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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. breaking news right now, a 4:30 out of lake county this morning. a sheriff's deputy shoots and kills a man who refused to drop his weapon. >> and sarah phinney is live at the sheriff's department where we're learning more derails about the moments leading up to that deadly encounter. sarah. >> reporter: jackie, terrence, the sheriff's office said that a woman called 911 saying her aunt had been stabbed multiple times. i want to show you footage from the scene. when deputies arrived around 10:15, they found a man with a gun outside of a home in the 2900 block of river road in perry township. we're told that one of the deputies repeatedly ordered the
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thomas hurko to drop the gun. he raised the it toward the deputy when the deputy pulled the trigger. he was pronounced dead at the emergency room. the stabbing victim was life flighted to metro general because of the severity of her injuries. the deputies involved in the shoot having been removed from the duties, standard protocol, and we're expected to learn about both investigations later this morning at a news conference. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and new overnight, flakes flying in painesville. some of the area wake up to a light dusting this morning. is it going to stick around for your super bowl weekend? the person with the answer to that would be somara theodore. so many people have many super bowl plans. is it going to be there? >> it's coming down to timing, jackie. >> okay. >> it's moving in sunday night but depends on what time it's going to hit. we'll look at the models later on in the show. for now, let's get through today. we're seeing snow out there.
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the bulk of the snow is pushing into pennsylvania right now, but we're dealing with it out in the snowbelt. and good morning, lake county. geneva on the lake as well, ashtabula, taking route 90 and seeing light to moderate snow and chardon in purple, heavier as expected and this is where that one to two-inch accumulation is coming from. into the morning, the good news is that it's ending. the temperatures right now, 28 degrees in menner; 24, cleveland; 21, coshockton and so a very chilly and cold start. we'll talk about your forecast later on in the show. back to you. >> all right. and light take a look at those roads. it could be slick out there. if you're heading out early this morning. but for the most part, it's looking like a smooth ride. we're issue and accident free if your travels take you farther south and looking good as well. no major slowdowns to tell you about. right now, it's an 8-minute ride, 77 northbound rock side to downtown.
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along without trouble in spite of the precip. a live look from the odot cam, i-90 and 71. and you can see the snow there. any untreated surfaces could be slick. officers using pepper spray to get things under control. this is at the north ken moore city series game. as soon as the clock ran out in ken moore's 62-54 win, coaches, players and people in the crowd got tangled up in the brawl on the court. there is video. the school officials are investigating and say team and player suspensions are likely 4:33. levels. details pouring in about his fight with his ex-girlfriend in texas. >> some of the allegations terrifying, too. nick foley is looking into the -- nick foley is looking into the police report for us and
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>> reporter: this saga continues. this is a three-page fort worth police report detailing an incident in the dallas, texas, suburb area. last week it began with a night out and ended with a 911 call by police to neighbor and a helicopter search for johnny manziel. in the report, colleen crowley, his ex-girlfriend, said they met up at a dallas hotel but adds he became aggressive and acting like he was on drugs and striking her several times. the report goes on to say he drove her home to her apartment in her car, hitting her again. the altercation continued at her apartment until the report said she ran to a neighbor's apartment and manziel then left the area. it's important to note that police add she becameup cooperative with officers -- uncooperative with officers and refused to let them take pictures of her injuries and file charges. it's important to note that he denies the accusations, saying the assault never happened,
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happened and that he is stable. this is on the heels of another incident in october. detailed by avon police where no charges were filed by crowley in that incident as l. the browns are aware of the police report for their part but have not issued any statements on the incident. nickfield for newschannel 5. back to the studio. >> thank you, unbelievable details there. the coverage of johnny manziel is far from over. we have the full police report and you can look back at his other controversies. terres. -- terrence. 4:35 now to a 5 on your side investigation. the city council meetings are the backbone of creating legislation and making our communities better. we found one committee may not get the job done. that is the workforce and community, benefits community, supposed to make sure that residents, minorities and children get jobs driven by councilwoman phyllis cleveland. some members say the committee is not getting the job done.
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station under construction on cleveland's east side. >> forty% into the job so far and only 8% of cleveland residents, 8% of the work hours for that job have gone to cleveland residents. >> we checked city records. the committee has only met six times in two years. councilwoman cleveland said that no one has come to her about the lack of meetings. jackie. and terrence, new this morning for you, the president and ceo of cleveland's united way resigned. the organization said that bill kitson left to pursue other opportunities but the board chairman tells he doesn't know where he's going. he has been with the greater cleveland chapter since 2012. the united way board forming a special committee to find a new president. and also right now, local and federal law enforcement agencies are trying to track down at least one person who they say pointed lacers -- lasers at pilots. it happened while two planes were trying to land at hopkins
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area of cliffton and west these lasers contime can temporarily blind a pilot, making it especially dangerous when they're trying to land. anyone caught pointing lasers at a plane could face a $25,000 fine or jail. and the city is still under a boil alert this morning. a 12-inch water main erupted on southeast avenue yesterday, flooding the street and several businesses in the area, too. crews able to fix the break and residents are urged to boil the water for at least 24 hours. the water has been set for be back today. it's a -- when is a sign that winter is almost over? >> the indians equipment trucks is heading to spring training and final preparations are being made this morning. the trucks will roll out later today. you can track the progress to goodyear, arizona, and all the media accounts. pitchers and catchers will training. i think we will have a good
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thank you for joining us on your friday morning. i'm jackie fernandez. >> i'm terrence lee. we appreciate you being here with us. still ahead, one-on-one. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off before the new hampshire primary coming up. the candidate pulling ahead by a 2-1 margin. >> and an officer shot two of new york's finest in serious condition. why they opened fire.
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. good morning, welcome back. forecast this morning. we're going out to geauga county. the current temperatures, 25 degrees at state route 44 and
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the winds are not bad, 6 miles per hour and this is where things report looking good. we're talking with accumulation. i did see the salt trucks out earlier this morning on the east side and into the day, we will improve and we're going to see sunshine coming up. highs of 35 degrees and back to you. the new hampshire primary is four days away. the democrats are feeling the pressure. last night's debate started out friendly and quickly changed. both sparred over who they thought was the bigger progressive. sanders said that clinton is part of the political establishment. >> detective clinton represents the establishment. i represent, i hope, americans. >> bernie sanders is the only person i think would characterize me, iacs woman running the president as a establishment. >> the new poll has sanders beating clinton in a 2-1
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and the primary in new hampshire is tuesday. it's about time. cbs joe biden -- vice president joe biden making history by having a facebook page. posted pictures yesterday. it comes on world cancer day and is that is something close to his heart. he would like the page to be a place to discuss issues that mattered and president obama joined facebook in november. and 4:42. loyalty taken to a whole new level. how some people are proving their love to donald trump before the primary in new hampshire. . >> you're going to love this one. super bowl loving. nfl reminding people of the excitement that it brings to fans nine months after the big win. good morning cleveland is
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. welcome back, we're approaching 4:45 here. breaking overnight, two new in the bronx. one suspect is in custody, a second found dead after apparently shooting himself. we're told that the officers, a male and female, were out on project. one of them shot in the head and the other in the stomach. both, though, we can tell you, jackie. and corrina, let's get to a developing story out of chicago. the police finding six bodies inside a house on the city's south side. right now, it appears to be a murder/suicide. officers discovered the victims during a welfare check and they're believed to be from the same family. a family member tells our abc station in chicago that the two victims are grandparents, their son and daughter and also their two grandchildren. the police were called to the house when an employee noticed a man had not shown up to work for two days. and new details about the murder of a 13-year-old girl in
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two college students are charged in her death. the prosecutors say that natalie keepers helped plan the murder saying she was, quote, excited to be a part of something secretive and special. the police say keepers told them that david eisenhower killed nicole and put her bod i in a lake system and got -- body and covered up her body. and people in flint are urged to put filters in their water. they were much better when the water went through a filter. a new e-mail showed state officials were aware of the risks of ledgeon air's disease, a type of -- legionnaire's disease, a type of pneumonia. this is a year before they alerted the public. and hillary clinton taking up flint's cause on the campaign trail and plans to visit the city this sunday to push for approval of federal aid. democrats in congress proposed a $600 million package to help flint recover from the crisis.
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presidential debates, ads and speeches, if you find yourself saying my goodness, politics stress me out, this may help you unwind. >> usa today wants you to try the shades of the campaign adult coloring book. you see it there. the candidates are all in there. donald trump, hillary clinton, ted cruz, bernie sanders and studies have shown that creative activities can help you relax. if you need to fill your mind, do this and i tweeted out a link to this on my twitter and show us your pictures. some voters know who they are checking off on election night. >> in new hampshire, your loyalty could pay off. a tattoo par la jolla offering free tattoos of donald trump. -- parlor offering free tattoos of donald trump. it doesn't have to be his face, though. should have gotten his slogan, make america great again. >> for democrats, a tattoo
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ink of bernie sanders. that one looks cool. you can't beat the term stamp, right, somara? [ laughter ] >> and that was funny for many reasons. looking at the radar, we're actually seeing snow. this snow continues into p.a. and that is the good news. we have to hang in there longer and let's zoom in and get closer. ashtabula seeing the lighter. you're getting ready to wake up and head out of the door hitting 90, you will see some of the lighter flurries. we hit areas like chardon, some purple colors, hearts grove and coal brooke and new line. and that is not heavy but light to moderate. we're giving way to much better conditions throughout the day. and this is a time stamp in the corner. by the end of the morning, heading into lunch. all of the snow is out of here
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of sunshine coming through the clouds as well. we start to get waves of clouds and this goes out about a 48 hours. we're seeing dry conditions for sunday morning. i am tracking a system moving in on sunday night and that can bring some snow and rain to northeast ohio. temperatures next story, 24 degrees in cleveland; 28, menner. good morning, ashtabula, snowy and 27 in coshockton, teetering on the teen line at 20 degrees. today's high, 35 degrees. the east side snow will dissipate, giving way to sunshine and this is a look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast. and what is important to you? if friday is important, the good news is that the snow is ending. if you like saturday and you have plans, we're seeing the temperatures around 40 degrees and mild, more clouds and sunday night into monday, winter kicks into high gear. corrina. >> and i think friday's and saturdays are equally important. as for the commute this morning, i can tell you that
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full force and salting and treating the roadways. we're not seeing any major issues out there in terms of the weather affecting your roads. it's a smooth ride for you so far. one issue i want you to keep in mind this morning, we have a closure until 6 this morning on ontario street northbound between carnegie avenue and east 9th street. southbound is open until 6 a.m. the northbound side is going to be shut down. if the commute takes you farther south around the akron area, looking good. drive time is looking good as well, the 14-minute ride for you eastbound, crocker to the uninner belt and moving along without trouble whatsoever and this is a look from the odot cam. i-90 and 271. not a lot of traffic out there and take it slow and could be slick. the nfl is breaking barriers with a new role. every team required to interview women for executive positions. the reason, they want to give more women in front offices and this is very much like the role that requires teams to
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head coaching positions. the commissioner roger goodell the talk about the new role this morning on an exclusive in "good morning america." the super bowl is here. are you excited about anything? >> we have one commercial that you're going to love. watch this. [ indiscernible ] >> super and -- in the end -- [ singing ] one big one to another. we're all, baby, you don't have to -- . >> yup, you get the jist of this. the nfl said when your city wins a super bowl, it means more babies are born because everybody is feeling real good. the nfl created this ad to the
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-- it stars babies born nine months after the parents favorite team won the game. >> and did you notice there are no browns babies? exactly. if you can't make it through the day without the caffeine jolt and don't have time for a cup of coffee, we found the fix for you. >> this is the jewel caffeine bracelet that comes with an adhesive patch and soaked in a plant oil with twice the caffeine. coffee beans. the bracelet slowly releases the equivalent of a cup of coffee into your blood stream and this is fda approved. $29 gets you the bracelet and 30 patches. >> would you try this? >> i would be more than willing to try it out. the station can pay for it. >> and good luck on that. not going to happen. >> okay. all right. time now, 4:52. and we're heading to break now. leaving you with a look at how wall street opened today. you don't think so? >> definitely not. >> it's in the budget. >> no budget.
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. good morning, welcome back. the time is 4:55. we're waking up to snow on the east side. ashtabula toward the chimney part of geauga county and we're seeing light snow throughout the day. the good news, it's ending by this afternoon. you will be taking your lunch to a good amount of sunshine, highs in the mid- to upper 30s. corrina. >> and could be slick for you east siders this morning. odot crews are treating the roadways and looking at the big picture. we're not bad at all, issue and accident free. i want to let you know ontario northbound closed until 6 this morning. the southbound lanes open and
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the 14-minute ride for you eastbound, crocker to the uninner belt and speeds moving along just fine. a live look i-90 at state route 2. terrence and jackie. and who in their right mind does not claim a $63 million who? >> they're not in the right mind and that is the case in california. the deadline has come and gone and people are shocked the winnings. 63million. oh, my god. >> do you check all of your tickets? >> yes. yes. i am pretty sure i'm not a winner, though. [ laughter ] >> one man is out saying he had the wing ticket but claims lottery officials told him the ticket was too damaged and there was no way to tell if he matched all of the numbers. the unclaimed jackpot, by the way, will go to the state schools. >> and that is good to my alma mater? as you get ready, we have some outfit info for you. wear red. today is national go red for
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>> heart disease is the number one killer of men and women. today is all about raising awareness about women's heart health and learning about the different stages and how to be important. >> yes. >> and if you wear red, send us the pictures. >> certainly. and ahead at 5, you may want to think about a plan b to get your super bowl party. why uber drivers will be in short supply. >> and he ran up the price of a life-saving drug. and -- on capitol hill. the insult he left on twit or his way out of the door.
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. new at 5, snow is falling in some places but don't panic. it's just flurries. we're going to check on the weather and traffic in just a moment. first, we're following breaking news in lake county. a 911 call for a stabbing turns into a deadly deputy involved
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>> reporter: the sheriff's
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