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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  March 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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michelle: breaking news from baltimore authorities have just identified suspects in yesterday' s deadly bombings. we are live in maitland this shot outside a local motel. tell you who will be ucf' s next basketball coach. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: thank you for joining us, i michelle imperato. is morning.
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ted: i-95 southbound in brevard county is blocked off at mile marker 187 by the pineal causeway extension period if your early-morning drive will take you along there. take state road 4042 u.s. one, u.s. one back to oak gallie boulevard. then take that back to i-95 southbound. we will have more on that plus also we have some road work on i-4 that blocking some lanes. we will talk about that in a few amy has a look at your weather. amy: we are talking about florida. we have lots of sunshine, but we will add a little bit of cloud conditions we won' t be totally sunny until about noon. sunrise 7:26. we are headed to 80 degrees in a
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it will be everywhere, but most of us will be in the upper 70' s to around 80. his former today than yesterday. you notice when you step out. a little closer to where we are supposed to be for this time of year. 55 stanford in orlando, 57 melbourne and 52 in daytona beach. a couple of scattered clouds. we will still have plenty of sun for the early part of the day and start is if you clouds bubbling up for the rest of your wednesday. temperatures will be in the upper 70' s near 80. it will be warmer today with those lighter southeast winds. no rain expected today, but we will see a few showers beginning tomorrow. he will talk about that a few minutes. michelle: we have breaking news from belgium. authorities now identified three suspects they believe responsible for the series of deadly bombings in brussels airport and a subway station. the announcement comes as the country remains on high alert
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that kills at least 34 people and injured nearly 200 more. belgian officials say to the terrorists who died in the blast our brothers. they say the brother seen here in eight airport surveillance photo were known for past crimes terrorism. third suspect today. he was seen with them at the russell' blast. he is said to be the bomb maker who is suspected of making the bombs in last november' s paris massacre. authorities believe there found the bomb making factory and additional suitcase bombs. belgium' s ambassador to united states had expected an attack and had expected an attack and at already heightened security. >> there were indications that something was happening. world are gathering to pay brussels. candles and notes for those killed.
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ordered that all american flags be flown at half staff through saturday. we are now hearing from passengers who left brussels for before the bombings. only chopper 2 was overhead on tuesday as their flight wesh 2' s chris hush reports that they arrived to news of the attacks and extensive security. >> the aircraft is now headed back to belgium from sanford, make me stop in miami first. dosing face the reality of the terror that broke out tuesday. >> we got out of there just in time. >> earlier, they were checking out of their hotel and brussels moments before the attack. it was just minutes after takeoff that it does explosions went off where they had checked in for the flight home. until they landed in florida. >> once people started turning
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hear the gasps, the crying, the sobbing. he was so grateful that we are all right. we had been there just moments before that and it' s for the grace of god. >> passengers waited hours to go through customs and tight security in sanford. >> we rasp our questions than usual. >> finally, a sigh of relief for families reunited with loved ones. for those sending off family for the return trip home. confusion and worry about what they will have to face back home. michelle: from sanford, that flight flew to miami before heading back to belgium. it was scheduled to landed a city about an hour away from brussels. the terror attacks
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orlando international airport. our crews witnessed a large concentration of canine patrols near the overseas gate. however, lines were not very long. a number of police vehicles also lined the curbside to prevent people from parking cars to the terminal. along i-4, digital billboards quickly changed yesterday to show solidarity with belgium. this one at lee road asks for prayers for victims. in the tourist district, the orlando eye lit up in colors of the belgian flag. as did other landmarks from the world. whenever there' s a new development, you can see it first on your smart phone or tablet. just sign up for notifications by downloading the wesh 2 mobile app. in other news, a man has been shot outside a local motel. maitland police tell us it happened outside the extended stay motel on pembrooke drive. they say the victim was shot in the leg and torso and then help. officers say the victim told police he thinks he knows who shot him. find the shooter, who they believe escaped on foot.
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shooting coming up on wesh 2 news at 5:00. in commitment 2016, it was western primary night and the four leading candidates for president are all celebrating wins this morning. in the biggest race, the arizona primary, donald trump and hillary clinton swept to big victories. but in the utah caucus, ted cruz be john kasich and trump and sanders beat clinton. sanders also on the idaho caucus, but his two wins only give him just a few more delegates than a number clinton won in arizona. >> 2, 1. ignition and left off. michelle: a spectacular launch under a nearly full moon last night as an atlas five rocket to govern cape canaveral. it carried a cargo ship that is heading for the international space station. the ship carries nearly 8000 pounds of food, equipment and five experiments for nasa.
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study asteroids, was built at ucf. in flagler county, a man stole $31,000 worth of cell phones and he did it i posing as the employee. sheriff' s deputies say this is the suspect walking into the store on state road 100 in palm coast yesterday morning. he left with 41 phones in a duffel bag. investigators say the suspect identified himself as a target mobile employee, dressed in the typical attire and was given the key is to take a look at the the phones restored. take a look at the suspect. investigators have identified him as 26-year-old jarmal brown. he' s believed to be driving this plates. the tag number is qfd-3-7-4-4. some folks living in seminole county apartment complexes are on alert after four separate arms rob -- armed robberies this they happened in altamonte springs, early monday morning. police say they think 2-men are they' one of them. both remain at large this morning. surveillance footage shows them
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as wesh 2 spoke with one of the no one was hurt. victims. of nowhere. he was telling me to turn around. wasn' t turning around. he said and what should you now. given my wallet. at springs colony autumn run, , central park apartments and we' re now learning more about the apopka teen killed in that city' s latest shooting. orange county deputies tell us 18-year-old contondre bryant was shot in a drive-by. bryant was with a group of people gathered along 13th street, when the shooting started. this is the third shooting death in apopka in less than 2 weeks. two of them were teenagers. the sheriff' s office says a major stumbling block with solving these cases is that witnesses and those with information about the crimes do not want to come forward.
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snitch, it is about giving the family closure so we can feel better like you get justice conserved. michelle: deputies can continue to work the neighborhood hoping someone will step up. but we are hearing from neighbors that flyers asking for information, are already being torn down. happening today, a new billboard will go up in daytona beach, in a nearly-year-old murder mystery. it features a picture of faith jenkins, who was killed in april last year. her body was found behind an abandoned house along kingston avenue last jenkins was april. partially nude and died from trauma. her family says she struggled with drug addiction. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to it were an arrest in the case. visitors to disney world will soon be able to stay at the magic kingdom well into the night, details of the new extended hours are next, and ucf has decided who will be its next basketball coach, pat clarke has the late breaking details. let' s give you a live look
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ted: looking at breaking news on i-95 southbound in brevard county. the interstate is completely blocked off by state road 404. florida highway patrol is detouring the traffic onto to state road 404. you will take that eastbound two
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u.s. one southbound to eau g allie boulevard. take that back to i-95. traffic is not severe, but it will cost you a few extra minutes. state road 417 northbound you before 08, a lane blocked for construction. in central florida today. starting off with lots of sunshine. we will see a couple classes that can come up with those clouds cannot stand in the way a southeast breeze that will help bring in warm air. we' re pretty much back to normal in the mid-70' s of the coast and then around 80 degrees in most of our inland spots. it is warmer than it was yesterday morning. 45 in ocala, 47 palm coast. orlando and 57 in melbourne. we will start the day with lots of sun and end up with just a couple of clouds this afternoon. look at our temperatures. we will be in the mid-70' s by
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not all of us will hit 80, but there will be several spots in our inland area. the pollen forecast coming them a high side although it is not quite as high as a couple weeks ago. it comes down to little bit from those elevens. quite a bit of oak, grass and bayberry. michelle: deputies in putnam county say the mother of a four-year-old boy who shot her as they were riding in a pickup charge. they say 31-year-old jamie gilt put a loaded 45-caliber handgun underneath the front seat of her pickup and the weapon slid into the back seat where her son was riding. the boy had just recently and got out of his booster seat and picked up the gun. he fired to the front seat, gilt is still recovering from her injury, and could face up to 180 days in jail. the happiest place on earth will leave its lights on a bit later.
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will be open as latest 2:00 a.m.. admission is $149 per guest only on select dates in april and may. we have a list of the attractions that will be staying open late on the orlando my way app. we have got late breaking sports news this morning, ucf is pretty new basketball to -- coach. wesh 2' s pat clarke has the details. >> didn' t take long for ucf athletic director danny white to find his new basketball coach. numerous media reports that johnny dockins would replace him. dockins played guarded duke in the mid 80' s and was a longtime assistant under mike krzyweski later. he was the head coast at stanford. donnie jones was let go by the nights after another disappointing season. johnson been here for six years. if you' re going to spend millions of dollars on you if
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in yours, you can understand why nfl teams poke and prod and watch and test and analyze and scrutinized. that' s what the nfl combines all about. pretty much with each schools pro day is about. that day was in gainesville yesterday. welcoming scouts are each of the nfl teams for the end of facility. no nfl head coaches there as nfl meetings in boko continued. a great day for burnett hargraves. making noise with positional drills may have cemented a top 10 pick. running back kelvin taylor also getting high marks. the nfl draft coming up on april 28. three spring training games left in osceola county stadium for the astros before they move their camp to south florida. hosting the braves yesterday. houston' s carlos correa who
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last years al rookie of the year slammed a two run homer. the astros defeated the braves 8-7. they will play their final game in kissimmee on saturday night. that is a quick look at sports. michelle: the supreme court gets ready to hear another case dealing with the affordable care act. that story just ahead. we will try your how much someone pay for the beatles
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michelle: the battle over president obama' s affordable care act is headed back to the supreme court today. justices are expected to hear arguments in a case involving whether or not the healthcare law violates the religious freedom restoration act. forcing religious non-profits to act against their religious beliefs. catholic nuns with the little sisters of the poor say the contraceptive-coverage mandate violates their religious freedom rights. the death of conservative judge antonin scalia could mean a 4-4 split vote for the court. new on sunrise, prescription painkillers will soon carry the fda' s strongest warning label. regulators announced monday they' re adding boxed warnings about the serious risks of misuse. those include abuse, addition, overdose and even death. the warnings also state the truck should only be used when other medications and therapies do not work. a british collector is the new owner of a beatles record, known
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the 10-inch vinyl record sold for $110,000 at auction last night. it was the first disc released under the beatles name and includes the first song written by john lennon. the record spent decades hidden away in an attic.
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michelle: we are working on new stories for 5:00 hour. brett connolly joins us with a preview. brett: we continue to follow breaking news oversees out of belgium where authorities have identified three suspects involved in yesterday' s deadly bombings. we are telling you what we were learning about these men. a shooting outside of a motel in maitland. we are live at the scene with what police say the victim are saying about the suspect. following is spectacular
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will speak to the ucf professors who students help build one of the experiments onboard headed for the international space station. michelle: thank you, brett. it lets get over to ted noah who has a look at your traffic. what' s going on out on i-95? ted: i-95 southbound is closed near the pie need a causeway extension. we have a crew on the way there. if you travel on i-95 southbound and southern brevard, especially in the melbourne area you up to get off at state road 404. take that east until u.s. one southbound, take u.s. one southbound to eau gallie boulevard back to 95. 417 of the 408, a lane blocked with construction. amy:
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we made it into your treatment -- we made it into the low to mid 70' s. today we will get back to average. some of us believe in hit 80 degrees. look at our forecast highs for today matchup well where we are supposed to be. getting back on track for one day. tomorrow will be well above average. right now we are a little warmer this morning then yesterday. we don' t have any 30' s, we are 45 in ocala, 47 palm coast. 52 in sanford and 59 in melbourne. mainly clear skies so temperatures will likely drop a little bit here. notice our lows are back in line with those averages as well. ocala is a little cooler than normal. orlando, there you go just dropping 254. a couple degrees cooler than our average. big ridge of high pressure is still off to her east. wind is starting to shift around coming out of the southeast and that will bring in the warmer air, but also a little more moisture.
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lot of sunshine, we will end up with a couple of clouds building in later this afternoon. i temperatures today, look at the numbers. upper 70' s near 80. even a couple lower 80' s up to the south things to that southeast breeze. 80 in orlando in winter park. 80 into simeon saint cloud. mid 70' s to the north, upper 70' s to the south. water temperatures right now are in the upper 60' s and lower 70' s. that keeps the beach is a little bit cooler. there will be lots of sunshine at the coast. most of the clouds will be inland later this afternoon and that risk for rip current is at a moderate level. it has come up a little bit. our high tide happens late morning again through early afternoon. during the heat of the day is when those will be the strongest. the moisture builds enough that we may see a few showers. i don' t think they will be much tomorrow, but there will be a
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friday as we have this front that is going to make its approach, we will see scattered showers and storms. i don' t expect all they rain through central florida but with this front nearby and stalling out, meandering back and forth, we will see scattered showers and a few thunderstorms on and off through friday, saturday, easter sunday and even to early next week. once that front passes by early next week we will get a little bit of drier air. michelle: all new at 5:00, the results are in from those western primaries. what the delegate count doesn' t necessarily reflect some big wins. a cell phone thieves to bold move at a local target. how you pulled up a few tries. now we had allied to alex villareal. alex: a man is in the hospital after he was shot. coming up, what he told police about the shooter.
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you can always get your first alert weather with our first alert weather app. it is a free download in the apple app store and on google play. take it anywhere. you can download it for free. wesh 2 new sunrise starts right now. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: the information justin about the suspects in a brussels terror attack. brett: a shooting outside of a maitland hotel turns a quiet area into a crime scene. good morning, great to have you with us. i' m brett connolly. michelle: i' m michelle imperato. let' s get to ted noah with some breaking traffic news. ted: i-95 southbound in southern brevard county completely closed due to a crash. the crashes interstate road 404.
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from there, take that to u.s. one southbound and take -- that is your alternate. once you get to eau g allie boulevard, take that to i-95 southbound. good morning, amy. amy: we have sunrise happening today at 7:26. once that happens we will have mainly clear skies with lots of sunshine. if you clouds will building today. that is the one difference compared to yesterday and the day before. we will also be warmer. we are headed to the upper 70' s around 80 degrees. not all of us will hit 80 but there will be a couple spots that do hit 80 degrees. we are a little bit warmer than yesterday morning. 52 sanford, 54 in orlando. 59 degrees in melbourne. we have a couple clouds mainly offshore. our inland spots are clear.


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