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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. the final showdown. the democrats face off for the irst votes are cast. >> i'm going to defend president obama. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders battling over health and guns. >> he voted against the brady bill five times. >> sanders fires back on her wall street ties.$600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> and the race for the republican nomination heating up, donald trump unleashes on ted cruz. >> he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him. >> the iowa ay. those americans held prisoner in iran for years on their way home this morning, es. president obama celebrating their release. what we are learning about their ordeal this morning as their
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crash landing.a rocket attempting to land on a ship at sea, tipping over after touching down and exploding. what led to this fiery end.and a big weekend of hail marys, costly fumbles and a coin flip controversy in the nfl. now the two biggest names in ff, tom brady versus peyton manning with a trip to the super bowl at stake. and good morning, america on this martin luther king day. let's take a look live at theashington, d.c. we honor that civil rights legend this morning. beautiful site. no rest from race for the white house heating up in a big way on two fronts over the holiday
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george sat down with donald trump andh they are coming off against ted cruz. >> he did not hold back and on the democratic side either last night.efore the votes in iowa two weeks from today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders mixing it up. we were there in charleston. hillarytional frontrunner but with sanders so strong in new hampshire and iowa she chose to attack. >> reporter: george, boy did she chose to attack and attack again but so did bernie sanders. any question about how close this race is as we head into iowa all you had to do was watch last night. >> senator sanders -- >> they were face went head to head. >> the comments that senator sanders has made that don't just affect me. i can take that. >> you have received over in speaking fees from
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>> overnight hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking their campaign trail war to the debate stage. clinton accusing sanders flip flopping on gun control. >> he voted to let guns go into national parks and voted against doing research to figure out how we can save lives. >> well, i think secretary clinton knows that what she says is very i have a deminus voting record from the nra. plan. >> that is nonsense. >> the vermont senator on the defensive. his universal healththat would raise taxes on the middle class unveiled two hours before the debate. >> i have say i'm not sure whether we're talking about the plan you just the plan you introduced nine times in the congress. >> the one thing they didn't
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hillary clinton was hoping to avoid, her, his behavior was deplorable. have i ever once said a word about that issue? no. secretary o'malley i'm going to debate them on those issues. [ applause ] >> yes, sanders says he didn't want to go there but he did go y clinton did talk about her husband. she was asked what kind of role bill clinton would play. she said we'll start as a and see where we go. george, the one name hillary didn't mention, donald trump nothey changed from the last debate. and the republicans going at it as well. >> absolutely. the attacks are escalating between trump and cruz. the billionaire with his hardestz as the race between them grows even tighter. abc's tom llamas is here with details on that.
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telling people cruz is a natural born canadian. cruz dismissing that as a side show and conservative. this morning there's no mistake how donald trump feels about the man hoping to beat him in ted cruz. nasty guy. >> trump telling george cruz is a hypocrite for railing aga even though he took loans from them to fund his campaign which the fec safes he failed to properly report. >> he wants to look like robin hood. he's the one from the banks but he's borrowing money and not disclosing it which is illegal. >> cruz sticking with his attack that trump values tweeting out a link from the 1999 trump interview. >> i'm very pro-choice and it may be a bit of a new york background different attitude in different
7:06 am
i was raised up grew up and work in new york city. >> a lot of conservatives think maybe he's going to switch again. >> it doesn't matter what they think. they understand me. they understand trade.r myself to be anything. >> overnight a super pack supporting ted cruz putting out a video again using trumps ownis time from a fundraiser where the billionaire showed supportis now in very, very popular and important figuring in all of our lives. >> and on top of those videos cruz is also actively trying to poach trump supporters. he told people at his town hall if they know someone voting for trump, simply ask them have you ever been burned by a politician. george, it's>> let's talk about it now with our political analyst matthew dowd. let's start with the trump/cruz
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down to the wire in iowa. trump re ing the attacks and cruz suggesting trump is a liberal. who is getting the better of this argument? >> george, it's gone from stand by me to gangs of new york inf three days. i think in the end no one benefits from this. but i think that donald trump comes out the winner, he starts ahead in everyexcept for iowa. the other person i think that might benefit from this is marco rubio. he's out of the battle and fire and he may be able to rise a little in the but right now i think the cruz/trump fight doesn't benefit either one. >> how about the democratic debate last think everybody did fine. i think hillary stood well in the course of this. i think what's going to change this race is iowa. we saw that in results in iowa, barack obama was behind hillary clinton and wins aye way
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counting on in the course of this. the debate was everybody did fine but iowa mattered. >> it does. two weeks from today. we move on to the story ofamericans freed. three of them on their way home reunited with family after harrowing last minute hitches and we'll talk to the brother of washington post report jason hief white house correspondent brings us the latest on how the deal went down. good morning. >> these americans have been held for years on what u.s. officials say weres charges of espionage and their freedom after 14 months of touch and go negotiations that went up until the last minute. this morning the americat so long as prisoners in iran. now freed and reunited with family at the u.s. military base getting much needed medical treatment before coming back home to america. their first stop out of iran was
7:09 am
greeted by the u.s. official who helped negotiate his release. after being detained fora half on charges of espionage. also amir hekmati held for more than four years at the. his sister and brother-in-law were all smiles on their way to meet him. and pastor saeed abedini imprisoned and for more than three and a half years. >> i said daddy is released from prisons you're going to see him soon. >> a obama celebrated the long overdue release. >> they never gave in and they never gave up. they can stand tall fresh air of freedom. >> in exchange the obama administration agreed to release seven who dropped arrest warrants on
7:10 am
$1.7 billion to settle a h the iranian government. >> not included in this prisoner swap was former fbi agent robertabacked back in 2007 but they say they don't know where he is. this deal comes down just as that landmark nuclear deal goes into effect dropp on iran freeing up tens of billions of dollars in iranian assets but the white house says this deal on the prisoners is unrelated that ge. >> thanks jon and we are joined ali. i know you have to jason. how is he doing? >> he's happy to be out and on his way home. he's fortunate to have the folks here at the hospital taking careand he wants to move along as soon as he can. he's respectful of the process they have and is just thankful for everything that everybody is doing for him.
7:11 am
i mean, he's mostly been neglected for a long time. i haven't seen him personally.en't come back and said there's anything serious right now. our main concern is to make sure he integrates back in and gets the rightent he needs. so that he can be successful and come back home soon. >> the negotiations over his release so t of ups and downs over the last 14 months and at the last minute it appearediran iranians were not going to let them leave. them? >> you know, it had been my mom said she wouldn't leave without him. the iranians had been per sis tents saying they weren't going to let him go but the u.s. government was adamant about know it just goes to show you these guys have been trying to control jason the last 18 months and wouldn't let him go.
7:12 am
>> i know there are a you would like to thank for helping with jason's release. >> there's so many folks out there. first and foremost is the post. jason's other been so supportive of him. and then like reporters without borders and the press club. there have been hundreds of that have put their support out for jason and he's actually really only starting to see that right now. he's been able to watch it on tv and seeing thehe really didn't know what was going on. i mean, 18 months with maybe the last 6 months being able to watch iranian state tv. he doesn't in the world. >> so hard to imagine and so many all over the world grateful for his release. what do you of the deal who say it sets a bad precedent for the united states? >> i'm happy to have my brother home. i haven't looked at the details of the deal. what i do know is both the
7:13 am
saying that the president should use everything in his disposal to bring the americans home. fortunately mr. ekmati and jason were all able to come home. thankfully the president, secretary kerry andd hard to bring them home. >> a day of great relief for all of us. congratulations to you and your brother. enjoy that you very much. >> a lot of happy moments for them ahead. >> great news they are okay. however, in a separate story the search for three american tors believed to have been kidnapped in iran. house to house searches as we speak. martha raddatz has the latest from morning. >> reporter: the three american citizens who were taken from an apartment building where their intercepter lived. the area is near the baghdadional airport where the
7:14 am
the state department this morning saying they are doing what they can to locate the forces fanning out across the city. the area where they were seized is controlled by shiatbut they are doing whatever >> thank you so much. now to dan harris for today's other top stories starting with some very, very sad news coming out of hawaii. we're going to start in ohio where police arrested a man near columbus. unclear what led up to the shooting but police say earlier the suspect told hisend he was looking to kill a cop and near salt lake city utah another police officer killed in the line of duty. douglas barney. an 18 shot after a car crash. we have some video of the latest attempt by spacex to launch a satellite into orbit. the launchut the
7:15 am
ship failed. flames. last month spacex landed a the ground but has been unable to land one on a ship overseas there are reports this morning that i've sis kidnapped 400 people in a city in eastern syria. a region rich in oil. fighters killed more than 130 other people in that area. dicy moments off new zealand when this boat erupted in flames.nd crew forced to jump overboard. they were rescued. we're happy to report an short time later. finally, it will be the broncos versus the prat yachts and theersus the cardinals next weekend. but our favorite moment came off the field. behold unbridaled shock and of this little girl. she was in the stands when running back jonathan stuart
7:16 am
i felt that joy last yearsse predicted the patriots would lose and i predicted they would win. >> i wore the patriot's tie the next did. >> you might get lucky again this year. >> you hold that for a year? >> yes. i hold grudges. >> drop the bags. >> inews new allegations rocking the world of professional tennis. some of the sports players accusations of fixing matches. david wright has the story. >> this morning as the australian open kicks off down under a bombshell tennis. a report on allegations of widespread match fixing implicating someers on the grand slam circuit. buzzfeed news and the bbc report on documents they say were leaked from a investigation commissioned by tennis.
7:17 am
and the integrity unit is not getting to grip with it. >> the reports point to gambling in russia and whistlesay sought to fix matches at grand slam events including wimbledon. serena williams and novak about the report just hours ago at the australian open. djokovic called it a crime against sport. admits people close to him were approached about giving him o throw a first round match in russia in 2007. he says he dropped out of the tournament instead and doesn't want to be linked to this kind of thing.he doesn't know anything about it, telling the assembled media, quote, when i'm playing, i play very hard and every player i play seems to among the players implicated in the reports, more than a dozen who ranked in the top 50 including eight players n the 2016
7:18 am
>> a group between six and ten players really who were the main focuse that we had dug up. >> officials with pro tennis assist they take this seriously and the sports tennis integrity unit always follows d morning america" david wright abc news new york. >> no names have been released just yet. >> you think it would be easier to fix matches in an individuale more control. this is really interesting. >> we'll be watching. let's go outside to rob. boy, cold and snow coming to times square and a lot on the >> george, it's 11 degrees right now. we have got a good crowd bundled up. going to be cold for the next couple days. look at the numbers out west.ught snow and slick conditions. bronx river parkway, pileup there. be careful. northeast g. windchills out with temperatures
7:19 am
chicago mean necessary 24. king jr. day holiday. we have some dangerous driving conditions here. all under a lake effect snow warning afternoon. the heaviest for us parked on top of willoughby hills. we have seen pretty much persistent snow bands over the
7:20 am
dangerous wind chills out there. bundle up. on "gma." sean penn speaks outs with with druglord el chapo revealing his biggest regret. >> and "gma" investigates. reaching for those gloves as the temperatures drop. but could on them? you will not believe what we found coming up on "good morning america."
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> we are just learning the name of the suspect.
7:26 am
he and a female reportedly in rted around midnight in danville as a statewide search for a missing danville officer and his stolen cruiser.pressure saying the hat was found with blood on it. his cruiser nowhere to be found. cottrell later found shot outside the le building. a messy commute. >> the bitter cold temperatures affecting just about everybody here. let's get a check of the and stormtracker 5. >> our location right outside of painesville traveling along 90 be westbound, look at white out conditions at this point. visibility down to the car in front of you. road conditions the not great at all. barely seeing any through trenches of snow. and this is in lake county where it's been getting hit the hardest this morning. we're expecting upwards of a foot of snow in some parts of the area as tomorrow.
7:27 am
seven-day forecast. temperatures today barely, barely breaking the sing be in the teens for the most part. very chilly. wind chills down to negative numbers below zero. that's it is a holiday, but for you eastsiders it is a rough commute. if you don't have to be out there, you definitely want to avoid the as well as 20. lots of slowdowns and significantly reduced visibilities. here is a look at drive times and a live look 90 at 271. really rough conditions out there. we will see you back here in 25
7:28 am
7:30. welcome back to "good morning america." you are looking live at the martin luther king jr. in washington, d.c. as the nation commemorates dr. king's birthday this morning and we are celebrating his legacy coming up. >> hope you're enjoying your day. bernie sanders back at it on the campaign trail after last night's face-off. their final debate before the iowa caucus. they're going head to head onth care guns and wall street. tom brady and the patriots will take on the broncos. the panthers are taking on the >> that is going to be a great game. both great games.
7:29 am
take a look at this 7-year-old, his mom says if you can believe it he was bullied for beingks fan living in south carolina. well the team may not have won this weekend but that little guy got a pretty amazing surprise. guess who is coming toe? jesse will have his story. >> he got the last laugh. an amazing story and the seattle seahawks came through for him, too. >> that is coming up. we begin withs setting the record straight about his secret interview with the druglord. his meeting led to the capture ofatt gutman has good morning. >> penn says he was stunned at el chapo and accuses the mexican government by setting him up byim essential and putting him right in the cross-hairs. this morning actor sean penn speaking out about meeting the
7:30 am
>> i was stunnedould risk our trip. i was stunned. >> insisting the 60 minute sunday night that his secret jungle meeting with el chapo facilitated by mexican soapera star kate dell ka steel. >> there was this myth about the visit we made. we have had met with him many weeks earlier in a place he was captured. >> but penn hints the mexican and u.s. governments may have used him as a u believe the mexican government released this because they wanted to see you blamed and put at risk? >> yes. >> and el chapo, the man blamed of deaths and supplying a quarter of the narcotics in the u.s. may be a scapegoat. >> do you think we demonizeo much?
7:31 am
human being is not in our best interest. >> he says he got el chapo byith whom he was smitten. it was only because of the mexican soap opera him. mangling his name in this testimonial for the two actors. [ speaking foreign language ] >> penn concedes there's a chance he's inapo's krass- cross-hairs. >> they have dealt with misinformation for a long time. there are irrational people and so i can't say for sure, you risk. >> he's full of regret he says but not because of the danger. but because the article failed to bring about a debate about the war on drugs. >>ed. let me be clear.
7:32 am
>> penn also veryrsially agreed to give the druglord control over the article which el chapo didn't use. he may have been too busy running from the mexican marines. >> he stirred up so much. >> very controversial. switching gears to a murder mystery in paradise. a top producer from our abc station in chicago found deadation in belize. this morning police hunting for her killer. linzie janis is here with the rning. >> police inby belize are searching for clues. they say finding her killer isr top priority. this morning friends and family searching for answers trying to understand why american journalist journalist anne sweeney was murdered on vacation. >> she felt safe there and we felt safe. >> the executive producer and 16
7:33 am
alone at this farm resort in belize. >> i spent a couple of days last year. very vivid outdoor person.ride. and that's what she came to do. >> practicing yoga by herself on thursday morningind while others went hoarse back riding. her purple yoga mat and belongings left did a quick search. >> her body found friday. strangled. >> there were bruises around her neck. and on either side was laceration. >> the same day investigators taking a fisherman into custody saying he was in the area at the time of her he hasn't been charged with any
7:34 am
person of interest in the phone is still missing and police trying to track it. friends and colleagues say she was a great person. >> very sad. thank you.moving to the backlash over lack of diversity in this year's oscar nominations. others talking about a possible boycott. >> days after husband will smith's best actor oscar snub for his role in "concussion."tt smith taking the academy awards head on for the lack of diversity in this year's nominees hinting at a possible boycott of the the oscars people of color are always welcomed to give out awards but rarely recognized for artistic should people of color refrain all together. the president has sought to making the academy more diverse. >> we are working inside theder to make sure we
7:35 am
the area of membership. >> but the lack of diversity in this year's poll reviving last oscars so white and serving as late night laughter. >> a recap of the best picturei will be playing all the parts. because every nominee this year is white. >> oscar's host chris rock promo with the caption the oscars, the white bet awards. while 2005 oscar nominee don cheatle find him parking cars on g level during the show and straight out of commton producer willlling the academy we have to do better period. rapper ice cube who the film is based on speaking out on wendy williams thursday. >> i'm not >> for "good morning america" reena ninan abc news, new york. >> wow.
7:36 am
up. >> a lot of people have a lot to say. >> coming up, it is coldbefore you reach for the gloves a warning about bacteria that could be on them. >> and steve harvey is speaking out after that miss universe ming face to face with both women for the first time. i accept i'm not 22. i accept i do a shorter set these days. p i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib,regular heartbeat, tnot caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't play
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ack now at 7:42 with "gma" investigate. with the temperatures plunging your gloves could be making you ecky worley has the details. >> reporter: they hold ill railings. open doors push strollers and sometimes they do that. so what germs are on our took to the snowy environments. >> can i swap your gloves. we are swapping gloves. >> to swap leather and nylon.
7:41 am
>> how often do you wash? >> never. i never think about it.ven swabbed some fellow abc news employees. >> i have a cold. kind of scared to see what will happen. >> you're holding your own gloves. >> i know. i can be se it. >> the results, 26 of the 27 samples we tested were positive for bacteria. while most are tested for staph or mrsa and one corona virus which is a cause of the common cold. >> that makes me want to wash those gloves. >> my gloves>> that's scary. >> i think i'm going to be more conscious about my gloves like where i put them. >> every time your glove comese taking away bacteria on that surface. >> here's the good news.
7:42 am
just hours or minutes in some cases. >> it's not going to be live on the glove very long because it has nothing to help it survive. >> experts say don't keep your up in your pockets. let them air-dry. wash them often and use a disinfectant wipe for certain fabricsays be conscious not to touch your face. >> ooh, i'm not doing that ever "good morning america" becky worley abc news, new york. >> have you ever done >> maybe once or twice. bull bullied for being a seahawk fan. his huge surprise coming up. >> and princess kate taking on a how she could be helping millions of parents and kids around the world. to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... you're right.
7:43 am
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back now with the best day of one young football fan's life bullied for beingawks fan.
7:47 am
would make any football fan jealous. abc has the reporter: the biggest dream coming true for the smallest fan. >> yeah, look who it is. >> 7-year-old ade lewis is a third generation seattle seahawks fanatic. a big problem. >> they were all saying the same thing like ooh, made me feel kind of sad. >> ade lives in panther territory, charleston, south carolina. so when he started wearing his new green and blue hat to schy, he got bullied by the other kids. >> on thursday i asked him, you know, how are you going to deal with all the boos today and i'm used to it now. >> his mom posting this pic on facebook last week. a smiling ade dawning his cap.
7:48 am
over 200,000 likes and counting. coachsea seahawk seahawks' gear and tickets to the game in charlotte and the team posting this pic on their facebook page with ade and his family at sunday's game ande got your back ade. >> good for ade. cheering for the team that you love regardless of where you adults. we have all been there before. you're cheering for the enemy. >> i would like to say i'm still scarred by my state. >> that's hard. >> how about the seattle seahawks, class act by them and pete carroll. and getting them four tickets. viewers? them. >> stand up for your beliefs. >> way to go, autiful. [ applause ] >> yeah! >> get them ade. >> we'll be back.
7:49 am
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okay, a spokes-metaphor. no, i'm...metaphor. yeah. ok. see how voya can help you get organized at welcome back to "gma." cold and snowy out east and wet out west. 25 foot sets it's rough out ber of storms coming in mostly for northern california and oregon with another three inches of rainfall.
7:53 am
tt2w`t3n`&d! bt`nc"$ tt tt2w`t3n`&d! bm`nx%l tt4w`t3n`&d!" dzlq da< tt4w`t3n`&d!" enlq 4e\
7:54 am
getting around is going to be messy for some of you. near the snowbelt. everybody here. let's get a check of the forecast. >> you know what? it is terrible out here. here's a look outside. we are in ions. you are down to visibility about the car in front of you and a few cars to the right or left of you. that's not the only thing out in lake county. i am just outside of willoughby. not many snowplow trucks out re moving in two lanes right now on 90 westbound. again, it's very, very treacherous out here.
7:55 am
homes today, i would me. let's get a look at the seven-day forecast if you are planning ahead. today one other thing we want mperatures. y'all, it is so cold out there. if you are not seeing the snow, you are probably feeling the freezing temps. it temperatures in the teens fou factor in the wind chill, we are looking at anywhere between 8 to 10 degrees below the freezing mark in terms of feels power 5 forecast. over to you, corinna. if you have to be out on the roads today, put those hazard lights on. it will make it a little easier for other cars rtunately, because of the holiday, et cetera keeping many people home today -- it's keeping many people home today. some delays on ly affecting the east side. significant delays. somara is out on 90. you heard her talking about poor visibility. that's affecting 90 and 20. drive times not too bad overall.
7:56 am
here is a live look outside a look from the odot at state route 91 and you see another perspective of the really awful conditions get updates all day on the news 5 news app. we will see you back here in 25
7:57 am
orning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and steve harvey is speaking out about the miss universe mistake that put his family's lives in the center of the firestorm. >> your kids and wife goes through this. death threats against your family. i can't let my kids go nowhere. >> he's sitting down with misshe runner-up. >> and mom on a mission. princess kate taking an unprecedented new role. helping parents and childrenglobe. what chef she's doing that could change millions of lives. >> make room for the young star
7:58 am
>> i first want to credit for voting for me. it must be a super hard. >> 9-year-old taking over the big screen and wayward stage >> julianne hough. as we say good morning america. "good morning america"
7:59 am
tock market is closed on this martin luther king day. overnight oil prices fell again and that is pushing the price of gas lower, although probably in most places not this s in a town in michigan got into a price war, lowering their prices to 78 cents and then down to 47 cents a gallon. the nationalw, is still about $1.89 this morning. a major publishing company has stopped sales of a new children's book after a backlash parents r critics say slavery is portrayed inaccurately by showing
8:00 am
smiling e company previously defended the book but acknowledged it does not meet its standards. the large house cats that's scaring people in he is, his name is spock. he's 27 pounds and four feet long. animal control has called by im in the window and think he's a bobcat. he may not be wild but he's definitely not easy. he refuses to be alone and he can open closed doors. he . >> as a man who arend several cats, i have no sympathy. very little. >> wow. >> i think it's a person named bob. >> i think they should look for a >> being smart. >> yes, he is.
8:01 am
>> let's go to jesse. >> coming up on the "gma" morning menu. steve harvey speaking out and coming face to face with both women for the first time. anding on a big role. how she could be changing millions of lives. plus ground-breaking new work on r understand it this morning. all that and we have got julianne hough here live coming up on "gma" right here in times square. [ cheers and applause ] what's
8:02 am
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8:06 am
welcome back to" steve harvey finally speaking out on camera for the first time about the miss universe mistake. and coming face to face with the winner and the womanntally crowned. abc's t.j. holmes has all the details. hey. >> look lara any man who hass you have to face the music, sit her down and say i'm sorry. steve is about to get that chance for the woman whose true and go away all within three minutes. they're about to sit down and talk it out. >> ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome the brand new universe from the philippines here! >> this morning steve harvey is breaking his silence. >> i felt horr so much i want to say. but i'm truly sorry.
8:07 am
i want you to know that. [ applause ] >> apologizing on camera for the first time for the gaspund the world at december's miss universe pageant. >> ms. universe is colombia! i have to apologize. [ cheers and applause ] >> the first colombia. [ cheers and applause ] >> miss universe 2015 is >> the talk show host faces the music head on in a two day special on the steve harvey it on myself to do what i thought was right for miss philippines. i would do it again to be honest with you.
8:08 am
it has taken on him personally. >> people don't understand the damage of social media. death threats against your family. i can't let my kids go t. >> and reveals the one person who saw him through sleepless nights after the pageant. >> my girl got it with me. my wife got it with me.e best. [ applause ] >> miss universe offers some relief after harvey's very public fall from grace. >> don't beat yourself up let's move forward and be happy. >> okay. cool. [ laughter ] >> it's not what you were waiting for. >> you're going to hearm miss colombia. there was backlash against her saying that was her proud moment and i'm forever the real miss universe. he said that miss colombia would not return his phone calls after the said she would like to share the crown. we had miss universe on. >> she didn't want to.
8:09 am
come up with something else. >> we also had a judge who said it was it was miss philippines. i'm sure steve would love to hear her safer y it's okay. >> we alln wanting to move on for a while. >> yeah. please. >> tomorrow powerball how about that george? >> powerball! >> it's sad to see it onlyere at $50 million. way. only $50 million. >> i'm in. i'll try it. >> you'll be back don't worry. we move on to a missionkate. she's shining her light on an issue affecting millions of people. we have the details from ter: kate is used to being in the news and being the story. well, not next month. the duchess of cambridge will be swapping her royalty duties for
8:10 am
focusing on a charity close to her heart and deals with children's mental health issues.s doting mom to the cutest members of the royal family has kept her busy this past year but now she will be adding guest editor to her resume.ington palace announcing she will join the huffington post u.k. where she will shine light on an issue near to her heart. mental health. >> no one would feel embarrassedg help for a child if they broke their arm. and we should be equally ready to support a child coping with emotional she has brought awareness appearing in several psa's over the years in a specific appeal for children struggling with mental health. sincerely believe that early action can prevent problems in childhood from turning into larger ones later in life.
8:11 am
commission contributions from a number of leading figures in the mental health sec tar torle and parents and teaches. >> it's going to be her providing other people to push their ideas and experiences of. >> the mom on a mission making mental health her number one priority since giving birth to princess >> she does love being home with them and it's important for her to be there for them when they're young. >> reporter: well, being a new i hear you kate. it is pretty difficult. but with prince george in nursery she has a bit more free time allowing her to take on profile roles like the editing job she'll be doing next month. >> and this morning of course we
8:12 am
special tribute from some very thoughtful grade school students. we have more on that.ey. >> good morning. what better way to celebrate martin luther king jr. than through the eyes of our children. the texas fourth and fifth graders whohe competition. when asked what the presidential campaign might look like what they came up with was >> i may not get there with you. but i want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the [ applause ] >> his words moving a nation. that promise land inspiring s. >> if dr. martin luther king jr. were to run for president today his speech. we are a nation of of opportunity.
8:13 am
challenge you to keep the dream alive and uplift one ade progress in this 21st century but we have not overcome. >> there is more that must be done. white and black lives must matter.ic lives must matter. native and asian lives must matter. all lives must matter! >> i am convinced that mener because they fear each other. they fear each other because they don't know each other. they don't know each other because they don't communicate and they don't communicatere separated. >> today's youth asking if king's message can build more bridges. dr. king were running for president how would he treat me and my family just because religious pleas aren't the same. differences. >> we should all come together. all races. all cultures. >> if there was one thing our
8:14 am
>> thank ou for helping me be able to understand the right and the wrong things to do in our nation and our society today. >> thank you for being a role model to me and all of theund the united states of america. >> thank you for everything. >> for making our world a better place. >> and oneuslim girls that we heard from, her speech was spoken in air bick saying you have to follow your dreams. the only way they will come true and that quote was her own, some kids were so profound and say they are inspired by dr. king, his dream certainly seems to live on with them. fire in their bell live and even the delivery was kind of like that rhythm that he had. it was amazing. >> you can tell the words are feel it. >> not only were they mimicking his speak pattern, you could see they understood exactly what
8:15 am
in.was fantastic. >> goose bumps just watching it. >> it was in houston and dallas. >> it should be everywhere. >> absolutely. >> thanks for bringing that. that was great. let'sob. >> george, it is cold out here. [ cheers and applause ] >> we got a good enthusiastic crowd for the seahawks. second half. >> glass is half full. well, the eagles, the birds haven't done well in the y ever got there. cleveland browns, well, let's get off that topic. the snow, couple inches yesterday and moreow falling in cleveland, east of cleveland and through erie, all the lakes in play has been a mild winter. possible south of buffalo and north of syracuse.
8:16 am
seeing a late week snow storm. snow and more snow. yes, that is your monday forecast on this mlk jr. day. we hope you roadways. treacherous road conditions. you are under the snow warning until tomorrow afternoon. we're talking possible for a foot or more of snow. very well. a wind chill advisory until noon. 13 below when you step outside 15 below mansfield. a possible warm-up this week next. folks from michigan and everyone giving a little love on martin luther king day. back inb, come on inside where it's warm. we're getting ready for some "pop news." first up guys, surprise, surprise, awakens" soaring into the record books at lightspeed again.
8:17 am
the $1 billion mark at the over the weekend. the fifth film to cross the international milestone after avatar titanic and "furious 7." are approaching $2 billion worldwide. >> whoa. >> that's george stephanopoulos money. >> yeah, it is. >> a lot of coin. >> nice.that makes us all feel great. >> no rebuttal out of george. nice. that's really great.s of coin out of george. up next, lots of stars on the red carpet for the 2016 critic's choice awards last night but it was who stole the show winning best actor for his acting in "room." take a look at hiss incredible. >> this is super cool.
8:18 am
this is the best day of my life.okay. i first want to say thank you to all the critics who voted for me. it must be a super hard vote because of all the other great actors in this [ applause ] and i know where to put this, right on the shelf right beside my millennium of course you're going to do that. where else would he put that? this little star on the rise not only melted everyone's heart with his speech on a box but he showed hollywood how it's done.ay thanked everybody from the actors to the producers cast crew and also his parents without even the hint of a t is how it is done. speak from the heart. >> a little pro. >> what a powerful performance. amazing. >> he's going to put it beside the millennium falcon and firstof catcher in the rye. >> he's a renaissance guy
8:19 am
>> not his last speech by the way. >> no. >> incredibly talented young actor. now, get ready toeally ridiculously good looking people. take a look at ben pi cruz. cruz stars alongside stiller and owen wilson in the anticipated zoolander 2. it's been a while. less than a month away from watching the actorstheir 2001 roles. will farrell making a comeback and kristen wiig will also join in the cast. who else out there might ben some cameos. justin bieber. lenny kravitz. they may appear. we have shall see. but hitting silver february 12th. >> no comment. >> you are excited about this. >> i am. i'm a huge, huge zoolander fan.
8:20 am
>> best halloween costume i ever had. >> we would love to see your picture around won't make fun of it. >> i'll get that to you at later. a little concern. >> nice. >> lara, a little ferrari? >>. >> no. >> kuhn what it is. >> can't believe you're not a fan. >> it was a long time ago. >> number two is coming out. >> i'm so there jesse. >> finally, adam driver hosts "snl" saturday night. looks like kyla ren got to see what life was like, take a have a found respect for what my employees do. >> can we rewire it please so i can have my had it yet. >> not as easy as i presume. >> what up, matt. >> hey, you took my wrench.
8:21 am
>> good makes 2 billion. somebody has to put that thing through. >> he's on fire. >> he's so nice, too. when he was on "gma" he was as nice as he is>> wasn't so nice as kyla ren. >> we'll be right back.
8:22 am
8:27. breaking, in ohio a police officer shot and killed in the line of duty thomas cottrell. and we are learning the name of the man suspected of killing him. hershall jones iii. this started before midnight the knox county sheriff's office telling us they got a call from an ex-girlfriend of jones saying he left with weapons and was looking to kill an officer. they tried unsuccessfully to make contact with officer he was later found shot dead outside the danville municipal building. his gun and police car missing. two hours later police spotted jones near a park and a woman also taken into custody but was later released. well, it is a cold one out there for you this morning.
8:23 am
everyone dealing with the bitter cold. >> oh, yeah, those wind chills no joke here. cold temps and snow making the morning drive ots. >> let's check in with tara. your current time 8:27. we expect the snow bands, these squalls to persist through the rrow. so if you are hoping to get a break to head outside, just plan on being indoors, fireplace on and relaxing rather nan on the roadways as we 8 inches at this point in the morning here in lake and geauga county. our heaviest snowfall at this river road is going to be real difficult for you here as we do have some heavy snowfall. you are hearing from jackie and terrence that temperatures are emely cold. you're right. 16 below. daytime high 16. we are seeing some slowdowns out there, but slip less volume on the roads because -- volume on the
8:24 am
eastsiders a rough ride on 90. major delays as well as 20. lots of snow our there. here's a quick look at drive live look at i-90 and 71.
8:25 am
morning america." can you believe it's been ten years since high school musical. my daughters still loves cast of the smash hit is reuniting right here on "good morning america." i don't know how to tell you kate but you got to go one of the stars zack every ron is in a movie with julianne hough and she is here this morning to tell us about her big role. >> she is here she's helping us collect coats for our coat drive. we want to head over to george. >> harper is going to be disappointed as well.hat reunion today.
8:26 am
it has touched so many of our lives and our abc news colleagues john donvan and caren have poured their experience into a new book, in a different key, the story of autism. we'll talk to them after this look from their stories.n and caren zucker were not stranger to autism. >> what do you call this a miracle? no. because this is autism where progress made in barely preacceptable the best. >> and hard work has to take the place of miracles. >> her son was diagnosed at age 2. and donovan's has autism. but for the correspondent he thought he had seen it all the autism was tough going.
8:27 am
up. >> breathe. >> but an episode like this is the raw truth of living with autism. >> they introduced us to kids withm learning to surf. a tale of love. >> do you like her. >> i love her. >> you love her? >> but there's a problem. >> but she don't love me back. >> and stories of how a sacrifice, hard work and love can pay off. >> 90% of the words he has we taught him. worth. every word is price less. >> great to have them here with us this morning. welcome back to "gma." we touched on your personaliece right there. but in so many ways the book is the story of a parents' crusade to get this condition paid >> absolutely. i mean, it's not just about autism. it's about parental love. what would any parent do for their
8:28 am
offfirst did this special back in 2001 and one out of every 500 kids diagnosed with autism and now 1 in every an epidemic? >> it's not clear that there is. the truth is we don't know because we're always comparing apples and orange. the definition has changedhere we come out on the science on this is that we don't know if there is an epidemic and don't know if there's not an epidemic but we also think it shouldn'te decide whether or not to respond to the needs of people in the autism community. shouldn't matter whether there's an epidemic or on the fact they need respect support and inclusive of them. >> you debunk a lot of the bad science. and there has been a lot. look back and hear about these refrigerator moms. the theory kids got autism because their moms were too lready the families are under such stress to take care
8:29 am
all their heart and soul and now being blamed for it.t crazy. i was talking to you before we came on. i think one of my most contentious interviews on "gma"w wakefield. the man who made this link between autism and vaccines and that caused so much -- so many >> it was a bad episode in the story of autism. in that it eroded trust and science and got people to stop vaccinating their kids withens s consequences. it was worth asking in the beginning but then it was answered and yet kept going. the only thing that we can say that it had in a positive way made people more aware of autism than ever before. but that's about it. >> your store y opens wan diagnosed with autism. he's still alive. >> and our friend. >> an extraordinary guy.
8:30 am
good aaving autism if your community embraces you. which is so much of what we're trying to say in the book. >> his community embraces him as an ime we went down to mississippi this town and started talking to people, they say we'll talk about donald but if you hurt this guy, we know where you t does that mean to have a community embraced? we think about it in kids but somebody that lived with it their whole does that mean? >> john and i tell this story about what happens on the bus. >> yeah. the little thing happened in an on a bus with autism. in new jersey. he starts making noises and rocking in his feet and behind him two guys start picking on him saying buddy, cut it out.oblem, man. >> then all of a sudden this passenger jumps up and says what's your problem? he has autism. why don't you back off!
8:31 am
there anymore is this guy and the bullies lose out. and that's what we are trying to do with the want people to walk away with. if we have people's backs who are different, my son's, anybody who is nge the world. i mean it sounds cliche but that's how i feel. >> but you show it in the book and your passion shines through. thanks for coming in. >> thanks. >> you can from the book and go on on yahoo. down to lara. >> to 13 hours, the new film about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate inspired by real life events. the real heros are speaking out. "nightline" anchor juju chang has their story. >> reporter: it has all the makings of a hollywood unsung heroism, bravery, honor. but 13 hours, untold version of
8:32 am
>> someone who lies to the families of those four victims in benghazi can never be president of the united states. >> she proved inzi hearing she could stand her ground. >> but director michael bay known for killer transformers and arm ged >> it's turned into a political hot potato. why did you want to pick that up? >> because there was a great human story underneath it. this was a heroic night. no one knew that. >> none of you have to go. but we are the only help they u knew that to get out we were going to have to depend on each other and simple. i mean, kill them before they kill you. >> mark geist known as john teigen worth three of six elite former commandos who volunteered to mount a rescue operation when terrorists attacked the diplomatic
8:33 am
>> a lot of people misunderstandhink they're out for money. >> we are going to give our life for others if you need us to do it. >> a lot of hillary clinton's enemies hold her you hold her accountable? >> no. i hold accountable who attacked ed by john, 13 hours is the account of the battle which killed four americans including christopher stevens. the cia calls the claims a distortion of events and important thing that i hope people are surprised by is how little if any politics are involved in the movie because we had the luxury of all the came after this night. so when these guys were trying to survive and trying to save people there were no hearings,
8:34 am
demanded role kri zinsky went from 26% body fat to just 5% months. >> do you see yourself as an action star now? >> i've always seen myself. no. i'm just kidding. getting in the shape and doing these things are definitelyg i ever thought i would be doing. >> for "good morning america" juju chang abc news, dallas. >> and 13 hours is in theaters nationwide right now.e'll get outside to rob. >> lara, it's koelgd out here. we got folks from lake charles. you're from ssissippi. mississippi. >> what town? >> decater is where i teach. >> and you're here to do what? >> my students are s at carnegie hall. >> how about that. look at the scarf. i played the piano on that scarf but that would be freeze down south include ing parts of alabama, close enough. and the panhandle of florida
8:35 am
freezing mark. it is cold today and ough my friends in minneapolis and chicago. little rock bouncing back in the lower 50s. rain out west will come to an end and some mount good you. 8:40 now. ongoing snow on the east side. you can see lake county really getting hit the hardest for us. some light snow, even moderate ound cuyahoga, ashtabula, too. roads are treacherous. stay off them if you can. >> i just wanted to say hello to my here for an audition. i just auditioned in front of some broadway agencies. >> hope you get the part. and hi, grandma.ere. this weather cast the brought to back inside. >> coming up right here, dancing us. looking beautiful. she'll give us the latest on her
8:36 am
x tt2w>rxlh @e!!*n t50 tt2w>rxlh @e4!j# "#d tt2w>rxlh @ex#*&`:%-0 t tt2w>rxlh @et#j)`::m0 tt2w>rxlh @ep#j*`:-v, tt2w>rxlh @ep#j,`:l,l tt2w>rxlh @el#*0`:^3( here we are with dancer singer actress, julianne hough. the cosmo cover girl andars" judge is at it again. now multitasking in a new role. i wrote that and i can't say it.
8:37 am
"dirty grandpa." here's a peek. >> i found the tie you're going to wear sunday to the rehearsal. do you like the coral color or the salmon? either one. >> what's wrong? >> coral or salmon? >> what one do you like? >> i like>> that's the one i do. >> okay. cool. >> you're talking about a tie? >> so horrible. yes. that was my fiance -- or i'm the to zack effron and i'm the uptight fiance. i was like this is not ant so you know. >> yeah. congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. >> that's fun. >> yeah. >> art imitating life. >> but not.
8:38 am
meredith in "dirty grandpa" because she's quite awful. >> in real life you're engaged >> yeah. >> how do you say his last name? how far along are you in the planning? have you chosen the tie it's salmon. honestly i'm the worst bride ever. i haven't done anything. >> you're busy. >> a little. the movie comes out and i'm on "grease live" right now. >> slow the role. let's talk about dirty grandpa. what a treat it must have been obert de niro. >> pretty amazing. >> who plays dirty grandpa. >> he's incredible. i had a bit of -- you nervous to meet him. he's robert de niro and i have to act cool and like i know what i'm talking about. i needed to go talk to him. i was going to say.
8:39 am
clemmentien and i'm like see you later. >> awesome.roke the ice there. before we go tell us about "grease live." i would imagine that will be one of the most filling experiences to be live on tv and what an epic show and you play the role of sandy. >> pretty incredible. when you do a project you can back on something and be like that was really special but it's not every day you start a project and in it and this isthings i've ever been a part of. grease in general has been such a stay until our culture and in our lives and stuff. i just feel really honored and it's so much fun. i think the people that will be watching they'll be singing and dancing along. yeah. it's amazing. >> how is your hand jive?great. we actually like kind of switched it up a bit. >> yeah.
8:40 am
like kind of a modern day version of it. but yeah. original you can do that one, too. >> all right. we can't wait to see that. that's on fox airing? >> january 31 sglst grandpa is in theaters are friday. >> there you go. >> and "dancing with the stars" one of the big judges and our big finale of the coming up live. we'll wrap that upcoming up on "good morning america."
8:41 am
>> we're back with the finale of our coat drive. ninth year we teamed up with oats for the drive. julianne hough is ready to donate. let's get it done. >> let's go. >> thank you. [ applause ]
8:42 am
and we're going to go tosmith in chicago. how's it going there? >> reporter: it is freezing. we're inside the flag ship store in downtown chicago whereoats were donated. let's take a look at some of the highlights from this season. >> we're going to put a couple >> hi, we're pretty little liars and happy to help. >> we have had some famous faces turn up the heat and make a difference by giving back. >> i did it oats. woo! >> dozens donated on social media. and a theme of kids helping kids showing us the cozyf what #giveacoat is all about. and the "gma" viewers sharing the warmth at your local s coats made their way across the country. >> finding some cool stuff. >> yeah.
8:43 am
this chilly season. in chicago where temperatures low as negative 4 they're in high demand. >> people that we have seen walking down the streets without socks and winter coats. >> dozens of faith in action, a nonprofit organization have been breathing the cold and holding monthly coat drives in chicago's at the baptist jackets. >> this november i would say probably a coupleuse we have eight stores that we're getting coats from. >> where there's julian and julius say paying it forward byear is what it's all about. >> sometimes we have stuff that other people don't have and this church really cares >> proving just one act of kindness can go a long way. >> all right. drive finale
8:44 am
hanging out with me are kids from the baptist church and faith in action and they'ree more coats. come out out here guys. a super cool bunch. are you ready to donate those all: yeah! >> three, two, one, go! >> oh yeah. that's some donating right here. also here with us thisis mrs. christine here from the church. we have got rich and jody from faith in action. your organizations are making a huge impact on your communities.y and truly what our coat drive is all about. burlington took note of your good deeds and they would like offa $500 gift card to use in the store so you guys can purchase more coats to distribute to your community. >> thank you. >> thank you.>> we just love the work you're doing and thank you for your
8:45 am
>> well a great morning here and a chilly>> thank you, rachel. we got a shot out for chicago. one, two, three. >> all: thank you guys! >> and now drum roll. we have the final tally for our warm hearts coat drive and here it is right now. i'm not going to do a steve harvey here. 140,661 years. more than 1.4 million coats were distributed through this drive. great to see that number and we'll get a few more. thanks to erticipated.
8:46 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by pfizer. >> how did you like being here with all the guys today? >> [ laughter ] >> i never want this to happen again. happy martin luther king jr. we celebrate. enjoy.
8:47 am
for some of you. we are talking near whiteout conditions through the snowbelt and the cold temperatures are is morning. let's get a check of the forecast with power 5 meteorologist tara blake. >> thanks so much. taking a look at how much and t's falling. six to eight inches around lake and geauga counties. an inch to two inches every three hours. the heaviest in place can see it here close to minard and moving towards chardon. that's an inch an hour. to the north though moving into abula, heavier darker purples 2 inches per every three hours. so still expecting to find possibly a foot or more of snow by the time we're all the cold is a part of this factor, too, along with the strong winds mounds now all over the roadways.
8:48 am
you have got 16 below elow in cleveland. 30 minutes of exposed skin can get frostbite. we shut off the snow machine towards wednesday and thursday. it is a messy monday morning commute, but or incidents in the greater cleveland area. 90 you will be impact bid this sibility and causing slick spots on the roads. that is the same story with 20. getting reports of a vehicle that has spun out. we have been getting these all ng. this one i-90 eastbound at 615. spin-out. a live look. jackie.
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