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tv   WESH 2 News Early Sunrise  NBC  March 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it will feel much cooler out the door compared to maybe some of those 90 degree temperatures we had around last week. the wind is picking up today. amy: we've got temperatures a whole lot colder this morning than yesterday, and we're not done dropping yet. the cool air has been filtering in the last several hours. the skies are beginning to clear. northern spots are clear. we still have a little cloud cover to the south. as we head through the day, we get to sunrise at 7:28, our temperatures will keep dropping we will only recover into the mid to upper sibblingts today. so a whole lot cooler for highs compared to, of course, yes, last night and over the weekend when we were in the 80's. 51 right now in palm coast. 55 now in sanford. we've drot to 56 in orlando. still 60 in melbourne where we have a little more cloud cover, and we are going to feel those winds this morning no matter where you're headed out. 10, 15, even up to 20 miles per hour sustained winds with gusts
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to continue through today as still a little cloud cover to the south. but again, you can see the clouds are starting to push to the south and will continue to do so, which means we'll have plenty of sunshine, and then 65 is where we're headed in o ocala. 67 in orlando today and winter park today. 6 is where we're headed in deland. and then mid to upper 60's off the coast as well. time to get a traffic update. here's ted. ted: getting ready for an early morning drive out of i-5 eastbound, the left lane is taken out just after the 408. that will be wrapped wrapped up completely. also, road work on i-95 in volusia county about a mile worth of the left lane taken out. not the best camera shot there, but just keep in mind it's mile marker 249 to 250. amy: the search is on for a bicyclist. this is the scene last night in merritt island. this morning we're working to find out the name of the man
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brett: troopers are only saying he's a 54-year-old from merritt island. alex is live there on the scene. alex, do we know how this man was hit? alex: brett, we know that troopers say that he was crossing courtney parkway when he was hit. he had apparently fallen off his bike and was trying to get back on it when he was struck. they say they will release the victim's name once his family is notified. but at this point, as you said, all we know is that he was a 54-year-old merritt island resident. as for the driver, the car never stopped, which means authorities are now on the hunt for the person who was behind the wheel. that all happened just before 10:00 last night on courtney parkway near spruce avenue. witnesses say it might have been a pickup truck that struck the cyclist. that's all the information that troopers have released on that at this point. investigators are asking anyone
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come forward. if you do know anything, you can call crime line at 1- hundred-423-tips. we'll continue to follow this investigation for you and bring you updates. is michelle: friends and family of a 15-year-old girl are coping with her sudden loss. she was shot and killed at the hands of her boyfriend. dozens of people showed up to honor her memory last night. the vigil was held in front of these homes where destiny died. her aunt told us the high school freshman was secretly dating the boy that killed her. >> she was in a secret relationship with this young man, and he was very violent, like i just will show pictures of some of these boys on their facebook with guns, right in their camera. we play with these things like it's nothing, and i think they're abuse i have to these
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threatening these girls. they are serious. michelle: the teen suspect, who we are not identifying because he's a minor, went before a judge yesterday. the court has not decided if he will be charged as an adult. degree murder. brett: today, a court battle begins over the children of missing mother, michelle parker. her mother is suing the kids' father, dale smith, for visitation rights. yvonne stewart says she has not seen her grandchildren since parker disappeared more than four years ago. she filed the lawsuit last november under a grandparents rights bill she helped pass last year. she gets a hearing on that case this afternoon. smith was the only named suspect in parker's disappearance. stewart is also suing him for wrongful death. michelle: we're following breaking news from overseas. north korea has apparently fired multiple short-range missiles into the waters off of the east coast. now, this is video from north korea's state-run broadcaster. here it is.
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that photos show leader kim jung un inspecting landing exercises and missiles firing. north korea has stepped up military activity ince the u.s. and south korea started annual training exercises in the region. president obama is preparing to spend his first full day in cuba. nbc's lester holt has a preview of what's ahead in this historic visit. lester: hello. it's a busy first full day for the president here in havana. he arrived here in this rain on sunday afternoon. he will get his formal welcome here, meet with president raul castro. there will be a state dinner later in the day. it's a full schedule that before it's over, the president will speak to the cuban people and attend a baseball game. he brought his family, and many people think that in of itself is an important symbol as he comes here, this is not just down to business, that he has a personal investment. this is, has people believe, part of his legacy that he's
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this door of communication with cuba. so we'll have a lot more about the president today when we see you coming up shortly on "today." brett: turning now to commitment 201, all candidates except for one are going to a pro-israel conference in washington, d.c., today. bernie sanders has decided to spend the day elsewhere. nbc's traci potts explains. >> the full husband i had in utah by 11 points. traci: bernie sanders is in utah today ahead of tomorrow's primary, while all the other candidates speak at a pro-israel conference in washington. while here, donald trump is reportedly meeting privately with nearly two dozen top republicans, calling for party unity after another weekend of violence at one of his rallies. donald: let me tell you, nobody has been hurt.
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traci: trump remains the front-runner headed into the primaries tomorrow. >> donald has a dealing of about 35% to 40% he can't get above. we have a straight forward path to get to the delegates. >> maybe ted ought to win out. traci: but cruz has more money. he raised more last month than kasich has raise wanted the entire campaign. also bernie sanders raised but also spent more than clinton. traci potts, nbc news, washington. michelle: you may to want stop for gas. the prices at the pump are on the rise. over the last three weeks, the national average has jumped about 23 cents. here's a look at the increase in orlando. today you'll pay about $2, but last week it was $1. 0. and a month ago, it was around $1.66. analysts say we can expect to see those prices keep going up through memorial day. rising oil prices increase demand and reduce gasoline supplies and are driving up the
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and if you want to avoid the gas station altogether starting today, it will be a little cheaper to hitch a ride from uber. we told about you this unique new partnership earlier this month. the city will pay 20% of all of your uber trips that start and end within city limits. you can also get 25% off if one of those stops is at the at amount springs station. the deal will last for one year. brett: today a jury in st. petersburg will begin deciding the punitive damages that should be awarded to wrestler hulk hogan. they've already decided that he's owed $115 million from gawker media. gawker posted a sex tape online of hogan. even when the jury is done, there will likely be an appeal. legal experts say jury awards this large are often reduced by appeals courts. a man from the tampa area is reunited with his beloved pet parrot that was stolen during bike week. this has become one of the most
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sited, mike left his parrot, spike, his bike when he went spew a local bar. when he came back out, she was gone. witnesses say they tried to chafe after the thief, put could not catch him. saturday, everything changed. >> i got a call from he will african-american the seminole county parrot rescue sanctuary in geneva, and she had me identify the bird, and she said a gentleman just dropped off the bird and a phone number and said he wanted to be anonymous. brett: mike is now getting special thanks to whoverpb played a role in helping to find spike. michelle: 5:09 on your monday morning. and boy, is it a chilly one out there. brett: last week, amy, many people might have put their coats away or light jackets. they're going to need it again today. amy: might want to grab it this morning. we're in the 50's, but we're not done dropping yet. the big thing about this morning is it's so breezy. it feels so much colder than it actually is. tomorrow morning will be colder than it is today, so we're just
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mid to upper 60's, that's where we're head this had afternoon. lots of sunshine today, lots of cool, dry air coming n. a far cry from all the 80's we had last week, and even, of course, at 90 one day as well. 50 degrees in ocala right now. 55 in sanford. we dropped to 53 in daytona beach and 56 in orlando. our temperatures will be steadily dropping. the clouds are pushing out. the cool air is coming in, and, of course, with the clear skies and no clouds to act as a blanket, that's allowing temperatures to drop. a lot of really dry air up in the middle part of the atmosphere as well. that's the orange that you see here on the water vapor. that will lead to plenty of sunshine and really low humidity this afternoon, too. it's going to be pretty dry. 61 will be our temperature at noon. we'll top out in the upper 60's in most spots later today. i will take you around county by county coming up in just a few minutes. right now, let's get a traffic update. ted: monday morning drive, nice and quiet for now on the 408 westbound, which is here on the
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of i-4. that would be i-4 on-ramp there on the left side. no delays in that spot. we have road work that has not wrapped up yet eastbound. trouble spots we keep an eye on in the morning, they're not so trouble system. no devil rays in any of the key spots. fwroip is the creature that inspires nightmares for many people. michelle: and one burmese python found in the ever glodse won't help. we'll see the record-breaking snake, shocking experts in florida. brett: and apple's next big announcement, the new product
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steal the spotlight. brett: right now troopers are on the lookout for a driver who hit and killed a bicyclist and kept on going. a 54-year-old man from merritt island was killed. the crash happened last night on courtney parkway as the man was getting on his bike. michelle: we're following breaking news of a deadly
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deputies say robert dentman was walking around the majestic oaks apartment complex and threatened to kill himself. he was shot as he approached an occupied apartment building. brett: the family was a teenager killed over the weekend says she has been secretly dating the suspect. 15-year-old destiny bargman was shot and killed on saturday. a day later the judge ordered the 16-year-old suspect held in juvenile detention. happening today, fans are hyped up for the company's big announcement from apple. michelle: and nbc's marc barger explains the battle over encryption could steal the spotlight from the company's new product. >> it comes in two sizes. >> beyly six months after introducing the 6s sandds 6s plus, iphone will fly in the face of potential fatigue. >> it is hard to get people excited about phones. >> bridget expects a new
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s.e., in a cheaper, smaller, four-inch version. >> so people who don't care to have the larger screen iphones, but maybe they don't want to be left behind from everything that's new right now, like apple pay. >> no new apple watch is expected, but new bands and accessories are, along with a new ipad air. >> you don't need to upgrade your tablet every year or every other year because you're not tuge the same way as a phone. >> overshadowing the new products could be new commucts from c.e.o. tim cook on the eve of the showdown with the f.b.i. over encryption. >> i wouldn't expect a long song and dance, but certainly it is an elephant in the room at this event. >> and it will be center stage on tuesday. marge barger, nbc news. brett: we are getting a new look at the huge python problem in south florida. researchers just released new
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16-foot, 140-pound snake. experts believe it is the largest male python ever documented in south florida. imagine in that thing showed up in your kitchen or bathroom. michelle: no, no, look at the body. brett: enormous. the rest of the photos show the 40 snakes rounded up. researchers are using some of them to learn how the snakes are damaging the ecosystem. michelle: new today, two comets will pass by earth. nasa says the first comet, which you see on the right there, may have broken off of the bigger one on the left side. that larger comet will pass by today, and the smaller one tomorrow. both will be a million miles away, but it will be the third closest fly-by in recorded history. two billion, i think we're good. brett: amy rejoins us now. the wind is basically going to pick up the positivelien and put it right in your face today.
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definitely want to take your medication. amy: all over your car, patio furniture, yes t. is going to be a windy day today, and cool, too, at least a lot cooler than the 80's and even 90's that we had last week. take a look at yesterday's highs. the sunshine came out a little bit behind that morning rain, and we ended up climbing into the lower 80's. so above average, but now today, a much different story. the cooler air is on its way through right now, and that means we'll be well below average, recovering only into the mid to upper 60's for most of thus afternoon, despite the fact we will have lots of sun. i know lots of kids are on spring break this week, but some kids are back to school today or continuing with school. we still have two hours to go before sunrise. a couple of clouds are still to the south. it's pretty breezy. winds are at 15, 10, even 20 miles per hour this morning, and a whole lot cooler. a lot of us are in the 50's right now. in fact, melbourne is at 60 and
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here before all is said and done. ocala down to 58. villages at 52. orlando is at 56. in daytona beach, 53 degrees. here's the big one, the wind makes it feel colder than it actually is. 15, 20 miles per hour sustained winds. we'll have gusts today even up to 25 miles per hour. once the sun starts to shine, the winds will kick up even more than where we are right now. after our cool start, we will stay preezey. the air very dry, too. so not not will we have lots of sunshine, the humid sit low, and fire danger increases today because of the low humidity and also the breezy winds, which easily spread. certainly something that we'll be talking about here in the next couple of days. 65 in salt springs. 67 today in claremont. much different than yesterday's lower 80's. 66 will be our high in longwood. 67 in orlando and winter park.
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along the coast, mid to upper 60's expected examine. a little warmer to the south. 64 in flagwood beach f. you're headed to the beach, it will be windy, and we have that high risk for rip current. smares a small craft advisory in effect for boaters. rips are strongest with the outgoing late. the tide heads out. so during the warmest time of the day and the most popular time at the beach. tomorrow, we do it all again. we're sunny and dry, not as windy as our ridge of high pressure starts to build in. and then on wednesday, as the winds shifts around, that will bring in a little bit more moisture, which will give us a couple of clouds. it will also help our temperatures climb, so by the end of the week, we'll be back in the 80's. time for traffic now. here's ted. ted: good monday morning. we're looking at construction on i-4 eastbound right at the 408, and then it wraps up before 50. left lane taken out. slow down. crews are still working on i-4
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volusia county, i-95, right by state road 44 , left lane taken out in that area north of the 442 area. and a live look at seminole county, where westbound is in the main shot. in at amount, a nice drive. michelle: a strange sight on a minnesota street. who was behind the wheel of a stolen cement truck? brett: buzzer beaters and overtime thrillers, the crazy opening weekend to the tournament, as we head into the sweet 16. michelle: and the arnold palmer
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michelle: welcome back on your monday morning. it's the first full day of spring, but take a look at the temperatures. ocala, 48. poor ocala. i feel like they always get the short end of the stick. melbourne, 60 degrees, on the rts of the screen. at least things are quy net morning. we're going to get a full check of the meteorologist with amy in just a few minutes. did you see that? caught on camera, that's an 11-year-old boy taking a joy ride in a concrete truck. police say in dodge center,
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swiped the truck from a local contractor. he led a chase for about an hour, reaching speeds up to 70 miles per hour and damaging two police cars. he was eventually taken to the juvenile detention center. no one was hurt. it was another down to the wire finish at the arnold palmer invitational. brett: when it was over, jason day hung on for his first win at bay hill. day was actually down a stroke late sunday, but he ended up birdieing 17, and chapel bogeys 18. that was enough for day to pull off the win. afterwards, he spoke with our pat clark about the influence of the legend, arnold palmer, on the game of golf. jason: well, the king, i said it earlier in the press, in my press on tuesday, that he was the true innovator of the game of golf. he was the guy that put golf on
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without his input into the game of golf, there may not be the next generation of players. michelle: this was day's eighth pga tour win. chapel was second, followed by troy merritt and henrik stenson. basketball fans are catching their breath today after one of the craziest opening weekend of march madness ever, and here's one of those fantastic finishes. in the last 31 seconds of regulation against northern iowa, texas a&m goes on a 14-2 run to force overtime, and then they would finally win it in double overtime. the aggies will now face the number two seed in that division, oklahoma, for the sweet 16 round out west. all of the number one seeds are moving on. next round beginning thursday night, and there's one florida team left in the tournament, miami will play villanova thursday night in louisville.
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news. a man shot and killed by law enforcement. michelle: why deputies say they had to pull the trigger. brett: then new information in overnight about the deadly triple shooting outside an orange county strip club. >> a merrill island man is dead after he was hit on the road trying to cross the street on his bike. coming up, i'll tell you everything we know about the search for the driver. ted: we still have construction today. amy: significantly cool they are morning and windy, too. you'll notice the temperatures. take a look right now. we are at 56 in orlando. only 48 in ocala. i'll tell you just how cool we'll be later today on your monday when we return. spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps
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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise, the search for a driver in a deadly hit-and-run in brevard county. what troopers say the victim was doing, right before he died. brett: and breaking news out of alachua county. a man killed by law enforcement, overnight. why deputies say, he had to be
5:31 am
m aixa diaz in washington. this morning, president obama wakes up in havana, cuba. his agenda for the day ahead, coming up. michelle: thank you for joining us on this monday morning. i am michelle imperato. jason: alongside meteorologist amy sweezey, i am brett connolly. brett: those temperatures are going to be a lot lower today. amy: today, it feels totally different. we almost have a full moon. look at that camera, pointing up to the sky. , making it feel a lot colder than it actually is. sunrise did not happen for another two hours. once we have plenty of it. there is plenty of cloud cover to the south. go away, and we will end up with lots of
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the dew point is going to be very low today. so, that humidity levels will be quite low. our temperatures will only recover into the mid to upper 60' s. this morning, we have dropped into the 50' s, even if you 40' s. notice how that compares to bash -- even a few 40' s. notice how that compares to yesterday afternoon -- morning. the wind is breezy today. making it feel colder than it actually is. the 48 in ocala feels like 42 with the wind. s this afternoon. 66 in sanford. 67 maitland. mid-60' s along the coast.
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if you are driving on i-95, northbound construction has a left lane blocked. that is near indian river boulevard. it seems to be moving along decently this morning. just use caution. in the area around colonial drive, an area is taken are -- out, for i-4 ultimate construction. brett: covering brevard county, troopers are looking for the driver who killed a bicyclist and then took off. michelle: the merritt island man died on the side of the brett: wesh 2' s alex villarreal is there live. alex, any clues that could lead to that driver? alex: brett, troopers do not have a lot to go on. witnesses say they believe the driver was in a pickup truck. now. it has been like that for a number of hours.
5:34 am
troopers say the man was crossing the street, when he was hit. he had fallen off of his bike, and was trying to get back on it at the time of the crash. at hp will release the victim' s name once his family has been notified. we do know he is a 54-year-old merritt island resident. the driver of the cart never stop. authorities are now on the hunt for the man behind the wheel. witnesses say that it may have been a pickup truck. they are asking for anyone with information to come forward. if you have anything, call crime line. we will continue to follow this investigation. we will bring you updates on air and online at michelle: we are following breaking news this morning out of alachua county. deputies and gainesville police have shot and killed a man at a complex, not far from university of florida. the sheriff' s office says robert dentmond was carrying a rifle around and threatened to kill
5:35 am
deputies and officers warned him, he would be shot if he did not drop the gun. they opened fire when they say, he refused, and walked toward an occupied apartment. dentmond died at the hospital. the officers and deputies involved are on administrative leave, as fdle investigates. brett: president obama has already toured havana, and, today, his historic trip to cuba includes a high-profile meeting. wesh 2' s aixa diaz has a preview. aixa: brett, this morning president obama is sitting down with cuban leader i will cast for a in havana. -- r aol castro in havana. >> this is a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people. it gives us a chance to build ties between our two people.
5:36 am
yesterday, but obama will sit down with the cuban leader less than a year after their meeting in the u.n.. some u.s. leaders are praising the trip. >> what a great chance for us to be united. aixa: others are critical of his visit. >> let us not forget that the regime is respond before countless human rights abuses. they provided safe harbor for terrorists and fugitives. aixa: police didn' t break up a protest group, with some members taken into custody. >> fostering the kind of interaction, the president believes will foster the kind of change we want to see between the relations between our two countries, and how the cuban government treats the cuban people. aixa: the president will attend a state dinner tonight. in washington, i am aixa diaz,
5:37 am
brett: new information, family members now say the apopka teen, killed over the weekend, had been secretly dating the 16-year-old, accused of killing her. destiny bargman was shot to death on saturday. only wesh 2 was there, as the suspect appeared before a judge on sunday. he was ordered to be held in a juvenile detention center, and warned he could be charged as an adult. michelle: happening today, a man, accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist in orlando, will answer to a judge. troopers say an anonymous tip led them to edward antonio alvarez. he was arrested sunday, at a house in seminole county, where he was working as a day laborer. troopers say he hit and killed charles mcmurray earlier this month, in downtown orlando. investigators say alvarez did not have a driver' s license at the time of the crash. brett: happening today, a court hearing for the suspect in a deadly shooting outside an orange county strip club. late last night, deputies announced the arrest of louis cintron. he' s charged with murder and attempted murder. deputies say he was in a group of bikers, who got into a brawl outside the diamond club, early
5:38 am
cintron is accused of opening fire and killing carlos enrique cruz. two others were hurt. the diamond club is no stranger to gunfire. almost exactly two months ago, gabriel garcia nazario told deputies he was shot near the parking lot. he was rushed to the hospital and later died. his killer remains on the loose. and back in july, two gunmen opened fire inside the club. while no one was hit initially, deputies say they continued shooting and grazed a woman in the parking lot. several cars were also shot up. michelle: in orange county, the investigation is underway into a deadly house fire. flames ripped through the home on pineway drive, near texas avenue, late sunday afternoon. a neighbor and his son tried to save the man inside, but the flames were too much. the victim has not yet been identified. neighbors believe the man suffered a disability that may have made it difficult for him to escape.
5:39 am
weather, despite some rain all of central florida faces a high risk of fire. you can see here on this map seminole and brevard are at a , very high risk. in these conditions, fires start and spread easily, and can become intense quickly. the forest service recommends you hold off from burning waste, when the danger level is very high. brett: in addition to having some cooler temperatures outside, we will also have wind picking up throughout the day. michelle: amy sweezey joins us now. amy: we do have a little bit of cloud cover this morning. temperatures are a lot cooler. most of us are in the mid to upper 50' s, even a couple of 40' s. we will see lots of sunshine today. we will drop here a little bit more through sunrise. we have a few hours to go, as the cold air continues to filter in. we will be sunny and breezy throughout the day today. the humidity levels will be
5:40 am
we will recover this afternoon only into the middle 60' s. 48 is our cold spot in ocala this morning. 56 in orlando. 60 in melbourne. we will climb today, after dropping through sunrise. we will slowly make it up. only approaching the degrees by new time. it will be breezy and cool, all throughout the day today. 66 degrees are high in melbourne today. safety seven in orlando. let' s get -- 67 in orlando. let' s get a traffic update with ted noah. ted: a left lane blocked in volusia county, before state route 44. if you are traveling on that westbound stretch, heads up on that crash. 95 northbound is another trouble spot in lucia county. this is construction, just after
5:41 am
right now, it is not impacting any travel, but it could later. michelle: a change for your cheerios. next on sunrise, the new label you' ll see on general mills products over the next few weeks. brett: and a problem plenty of adults have is now being found in children. what it is, and why many pediatricians are missing the signs. michelle: plus, the wild spring break scene in one city causing problems for another, on the other side of the state. we will explain, next. brett: don' t miss 16-year-old caroline burns, as the third battle round gets underway tonight on "the voice." she' s not the only young contestant hoping to avoid a knockout. you can watch them sing for a spot on that stage, here on wesh 2.
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tonight. >> you are watching wesh 2. brett: here is a live look
5:45 am
a much colder start to the week then we had last week. currently at 65 degrees in daytona beach right now. amy is going to have your full forecast in just a little bit. michelle: daytona beach continues to be party central for spring breakers. brett: beach patrol reports big crowds and more problems on sunday. officers say they issued numerous alcohol violations. more than 130 people have been arrested on the beach over the past couple of weeks, mostly for alcohol. nearly 200 arrests have been made at local bars, most for underage drinking. and some of those spring breakers chose daytona, now that panama city is cracking down. business leaders now say, that' s hurt their bottom line by as much as 50% to 80% over the last year. a house party shooting and alleged rape on the beach last year prompted new rules.
5:46 am
county, dead fish are continuing to clog up canals and wash up on beaches. look at these pictures that a viewer sent us. it is the second time in three months that groups of fish are going belly-up. this video from the brevard times last week. right now, the fish kill is limited to one species, atlantic bumper. no word on what' s causing the deaths. brett: seaworld says the killer whale, profiled in blackfish, is doing better now. last week, the company announced tilikum' s health was failing because of a lung infection, , -- long infection. now, seaworld says he' s getting his appetite back and interacting with trainers and other whales. a statement posted over the weekend says, " we understand that he is very ill and will have good days and bad, but our team is cautiously optimistic
5:47 am
thus far." michelle: new on sunrise, you' ll soon start seeing new labels on your breakfast cereal and yogurt. general mills will start adding special labels to products with genetically modified organisms, or gm owes -- gmos. the company has to do it anyway, since a vermont law requiring it, is about to kick in. general mills says to expect the new labels over the next few weeks. a problem usually associated with adults, is now being found in children. researchers in minnesota say a rising number of kids have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. doctors found part of the reason is genetics, and the other is poor diet. >> about 2% to 5% of the pediatric population has hypertension and we know that it can cause what we call end organ damage. negative effects on the heart, kidneys, and other things. michelle: researchers found one reason why high blood pressure is underdiagnosed, is that pediatricians mistake the symptoms for nervousness. fatigue and headache, are among
5:48 am
jason: doctors say that the southern half of the united states is seeing extremely high level of pollen. doctors say phoenix and new orleans have it worse. more than 60 million americans have some sort of allergy. the start of spring means the rest of the country, also has to get out the tissues. michelle: new questions this morning about how an i-phone burst into flames mid-flight. just take a look at this burned-out phone. alaska air passenger anna crail was on the way to hawaii, when the phone started smoking. she says, for a moment, the fire was so intense, she thought the whole plane was going to go down. alaska air says the crews are trained for this situation and quickly put out the flames. no one was hurt. apple and the faa are both investigating. brett: last week, we had all of those high temperatures, but now we are back to being called
5:49 am
amy: yes, everybody is talking about how cold it is. we are in the 60' s though, so it is not very frigid. compared to last week, when we hit the upper 80' s and even 90' s, well it will definitely feel different today. we will climb, and by the end of mid-80' s. our chances of rainfall will as well. as we head towards easter our forecast. 56. our dewpoint is very low this morning. the air coming in is quite dry. wind is at 21 miles per hour. that is sustained wind. outside.
5:50 am
you, but there is definitely a chill to the air by our standards. we do have some cloud cover to the south. we are not quite done dropping in temperature yet. we do have an hour and a half before sunrise. it is 48 degrees right now in ocala. 50 in the villages in -- and the palm coast. 60 in melbourne. today, the wind will keep coming in. the air will be dry, with lots of sun. if you are waking up to a lot of clout today, be patient as they will be eventually going away. we will then get lucky of sunshine -- plenty of sunshine. we will climb to 67 today in kissimmee. across the metro area, mid to upper 60' s.
5:51 am
64 at the palm coast. 66 in titusville. top out at 67 degrees. again, but it will not be quite so windy. gradually, as the wind shift, the moisture will begin to build. come up a bit. on thursday, we may see some isolated showers. see a better chance of rain. thunderstorms as we get into easter sunday. let' s get over to ted noah. ted: i-4 westbound is closed before state route 44. the report that we are getting involving multiple vehicles. two of them are semi-trucks. really, the best
5:52 am
alternate is to get up at u.s. 92, international speedway boulevard. take that west , and thinking back on i-4 westbound at 44, which is a little bit past the crash. we' ll keep you updated on this throw the morning. construction in volusia is taking out the left lane on the statement for 42 area, near the indian river boulevard -- on the
5:53 am
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michelle: welcome back. we are taking a live look at lake eola this morning. things are quiet and cool this morning, and we do not expect to warm up too much. we will check in with first alert meteorologist amy sweezey
5:56 am
brett: a scare in the surf of f of new smyrna beach over the weekend. this wesh 2 viewer video shows what appears to be a fin, breaking through the waves. while a shark sighting would not be unusual, that viewer says it was actually a 10-12 foot manta ray. you can view more pictures and videos, by going to the u-local section of michelle: i am more comfortable seeing the video after watching it a few times. jason: yes, imagine what that would feel like seeing it in real time. the orlando magic are on the road this week, trying to make a last-gasp run for the playoffs. michelle: last night, the magic lost the first of four-straight road games. toronto won by five, despite 21 points from both evan fournier and victor oladipo orlando travels to boston
5:57 am
detroit and miami, later this week. the magic are six and a half games out of the playoffs, with 13 games left. sticker shock. next at 6:00, what' s behind that huge spike in gas prices. brett: plus, the fate of a missing woman' s children could be decided today. the court hearing five years after michelle parker vanished next on sunrise. alex? alex: a merritt island man is dead after getting hit by a car. tell -- coming up, i
5:58 am
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>> local, live, late-breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: right now on sunrise. a bike ride cut short by a killer. this morning, the search is on for the driver, who kept going after running a man over. >> she was just like one of the special little angels, and i don' t know -- i don' t understand why she had to leave so early. brett: a local 15-year-old girl taken too soon. the community in mourning, and the 16-year-old suspect facing murder charges. amy: after hitting 90 last week, we are back in the 60' s today. i will have the chilly forecast


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