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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm Weekend  NBC  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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announcer: local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news at 6:00 in high definition. adrian: breaking news first at 6:00, detectives descend on a local neighborhood to investigate a shooting. police say they received numerous 911 calls from the near the home in apopka. good evening i' m adrian , whitsett. this is unfolding on sheeler hills drive, just north of state road 414. wesh 2' s matt grant is there live. matt, what have you learned this afternoon? matt: authorities are staying tightlipped. it we don' t know a lot of information, but they are investigating reports of a shooting.
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authorities have been out here most of the afternoon. we can confirm they are responding to multiple 911 calls about reports of a shooting in the area. it is on sheeler hills drive, in apopka. you can see a bicycle and also a football nearby. what is alarming is that this is an area where there are children playing. apopka police turn this over to the joint homicide detective team very they will not confirm if someone was shot, injured, or killed. investigators have been going in and out of the house collecting evidence. they said we will have more information for us sometime later today. they did confirm one thing for us, they said there is no suspect on the loose at this time. i asked if that means a suspect has been arrested or in custody. they would not confirm, but they are assuring the public there is no suspect on the loose at this time regarding this case, which is all we know about some kind
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there. many of started dry, then saw a soggy saturday afternoon. it caused some delays as crashes littered the road. this is what it looked earlier along the fairbanks curve along you can see numerous vehicles involved in this crash. it was cleared from the road quickly, however. for a check on how your saturday night is shaping up, let' s go to first alert meteorologist eric it seems like more rain is on the way eric:. the work -- we will look ahead to tomorrow morning. the radar right now is quiet. certainly quiet since early this morning when dave cocchiarella was in earlier. we are still tracking some showers, around floridana beach and mikko. they are cruising out to the ocean. not too bad. few more showers developing around fellowship, redick, just
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keep in mind, even though the radar is quieting down, we have seen print the of showers through the day. --plenty of showers through the day. we are going to be watching the few sprinkles tonight, generally ahead -- the heaviest activity has come to a close. 70 degrees, cloudy skies. here' s a look at the hour-by-hour forecasts. 10% chances of rain, temperatures slowly falling to the upper 60' s. i am that you covered ebro by neighborhood. this will become a cold front. adrian: thanks. a 17-year-old accused of murdering another teen went before a judge for the first time. and there he learned he may be tried as an adult in the shooting death of antwan davis a week ago. both michael anderson and his girlfriend face charges in connection to the ocoee murder. wesh 2' s matt lupoli is live with today' s new developments. matt?
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s office will decide how to prosecute suspect michael anderson. a judge warned him and his father it is likely he will be treated as an adult. >> michael anderson. matt: a teenager who deputies say gunned down a boy who lives in his neighborhood faces a the first time. deputies say michael anderson shot and killed 15-year-old antwan davis last weekend. anderson' s reported girlfriend, lindsey shirley, is charged as an accessory after the fact, deputies say she tampered with evidence. >> how old are you? anderson: 17. matt: anderson' s father stood by his side in juvenile court as a judge warned him it' s likely he will be tried as an adult in the case, and that he could spend his life in prison if convicted. deputies say anderson was trying to sell the victim marijuana before shooting the boy in the head. he was found lying beside lakewood avenue in ocoee. his family spent the week
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>> he was a child. you had no business taking them from us. matt: investigators also tell wesh 2 the boys knew each other well and that anderson did show some remorse. now, he' ll spend the next few weeks in a detention center awaiting another hearing. and a decision on whether he' ll prosecuted as a child or an adult. >> i love you. matt: the judge ordered that anderson spent the next 21 days detained, awaiting his next hearing. his reported girlfriend is 18 years old. she was being held at the orange county jail but has since made bond. live in orlando, matt lupoli wesh 2 news. ,adrian: thank you. tonight, police are searching for the man who shot a man outside his home in orlando. it happened at the palm grove apartments, off w.d. judge drive this morning. police believe the shooter drove away after the shooting. investigators aren' t releasing any information about the victim.
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stray bullet that critically injured a worker told a judge he didn' t know he was charged with that crime. jakell ward: i was here for a domestic violence charge, not this. this charge was under investigation. i never got charged with this. i came here for domestic violence. adrian: today, the judge pointed out that jakell ward is in fact charged with attempted murder for the shooting yesterday off forest city road in orange county. deputies say he fired the gun during a fight with his girlfriend yesterday at magnolia court apartments. and a worker taking down a fence nearby was hit. ryan hippchen: anger is part of it, but it is just, we are just here for brian. we want them to be ok. that is with -- that is 100% all that matters. adrian: the victim' s boss also tells wesh 2 that the shooting victim has a five-day-old baby at home. covering lake county, a dog is being credited with alerting its owner to a fire. leesburg firefighters sent us this picture from south street, near hickory drive. they say there were no working smoke detectors in the home, but
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by the barking dog. the home is a total loss. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and right now searchers are , combing the waters off florida' s panhandle for a woman still missing from a boat crash. a man was killed and five others were hurt in yesterday' s crash near destin. the 28-foot personal craft hit the east jetty near destin and capsized. a 22-year-old man from destin died. star scherzer still have not released the woman' s name. orlando international is expected to be the busiest spring break airport in the country for the next couple of weeks. the tsa predicts travel to peak today with 156,000 passengers, which would be a 13% jump over last year. some passengers we caught up with today are passing through orlando as they end their spring breaks. >> we have been on a cruise for a week, and now we are sitting in the airport for 10 hours.
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adrian: that is life it orlando international sometimes. wait, it' s recommended you allow if you' you' re encouraged to get to the you depart. the suspect, just arrested for the paris terror attacks, originally planned to be a suicide bomber, but backed out at the last minute. re learning about salah abdeslam. he was shot during a raid in belgium after four months on the run. gunfire and explosions rocked a neighborhood in brussels. four other people were arrested. france' s president even admits more people were involved in the paris attacks last november that he previously thought. shawn henry: this case is all about intelligence, the ability to look and see if there are other pending attacks or those that are in place right now. ll be looking at other co-conspirators. who are other members of the organization? adrian: abdelslam is now out of the hospital and will be extradited to france as soon as possible. we go to commitment 2016,
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hitting the campaign trail out to the west. as chris pollone reports, illegal immigration is a major theme with two of the candidates in arizona today. chris: near scottsdale, arizona, saturday, republican frontrunner donald trump rallied with thousands of supporters ahead of tuesday' s arizona primary, painting himself as a political outsider. donald trump: the establishment, they have no idea what their doing. they have no clue. they don' t how to win. they haven' t won in a long time. chris as trump spoke, protesters : demonstrated. a few dozen blocked the road leading to his arizona event, police arresting three there. while across the country in new york city, hundreds marched from columbus circle to trump tower, trump continued his tough on illegal immigration talk insisting that he will stop , illegal border crossings with a wall that mexico will pay for. donald trump: real border wall. nobody' s crossing, underneath either. chris: while trump spoke, democratic candidate bernie sanders was also in arizona at the mexican border.
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immigration reform that keeps families together, ends fear of deportation, and allows the return of deported family members. chris: utah is the other state holding a primary tuesday. there, donald trump' s chief rival, senator ted cruz, insisted he is the republican party' s best hope to beat the new york billionaire. ted cruz: donald has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. chris: the gloves are off, but will any of it slow trump' s path to the nomination? chris pollone, nbc news, new york. adrian: right now three , astronauts are settling into their new home aboard the international space station. a soyuz spacecraft arrived early this morning. nasa astronaut jeff williams is looking to break the american record for most days spent in space, 534 over three missions. a russian holds the world record at 878. and bringing orlando together was the message behind an event in parramore today.
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ended with a block party this morning downtown. children got free bike helmets, some flying kites. city leaders organize the event and called it the orlando together parade. >> is a chance to walk through the community until the community as a whole that we want to be together. this is orlando together. adrian: this is the second year hosting the parade. it is an extension of the five year annual bike rally. central florida works to offer help to one community that' s in the middle of a water crisis. plus, new video coming in of the aftermath of a plane crash that killed dozens. it' s as investigators talk about what may have caused the plane to do gown. watching and waiting. promising new signs tonight that
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the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. announcer: you' re watching wesh 2. adrian: experts say weather was likely the main factor in the crash of a dubai passenger plane in russia. all 62 people on board were killed. this is new video from the scene showing just how large the debris field is. it is believed that plane nose-dived and exploded while trying to land in strong winds.
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the moment the plane went down. experts say several planes had trouble landing at the airport around the time of the crash with one trying to land three , times before giving up and diverting to another airport. and helper flint, michigan is being organized right here in central florida. people coming to gay -- today to give monetary donations as well as a lot of bottled water. this was at the washington church of christ. this is called sunshine for flint and it is lasting 17 hours. tj legacy-cole: it' s about central florida coming together. we have clergy, elected officials, we have members of the community that had donated water, their time, our volunteers, and we are showing love to a community that is 1200 hundred miles away. adrian: the big red bus from the red cross was also out, giving volunteers the opportunity to donate blood as well. hundreds came out to canine companions for independence in orlando today to meet the southeast region' s new executive director. this event attracted those of
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all to meet bryan williams. , williams joins canine companions after heading up the community foundation of south lake. he' s excited about his new gig. bryan williams: animals are something i' m very passionate about, so being able to combine that with what they do for people is even more amazing. adrian: the center here in orlando assists people as far north as north carolina and tennessee and as far west as louisiana. those who are matched with a dog spend about two weeks at the center before graduating. and a minute to go, a second eagle at what hast eight at the national arboretum in the nation' s capital. here is a live picture sit up in the eagles nest. this is gripping the nation. the egg began hatching this morning. the first eaglet popped from its shell yesterday morning, and is -- the american eagle foundation says they had the nesting since october 2014. you can see the tiny little bald
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that was just hatching. good stuff out there. i don' t know what to talk about the weather when it comes to bald eagles. i just love that video. eric: it is incredible video. we have been looking at changes in the weather. that will work. outside to the skycam, it is a cloudy set up. as we have seen all day. the rain has come to an end. the roadways are a little slick, so please her goodness sake, i have seen too many accidents today. taken a little slower today. the wind is light out of the south at about nine miles per hour. temperatures elsewhere, 75, but we are seeing sunshine of your in ocala. 73 daytona beach, 74 sanford. looking at the temperature change, this is from right now put the four hours ago. we are significantly cooler, 13 degrees in the city beautiful. here' s first alert power doppler
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the stragglers we have are areas, indian river, brevard, osceola county. have is wriggles coming through. -- sprinkles coming through. i-75. we are going to watch this, in especially in northern areas we to develop. 74 with the high temperature because of clouds, but that is where we should be. clouds continuing, but watching the showers out here in the gulf , they are going to be moving in our direction. by tomorrow morning we have the forecast. here is a: 30, a few showers. a few near lake, sanford, deland, but fizzling out by 10:00.
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services, just noting that for palm sunday we are going to be looking at slate roadways once again. a few showers the other way five. 60 in the villages, 68 in melbourne. if you are going to see shawn mendez at mardi gras, we are talking about passing sprinkle, but otherwise gradually falling temperatures. by the way it will be quite moist. 6:00 in the morning, we will keep a few showers through the morning. by lunchtime we kind of start breaking the stuff. we are looking better. 74 to 79 is the high temperature tomorrow. the bay hill forecast, if you are going to watch the final round, clouds gradually curing. -- clearing. falling to the 70' s as the afternoon wears on. shower activity should be lingering in the morning. for sunday by the way, the verse today of spring, 79, 30% chance of showers, and then look at the difference.
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degrees. tuesday morning in the 40' s. and then we are back to storms friday and saturday. adrian: and mother nature threatens play at the arnold palmer invitational, but would anyone be able to rain on jason day' s parade? round three highlights from bay hill, next in sports. plus, the things he has seen at arnie' s place. a dedicated volunteer shares memories from 35 years of
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pat: fearing storms that were forecast here in central florida this afternoon, the pga tour wisely decided to have all players who made the cut at the arnold palmer invitational go out early in round three at bay hill. and everyone completed 18 holes today, dodging some wet stuff along the way. and they were all chasing jason day, who was the 18 and 36-hole leader at arnie' s place. and if he was to keep or even stretch that advantage, he would have to do some of it in the rain. intermittent showers at the hill for the entire field. and henrik stenson playing with day, and justin rose grabbing the lead on the par 5 sixth with that eagle putt. but by time they reached the eighth hole, both at eight 14 under par.
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here, right back into the lead. and there are more wanna-be champions this weekend. troy merritt for birdie at the seventh. he is at 13 under following 54, but day will begin the final round with that same two-shot edge he began with today. a 70, 15-under-par for the tournament. >> i have had the lead before, and in certain situations, that have had bigger, i guess, a compliment behind it with the bmw last year and having a big way to there and getting to number one in the world. tomorrow, it is going to be back in contention, especially on the layoffs. i have got to go in embrace it and make sure i stay patient and aggressive. pat: ok, and as you can see, this is still very much anyone' s tournament. day tees off at 2:00 p.m. sunday afternoon, playing in that final group with troy merritt, stenson, and chappell in the penultimate twosome 10 minutes earlier. mr. palmer' s tournament is celebrating its 38th anniversary
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t just happen. literally a cast of thousands works behind the scenes to make this a success, including many who don' t get paid, yet leave here each year very rich. they are the heartbeat of the arnold palmer invitational. a few hundred of the nearly 1500 volunteers marching last saturday. stars of a video for the arnie' s new initiative that next year becomes the host organization of this event. >> this is where it starts. these folks give us their time, and that is what volunteering and charities are all about. giving time and energy and money. pat: this week, hairy completes three years as the chairman, passing the baton to can hoffman, a 35 year volunteer at this event. >> there is no way i can leave that after being here just a few years. it is who i am, this is where i want to be. mr. palmer is the greatest.
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over the years. decades ago when mr. palmer was , smoking, packs of cigarettes handed out to fans as they arrived at the tournament. >> different kinds of cigarettes, different companies best -- but he is the only one that you that. no one else remembers that. pat: and then there was a fan that literally brought a zoo. >> the gentleman that owns the house near the 18th green, he built and owned circus world, and in the last day of the tournament, he brought this elephant on site and put it in his backyard and was giving his friends and kids rides. pat: only a 35 year veteran would remember that. he is among helpers taking part in the pga volunteer tour challenge. a winning vote for him generous since $10,000 in his name to arnie' s army. >> i' m getting my company involved, which is a worldwide company, international company, to get involved, get more votes. it would be an honor to present
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pat: kenny and all of the volunteers out there are all winners. ncaa tournament continues, miami winning over wichita state,
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for the adrian: quick check of the weather. eric: a moist set up tomorrow, but look at monday. chilly weather returns. adrian: 68 looks good. and this looks good on this saturday night, charged with murder. the dramatic new details tonight on how the suspect in the deadly paris bombing attacks was finally tracked down and captured as the french try to bring him back to face trial. deadly crash. searching for answers in russia after a boeing 737 crashes and breaks apart on landing in bad weather killing all 62 people on board. arizona battleground. ahead of tuesday's primary, we are out with the protesters who are blocking traffic and chaining themselves to cars in the ground war to try to stop trump. road less


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