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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  February 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the miniseries thaw didn't know. >> reporter: elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> looks great. the casting incredible i think on this one. >> very go . we begin with breaking news. a deadly crash closing a portion of i-71 this morning. >> the drivers going the wrong way and hitting people head-on, killing two people. sarah phinney is live at the scene. what do we know so far? >> reporter: terrence, jackie, the coroner is on scene and removing the body sooner. the tow truck here, one lane of 71 south is open. we're near the west 1 50th street exit. i want to show you some footage from earlier today. cleveland firefighters on scene using the jaws of life on both of these vehicles. a stretcher nearby never used. instead, white sheets were placed over the cars. again, two people have died in this crash.
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car was going the wrong way on the interstate. one lane of traffic here on 71 south is open. the tow trucks are here. the coroner is here. an active scene and we'll keep you updated. live in cleveland, sarah phinney, newschannel five. >> thank you. and we want to go to corrina in the traffic center monitoring the roads that are near the crash. >> and i want to show you a live look off of the top here from where sarah was standing. this is 71 at west 140th street as sign from our odot cam. you can see the activity there. again, just one lane getting by and so, let's take you out to the maps here. who can pull them up. >> and this is a look at the situation right now. you can see that everything, for the most part s moving along just fine -- is moving along just fine, besides the accident affecting 71. to reiterate here, 71 southbound west 1 50th, the right tree lane is blocked after west 1 30th street.
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keep that in mind if you're heading in that direction. >> and let's get a check on the forecast. >> and let's do it. off to a frosty start this morning. current temperatures in cleveland, 26 degrees; 21 in medina. , 25, elyria and a very chilly start out there. when i went to my car, there was frost on the windchill. we got good news throughout the day and we should see temperatures fly toward the 50s. and dry conditions for now, northeast ohio. as i zoom out, you will see the bigger picture. we have a winter storm banking towards us and we're not going to see the snow and that rain will time out on us and the temperatures will warm throughout the morning. over to you, corrina. and breaking from the live desk, hillary clinton claiming victory against bernie sanders in the iowa caucuses. her campaign releasing the following statement: hillary clinton won the iowa caucuses.
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secretary clinton clear lewon the most national and state delegates. on the republican side, texas senator ted cruz coming up on top over donald trump, 27.7% to 3-point -- 27.3% and marco rubio not that far behind. >> and overnight, the former maryland governor martin o'malley ending his campaign for the democratic nomination. -- minutes later, mike huckaby officially suspending his campaign, too. we'll have more in-depth coverage of the iowa caucuses throughout the show. and on 5, burglars hitting night spots on the west side leaving behind lots of damage. surveillance video and photo shows several suspects broken into on detroit avenue the last week or so. the men took anything they could get their hands on. the councilman said because of this, the business district is on high alert. >> and it's individuals doing a smash-and-grab going in and
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opening anything they think might have some money and they're in and out and under 10 minutes. >> the following good leads right now. if you know anything about about the break-s in, they would love to hear from you. and he's stealing $1,500 worth of beer from an acworth restaurant. tim owens was featured on the tv show "bar rescue" last year. over the weekend, about 70 cases of beer were stolen from an outdoor cooler. akron police investigating this and so far, no arrests have been made. and now to the news alert for anyone using health span's urgent care clinic. there is a change underway you need to know about. as metro health begins to take over some of the facilities, it's closed the emergency department in cleveland heights. the hospital said that all other services are still in parma. the urgent care center will reopen on february fabth. and -- february 15th.
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wants an unpopular proposal and calling for the raise in the income tax. meg shaw is live with more on what this means for you. >> reporter: if voters pass the mayor's proposal, it would be the first tax hike here in the city in more than 25 years. this morning, a lot of people who would be paying the tax are asking where would that money go? the proposal would raise the income tax a half percent to 2.5. right now, the mayor said that they are conducting a studdie to see which areas of service should receive the extra money. the city is facing a $42 million budget deficit. the mayor said a half percent tax hike will save cuts to city services, avoid layoffs and continue the improvement happening here in downtown. 87% of income tax comes from those who live in the suburbs but work in downtown. and many tells they won't mind the half percent increase as
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>> and i feel like we need to come together to help the city flourish again and i have been hearing positive comment about how well the city is doing. >> reporter: it would cost about -- $50,000 a year and that is 250 bucks. we must -- taxpayers must approve of this proposal. it would be on the ballot in november or early next spring and it will be effective immediately if passed and lou at city hall, meg shaw, newschannel 5. and this is a prime season for tax scams and that could delay the tax returns. there is a new item in place to keep it from following bogus returns and the irs could process returns faster. all eyes are on punxatawney phil.
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annual weather prediction. if phil sees his shadow this morning, the u.s. is in store for six more weeks of winter. but his predictions are not always on the mark. since 1988, phil has been right 13 times and wrong 15 times. but, nevertheless, we are hoping he does not see his >> and yes. thank you for joining us on your tuesday morning. the time is 4:37. i'm jackie fernandez. >> and i'm terrence lee. coming up for you this morning, a bedbug health alert. what a new study revealed about the creepy crawlers. >> and could lebron be a coach? why fans are buzzing about a video he posted on social media. >> and we're going to get the latest on weather and traffic.
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. back. a power of 5 meteorologist somara theodore is heading to new philadelphia. i have an interesting forecast cold. the temperatures at 23 degrees and visibility not bad. calm winds for now and changing this evening. the wind is ramping up and increasing rain and we're going to hear rolls of thunder into new philadelphia. the highs, 53 degrees and jackie. and keep your brooms ahead. we just keep sweeping. >> sweeping and sweeping. and going up against the pacers in indiana last night, a place they struggled the last six years and this one came down to the wire. all five starters hit double figures. and shooting at 50% and getting
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and the cavs went on to win 111- 106 and that is it. strange. >> and this is a really good one and being up 11 1/2, and 30 points in the third quarter. and do up 5 late in the game and to may a -- make a run and that is a huge win for that. >> and lebron said he would not want to be a head coach for the cavs or any other team and even when he's done playing in the nba. what about being the head coach for his son's basketball team, the blue chips? lebron tweeted this video of his sons. brawney and bryce. you can see both of them wearing numbers, zero and 30 and they're really skilled, the little ones. incredible. we don't know if he wants to be coach. i bet he does. >> he's probably the head coach, if you will.
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4:41, coming up, some upgrades to airline travel. the new changes you can expect to see soon. >> and plus, there is one candidate with a strange name we haven't heard from in awhile. the story is behind these nuts
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. good morning to you. the republican voting results are in. donald trump lands in second place as texas senator ted cruz takes the top spot. cruz said iowans have support a message that the republican nominee and next president will not be chosen by the media or the, quote, washington establishment. donald trump said he was honored by his finish in second place and vowed to fight on. even though in 2013, he once tweeted that nobody remembers who came in second place.
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closely behind trump in third place. ohio governorcon kasich was in new hampshire and said of iowa hoping to draw up support ahead of next week's primary. campaign analysts didn't expect him to do well in iowa and without a strong performance in new hampshire, it might be hard for him to get the money to continue campaigning. the iowa caucuses are just the start of our complete democracy 2016 coverage. john cossic hits the road again -- john kosich heads to saturday to new hampshire for tuesday's primary. catch his live reports on and there is a good chance you could ask around and not find anyone really to explain what it means to caucus. there is a group of students becoming experts. you see three different schools. they're in iowa right now and not just to observe but to be a part of the caucus.
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candidates. >> and -- the campaign to work for and during the days, they're working for them. we have some trump students working here at the hotel and sanders and clinton. >> the cost of the trip for the students was over $100. thanks in part to a decision to turn the table on the politicians and he solicited donations in geauga can'ty to help reduce the cost. and there is -- county to help reduce the cost. and there is another name on the ballot we haven't heard from, a lesser-known dependent, his name, these nuts, yes, a 16- year-old boy from iowa who filed with the federal election commission under a fake name. he's obviously not only enough to run or vote for that matter, but, he said his lesson is still important. be informed and do not walk vote. >> and also, have a great name.
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morning, bedbugs are stuff of nightmares. the creepy crawlies. chemicals used to fight them are failing. a new study found that they're become increasingly resistent to insecticides. researchers suggest heat or steam might be used to combat bedbug infestations. and the world health organization declaring the zika virus an international emergency. the agency said it's an extraordinary event and estimates that there could be up to 4 million cases of the virus in the americas in the next year. the world health organization had an emergency meeting yesterday to assess the outbreak after noting a suspicious link between the arrival in brazil last year and a surge in babies born with abnormally small heads. and as we learn about the zika virus was not enough already, we're learning that el nino might allow it to spread further and faster. experts say el nino typically brings warmer and wetter weather to south america. now allowing the mosquitoes,
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they bite more off then and can transmit the virus earlier -- often and can transmit the virus earlier. and there is concern it will enable the mosquitoes to migrate farther to the north. corrina. breaking overnight, a massive snowstorm barreling across the plains. parts of eight states under blizzard or winter storm warnings. this is what it looks like in arizona and new mexico. parts of colorado could get up to 36 inches of snow and more than 500 flights cancelled to and from denver. the storm is expected to intensify as it reaches iowa, minnesota, wisconsin, and michigan. somara, are we going to dodge another bull wet this one? >> we're -- bullet with this one? >> we're literally dodging it. this is what you can expect. we're seeing a cold start to the car and it warms up. gusty winds this evening and later, we could see rain with thunder. the good news is a dry morning commute. no rain in sight, not worried about rain as we hit the roads this morning and that picture
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is what corrina was talking about. you're seeing the reds denoting the blizzard warning there pink and purple and seeing the blizzard watches and warnings and winter storm watches and warnings. this is the rain. south toward wichita there and that is what is heading toward us. as we go throughout the day, we'll continue to see the rain approach us. inning. i'm looking at 7 to 8:00 p.m. you can expect the rain to arrive. again, because temperatures are high, we're getting the influx of warm air from the south and that creates just enough instability where we can see some thunder rolling. the temperatures today reaching 52 degrees and here's a look at the power-of-5 seven-day forecast if you're planning ahead. we're going to see the temperatures bounce into the upper 50s by tomorrow morning and drop from there. winter returns for the end of the week and we should be mild this weekend, corrina. and we're seeing the fatal accident that we're talking about. 71 southbound at west 150th street and the three lanes are blocked after west 1 30th.
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if you want to avoid this getoff, take it south to 4ity westbound until you meet up with -- 4ity southbound until you meet up. and early yes, one other issue to talk about, we're getting reports of possibly two cars put on the track and set on fire. this is causing a road closure on broadway avenue at whitehead avenue. as for drive times, not bad right now. 14 minutes, 390 eastbound, crocker to the inner belt and this is the live look showing us the accident now, 71 at west 140th street. and let's go to consumer news. something will soon happen in the friendly skies that hasn't happened since 2003. american airlines will offer free snacks in coach class and more free movies. they were part of the recreation and its merger with u.s. airways. the move stays an average of $2 billion per year. united recently announced the free stacks on its flight in february and delta airlines, the other big legacy carrier
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during bankruptcy. >> yup, way to go and that is what you're supposed to do. and united trying to make things easier for you. reversing a four-year loan policy and allowing families with young kids to board early. the change will allow any family with kids under two to settle in before other passengers take their seats. the updated policies start on february 16th. right in time for valentine's day and this will make flying easier. families are boarding and they have more stuff. >> oh, yeah. the car seats and extra bags. >> uh. >> and this will be good for them. >> yeah. >> and the time on your tuesday morning, 4:51. and coming up next, hot off of the kitchen. a new mystery item on taco bell's menu. how you can try it before anyone else. >> plus, why one woman is now demanding a lifetime supply of kit kats from the company. as we head to break, a look at
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. good morning and welcome back. if you're waking up, you don't have to worry about the rain this morning n. current time, it's dry. no rain for now but that changes throughout the afternoon. and look at the temperatures. 25 degrees in chiefland and 21 in medina. and you're seeing frost on the windchill and that will change into the afternoon. again, with the rain and we'll see a warm-up taking it hour-by- hour. the temperatures are going to rise into the 40s and into the evening, as that system much -- system approaches from the west, the highs in the low 50s.
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50th street. three lanes blocked. to, void it, get off at west1 30th and take it southbound to 480 and westbound and you will meet up with 71 south. looking at the big picture here, issue and accident free. things are looking good. and traffic is moving freely without issues. the drive time is good as well, 11 minutes for you, 271 northbound and 1090, the average speeds moving along just fine and this is a live look outside and showing you a live look from the oo dot cam, 71 at west 140th and this is going to be affecting traffic for awhile, guys. and corrina, tripping today. talk about announcing it has something new up the sleeve. if you want to try it, you will have to trust them. >> the fast food chain unveiling the latest concoction during a commercial and if you're willing to chance it,
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the mystery item online at and pick it up saturday between 2-4:00 p.m. it's $2.99 and you can preorder five. >> huh. >> and if you have any guesses, tweet us. >> we know taco bell has a history of using all of the yummy dorito flavors and have done the chalupa. >> and -- . >> with spin on it. the inex can hot chocolate taco twitter. >> and hot on the web, a 20- year-old law student from london demanding kit kat give her a lifetime supply of the candy because she purchased a pack and none of the bars had wafers inside. >> and this is my kind of lady. she wrote to them and claiming to customers. she went on to say i would have
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she bought a bar of kit kats with no wafers inside and they're going to respond from this. >> and they're going to say how does that happen? >> i will be looking for kit kats looking for the pure bar, too, right? >> sure. and still ahead for you, more drama in lindhurst. packing a city council meeting. what the mayor is saying. >> and making its way into the
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. and we're staying on top of breaking news at 5. a head-on collision closing down several lanes of i-71 this morning. >> for one car dragging the wrong way down the highway killed several people.
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