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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm EDT

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>> right now at 11, belgium on high alert. the search for terrorists involved in a deadly series of bombings stretches into the overnight hours with an intense manhunt underway in brussels. tonight, isis is claiming responsibility for the attacks that have left at least 34 dead. good evening. i' m jim payne. i' m meredith mcdonough. police are carrying out raids as they search for a suspect, seen here in a surveillance picture at the brussels airport this morning. nearly 200 others were injured in the bombings there and at a belgium' s ambassador to the united states says his country had expected an attack and had already heightened security. >> there were indications that something was in the offing. jim: tonight, we' re hearing from passengers, who left brussels minutes before the bombings. only chopper 2 was overhead today as their flight landed at orlando-sanford international airport. wesh 2' s chris hush is there live.
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the attacks and extensive security. there attacks are prompting an increase in security at orlando >> it was a very tense day. we were here for the not to mention the terror. the aircraft is now headed back to belgium from stanford. those onboard polls soon face the reality of the terror that breakout tuesday. they took these photos. just moments before the attacks. it was just minutes after takeoff. none of the passengers on board knew until they landed in florida. >> once people started turning
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>> we have been there just moments before that. once on the ground, passengers waited hours to go through customs. >> this was actually the first real terrorist attack that i know of. confusion and worry about what they will have to face back home. reporter: within the past hour and a half, we found out that the flight did take off but it
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it will land outside of that city. meredith: there attacks are prompting an increase in security at orlando international airport. our crews witnessed a large concentration of k-9 patrols near the overseas gates. however, lines weren' t very long. a number of police vehicles were also along the curbs to prevent people from parking cars near the terminal. local muslim leaders are trying to point out that members of isis don' t represent islam. tonight, they talked with wesh 2' s summer knowles about the distinction they' re to make. >> this is not what our religion is about. >> i want to send out our
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islam does not condone such violence. he felt he had to do something to say something . it does hurt us, but should not stop us. the increased rhetoric that we are seeing capitalizing on the moment. >> he says the key is more open dialogue. unfortunately, some people wait until it is too late. they only we' ll talk when bad things happen.
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will continue and the talk will continue and we can keep this community and country safe. jim: people all over the world are paying tribute to the people in brussels. here in the united states, president barack obama has said that all american flags well go at half staff. in the torah district, the orlando -- in the tourist district, the orlando eye was lit up. sign up or notifications by downloading the wesh two mobile app. right now, a rocket is getting ready to blast off. it will carry supplies
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orbital hek capsule holds nearly a thousand pounds. let' s listen now to mission control. 3,2,1... liftoff! the atlas five rocket. jim: nothing like a nighttime launch in central florida again, this is an out was five rocket. it has some experience on board as well. there is a low cloud deck. that when it really like that
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just going to muhsin rocket sound. it was designed by students at ucf. as part of this experiment. you will hear why scientists say exploring an asteroid could be like opening a gold mine. meredith: a man posing as an employee made off with 30 thousand dollars worth of cell phones from a target store in palm coast. . sheriff' s deputies say this is the suspect leaving the store on state road 100 yesterday morning with a duffel bag full of 41 brand new phones. investigators say the suspect identified himself as a target mobile employee and was dressed in the typical black and khaki attire the suspect was given keys by a real employee that allowed him access to a store room where deputies say he helped himself this same man is a suspect in similar thefts from
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investigators are still working to determine what sparked this 20-acre fire in east orange county. this is new video of yesterday' s -- new tonight, we are the 911 calls from worried owners. this is new video of yesterday' s avalon park brush fire from a wesh 2 viewer. you can see just how tall those >> how scary was is for you? terrifying things i' to. the florida forest service gave one homeowner a flier with the headline wanted arsonist and a 5-thousand dollar reward for investigators however have yet to release the cause of this fire. some locals are on edge tonight. this, after 4 separate armed robberies earlier this week. they happened in altamonte springs, early monday morning. police say they think 2-men are
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both remain at large tonight. surveillance footage shows the men at one of the apartment complexes they hit. all of the hold-ups happened as the victims were leaving their cars. none of them were hurt. wesh 2 spoke with 1 today. >> i froze at first, it was out of nowherejust telling me to turn around and telling me if you don' t turn around i' m gonna shoot you right now so give me your wallet and the first thing i did was just give em my wallet the robberies occured at springs colony, autumn run, central park apartments and sandy cove. jim: new tonight, two men are arrested following a confrontation over a tax refund. deputies say 33-year-old napoleon lorick got into a fight with 19-year-old steve bourisquot who said his girlfriend was owed nearly 3 thousand dollars of the refund. lorrick says he was shot at and beat up. when deputies arrived, they say lorick was visibly injured so they arrested bourisquot. but, lorick was also arrested
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re learning more tonight about the apopka teen killed in that city' s latest shooting. orange county deputies tell us 18-year-old contondre bryant was struck in the drive-by shooting. bryant was with a group of people gathered along 13th street, when the shooting started. his death marks the third shooting death in apopka in less than 2 weeks. two of them teenagers. the sheriff' s office says a major stumbling block with solving these cases is that witnesses and those with inforamtion about the crimes do not want to come forward. >> it is not all about being a snitch it is about giving the family closure so we can feel better and get justice served. deputies continue to work the neighborhood, hoping someone will step up. but we are hearing from neighbors that flyers asking for information, are already being torn down. tomorrow, a new billboard will go up in daytona beach, hoping it will lead to clues in a murder mystery. this is what it will look like. it features a picture of faith jenkins who was killed back in april last year. her body was found behind an abandoned house, along kingston
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jenkins was partially nude and died from trauma. her family says she struggled with drug addiction and had been arrested for prostitution mainstreet usa will soon be. jim: new tonight, when later hours will go into effect at disney world. >> audiences take one. meredith: it is called a super pill. all in efforts to reach a man way up in a tree. the bizarre behavior rescuers encountered on the way up. plus, an atlas five rocket just launched. we have live pictures for you and we are there with local scientists. that is coming up next at 11:00. eric: we are also tracking some beautiful weather. the 80' s are right around the corner.
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five rocket is on its way to the space station. tonight, we are learning more about one of the students on board. new tonight, adrian whitsett is live at the cape. this is a fascinating project. it will be there for two and a half days. they want to know what it' s like on an asteroid. they want to know more about the early formation of planets and what it would be like if we landed on one area. reporter: all of this helps researchers unlock a world of wonders. sometimes in a micro moment.
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the year-long experiment can get troves of data. >> what is it like on a very small asteroid that the gravity is so weak that it would take minutes to fall to the ground? reporter: it started with this prototype. >> i' m physically doing a spacewalk next to someone in space. because could see an issue provision not to mention sensitive interest -- instruments. the commercial appeal could be an actual gold mine. had i get materials off? dr. kolawole says asterisk of
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blocks. >> what are the chances that there are other planets in the galaxy with have a life. reporter: along with that ucf experiment, there are more airmen inside the cigna spacecraft. there is also an experiment that is carrying a 3-d printing robot. jim: you had a pretty good seat for that rocket launch. we are following some breaking news out of maitland. there is a shooting. not sure if this is a deadly shooting. meredith: we are seeing officers they'
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this is that maitland summit way. it is usually a very busy area here. we' re going to continue to focus on this news. there' s a warning surrounding a so-called super pill tonight. nine people have already died from it in the tampa bay area. the pill' s lethal contents are cleverly packaged. it looks just like a xanax. but it' s actually mixed with a powerful pain medication called fentanyl. no one knows who' s making it, where it' s being made, and why the only place in florida that it' s found is pinellas county. the pill is selling for five dollars. >> it' s 8200 times as powerful as morphine. the sheriff is worried about spring breakers who are traveling to the area and may buy this on the street without knowing what they' re getting. afternoon traffic is brought to a halt and the fire department is called to try to coax a man down from a tree.
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the tree in downtown seattle. the fire truck' s ladder was extended to within a few feet of the man, then negotiators climbed up and tried to speak with him. he' s said to have thrown apples at medics at one point. there' s no word why he climbed the tree. the happiest place on earth is leaving the lights on a bit later. for a limited time, select rides and attractions at magic kingdom will be open as late as 2:00 a.m, admission is 149 dollars per guest only on select dates in april and may. it' s only available to a select number of guests. we have a list of the attractions that will be staying open late on the orlando my way app. meredith: just in time for the spring season. eric: a few changes coming. you have rain in the forecast.
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that -- as the rocket was going up. it moved right through that deck of crowds. use the hashtag on twitter. here is a live shot. it is just as nice. we are 59 in sanford. that is going to carry through through our morning commute. by 9:00, it will keep building from there.
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enjoy this while you can. it is 49 in the villages. watch the trend. 54, that is the low average. you can see after that it is above average. it is going to feel almost like summer. these temperatures are on the way out. 77 for the spring breakers in daytona beach. we will call it a milder setup. we are also watching.
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into our area, that moisture will stick around not just for your thursday. there is a good side to all of this. the pollen will come down. as you look ahead to the easter sunday, sprinkles are midday that it is the afternoon. the search is running 2-3. watch the recurrence. -- rip currents. meredith: a biweekly the city lines. and the florida gators. pat: it will change the lives of so many young men. coming up next.
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>> if they' re gonna spend millions of dollars on you if they are investing their future in yours, you can understand why nfl teams poke and prod and
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scrutinize. that' s what the nfl combine is all about it' s pretty much what each school' s pro day is all about, and that pro day in gainesville was today. u.f. coach jim mcelwain welcoming scouts from each of the nfl teams to the new indoor practice facility in gainesville today. d-lineman jonathan bullard also impressive on this day one scout after called him a beast. .and you can see why. running back kelvin taylor also getting high marks. nfl draft on april 28. city lions in the midst of a 16 day break buth they' ll pay for it this summer when they play 4 games in a two week span. but adrian and the lads will worry about that later.even with no game this week, the lions conitnue spirited workouts. larin, monino and ceren called up to respective national teams. they'
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host portland a week from sunday. better to enjoy the break >> it' bye week off of a win. history made this afternoon in havana. president obama on hand as the tampa bay rays played an exhiobition agaisnt the cuban national team rays becoming the first big league club to play in cuba since 1999. cuba native and former big league great luis tiant throing out the first pitch, and james loney putting on an ofenseive show for the rays. two-run homer and 3 rbi as the rays defeat cuba, 4-1 just 3 spring training games
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for the astros before they move their camp next year to south florida. hosting the braves this afternoon and the story again on this day was houston' s carlos correa, who continues to have a red hot spring. last year' s al rookie fo the year slammed a twop run homer today, had two hits with a walk and scored twice as the stros defeated the braves, 8-7. play their final game in kissimmee this saturday night.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. eric: temperatures falling off to about 50 degrees. the little milder than we have seen. a beautiful day for your wednesday that rain returns all the way through easter. easter weekend is looking a jim: that' s our newscast for tonight you can get wesh 2 news whenever you want at wesh. com or the wesh 2 mobile app. meredith: thanks for watching. we hope you' ll join us again tomorrow night. national captioning for its caption content and accuracy.
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