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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> a judge goes off taking a man to task for hating bicycle rider and leaving her in the middle of the road. and camp chaos. rumors swirl about the future of browns training camp. we're digging deeper to dispel the myth. now, first at 5:00, a man on the run from police at speeds of more than 90 miles per hour before causing this horrific crash and explosion. that wreck injured three people including an innocent driver who suffered burns. bob jones is uncovering new details and video about a story we broke for you at 11:00. >> bob, this started with a police chase. >> reporter: akron police only chased the suspect for about one minute but they called off the chase when they realized he was putting other drivers at risk. still, he kept going and crashed into a pickup truck, leaving that driver here in the burn unit at akron children's hospital. >> dang where you say, reckless. >> reporter: a witness captured
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pickup engulfed in flames. he even managed to talk to the 43-year-old driver who escaped with burns. >> i jumped tout window because i was on fire and rolled three times. >> you had an angel. >> reporter: the witness was stunned when he saw a chevy impala flying down the street before hauling interest a truck hauling cans of gasoline. >> i don't know how he made it. it happened so fast it was like a movie. >> reporter: minutes earlier police heard another crash and then spotted the impala take off. >> as they tried to stop him the speeds get faster, and they're going through stop signs. >> reporter: speeds exceeded 90 miles per hour. the officers called off the chase. >> this is way too few. we're in a neighborhood, it's 9:00 at night, they're blowing stop signs. let's stop. >> reporter: a mail down the road the horrific crash happened.
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but was captured behind a church. his 17-year-old passenger had to be pulled from the wreckage. both suffered head injuries. and that stunned innocent pickup driver taken away to be treated for his burns. >> more in shock, trying to understand it. i can't believe how fast he was going. >> reporter: and police also found two loaded guns in that impala. hicks and his 17-year-old passenger are also in hospitals tonight. even though the police chase only lasted about one minute the police department will review it to make sure that all procedures were followed. bob jones, newschannel5. new details about a story we broke for you at noon. an off-duty officer working as a security guard was dragged by a car and then fired his weapon. megan hickey has spent the day digging into what unfolded. the man was trying to stop shoplifters? >> reporter: right, it happened
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the suspects took off and dragged that officer into the streets. i just checked in with police. they tell me those suspects are still on the loose. >> i heard a couple of shots but, hell, i don't pay no attention. >> reporter: police tell me a market manager chased a man and woman out of the store that were allegedly shoplifting meat. sergeant tim holt was off duty working as a security guard. holt followed the suspects as they entered their car, then he was dragged by the vehicle as they drove away. that's when police tell me holt fired four rounds. >> just heard a couple of shots and come out here. policeman was running out in the streets shooting at somebody. >> reporter: we discovered that holt has been working as a part- time patrolman for nearly two decades. here's holt in a 2009 radio interview for the buckeye firearms association. >> i've been a firearms
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six years now. i went through london, ohio to get my firearms training for shotgun and semi-auto. >> reporter: no word on his exact injuries but i'm told he's expected to report. police say those suspects arrest black male and female. they were driving a dark blue van, possibly a kia sedona. a man is dead after driving into the path of a train. it all happened in barberton. died. investigators say he was behind two other vehicles at the time at the railroad cross which is had its gates down. nichols then drove around those cars, around the gate, tried to cross the tracks. a man what slammed into a bicyclist riding through the neighborhoods of an east side suburb got quite the tongue lashing today from the judge who sentenced him. newsroom. the judge did not mince words.
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the judge's message was for any and all hit-and-run drivers. a 5-year-old was riding her bike in cleveland heights in october of 2013 when witnesses heard screeching tires and a loud crash. the driver who slammed into her didn't stop. she is still recovering from injuries to her legs, back, and skull, but she is back on a new bike, even if only able to ride short distances. here's what she told only newschannel5 after the man received his sentence. >> i feel he should pay for some of it, whether it be prison, assisting in the community, because it was a huge thing that happened. >> his attorney blamed drugs and alcohol for the crime. he will spend two years in prison for vehicular assault. his brother is charged with
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his case continues through the justice system. if you were driving along interstate 90 this morning you may have seen police responding to a horrific crash. now we know what happened. an 87-year-old man lost control and slammed into a tractor- trailer. you can see that car barely recognizable. the crash happened in the westbound lanes near a con court township rest area. as if the situation in flint weren't bad enough, we are learning the water worries could be worse than first thought. a surge in legionnaires' disease may be linked to the city's water as the associated press has learned that officials in the governor's office knew about this well before telling the public. governor rick snyder said he just learned of it last month, but documents show concerns were raised in march 2015. flint, by the way, still dealing with water that has lead levels so high people can't even bathe in it. closer to home in sebring,
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village water supply is now within federal lady guidelines, but steps have to be taken to ensure that it actually stays that way. the village has to work to adjust water chemistry. let's check in with meteorologist mark johnson. i saw something very unusual. >> were they flakes? >> little flakes falling from the sky. >> in this el nio winter, they have been sparse indeed. let's take a look at what's going on outside. a live look at downtown akron where it is snowing. yes, some snowflakes falling down across northern ohio. let's show you first of all some of the chill that's allowing these flakes to fall. here we go. 31 degrees elyria, 32 cleveland to akron, now we'll show you the lighter snow showers. most of them light and sparse. from mansfield, up i-71 into
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as we swing into the snow belted, i-27 1, the i-90 corridor, it gets to be steadier snowfall, but it will still remain late. you could pick up an inch or so of snow in lake geauga and ashtabula counties. the rest of the area should be flurries. so your evening temperatures slowly falling to near 30 by 10:00 p.m. we'll mention some ace late flurries. they should gradually taper off before the midnight hour. more on a little weekend storm system that may impact us coming up. lee. and this just in. two metro parks officers involved in a deadly shooting have returned to work. kyle schultz has spent almost a year and a half with the metro parks. chelsea mcclelland 38 months. the two were transporting a drug is in december. that man was patted down and handcuffed, but he had a hidden gun and shot at them. the rangers then shot and killed him. frank. >> now to democracy 2016 and
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have just days left to get their messages across to new hampshire voters. >> they have two very high- profile chances. coming up in the next 24 hours hillary clinton and bernie sanders go one on one for the first time tonight in a debate. polls show sanders has a huge lead on clinton, as much as 22%. and clinton's camp admits winning there may not happen but she does have a packed campaign schedule there. on the republican side, a new poll shows donald trump holding a commanding 20-point lead over marco rubio and ted cruz in the granite state. the republican front runner is back there with five campaign events today. a town hall so packed, hundreds waited outside, and the crowds were not disappointed. >> i was going to say, they're full of (bleep), but i won't say that. no, it's true. i won't say it. i won't say it. but they are. but i won't say that because it's too controversial.
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making plenty of jokes at his expense. chris christie referencing his refusal to show up at the last debate. >> donald is coming back. we really can't wait to welcome him. unless somebody insults him between now and saturday, then maybe he won't show up, i don't know. >> our governor, john kasich admitting he, quote, if he gets smoked next week, he'll drop out of the presidential race, but we've known all along that he was focusing all of his energy on new hampshire. today he addressed his chances. >> i'm only one man. but i have been effective in building teams of people to do the things i'm telling you to do. but i'm not here to -- look, man, i either get you or i don't. >> well, there you have it.
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newschannel5 is hitting the road. starting saturday john kosich will have live reports. still ahead, staying put. after a day of back and forth, the browns announce plans for their next training camp. we're breaking down what led to their decision. plus, a local teenager is dead, her roommate facing charges after a shooting inside their own home. we're hearing the heartbreaking plea for help as the woman fought to hold on for life. wicked weather slamming the south, and we're getting a firsthand look at a tornado that swept through a school. and the big bets on the super bowl. advertisers drop millions on all those ads. we're looking at whether it's really worth it.
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now to some big browns news. bonus. it has nothing to do with johnny manziel. >> imagine. that reports leaked out today that the browns and columbus want you to help foot the bill to move training camp. >> this proposed idea is drawing a lot of back larchlt
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from the browns saying they will indeed keep training camp in berea this summer. a columbus group is apparently asking the state to help pay $5 million to build a practice facility for the browns at ohio state so they can move training camp there. according to the columbus dispatch the partnership made the request in a capital improvements bill to be proposed. the language is vague about the reason for the project but several sources, including the president of that partnership have confirmed that it's a facility for the browns to bring their training camp down to columbus. a state representative says vigorously opposes a summer move to columbus. >> we have a terrific fan base here in northeast ohio that comes out in droves to support this team regardless of performance. to see that go to a different place in the state where the support just isn't there
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>> the browns held a scrimmage that drew 50,000 fans but according to this statement from the team, they will hold training camp in bear rae i can't this summer. frank. >> all right, chris. this is a big deal here. more news out of the nfl. espn reports that the league is about to instigate a new rooney rule this one aimed at getting more women in the front offices. the commissioner says the league will interview at least one woman for every open executive position. the first rooney rule required all teams to interview at least one minority for open head coaching positions. things may be calm here weather-wise, but severe weather is still beaterring the south. >> no doubt. we had the big winter storm, the blizzard affecting iowa during the caucuses, then to the south that severe weather. so storms, tornadoes for a second dismai. of those twisters even caught on camera. take a look. surveillance video.
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one of those tornadoes tore through the school. fortunately the school day was over when the twister hit. homes around the school, though, were also damaged. listen. >> mostly cosmetic to my house, shipping gals and stuff like that. but my shop is pretty much completely destroyed. the roof is gone, the doors are gone, and all the contents inside are just pretty much destroyed, broken wet. >> abandon vehicle. >> cameras also rolling here. a twister cutting through the fort stewart, georgia army post. the military had to move 50 people to new homes. dozens of vehicles destroyed. storms also left a path of destruction in north carolina. the weather service was out surveying the damage to find out if it was caused by a tornado or just straight line winds. severe weather can happen in february, especially in an el nio year. florida, the gulf state, and the southeast. >> only going to get worse as we head closer to spring. >> springtime, you get the
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to us. >> i was going to say, could our severe weather season start a little early here? >> absolutely. we've got the warm air that wants to win out anyway. we were in the 60s yesterday. so absolutely, our severe weather season. i'd be looking for it in late march or early april. sorry about that frank. welcome to nrn ohio. let's talk snow. we've got flor rinse downtown akron, but let me show you the east side. let me show you lake county from st. gabe's school in the mentor area. it's a winter wonderland effect. light to briefly moderate for the last several hours. so a nice little coating on the rooftops as they're looking west over the city of men tore. still some snow on the windshield as well. we need someone to get up there and wipe that off. watch the snow. it is primarily light, and it is sparse outside the snow belt. mansfield, you're getting a little.
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over akron it's light stuff, up towards richfield, monroe falls. ravenna, kent, some light snow showers west siders, lorain to elyria up to avon and avon lake. some light snow showers wettenning. is that a word? >> it is today. >> wettenning down the roadways. wetting down the roadways. how's that? here's the more organized snowfall. route 322, 422, bainbridge into newberry this could give you an inch or two. in the snow belt that's where you will likely see a good coating on the ground over the next few hours before it gradually tapers off. 32 cleveland to akron. 32 in ravenna. let's bring up ravenna. cloudy skies, a few flurries. oh, they turned off their thermometer.
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well, ravenna is at 32. 29 in norwalk, 30 in elyria. you see all this moisture? this front is stalled out. area of low pressure developing here is going to ride just offshore over the next 24 hours. a little sneak attack for new york city, for long island, for boston, for bar harbor, maine, where there could be three to six inches of snowfall here between now and let's say early saturday morning. so they're watching that very carefully. if you're traveling that way tomorrow, new york city ox could be a little bit of a delay. this is a little sneak attack for us. it here's your snowfall totals as we head through thursday into friday. notice it's less than an inch of snow, depending on where these little snow bands set up. but enough to slow you down a little bit. enough for you to notice that it is still february. 25 degrees for the overnight low. cloudy, breezy with a few flurries in the snow belt.
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an inch, maybe a little more by the time it's all said and done. by the way, i went out and did a little video on facebook. they are making maple syrup at lake farm parks in kirtland, the earliest they've ever made it. because veal anyone yow, the sap is running about three-and- a-half weeks early. back to the desk. still ahead, live on 5, an airliner explosion mid-air. now there's new evidence. it was no accident. a woman trapped inside a car, but help was precious minutes away. now we're asking important questions to find out if a decision to eliminate a rescue squad cost valuable time. and, of course, we want to hear from you. if you ever see news happening, you can always text or e-mail us, or tweet us at
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the saudi military says they are ready to fight islamic groups. they have taken part in coalition air strikes against isis since the campaign began but they have never had boots on the ground. the military is waiting for leaders to sign off on the new strategy before troops are deployed. developing news. the head of the airline whose jetliner was damaged in an explosion after take-off from somalia says investigators have found residue from explosives. the preliminary investigation indicates a bomb was to blame for that blast. 74 passengers were on board when an explosive blew a hoim the fuselage. the plane landed safely but one passenger remains unaccounted for and may have been blown out of the plane. president obama says faith is the great cure for the fear that sometimes leads people to do funny things.
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this morning at the national prayer breakfast. >> it is a primal emotion. fear. one that we all experience. and it can be contagious. spreading through societies. and through nations. and if we let it excuse me us, the consequences of that fear can be worse than any outward threat. >> the prayer breakfast, cochaired by members of congress, provides an opportunity for people from across the political spectrum to come together and speak about how faith has shaped their lives. coming up live on 5, new information about how a teen is shot in her own apartment, her roommate now facing charges. and we're hearing a
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and a consumer alert. takata announces new problems. another company says its own
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our big stories at 5:30, a grand river police officer is
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by a van. the officer was working as a security guard on cleveland's east side when he saw a man and woman trying to shoplift from dave's supermarket. when the security guard tried to intervene the suspects dragged the guard with their van. the officer fired shots to stop the two. police are looking for the suspects. the officer is being treated at metro health. a man accused in a 2013 hit skip that left a cleveland heights woman with severe injuries was sentenced. he will spend the next two years in prison. a 58-year-old woman was riding her bike when the man hit her. his attorney says was in a dark place at the time. his brother is charged with tampering with evidence and obstructing justice. and browns training camp is staying in berea for another year. the browns issued a statement saying they will continue to host training camp at tammy headquarters in berea through 2016. the statement followed a story in the columbus dispatch that
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development group have asked the state to help pay $5 million to build a practice facility at ohio state. new information now on a story we broke last night. >> charges against a roommate of a teen who was shot to death in an apartment in brooklyn. kristin volk is live where it happened. kristin, you have new details in this case? >> reporter: lee, in the 911 call that we obtained, the suspect told the dispatcher that did he not know the gun was loaded. when he pointed it at her and pulled the trigger. the incident unfolded in a second floor apartment in this building behind me here on ridge road. what you are about to hear is more of that 911 call. >> got them on the way. >> thank you so much. >> that's all right. okay -- >> please hurry, please hurry. >> reporter: 18-year-old olivia described as someone
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full of life. police say her life ended when she was fatal alley shot bithis man, her roommate, 21- year-old michael lancaster. it happened just after 7:30 last night here. lancaster then frantically called 911. much of the call too disturbing to play. but he told the dispatcher that he shot her in the upper chest. he referred to her as his friend and he sounded as if he was desperately trying to keep her alive in the call before paramedics arrived. lan chart is charged with reckless homicide. he was arraigned on $25,000 bond. we investigated his background, his criminal background, but could not find any in this area. live in brooklyn, kristin volk. meantime police in north ridgeville get a call about an abandoned vehicle and find someone inside of it.
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old from lakewood crashed at some point. you can see how far off the road the car actually was. it's unclear how long that car and driver were there before they were spotted. new tonight, the columbus airport is joining its counterparts nationwide in training employees to recognize signs of human trafficking. cleveland hopkins has trained its police officers and likely will expand training to other employees ahead of the summer's republican national convention. lee. new details as four remaining occupiers at an oregon wildlife refuge are now facing charges. an indictment today named six. the federal grand jury charged all with felony conspiracy. the four holdouts had said they wouldn't leave without assurances they wouldn't be charged. a judge has denied bail for a virginia tech student charged as an accessory in the murder of a 13-year-old girl.
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police believe the 19-year-old helped hide a bed off a north carolina highway. prosecutors say she told investigators she was excited to be part of something secretive and special. fellow student david eisenhower is accused of kidnapping and fatally stabbing nicole. mark, checking out the weather, we're not far from freezing. >> no, we're at 31 degrees. we've had some snow hitting the lens, melting off, and right now there is some snow in downtown cleveland. so slightly slower travel. and as you head east, let's show you what's going on weather-wise across the area. first of all, let's bring up our power of 5 live radar network. watch the late flurries become more organized areas of scattered snow here. there we two. especially east of cleveland.
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temperature-wise, as frank alluded, it's 31. wherever you're going this evening, winter coat weather. watch out for some slippery highways. we'll see some scattered snow showers gradually ending, then maybely cloudy. we'll end up in the mid-20s by sunrise. a little warm-up but an interesting storm scenario for early next week. stick around. >> thank you, mark. a brand-new presidential poll was just released. the cnn/wmur poll finds donald trump still leads the field with 29%. he is followed by marco rubio with 1p ted cruz with 13%, and governor john kasich with 12. jeb bush follows with 10%. the other candidates didn't place out of the single digits. the poll was taken this week after the iowa caucuses, and it finds that almost a third of all republican primary voters are still undecided.
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steven avery was referenced during a bomb threat call to a sheriff's office. >> this is the latest in a long string of threats since the series debuted. the series questions whether steven avery, who was convicted of killing a photographer a decade, a was treated fairly. it implies the department's deputies planted evidence, a claim that authorities have denied. and the murder case that sparked the most popular podcast ever is back in court today. syed was convicted of killing his ex girlfriend in 2000. he is now searching a life sentence but some of the millions who heard his story on the weekly podcast think did he not do it. so syed is now asking for a new trial saying he has new evidence including a witness. dozens are homeless people are being shuffled out of sight because of the super bowl. the dark side of the big event
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a case of cleveland police misconduct involving a boy with disabilities is on its way to trial. we break down the case four. but right now, a look at your
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this is the first time this has ever been done on live television, but lee jordan brought in a whole boat load of wasabi peas, and i'm going to eat them while i give my world of weather. here we go. oh, that's hot. a live look at our tower cam. there is a coating of ice right now on the lens. so again, things are going to get a little slickery outside. this is getting hot. [ laughter ] >> can we go to our big board? here we go. a little bit of snow coming in
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lisa, showing a little bit of sidewalks. finally, i love this. this is from a backyard. tom turkey. that's the mating dance there, ma'am. you might want to run in the house.
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now to an important consumer alert. the recall of the takata air
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>> and this time more recent models are on the list. investigators jonathan walsh, you've got all the details. >> last night i was telling you about honda expanding its recall to more cars. some of them were newer models, and they may not be the only company doing. so we've been telling you all along that takata air bags can inflate with too much force, sending shrapnel into the car. it's mostly been older models but now the national traffic highway safety administration says takata is warning 12 automakers that more recent air bags are at risk. already more than 20 million vehicles have been recalled at this point. this comes as another company, continental automotive systems, says it has a problem with air bags as well. moisture can kind of get into the air bag's computers causing power supplies to corrode and fail. honda, fiat, chrysler, volkswagen have already issued recalls. more companies are affected.
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different problem. the company is in trouble for how it's dealt with minorities. toyota's lending service, toyota motor credit corporation, agreed to pay almost $22 million. the money will go toward thousands of minority customers who were overcharged on loans from 2011 through this year. in 2013, the consumer financial protection borrow opened an investigation into accusations that the company charged more interest to auto loans for black and asian car buyers. the investigation found that tmcc itself wasn't responsible but rather it was individual dealerships that marked up interest rates. new details about the man once called the most hated ceo in america. martin shkreli appeared before congress, then he took the fifth and refused to testify. he bought a drug company, then
5:37 pm
saving drug by more than 5,000%. lawmakers were furious. but shkreli's attorneys say he meant no disrespect, and then defended the client. >> i think everyone will recognize that mr. shkreli is not a villain. he's not the bad boy. i think at the end of this story he is a hero. >> shkreli is under indictment in new york for an unrelated fraud case. i want you to do something. imagine being on a cruise to a beautiful part of the world and not being able to see any of it. it's all happening to passengers on board a cruise ship. 150 people have been told to stay in their cabins after a gastrointestinal outbreak. the pool has been drained. people can't even serve their own food. the ship was cruising australia and new zealand. tonight airlines are taking action against the zika virus. both united and delta will allow staff members who are pregnant or may become
5:38 pm
to areas where zika may be present. zika has been linked to a birth defect that causes babies to be born with smaller than normal heads. new video tonight shows what happens when you rob the wrong person. check out what happened in a florida store. you can see the suspect holding the gun at the clerk and demanding money. but in an instant, the clerk turns the tables and begins pummeling the robbery, even disarms him, then the robber ran away. turns out that clerk is a military veteran. >> picked the wrong one. boom! >> ready in an instant. boom. >> hey buddy, you need some water? >> with some would saab bea? i tell you what, my sinuses are now cleaned out. >> good to hear that. >> lee jordan brought in a 50- gallon drum of wasabi peanuts and peas. >> good for you. >> you can't eat just one.
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extra spice in their life. >> you will breathe easier with wasabi. look at that tower cam shot. moisture on the lens, snowflakes flying, melting when it hits the licenses there. and that's what we're seeing. so a little bit of wetness on the roadways right now. on the highways and byways. we've got some snow falling out east. let's show you our temperature. it's 31 in cleveland, 27 mansfield, back to normal february weather, and yes, these are snowflakes on the power of 5 live doppler radar. you can see the most concentrated snow in ashtabula, geauga, but even the i-77 corridor, some snow in summit county, even ashland. here's the moderate snow. chester township, up towards chardon.
5:40 pm
it's going to travel up into concord, most likely leroy township, hampden. elsewhere it's light stuff. notice not a lot of organization to these lake- effect snow showers. still 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., we're still seeing some of that, east side. finally fading out. west toward the islands, towards fremont, towards mansfield and everyone should enjoy some sunshine during the day friday. once again 30s, upper 20s, and let's just for a minute appreciate where we are on the snowless winters for cleveland. we're at 8.8 inches for hopkins. halfway through. back in 1918 and 1919, the total for the season was 8.8,
5:41 pm
we need a whole lot more snow to even reach this. so i'm thinking right now that we are pretty close to actually looking at a top ten snowless winter for greater cleveland. we need a couple of big storms for that to has. it here we go. temperatures falling tonight. by 9:00 a.m., mid-20s. notice the snow does end at 9:00, 9:00 for most of us. it will continue east after that into the wee hours of tomorrow morning. we're going to warm you up for the weekend but we're going to track an interesting storm scenario for early next week. we'll talk more about that during the 6:00 hour coming up. >> all right, mark. here's what's coming up at 6:00. another case of police misconduct within the cleveland police department is coming back to life. a lawsuit has been given the all clear to move forward in the excessive force case of a boy with down syndrome. high-powered lasers strike
5:42 pm
now the search is on. and not everyone is excited about the big game. protests are starting to grow in san francisco, and it has
5:43 pm
right now we are just days away from the biggest game of the nfl's season. >> but not everyone in san francisco is ex side. protesters hit the city supporting homeless people. they were living on the waterfront, but others say they were kicked out of an area near the convention center. san francisco has 7,000 homeless people. by the way if you are not interested in football, odds are you're watching for the ads. >> in our age of constant information companies are debuting those ads days, even weeks ahead. here's a peek at what to expect. >> reporter: making an
5:44 pm
this year, marilyn monroe. christopher walken. and scott baio. >> anybody want a piece of scott baio? it's included in the price of admission. >> hello, i'm helen miles an houren. drivers. >> you, simply put, are a short-sighted utterly useless human form of pollution. >> has jeff goldblum scaling a high-rise building. >> wait a minute, that george and weesy? >> even the people in the commercial don't know what it is. >> these ads star a green brick. and there's aliens touring a museum.
5:45 pm
the making, getting a glimpse of the game day pressure ad execs face. >> it's weird sitting there. you watch the super bowl, you look down, the and you wait for 10 seconds to see what twitter says. it's like, oh, gosh, okay, we're g. >> reporter: just a minute or so of ads is worth about $9 million of air time. that's because a 30-second spot during the game will cost advertisers up to $4.5 million. lauren lister, abc news, los angeles. >> can't wait to see them all. and the game too, i guess. that's it for live on 5:00. >> frank, a lot going on. coming up all new next on newschannel5. >> when a matter of minutes can mean the difference between life and death, police scramble to pull a woman from the car as they wait for the jaws of life to arrive. plus, relying on technology when security back fires.
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hacked in places where you wouldn't want other people to sea. >> those stories and a whole lot more coming up when newschannel5 at 6:00 starts in two minutes. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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