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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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so johnny drama reaching new levels tonight. police report disturbing details of manziel's latest altercations with his ex. johnny firing back tonight. could this be the final straw for the young quarterbacks nfl career? breaking news, details morning about johnny manziel's fight with his ex-girlfriend. >> some of the allegations are horrifying, prompting the nfl, dallas police department, and johnny manziel to respond. >> and, news channel 5's homa bash starts us off. >> reporter: it is a call couple by this police report
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girlfriend accused him of softener. >> she did not want me to call her. >> chilling words from calling crawlies neighbor in fort worth, texas. all started when she and her ex- boyfriend, johnny manziel, met up at this dallas hotel in the night spiraled out of control. dallas tv station, wfaa, reports that crawley ordered a tight -- in the affidavit she begged the hotel meant to help as manziel dragged her from a hotel. please don't let him take me, i'm scared for my life. to which the valet did not know with manziel. in a report obtained by news channel 5, manziel i was acting like he was some sort of drugs and struck her several when they got there it escalated even more. wfaa reports, crawley told police manziel told her to shut up or i will kill us both.
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knife, he ran away. >> i heard her screaming when i came out and she said her boyfriend has picked her up. >> reporter: police set up a helicopter to search for manziel but did not find him. the report says crawley became increasingly uncooperative as the investigation continued. she told officers she did not want to answer any more questions or have any photographs taken of her injuries. just hours ago, manziel told tmc sports the assaults did not happen, adding that he is completely stable, safe and secure. it is almost dij@ vu of what happened here in last october. a fight between manziel and crawley caught on camera. changed stories, yet another hit to johnny's football career. fort worth police told us today, just tonight, that is manziel has not been charged with anything. that is because they say there is no, no investigation underway, because no offense happened in their jurisdiction. meanwhile, dallas police released a statement, also saying that they have investigated and now they
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now, while this case may be close, we all know that this reporting live in cleveland, homa bash, news channel 5. >> of course, sports director andy baskin continues this team coverage of this johnny drama. what homa just told us about, this is the latest controversy surrounding the browns qb. >> reporter: no matter what the police do or do not do, the league or use of itself is not good for the league during super bowl week. they don't want to hear about it. but the browns have all the legally cut ties to manziel earlier in the week. what does that mean for his future? adam shafter said this tonight on espn. >> any team that will be giving to -- willing to give johnny manziel a change in the future will be doing a lot of due
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what he's like as a teammate, on what his behavior has been like in the past for the cleveland browns. make no mistake about this, there's going to be tremendous concern and hesitation around the lake about bringing in johnny manziel right now. >> reporter: i reached out to johnny manziel tonight via text from he did not return it. you have to believe the browns were aware of the police report and jumped out of the news two days before it happened. the best scenario for the brand to say that cut ties almost as much as they could before everything happened. >> our coverage of this johnny drama isn't over. checkout news net 5 to read the police reports for yourself and take back -- look back at johnny's other controversies. we will be sure to bring you the very latest on "good 4:30 a.m. breaking news at of new york city where to police officers were shot in front royal in the bronx. one was shot in the head, the other in the like but both are alert and in stable condition. according to the nypd's latest tweet, one suspect has been found dead with what looks like a self-inflicted gunshot wound. several others are in custody and police have recovered to
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now the first of two nights 5 on your site investigations, city council committees are the backbone of creating legislation and making communities better. >> we uncovered cleveland's workforce and community benefits committee may not be getting the job done. our 5 on your site investigator uncovered the story. >> even legal counsel members upon the story here. >> reporter: that's right, they say the critical community at cleveland city hall is supposed to ensure the cleveland residents, minorities and women get the jobs that they deserve but councilmember say the committee is checked out and does not hold nearly enough meetings. >> an obligation and responsibility the taxpayers. >> reporter: councilman zack reed admits cleveland's workforce and benefits committee has not been on the job, not holding enough meetings, too often leading these committee room chairs vacant. >> we as a whole as cleveland city council aren't doing the job. >> reporter: he says the
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phyllis cleveland is to make sure that minority leaders and women get their fair share of jobs on tens of millions of dollars on tax funded projects. like this fire station under construction on cleveland's east side, where he says 20% of the jobs are supposed to go to city he says the committee is and keeping watch. >> 40% into the job so far, and only 8% of cleveland residents, 8% of the workers for that job have gone to cleveland residents. >> reporter: workforce committee members like councilman jeff johnson's a councilwoman cleveland is costing residents good paying jobs. >> there is no excuse for it. it's frustrating. i sent out an email asking for answers. >> reporter: i checked online city workers. since january 2014 the finance committee held 65 meetings. 38 meetings for the safety committee. councilwoman cleveland's workforce committee, just six meetings in more than two years. >> she has responsibility to call the committee together to talk about these major issues. and help us figure out how to
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>> reporter: councilman cleveland issued a statement tony both read and johnson failed to show up to meetings that were held, and say that both of them never came to her personally to complain about the lack of meetings. meanwhile, she says she's going to hold a workforce initiative this coming spring. reporting live at city hall, i'm 5 on your site investigator, joe pagonakis. people in flint are still being urged to use filters on tap water. the epss test results on some two dozen homes with high levels of lead in their water last week were much better when the water went through a filter. and, new email show state officials were aware of the risk of a surge of legionnaires disease because of the contaminated water it nearly a year before the governor alerted the public. right now looking live outside, pretty nice shot of downtown cleveland. but, it looks like winter again. >> as it does. >> winter has returned. i know it has been sparse all
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but here we go. lighter snow showers will continue, as a mentioned at 5:00 and 6:00, they will be hard-pressed to go with, especially cleveland and points east of the snow belt. we are seeing isolated areas of light snow and flurries that will slide inland again for greater cleveland starting overnight tonight. could reach as far south as a grain. the majority of the communities will just see a foot or two for the next couple of hours.:, it's wintertime, february. 20 cleveland, 29 akron, 29 currently in canton. here's the next center of low pressure we are watching for. and that's going to be something for your super bowl sunday and into monday. snowy weather pattern setting up, you're going to want to see and hear all about that when we come back, stick around. time and time again, by
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is this attack that he is putting forth. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton one on one in tonight's new hampshire democratic debate. this is the only time they have been alone on stage, and definitely fireworks tonight. >> reporter: certainly so. it is the first time they have been debating since martin o'malley dropped out and they are locked in a real tight race for the democratic nomination days before the all-important new hampshire primary. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope ordinary americans, and by the way, who the establishment. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders alone on knockout, fighting over who is more progressive. >> i have heard senator sanders comments and it has caused me progressive wing of the democratic party? under his definition, president
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because he took donations from wall street. >> reporter: fresh off of her photo finish win in iowa, clinton faces strong competition from sanders in the granite state which borders his home in vermont. in the latest poll out just today, sanders leads clinton by 20% in new hampshire. >> and i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. and enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. but, you will not find that i ever changed a few or a vote, because of any donations that i ever received. >> reporter: after trading jabs at a town hall and on campaign stops, the candidates finally met face-to-face. >> i'm very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac, who is not raising amounts of money to wall street. >> reporter: the two democrats only have a few more days now to win over new hampshire voters. they go to the polls tuesday. >> the republican candidates will be paid in new hampshire
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channel 5. our john kosich will be there , catches live updates online at news net 5. they are in your homes and businesses, meant to keep you and your family safe. but, instead, they could be letting the whole world watch her every move. a risk to american consumers and businesses are substantial. >> 5 on your site investigator jonathan walsh uncovers the into your security system and post the video for everyone to see. what you need to know to
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who is watching you? the 5 on your side investigators uncovered thousands of cameras in your homes, your schools, your workplaces, that are supposed to be private, now open to all on the internet. you've seen the ads for those ip-based cameras that is much bigger phone or tablet. >> investigator jonathan walsh set out to see just how secure all of this video really is and world away exposing loopholes and directly violating the most private areas of your life. >> reporter: this is a naked man roaming around his family room in virginia.
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no, this is not a foreign side, it's someone's private camera, hacked and being shown live on a person website that i'm not naming. how about medical procedures? i found a live operation in misery where you can actually see the needle coming out of the patient's face. here's a sleep clinic in maryland where a man is wired for monitoring, and then sleeping on camera, lives. i located lots of children, numerous day care centers, with tiny innocent babies in michigan, school-aged children, playing, laughing in the classrooms in pennsylvania, even a precious young girl sleeping in her bed in georgia. no outside i should be seeing this. crib cameras. they are the very thing a parent by so we can keep our eyes on our children, keep them safe from the outside world. i found a family on cleveland's west side to have posted a camera in their babies room. you can actually see mom and dad changing their newborn. the diapers, the baby blanket, the little clothes. well, this family was so devastated, so heard that someone would lifestream this
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internet, they asked us not to show the video. we are not. and despite their anger, their frustration, their fears, the dad was courageous enough to talk to us. we will call him john. >> you're leaving your blinds open and a bunch of people looking in that you. >> reporter: john told me that is troubling for the family to find out that he and his baby were on that site. the russian website claims it's making private cameras public because people are not changing systems. john admitted he was not thoroughly enough when using his camera. >> i should have been very much more diligent about realizing that the window into your home. >> if you are the parent of the child, what would you think? >> i would be scared. >> meet candace. >> i would find it violative member. >> reporter: she is a professor of law and cyber security
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who puts the blame not only on the hackers but the companies making the cameras. >> putting that product out of the marketplace quickly, quickly that means that they undercut the design and engineering process, especially for security. >> and our government leaders. she worked with the department of defense and homeland security and says if the fda has to approve drugs, why is there no set of standards for security cameras? like these i found, capturing that after that, all around the country, showing women in bed. older women, younger women. >> the risk to american consumers and businesses are >> reporter: women in california changing their clothes for work. a place where privacy is protected. online protection is something the federal trade commission wants oversight on. >> the ftc has asked for years to issue rules for baseline cyber security. and, congress has not authorized it. >> reporter: check this out. i'm working on the campus of first one college right here in
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the russian website is live streaming this location as i speak, and you can see me right now, i'm in a bluecoat waving my arm. i contacted the school about the publicly open camera on the website and explain what's on that website. school reps told me they are now asking the website to take that camera down. >> how easy is it to get into the system? >> it can be very straightforward. >> reporter: candace smith is something called an ethical hacker with secure state, a cleveland company that sells itself as a global management consulting firm, specializing in information security. >> this is your work sunk where it all happened. >> reporter: he took me into the secure states work room where they are paid to break site and find holes in companies or government agency systems. he told me ip-based cameras
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and now these cameras are all over the place, every day, more and more in our homes, capturing our lives. video is wildly popular. >> they have had security issues in them since the device's inception, and not just because consumers are taking them, all of them are starting to come to life. >> reporter: the light is now on for a protective father, john gibson, who was just wanting to keep his family secure, trying to do the right thing, only to show up on the website. >> you have to watch anything. to the internet, it can obviously be accessed and probably pretty easily. to six of the top camera makers at the russian website mentions in attacking. panasonic, linksys, sony, tp link, foss cam and axis. the only companies that response with linksys and tp link above tonight me an interview by said these statements. linksys reads, in part, linksys stopped selling those other ip cameras and posted framework updates to our website for a linksys cameras that shipped with default passwords and did not force users to change the default passwords. tp link wrote, in part, we are developing a new access process that will force users to login
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password. to read more in the entire statements, go to our news net 5 app. i'm jonathan walsh, news channel 5. >> so easy to overlook that password. >> we all have those cameras. mine are set to play on password. >> now you know. >> i'm going to pay attention. >> we are trying that camera away. >> we are seeing snowflakes out there. >> we got snowflakes. let's take a look at what is going on outside. those who wants know, i think of the next seven days, we've got some coming your way. right now got flurries downtown, cleveland, cloudy skies, light snow showers and flurries on and off every where you go. in fact, we'll show you our power of 5 live doppler network radar. the main area of snow pushing off to the north and east, concentrated the snow belts of like geauga, ashtabula counties and eastern cuyahoga. but other flurries will slide
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flurries off of medina, akron and canton, but the supplied stuff, this is another batch that will slide in. a dusting, maybe half an inch, upwards of an inch of snow overnight tonight, mainly in the snow about various. not a huge deal, but there will be slick spots and untreated roadways tomorrow morning when you get up and go. temps cooling-off. 27 o'leary, medina, wooster, there's upper 20s and middle 20s everywhere you go. 28 in cleveland with some light snow. dewpoint, 22. westerly breeze, 10 miles per hour. thankfully, none of those 30 mile an hour wind gusts. now, the snowfall this season so far has been right here, 8.8 inches. that is tied right now for 1918- 1919, for the snow this winter season. the least amount of snow up any
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we're halfway through, it will get more snow than this. all right? but look. number two is 21.5 inches. we are at a point it right now. i think we could get another 12 to 18 inches of snow before in the next month or so, and we will still be a top 10 least snowy winter here in greater cleveland. mother nature, let's get cooking for all of the skiers out there. winter storm right here, going to bring some snow to new york city, up to boston. high mountain snow, belly ring on the pacific northwest. you want some snow, we watch for this clipper system to come in sunday night and monday. looks like it will stall out for a few days next week. feldman scattered, primarily light snow, beginning sunday night on and off for about five days in a row. so it could add up to a few inches of snow by the end of posted. 25 tonight, light snow, cloudy and cold. kids on the bus tomorrow, starting off in the 20s, maybe a flurry.
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come home. sunshine, 30s. here's your seven day, 38 friday, 48 saturday, 47 sunday. winter makes it snows sunday and monday, and then the snow, snow, snow, 20s. >> all right, andy baskin, we're still talking about johnny. >> more gasoline on the fire. >> we are here for adam shafter in a minute. the cavaliers are getting ready for boston in a minute. kelly when it back in time for the first time tomorrow. we'll talk about that when we
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the police report is not good for johnny manziel or his image, both the dallas and fort worth police department close the door on the incident that happened this past weekend. it sounds like manziel's the users from the weekend might be over but what about his legal issues? what about his image really been might be doing damage
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issues for the past few years? johnny footballs off the field issues are just like the way he plays football on the field, escaping tackles. still, forgot looking for the job on march 9, this does not make his future looks to break. >> he is making himself toxic and radioactive two teams around the league, there are questions as to whether he can get back in the weekend essentially, he has turned into a backboard version of team tebow, both players had team straight up to drop them in the latter part of the first round, both struggled with on the field performance, and then post had surface like atmospheres that followed them around to various nfl teams which is one reason to decide away from tim tebow and one recent teams are expected to shy away from johnny manziel, though the circumstances surrounding why that attention is even coming forward are entirely different. cavaliers had a day to rest up before boston. good chance to learn about why
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game winning streak come to a close, inch of it, but when it came to play in the second half, even that prompted team owner dan gilbert to tweet that lightly. that was the message to the crew. kyrie irving has of reflection knowing that everybody needs to buy in to win a championship. >> i just think that when it comes down to teams putting us in the half-court we have to find that continuity that we have in the first half. you know, things that are working, we've got to stick to it, continue to move the basketball. obviously we have the talent to go one-on-one but want to get away from that. i say that for the fourth quarter when we want to be in the mindset. >> cavs getting ready for the celtics tonight. iman shumpert visiting homeless agencies, handing out socks . he was inspired to do this after hearing the socks of the most important things needed at homeless shelters. college basketball tonight, ohio state and wisconsin, nigel hayes, boom. three. 21 points, wisconsin hit a season-high, 13 three-pointers
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games. biking, cleveland state, flanagan, 25 points for the vikings. kris jenkins had 20 for the titans. csu is now 2-7 in the horizon lead.
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thanks for watching news channel 5 at 11:00. have a good night, everybody.
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