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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon, everybody. this is leon bibb. beginning the broadcast with the power of 5. it feels like spring than the middle of winter in northeast ohio. the temperatures are climbing into the 60s and the winds of change are coming. and this warm-up will not last much longer, but here's my good friend and compatriot, jason nicholas. >> and we broke a record. sixty degrees at hopkins airport. the old record, 57 and that old
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back before you were around, >> 1890. around. >> that is right. >> and let's show what you is happening outside right now and this is not a live camera, takes images every second or so. you can see that the cloud cover actually moves there and that is relatively unique and a shake there to the sky cam showing the winds that we're 61. 61 degrees february 3rd. downtown cleveland. the temperatures across the 60s. 64 downtown. that came downtown. that came down. 61 at downtown and 57, the old record in 1890. 62. the airport, 57 last hour and that tied a record set back in 1890. the cold front, the one that brought us the rain last night and the wind last night, too,
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colder air is moving in. detroit, 55; and more impressively, indy 40, and 36. that would make you feel different this afternoon. look at the hour-by-hour from around 60 now and we're in the 50s at 3 and some 40s tonight. a big time chill in the air and the winds will be up 20 to 25 and breezy and colder heading through the afternoon today and we'll let you know how long the cold blast will last. that is coming up in a bit. >> thank you, jason. appreciate that. new at the noon hour, an ohio man is cashing in after he was cleared of charges of arson and burglary. and cleared of the conviction that the state is paying $337,000 on the settlement after the man served six years behind bars for the crimes he did not commit. jack dempsy had been accused of burning down a building in cleveland in 1996. a judge recently found that it was part of a plot to kill
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and left in the basement of that burning building. and in a few hours from now, the university of akron is expected to a nouns what it -- announce the transformative donation. it comes as the university president is still under fire from some professors there. faculty members plan to take a no confidence vote tomorrow. they say their plan stems from what they call a lack of transparency and slipping enrollment numbers. the president has been the university since yule of 2014. in -- since july of 2014. parents are sending kids to school and can't keep them at home, officials said. the absences would be excused. and the ohio epa is giving the all-clear to the chagrin falls school district. test results show acceptable
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officials were concerned about elevated levels of comfort and led in the drinking water. despite the green light, the chagrin fall school district is testing another 20 samples today as a precaution. the district plans to continue using bottled water. and a u.s. legislator is threatening to hunt down a michigan official to get in to testify on the water crisis in flint, michigan. representative jason consider, had, vitz called after them to go after early, the emergency manager when flint's water source was switched and contaminated with lead. he's not the only person noticeably absent from today's hearing. >> the problem is that today, we're missing the most critical witness of all. the governor of the state of michigan rick snider. he is not here. >> in the meantime, mission governor rick snider is
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in state funding to help pay the water bills of flint residents over the city's lead contaminated water supply crisis. and one of the largest craft stores in the united states is expanding. michael's has purchased all of ohio-based pat catan's stores. and meg shaw has more. >> reporter: the purchase is huge. the good news, no pat catan's hand stores will close and no employees will be without a job. the texas-based company paid $150 million in cash. the parent company of pat catan's. pat catan's operates 31 stores in ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, and west virginia. a spokesperson for michael's tells newschannel 5 that they will continue to operate out of the strongsville headquarters as a separate division within michael's. and the craft retailer is
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facebook that they're not going anywhere. the post said in part we will maintain our pat catan a main history and we will continue to offer the best value, customer service and community involvement in the crafting industry. they also go on to say they're actually planning to open several new stores soon and they're excited for the provide. meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> thank you for your report, meg. today is national signing day. many local high school athletes will sign their names on the dotted lines to play at the next level. the collegiate level. -- collegiate level. the officials will be in maple heights this afternoon where a key air hawkins is expected to sign a letter of intent. he said that it was his dream since the 9th grade to play for the buckeyes and that his high school coach worked with him
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>> and we had a conversation and pretty much follow the plan. >> and he was an honor student there. and to the race for 2016. and rand paul -- his mr. itical campaign for president and to that primary in that state and he is bypassing after today. mean time, after leaving iowa, hillary clinton is fighting for a repeat of her 2008 victory in new hampshire. and new at the noon hour as we continue. and -- a retired police officer's fight will keep the k9 partner is not over yet. the zika virus is spreading and rapidly.
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the united states and
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. there is new information about a retired ohio police officer's fight for his k9 companion. the former marrieta ohio police officer matt hickey rejected an
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as a volunteer with the department. hi consider, key retired in january after health returns and plans to bid on ajax at an upcoming auction. more than $71,000 is raised to help him win back the k9 partnership. and president obama's about to make his first visit to an american mosque as president. president obama is expected to hold a round table with community members and deliver remarks at the islamic society of baltimore today. and president obama visited mosques overseas ask but never during his -- overseas but never during his presidency as president of the united states. and help wanted. a home improvement store is looking to hire more than 1,000
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. the centers for disease control is suspected to issue new guidelines in response to an alarming new case in the outbreak of the zika virus. so far, the 40 cases have been reported in 12 states. health officials now report the virus has spread from person-to- person by sexual transmission. not by a mosquito.
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elizabeth has more on that story. >> reporter: a disturbing development out of dallas in the battle against the zi can, a virus. >> it waspo -- zika virus. >> it was not spread new mosquito but transmission. a individual went out and acquired the virus and came home and infected the virus. >> reporter: while it's rare it's not unheard of in the u.s. go to 2008, a traveler infected with the zika virus in sin gal returned home to colorado and his wife later tested positive for the virus. still, officials say this is the first case of sexual transmission in this current outbreak. they also said the latest case out of dallas is a doom changer because the virus has possible links to deaths in unborn babies and viruses in adults can be deadly and cause debilitating complications as the dr. saw first hand in brazil. >> reporter: she said she contracted the disease seven months ago. at one point, she could only
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>> the fact that seven months out, she's still having such difficulty walking makes it a severe thing. >> reporter: in the coming days, the cdc will release new guidelines. in the meantime, the officials say the old guidelines still stand. if you're pregnant, avoid travelling to zika-affected countries and for others, wear repellant and avoid mosquito bites. in addition to new guidelines from the cdc, the red cross is now asking donors to wait 28 days after visiting zika- affected countries before donating blood. drivers are enjoying some of the cheapest gasoline prices in many years. aaa said the national average for a gallon of regular gas is now $1.78. and that is national. in northeast ohio, better and they average $1.58 and they're
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and they're official -- cvs and target are officially tieing the knot in charlotte, north carolina. thousands of targets, in-house pharmacies and clinics and in 47 states will be rebranded as c have, s pharmacy and some minute clinics. they will remain open during the revamp and they will transfer from target to cvs. and home depot is looking to fill more than 1,000 positions in cleveland for the busy spring-buying season. college students and retirees are encouraged to apply. we have a link to would online application. >> -- to the online application. >> you may want to go back and pick some up from jason nichols. he will have commentary on this, too. a strong storm system that produced -- to the north and tornados to the south is on the move now. new york and the northwest part of new england are expected to get hit with freezing rain and snow today.
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flooding is protected for the southeast and the mid-atlantic plates. and around here, we're calling the sky mr. warmth today. >> and we love it. we broke a record and we're in the 60s. squeezing out the final few moments of warmth. >> yeah. is moving in. night. we had tornado warnings across the south and some blizzard warnings. and right now, a live look in downtown cleveland. clouds mixing with sunshine and can't rule out a spotty sprinkle here. this is the big weather story of the day. right now, downtown cleveland is 64 and hopkins airport at noon hits 61. and that broke a record of 57 set way back in 1890. interestingly enough, 57 degrees is the coldest record high temperature for cleveland and any day you can break a
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and cleveland is warmer than san antonio and houston and they're in the lower 50s. dallas, friends and family, give them a call. out west, phoenix, vegas, vegas now is 37. can you imagine the people who went to vegas? early february to escape the cold winter in northern ohio. luck. you can't go to the pool. 45, phoenix; 53 right now in l.a. the only area that is warmer than northern ohio right now, you head down to florida, tampa, miami and key west in the upper 70s and lower 80s. closer to home, we're mild. again, the temperatures into the upper 50s and lower 60s. we broke records. akron-canton, i believe, broke a record and they hit 59 and 61 currently in downtown akron. the same deal for akron-canton, the old record is 1890 and they hit 59 at noon. the same deal for mansfield, their old record was 53 and so, record-breaking across northern ohio. the cold air is moving in.
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and east and colder air coming in. chicago is about 25, 30 degrees colder than we are now and we'll feel the cool air coming in momentarily. really, i think by 2 or 3, we're going to be into the 50s and 40s by the time 6 or 7 gets here as colder air moves in. hour does a great job here. this is 2:30. any rain shower action should move out and the temperatures in the 40s behind this and check out where we are by 4:30 during the now cleveland. we're at 50 degrees. a good 10 degrees cooler and bottom well am 20 degrees by 8:00 tonight. notice the rain changing to snow by tomorrow morning and we go from rain and 60 to 65 to scattered snowflakes and low 30s in about 24 hours. sixty today, sun and clouds, falling temps and dressed for 45 to 50 if you're going to be out and about this afternoon. 32 tonight with a few flakes.
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we dry things out friday and saturday, a warming trend for the weekend into the lower 40s and we're still tracking arctic air toward the middle of next week and the newest forecast models calmed that down and colder through next week. we're on the radio all day long. don't forget that.
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. an ashland man underwent a life-saving surgery this morning, thanks in part to newschannel 5. the doctors of cleveland clinic performed a kidney transplant on jim williams. he has a genetic disorder and two failing kidneys. he finally put up a billboard asking for help, a donor came forward. she reached out to jim and they found they were a perfect match. >> nice. >> doing better now. >> wonderful story. >> and good stuff. >> wonderful weather, mr. warmth? >> having the windows open the next few hours by 3:00, you want to shut up. it's going to get cold. sixty today and that is a falling temp as in the 30s likely tonight. thirtys tomorrow, a few flakes around. again, the seven-day is not brutally cold. >> okay. >> and i will take a walk around the block while it's still 60 degrees. >> should. >> okay.
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. hi, i'm sarah carns, the lifestyle consultant melinda mckenzie is here to keep the best-kept secret. doesn't matter if you're in a new reason or married for 49 years and. >> we want to look our bit. >> power swabs taking the country by the storm. a two-part process in five minutes and you can whiten your shades two shades -- your
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while adding moisture in and take them off of caps, crowns and veneers and do that for 2ing 2 1/2 minutes, tastes great, no rinsing or spitting and take the whitening, pop it on and whiten the teeth and focus on the areas to focus on. you can only get it through television sales and this is exciting. >> and that is amazing. with other whiteners, you have the sensitivity issues. >> yeah. >> and do you have any? >> that is the biggest question we get. the reason we don't have the sensitivity issue is because we add the moisture first before the whitener so our teeth are not dehydrated and it's exciting. >> seems easy to do and stapes on oureth too. >> and that is what is exciting about it. you're taking the stapes off first. six and seven days. >> and i know you have a special offer for our viewers. >> yeah.
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>> and we get free shipping or two and they will get them removed for every, one for every kit they order. >> and this is incredible. five minutes i day to whiter teeth and this is great. for today's special offer for spotlight 5 viewers, call 800-
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