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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 22, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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i also said nike would be good. stolen from the upside because of a jpmorgan upgrade. i still think nike is fine. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for you on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow. hello everybody. this is "early today." we want to begin with breaking news at this hour. several people dead and more wounded following an explosion at brussels airport at belgium and reports of multiple casualties p. casualties. the number of dead and wounded is unknown at this hour. it's too early to tell if it was terrorism or an accident. but we understand that the brussels airport did tweet out
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evacuated and flights have been canceled. confirming that two explosions did occur and they're asking people to not to come to the airport. we're hearing word of explosions at the curb departure at the belgium airport there in brussels and we are following this story and will continue to bring more information as it becomes available to us. and want to tell you about a big announcement on the hotly contested iphone case. apple 's help may not be needed afterall. they said an outside party demonstrated a possible method for opening the phone that belonged to syed farook. the fbi can determine if the work around might damage the phone's data. this comes as a surprise. investigator's originally insisted only apple could help unlock the phone.
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not learn what vulnerability was used. and president obama is scheduled to attend a baes ball team, the first major league baseball club to play in cuba since 1999. they practiced at latin america stadium. last night president obama attended a state dinner in his honor, hosted by cuban president raul castro. and first lady and nancy pelosi were also in attendance. and the sobering reality that erasing a half century of mistrust won't be easy.ea >> reporter: it was a day of historic firsts. the handshake on cuban soil. the cuban military band playing the "star spangled banner." >> this is a new day. between our two countries.
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blistering criticism of trade embargo does not feel new. >> translator: we find it inconcease incon inceivable that they don't have equal pay, health care. >> reporter: and castro did take questions for umthe occurrence. but when asked about the political prisoners. names. >> reporter: it is an issue over shadowing the visit. >> there were dramatic arrests of peaceful protests, the ladies in white. what signal does that send? >>nd if i engage frankly, clearly, stating what our believes are and also being clear that we can't force change on any particular country. within.
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the future of our two countries given the different interpretations of profound issues? >> translator: it's not correct to ask me about political precedence in general. please give me a name of a political prisoner. and i think this is enough. >> reporter: the exchange fuelling criticism by some who say president obama is quickly. now to the race for the white house. republicans face off in the winner take all arizona primary, as well as the american samoa and utah caucuses. democrats compete in arizona, utah along with idaho.ah the democrats announce the results of the americans primary yesterday and bernie sanders won hand udly.
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clinton picked up four. and clinton also took a quick jab at trump's trustworthiness. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral on monday, proisrael on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything's negotiable. >> ted cruz also took on trump in his remarks.s. >> my leading republican opponent has promised that he as president would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. as president, i will not be neutral. >> trump tried to put to rest any doubts about his commitments to israel using a teleprompter. >> ite speak to you today as a life long supporter and true friend of israel.
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we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people jerusalem and we will send a clear signal that there is no day lithe ght between america and our most reliable ally, the state of israel. >> another leading democratic senator, elizabeth warren calling him a loser with petty bullying, attacks on women and racism. and trump met with influential gop law makers. >> reporter: mr. trump goes to washington. spending the day in the nation's capital, today spending ang off the record meeting with quote influential republican senators. >> he's getting most of the votes and for me, that's very,
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i want to see the people heard and i want to see donald trump president. >> reporter: the gathering was hoped to mend fences with the establishment but leadership like mitch mcconnell and paul ryan say they were not invited. >> they said they weren't invited. was that on purpose? >> no, not at all. they just invited a small group.p. you have a lot of people that you think are against me and it's just politicians. they want to make a deal. >> reporter: and at the under construction hotel, trump, who's been criticized for being out of his depth nationally, was trying to clarify his position. out lying a noninterventionist platform and questioning the long standing involvement innato. >> i think we need to keep nato,
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>> we want friends, allies who are legally committed to come to each other's self defense. >> and be sure to tune in tonight i starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern on00 msnbc, live primary and caucus results. police are searching for women who they say left behind a -- a woman that is, left behind a bag of coke an. that person possibly a jet blue flight attendant took off running after she was selected ford a random security screening.g. >> reporter: in police custody, neatly wrapped and stacked bricks of cocaine, 60 pounds of it, after a flight attendant tried to get through a terminal check point in terminal four. she flashed a jet blue id but was randomly selected for a
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dropped the bags, kicked off her escalator. last seen running towards terminal five. they say the fact that she got away and the cocaine nearly got through are big red flags. >> today it's employee smuggling drugs, tomorrow it would be guns, and the day after, a bomb. >> the estimated treat value is approximately $2 million. a man hunt is on for a newly named suspect allegedly named to the paris terror attacks. he has been identified as a possible accomplice of paris terror suspect who was abtured in brussels next week. dna was found in a home police raided. and the dramatic new moments leading to the capture of abdul asalam.
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he take as bullet to the leg. belgium. extradition. and the red bull jump and freeze competition certainly lived up to its name. skiers and snow boarders dressed in costumes and showed off their down hill skills before jumping into an icy pool of water. they were judged on skill and createativity. and some placess it almost feels like you're jumping in a cold pool of water. that was a good lead in. down south very cold for this time of year. a frost down to gainesville, florida. and 34 around raleigh. so, that's this morning. it will warm up nicely this afternoon.
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intermountain west and this is a i large area of winter storm watches just beginning to be issued. we're going to see a significant snow storm not today but into tomorrow night. this area into the central michigan, this is a posblts sibility of six to twelve inches. and green bay in for a big snow storm. so, brush fire risk high, with windy conditions and we warm up nicely in the southeast. the troublesome weather today is in the rockies and tomorrow in the northern plains with winter and severe storms in arkansas, louisiana and texas. now a closer look at your day ahead. so, for today, we'll watch the storm in the intermountain west and tomorrow heading into the central plains. it is a warm and windy day.
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if you have allergy congestion... to get relief, anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec . powerful relief from tt nasal allergy symptoms, tt all day and all night. try new rhinocort xx allergy spray. xx muddle no more welcome back everybody. we continue to follow breaking news at this hour. belgium police say at least one dead and several wounded following an explosion at the curb departure at the belgium airport. the number dead and wounded at this hour, stands at one dead, several wounded. we don't know exactly how many wounded as the number could possibly continue to rise as we get more information on this. emergency services say it's too early to tell if terrorism was
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they are taking to social media to warn people not to come to the airport. they tweeted that flights have been canceled and the building is being evacuated. and urging passengers not to come to the airport. again, there's been an explosion at the brussels' airport in belgium. one dead, and several wounded so far. we'll bring you the latest information as it becomes available to us here at nbc. and the pentagon announced iraq iraq. this comes days after isis launched rockets at that base. wounded. u.s. military advise advisors a florida jury awarded hulk
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this morning on "today," the
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simpson trial is live to talk about the hit show and what it's been like for her reliving the case. now to sports. just a day after making what some are calling sexist remarks, moore is out. >> i want to be somebody in the wca. they don't make any decisions and they're lucky. i was a lady . >> those comments and a an apology have led to the resigning of the open. and star player, serena williams had this to say. >> women have come a long way. and we shouldn't have to drop to
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now for some entertainment news. hollywood was busy. a new project called " "i tonia" and rosemary suffered from intellectual disabilities and passed away in 2005. and disney released emotional photos for the new "jungle book" live action reboot. it hits theaters on april -- actors join chelsea clinton to support a hillary clinton presidency and dunham even wore
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and finally, when samantha b gets down, she has her own mini cheerleader. >> i need inspiration. oh, right. why do i always forget about my secret weapon. hi, tiny gloria steiner. >> don't give up, we love you. if did i give up when i got stuck in that soda can? no. >> i'm horrible. >> oops. >> when they say thinking outside the box, like, those it's different. >> i was thinking how cool would that be if we all had a little inspiration, rights. drawer. inspire me. button. >> that would be even better. i'm betty nguyen.
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let's get you the latest on our breaking news at this hour. at least one dead and several wounded an explosion at the
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and the brussels unconfirmed reports of several blasts in subway stations and these are unconfirmed reports. french media saying there are possibly these subway station explosions. do you have any information on that? >> reporter: yes, we are seeing pictures from central brussels showing what appears to be smoke coming from buildings close to subway stations in central brussels but at the moment we don't know what is causing those or what is going on there. authorities themselves unable to confirm that but that is what french media are reporting. several explosions close to subway stations and the belgium


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