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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  March 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the only one now alive to take part in the deadly bombings at the airport and metro station. good afternoon, i' m summer knowles. meredith: and i' m meredith mcdonough. president barack obama responded to the terror attacks during his historic trip to cuba. >> the thoughts and the prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium. we stand in solidarity with them and condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. meredith: we have team coverage of the terrorist attack. only wesh 2 has video of passengers arriving in central florida from brussels. right now, this is exclusive video of their bags on the ground being inspected. summer: but first, we start with christopher dickey in brussels. reporter: terror struck right in the heart of a beautiful city, russells, belgium. what happened? this morning, one bomb went off
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>> everyone is in panic and we had to run just because the situation, everyone was scared. reporter: more than 20 people were killed and injured at a metro station. >> we felt a small blast of air, and we heard some noise in the distance. reporter: this is a city on at. edge. if you look at the fugitive suicide bombers at the airport, the pictures circulating are of them and they are not wearing suicide vests, not set up the way we expect them to be, they are just pushing suitcases. that is what makes them so scary. back to you. meredith: we have live pictures
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this is a live vigil taking place. 31 people killed and more than 200 people injured. some of the people morning in a devastating day for that city. only wesh 2' s chopper was in the plane landed and people we' re right now, wesh 2' mcdaniel joins us live at the dave, we' re learning the passengers did not know what happened until they landed. dave: that seems to be the case. normally people would be clearing customs with 45 minutes to an hour, but this flight landed in sanford right around 1:00 this afternoon and three hours later, except for a couple of passengers who did not have any checked baggage, they have come through, but a most everyone else is inside the customs area, their backs are being inspected, inspected twice, and before they are paired up with the passengers
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they cannot leave. they have been given snacks, water and trying to make them as comfortable as possible. they are ready to be on the move, but because of everything that has gone on, they have to be absolutely careful when it comes to security. these people left brussels almost simultaneously with the attack and spent hours in the air without knowing it. >> my family told me what happened. dave: a consistent theme while others watched the chaos. in the air, people were shielded from the news, but once they landed. >> when i finally got to talk to her, she said, why are you crying? i said a lot has happened since you were up in the air. dave: her mom, dad and grandmother were all on the flight. once she saw it had landed, she kept calling. >> i just can' t wait until they' re here, so i can hug them. dave: before the flight touched down, there was a significant security presence. officers, tactical gear, guns ready.
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the terminal after it landed. passengers were unloaded, bomb sniffing dogs in place, bags checked away from the building until all was cleared. only then were passengers allowed to get to the buses for the ride to normal customs screening. >> it' s the first real terror attack that i know of, in my country. dave: his parents are getting back on this flight for the return trip to belgium, not brussels, but back to the country still in shock. >> if you' re scared, they have won, so it' s a matter of never being scared. dave:dave: 106 passengers were supposed to get off the plane in sanford and continue on for vacation or maybe returning back to the united states. only two or three have come out at this point, so a lot of people still in there. this plane was supposed to leave to miami and then they were going to love people and head back to belgium.
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sanford may be around 6:00 this that comes back from sanford and elford -- belgium once a week. history. meredith: in the wake of the brussels attacks, airports across europe and the united at the orlando international airport, travelers are seeing increased security. airport officials say they are being more vigilant after the brussels attacks. coming up at 4:30, we' ll have a live report from oia. and remember, you can get up to the minute updates on the free wesh 2 mobile app. summer: a string of early morning armed robberies have left residents of several apartment complexes in altamonte springs on edge. in each case, the victims were confronted at gunpoint as they exited their vehicles. wesh 2' s amanda ober joins us live from outside the altamonte springs police department with details. amanda, do they have any leads yet?
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the victims was able to get a close enough look at the suspects to help police put together this sketch. none of the victims were hurt, but as you can imagine, knowing the suspects on the loose, many apartment residents are on a edge. this is a sketch of one of two suspects altamonte springs police say committed armed burglaries at four seperate apartment complexes early monday. >> makes me a little nervous and i definitely want to be aware of my surroundings. amanda: surveillance video shows the two suspects leaving one of the complexes hit, which included autumn run, the central park apartments, springs colony and sandy cove. a victim, who didn' t want to be identified, told wesh 2 news he was coming home around 3:00 a.m. when he thought he noticed a car following him. after he parked and got out, he felt a gun poke him in the neck. >> i froze at first. it was out of nowhere, just
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telling me, if you don' t turn around, i' m gonna shoot you right now, so give me your wallet, and the first thing i did was just give them my wallet. they told me they don' t want my car, my phone, i just want your wallet amanda: that victim was not harmed, nor were the other victims who police say were also held up at the three of the complexes. residents were shaken by the crime. jose alvarado asked to snap a photo of the composite sketch we had. another man told us he' d just changed his girlfriend' s locks. >> we just changed top lock and -- the top lock and added a padock on there. amanda: because she was nervous? >> yes, she was worried and felt uncomfortable staying there by herself. amanda: police here are warning people when you exit or enter your vehicle, especially if it is late at night or early in the
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at your surroundings and if you see anything suspicious, reported to police. meredith: new information at a deadly plane crash in claremont earlier this month. it made a left turn before rapidly losing speed. and nearby pilot says a made a call was hurt over the radar seen the engine had been lost. the plane was made from a kit and it had a faa experimental airworthiness certificate. the pilot, dane sheahen, also had his private pilot' s certificate, and over 800 hours of flight experience. apopka teenager killed in the latest shooting. orange county deputies tell us shooting. he was among a group of people in the shooting started. his death marks the third less than two weeks. two of them are teenagers. s office as a major stumbling block is witnesses and those with information do not
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>> it is not about being a snitch, it is about giving the family closure, so we can feel better and get justice served. meredith: deputies have been passing out flyers today trying to get information about the shooting. some folks have told us that many of the flyers have been torn down. summer: investigators are still trying to determine what sparked yesterday' s 20 acre brush fire in avalon park. crews remained on scene overnight, making sure the fire didn' t flare back up. today, residents surveyed the damage, seeing how close the fire came to engulfing their homes. florida forest service gave one resident a flier saying they' re looking for an arsonist. however, fire officials are not confirming if they believe this actually is arson. they' re only saying this is an ongoing investigation. the cause has yet to be determined. right now we are waiting to hear from investigators looking into this boat fire yesterday that happened on dry land just north of the bithlo area in the little big econ state forest. the boat was spotted by chopper
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of water. the fire did spread to the nearby brush before firefigthers were able to put out the flames. meredith: covering orange county. a semi overturned in one of the worst possible spots. it shutdown one of the major arteries that connect i-4 to the state road 408 toll road. the crash happened at the tail end of morning rush hour. an opd spokeswoman says when the truck was going up the ramp, the weight of the furniture it was carrying shifted, causing it to overturn. the driver was not seriously hurt. the i-4 ramp has been re-opened. we have learned new information about the evacuation of a daytona beach hotel. it happened overnight. investigators tell wesh 2, a small fire sparked inside a mechanical closet at the hilton on north atlantic avenue. the call came in just before 11:00 last night. when crews arrived on scene, the fire was already out. there were still concerns over smoke though. the building had to be cleared. the state fire marshall is investigating. summer: today marks two years since a windermere police officer was killed in the line of duty. and tonight, a candlelight vigil will be held in honor of officer
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german was shot by two teenagers, who both later committed suicide. german' s family members and friends will be at the vigil. it will take place at the windermere police department at 7:00 p.m. turning to commitment 2016, it is tuesday and in this presidential election year, that means it' s time for yet another set of primaries and caucuses. the candidates are looking for votes in three states tonight. we will hear from voters in both parties in the arizona primary and utah caucus, and democrats will also cast their vote in the idaho caucus. images of thousands of dead fish raise questions across brevard county. meredith: dan billow is talking with biologist about what is to save other fish. summer: 80,000 bees held up in white local neighborhoods should problems. easy, but keeping my head up and staying positive. meredith: new hope for a shark
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he is now finding hope that he will be catching waves again. tony: keeping a close eye on the coastline. plus, your full forecast them in the 80' s returned, straight ahead. meredith: we are following terrorist that happened in russell' s. live picture -- brussels. the flight took off minutes
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meredith: right now, you' re looking at live pictures of the eiffel tower. it is lit up in the colors of the belgian flag in a sign of solidarity after the brussels terror attack. just last week, one of the people believed to be involved in the deadly terrorist attacks in pairs was captured in brussels. the former embattled mayor of toronto has died of cancer summer: rob ford was 46-years-old. he got international fame for a series of drug-driven obscenity-laced incidents. he was repeatedly caught on camera while intoxicated. the toronto city council stripped him of most of his powers, but the string of bizarre behavior continued.
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re-elected to city council after he dropped out of the 2014 mayoral race. the tennis tournament director criticized for his comments on women, has resigned. raymond moore claimed female pro-tennis players are just riding on the coattails of men. >> if i was a lady player, i would go down every night on my knees and thank god that roger because they' ve carried the >> obviously i don' t think any woman should be down on their knees thanking anybody like that. summer: strong words from serena williams who took part in a tennis event over the weekend. moore has since apologized for his comments. meredith: a tree in one central florida community, buzzing with 80,000 bees is now empty. the unwanted guests and their hive were just removed. wesh 2' s jazmin walker explains where they' re headed now and why bees may soon choose to swarm
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>> one of the workers was mowing the yard and came across it. it' s big. jazmin: big enough to take over this entire tree in the gated lakeland community, grasslands. >> we found out about it last week, and we came down to look at it. we told everybody that came through to be careful because we were told they were hornets. jamin: they were actually honeybees. 80, 0000 honeybees. experts say the size of the hive suggests it was there for more than a year. >> more than what we thought. all of them were home this morning because it was cold. there was almost an inch and a half of bees on that comb. yeah, quite a few in there. jazmin: local beekeepers slowly vacuumed the bees into a box. then, piece by piece, they took apart the hive. a process wildlife officials say keeps them alive. >> we need them. for the environment, we have to have bees. they pollinate all kinds of things. without bees we got trouble. jazmin: while the bees got evicted from this community, they' ll soon have a new home. >> we carry them to an apiary
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and do what they' re supposed to do. jazmin: we are in bee season, so expect to see them colonize. according to after hibernating over the winter, bees wake up just in time for their preferred plants to bloom to collect pollen and nectar. i' m jazmin walker, wesh 2 news. summer: a rocket is scheduled to launch tonight from cape canaveral. meredith: united launch alliance' s atlas five rocket is set to lift off at 11:05 tonight. this is a picture tweeted today of the rocket which is carrying supplies to the international space station. this will be the last mission under nasa' s current contract with ula. we will stream the launch lives. summer: is the weather going to cooperate? eric: the photograph shows a beautiful sky and that is the way it is area we have been watching a few clouds with the coast. that is the only concern. the forecast for the launch is looking great. the only concern is a little bit
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we will be watching that 30 minute launch window opening up at 11:00 this evening with updates throughout wesh 2 news and of course into the news hour. here' s a look at what we got for you. at this hour, daytona beach, just gorgeous. the space coast, a little clouds. widodo that use, northeast at 11 miles broward. it is a comfortable -- 11 miles per hour. here is a look at the water t vapor channel. the lighter shades is the bone dry atmospheric sitting on top of us which is why we have this nearly ideal weather. today is gorgeous, but you can see some of those clouds trying to impact us along the coastline and that includes the cape canaveral air force station and
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here is on behalf of the next two hours, 70 degrees by 6:00. 60 degrees by 8:00, and 11:00, 60 flat. to pictures as chilly as we saw last night but it feels nice and seasonable. 49, the villages. dropping 251. 54, clermont. no frost advisories this evening. 54, kissimmee. 54, winter park. 56, new smyrna beach , and the upper 50' s across the space coast. looking ahead to tomorrow' s forecast, beautiful, look what returns to the map, 81 degrees in orlando, 80 in the villages . along the shore, upper 70' s and the cooler ocean water temperatures holding things up bay.
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beaches will need to be watched. that is going to bring us some moisture back into town, and then friday what watch this cool front moving it, and as adesso it brings us rain chances. and then we enter into an unsettled pattern starting thursday in continuing unfortunately for your easter sunday. if you are headed out to the area beaches, the surf running two to three feet. a moderate chop, so be careful out there. rip currents will be on the build as we look ahead. rains through easter sunday in we will talk about your full sunday forecast hour-by-hour in the next hour. meredith: we are learning about the deadly police shooting in gainsville. summer: the suspect who was killed was just sixteen-years-old. police are now releasing more details about the teen and what happened. meredith: plus, hulk hogan is awarded even more money in his sex tape lawsuit. just ahead, what gawker plans to
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summer: we are covering breaking brussels. this plane landed at the sanford international or not too long
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it took off about an hour before two suicide bombers detonated themselves this morning. one edit brussels airport and another at a metro station, killing more than 30 people. passengers on this plane did not even know the terror attacks happened until they landed here in the orlando area, so we will continue following breaking news. meredith: we' ve now learned the person killed during a police standoff in gainesville was a teenager. summer: this is new video from the scene. police say 16-year-old robert dentmond called 911 sunday, saying he was suicidal. when officers arrived at the apartment complex, they say dentmond was walking around carrying what looked like an assault rifle. police tell us dentmond ignored their warnings to drop his weapon before they opened fire. >> deputies and officers made it extremely clear to him that if he continued toward that occupying building, that he would be shot. summer: the officers involved
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investigating. new information right now, the media company gawker plans to appeal the ruling, granting hulk hogan $140 million in a sex tape lawsuit. yesterday, a jury decided to give the former pro-wrestler an additional $25 million in punitive damages. last week, jurors awarded hogan $115 million, agreeing that gawker invaded his privacy by posting the video online. hogan is pleased with the decision. >> i think we' ve made history today because i think we protected a lot of people from maybe going through what i went through, so we are very excited and very happy. summer: gawker' s founder also has to pay $10 million in damages. he has not commented. meredith: we continue to monitor the situation in brussels after more than 30 people we' re killed in a terrorist attack. summer: still to come on first at 4:00, who is now taking responsibility for the deadly attacks and when the brussels
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brussels, home of the european union and the people continue to mourn the loss of families and friends. these are pictures of a live
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>> local. live. latebreaking.
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>> we can and we will defeat those who threatened the safety and security of people around the world. meredith: that was president barack obama responding to the deadly terrorist attack in brussels. summer: 31-people were killed when two suicide bombers detonated themselves this morning. one at the brussels airport and another at a metro station a few miles away. meredith: belgian federal police released this picture caught on an airport surveillance camera. it shows the three people they believe was involved in the bombing attacks. police think the two men wearing dark shirts blew themselves up. there is a man hunt for the other man. the video you are looking at right now shows the aftermath of bombings at the airport and at the metro station. the blasts happened during the morning rush. we have learned the brussels airport will remain closed through wednesday.
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summer: orlando international is one of the world' s gateways. and today it was evident in the wake of the brussels attacks that security measures were being tightened. wesh 2' s greg fox is live at oia . greg, you' ve seen a greater visibility by officers there? greg: there has been a noticeable increase in the patrols at orlando international airport, and in particular in the main areas that lead to the gates and also canine patrols trained in the detection of explosives and other weapons. we saw the largest concentration of the k-9 patrols with both orlando police and orlando airport security on the side of the terminal that has a lot of international traffic. despite what appeared to be a serious increase in the level of security on property, it did not appear that there were especially long lines to the gates. passengers enroute to overseas destinations tell us, they are glad they were not headed to
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today and the paris attacks last november. >> i' m hoping nothing is going to happen here. but if i had to fly to europe? no way right now. >> i' m glad that i wouldn' t be going over there right now. in fact, i was over there in february for a course in the netherlands and i' m glad i' m not there right now. greg: wesh 2 news also spotted a number of police vehicles on the departure and arrival levels that normally are not there. they were making sure that vehicles were not stopped along the curb for more than a few minutes at a time. coming up all new on wesh 2 news at 5:00, we' ll hear from senator bill nelson and get his take on the safety of air travel in light of today' s attacks. meredith: be playing that landed in central florida just a few hours ago is that the orlando sanford international airport and is being moved.
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only wesh 2 has the video of these passengers. we learned to passengers on board did not know about the deadly attacks until they landed here. and metro stations in washington d.c. are also seeing an increase in security. officials say there is no known threat to the d.c. metro right now. but they say extra sweeps and patrols are being conducted out of caution. automated messages are posted throughout walkways, saying if you see something, say something. metro officials say they' re monitoring developments in brussels. nbc news is giving a full hour of nightly news tonight, with live reports from brussels and a look at the potential isis involvement. join us at 6:30, right here on wesh 2. summer: biologists have identified a strong suspect in what' s killing vast numbers of fish in the indian river lagoon, brown tide. wesh 2' s dan billow reports it appears there' s no stopping this
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dan: here in cocoa beach, at the end of some canals along the banana river lagoon part of the indian river, the smell will bring you to your knees. >> it' s bad. this is the worst it' s ever been. dan: and today, the opinion comes from state biologists that brown tide is to blame. it' s a type of algae that turns the water brown here in the canals and out in the open lagoon. that' s bad news. >> there' s nothing you can do to stop this. >> i agree short term, it will have to run its course. that is kind of unfortunate. dan: keith schuh has been watching dead fish float by for three days in his backyard canal. he and his kids saved one in an aquarium. the fish in the tank is surviving, likely because they have added oxygen to the water, they have doubles going.
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all but gone because of the algae. that' s because when the brown algae dies, it triggers a chain-reaction that depletes the oxygen in the water. the fish gasp for air, and suffocate. biologists have not scientifically confirmed the the dead fish, but they strongly suspect it. biologists confirm this is one of the most widespread they' ve received 80 reports of dying fish, covering about 80% of the banana river lagoon. and they are powerless to make brown tide go away. the city of cocoa beach, just one of many places affected, is advising residents to be patient, and allow the dead fish to sink. that should help with the smell. in cocoa beach, dan billow, wesh 2 news. meredith: a body was found lying in an ocala street. now police are trying to figure out what happened. the man was found on northwest second street, near silver springs boulevard. no cause of death has been determined but investigators are calling it suspicious. the man' s name has not been released. anyone with information is asked to contact police.
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accused of sexually battering his secretary all while staying at a hotel in daytona beach shores during a business trip. police arrested 52-year-old franklin pajaro saturday morning at the shores resort and spa. the victim tells police she was sharing a suite with pajaro and another woman but sleeping separately. she says she awoke to pajaro performing a sex act on her. he remains in custody on $125,000 bond. right now the state attorney is continuing the investigation of three kissimmee police officers who are accused of providing false testimony during a court hearing. officers felix echeveria, taylor mcfee and tiffany hall have all been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. this is surveillance video of an arrest at a kissimmee hotel back in november. it appears one of the officers has a key to open this door, but a charging affidavit signed by detective hall says a drug dealing suspect opened the door for her, then gave her a plastic bag filled with marijuana. meredith: police and fire
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of a sinking boat, possibly people in the halifax river in daytona beach yesterday, but there really was no emergency. wesh 2' s claire metz reports, the caller, as many others have, mistook a derelict boat for one in real trouble. claire: florida' s intracoastal waterway is a boater's paradise. picture perfect but with some ugly exceptions, and you' re looking at two of them, derelict boats, abandoned, sometimes left in the water for years. >> we pay extra money for the view of these boats that have been sitting there forever. claire: lori evan' s riverside view has been marred for years by one boat, then another, listing, left to rot in the river. she believes she saw the actual owner's strip the boats then walk away. >> they' ve ripped off the markings. everythings' been taken off all -- everything has been taken off all of the boats, both boats, so that no one can identify the responsible owner. claire: owners have walked away from thousands of boats in the sunshine state waterways, some that pose a threat to navigation or the environment some, like this one, that generate an
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>> we were contacted about a possible sinking boat over by the sea breeze, oakridge bridge area. claire: daytona beach fire chief dru driscoll says a caller saw this boat and thought it was going down in the water. turns out, it and another nearby are marine castaways, but rescuers have to be certain and have to check them out. >> we get frequent calls overtaxing the public safety system responding to these supposed boat emergencies. claire: some counties, like volusia, have partnered with cities and fwc to try and track down derelict owners. this eyesore is finally out of the river. the alternative? mark the abandoned boats and remove them where time and budget allow, frustrating because when one is removed, another turns up somewhere else. there is legislation pending that could put more teeth into laws regarding derelict boats, but bottom line, if officials can' t find the owners, it' s taxpayers that foot the bill. in volusia county, claire metz, wesh 2 news. summer: three new police recruits jumped into action when
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police department. the car crashed into a drainage canal full of water. one officer recruit was able to open the driver' s door and take off the driver' s seatbelt. two other newly hired police recruits helped the man until paramedics arrived. meredith: a shark attack victim is making new strides in his recovery. he' s using a new prosthetic leg and hopes to be riding a surf board soon. michelle imperato takes a look at his story. michelle: shark bites sightings and bites have are certainly not unheard of here in florida. new smyrna beach has even been dubbed the shark attack capital of the world, but great strides ve lost limbs. a rhode island man is currently waiting for a surfing prosthetic. >> definitely hasn' t been easy, but keeping my head up and staying positive. just keep moving forward. michelle: colin cook was bit in left leg. for the last three weeks, he' s >> it' s definitely been a lot of it'
4:40 pm
to walk. michelle: he' s still working out, jumping rope and hitting the pool. he' s waiting for a surfing prosthetic, but has been in the water a few times with the help of friends. >> just kind of paddling around, laying down surfing, catching waves on my stomach on the board. just trying to keep my paddling strength and surfing muscles moving, so when i get the leg i' ll be able to jump right back into it. michelle imperato, wesh 2 news. in cuba. summer: now only did president -- not only did president barack obama wrap up his trip today, the tampa bay rays just took on the cuban national team in a friendly game of baseball. we' ve got the latest from cuba, next on first at 4:00. meredith: and new information in the continuing saga of apple versus the fbi. this afternoon, agents are now saying they may not need apple' s help unlocking the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters.
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meredith: we continuing to follow -- we continue to follow
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this is now at international orlando airport, a plane in brussels before the bombs exploded in landed here. the passengers have gotten off that plane ended is being towed behind the terminal. summer: the majority of passengers did not know about the terror attacks until they landed here. chopper 2 is over this scene and we will continue to follow this story. meanwhile, president barack obama just spent his last day in cuba. meredith: and after speaking to the cuban people, he joined cuba' s president, raul castro for a baseball game. the tampa bay rays took on the cuban national team. summer: nbc' s jay gray is in havana with more. reporter: president obama' s speech broadcasted live in cuba begin with a strong message with the brussels attacks. >> we can and will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people around the world. reporter: turning his attention
4:45 pm
president acknowledged the difference of politics in cuba in the united states, but stressed in the change of a long strange relationships must begin with the people. >> i believe in the cuban people. this is not a policy of just normalizing relations with the cuban government. the united states of america is normalizing relations with the cuban people. reporter: he spoke of the trade embargo and human rights relations. >> what the united states was doing was not working. we have to have the courage to acknowledge reporter: that. after his public address, the president met privately before joining raul castro at the ballpark for a game between the national team and the tampa bay rays. >> that is the power of baseball, the power of sports. it can change attitudes in a way
4:46 pm
reporter: a fitting in to what was a controversial trip for both countries, but one the president considers a home run. the game after the third inning and has now left the island for a two argentina. meredith: the fbi now says it may not need apple' s help unlocking the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. federal prosecutors made the surprising announcement yesterday. in court papers, prosecutors say the fbi has been researching ways to access information in syed farook' s encrypted phone and that they' re getting help from an outside party. at an event kicking off apple' s new product line yesterday, ceo tim cook vowed that apple will continue to fight for their privacy. >> we did not expect to be in this position at odds with our own government, but we believe strongly that we have a
4:47 pm
protect your data and protect your privacy. meredith: a hearing on the case, scheduled for today in federal court, has been cancelled. right now google is looking for a few good drivers. the company says it needs people with good driving records to become vehicle safety specialists for its self-driving cars. an advertisement on an employment website says the driver is expected to be on the road six to eight hours a day, five days a week. the ad doesn' t list the number of people being hired or the salary. these are short term contract jobs, so you won' t get all the benefits that other google employees receive. of the country are still getting hit with severe weather. right now some people in california are trying to dig out of the snow that fell yesterday. the sierra snowstorm hit so big guns to keep the roads clear. cal-trans used a tow plow, the only one in california, which uses two plows, one in the simultaneously clear two lanes of interstate.
4:48 pm
near whiteout conditions. >> it' s surprising for snow this late in the year, but this is california. you get hot and cold. if you don' t like one part of the day, you' re going to get something else later on. summer: for drought ravaged california, the snow comes as good news. meredith: a much different story here at home. a day of pretty comfortable temperatures. summer: a little warmer today than yesterday. eric: that' s a trend is going to continue. useful weather on this tuesday afternoon. take a look at our skycam. we are looking down toward downtown orlando. traffic not looking too bad, and i count just about a half-dozen clouds on the horizon. certainly, no rain on our first alert doppler radar. 74 degrees the current temperature. nice, light breeze here and there. 70, melbourne.
4:49 pm
look at the difference in temperatures right now versus yesterday. we are running 10 degrees warmer right now. yes, it is a significant change, and that continues. 74 degrees was the high temperature in the city today. average high of 79. we will get there, it' s not a little bit warmer looking ahead to your wednesday. here' s a look at the water vapor channel. these bright shades, colors, bone dry air. because we have dry air it is going to be a nice drop off of temperatures once the sun says. ocala, down to 59 by 9:00, but last night you were into the lower 50' s at this point so uses the difference. orlando, 6:00, 73. by 9:00, middle 60' s and it is going to be a slower dissent. 40 five degrees in ocala.
4:50 pm
54, daytona beach. tomorrow, the high-pressure beginning to push off to the east, giving us a return of a warmer southeast flow that will allow temperatures to look like this. welcome back to the 80' s, orlando. 81 degrees there. 81, the villages. 71, daytona and denser titusville. great weather for the spring breakers. we are watching moisture over cell phone at that moves in on thursday, and that is when rain chances begin to head on up and then as this phase, we watch our next weather maker which is a cool front that moves in on friday, and basically goes stationary over central for the on saturday. rain chances are going up, the good news, pollen levels are going down. rain helps to clear the old gulley, if you know what i mean. thursday, starting off with a few coastal showers in the
4:51 pm
and by early in the afternoon. here is central florida' accurate forecast. saturday, 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms, and it looks like another one with wet conditions as we look ahead to easter sunday. at 5:00. meredith: a job interview for one teen turned into quite the >> just thinking about it, i could be hurt shot or anything. i' m happy that nothing bad happened to me. summer: just ahead on wesh 2 first at 4:00, find out what
4:52 pm
stopped a robber.. rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. summer: a new orleans teen on a job interview gave a job-clinching performance when he stopped a robbery in progress. meredith: the teen was talking to managers at popeyes when a thief grabbed cash from the register and tried to get away. >> i guess he reached his hand in the draw and he was trying to run to the door, and one of the managers did this and he ran into her. meredith: the teen says that' s when the restaurant broke out into chaos. he jumped up, grabbed the man, put his hand behind his back and held him in an arm-lock until police arrived. >> he was like trying to get loose, trying to put up a fight
4:55 pm
him there. meredith: he is already in his uniform. the thief was arrested and charged with robbery. and at the end of the interview, the 18-year-old walked away with a job. summer: hope he walked away with a raise to. he is a big boy. don' t mess with them. tonight, the vans warped tour stops by full sail university to broadcast its concert lineup to the entire country. the lineup has already leaked online over the past week. hard rock las vegas reportedly sent out a tweet of the lineup and deleted it. tonight' s announcement features five of the bands performing on the tour. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. meredith: jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour. terror in brussels. wesh 2 is taking you inside the chaos of the attack that left 31 we' ll also show you the image investigators want the world to see. plus, only wesh 2 is there as the plane that left brussels moments before the attack lands in central florida. the extra security measures underway right now to keep you safe. and, the search for a killer after an afternoon shooting in apopka leaves an 18-year-old
4:56 pm
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4:59 pm
>> right now at 5:00, the photo investigators want the world to see. 3 men, believed to be isis fighters, walking into the brussels airport, moments before detonating the bombs that would tonight two terrorists are dead, but a third remains at large. now the world is coming together, to find him, and make him pay. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are tonight, wesh 2 is taking you to the chaotic scene. our team coverage details what happened, who was killed, and how your local leaders are m meredith i' m jim payne. s stewart moore, live in the breaking news center, with the latest from europe. started around 3 am local time. investigators say 2 suicide bombers detonated themselves inside the brussels airport killing 11 people. a short time later and just a few miles away, a second bomb at
5:00 pm
21 people. let' s bring that photo of the suspected terrorists back up. investigators say this was taken just a few minutes before the explosions hit the airport. 2 of the men, believed to be isis fighters, were killed. a third, the man with the hat, escaped. here is from inside of the airport. this video was taken in the moments after the explosion. the man who shot this footage actually lives in raleigh. he was standing just a few feet away from the blast. he was unharmed, but 11-others were killed and dozens more were injured among them, 3-mormon missionaries from utah. all are expected to survive. these attacks come just days after the arrest of one of the men involved in the paris terror attacks, salah abdeslam was picked up in brussels. he too claims to be a member of isis. s no word if his s attacks are related. several raids have taken place


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