where it is today over $40 i want your opinion whether this is something i should continue to invest in. >> it was a good job by the ceo and the yield is safe. little bit too tumultuous for many people. that said, herb york acquitted himself well. i think if you want yield it gives you a good one. ross in new york. ross. >> hey, jim. a big boo-yah from ross the bulldog out of long island. >> of course, man. what's going on? >> caller: i don't know if you remember in november of 2014. how do you feel about the price of this stock? it's under valued based on the price. even the harold square location alone. what do you think of macy's?
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work for the paid side of the finished an analysis and said, listen, the jury isn't out. you can't tell yet. macy's had a big run. i'm on the fence with macy's when we have stocks like target. remember brian cornell? my charitable trust owns target. that's cheaper and better without the real estate play. stop asking already if the rally is real. we are back in the black for 2016. time to return to examining the fundamentals. tonight, gwyneth paltrow and chris martin aren't the only ones consciously uncoupling in 2015. i will google them after. my staff wrote that. i'm eyeing a major energy player to turn a breakup into a positive for the stock. and did adobe surprise you? it was easy to get pulled in if you didn't watch "mad money" and the companies better off alone when i look at dupont's split. that's a speculative friday name
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i suggest you stick with cramer! >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved toprelieve both itchy, watery eyes pand congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete.
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all week we have been talking about spinoffs where a company's unlocked value by breaking off a part of their business as a separate publically traded entity. regular viewers know i'm a huge backer of the breakup strategy. in part because the stock market prefers smaller, easy to understand pure play type companies over big complicated conglomerates. lately it seems executives have started to embrace the concept given that last year we saw 38 spin-offs, 38, with dozens more in the pipeline in 2016. the catalyst for the series was a terrific piece. it was a deep dive into a number
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tended to outperform the averages. they want to look over the universe of big spins in the past few years. see which ones were wort owning which might be dicey even if david didn't include them in his piece. take cst brands. valero, the big oil refiner. the deal was breaking it up would allow it to focus on the core refinery business, what it did best while cst focused on being a better retailer. since then valero soared higher but the gains have to do with the decline in the price of oil starting in 2014. at the time of the break-up in 2013 though the convenience score stocks were valued more richly than refineries. made sense for valero to get independent valuation for cst. at the time of the spin off cst was the second largest
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station/convenience store play in north america with 1,032 locations in the u.s. and canada. the convenience said side operating under the corner store brand while gas stations were under diamond shamal rock, valero and ultra mark banners. 60% were owned rather than leased makinging it a real estate play. right out of the gate cst performed well with stocks surging $28 where it was spun off in april of 2013. up to $37 by the end of the year. that's a terrific gain and the power of breaking up at work. for the first few months of 2013 the stock went into a break with inconsistent earnings. the store got a boost in 2014 when management announced they were considering forming a limited partnership for the fuel distribution business. sure enough a few months later
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acquire the general partner of lehigh fwas partners which they merged with their business to create cross america partners which trades under the symbol capl. cst was on a roll. the company started to make small acquisitions in order to expand the convenience store baz i like and the stock rallied up to nearly $45 by january of 2015. that's up 60% since it was spun off. it didn't hurt that the price of gas cratered leaving consumers with more money to spend in the store part of the business after paying to fill up the gas tank. however, declining oil prices were a mixed blessing for cst given the fact that the company got more than half of the business from texts. some of the gains from cheaper gasoline made it so it was. that's part of the reason cst missed the top and bottom line
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that caused the stock to get pounded. shares begin to rebound the second half but that wasn't enough for investors, incluing engine capital which sent a letter to cst's board in december expressing frustration with the stock's performance. the complaints, the activists didn't like that management couldn't unlock the value in the partnership along with real estate assets and retail stores and they pointed out stores outlagged competitors with consistently lower margins and they felt management wasn't communicating a clear strategy which brings us to 2016. at the beginning of the year cst got slammed but the stock started to rebound after the company reported a strong quarter in late february. currently down 1% year to date. these days cst has grown the footprint to almost 3,000 locations. at the beginning of the year management announced they were trying to figure out a way to monetize real estate holdings to
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stores. given the sub acid ware got crushed along with the rest of the space you know they wouldn't recommend too hard. even that couldn't seem to get the stock of cst. so earlier this month, management threw their hands up, said enough is enough. we will do anything to get the stock price moving in the right direction. i like that. what do we do with the stock of cst brands? this is a classic case of the spin off that makes a lot of sense. rather than focusing on pumping as many gallons of gas as possible for valero, cst has focused on growing the business. at the moment this story is lacking one thing -- clarity. they are doing a strategic review to give better performance.
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what the results will be. lower gas prices are for cst numbers even if the texas exposure hurts them. yesterday we saw a major deceleration which increased by 1.3 million barrels, well below the figure wall street expected suggesting people are starting to drive more than we thought. that makes sense given the cheapness of gas but contradicts the bearish story we heard this week. with cst at 17 times next year's earnings estimate i won't say it's cheap but i am willing to bless it for speculation. the monetization of real estate es ai set with strategic review are positive, but not a sure thing. you can't wait for a turn around to be obvious to everyone before you start buying. here's the bottom line. while cst gave you the post spin off rally in 20 oh 13 i think the stock has more upside. wish we had more clarity. i'm calling it a great spec for those with high tolerance for
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pass. all right. much more "mad money" ahead. from nylon to kevlar, some of the country's most important creations have come from dupont. has the company invented value as well? i'm eyeing the most speculative spin off yet i talked about this week. buying opportunities are fine if you remember two things. plus your tweets. tweet me @jimcramer, # madtweets. i might answer. i haven't answered them in a long time. i got nasty ones last night. i don't care. stick with cramer. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved toprelieve both itchy, pand congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can when we breathe in allergens our over producing six key inflammatory substances that most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. complete allergy relief or incomplete.
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know what you own and be ready for a buying opportunity. are those over used terms on "mad money"? too textbook? too un emotional? i don't know. if you consider the period from february 2 to february 8 earlier this year i think they make perfect sense. on february 2 we started our week in the san francisco bureau. something we are going to make a regular enterprise. i marvel at what happened when we were out there. the ce o of adobe. we interviewed marc benioff of sales and the ceo of work day. if you listen to those
3:26 am
weren't able to reveal actual numbers you heard stories of accelerating revenues, rapid adoption of product, robust total address with market and war stories of conquest. benioff was his usually boisterous self. he went over customers with deal sos bigamy eyes popped out. these allow the clients to move from big server operations to palm of hand power with cloud data at your fingertips. work day's push we talked about big wins particularly against oracle banned from the core business of union capital management to the new financial vertical. but few were as bullish as the ceo of adobe. you may have heard this morning he was talking about an acceleration of revenue of cloud products designed to look at marketing and creativity. the guy blew me away. my research team had all done a deep download of new things
3:27 am
that stuff was clear that things had rapidly advanced even since we had done our homework. rising average rev new per unit. rising migration to the cloud. made me think maybe adobe had the most momentum of them all. i couldn't belief how good it was. he talked about getting to more than 50 trillion pieces of customer data using his products. he said movies were made in abundance. the document cloud had become the standard for pretty much everyone who saw it and adobe was at the heart of the digital transformation and many products would grow at a 30% plus clip. you can see why the stock went from $73 to $93 over the last year when i had seen him. what fabulous momentum. something extraordinary happened. right after our interviews were over, before the proverbial ink was try, tableau software data and linkedin were allegedlile
3:28 am
day and adobe. they had hideous quart lir reports. just horrendous. and they took salesforce, work day and adobe stocks right with them. i had just profiled the companies as toij fabulously. four days after i spoke to the ceo of adobe his stocks gave up the gains not just for the week but the year because of a faulty guilt by association. maybe the decline wasn't as bad as tableau. that went from 81 to 41 in a single session. a two for one split or as horrendous as linkedin which plummeted from 193 to 108. but the decline in adobe stocks was breathtaking as were those for sales force which went from 67 to 53 and work day which dropped from 64 to 48. [ house of pain ] >> subsequently what happened. let's think about this.
3:29 am
patience. subsequently sales force reported a couple of weeks ago. benioff came on the show. showed better client adoption and the stock made up all the losses we saw when we were in san francisco. then work day came out. they came on air. up ten points in a single session making up the ground it lost when we were in san francisco. you know what? of the three, adobe's quarter last night was the most spectacular of all. i don't think it's over yet with the march 22 adobe summit in las vegas coming up where i expect the numbers to be fleshed out and new products like the creative cloud product at 44%. add in 70,000 new clients during the quarter. 175 directors used it to make movies shown at the sun dance film festival this year. we think about the originale precept i mentioned. if you knew what you owned or knew what a company did and you were waiting for the buy-in.
3:30 am
these companies you wouldn't have folded them. even if you only listened to the interviews on "mad money" there were interviews between tableau and linkedin. they were nil. at least linkedin was in the cloud. i have no explanation for the faux pin action from data analytics company tableau software. it is truly faux cloud. faux like f-a-u-x. you have a break in price for three terrific cloud stocks and it was an amazing buying opportunity. it was all about doing the homework and being ready to pounce when the time was right. that's what happened with the stocks and sales force, work day and adobe. i'm sure more opportunities await ahead for those who are diligent and patient among you. steve-arino in pennsylvania. steve. >> caller: jim, greetings from
3:31 am
i bought xylinks. i wondered how long you would stay with it. >> i know it sells at 23 times earnings. i have been saying communications technology stocks are back. remember altera is bought by intel. i came out on sky works and nxpi. yes, i really like broadcom still avgo. you're in good company with xlnx and i would be a buyer. anthony in florida. >> how's it going? >> real good. how about you? >> caller: amazing in this sunshine state. i'm asking about paypal. keep or sell? >> you should be a buyer. some clown downgraded today. i'm using that term clown loosely. actually tightly. the guy doesn't understand the
3:32 am
why do we other than it's owned by my charitable trust? dan schulman has been on the show twice and has told a great story at 33, 35. now at 39. i think it goes higher. if you knew what you owned when it came to sales force, work day and adobe you would have known the declines from tableau and linkedin were guying opportunities. i have one for you. knowledge, i'm calling it power. much more "mad money" ahead. the dupont breakup had a positive reaction or has it been too volatile for a company that they spun out? i'm breaking out the chemistry set just ahead. plus did your tweet rise to the top of the happy or do i have to call the police? i'm answering the finest questions from the twitter verse and a thank god it's friday edition of the lightning round with the culle my nation being the week that was that allows my stage manager to show his stuff.
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i keep talking about all the spinoff stories because i just can't get over the tremendous piece of research from the chief equity strategist at goldman sachs. to conclude the series i want to talk to you about the most speculative and the most disappointing spin off. back before dupont and dow chemical merged dupont was trying to restructure to get its groove back. a part of that involved spinning off the titanium technologies products and commodities chemicals products last july t. point is these are commodity product lines and dupont wants to focus on the higher margin products that are much less cyclical and get a higher they kicked it to the curb. for the fist seven months of the
3:37 am
understand why dupont wanted to keep these asset s in house. they started trading at 16.51. this is incredible. 16.51 the day it was spun off inle july the stock plunged to $3.06. chemours was supposed to be a dog. and that's exactly how it performed. it was a mongrel. it crushed everybody who touched it. [ house of pain ] >> in the last couple of months something strange happened. chemours came back to life. stock surging back to more than $7 a share giving you a monster 44% gain from january lows as it's been more than cut in half since it was spun off by dupont. this story is so improved. it's dramatic. gold man upgraded the stock from neutralle to buy this week.
3:38 am
i thought it was bad. sometimes you have to look. one thing i learned is you have to be flexible. someone admitted, hey, jim, i like your flexibility. someone said something nice. that beg it is question. what's happening at this volatile spin off and is the stock cheap enough to own it? let's talk about what kemours does. they are the number one maker of a pigment used in paint, food coloring, sunscreen, cosmetics. the way you see it is when toothpaste comes out of the tube and it's white, that's them. wouldn't be white without this stuff. they are the number one supplier of products including refridge rents, foaming agents, teflon, freon and commercials. they make various industrial and specialty chemicals including cyanide. i don't know. the idea was as the commodity
3:39 am
lot going for it. fewer higher margin products there was a big bet on that. big expansion in the mexico plant. in the products business opteon, the proprietary chemical refridge rent has room to take market share. they can reduce cap ex spending and be a leaner meaner company. sounds great, right? one problem. right out of the gate the company reported a horrible quarter. sales declining by 13%. earnings before interest, tax, depreciation shrinking by 20% year over year. it is a commodity chemical company. it has little control of its own
3:40 am
they can talk all they want about market share, cost savings and the fact remains chemours is hostage to the end markets. particularly the vast commodities of titanium dioxide made in china. suffice it to say when demand is weak it doesn't matter what chemours does, it's awful. this bid is horrendous timing. all things commodity had gone into free fall and the global economy was slowing. no wonder the first two quarters were down right awful. top and bottom line numbers came in weaker than wall street. how could you have issued this thing? within a month of the spin off chemours announced a restructuring meant to generate $5 million savings. there is a problem though. it's really not that good a sign when the company rolls out
3:41 am
it started trading independently. the story was different from the bullish narrative management pitched before the spin off. i want to put it together now. from 15 bucks last summer down to 3 at the end of january. how about the miraculous rebound in the stock since then? like i said lately we have been witnessing a huge rally in all things commodity and chemours is a commodity chemical producer. the same global forces a lot of stock like freeport, producer of copper, dpold and oil come back from the dead and doubled. that's the same thing that resuscitated chemours. they trade together. when the company reported february 23 they managed to beat revenue expectations. management gave more optimistic guidance noting the head winds like titanium dioxide could turn into tail winds. once the cycle goes i have seen it go like this. at the same time the
3:42 am
working. company is on track to deliver $2 millionle in cost out kuts and they are in the process of laying off 5% of the global work force on top of more expensive facilities in the united states being closed down. what do we do? many initial buyers who picked this up were washed out as were manile people in the commodity stocks. the rebound since then is all about the comeback of commodities and they are layered in the company's restructuring efforts. the expectations have come way down. that's how goldman could upgrade the stock citing a low valuation, bottoming of the ti-2 pricing and the company's cost cutting efforts. even after more than doubling from the bottom this dog just trades at six times next year's estimates. my view, if you want a commodity chemical play given the current come back, you could do worse. i'm making this my speck tlaif stock of the week. do you need one? i don't know.
3:43 am
recent rally continues. while kemours has a decent restructuring it is nowhere as good as dow chemical or dupont where they are merging and breaking into three smaller focused ebt entities. remember the money tyco made? if you want to bet the global economy will get stronger and the dollar will weaken, chemours is worth speculating on. it's too darn cheap. personally i prefer the dow-dupont merger which is why the charitable trust made dow chemical such a huge position. "mad money" is back after the break. our bacteria family's been on this cushion for generations. alright kiddos! everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! finally there's a disinfectant mist designed for sofas, mattresses and more. introducing new lysol max cover.
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to live with it better. announcer: early intervention can make a lifetime of difference.
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>> it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." we'll start with angela. >> caller: boo-yah from new york. what do you think of bax? >> baxter is good. i prefer ew. why? because they have an amazing twice that makes it so you don't have to crack the chest cavity for open heart surgery. john in new york. john. >> caller: jumping jimmy, boo-yah. >> as long as it's not slipping jimmy from you know what. go ahead. >> caller: i want to know what kind of horse sense i have with the growth and the yield with bx.
3:48 am
you need an ipo market for that to do better. i'm not leaving them. they are too smart. i will say hold it. it's been unrewarding. larry in florida. larry. >> caller: hi. long time listener and investor. >> thank you. >> caller: i appreciate your -- i have never played the oil patch before. i wanted to get your feeling on bp? >> don't start playing it now. that's a stretched balance sheet, no go situation. exxon and chevron if you want to go there. charitable trust owned occide in, the, a, l. be careful with bp. chris? >> caller: boo-yah. how you doing? >> real good. you? >> caller: doing fine. thank you, jim. listen, you are still one of my heroes. i own some shares of wendy's company. >> we spent time with wendy's and we like them. we also like mcdonald's.
3:49 am
now. i want to go to andrea in california. [ buzzer ] no, no, no. andrea in california. >> caller: ali ba ba. >> i don't recommend chinese stocks but yahoo! might be good again. william in maryland. william. >> caller: you've got me. >> what's up? >> caller: new york bank. >> don't buy. we really don't want to be over weight in the banks or health care. one more. gary in texas. gary. >> caller: jim, from the woodlands, texas, buy, hold or sell cag. >> they are doing a good job restructuring. i want to stick with it at 43. i like it very much. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the -- oh,ville nova scored. the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning
3:50 am
ameritrade. >> i didn't think it was as good i just love it. [ screaming ] >> when i walk out of here i've got it shall i get in my office, make phone calls, i have stuff to do. i'm busy. you have to focus on a show. >> i do it during the show.
3:51 am
>> faber called me old today. >> congratulations to you and your staff on 11 years. >> the staff freshens me up. >> it's been 11 years. to celebrate our 11th anniversary i want to show you some of the people who make "mad money" possible every single day. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow!
3:52 am
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what a week it's been. we celebrated our 11th anniversary and my twitter feed has been enfuego. you may have seen a campaign asking for things you have learned in the last decade and changed, of course. special thanks to those who sent in pictures with # cramer taught me like this one. happy 11th. what a diversity of smart leaders there are. i love so many of the things i see in corporate america. but i celebrate them, take heat for doing it. i don't care. would you rather kolle gate, uni lever or procter? matt and i talked about colgate
3:55 am
unilever is better when the dollar is weaker so procter and gamble is a buy, buy, buy. now we have blake who says i have a small position in sprint and wonder if this is a good time to add or wait for the run? i like verizon. it's got good yield and growth. by the way, did you see american tower this week and sba? they're soaring. why? sprint and the other companies have to buy more towers because the signals aren't clear enough. next asking one of the things you preach is diversification. do you have to be in at least five sectors to be diversified? that's if you have ten stocks. it has to do with the number of stocks you own. five stocks, want five sectors. i fear everybody will own oils and the oils will collapse or health care. health care is in a major bear market. if you own too many stocks that look like bristol-myers you are
3:56 am
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when january started it was bad. i heard a lot of people say that's the way 2016 will be.
4:00 am
to an end. i hope this incredible rally makes you think twice before you listen to that nonsense again. markets go up because of how companies are doing, not because of the callder. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for you on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. and i will see you monday! r): working as a tv host is a pretty sweet gig. but tonight on "1st look," i'm taking a stab at these cool jobs. ok, tapping out. tapping out. boo. can i get off of him now, please? i never thought i would feel so comfortable with a chainsaw. [chainsaw] [filing] how you feeling? pretty good. -(voiceover) yeah. i like it. it's going to be on my resume. [music playing] so is this normally


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