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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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their home from the rnc, where you have to live to try to rake in the dough. >> first at five following a developing story. har rowing video shows a driver get on to a local interstate going the wrong direction and barely squeezing between two oncoming cars killing himself and another. tracy carloss has more from cleveland's first precinct. >> tracy you spoke to a friend of that second driver. what a heart breaking loss she is dealing with today. >> reporter: yeah, you know lee and frank, a very difficult day drivers. we talked to the best friend of the victim and as you might imagine she is broken hearted. o dot cameras captured the wrong-way driver on interstate 71 this morning. you can see that he barely misses one car. we are not showing the head-on collision captured on camera and this is the aftermath.
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>> her best friend la keisha brown was killed this morning. >> la keisha was funny and caring and had a big heart and she listened. >> reporter: the 33-year-old mother of one was a nurse's assistant at the a chris to craft nursing home. she was well loved and funny and giving. people that miss her. >> reporter: 22-year-old ken urbannic was traveling northbound in the southbound lanes when he crashed the chevy ca balt into his suburban. >> there is evidence of alcohol use. >> reporter: brown's family is struggling with a lot. >> my heart is broken. i think if i go to sleep and i wake up i will see her. >> reporter: now, police tell me that it can take several weeks if not months to get the
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live in cleveland, tracy carloss, newschannel 5. >> it was wonderful to win the caucus and to have that experience of all the hard work, the grassroots organizing pay off the way it did. >> it took until this afternoon for the final call but hillary clinton squeaked out a victory in iowa. >> even before it was official clinton said she was honored to have done so well after getting blown out by barack obama in 2008 and right now chris flanagan is at the live desk with the razor thin results. >> 49.8% victory for hillary clinton to 49.6 bernie sanders success. even though he didn't win the number game sanders considers himself a victor in iowa. the fact that the race was so tight when clinton was
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front-runner proves he can shake things up in the upcoming primaries. >> this campaign has a very forceful way starting way back and coming to a virtual tie and we will fight here in new hampshire and look forward to winning here. >> less than one percent went to martin o'maley that dropped out of the race following his poor showing in iowa. the republican race in iowa may have come as a surprise certainly to donald trump at least. hours after promising a victory. donald trump learned he came in second to texas senator ted cruz and above marco rubio. cruz 28% and donald trump at 24 and rubio with 23. the first place finish proving that cruz has a powerful grass roots movement and strong reports from evangelical. >> it is breath taking to see what happen when is so many americans stand up and decide that they are fed up with
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leader they can trust. >> and considered a contender, ben carson plays 4th in iowa and new hampshire where most of the candidates are hitting the ground getting ready for ground two of the primary season, voters in that state make their decision one week from today. frank. >> and new hampshire is where ohio governor john kaisch has been for weeks. he spent little time in iowa and pinning his hopes on new hampshire. he has been boasting he has the strongest ground game in new hampshire and the strategy may just pay off. recent polls showed that he is in second place there. we will know on the morning of the 10th whether we are story. and we are going to be whether you are saying oh, my goodness, this guy kaisch, we sorted counted him out but the campaigns are spending $4 million of negative ads, do you think they are worried, they
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the bottom? >> and kaisch conceded that most people in the country don't know his name and adding each primary state will narrow the field and as the group of candidates shrink his voice will stand out. do experts think kaisch's strag will -- strategy will pay off. we have more on that at 5:15. the ohio primary will be here before you know it. it is happening march 15th and if you want to take part, you have two weeks left to register. forms must be postmarked by february 16th and available at county board of elections and local libraries. you can check your status or update information online. by the way we have a link on our news net 5 app. the republican side of this primary process is building up to the party's convention right here in cleveland. some downtown apartment dwellers have the option to move out for the week in
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eric waller is live on east 4th street. some renters got letters about possibly subleasing their units. >> well, lee, here is a letter. some downtown rental companies started to send them out last week. some downtown apartment renters hoping for a big day. >> if you have a one bedroom apartment and paying one thousand dollars per month, we would expect two dollars rental for your week. >> you heard that. downtown alliance recommends apartment dwellers living near the q charge the equivalent of two months rent for july. he is partnering with three large leasing companies offering the option to thousands of downtown tenants. >> we'll arrange for a credit check for the subtenant coming in. we will arrange for cleaning of the apartment. we'll arrange for insurance for the apartment.
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in a one-stop way. >> and not just downtown dwellers. suburban homeowners want to cash in. >> i want to say it is about ten grand for the week if somebody did the week. >> $2000 a night gets you this four bedroom bungalow in brooklyn. this couple has it listed on air b and b. >> it sounds like a lot of money. >> it is. it was weird putting it on the cleveland. made me nervous but i also know that the hotels are doing the same thing. >> reporter: a realtor recommending hiking the rent that is closer to 150 a night. >> if it is may or early june, we don't have bookings, then we can gradually bring it down to see what the market can bare. >> and, of course, there is some people obviously skeptical and don't think that some of the rentals will get those high prices and obviously time will tell but they are not the only ones looking for payday. businesses and restaurants are hoping for a cash windfall and
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with dinner sales. we'll explain that part of the story coming up at six. live in cleveland. derrick waller, newschannel 5. let's check in with cheap meteorologist mark johnson. a lot of rodents checking for their patterns. >> i am showing shadows. six more weeks of winter but it is more like spring. we have a winter storm near chicago. the cold side is north and west of us and we are on the warm side. a nice southerly flow and that means rain showers and thunder. let's zoom in here. we have lightning bolts near xenia. that's a thunderbolt complex and don't be surprised if you hear that tonight. current temperatures upper 40s and lower 50s. we may drop another degree or two in the next hour or so but temperatures will go up as the
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so be prepared for rain going out and about. winds are going to gust above 25 miles per hour and a blustery overnight. rain showers arriving here. temperatures are still upper 40s to near 50s. going to be a warm day tomorrow for a few hours. i'll tell you all about that coming up. two ohio senators are hosting medical marijuana listening tours across the state. and their next stop is cincinnati on thursday. senators kenny uko and dave burke came to cleveland to talk about legalizing the drug for medicinal use. the meeting lasted more than six hours. and new developments out of washington d.c. president obama seeking more than one billion dollars to fight the heroin epidemic in this country. ohio of course we have been reporting for a year has been hit particularly hard. the 2017 budget calls for 1.1
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funding over two years for treatment for prescription use and heroin use. opiates and heroin are closely linked. centers for disease control tell us that. get this, there is enough to give every american adult a today senator rob portman called to the white house to support a bill he authored making sure that patients get the base evidence treatment. so the president's budget includes a big push to find a cure for cancer. we are talking about $755 million. that money will develop new treatment as well as help fund early detection and immuneno therapy. the results are in. >> but what does it mean going forward? >> next at five. we are breaking down why everyone was so laser focused on iowa and what john kaisch
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>> and some of the content the contenders have been focus down isis. >> a sign of the times. a class that is so popular that in ohio. >> at 5:35. road rage caught on camera. hear from the man behind this
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pointing a gun at him on the road. we continue the iowa caucus results at five. ted cruz topped donald trump and marco rubio finished 3rd and hillary clinton finished out bernie sanders in a close finish. what does that mean for the election in november? we have more information live from tom sutton. meggen, he named three winners. >> even though donald trump has been dominating the caucus votes that there is two viable alternatives and sanders appealed to young voters and working in his favor. the record turnout for republicans and near record high for democrats played a
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sutton says cruz victory due to the ground game and clinton's win means she must do well in the primaries that follow and this serves as a predictor for future primaries. >> for numbers it doesn't mean much and not something you can say is a trend but you can talk about as a predictor that may happen with states in similar demographics and you get into prediction from the southern states. in that sense the iowa caucus is important. and when it comes to ohio governor john kaisch sutton says he has done better than expected and has become a strong contender for the role of vice president. some republican presidential candidates have suggested carpet bombing isis would lead to the group's demise. john mcfarland, the top military commander fighting
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unacceptable and it is not just a matter of winning but how you win. >> in discriminate bombing where we don't care if we are killing innocent or combatants is inconsistent with our values. >> ted cruz is one advocate for the approach but general mcfar lapped did not mention any political candidates by name. >> take a look at this. that is jam packed. the tape station in china. thousands left stranded because of a snowstorm. the nasty weather during a busy time with a lot of people headed home from lunar new year celebrations. according to china's people's daily newspaper, as many as one hundred thousand people were stranded by that storm. well today a big day of course and i understand that you have the video. just in case anyone missed it. >> just in case you missed
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>> just in case you missed the rodent extraeer prognosticating your future. there is the marment. there he is. and he is saying why did you wake me up? believe it or not the skies were clear but they claim he did not see his shadow and that means spring around the corner. buckeye chuck and danita harris saw their shadows. >> and your dog. >> and my doggie, shay, saw his shadow, all he wanted was a treat. i sent him outside and he said let me in. here we go. clouds are moving in and thickening up. we are dry and we should be dry for the next couple of hours. rain showers moving in and most likely well after sunset and here is the first wave of rain approaching toledo and getting wetness and the lake erie islands, moving northeast and i think it is this stuff that
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showing lightning strikes. one near defiance and another near superior and there is some lightning there. yes. thunder is possible. as far as severe weather goes. we don't expect severe storms here but thunder weather and heavier rains tonight and some of them could pull down from the middle of the atmosphere. some strong winds. 30, 35. even 40 miles per hour. during the evening and overnight. currently 49, cleveland and akron, 48 canton and 51 in dover new philly. as i mentioned you will see the temperatures going up. i think by midnight, one a.m., we are going to see temperatures in the lower and middle 50s climbing up to near 60 degrees as we head towards tomorrow morning. this storm system yesterday, plugging away moving up towards st. louis now. look at that heavy snow with the winter storms and jason will talk about that coming up.
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current wind speeds, 21 miles per hour. well, this is five a.m. tomorrow. notice, there we go, we finally start to tame them down a little bit as we head to thursday. so we are looking at wind gusts between 30 and 40 miles per hour overnight and enough to rattle the shutters and maybe flicker the power off in a few spots. here is the hour by hour. this is 12:15. look at the temperatures, this is warm, this is spring like, but and that's a big but, by thursday morning, we are in the 30s. we are in the 30s. so a brief warmup tomorrow morning and a high near 60 and temperatures falling back and showers coming in two a.m. and we dry you out. mainly just after the morning commute. but also it takes a little while for the cooler air to come in. it will arrive, i would say by late afternoon. 49 tonight.
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tomorrow 60s with thunder and falling temperatures. quick look for canton, for the overnight, 48 rising temperatures after midnight, 61 tomorrow. noontime. winter storm. >> big time it affected the tail end of the iowa caucuses. warning. take a look out of the iowa. a slow go for earn. even in portions of arizona. we saw that video during the six to 12-inches and mark, add to that not only the snow falling but the winds blowing 30 and 40 miles per hour and that's why blizzard warnings. not so much the snow but visibility problems. a lot of road closures, big time interstate 70 was shut down in colorado and this also is out in nebraska there, too. lowering visibility. 6 to 12-inches for the most part and the good news those blizzard warnings should expire by tomorrow. take a look.
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we have that? there we go. thank you very much. iowa mostly drying out and look at the strong storms through chicago and they could head our way. we could dodge the severe weather to the south and notice here all of those little icons indicate heavy snow reports over the last 12 hours could indicate snow fall rates, one, two, three inches per hour over several hours. easily up to a foot of snow between minneapolis and madison, wisconsin. big time winter storm. once again the one on the east coast and this one we are on the warm side of it. right now we have not gotten that panhandle hook to affect us. i think you agree it is a matter of time. >> i think we may get one or two good storms february into march. >> fingers are crossed for the snow lovers and let's go back to frank. >> all new at five, mark. school proposal that has
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here is the question. would you want your middle school student given condoms in class in. >> a news channel 5 investigation about what it take to get a handicapped
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in cleveland. millions of women in the u.s. are exposing babies to a dangerous risk because they don't don't know they are expecting. three million women drink and don't know they are pregnant. it can cause fetal alcohol disorder. it can can extreme depending on how much alcohol the mother consumed. condoms could be available to middle school students in california. >> the san francisco school district is considering that proposal.
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worked at the high school level for the past 25 years. but some parents, you can imagine how they feel. >> we believe that with the education it actually lessens the amount of sexual activity, lessens the amount of sexually transmitted incomes as well as pregnancies. >> it is not their job. >> it is the parents that should be on top of this. >> the san francisco school district says a survey says that five percent of middle school students say they have had sex. a pizza shop employee robbed and shot. it sounds like a case under investigation. but this, this is a new attack. we are live with how this employee was able to save himself next. well a new proposal to create a record of every woman that has an abortion.
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the breaking news leader in the sky over a scene in cleveland. we have confirmed that a person was shot in cleveland. our homa bash is moments from the scene. we will bring you new information as soon as she learns anything. and here are other top stories for the day. hillary clinton was officially declared the democratic winner of the iowa caucus narrowly edging out bernie sanders. republican winner ted cruz used the backing of evangelicals and donald trump came in second. john kaisch continues his focus on new hampshire. his presidential campaign barely registered in iowa last night but he says more americans will learn his name
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as the road to the white house builds to his pit stop in rnc, there is people getting a chance to make extra cash. apartment dwellers to sublease to convention goers. >> i will sublease the weather office for $2500 a night. you can sleep underneath the weather computers, the doppler radar. there's enough room. with do you think? i will split it with you. nice and warm. 49 degrees. this is february 2nd. remember that. 49 cleveland, 48 canton and 58 coshocton. we are dry on the power of five over cleveland and akron but we are watching a pretty strong storm system moving to our north and west. bring it on up. there it is.
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this thing. what we expect tonight, showers, some embedded thunderstorms arriving after 7 or 8:00. yes, thunder and gusty winds. we are talking winds gusting maybe 30 to 40 miles per hour. so your evening be prepared for wetness coming in. 10:00. notice temperatures go up. we will be in the mid-50s by sunrise and a lot of wind and lots of rain as well. i'll tell you when the cool down will arrive coming up. developing in akron. police are looking for suspects after a man is trying to make a living shot on the job. a papa john's driver was robbed and shot in the back shortly after making a delivery. and bob jones, you are live at police headquarters in akron. it was the victim who called 911. >> only tonight he is identified 59-year-old mark murray and he is lucky that he is still alive.
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after 10:00 last night. what is your emergency? (inaudible). >> what is going? >> i have been shot. >> mark murray kept himself composed after someone shot him several times on crane walk. outside the park lane apartments on akron's south side. >> as calm as he was i give him credit after being shot being in a traumatic experience. i give him credit. >> police don't know if murray that works for this papa john's on east market street was set up. moments after he delivered the pizza, a man wearing a black hoodie stole money from the 59- year-old driver and opened fire. >> did you see a car? >> no, he was on foot. he ran past the apartments. >> the captain says there is no suspects but called the gunman subhuman for targeting a man trying to make money making
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>> he probably makes minimum wage, to pick on somebody like this. this person is a horrible person, number one. >> at papa john's workers are shaken up. police are analyzing shell casings and hoping to find video evidence. >> whether that they're is video they are doing a determine if anyone saw anything. and tonight police say that mark murray is listed in serious condition in the icu at soma akron city hospital but he is expected to survive. live in akron, bob jones, newschannel 5. the shooting that have pizza delivery driver comes two months after another pizza store employee was killed in akron. zack hussein was shot by an armed robber after giving up the money while working at his family's pizza shop. police have surveillance video but the case is unsolved. there is a reward for information leadto arrest.
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are signing up for classes on how to stay safe in an active shooter situation. in here in ohio no exception. this is video of active shooter training posted by ohio state last fall. it is a new trend that has been building a popularity since the 1999 columbine shooting shook america to its core. a recent class in west terville north of columbus filled up so fast that a second course was added this month. the west terville police says that people understand the threats are real. the class teaches strategies for reacting to a gunman including how to decide whether to run or how to barricade yourself in a room. ohio lawmakers are debating whether to keep records of women that have had abortions. house bill 417 was proposed after attorney general mike dee wine accused planned parenthood clinics of inhumanely disposing of fetal tissues.
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not collected by the state. democrats are concerned it would violate women's privacy. >> a complaint about the amhurst building and parking garage has been dismissed. limitations. the county has wanted to collect money to purchase the building. there was an f.b.i. probe on commissioner jimmy damora. a robber stops for a snack. what he filled up that left his passed out. a mission we have never seen before. what the eagles are being trained to do that may have some people shaking in their
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>> first, your winning lottery
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in my world of weather. signs of spring. could the ground hog be right. punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow. 50 degrees in lorraine. very little ice cover on lake erie. look at this. did chewy the wonder dog see his shadow? he did. so chewy think that quinnter has six more weeks. tulips in february popping up. lorie borer and ellie wilson. the flocks are coming back in, over one hundred cow birds in lewisville and you have to love this one. janet in aurora. her flock of blue birds returned. on the birdhouse.
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and more winter to come next. new developments in the sexual assault accusations against bill cosby. cosby's attorneys hope the d. a. can help their case. >> bill cosby without answering questions is hoping to walk out of court free of sexual assault charges.
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explaining he did not believe there was a strong criminal case against the comedian in 2004 citing red flags including the fact that accuser first contacted lawyers and then waited a year after the alleged assault to go to police. so castter confirms a deal was made. an oral agreement that says cosby would not be charged if he testified in a civil suit. but the d. a. says because it was not in writing and approved by a judge, that agreement is not binding. lawyer gloria in court in california for another case calls the defense's argument nonsense. >> i find it ironic that mr. cosby is -- would seek to exclude evidence that he in fact gave quaaludes to women when that was his testimony. does he want to exclude the truth?
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before the statute of limitations was set to expire. the comedian was charged with drugging and sexual assaulting former temple university employee andrea constant at his home saying that it stems from cosby's deposition. he admitted he had a number of affairs and got quaaludes to give to women he wanted sex and gave constant pills at his home. >> of the dozens of women accusing cosby of sexual assault this is the criminal case filed against him and cosby has denied all the allegations. elizabeth hurr north town, pennsylvania. >> i didn't do nothing. can you imagine staring down the barrel of that gun? a confrontation caught on camera in nevada.
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flipped him off. he approached to talk and that's when the driver of the truck pulled a gun. in the moment, the biker did encounter was. >> i didn't realize that the guy had his finger on the trigger until i reviewed the video and my heart was racing. you know. i was like my stomach turned and i was feeling sick. >> i bet he did. the biker tried to reason with the people in the truck. said he wasn't doing anything wrong and the truck driver says that the video does not show everything. >> you need to let it go. >> just keep going and let it go. >> a burglary suspect made it easy for police to arrest him. >> he left a trail leading to him.
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company in pittsburgh over the weekend. employees held a pizza party and the employee fell the leftovers and treated himself and went for a nap. >> he came in and dumped a bunch of stuff out and took pizza out and there is pizza leading to the back room and went to sleep. >> the suspect identified as player corey mcginniss is charged with burglary. all right. let's talk about this. a low tech solution for a high tech problem. that's what dutch police are saying about using eagles to destroy drones. officers and in the netherlands are testing out birds that target the unmanned devices that some consider a nuisance. the bald eagles have been trained to swoop in and dispose of any unwanted drones. propellers. >> i was wondering how they don't get hurt. >> it looks like he is about to
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>> wow. that's pretty awesome. interesting. >> see, a new weapon. now, let's talk about some severe weather. a big winter storm and how it will impact you and i and you and i and you and i. >> hopefully mostly me. let's go to the high sky cam and looking live at downtown akron and it is dry, quiet, weather for the most part. all around northern ohio for the next couple of hours. the winds will slowly churn up a little bit. the main threat from any type of inclement weather will be moderate to heavy rain and maybe thunder rumbling the shutters on your house and winds at 30 miles per hour. let's identify the features. severe weather here. right in this area of orange towards the gulf coast and these are tornado watches, that
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for tornadoes to form from kentucky through tennessee and mississippi and alabama. look at this, mississippi, we got four super cells lined up. tornado warnings. look at that hook echo. here is another storm and this one here. movement towards the north and east. potential tornadoes off to the south. on the cold side of this system, it is all about the heavy snow. minneapolis up towards green bay into michigan. you could get six to eight inches near el pina. for us a glancing blow with scattered rain showers and some embedded thunder but we are not suspecting severe weather in northern ohio. some wind and maybe some thunder. if we look carefully a few lightning strikes in this cluster of storms in columbus that is fading away. that is good news.
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take a look. this is a wet overnight. here is midnight. the bulk of the rain is to the west. anytime after 8 or 9:00, the rain showers moving in from the southwest and they'll be increasing intensity in coverage after midnight. in this wind gusts at cleveland hopkins 28, 21 in akron and 22 in ravenna. current temperatures mild. will drop another degree or two and then temperatures are going up. watch. we are off the scale. look at this. we are well off of the charts. 55 to 60 and we may stretch it out and the cold air arrives and by this time tomorrow in the 40s. 49 degrees tonight and rising temperatures. isolated thunder, yes and high
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tomorrow 60, early afternoon high. scattered showers and maybe thunder and by mid to late afternoon the temperatures are going down. in fact we are on our way in the 30s just in time for your thursday. more on that coming up. frank and lee. here is what is coming up at six. the bus driver caught on camera assaulting a homeless man has been fired. that driver who got into a scuffle with the man over papers on the floor was a 28- year-old employee with the transit company. but first alive on 5 returns. developing details in the death of a 13-year-old in the hands of a virginia tech students. we want to hear from you if
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text us or tweet us at wews. now to a developing story out of virginia. the murder of a 13-year-old. >> abc news has learned that new charges filed against an
5:42 pm
and meggen hughes says the victim's mother is speaking for the first time. >> the mother of 13-year-old nicole lowell speaking publicly since her daughter's body was found saturday. >> nicole was a very lovable person. nicole has had many people throughout her short life that loved her. >> and we are learning more about her life came to an end. >> a preliminary determination of the cause of the death is stabbing. >> 19-year-old virginia tech student natalie keepers was charged with improper disposal of a dead body but facing a new charge accessory for the fact in premeditated murder. the common wealth attorney says it occurred wednesday, the same day that nicole's parents
5:43 pm
>> we were advised that she had one percent of survival. >> challenges continued in teenager years. the daughter was bullied and police believe she met david eisenhower online. a high school track star and keepers a former star for nasa before they began their careers at virginia tech. >> keepers will appear in court on new charges on february 4th. meggen hughes, abc news washington. and that will do it for live on five. chris and danita what is going on at six. a recent and alarming rise in the number of handicapped placards. >> a lot of times i have to drop her off. >> we talked to doctors who explained why the sudden increase.
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is officially under way. what are cleveland businesses and residents doing and to take advantage of the money coming. >>
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