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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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jim: first at 11, a brush fire battle in orange county, as flames get dangerously close to some homes. good evening, i' m jim payne, meredith is off tonight. crews have contained the fire, and they got a little help from some homeowners. right now, wesh 2' s summer knowles is live in avalon park, where crews are still watching for hot spots. dry, breezy conditions are the -- everywhere we are is ok. firefighters are still here. it is still very smoky out here. there is a strong sense. as you can see, it was about 20 feet from home. when it' s your house
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-- a lot of firefighters flocking as roughly 20 acres of the conservation acre burned a little too close for comfort. heat a loan of worked windows. >> the heat was so much that the house could catch flames. i was very pleased to see it. apparently, they were not the only ones. a lot of the neighbors pull together and came back here. we have bulldozers here. i cannot say enough great things about the county. while fences were a little bent out of shape, not so much.
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>> everyone is ok i will take it. you can see the scorched ground and burned bushes. make sure you have a plan . dry, breezy conditions are the perfect fuel for these brushfires. first alert meteorologist eric burris is here to talk about how today' s weather is a firefighter' s worst enemy. eric: we had gusty winds and dry at mr.. it is because we have the
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our northern areas are nice and calm. 30 miles an hour winds scattered around central florida. gusty winds are a big problem. at this hour, it is a nice, cool evening. aside from a bit of a breeze. we are into the 40' s here. 49 daytona beach. with clear skies and calm winds, we are now at prime territory. 46 in the city. what about in your neighborhood? jim: new tonight, a fire breaks out at walt disney world' s animal kingdom. this is new video of the incident which appeared to start under a float during the lion king festival. everyone in the theater was evacuated as a crew put out the fire with extinguishers. there was just smoke, no flames were visible. no one was hurt, and tonight and tomorrow' s shows are canceled as
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up. jim: now check out this boat that was burning on dry land next to water just north of the bithlo area. the fire then spread to the 13 that' s in the little big econ state forest. firefighters arrived and had to bring in their own water. no word yet on how the boat wound up on dry land or how the fire started. right now i neighborhood is teenager is shot and killed in apopka. the violence in this area has got to stop. >> amid the red and blue flashing lights, some like shirley panicked. >> we have not had much corporation to get information.
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fired and in the end, a teenager was killed. many choose not to speak up. >> we are receiving limited information. do you know what happened? reporter: those who do speak up simply live in fear. >> it breaks my heart. this is the third shooting. to try and figure out a way . we still see the continuation of it. tonight, we are still confirming
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i did us deputies why such a large group was gathering in that area. live in orange county, chris hush, wesh 2 news. jim: new tonight, an orange county man is behind bars, accused of having sex with a minor. 27-year-old joshua fleming was arrested over the weekend, and made his first appearance before a judge. and during that appearance, he asked the judge to lower his bond, as he was being told what he was accused of doing. this is what hurting her & sir -- she says it was hurting her and you are charged with rape. fleming was told he couldn' t have his bond lowered because he violated a previous bond. it was set at 40-thousand dollars, and fleming remains in jail tonight. daytona beach police need help identifying a man who they say tried to lure a 14-year-old girl friday night. this is a composite sketch of the suspect believed to be
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orange hat and driving a light blue jaguar. the victim told us she was walking from her house on s when the suspect stopped, opened the car door and repeatedly asked her where she was going. completely ignored him and i shook my head no then he was like come here and it sounded like he said you come to me or i will come to you > reporter: the victim says when the suspect made a move like he was getting out she screamed and he drove off. she says she has seen the light blue jaguar in the neighborhood before and police are looking for it, while widely circulating this sketch. jim: a deltona man is arrested, accused of injuring a deputy before a chase on friday. it' s a story you saw first on wesh two. this is 20-year-old samuel page. deputies say they pulled page over for speeding, but when he started acting suspiciously, the deputy tried to remove him from his van and page rolled up the window on his arm.
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the deputy had to break that t be dragged. investigators release a little more information in the shooting death of 15-year-old destiny bargman saturday in apopka. a 16-year-old boy she was dating is now charged with second degree murder. wesh 2 is not identifying him because the courts haven' t decided whether he' ll be charged as an adult. police say the boy and several friends were shooting a gun in the backyard then brought it inside where destiny was shot. the search is on for the driver who struck and killed a man in brevard county, and then kept going. merritt island police say steven terry was on a bicycle, pedaling back toward a homeless camp where he lived, when he was run down. it happened last night on the courtenay parkway, just south of of a-1-a. today wesh 2 spoke to terry' s sister-in-law, who says she can' t believe the news. >> it' s unbelievable. it' s a shame that he was hit, but that someone left and left him there. it'
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jim: police are now looking for a dark-colored chevy s-10 pickup truck. a widespread fish-kill, covering several miles, is raising alarm along the indian river lagoon. in cocoa beach, it looks almost as if you can walk across the thick carpet of dead fish filling some canals. a fish kill normally covers a small area; a pinpoint on the map. but right now, fish are going belly up from titusville to the pineda causeway; from kennedy space center to patrick air force base. many species are dying, including valuable game fish such as tarpon. >> oh, my gosh. this is terrible. this is the worst i' ve ever seen it, and i' ve been here since 1970. this is the worst fish kill i' ve ever seen. biologists don' t know why the fish are dying wildlife officers are asking people not to handle the fish and let nature run its course, as the fish will sink to
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jim: history is made in havana today, as president barack obama sits down with talks with cuban president raul castro. wesh 2' s stewart moore is live in studio with a closer look at what the leaders discussed. stewart: president obama is the first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba in 88 years. and the commander in chief said there was no topic that was left off the table during the talks with raul castro. president obama pressed the cuban leader on human rights issues and castro pushed back citing the strained race relations and a lack of social services in the u.s. and after pressure from president obama, the two took questions from the american and >> if i engage and i am clear change on any particular country. it has to come from within.
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in not -- please give me the i think this is enough. also tonight, a top national obama says he' s shared with cuban authorities many lists of political prisoners over the last two 1/2 years. stewart: word of the lists follows comments from castro during the press conference that if he were brought a list of political prisoners, they would be released by the end of the night. still ahead, hulk hogan is awarded even more money in his sex tape lawsuit against gawker. testimony. three local police officers are under investigation. also, a crime caught on camera. a burglar uses a buick to help and walk out with an entire register. we' ll tell you what led to a
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> tonight, officers were relieved from duty.
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looking into allegations that false testimony may have been given in a court hearing. adrian whitsett explains what he uncovered today. reporter: this is surveillance video of an arrest attic any hotel. what you see here and what the reporting officer said is very different. our whole job is based upon -- one of the officers appears to have a key that opens the door. the suspect opened the door for her and then gave a plastic bag filled with marijuana. the vast majority of police officers are honest about saying
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the state attorney' s office says they are reviewing all open cases involving the officers. senator actions as no one is above the law. >> lying under a in a case on a . jim: tonight we' re hearing from the owner of an orange county scooter store after his shop is burglarized overnight. the smash-and-grab happened at scootermax on south orange avenue in orlando. alfredo hernandez says he got a call from the alarm company just before three this morning. >> you work very hard to have something, provide for your family and then people just want
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t want to work for. hernandez believes the burglars had been in the store before, he says it seems they knew exactly what they were after. the trio made off with a 2,000 dollar scooter and two dirt bikes. jurors in the hulk hogan sex tape case have added another 25 million to the 115 million dollars they already awarded the former pro wrestler. the jury deliberated nearly four hours before deciding on the punitive part of the case. hogan sued gawker media, its founder and former editor for violating his privacy by posting a snippet of his sex tape. the six jurors said that gawker was liable for 15 million in punitive damages and its founder was liable for 10 million. take a look at some new video of a smash and grab out of port st. lucie. surveillance cameras show a man ramming a car through the front glass doors of a chevron early this morning. he then get out of his car, jumps the counter, opens one register, and takes all the cash. but that wasn' t enough. he then takes an entire second register, and takes off,
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getting back in his car and driving away. the partnership between uber and altamonte springs is official. this means your next uber ride in the city will be a bit cheaper. the city will pay 20% of all your uber trips that start and end within city limits. you can get 25% off if one of those stops is at the altamonte springs sunrail station. the deal launching today will last for one year. a lot of people are off school for spring break. a little on the cool side but i did not hear anything. eric: it is just going to get better for spring breakers. we' re talking about mild temperatures. just like the sunset picture. you had this persistent deck of clouds.
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as always, thanks for the photographs. we are at 48 degrees. 45 degrees in paisley. 54 in hunters creek. 49 and lake mary. we are worried about 49 in oak hill. is a cooler out here in the land. -- deland. we will be waking up to 47 for the start and early risers. this is the coolest we have seen in 25 days or so. it is going to be an absolutely beautiful start to the day. it is going to be chilly though. you are going to have a jacket. temperatures are going to be a couple of takes above freezing.
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38 degrees. 39 in the villages. 43 in claremont. 44 in davenport. about 45 and altamonte springs. 42 degrees in flagler beach. s temperatures, this is what i was telling you about it is going to be a cool breeze. not too bad at all. coming from disney to visit the
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of course in the evening we' re looking at some great weather. high-pressure is possible. wednesday, we get a bit of an onshore component. that means warming temperatures. by thursday, that gets us went there. temperatures are rain chances are on the bill. eric, thanks. just how far would you go to avoid irs? well a new survey shows how much hate americans have for the tax man. asked people what they were willing to do in order to never pay taxes. listen to some of these answers. 27% says they' d be willing to get an irs tattoo. 11% actually said they clean chipotle toilets for three years. 6% said they' d sell a kidney and 4% say they' d even spend a year
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taxes again that is pretty extreme. jason day severs but the magic hopes to savor victory against the celtics. crunch time for the magic. coming up next. the magic look for their first win in 11 tries against the
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every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> the math is working against the orlando magic. things are not looking good for the good guys. playing tonight in boston at the td garden. users of 10 straight in that building. the team that took down the rafters, actually took them down in toronto. this game would not be a runaway
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recently, 25 points for him. the magic trailed by 27 at the half. 28 in the other game for him. four and 17 on the road. ncaa womens tourney continues tonight and gfreat news for florida state. seminoles defeating a&m in the dallas region and now are into the sweet 16. and they will get top seed baylor next this coming saturday. word today that 3 orlando city stars have been called up to their respective national teams for 2018 world cup qualifiers this coming week but not to worry darwin ceren, kevin molino and cyle larin won' t miss any action with the lions. orlando has the week off before it hosts defending mls cup champs portland a week from sunday. and no rest for the champion. jason day, who yesterday wowed fans with a great up&down out of a bunker at 18 to claim the
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championship now turns his attention to the world match play in texas this week and then the first major of the season the masters in less than 3 weeks. day had not won on tour this year until this past weekend answering critics with a wire-to-wire win. grexit kept on telling myself that this is a process. it' s a process. to finally have that playoff. it has given me a lot of confidence. big doings in havana on tuesday when the tampa bay rays become the first major league team to play a game in cuba since 1999. the rays will meet the cuban national team all of the rays players on the trip volunteered to go each to receive 10,000 dolalrs for going. all of this coming amid an effort from the usa and cuba to
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r starting at $38,950. >> finally tonight, easter may be less than a week away, but the holiday spirit came to a stop at a new jersey mall over
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actually the easter bunny mixing it up and throwing punches with a customer waiting in line for a picture. the easter bunny is the guy in the white legs. a customer was waiting in line for a picture the man in the bunny suit comes back takes off his paws, and starts swinging again. witness say the fight may have started after a kid somehow fell off the easter bunny' s lap and the kid' s parents became upset. both men were arrested. at least the easter bunny lost his head. always so funny. not our forecast. that' s not funny. eric: 46 degrees. it is going to be chilly 60 centimeter. jim: that' s our newscast for tonight you can get wesh 2 news whenever you want at wesh. com or the wesh 2 mobile app. thanks a lot for watching. see you right back here tomorrow
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