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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm Weekend  NBC  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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m really upset. adrian: we start with breaking news tonight. friends and relatives try to cope after learning a 15-year-old girl is the victim of a deadly shooting. late tonight, investigators confirmed to us a 16-year-old is charged in the girl' s murder. good evening i' m adrian , whitsett. the victim has since been identified as destiny bargman. she was shot inside a home on sheeler hills drive, just north of the 414 in apopka. wesh 2' s matt grant is live in that neighborhood. matt, you talked with the s friends. this is the house for that deadly shooting happened. investigators are still out here. you can still see the crime scene tape. her friends and classmates tell me they are shocked. shiloh patterson: i saw her afro, and i was like, oh my gosh, please don' destiny. patterson can' s shiloh patterson: i was really like i am still in shock. , i can'
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she was smart, she was funny, very intelligent. she was just an all around amazing person. matt: the joint homicide task force says 15-year-old destiny bargman was shot to death inside this home on sheeler hills drive in apopka where a bicycle sits outside. investigators have charged a 16-year-old with second degree murder, accusing that person of shooting and killing destiny. officials have not named the suspect and the motive is , unknown. shiloh says destiny was a ninth grader at wekiva high school. shiloh patterson: she was an all around amazing person, and she didn' t deserve any of this. matt: around 12:40 saturday, apopka police received multiple 911 calls reporting a shooting. shiloh says she still can' t believe her friend is gone. >> she wouldn' t do anything to hurt anybody. matt: did you hear that she was killed tonight? >> i didn' t want to be her. matt: condolence messages are coming in on social media.
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for another suspect. the investigation into how and why this deadly shooting happened continues. adrian: this marks the second weekend in a row a 15-year-old was shot and killed in orange county. just today, the 17-year-old accused in that murder went before a judge. wesh 2' s matt lupoli discovered that 17-year-old could go on trial as an adult. >> michael anderson. >> date of birth? >> eight/four/98. matt: a teenager who deputies say gunned down a boy who lives in his neighborhood faces a second-degree murder charge for the first time. deputies say michael anderson shot and killed 15-year-old antwan davis last weekend. anderson' s reported girlfriend, lindsay shirley, is also charged as an accessory after the fact, deputies say she tampered with evidence. >> how old are you? michael anderson: 17. matt: anderson' s father stood by his side in juvenile court as a judge warned him it' s likely he will be tried as an adult in the case, and that he could spend
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deputies say anderson was trying to sell the victim drugs before shooting the boy in the head. he was found lying beside lakewood avenue in ocoee. a memorial of candles and flowers and stuffed animals now sits beside the sidewalk where the shooting took place. the victim' s family spent the week looking for answers and for justice. >> he was a child. you had no business taking him from us. matt: investigators also tell wesh 2 the boys knew each other well and that anderson did show some remorse. now, he' ll spend the next few weeks in a detention center awaiting another hearing. and a decision on whether he' ll prosecuted as a juvenile or an adult. >> i love you. matt: from orange county, matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. adrian: checking first alert weather, today' s rain proved to be a little dangerous on local roads. this is what it looked this afternoon on the fairbanks curve along i-4.
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workers quickly cleaned up the mess to allow traffic to get through. no reported injuries that we know of. let' s check now how saturday night, sunday morning is shaping up. we go to eric burris. eric: we are mostly dry at this hour, but it will not last all that long. the first alert doppler radar showing that quiet, but out to the west is were we are watching activity. let me tap into the tampa bay radar, and you can see heavier and friends in southwest florida. there is a lot more moisture in the southwest. let me take in stock and show futurecast on top to fill it in. you can see several other waves of energy, waves of showers. as they move into our area overnight and tomorrow morning. 60' s areawide. we will not move all that much. we will bring rain chances up early morning around 6:00 and
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40% chance of rain. we will help you plan your adrian: you' re about to see some of the biggest delays yet in the i-4 ultimate project. rolling roadblocks are set to crews can begin to install steel girders for a new northbound bridge over i-4 along kirkman road. beginning at par street, law enforcement will jump in front of traffic and slow it to 20 miles an hour. all 13 westbound i-4 entrances between the par street and kirkman road interchanges will be temporarily blocked as this happens. and tonight, police say a man orlando. this is late breaking tonight. the shooting happened at the palm grove apartments off w.d. judge drive, this morning.
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has been found, and joshua bell, 32 years old, was the victim in the case. he died from injuries at ormc. they located the possible suspect vehicle, a burgundy chevy impala, but the case is still actively being investigated and police say there are no further details available right now. the man accused of firing a stray bullet that critically injured a worker told a judge he didn' t know he was charged with that crime. >> i was here for a domestic violence charge, not this. this charge was under investigation. i never got charged with this. i came here with the domestic violence. adrian: today, the judge pointed out that jakell ward is in fact charged with attempted murder for the shooting yesterday off forest city road in orange county. deputies say he fired the gun during a fight with his girlfriend at magnolia court apartments. a worker taking down a fence nearby and was hit. >> anger is part of it. just here for brian, wanted to be ok.
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adrian: the victim' s boss also tells wesh 2 that the shooting victim has a five-day-old baby at home. covering lake county, a dog is getting the credit for alerting its owner to a fire. leesburg firefighters sent us this picture from south street, near hickory drive. they say there were no working smoke detectors inside but the , person inside was awakened by the barking dog. the home is a total loss. the cause of the fire is under investigation. developing tonight, crew members aboard a royal caribbean cruise ship rescue some stranded cuban migrants. according to the coast guard, the migrants were suffering from severe dehydration when they were pulled to safety off the coast of marco island in southwest florida. nine migrants have died. 18 others are safe. they say they' d been at sea for 22 days. the cruise ship is taking them to its next port of call in cozumel, mexico. and new video for you tonight
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trump rally. you can see several protesters, one in a black shirt, one in a kkk hood, or what appears to be a kkk hood being escorted out of , the tucson, arizona rally. moments later a man carrying an anti-trump sign was pulled to the ground and was punched and kicked. police were able to break up the fight. the man you see in the beijing polo shirt was arrested. donald trump: there' s a disgusting guy. put' s a ku klux klan hat on. he thinks he' s cute. he' s a disgusting guy. adrian: that guy is a woman. while candidates campaign in arizona, immigration is becoming one of the hot topics. bernie sanders: we need immigration reform that keeps families together, that ends the fear of deportation, and that allows the return of deported family members. adrian: you hear from bernie sanders.
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, t campaign today. campaigned in utah. voters there and in arizona vote tuesday. investigators talk about what may have caused a passenger plane to go down, killing more than 60 people. it' s as video comes in, showing crash. plus, a terrifying sight as drivers discover a wrecked tonight, we' re learning a high
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adrian: experts say that weather was likely the factor in the crash of a dubai passenger plane in russia. all 62 people on board died. new video from the scene shows just how large the debris field is at the scene. it' s believed the plane nose-dived and exploded while trying to land in strong winds. surveillance cameras are believed to have captured the moments the plane went down. experts say several planes had trouble landing at the airport at the time of the crash, with one trying to land three times before giving up and diverting to another airport. and dozens of high school basketball players survive a terrifying school bus crash in indiana. pictures show this bus on its roof in the town of demotte today as onlookers rushed to help. the bus was carrying 26 players and staff to a state semi-final
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school officials say only minor injuries were reported. which is incredible. the cause of the crash is under investigation. orlando international is expected to be the busiest spring break airport in the country for the next couple of weeks. the tsa predicts travel to peak today with 156,000 passengers, a 13% jump over last year. because of the crowds and the longer than normal weight, it is recommended you give yourself plenty of time. if you' re on a domestic flight, you' re encouraged to get to the airport two hours before departure. normally you want to be there more than two hours. eric: those lines get crazy sometimes. it because everybody loves the town. tourist capital of the planet. adrian: and we have days like today with a little bit of rain and then it moves out. eric: and tomorrow is the same thing. we start with cheryl is in the
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with showers and then clears out. nine degrees, wind light out of the west southwest at eight miles per hour. 66 in ocala, 65 over here in palm coast. 70 right on cocoa beach, 67 in melbourne. there is for alert radar, watching new developing showers over polk county. you can see the little showers coming together right over i-4. they will move over kissimmee. i know we are all going to bed, but it shows you how soupy this atmosphere really is. there is a lot more cloud cover and moisture out in the gulf, and it is all moving our way. it will be a wet setup up until midday tomorrow, and then we dry out. you need to go all the way south to about baton rouge to get into some drier air. that drier air will expand as it moves our way. it just takes until about late tomorrow to get here.
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-- 68, showers. here' s futurecast. this is a model i get a new run on every hour. i am looking at every hours model run. we are going to be getting wet. if you are going to morning services, take a new bike ride, we are talking about rain for the i-4 corridor . volusia county, orange county, and thereafter, we see brevard county. when it is not raining, it is cloudy. after that front, the initial wave of energy, we get this lingering guys sticking around. we get lingering showers through the afternoon. temperatures in the lows, middle 60' s. the front is what is bringing us this moisture. when the front decides to move, we clear out.
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negligible, we will watch it, but about lunchtime we will push most of it out and then have an afternoon sprinkle here or there. 72 orlando, 75 daytona, 75 titusville. the rain does drop the pollen levels to 6.4, a medium category . we are back into the high category tuesday and wednesday. great forecast later in the day if you are going to the winter park art festival. amateurs flirting with about 80 degrees -- temperatures flirting with about 80 degrees. look at monday. once the front is through, it is through, and is a cold front. daytime highs in the upper 60' s, waking up to the 40' s by tuesday. adrian: thank you. the leaderboard is crowded at the arnold palmer invitational, but the name at the top is still the same. next in sports, pat takes us to bay hill, where jason day continues to set the pace. just how bad his lead is, and the footsteps he' s hearing as he heads to sunday'
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the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan. pat: the table is set for what very well could be a thrilling sunday finish at the arnold palmer invitational, but clearly the man to beat is the man who has led this thing since thursday.
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weathering the weather at bay hill on saturday. even with tee times moved to the morning. but round three is now in the books. and henrik stenson playing with day and justin rose, grabbing what had been a two-shot day lead on the par 5 sixth with that eagle putt. but by time they reached the eighth hole, both at this point had 14 under par, and then this from day. right back into the lead. and company for both. troy merritt for birdie at the seventh. he is at 13-under-par following 54. but day will begin the final round with that same two-shot edge he began with today. a 70 for him 15-under-par for , the tourney. three players within the lead, ready to pounce, including kevin chappell, justin rose and others. who can catch day on sunday? >> i have had the lead in
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had bigger, you know, i guess a compass mints behind it with you know the bmw last year and having a big lead of their and getting there in the world. tomorrow, it is just good to be back in contention certainly after a long layoff. i have got to go in and embrace it and make sure i stay patient. >> you get to play a good round of golf. i played a lot less year but did not get it finished. hopefully we are in a different position now. we need to come from behind them play really good round tomorrow to have a shot at it. pat: ok, whether is expected -- weather expected to cooperate on sunday, so here are the featured tee times. merritt will play with day off number one at 2:00. chappell with stenson. coverage on wesh begins at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. historic day of sorts for the new orlando pride of the nwsl, playing and winning their first-ever match, albeit an exhibition against a local college team. but what a start. alex morgan scores four goals, including one on a penalty kick
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pride skunked the women from eastern florida state. the final score was 8-0. the upsets in this year' s ncaa tournament have been ever-present, if not mind-numbing. michigan state kicked by middle tennessee, purdue a loser. who saw yale winning in round one? and uni bumping texas on a half-court shot late friday night. so most every game becomes a brace yourself expereince, and hasn' t it been wonderful? miami hurricanes out fast against wichita state on this day. the three seeds in the south opening up a 21-point lead on the shockers. angel rodriguez was terrific, scoring 28 points. but the shockers came all the way back and actually grabbed the lead briefly midway through the second half, but the canes would prevail. sheldon mclellan had 18, and miami advances to the sweet 16 for the second time in four years. the final score was 65-57.
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tonight, who win at home against adirondack. the final score was 6-3. and how about this finish to the xfinity race in california this aftertnoon? daniel suarez, austin dillon and kyle busch on the final lap. busch was leading when he blew a tire. suarez went in front, but he ran out of gas. then dillon scraped the wall on the final turn and got into busch, then surged to an improbable win. dillon wins the race having led only one lap in the entiore race. kyle busch is scratching. adrian: we have had close
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pat: adrian: when i look at the seven-day forecast, all i can imagine is being back outside. eric: we are going to have a great couple of days. we start off with showers, 60 seven degrees at 7:00 a.m. we will see pockets of rain through the morning. here is what i have got for you pat clarke. isolated showers starting at 2:00. we have clouds overhead, mild temperatures, looks great for the end of the arnold palmer invitational. adrian: always great. pat: sure is. adrian: thanks for joining us tonight. "saturday night live" is next. have a good night.
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