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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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drop in temperatures as chief meteorologist mark johnson, now. afternoon. new record highs for cleveland, youngstown. air. you can really see it on our color contours. cleveland now from 62 an hour and a half ago to 50 degrees currently. again watch this coming in. there it comes. look downtown cleveland 41 downtown now. akron and canton, you're still on the mild side of this thing, but that cold air is seeping in rapidly. and it will overtake the entire area during the course of the evening. a little bit of sunshine now, but we will see clouds thicken up eventually with a few sprinkles and light flurries overnight tonight. if you're going out and about still breezy. but the lower 40s by 10:00 p.m. frank and lee.
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see that has police worried. we're talking about the high- profile event. officers are training folks who work with the public what to look out for? >> reporter: that's right frank. we're talking about training hotel staff, er doctors and nurses, and restaurant workers here in the cleveland area. telling them about human like. plus how to report it if they suspect it. >> how do you recognize a tattoo as opposed to someone branded? >> is she calling someone daddy? >> reporter: there are warning signs of a sex slave. >> reporter: signs that these women want others to know about as an estimated 50,000 people are expected to flood cleveland for the rnc in july. >> sex trafficking happens in our town every day. when there are thousands of more people in town we can expect the activity to increase. >> reporter: how much of an increase is unknown, but the local collaborative called the
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response to human trafficking is preparing. it began their work in 2014 in part because of the rnc. >> we will be prepared for more calls during the convention. >> reporter: the cleveland rape crisis center is one of 19 groups involved in the coordinated response effort. as they run a hotline for victims of human trafficking. the center's director tells me that they will be increasing their hotline staff during the convention. >> our unit will be very active. >> reporter: the fbi is also gearing up. >> we have sources, we really rely on the public a lot to give us information. >> reporter: the bureau explained to me that they will have a plan in place for the event that will involve with working with agents across the state and the country to keep a behind closed doors. >> a lot of people, they may just brush this off and think that these are consenting prostitution. what we have seen from the people coming through the group. >> reporter: we reached out to the rnc today, but we did not
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tells me that they have been in touch with them and that the group's next step is to put up billboards and public transit as telling people how they could get help for human trafficking. live in cleveland news channel 5. >> thank you, kristin. now to the breaking news chopper. air tracker 5, you're over an accident? >> yes, a two-car accident between a semi and a car, it looks like a honda accord. it's not too serious right now, but there are some officers on scene right now taking some information from both parties. they have that left lane of travel shut down. this is on i-480 westbound. on the valley view bridge as you can see the left bound lane is closed right now, causing traffic to bottle up and causing headaches for drivers. if you're heading out this way take notes. there's an accident closing the westbound lane, the left lane in the westbound lane.
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that if you're heading out here. lee jordan back to you. a news alert at 5:00. the man accused of killing a danville police officer just went before a judge. the details just coming in to the live desk. chris flanagan is breaking it all down. >> yeah lee, that's right. just hours ago jones appeared in court on charges including the murder of a police officer. according to wbns-tv jones pleaded not g. additional charges also filed against him for another case. investigators say that last month jones shot and killed danville police officer thomas catrell. shortly before the shooting jones' ex-girlfriend warned police that jones was looking to, "kill a cop." we have brand new information on the two felons who are awol from a cleveland correctional facility. officials at the house just addressed that escape. the oriana house operates the
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lavell tucker and jeffers escaped. it's believed the pair snuck that pool ball in to the dorms of the common area. it's not a jail or prison, but secured. the felons can go out in to the community after being there for 30 days. many more jobs outside the facility. now during sentencing they are often given a choice by a judge to enroll here or go to jail. >> these are treated like probation violations, so the court, the sheriff's office is issued. i don't believe they would be like an active man hunt like california or out of the prison in new york. >> reporter: bernie rockford the executive vp said that 65% the program. but that means 25% to 35% just walk away, frank? >> all right chris to an important consumer alert.
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investigator jonathan walsh, this is all about air bags? >> reporter: it's a pretty big deal. honda issued the order on january 30, hitting news outlets like cnbc today. honda issued a recall and stopped sale notice for 1.7 million vehicles. the model years 2007 to 2015 have takata air bags in them, which can explode. the affected vehicles are the 2007-2011 cr-v crossover, the crz coupe, 2009-2013 fit. the fit ev. 2010-2014 in sign hybrid and the ridgeline. dealers will be responsible for any claims if they sold an unrepaired car that is covered under this order. the national highway traffic safety administration confirmed to cnbc that they did receive a
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tomorrow. i'm investigator jonathan walsh news channel 5. tonight they are playing the blame game in flint as they try to figure out how people were allowed to use lead- tainted water for so long. today a congressional hearing what went wrong. state and federal officials were call today capitol hill. democrats blamed michigan's republican governor for failing to act on warnings, while republicans on the panel targeted the environmental protection agency. saying it should have intervened sooner. and what became clear from today's hearing is that no one knows how something like this could happen on american soil. >> it should be totally unacceptable to the people of this congress and totally unacceptable to the people of the united states of america. as i said before. >> lead levels are so high that people aren't suppose to drink the water or even bathe in it. shortly after the news in flint
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cities dealing with lead concerns. >> people in sebring are still waiting for test results back on their water. they're also in the process of testing the water supply at sugar and falls school. in and out epa was worried about elevated levels of copper and lead in the drinking water. the first round of tests said that garney elementary tests are back. >> we anticipate those on february 10. >> the district plans to continue using bottled water. former marietta officer has rejected the offer to keep them by volunteering with the department. they still plan to bid more
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them win back their partner. they are working on a bill that will give the police officers the option to purchase their canine or horse partners. currently ohio cities must sell police dogs at a public auction if the k9 is still able to work. now to democracy 2016 and then there were nine. just days after iowa. two more republicans are now out of the race. first rand paul ended his run and just hours ago cnn reporting rick santorum done as well. placing poorly in iowa. the rest of the candidates both republican and democrat chris crossing in to new hampshire right now. hoping to win -- to win over voters. donald trump goes on the attack once again in another twitter rant, claiming that ted cruz
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violation fliers, implying dr. ben carson dropping out. the businessman plans to file a complaint. >> it is total voter fraud when you think of it as he picked up a lot of those votes. that's why the polls were so low. >> on the democratic side, the polls show bernie sanders leading hillary clinton by double digits in new hampshire. clinton admits that winning in sander's territory will be tough. >> i have to tell you that i just could not ever skip new hampshire. i cannot even imagine not being here. >> inspite his razor thin loss to clinton in iowa, sanders raised nearly $3 million in 24 hours after the iowa caucuses. frank? >> all right speaking of politics, the new hampshire primary is so important to the elections. our governor is going to be
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join him on saturday for the live reports. still ahead on live at 5:00, a former officer sues a local police department. >> now we're learning why. the details that may shock you about how a woman says she was treated by fellow members of the force. a local man serves six years for a crime that he did not commit. now his name has been cleared and he has been cashing in. tonight in-depth details about the fight for justice. plus, struggling to lose weight? look no further than your fingertips. the link between nail polish and weight gain. cameras are rolling as crews race to the rescue.
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new at 5:00, sweat escaped through the prison's pipes was sentenced to serve an additional seven years in prison. and pay more than $79,000 in restitution. sweat was already serving life without the possibility for parole for killing a sheriff deputy back in 2002. and according to the district attorney, sweat tried to
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that request was denied. richard matt was shot and killed during the search by a border patrol agent. in the meantime in maryland a convicted killer is getting another chance to clear his name. a three-day appeals hearing is underway for sayed convicted of strangling his girlfriend back in 1999 maintaining his innocence. his case became the focus of the first season of the serial pod cast. that set off a nationwide push to clear him. between serial and the netflix series "making a murderer," interested in picking up criminal cases is high. >> it sure is. today we learned of a local man just awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars after being wrongly convicted of arson. megan hickey is live on 5 with in-depth details on the case. megan it all started with a mysterious arson. >> reporter: right in 1995 jack dempsey was convicted of aggravated arson, but a second trial more than a decade later
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victim. court documents say then 35- year-old jack dempsey was drugged and left for dead. locked inside a burning building in 1995. >> but the story was so wild that it was very difficult to believe and that unfortunately all the key witnesses were not really interviewed. >> reporter: dempsey was charged with arson and served six and a half years in prison. his lawyer tells me that all the while maintaining his innocence. >> he never waiverred in his belief of his own innocence. that they were talking to the right people. >> reporter: dempsey was released in 2003, but it wasn't until 2007 that a new trial found him not guilty. and that it wasn't until tuesday that his settlement was reached for $337,000. never. >> joining the ranks of six other men that were exonerated in just the last 15 months by
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news channel 5 sat down with ricky jackson after his release he didn't commit. >> i knew instantly that hi been given a second chance, you know? >> reporter: now dempsey did not wish to be interviewed for our story. dempsey's attorney tells me that cases like her client's shows there's often more than one side of the story. megan hickey news 5. a photo of a cincinnati police officer laying on the floor with a 2-year-old boy is going viral. >> the story behind it will warm your heart. this is officer william nasil trying to get the toddler to take a nap. he and officer jamie lantrum found the child wandering around around 2:30 in the morning yesterday. while the officers brought the boy new clothes and fresh diapers while they tried to figure out where his parents were. both officers say they aren't
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they just did what they had to do. they found the boy's mother several hours later. she was intoxicated and she is facing child endangerment charges. all right check this out right now. new video in georgia. crews are trying to pull a vehicle out of fast moving waters. the driver lost control of her car, which went over a guardrail and in to the river then flipped upside down. well the woman managed to get out of the vehicle as it went downstream. firefighters helped get her out of the water. we know that it does not take a lot of water to do that. >> and that is keeping a cool head. >> amazing, amazing, amazing stuff. yeah. 12 inches of fast moving water to sweep you right off your feet to take the car down the stream. >> and in the east coast they would have some rain overnight. and now it will be cold again. >> the cold is returning. >> yes, but no snow, mark.
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there, 41 degrees currently downtown, two hours ago in the 60s. the drop has occurred. at least in cleveland. not everywhere though, let me widen out the view as we will show you it was 41 in hopkins, but peninsula is mid-50s. the same for north royalton and brunswick swinging on down in akron at 59. 58 for masselin and canton and the warm spot right now is 60 degrees still. over to new philly, but you can see where the leading edge of the chill is right here. so the temps everywhere are going to fall. during the evening and the overnights. get ready if you're going out and about feeling the warmth in your neighborhood right now that you're going to cool down. clouds will come back in and a little trough right here that they will stir up the brief rain shower or snow shower. it will be light during the evening hours. so your evening, we'll watch for a few little bans of the light snow and isolated rain with a few snowflakes,
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hour. definitely winter coat weather and staying blustery with the an hour. take a look at your current wind gust. 35 miles per hour wind gust in cleveland and akron. 30 miles per hour in ashtabula and canton. 27 in norwalk and these are miles per hour wind gusts. elyria at 29. still very windy out there, just about everywhere you go. a little trough here moving in. clouds are going to creep in as well, so we've got a few snowflakes in the evening forecast. we want snow, don't we want a little bit? i mean just a little? 32 overnight tonight. cloudy, they are coming back in. it'll be breezy with a fewsnowflakes, a trace to maybe an inch in cleveland and the snow belt areas. here is tomorrow. only 35. it's back to normal mostly cloudy. lake effect snow a trace to an
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the high grounds of ashtabula county. akron will go 30 degrees with a few flurries. tomorrow let's do 35, staying cold, no snow tomorrow. drying out just a little bit. we are waiting for a big winter storm. coming up in my seven day i'll show you if we have one in the the next week coming our way. that is the next half hour. >> thank you, mark. still ahead live on 5, get up and get moving. there's new evidence of the lifestyles shortening our lives. a local nursing home is dealing with a double dose of tragedy. first the worker is hit by the car. and then another is killed in this crash. all new at 6:00 we're learning how they are coping. and you're watching news
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a lot of the times they will monitor the tsh and
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identified the underlining mechanism or causes that are actually causing or driving their thyroid issues. >> and how is your approach different? >> our approach is different because we do the testing and to determine what these underlining causes are, the underlining mechanism that will be driving your thyroid issues or conditions. >> what are some typical results? >> a lot of the times in the office that they will be able to see them lose weight without exercise. mood swings are going to be much decreased and that they will have the air back and -- hair back and be able to sleep through the night. >> that's amazing. thank you for being with us. today the first 25 callers to qualify will receive a complimentary consultation which is normally $250. 1-800-223-2055. in-depth coverage of the
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the almost record breaking day. more than 125 years ago for this day in cleveland. we've been talking about the cold air moving in. we were in the 06s for -- in the 60s for much of the day and then bam in the 40s and the 50s quickly. take a look at their record breaking day today. here is a look at the high temperatures. hopkins airport, 63, akron, canton 62, mansfield 69. those temperatures smashed the old records by six degrees, five degrees, six degrees. look at the old records of 57 for cleveland and akron. 1890. incredible that we just broke those today. degrees. but again a very warm temperatures well in to the 60s off the weekend where we would have temperatures well in to the 60s and the snowless and at
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frank and lee? >> all right. smashing those records. still ahead in the next half hour for live on 5:00. an officer off the force and on the offensive. >> before we go to the lawsuit that she just filed against the local community and breaking down the reason that she says she was discriminated against. >> a message at a mosque. president obama addresses the islamic society of baltimore and calls on the entire nation
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our top stories this wednesday, police at this hour are searching for two people who escaped from the cleveland correctional facility on sunday. lavell tucker and scheffer escaped through a broken window. once caught both will face more charges. honda is expanding their
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that it could affect nearly 2.3 million vehicles. they say that they have received a recall notice from honda, but they would not be made public until thursday. when we learned the models, we'll post the details for you. short on cash and supporters, both rand paul and rick santorum have ended their bid for president. both men placed poorly in iowa. they have all pinned their presidential hopes on new hampshire. the remaining candidates are something right here with live pictures of ted cruz addressing a crowd in new hampshire. a shocking new sexual harassment claim out of elyria. >> a fired police officer said she lost her job because she's a woman. derick waller just talked to her attorney. derek, that is just the start of the problem?
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allegations here against four male elyria police officers. retaliation and sexual harassments. >> to see these types of problems every day. >> reporter: ty tells me his client suffered harassment since day one on the job. kristen fortune was hired in january 2014 in elyria, but fired six months later. this lawsuit filed on monday against four supervisors, including the police chief. claiming that she was terminated based on her gender. fortune says her male colleagues ban circulating a picture of her in a bee key knee -- bikini. fortune claims a co-worker sent her pornographic text messages. the supervisor showed her pornographic images in a patrol car. the same that recall ud her kevin in a training and said to wear something sexy to work. after complaining, she was met with low performance
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and extra duties that were designed for her to fail. >> there were officers in that department that scored worse, performed worse, and were passed along. >> reporter: i went to the elyria police department to ask about the allegations. chief whitley declined to comment and so did the city attorney. his client is prepared to testify and so are witnesses. >> we believe that this case is extremely valuable, not only for a monetary standpoint and social justice standpoint. fortune is seeking monetary damages as well as the opportunity to get her job back, but we are told that she is now employed elsewhere as a police officer in a town in ashtabula county. live in beechwood i'm derick waller news channel 5. police in macedonia have closed their case in the 8- month-old baby found in a parked car. the passer-by found the baby at a macedonia super wal-mart.
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the case is being handled by garfield heights investigators. the baby's grandmother then unknowingly drove the vehicle with the baby inside to the retail store. i want to show you this right here the new video shows three men leading officers on a three-state chase. one of the men captured the whole thing on snapchat. lead officers in to kentucky and indiana and then back in to ohio. not clear why police started chasing the man. but we do know that they had a long criminal record. new tonight a first for president obama today. visiting a mosque in the u.s. in chief. he spoke to thousands at the islamic society of baltimore thanking muslim americans for serving their communities and the nation, saying that we should recognize those contributions at all times, not just when people are connecting terrorism by a few with the belief of an entire faith. >> recently we've heard
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against muslim americans. that it has no place in our country. >> the president has visited the mosques in the past, but never in the u.s. many groups have called for him to schedule one at the public rejection of the islama phobia. women could be required to register for the draft. two senior military leaders believe the current policy including men living in the u.s. between 18 to 26 should be changed. after restrictions that barred women for trying out combat jobs were lifted last year. the last time a draft was used was during the vietnam war. it is history in the making and the record highs now a big time cool down. let me show you first of all a power of five with a few rain showers moving steadily our way as they will arrive later on tonight. we've enjoyed some sunshine behind the cold front. that's going away too. clouds will increase during the
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it's currently 50 at hopkins, 41 downtown cleveland. 48 in elyria. still though 60 degrees over in new philly, but everyone will see the temps really fall off and we've got the wind. still gusts above 30 miles per hour at times. they will slowly subside over the course of the evening. 47 at 6:00 and the mid-40s at 7:00. p.m. with those winter coats that will be dry until closer in midnight and after, which is some isolated rain and light snow showers 567894 for -- showers, 54 for akron at 6:00. everyone will see the invasion of the cold air. i'll tell you how chilly and how long the cold will last. maybe super bowl weekend will get a little warmer. find out coming up. >> thank you, mark. an ashland man underwent the lifetime surgery this morning. >> doctors performed a kidney transplant on jim williams who has a genetic disorderrer and
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after his family asked for help, a donor came forward. kathy saw our story reaching out to jim and learned that they were a perfect match. we want to hear from you if you see news happening, you can text or e-mail us. or tweet us at wews. a health alert, ahead at 5:00 the surprising side effects from your nail polish that could be causing you to pack on the pounds. >> then coming up at 6:00, new honors for a struggling school. the massive donation to the university of akron and the students who will benefit from it. but first there they are
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betty anne found these in her front yard. yup daffodils coming up. another round of daffodils. i'm liking that. now look at this little tri- colored cavalier spaniel there 61 degrees enjoying a little sunshine. lucky annie. finally thank you to nigo carts and al lie e mass -- allie massey, the weather staff will be there and a lot of folks from good morning cleveland will be there as well. south park mall hope to see you there as well. see how we slipped that in? now let's look at a beautiful sunset coming downtown cleveland as i say give me a follow mark johnson wews on facebook. like the page then post your favorite photo.
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new research reveals the legendary nfl quarterback was suffering a brain disease. a report out of boston university shows former oakland raider kenny stabler had cte. that disease, which can only be diagnosed after death causes memory loss, depression, and progressive dementia. cte has been found in the brains of dozens of former football players. if you're sitting down right now, this story might pick you jump out of your seat. spending all day at your desk
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tied to a higher risk of diabetes. researchers tracked the activity level of 2,500 people. those that spent an extra hour being sed tear sediatary may have you 22% becoming a diabetic. a chemical in some nail polish brands can get in to your bloodstream, mess with your hormones, and cause you to gain weight. tphp, which is used in flame retardant is used to boost naipolishes durability and flexibility. research polish brands before using them. >> just be more proactive when you're looking at it. get on the computer, look it up, see what ingredients are in those nail polishes. >> reporter: they launched a petition urging nail polish manufacturers to remove tphp from their products.
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your caller id ignore it. residence in the city of west lake are being bombarded by someone calling from the area code. what police can tell there are fraud calls from the irs. you can report these calls to the irs inspector general. in the meantime online leader amazon may try tex up and down their brick and mortar -- may try to fix up and down their brick and mortar store. and let shoppers test drive kindle devices. the chief executive says that amazon will open 400 more stores across the country. keep in mind that amazon is cited as the reason physical book sellers are going out of business. the country's largest u.s. drugstore chain finding a new home inside one of the country's largest discount retail store. the cvs pharmacy inside target will officially open in charlotte, north carolina today.
5:36 pm
they will be the first of many joint locations. cvs agreed last june to pay $1.9 billion to acquire the target pharmacy business. a minnesota elementary school is kissing valentine's day celebrations good-bye. bruce bento elementary in st. paul is joining other public schools in opting out of the holiday celebrations. the ban also includes thanksgiving, christmas, and halloween. the principal says that the school is thriving to be more culturally sensitive and inclusive. well valentine's day is one of the most popular days to get engaged, but where should couples say their "i dos? >> the best and worse cities to get married based on cost. wedding facilities and activities and attractions the top three best cities. orlando, las vegas, and the atf. now the worse is newark, yonkers.
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all right nasa is learning more about the sixth planet from the sun. these are new images of saturn taken by the space agency's spacecraft. the robotic vehicle has been studying the ring planet for more than 10 years, finding the opaque rings may not contain the bright materials. what is the 7th planet? >> i have no idea. >> i think that it is neptune maybe. >> i forget. you can tweet me. >> we'll find a picture. take a look at what's going on outside. >> yeah, i'll probably get a lot of pictures. cleveland there you go. what a beautiful day it has turned out to be. it is getting colder now if you're going out and about make sure you grab those coats. the temps have dropped a good 20 degrees in downtown cleveland over the last two hours with the lower 60s. now we are in the lower 40s. it doesn't look cold. it is looking good. here we are with the sunshine galore for now, but notice
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so we are going to call for increasing clouds overnight. yeah, we will get some moisture trying to reach the ground here in a form of a few isolated rain showers with a wet snowflake. a lot of this is not going to reach the ground bit time they reach us with your current power of five and notice that we are dry as we should be dry through midnight or after and here we have isolated our radar. we turned off all the other four, we just got the radar on. so again, legitimate rain and the changes over to snow. but it will be a very light. here is your hour by hour by the time they will be closer to us there's not a lot of it that will reach us, 11:00 p.m. tonight. dry. all right here is 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m. with scattered snow coming out of the west. lake effect snow variety snow
5:39 pm
akron and canton. the current temps, 60 over new philly as the cold air is shifting slowly b surely. 33 in norwalk. 54 out here. 51 currently in canton. winds are still gusty. lower and middle 30s as they have a wind meter there. so it is still going to be blustery through the evening and overnights. falling down in to the lower 30s generally by your morning few snowflakes for your morning commute in a couple of spots that will not be a huge issue for you. okay? lee have you figured it out? the sixth planet? >> it is uranus. i wondered about that. here is the current cold front from dc down to atlanta and everyone will be chilly over the next few days. uranus.
5:40 pm
>> do you have a picture? >> a few flakes. don't show it to me now. tomorrow 35, mainly cloudy, could be a little bit of the lake efect snow as she had to have googled it. a few flakes tomorrow, 35 should be dry. frank and lee? >> thank you, mark. a deal is trying to help transform a local university. we'll have more on how the university of akron plans to use the money coming up. plus, a local school forced to close their doors for the day after an illness strikes. officials spent the whole day disinfecting the whole building. the cdc is beginning to lay out new guidelines for doctors when it will come to the zika
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back with this new video.
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of the greek island. a boat carrying migrants was already partially submerged when the italian coast guard arrived. rescuers had to jump in to the sea to save them. a tug boat managed to push the modern express to the spanish port. >> 22 crew members of the registered vessel were air lifted off the ship yesterday. officials had feared that modern express could run aground. the cdc is set to issue new guidelines in response to the new cases of the zika virus. so far at least 40 case haves been reported in 12 states. >> health officials have confirmed that the virus has spread from person to person in texas. elizabeth herr reports that it wasn't transmitted by a mosquito. >> reporter: a disturbing development out of dallas in the battle against the zika virus. >> it wasn't spread by mosquito, but spread through sexual transmission. the individual went abroad and infected their partner.
5:43 pm
transmitted through sex is rare, it is not unheard of here in the u.s. turns out back in 2008 that a traveler infected with the zika virus returned home to colorado and his wife later tested positive for the virus. still officials say that this is the first case of sexual transmission in this current outbreak. they called the latest case out of dallas a game changer because the virus with possible links to birth defects in unborn babies and paralysis in adults can be potentially deadly and cause dehabilitating complications as dr. richard saw firsthand in brazil. >> she says she contracted the disease seven months ago. at one point could only move her eyes. >> the fact that seven months out she is having such difficulty walking does make it a pretty severe outcome. >> reporter: in the coming days the cdc says they will release new guidelines. in the meantime officials say the old guidelines still stand if you are pregnant avoid
5:44 pm
for others, wear repellant and avoid mosquito bites. >> in addition to new guidelines from the cdc the red cross is asking donors to wait 28 days after visiting zika- infected countries before donating blood. elizabeth herrabc news, new york. >> that is it for live on 5:00. >> chris and danita have a look at live at 6:00. >> tragedy struck twice for a local medical company. two women killed in two different car accidents. they were co-workers. now those who work with them the most are trying to cope. and new information in to our newsroom involving the home family died. news channel 5 at 6:00 starts
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