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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 13, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. and breaking right now, tenrs held by iran released just moments ago, set free after being captured when their boats drifted into iranian waters. the new details just coming delivers his final state of the union. his eye on the race to replace him taking direct aim at donald trump. >> when politicians insult oesn't make us safer. >> as new numbers show the democratic race tighter than ever, bernie sanders now ahead in new hampshire and hillary clinton joins us live this morning. bitter cold blanketing the eastern half of the country this morning. blinding snow.
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a mile long and now a major ast. i got a feeling and will tonight be that good night. it's a record all eyes on the biggest prize ever as someone out there could soon become an instant billionaire. tonight's going to be a ht i got a feeling we do say good morning, america, on a busy wednesdayhave michael here and sam here and george is there in d.c. he was there last night for president obama's final state of the union. george. >> yeah, guy, what a night it was.dent with his final state of the union, his seventh but tweeted out right before he was just as hungry as when he started out. he didn't only echo his greatest but itching to get back on the campaign trail. >> you're be sitting down with hillary clinton joining you
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we've got our eye on thatowerball jackpot this morning. take a look at those lines. >> oh. >> what? >> yes, siree, people waiting for nators. >> they see themselves as potential billionaires. >> that's what they do. a live look at the machines down in florida that could brand-new billionaire. undercover, everything is very secretive except for the one t.j. still hasn't returned. >> let's use that one. >> if it could only be that want to begin breaking news, those ten american sailors have been released this morning after their two navy ships captured by iran.ting a shadow over last night's state of the union and abc's martha raddatz has the latest and joins us this morning. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning,ere were ten sailors, nine men and one woman. we can see pictures on iranian tv that the female sailor was
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now back in the hands of the u.s. navy leaving iran in the same boats in which they were seized.ed by iranian craft out to a u.s. cruiser and will go through a debriefing process. the two small navy boats had beenait to bahrain when they drifted into iranian waters. the iranians say the navigation equipment on one of the boats d in what they call an intrusion but everybody is safe this morning, robin. >> martha, when people went to bed last night that was not the ions were running high. but, yet as you said it was resolved ratherly quickly. >> reporter: it was resolved rather quickly. that nuclear deal is supposed to go in effect next billion' worth of sanctions lifted. so that may have had something to do with the timing. >> could have been. all right, martha, much and george is in washington, as well. george >> that's right. we'll get to president obama's
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pretty punchy and passionate defending his record,all but the president also showed a rare flash of regret and he was not shy about faking on the republicans hoping to replace him. abc's jon karl has coveredsidency from the start and joins us from the white house now. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. the president said one of the few regre overcome the bitter partisan divide in washington but his critics are just plain wrong, america under hisg. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling n his final state of the union address, president obama challenged critics who say america on his watch is in decline. >> the united states is the most powerful nation on earth, period. >> reporter: obama pitched future and a
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him taking a veiled swipe at republican candidates who have attacked his strategy for combating isis. >> and our more than tough talk. or calls to carpet bomb civilians. that may work as a tv sound-bite but muster on the world stage. >> reporter: even speaker paul ryan applauded this line aimed at donald trump. >> that's why we need to reject any s, any politics that targets people because of race or religion. >> reporter: the republicans in control of congress, obama skipped the usual laundry list of policye did give a boost to vice president biden's mission to cure cancer after he lost his son to the december last year. >> i'm putting joentrol. [ cheers and applause ] for the loved ones we've all lost, let's make america the country that cures cancer once what do you say, joe? let's make it happen.
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haley of south carolina, a daughter of and a conservative star responded to president obama on behalf of republicans. >> the president's record has often fallen far short of his soaring r: and she seemed to respond to the tone of some in her own party, as well. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. wet that temptation. >> reporter: the president this morning kicks off his post-state of the union tour. he's heading out to omahao a big speech he's going to be having a living room discussion with a family in a private home. george. >> okay, jon, thanks. let's talk abouta second. that's such a hard speech to give but she's generating vice presidential buzz with it. >> reporter: notoriously one of the deliver but she seems to have done very well and you can be sure that she will be on virtually anybody's short list >> state of south carolina so important, jon karl, thanks so much.
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>> later we'll talk with vice president joe biden about what about his role in the fight against cancer. there were lighter moments. >> yeah, there was a moment right before the president's speech where it was more red political speech but take a look at secretary of state john kerry as he arrives. >> secretary, who are youlaughter ] >> loved his reaction. >> his reaction said it all. i don't think he wasall. >> no, no, no, a lot were tweeting about what the first lady was wearing and sold out over. president obama clearly focused on his successor as the race for the democratic nomination tightens.l shows hillary clinton with her smallest lead yet on bernie sanders. abc's cecilia vega is still there on the trail in iowa and joins us this morning ing, cecilia.
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another poll showing what would have been unimaginable a couple of months ago, the once presumednt-runner hillary clinton now trailing here in iowa. this morning, it is all on the line for hillary clinton. >> we're getting i before the caucus that i kind of call the let's get real period. >> reporter: vermont senator bernie sanders with a stunning new lead in iowa, 49% to 44%. unpredictable. >> i don't pay they attention tor: but sanders is rush brushing off clinton's claim that he's been soft on gun control to abc's mary bruce. >> she wants to talk all the time about a vote i cast ago. that's fine. >> reporter: also fighting in iowa. >> if i run, let's assume it's hillary although she should be in prison in all ter: donald trump going after both opponents across the aisle. >> i dream running against bernie. i would love to run against a socialist.
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i don't know what he is communist. i think he's sort of tipped over the ledge. >> reporter: hoping to tip the scales herself, clinton now calling in ders wants to dismantle obamacare, dismantle the c.h.i.p. ter: chelsea clinton not mincing words, like mother like daughter? if that's the revolution he's talking about, i'm worried,>> reporter: clinton has been here trying to convince voters she is the electable candidate but that new poll also found that two-thirds of iowaieve bernie sanders has a good shot at winning the white house in november. >> just over two weeks until the vote. cecilia hillary clinton is here right now joining us live. secretary clinton, thanks for joining us. let me pick up where cecilia's piece left off, that attack on senator sanders' health aying he's going to dismantle obamacare.
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not true and going beyond it andghed in and said it's not an honest attack, not something they should have sent her out to do. >> well, first of all, you know, i adore my daughter and i know saying because if you look at senator sanders' proposals going back nine times in the congress, that's exactly what he's proposed.verything we currently know as health care, medicare, medicaid, the c.h.i.p. program, private insurance now the affordable care act and roll it together. health care to everyone. >> well, but let's get the specifics, george. that's why i'm saying, we are weigh now in the area where we have to go from to specifics. i have said what i will do to improve the affordable care act and i've laid out specifics about out of pocket cost andcosts. what senator sanders has said
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say it he wants a nationalngle payer system. tell the people how much it will cost them. every analysis shows it's going to cost middle class families and working families and also this historic achievement of president obama, we've been fighting to get some kind of a affordable care since harry truman. now he wants to startagain and i think those are legitimate questions. that's what people are asking me out in iowa and new hampshire and we deserve to give answers. >> senator sanders says you're starting to draw thesee you're getting nervous. >> you know what, i have a different rhythm about how a campaign goes and maybe it's based on my experience compared to his. the beginning of this campaign for months now where i've been laying out my policies where i've been meeting with people, listening to them about what they want the next president to do. in the sprint and it is time to draw contrasts so that, look, there's no comparison between what the se we have some of the very same
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republicans are peddling, but there are substantive disheses between us and i want people to know about that. know, this is all in the context of my deep respect for him and his many years of service, but we have differences on guns, on tax, on and i think people should have that information before they go to the caucasus or the primary. >> you've also been saying making issue of you're the candidate who can win in november. here's the ad you put in iowa last week. >> so ask yourself who is the who can top them? hillary clinton. tested and tough. to stop them, stand with her. >> i'm hillary clinton and i message. >> that implies you think bernie sanders cannot win a general election. is that what you believe? >> what that ad says is that i have the experience, the resilience to be able to take on the republicans. i think -- >> it also says you're the only one.
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best job of making sure we don'tump or a ted cruz become the next president -- >> why so many polls show better against donald trump than you. >> i don't pay tension attention to the polls. i know that's how folks keep up with it but my go up and down and i don't pay attention to them. i have a plan and implementing it in iowa and new hampshire andnd now it's two plus weeks until we know. >> your own campaign saying if you lose iowa it could change on. is that what you believe. >> you know, i want to win but i have a very long view about this. i've been organizing in the states that come after south in the states that come after that. i can't paint until june last time as we all remember -- i feel veryt have a democratic president to succeed president obama. that's what i'm going to be
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>> before we go you buy a >> i did. >> and if you win? >> well, i'll fund my campaign. >> senator clinton, thanks for joining us this morning. let's go back toght, george. amy is here with the morning's other top stories starting with the delicate rescue in california. yeah, it happened overnight in oakland. a plumber trapped 13nd in a trench since lunchtime yesterday. he's just been rescued working on a pipe when that trench collapsed burying him chest deep in to bring in a street cleaner to vacuum out that dirt. he was finally freed after 13 hours. no word yet on his condition. michigan'scalled up the national guard to hand out bottled water in flint as that city's water crisis worsens. the tap water has been tainted with lead since the city supplies to save money. well, the director of national intelligence is the latest government official to fall victim to a teenage hacker.
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the hacker known as cracka claims responsibility. los angeles. the rams have wonplay in l.a. next season. the chargers have the option of joining them. finally you know what, sometimes you just need a good bear hug to feel better, right?e. >> check this out. an alaskan kodiak named jimbo playing with a guy name jim who runs the orphan wildlife center. jim helped raise himhe was just a cub. jimbo is ten feet talls, weighs 1500 pounds and love back rubs. >> cuddly. >> jim's 't seem to mind >> that's his therapy bear. >> yes. >> squeeze that on theuck with that. >> yeah. >> good luck with that. also, am i the only one to bear hug? >> i don't think you worry outfit when you play with bears that are ten feet -- a lot people worrying about, tonight's the night.
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record powerball and become an inst but an instant billionaire. the jackpot, $1.5 billion and rising and that winner could become a celebrity whether they like it or not.ho you are. abc's t.j. holmes is here with that. good morning, to you, t.j. >> first of all, y'all calm down, right. look, being --ich and famous sounds great but when you're only famous when you got rich problems show up. that third cousin on youride you didn't know you had. everybody wants a piece. whoever wins the record powerball jackpot likely won't have a choice. take the fortune and beept the fame. >> if i win i'm not going to let anyone. >> in 38 of the 44 states where it's played the law mandates thery winners be made public. >> big smile. >> some states even require winners to participate in those
7:17 am
>> when you publicize theseames you're putting a target on their back. >> andrew has represented six lottery winners who lost it all within five years somethingave happened if they were allowed to remain unseen. >> one of my clients was a vers who won over $6 million, was relentlessly targeted by over 30 some financial advisers in the first month alone. >> reporter: but now at least ten states are anonymity and one lawmaker is pushing a bill that would give winners their privacy for a price, 25% of their winnings. >> introduce this people not have long lost relatives out of the woodwork. >> reporter: some would accept some fame including canadians di everyone has the fever. >> reporter: even the rich aren't passing up a chance to get richer. >> incredible. it's been like insane. i ever seen them buy. >> make it stop. we're 1.5 billion. we were talking about 1 billion.
7:18 am
go winner. >> oh, wow. >> you will be here to tell us if -- >> can you see the pain. >> thank you, t.j. keep hope alive as you said.wind. >> it's for real. the midwest, northeast and also the southeast. let's get to it this morning. good morning, everybody. let's walk the wall and inwant to clock it outside your door, burlington, 22 miles an hour. philly, wpvi, about 29he wind. you can bet that means those windchills are brutal. they are, cincinnati you feel like 1. nashville, 21. 1. that's the way it feels now let's give a little preview to a problem this weekend. we have a low driving up the coast and pull out the word bow ogenesis. does it deliver snow? is it just wind and rain?
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. morning. hi, i'm power of 5 meteorologist tera blake and tracking snow mainly in lake but soon to be more so in ashtabula. really watching some of that snowfall for o menner, 20 and 90 have been whiteout though, thankfully, the intensity has dialed back, which d be better.
7:20 am
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sincerely, elizabeth trackler robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling
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. good morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm jackie fernandez and terrencet side are a mess this morning. >> and the east side getting
7:27 am
and te, a blake is watching is watching the trouble spots. first, let's check in with somara theodore and storm tracker 5. >> and good morning, you all. this is a look at our 're tracking to downtown cleveland. the roads right now are along 90 and improving, especially in the troubled spots that we saw earlier here on the east have gotten better but still want to make syme. i am sure we're seeing slowdowns and that is a look at the update on u. 7:27, and i want to show you a radar with the worst of it this morning. chagrin harbor, ghby. these two areas, but chagrin harbor, we have seen a increase for you here and expect that to linger into the east. madison on the lake, you have . but, it's bushing -- pushing into ashtabula now. picking up the darker purples and indicating low visibility.
7:28 am
as far as snow goes, it's ugust a ashtabula and eastern cuyahoga and it's lighter there. the very cold temperatures everywherevalues, 5 below cleveland. 14 below in mansfield and it's a layer kind of morning under the very heavy jacket, coly out there this morning. get the cars heated up and allow for plenty of extra time. the east siders into the city. around the rmal expected delays as the commute goes on here. 77 northbound, 71 northbound with some pretty significant improving as we have been mentioning. ninety and 20 and that is on the roads east. we are starting to see major delays. this is a live look outside t harbor --
7:29 am
i'm a billionaire >> that song is playing over and over. welcome back to "gma." you're looking live, live at the powerball machines the winning numbers hopefully for tonight's big drawing. $1.5 billion on the line and we've got two of our "shark tank" experts joining uswhat to do if you win big. we'll tell you coming up. got to do that. >> just in case. >> i'll give you an idea. >> that drawing is at stern time, i believe. i believe that's what's going to happen in case you're interested. breaking news right now. those ten american sailors held by iran now
7:30 am
into iranian waters. this morning they're safely back in u.s. custody and mexico taking extreme measures to chapo from escaping again. guards are moving him from one cell to another at least eight since he was recaptured and keeping him under 24-hour ce. and george is in washington right now with the latest on what we saw last night with the president's last state of the union address. good to see you, ee you. the president's biggest audience of the year heading into the election year and made quite a case for replacing him even though he didn't say it directly with of course, we talked to hillary clinton about that, as well and about her campaign and i know you're going to be talking, robin, to vice president biden ahead about that big mission hesident biden, that moon shot to cure cancer once and for all. >> i'm telling you, george, he has heartfelt remarks for everyone who has, at it's like, what his family has gone through the last eight
7:31 am
italy. the american woman found dead in her apartment in florence. the initial autopsy suggesting she was strangled. abc's gio benitez is here with >> reporter: good morning. such a sad story. they do believe she was strangled but not with her attacker's bare hands. it now appears italian collected evidence that could lead them right to the killer. this morning, a murder history growing in one of italy's most famous cities. italian police say they are nowther the killer of 35-year-old american artist ashley olsen used a tv cable cord orlife. flowers were left outside her door before breaking down. not even he can enter the crime scene and now new former model's death. also reportedly left this club seen here on early
7:32 am
afternoon in her apartment. the apartment's owner telling media when olson's boyfriend saw his girlfriend's body he lost his mind. repeatedly crying out, my little one, my love. inside her studio apartment,ay there were no signs of a scuffle, nothing missing. police reportedly ruling out armed robbery but believe she must have opened the door for there were no signs of a forced entry into the apartment. olsen's friends are devastated and shaken. >> always keep her in theirrayers and never forgettable. she's unforgettable. >> whoever did this to her, i hope they get what's coming to reporter: for now written on the walls of her apartment building messages of love and remembrance. on her door a chilling . he will pay. and now we've learned the olson
7:33 am
same detective who initially ran the amanda knox and mere di kircher case, that one, of course, was heavily criticized. so many hoping this isn't a case of deja vu. thank >> you won't believe this. we all like to look our best in pictures. when it is a mug shot you probably shouldn't be too concerned with it. one fugitive, couldn't help himself and david wright has the story. >> reporter: attention, fugitive, if you're on the run, don't follow the example of 45-year-oldugh who wanted picture. >> awful picture. >> reporter: so much so he sent police a selfie tod called a popular radio station to discuss the whole thing. wrong, man. >> reporter: the hosts on limaio station 1 104.9 the eagle didn't miss a bit.
7:34 am
>> i'm on theorter: pressing pugh wanted on two arrest warrants to reveal his current location. >> i'm sitting actually i'm sitting in a bunker right next to chappo guzman. dig a tunnel and get to mcdonald's. >> reporter: he didn't reveal but played right into their hands. >> he's drawing more attention to himself which is it easier for us to locate him. >> reporter: sure enough, that new selfie was shared 4300 times on facebook, without that doubtful sheriff's deputies in escambia county florida, several states away would have caught pugh but they did. >> he made our jobs easier more pictures out there maybe at a better angle for people to make a tip. >> reporter: they added a new mug shot into the mix writing, howonald pugh. #thanksforthesteffel if i. david wright, abc news, new york. >> you cannot make this stuff up.
7:35 am
sense of pride. >> one question, which filter did he use? >> exactly. >> what app did he clean up those wrinkles ic. >> all right. guys. coming up we have a consumer alert about children's cough syrup. why some brands are being pulled from the shelves right f course, the big powerball drawing just hours away. we've got two "shark tank" experts with us live telling you what to do, what not to big. p proof of less joint pain.. that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain,oint damage and clear skin in many adults. doctors have been prescribing humira for 10 years. lower your
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i told you we'll play that over and over. back now with thatjackpot. $1.5 billion and growing. what should you do if you get your hands on that kind of mullah? joining us now "shark barbara corcoran and kevin o'leary. great to see you both. barbara, you, when you sold your company -- >> good morning.
7:40 am
you got a nice financial d your company. you can relate to what you have to do when that kind of money comes your way. what's your advice? >> well, when i sold my business for 66 million i my taxes so i knew what i had left over and took $44 million and i plunked it in my checking account. and most people might say,'leary because he's such a wise guy about everything would say that's a stupid move because the bank only guarantees $250,000 and if the bank went under i'd lose but citi bank wouldn't be going under. it gave me breathing space and time to assess what i wanted to do with the money and to to spend it and invest it wisely.atm machine and seeing $44 million on my receive as i left the bank was worth the two-year wait just to have the thrill of all that happening. so you got to wait and take a>> wait. >> and do something smart if you get lucky, that's one thing but to be smart is something else. >> okay, wait and take a breath. >> that's a nice receipt to see, as we.
7:41 am
and but do you have the same theory as barbara does on what to do with the money, how to invest? >> i never, i never agree with barbara and i won't agree no explain what the thinking should be. basically i learned -- >> he needs an i.q. transplant to agree. >> she told me years ago nevere principal, only the interest. let's do the math, assume it's 1.6 billion by tonight. to take all the money today you only get 800 million. after you pay your taxleft with about 400 million. if you're wise about this, you'll take it and put it into three or four large financial institutions because barbara is right you can't guaranteeey but you can diversify it. here's the kicker. if you invest in government bonds which are assumed risk-free and a few aaa creditsns, you'll make about 4% a month. that is $600,000 after tax a month for the rest of your life
7:42 am
the key is, do not spend the principal. don't let anybody tell you they need a check from you. just put it in the bank and don't spend anything till the first 600,000 comes in.d advice. >> that's good advice. good, sound advice. >> i'll listen if i win. >> i agree with that guy and i never do. >> i think this is something the guy i think in florida said, hey, if you gave me 25%, i'll keep you anonymous. would you ever do that? >> that's a very bad that. >> that guy is a cheapskate and ought to be in jail. i would get a face-lift. change my hair color and move a few blocks away and remain anonymous. give that guy all thatid you say, 25%? come on. guy in georgia should be examined. >> and you agree. the one time you really do agree, kevin, with the key so this thing is family members will come and ask for money. here's the answer to that one too. when a family member comes after 600,000 comes in you say to them, i am happy
7:43 am
it's not going to be a loan. it's a gift. but never ever ask me key because families will keep coming. give everybody a piece. you decide off the first month'sever again. that includes barbara. she wants me to invest in a restaurant. >> what i would do is put my accountant in the position of being a bad guy and saying no i repeatedly with every 10,000 blizzard problem that people came to me with that wanted me to cure, if it's okay with myt's okay with me. he became the bad guy. everybody still liked me but i at least kept the money in my pocket and gave it to who i so much. we appreciate it. tickets. >> everybody, coming up, the sir mix a lot. you know what what happens when
7:44 am
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back got mixed up with sir pix a lot. it was the rapper's old number.
7:48 am
kendis gibson has the en jonathan nichols a lawyer from seattle got a new cell phone number he was suddenly inundated with big offers. >> i used to get a lot of phone mails from luxury car dealers and they were always trying to sell me or have me test drive a like aor a lamborghini. >> reporter: then this. >> this used to be sir mix-a-lot's phone number. if you get somebodyhey are snoop dog grooming they really are. >> reporter: his new digits once belonged to sir mix-a-lot. the man behind "baby got those nasty thoughts >> reporter: overnight sir mix-a-lot talking about the cellular mix-up. >> he's probably getting insane tos and strange happy birthday songs and all kinds of stuff so if he's a lawyer, if he sieves through those calls he will find clients, trust me. jump on itp on it >> reporter: offering a
7:49 am
>> just to help him offload some of this pressure, he could always forward the ladies' know, and i'll take that off his hands. he won't have to deal with that and should alleviate 80% of the problem. >> reporter: as forsays he's happy to have the once famous number. >> i don't ever want to change this number. it's my quirky interesting fact for ice say actually i have sir mix-a-lot's old phone number and it's kind of like a mike drop moment. >> reporter: fora," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. baby got back >> something tells me you'll be seeing sir mix-a-lot here on this is a public plea, sir. >> get the booking department on the line right now. when we come back at the top of the hour, our re-bootop workouts of 2016 to get you in shape. did you see this upstairs? all the workouts.
7:50 am
>> all such good we'll get you set for 2016 too. come on back.
7:51 am
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"good morning america" is
7:55 am
. good morning to you. a ow to whiteout conditions. >> and the areas are over the snowbelt and they could see a foot of snow on the ground and nick has more things looking there? >> reporter: things are improving here in willoughby. we woke up with a significant amount of snowfall this morning. in fact, esso say the least. now, it looks like the snow has let up. some small flurries nditions have improved a quit. -- a bit. i want to show you what we ran into this morning. the roads were covered in white snow and city drivers working very hard to stay up with the conditions. to get the roads cleared so people would be okay when ir commutes and odot
7:56 am
drivers on the roads this morning in hoga counties. 14 specifically in lake and four more drivers from cuyahoga county helping them asare better this morning as it goes on and that is the situation from willoughby. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, nick. and we want to somara theodore and storm tracker 5 now. >> and we're going to go ahead and look at the see here that the majority of the snow is starting to lighten up a bit. still affecting areas like lake county along the periphery you do live in areas like ashtabula, you will probably see flurries right now and for now, we're pretty good. this is i'm in downtown cleveland. you're on the morning commute and made it in downtown for us. this is what it looks like. things congestion. that is a look at the storm tracker update. back to you, corrina.
7:57 am
now. northbound 77 all the way up to 490 ng major delays. 77, 71 and also 90 experiencing the delays as well. as we look at the reds on the screen. things improving east on we're still seeing some trouble spots, a 20- minute ride for you, rock side to downtown and this is a look
7:58 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. consumer alert right now. children's solve syrup being from the shelves of major drugstores after fears that children could accident accidentallyover dose. dr. besser is here with what parents need to know now i am khloe kardashian here live trip. emergency landing in las vegas overnight. now she's speaking out for the lamar odom left the hospital. talking life, love and her buzzy new project. this is my fight song kansas. vice president joe biden's new mission. >> i'm putting joe in charge of
7:59 am
let's make america the countrycer once and for all. what do you say, joe. >> we'll talk one-on-one with the vice president. the countdown is on to valentine's lions of people looking for love. new secrets right now from one of the most popular women online. how she can help you nail down a profile all ahead as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. >> do you feel the energy? >> yes. >> can you feel the spirit? yes, we are re-booting, ay the way you work out. >> uh-oh. >> our "gma" gym. >> hey. >> we have four different look. go, gio.
8:00 am
>> i know you do. cycling and a cardio caloriegot boxing. linsey. >> go, linsey. >> and you know who we got we got dj kissdy up keeping the workouts flowing. >> kiwi keep that installed.ach shore w, everybody. >> i watch you from the gym you hear. >> we just should broadcast from the gym. >> i think we are this kind of are. so, listen, a lot more ahead from the best workout if you're in a time crunch to the workout that hast models punching their way to the runway. you. something for everybody. hour. to amy with the morning ig story, iran has now released ten u.s. sailors held
8:01 am
one of the sailor's two boats drifted into iranian waters picked up and taken to an iranian military base where a tense night unfolded. this morning iranian officials say they accepted the sail lorz'nd escorted them to a u.s. navy cruiser. back here at home president obama underscored his top priority last night protecting the american people fromin his final state of the union address, the president urged congress to authorize the use of military force against isis. he also announced a major initiative to develop a cure for he tapped vice president joe biden to lead that effort. >> last year, vice president biden said that with a newot america can cure cancer and because he's gone to the mat for all of us on so many issues over the past 40 years i'm putting joe in charge of mission>> mr. obama vowed to make the united states the country that
8:02 am
vice president biden'seau died from brain cancer last summer and he will join us coming up at 8:30. hillary clinton has unveiled a new campaign ad highlighting her commitment tot obama in his fight against the gun lobby. it comes as a new poll shows hers in iowa and trailing in new hampshire, as well. clinton says she always expected a competitive race. near philadelphia a mess for the morning commute in temperatures. a large water main break coated everything in a sheet of ice. workers had to use a train to place pieces of concrete in the hole to cap all that water. ahoppers in this party city store in florida. the shelves collapsed creating a domino effect crushing seven aisles. that is a third of the ere injured and firefighters worried that customers were trapped so brought in a canine unit but thankfully everyone got out ly something that made us all smile here this morning.
8:03 am
celebrating the biggest life and belongs to his daughter leah just released from the hospital. devon tweeting leah is saying she really beat cancer. she powered through 18 months ago and love his tweet, 41 days of treatment, 40 days of antibody theory ery and one win. >> i still remember his speech at the espys talking about his daughter and how emotionalgo. now to an important warning for parents. two types of childrenary cough syrup are being recalled this morning. the recall involves severaler brand names sold at major retailers across the country. abc news chief health and medical editor dr. richard he reason for the recall. >> the problem is that the little measuring cups that come with those bottles of cough medicine may have incorrect markings on there and the companies concerned that parents use medication some could get an overdose. >> which ones?
8:04 am
one is a grape fenesin and the other is cherry guaifenesin and we have it on our website. most sold under>> how dangerous is this? >> if you've got these products you want to throw away those cups and you want to use a kitchen measuring spoon. not a regular measuring teaspoon and read the label. use. the good news these drugs in and of themselves aren't that so far no one has been hurt and the possibility of harm is the concern. >> you're a pediatrician. you love your patients and often said you don'tcough and cold medicine stuff. what do you do if you're a parent and your child is not feeling well with a cold. >> i probably see more for cough andelse. they want their children to feel better sooner. cough and cold medicines don't
8:05 am
for children under 4 and not under but there are things you can do. it's one way to fight off an infection. you don't want to eliminate. my favorite a cool mistl help east your throat and loosen up secretion, salt water nose drops will help deal with the congestion, for one nasal suctioning with one of those bulb syringes, don't try it for anyone over 1. the death. tylenol or motrin for fever and aches is very useful, lots of liquids then for children over two you can try twos of honey for that cough. >> honey? love that. thanks for making a house call. i know you'll be on twitter. find the names of theucts on our website on yahoo! now upstairs to michael? we're up here, robin's re-boot camp, everybody, is going down
8:06 am
here's a look at what'sup on the "gma morning menu." exclusive with khloe kardashian speaking out about lamar and her new show and expert's secrets to making your datingpicture perfect. plus our re-boot camp is in full swing. linsey is we'll show you a punch or two coming up live on "gma." robin's re-boot camp is in full swing.s morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin you enjoy like a
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i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that my dentist has told me way, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back,ne-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continueffee and to eat healthier, r and it was a real easy tswitch to make. making his way
8:11 am
we're still here with you. welcome back to "gma." khloe kardashian is here after, whoo, a rough overnight to make it to our studios but she did make it and she's with lara. >> khloe is here one of tv's biggest reality stars. joining us on interview opening up about love, life, brand-new projects, plural but you almost didn't get here. scare wray night. >> long day yesterday but it's all good. electrical something on the plane so took a cute little reroute to vegas. >> a cute little . i got here at 4:45 a.m. >> were you scared? >> no. not at all. >> your tweet made it sound like you were putting on a parachute. >> did i?tic. leave it to be to be dramatic. >> super calm. everybody was so chill on the plane. it was just chill.elcome to new york, my friend. >> thank you. it's pretty cool.
8:12 am
have sat down live and you were fully journey that you've been through with lamar. >> yeah. >> how is he? >> he is doing really well. he's finally out of the hospital.t. but you know, it's a long journey and it's something that he's working really hard on and he is -- it's an every day is we take every day as it comes. i've learned not to really look into the future too much. i try to live every day as it comes and i'm just 2016 is a good my talk show is coming out. we're leaving all the hospital stuff in 2015 and this year -- >> i was going to say -- >> good and positive. >> it it seemed like you put hold to make sure he would, number one, make it. >> yeah, i did, definitely. it was really scary. i know when we got to the hospital in vegas, you know, there's only a few
8:13 am
obviously he's here now and he's out of the hospital. that's a long stay. almost -- almost four months in the hospital but he'snd i mean it's a long journey. it will be a long journey but as long as he's willing to fight it and constantly better himself that's all i>> you recently said in an interview you said that you were soul mates but it's been very frustrating for you because you can't do the work for him. >> that we're soul mates but i'm not right now that's not even where my head is at. i'm more from like a friend i genuinely love him and i genuinely want him to be happy and healthy and all of that like i would any of my family members or loved ones so that's at a'm coming from. i think people -- they don't understand the severity ands into's not even a factor but knowing or thinking that lamar mate before any of this happened, yeah, but things
8:14 am
and that's okay. and it's all about his health and my happiness and hiss and right now those are two individual things. track? >> i hope so. i don't know. again, i cannot look into the future. planned for years and it never went the way i wanted so i'm doing one day at a time and i'm happy living that way one day at a time. >> you really were there for in the midst of that, so many positive things which i >> yep. >> a lot of positives happening fun show title. >> yes. >> called "cocktails with khloe" with a "k," of course, it's on t's on fyi wednesdays at 10:00, 9:00 central. i will be -- it's -- >> it's very you. and -- >> have a cocktail. let's like let our guards down.
8:15 am
structured of an ood here or there and a lot of games. i like to play games when i'm at my house but having drunken games if you will. that much moreo more interesting interviews. >> we'll just start blurting out answers which is more fun. >> it's a one-hour show. it's taped which i think i'm starting to think is a very goodally with drinking, you cannot -- you can have a live talk show but i don't think people would be so willing to come on. >> who should we expect? will we see lots of the >> we'll see the family members sprinkled throughout but a lot of -- i'm not allowed to disclose the guest list yet. >> look at you. >> look at me, i'm so sudden. a new side of me. >> all of a sudden i can't share something with you. >> when it's about me we know i share. when it's about other things i got to be definitely everyone will be sup fun. a lot of pop culture, people,
8:16 am
family. i think that's too much. >> that's another show. >> there's another show for that so i wanted to sprinkle them an we get updates. how is rob doing? >> he's doing good. >> he's on a journey to lose weight diagnosed with diabetes. >> type 2. >> i don't k >> but he had a health scare. >> he had a health scare but leaving that in 2015. he got out before the new year so i was like, okay, let's leave all that stuff then.nd out what the problem is. let's tackle it head-on and you got -- everything happens for a reason. so that health scare if that's going to make him like shake him up a little bit and let's health journey then great i'm right here for him and he's taking seriously. yeah, we're only like 13 days into the new year but that's good enough for me. >> and finally, how is thataby saint. kim's newest addition. >> i now, so, so cute. just a newborn.
8:17 am
i did say -- owed to show? >> like the only picture, two hands that's north and saint's hands and north is obsessed with him. so that's good. you never they're the only children at first and they get a new one you never know how they're going to act and north obsessed with him.ame is saint. she wants her name to be saint too. >> super cute. you have "kocktails with kh book because you have nothing else going on. "strong looks better naked." sam, i'm sure you would agree. we love having you. my love to the whole family. >> i love >> great to see you. i like the blond. >> thank you. >> i'm trying to be you. >> right now we're going to another blond. >> that's me. >> we all look alike. of us. switching gears we'll tell you it's time to mark your calendars. valentine's day is almost a month away.
8:18 am
up but now one of the most secrets. abc's kayna whitworth has more.nding out in the crowd of more than 40 million people in the u.s. who are currently dating online might seem impossible. the code. >> i was receiving 35 messages a day. >> reporter: deemed the most messaged person on ok cupid shees her woes and wins in "popular." >> i still don't get texts returned but i get a lot asking how do i get more >> reporter: she's revealing her tried and true formula for the most eye-catching pictures. tip one, use a selfie. thing when you're taking a selfie. the best angle is a little above your eyeline and make sure you're looking into the camera. >> tiphoto that can start a conversation.
8:19 am
wearing a hockey jersey but i write it in my interests so a lot of guys can relate to r: for tip three, her secret weapon, a dating app called the grade which she is a paid spokesperson for actually rates your photos. >> as you set a photo asin picture, it will gather actual data that shows you what the response rate is for that photo. >> reporter: but above all when it comes to love online this pro tu to yourself. >> you should just go in being you and just don't take it too seriously. >> reporter: for "goayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> there you have it. >> good advice, indeed. outside to that other blond, sam. >> oh, all right, amy. we'll takeybody. [ cheers and applause ] plus, times square. where is everybody from. >> england. >> louisiana. >> texas. >>oh, this is all rochester new york, right here. let's get some weather and move west and show you what's going on.
8:20 am
chilly at 37. advisory in southern california. so get ready for that. look where the rain goes. again today, this is like the in a row, seattle, you're in for more rain. you have another two days, maybe three at these storms are stacked up in the west so get where is it gorgeous? hello, texas. oklahoma, nebraska. i'm even happy with denver. see that 48. i'm taking you to 50 as . all right, let's go ahead and get a look at the radar. you can see still some lake aflake county to lake shore there as well as ashtabula county. as you move farther south, we're still under the lake affect sd parts of ashtabula for the rest of us an advisory. this is a look at the next few hours and what you can expect. the snow will start to calm down a bit it will pick back up overnight. chilly and peaking around 17
8:21 am
>> who are we going to go to >> all: lara. >> got it right, sammy. come on in. "pop news" time and i dare say this is likely happened to all of us. you feel that reach for your pocket and nothing. i'm talking about your cell phones. it's called the phantom vibration syndrome. sam -- >> i'm having one right now. a recent study of college students finds nine out of ten people are affected according to this study out of georgiastitute of technology. young people and -- >> science. >> i should change this to science news because every day between the pizzaw this, i really -- it's like science. anyway, doctor, young people particularly susceptibleentists who believe that we've become so alert in our need to stay in touch that we misinterpret even
8:22 am
incoming the story, put your phone down apparently, we're not as popular as we think we are. >> every time you hear a phone always reaches for it. >> even if it's not your ring. it's a ring you've never heard before. >> that could be mine. >> what is your ring? >> you don't want to want to know. >> sir mix-a-lot. >> i was just thinking that. >> you had to ask. >> also in "pop news" this morning, more science news. a dairy seeking volunteers, goat snugglers. >> oh. >> calling all goat snugglers. they have 90 -- we'vehand raised in the studio. we've got one goat snuggler. >> because they don't smell at all. >> they have 90 newborn goats expected to arrive in while their mom's milk is used to make cheese the babies will need to be cuddled and bottle fed. not a ba-ha-ha gig ifit.
8:23 am
>> that was really bad. >> that was the only baaad one. no prior goat experience is necessary, sam. i know you have a lot of it but -- >> how long do you have to cuddle with them. >> that is a good last time you did it -- >> ten minutes max puts them right to sleep. >> just ten minutes. >> what does sheep count? >> exactly.y much. >> very nice. >> contagious. it's contagious and finally in "pop news," question for you. have you ever seen a chubby>> no. >> we're about to? >> are you going to body shame armadillos? i want no part of this. >> i'm just saying. it's not l is her name and -- >> oh. >> life is no fairy tail for this thanks to a very robust holiday season hitting the bug buffet a
8:24 am
the uk. the park say it isn't all gretel's fault because of her slow metabolism she needs to work out and lose a full pound to stay healthy. that may not seem like a lot but that's er full body weight which leads me to a great tease for robin's boot camp. >> re-boot and we'll hear fromdent joe biden. you'll want to hear what he has to say. >> there was a reason for the
8:25 am
good morning to you. it's 8:27. >> and i'm terrence lee. snow, snow, the east point of our viewing area getting hit hard by lake affection storms. some spots can see over a foot of snow and that means rough patches ower of 5 meteorologist somara theodore has been out on the roads all morning long, but she's back here in the studio. how's it look somethit looking interesting out. there a lot better. we're starting to see improvements and it was bad this morning. let's go to the a live look outside of downtown cleveland. you can see the snow-capped buildings there. a veryat we thought earlier this
8:26 am
east cleveland, areas east of cleveland, rather and let's get to ere we go. the radar, so, some trouble spots under lake affect advisory along the lake shore in parts of ashtabula then you move farther south, lake affect snow warnings in burton, geauga, and other parts of ashtabula now and it's is starting to improve. we'll see things quiet down through the morning hours and then it will pick back up overnight. the temperatures today are going to -- the teens. very chilly and we're seeing windchills to below zero in a few neighbors. stay warm out there and the power expects the wintery weather to continue into tomorrow. friday, a break from the snow and instead, we'll get rain. that is a look at th corrina, how about the roads. as far as the greater cleveland are here, no weather- related issues on the roads, but mathe red.
8:27 am
i want to take you to one accident. es, i- 90 eastbound at warren road and affecting very far back and then we are seeing issues and delays, 90 and 20. e. the results of that accident.
8:28 am
welcome back to "good morning america." we're getting into shape all morning long here. >> or at else. we're not actually getting into shape. they are. >> just having a great time watching. rachel smith has something going is rachel? >> she's right there. >> oh, look at her. >> whoa. you can't mess with this. whoo! >> wow.or this commercial. >> then you get back on the couch. >> get back on the couch. we'll have a lot more from the "gma" gym in just a bit first
8:29 am
i'll be up with you in just a moment. now to vice president joe biden drafted by president obama to spearhead the effort to find a cure for this in last night's state of the union address. >> last year, vice president biden said that with a newrica can cure cancer. so tonight i'm announcing a new national effort to get it done and because he's gone to of us on so many issues over the past 40 years i'm putting joe in charge of mission control. [ cheers and applause ] for the loved ones we've, for the families that we can still save, let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. what do you say, us now from washington is vice president joe biden. always good to see you, mr. vice president and we heard what thet night. we know this is very personal
8:30 am
son, beau. what does this mean? exactly does it entail for you, sir? >> well, it's not sure exactly what it entails but a coupleer beau passed i said that wanted to be when i was deciding not to run for president i said had i run i would like to have been the leader of a major moon shote cancer because you know, robin, god love you, you look so good going through what you went through and thank god you've beaten it, you know that every single family has been affected by cancer. it's the largest killer in the world and we're so close, sose on finding cures and fundamental changes and making it a chronic disease in many cases and not a death is extremely complicated and everybody knows there are various forms of cancer and i know the president last night
8:31 am
the federal funding under the obama administration, cancer research funding increased only you going to get the republican congress to fund some of these things that you want to accomplish? >> the republicans have already reached out and this is a place where there's ground and we added another billion dollars to the pot. the nih this past budget, i generate a consensus here. you have 75% of the people who have cancer of some form and they never get to go togreat research hospitals. i look forward to talking to you about it. >> we will talk more about it. lastly, as you know, so many people have gone through what your family has gone thrate eight months. what has helped, sir, you and
8:32 am
>> well, my faith and mye that my son was ready to go. he said, i'm not afraid, dad. and there'se to just sit there and literally with his brother and i holding his hand, it, you know, he was a boy that -- he's a attorney general but he was a boy always worried about worrying about us and so we focussed on all the beau was rather than the loss. and you know how hard it is to get through the hole days but we're getting through it.y and i think of all the people that have gone through what i have with one-tenth and they're the people that i admire but i thank god i have a big and a close family and we together. >> well, thank you, sir, for you will be hearing from me. you will definitely be hearing
8:33 am
>> thank you for all your years of service. >> stay healthy. god love you, these 40 years this could be your greatest legacy, the moon shot. >> i hope so. i hope so. >> you take care. see you y much. a final check of the weather now with sam. >> wow, robin. it's hard to go from that to this but let's try. as i walk through the boxers here we're celebrating the ninth warm coats, warm hearts drive. go, linsey. so far we collected more than 126,000 coats with celebrities likeliars," elle king and bring lars and the drive ends next week so it's on you, folks. you got to help, go to burlington coat factory and donate yournd we'll give it away. lara, it's all happening in here. this is the soul cycle team. it's all being led here by gio. i want to hear you out of breath. >> these are called jumps. you know what i love about this.
8:34 am
cardio there's so much here and that's what does it. that's what makes you do it. >> you know what helps me, room and it's a gorgeous room. these people are beautiful. >> there's a rhythmman makes you want to do it. >> what else is going on? >> we've got a lot of. we have a lot of contributors. >> oh i'm thanks, sam. we're still talking lake affect snow for you for the most part. the biggest issues remain in lake and ashtabularin harbor as well as painsville and north perry. look at ashtabula, you're finding more, too. be careful out there. >> all right, i'm new here so weh gio and the soul cycle team. now what else is going on. >> it's happening all over here. the "gma" gym. check this out. it is on fire. come with me. spinnig to the beat the ultimate fitness tips for 2016.
8:35 am
>> i wish i could do this but i ot nothing but you do.
8:36 am
tt2w`t2n`qt" bt@q2;x tt2w`t2n`qt" "a@q"7< tt2w`t2n`qt" bm@q)
8:37 am
dj kiss is pumping us up. as we try out the top workouts of 2016 with some >> i'm good. >> oh, my gosh. what you really concentrate on is people who don't have a lot of time >> that's right. time is valuable. >> how do you maximize it. >> we put cardio and sculptinggether that tone the arms, legs, your core and boost your metabolic rate and work in cardio moves like sprints on the spot and jumping jacks to keep you burning workout and after the workout. >> how are you doing there, rob? >> robin, not doing so good. it's tough. >> get going. >> going up now.>> got to tell you -- >> obviously i'm out of breath.
8:38 am
the reason i like this, i term theosely. you travel a lot, opens up your hips and engages the core, stretches your shoulders. >> you have one >> the first one, grab your weights. here we go. >> everybody can do this with ort weights. robin, do it with us. >> slowly step back with your right leg, lower into a lunge then lift your knee up. >> yeah, robin. yeah, okay. >> like that. >> en5 you work your thighs and work your booty and then we add these arm and shoulders and got to leave. thank you. >> oh, julie, schad die this becoming popular with women? >> first off boxing is an incredible full body workout. it tones your body and builds
8:39 am
models love it. it's been around forever and the best kept secret. boxing is the new black. you'll feel power. >> is the new black. how are you doing? sgl >> come on. >> wax on, wax on. >> jab high, high matterat are you doing to me today? >> what is the one tip. >> keep your hands up. your core is engaged the whole time and using your . mind and body. >> do you want to try it? >> i got to keep moving. but thank you. shaun t. >> hey, hey, hey. >> we're sizing it up. love your new show "my diet is better than ow you're working out. >> we're doing sides and dancing to lose weight. it's the end of exercise. to exercise. we just dance to have fun. >> and at home a lot with your
8:40 am
home. >> you exercise at home and great ways to keep you take before and after pictures and set an alarm and pack your clothes the night before. >> i don't have any rhythm but that doesn't matter. >> you know what -- >> how are you doing, i'm working up a sweat. working on my dance moves. >> it doesn't matter if you don't have rhythm. >> you can just act like you're hair every day. >> or you can push it back. have fun. >> all right. i'm going it go over here. >> yeah, all right. karyn, this is huge. people are all over, celebrity, everyday people. everyone, what isbout soul cycle. >> it is a 45-minute full body cardio party on a bike. we incorporate choreography and tone the entire body. we ride to candlelight in the
8:41 am
judgment or t above and beyond it's just fun. i mean -- >> look at that. >> it's fun. >> you know what, robin, i'monscious with this group, they are coordinated. >> it's all about the community. >> it is about the community. >> have you done this before, gio? >> i did it once a few years talk about, karyn, 2016. >> yeah. >> you know, we want to re-boot people and set goals for themselves. that's what soul cycle is empowerment and staying positive. what is your suggestion for people so they stay on that fitness train? >> three simple things. motivates you, community, people that support you then we'll do accountable and just that you enjoy what youo like what you're doing. >> you got to love what you're doing. >> want to get on the bike and show them. >> i don't have my shoes on. >> okay. >> karyn, thank you. thank all the
8:42 am
dj kiss, all the experts. everyone, these great can do it. next on "gma," breakout's country star, kelsea ballerini perf love this. yeah.
8:43 am
we are here now with breakout country star kelsea ballerini. "rolling stone" is calling her nashville's it girl and she's radio disney's next big a moment she'll perform a song from our her new album. 2015 was a you. >> crazy. >> i have to read my card. you received a rising star award
8:44 am
you were nominated for a cmt music award and americannd then when you announced the cma nominations you got two yourself. what is next in 2016? >> i don't know. i just hope it matches h year was and, yeah, last time i was here actually was with steven tyler doing the cma nominations. so good to bes time. we mentioned you are radio disney's latest nbt. you heard your song on thehat like. >> we were listening to radio disney and jamming out to "let it go" an important song and, on after that and we freaked out. it was a good moment. >> i want to have a great moment. we all want to hear you sing. i love that you named your dog off this song, by the way. >> he's like my chuck charm. now. here is kelsea ballerini with
8:45 am
>> thank you. ody wants you that ain't no secret hey baby what's your status and tell me are you trynna keep it ack off 'cause i know what i want and while i got your attention did i mention you got a kiss on your lips that you're looking for somebody to take hey if you got a heart that ain't afraid of love ain't afraid to break hey if you've got a friday night
8:46 am
got nowhere to be hatever it is you've got to give hey i'm calling dibs on your lips time boy i'm calling dibs on your hand on your heart all mine make everybody jealous when i and get my lipstick on your right cheek 'cause boy i've got to mark it oooh k off yeah 'cause i know what i want and while i got you listening come on and show me what i'm if you got a kiss on your lips that you're looking for somebody to take hey if you've got a heart that 't afraid to break hey if you've got a friday night well i'm just saying i ain't got nowhere to be
8:47 am
yeah i'm calling dibs yeah if you've got a kiss on your lips that you're looking for somebody to take got a heart that ain't afraid to love ain't afraid to break hey if you've got a friday night free and a shotgun seat saying i ain't got nowhere to be so baby i'll take whatever it is you've got to give yeah your lips on your kiss on your time boy i'm calling dibs on your hand on your heart all mine y i'm calling dibs on your lips on your kiss on your time boy i'm calling dibs on your hand on your heart all mine yeah calling dibs on your lips
8:48 am
i'm just trynna make you mine dibs [ cheers and applause ]
8:49 am
get ready because whens over the disco with a knockout live performance we'll
8:50 am
>> friday don't miss it only on merica" presented by hilton. >> oh. "good morning america" is brought to you by pronamel protect your enamel against the effects of everyday acids. i see you dancing >> our thanks again to kelsek you for being here. oh. and all of our instructors and family. our morning. and you work out like this you don't have to worry about sir mix-a-lot and get a big butt. >> you don't get big back. >> work out all week with 365. free workouts on our site.
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i'm and i'm jackie fernandez. we're in the midst of the biggest snow event of the year so far. some areas in the east of cleveland could get >> and let's go to te, a blake. she's been keeping an eye on this system for you and the track. what is the latest? t looking at snowfall making its way to northeast ohio now. that was in the overnight hours. the sky has lightened for us and the snow has, er an advisory for us in lake and northern ashtabula that goes until 3:00 p.m., and a lake affect snow warning for both geauga sections of ashtabula, 6 to 10 in total, spot on as far as numbers we go. we will have a few measures of lake at about 6 to 8 inches. and much lighter but still ongoing near painesville and impacting driving on 20 and 90. your dicating heavy snow, which could contribute to travels, still
8:53 am
roadways and even scattered snowfall now in kuai hog a. but we'll see this snowfall -- we'll see this snowfall continue to drift to the north. the squalls will move to the north by early afternoon and 17, feeling more grees. corrina. and traffic conditions improving greatly. we were seeing so much red and even 15 minutes ago. now, 77 and 71. ninety looking a whole lot better. i want to zoom you d an accident just cleared. two lanes blocked i-90 eastbound at warren road. we were seeing backu and it was causing major issues. all of you east siders, take it easy this morning. lots of snow on the roadways affecting 90 and reatly improving as we have been talking about and this is a look at drive times. 17 minutes, 90 eastbound and crocker to the inner belt. this is a live look outside from ve minutes ago, this is backed up because of the
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