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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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tors into a deadly deputy involved shooting. >> reporter: a deputy repeatedly tells an armed suspect to lower his gun. instead, he raises it and forcing the deputy to fire. i want is to show you footage of the scene. this happened around 10:15 in perry township in the between hundred block of river road. the suspect is identified as thomas hurko, a woman said her aunt was stabbed multiple times. when deputies arrived at the home, they said that thomas was outside. after the shooting, he was taken to madison er where he was pronounced dead. we're digging into his background and found that he doesn't have any criminal filings. there is a news conference this morning where more information about both investigations will be released. meanwhile, the deputies
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-- protocol. and breaking overnight, a riot breaking out after a akron. the officers using pepper spray to get things under control at game. the players, coaches, and people in the crowd got tangled up in the brawl on the court and there is video. we're working to get our hands on that to show you. the school officials, meantime, investigating and they said team and player suspensions are likely here. and let's get a check on the forecast. >> we're waking up to snow- covered carbs and salt line roads and this is a look at ashtabula county. seeing the last of the snow this morning, roaming through the shores and harts grove and between ashtabula and geneva on the lake. we need a purple worth coming down heavier. and into the day, though, the good news is that this is
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move -- out and that morning commute should be dry for everybody. temperatures issue 27 degrees in ashtabula and 19 in coshockton. we'll talk about the weekend forecast. for now, how are the roads? >> a big picture here in the greater cleveland area and looking good. minor slowdowns. i want to let you know we have an accident coming in farther south and route 8 northbound at hudson drive. two lanes are blocked here and just keep that in mind if your travels take you there. another accident in geauga county. no injuries there and this is a backroad area. some of the surfaces cook slick this morning. the drive time, not bad now. ten minutes, 271 northbound richmond to 90 and that will take you 30 minutes. 13 minutes, excuse me, 90 eastbound and crocker to the inner belt is a problem. light go outside from our live look from the odot cam. 271 and chagrin boulevard. the traffic is picking up a bit
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are taking it slow as well. let's go to air tracker 5. where are you right now? >> reporter: we're over the top of west 25th. we saw police -- in the 69s and we thought we would come here and check it out. this is west 25th. again, and not exactly sure what the incidents and that car is pulled over by the officer. we'll keep an eye on this and can't figure out if it's an accident or what the police activity is. we'll keep you updated on this situation as well. and there is not much traffic on 71 and 77 is looking clear and so far so good on the roadways. back to you. >> thank you. and 603 now. the quarterback is now accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend
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this stems from an incident that happened before. no charges were filed by police. in the latest report filed, she and manziel, she said, met up at a dallas hotel and as he became o gressive and acting like he was on drugs, striking her several times, the report said me drove her home to her apartment in her car and hitting her again. the altercation continued until a report said she ran to the neighbor's apartment. before that, the neighbor called police. >> reporter: heard screaming and came out. slow said her boyfriend beat her up. police say she wasup cooperative with police officers and refused to let them take photos of the injuries or charges. manziel denied the allegations to tmz and saying the assault stable. the browns are aware of the
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and coverage of the drama is not over. check out newsnet 5 to read the full police report and look at the other controversies surrounding the quarterback. and some other browns news. a group asked the state to help pay $5 million to move training camp there. a state representative of berea opposes the move to columbus. >> a terrific fan base in northeast ohio that comes out in droves to support the team regardless of performance. >> sure. >> and to see that go to different places in the state where it doesn't exist and where the support is not there. sounds like a crass move. >> and the browns will hold summer. and now details on a high- speed chase and an explosion in akron. this is cell phone video. crash. police were chasing a car for a
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the driver didn't stop and slammed into a pickup. the truck burst into flames. the driver of the car ran off. the police caught up with him. both he and his passenger are in the hospital facing multiple charges. >> and we crashes like the one you saw, the cars can end up as mangled pete -- spices of metal. >> and there is growing concern they don't have the tools they need right away. and one photographer captured this video of police trying to rescue a women trapped inside a car. police and firefighters were on scene within seconds, the jaws of life didn't arrive for another six minutes. >> and i can tell you as recent as 2013, there was a fill service cleveland fire rescue squad with the jaws of life down the block. >> budget cut says moved the rescue squad to a different station.
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60 minutes would have made a life-saving difference. this week, the player proposed a half percent tax increase and money that would fund fire rescue. and 6:06. a case of cleveland police misconduct is heading to trial. in august of 2010, bow the robbery suspect. they yanked on irtease, a boy with disabilities away from his mother and slamming him away from the hot running car and handcuffing him. just yesterday, the sixth court of appeals fought a decision saying the family may proceed lawsuit. the city of cleveland will determine what, if any receive. >> and a march 1st trial date is set for the second man accused of skilling -- killing an elderly couple a year ago. jeffrey stewart facing murder charges in the death of both. stewart and clark broke into
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with duct tape and shot them. stim no arrests this morning in the double homicide of an elyria couple. two vigils are planned for the couple. they were found inside an suv with gunshot wounds outside of an apartment complex you go they didn't live there. the police believe the couple was targeted because they were shot from behind. if you know anything, they're asking for your help. the university of akron senate overwhelmingly gives the administration of vote no confidence. includes budget cutbacks, layoffs and program eliminations. a vote of no confidence is generally used to publicly address satisfaction with school leaders and has no affect on the administration. a former marrieta police officer k9 partner will be able to join him in retirement now. matt hickey purchased a jax from the city for a buck. he retired in january out of
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officials say the dog could still work. a go fund me account is set up to purchase ajax and raised $72,000. that money will go toward buying bullet proof vests. >> and 6:09 on your friday morning. i'm jackie fernandez. >> and i'm terrence lee and this is what is coming up for you on this friday morning, they're in your homes and businesses. meant to keep you and your family safe. they could let the whole world watch your every move. >> an investigation uncovers a loophole giving hackers access to your security system. >> and the so-called bad boy of pharmaceuticals causing more trouble. why a certain expression is sparking united rage this morning on capitol hill.
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. it's 6:12. we have an update from the live desk to breaking news about an hour ago.
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for 87 people trapped in south africa after a building collapsed on the gold mine. a so -- so far, 80 people were rescued and we're working to make more information on this. and this is a live look from the vatican. they called a major impromptu news conference. you see it's underway right now. we don't know what they're announcing here. a vatican spokesman saying it's an urgent announcement, so we're going to be listening in and keeping you updated on that. >> and keep us posted, corrina. thank you. and martin shkreli, the ceo who sparked outrage when he hiked the price of a life- saving drug is causing problems on capitol hill. lawmakers are wanting to know why he marked up the price of a drug from $14 to 750. he refused to answer questions, even laughing and smirking at points. >> i truly believe -- are you listening? >> yes.
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>> after pleading the 5th, he tweeted, quote, hard to accept these imbeciles represent the people in our government. his attorney is now saying he is just misunderstood. and let's get to consumer news this morning for you and there are a lot of people using the hash tag pink tax right now and is referencing unfair products for women versus men. a recent report from the new york city department of consumer affairs finds female versions of products cost more, over 40% of the time they do and that study suggests weem are paying thousands more over their lives to buy the same products as men. the next time you go to the store, get the man shaver and men's shaving cream. a heads up, ub er users getting around town and have a big game is a big challenge sunday. hundreds of driverrers are threatening to strike. they're calling for more money and better working conditions. and light look outside and
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>> and doesn't that look nice? can't see the temperature. it's cold. the good news is that there is no snow falling in cleveland now. and a little bit of snow left in ashtabula and that is moving out of here fast and this is what we're down to. i wouldn't worry about snow this morning. we saw a major temp drop and saw the snow come after the sunshine. this is why. an area of low pressure and extending from that, this cold front is kind of skimming over ohio. not exactly passing through but close enough. and this is good news for us and that means no snow. rather sunshine and this is a look at the model. 33 on friday and today, we're seeing hardly any clouds in the sky. a good amount of sunshine and for your saturday, more clouds and sun.
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before the big weather news comes in and we're seeing more night. the temperatures, 27 degrees in menner right now. cooler in millersburg at 21 and 19 degrees in coshockton and a very cold start standing at the bus stops and that is going to be a chilly morning. today's high, 35 degrees and forecast. everyone is looking forward to this weekend. the super bowl weekend and conditions throughout the night. and that ride back home from the party where we get a chance of snow. looking at traffic. i-71, and you see volume is building a bit. traffic is moving freely and we're issue free. the traffic is moving along just fine.
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this is the past few minutes. we showed you before the break and this is in jester. this serves as a reminder we're seeing slick spots out there. light take you back to the skies here. the official breaking news tracker, air traffic five. rum pum pum pum now? >> we're tracking down the accident on snippet and 77 and over 90 westbound. right about west 98th street. issues. eastbound lanes clear and westbound lanes, the traffic we're dealing with. and into the screen now. we'll keep you updated and track the evident that you made 90. 6:17 now, and the race for a white house, they get heated in the stage of a democratic
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the first debate since o'malley dropped out of the race and they're locked in a tight race. >> and i really don't think these kinds of attacks by insiniation are worthy of you. enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it directly. you won't find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i ever received. >> and i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pack, who is not -- [ indiscernible ] money or special interests. >> the latest polls show sanders leads clinton by as much as 20% in new hampshire. the two democrats only have a few more days to win over voters. and one thing that could affect hillary clinton's vote, a new report from the state department. they said that collin powell and top staffers for condoleezza rice received
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personal e-mail accounts. clinton has been severely -- [ indiscernible ] investigators uncovered a disturbing trend. hacking private security cameras and there are victims here in cleveland. our research found compromising cameras in people's bedrooms and we found a russian website that accessed 73,000ip cameras around the world. and you don't pay for it.
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intimate images, including inside a computer lab at case western reserve. >> it makes me more concerned about where else people have access to seeing and what potential threats that can cause. >> that russian website is making cameras public. people aren't changing the default passwords on the system. you can watch the full investigation and hear from the top camera makers getting hacked on news net and our app. and coming up next for you, cleveland's prices are growing and forcing people to lock up the homes the past few years. >> and if you're trying to lose weight, choosing the salad is the healthier option, right in maybe not, which healthy fast food option is hiding hundreds of calories. you're watching good morning
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. we have a breaking news update from the live desk. the vatican announcing a historic meeting between pope francis and the leader of the russian orthodox church. this is happening february 12th in cuba. you're looking at live pictures of the announcement given by father lombardi. why is it historic? a pope has never met with a leader of the russian orthodox church. the whole goal is to heal things more than a 1,000-year- old divide between christianity
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kind of trying to come together and heal that divide there. somara? we're dealing with snow this morning, aren't we? >> yes, we are and this is a live look at downtown cleveland. a beautiful, clear picture there. you can see no snowflakes are falling out there. that is cold, though. and let's get straight to the radar now. picking up on the last of the snow. it's diminishing quickly and moving out of northeast ohio. right now, south of roaming shores, we're picking up heavier flurries there. other than that, ashtabula county seeing the last of the snow, a few flurries in geauga, south of chardon and i wouldn't worry too much about the snow in the forecast today. talk about the weekend forecast. temperatures at 40 degrees, 42 for your sunday. you're wondering are we going to have to deal with snow, late light snow and rain chances. >> that is where the ride home might be dicey. that is a look at the forecast. over to you. and cleveland city council members are searching for answers to the city's lead problem.
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closed more than 100 of the 340 homes where atlanta's been found the past two years. the problem is that people can still move in to the vacant units at any time. >> there is a rack of enforcement and a lot of issues. get real. if we're not going to set the tone in this city that you have to maintain your property and address the issues, then we need to have people out in the street and have inspectors. >> council members are asking for code enforcement to be a major priority this year. and well, maybe a big one for you and maybe not. if you're looking for a healthier option at mcdonald's, be careful what you choose off of the menus. it has more calories, fat and sodium and a double big mac and comes with real parmesan cheese, petals, and kale, crispy chicken. sounds amazing.
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grams of fat and 1400 mg of sodium. >> terrible choice. not the heart healthy choice. as you get ready today, we have some inspiration for you. wear red. today is national go red for women's day. the number one killer of both men and women, killing one in three women every year. today is about raising awareness about women's health and learning what the different warning signs are and how to be healthy. next on good morning cleveland, a city committee is supposed to ensure that cleveland residents, minorities and women get the job they deserve. they may not get the job done themselves. what our investigators uncovered. >> and all of the breaking news from overnight, including a fight turning violent and an officer forced to shoot and kill a suspect. we'll have a live report from lake county with the latest details.
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. breaking news. a domestic dispute turns deadly when a deputy confronts a suspect. i am live with the latest on the investigation. >> and the flakes, are they going to stick around? let's go to somara theodore. >> and probably stick to this round for now. we're not worried about much snow. ashtabula is seeing the last of it and that is the southern portion of the county. that is going to continue to
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are in the clear for snow today. and that is the good news and defense an overnight process and there is a lot of snow out there and make time for that. hour-by-hour, the temperatures rising to 37 degrees and that could be warmer. we're seeing a great amount of sunshine and that is a look at the power-of-5 forecast and talking about the weekend forecast, too. over to you. and thank you. we're seeing volumes start to build here. 71 northbound and getting reports of an accident. 480 eastbound at granger road. a couple of other trouble spots and a reported accident on i-90 westbound and i-77 and farther south. west 25th street at i-71. and as far as cry times, 25 -- drive times, 12 minutes and the average speed moving along without any troubles at all. we're going to show odot? okay. this is a live look from the odot cam on the ground and before we go to the breaking
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and john rudder is live for us in air traffic 5. what are you seeing out there? >> hey, corrina. we're looking at i-90 and things look like they're moving good right now across the inner belt bridge. we'll try and track down a couple of accidents that you mentioned. if you're heading on i-90, whether it's eastbound or westbound, you can see them in the background there and looks like it's moving along good. no issues to report and tracking down the accidents you're mentioning to see how they're trying -- trying up traffic. and back to you. . >> we really wanted to show you an extended view of the picture from the sky. you know what? our air traffic 5 is really the
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speaking of cleveland, we have to talk about johnny drama man. it's reaching new levels here. the details pouring in about his fight with his ex- girlfriend in texas. some of the allegations are hard to hear. nick foley is looking into this report for you. what are the latest details? >> reporter: this report obtained by the fort worth police department is about three pages of details and incident last weekend in a dallas, texas, area, between johnny manziel and his ex- girlfriend. it began with a night out and ended with a 911 call by a neighbor and police. >> reporter: in this report, she said she met up with him in a dallas hotel and adds he became aggressive the altary --
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ran to a neighbor's apartment and he left the area. it's important to note that he became uncooperative with police officers and refused to show her injuries or let them take pictures of them or file charges. he canned the allegations to tmz and saying the assault never happened and that he is stable. also, the browns say they are aware of this latest police report and have not issued a statement regarding this incident. nick foley for newschannel 5. back to the studio. >> thank you. curious to know if roger goodell will be on gma for an exclusive. our coverage is far from over. and see johnny's other parents -- terres. and convicted of shooting
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he originally told police it was an accident. he had feelings for a girlfriend and that motivated him to kill smith. he announced the next 18 years to life in prison. and also new for you, the president and ceo of resigned. the organization said bill kitson left to pursue other opportunities. cleveland chapter since 2012. the united way board is forming a special committee to find a new president. and now to a 5 on your side investigation, city council committees, they're the back bone of creating legislation and making our community's better. we have found one cleveland committee may not be getting the job done. the workforce and community benefits committee is supposed to make sure that cleveland residents, minorities, and women get the job on taxpayer funned project. they only met six times in two years and that is run by the councilwoman phyllis cleveland and that nobody has come to her about the lack of meetings.
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page, you are still under a water alert. the 12-inch water main erupted yesterday, flooding the street. several businesses as well in that area and crews can fix the break with people living on the south side of up to are urged to boil their water for 24 hours. the water has been sent for testing. the results should be back today. and 6:35. it's a sign that winter is almost over. the indians of cleveland trucks are ready to head to spring training. >> and breaking news later in the skies over progressive field this morning. you see it there? it looks pretty. can you feel spring already? these trucks, their preparations are being made this morning. they're going to roll out later today. you can track their progress all the way to goodyear, arizona, and all of the social media, counts. >> and the catchers report to spring training february 17th. next on your friday morning, 6 people discovered dead inside a clog house. what happened and -- a chicago house. what happened happened and were they related.
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bug posing a big threat to avocado. what is being done to stop it. >> and we want to talk about the temperatures. this morning, it's very cold. 21 degrees in millersburg; 19, coshockton and teens in ashton as well. 24 in cleveland proper. throughout the day, the highs struggle and not breaking the mid- to upper 30s. you need to know plenty of sunshine. the no is out of here. and that is a look at the power of 5 forecast.
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. breaking overnight, a girl's championship game ends in what akron police call a riot. the officers using pepper spray to get things under control. this is at the north ken moore city series game. as soon as the clock ran out in the win, players, coaches and people in the crowd got tangled up in the brawl on the court. and there is video of this. we're working to get our hands on it to show you. school officials investigating and they say team and player suspensions are likely here. and he is not the legendary big foot but maybe the next best thing. this is a rare look at the only known jaguar in the united states. the video was taken by remote sensor cameras.
6:32 am
mountains in arizona, they call him el hef e, espan yellow for the -- hefe, espanol for the boss. and that guy there, a monkey, they saw him running around up to. >> and they showed the picture to show what you they have to look out for and have no idea where he came from but it looks cute there. and president obama is oil. it will be paid by oil companies. it will be used for clean transportation investments. the fee would be applied to imported oil. even so, the proposal is likely to get through a republican- controlled congress. and here are some food for thought. a small bug is posing a big threat to the country's avocados. a scientist in florida is tracking the bug and he said it spreads a fungus that can kill the trees. the beetles native to asia first showed up in 2004.
6:33 am
try and find a way to stop a pest. and you won't see footballs like this one on super bowl sunday. these fashion footballs were dreamed up by the council of fashion designers. >> aha. >> and that is part of the super bowl's 50th anniversary designers. they produced their own bizarre, glitzy, glamorous takes. each piece is auctioned off for charity. i like that one. >> and they're cool. erpicturely inflated. i like that. -- perfectly inflated. overnight in lake county, a sheriff's deputy shoots and kills a suspect in a domestic dispute the the latest information. >> and are you paying for the browns to move to training camp
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
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. welcome to the morning sprint. a weather and traffic team getting you ready to go. somara theodore with what you can expect throughout the day. john rudder is up in air traffic 5 looking for trouble spots on the roads and corrina pysa is watching the odot cameras for you. first, we want to go to breaking news. >> a 911 call turns into a deadly deputy involved shooting. let's go to sarah finey live with more.
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>> reporter: terrence, the slip said when they responded to that call, they were confronted by a man who was outside of the home with a gun. i want to show you some footage when this happened around 10 last night. it happened in the 2900 block of river road in perry township. according to investigators, the woman told dispatchers her aunt had been stabbed multiple times. when deputies arrived, the suspect was outside. the sheriff's office said that deputies told him to drop his gun multiple times and instead he raised it. the woman was life flighted to cleveland because of the severity of her injuries and there is a news conference this morning at 11:30 and where more information will be released. and we made it through the thick of the snow. we're down to a few flurries in ashtabula county, the southern portions and we check here outside of the burton and into
6:37 am
there we go and a few flurries in geauga county. the good news, the snow is out of here and this is what we saw some of the cooler weather and the snow. the cold front is skimming over ohio and now the high pressure is building n.h -- building in and let's look at the hour-by- hour forecast here. we're zooming through the future cast. you will notice two -- note two things. one is the temperature, 4:00 p.m. and there is very little cloud coverage. a good amount of sunshine breaking through. the clouds roll in and saturday afternoon, i am sorry, saturday, is going to be a cloudy day and as we head into sunday, we'll get a bit of a break. then, the snow and rain return on sunday night. and let's take a look at temperatures now. you're waking up to 27 degrees in menner. if you're standing at the bus stop in coshockton, listen to mom and dad and put on the coat. twenty degrees in canton; 22 in elyria.
6:38 am
the highs reaching 35 degrees. on the upside, we have a good amount of sunshine. in the power-of-5 seven-day forecast, what you will notice is the weekend forecast. again, saturday and sunday, around 40 degrees and mild temperatures. the good news is that we're not going to see much in the way of night, after the favorite team wins and that is a look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast. over to you. >> go teams. >> thanks somara. and seeing volume on the grams here, the shoreway, 91 northbound as well. an accident, i-480 eastbound at granger road and this is partially blocking the offramp there and another report of an accident, i-90 westbound near e- 77, excuse me, and west 25th street at i-71. we had an earlier accident as -- accident as well. and the drive time, not too bad and 13 minutes heading 90 eastbound. crocker to the inner belt and downtown. the speeds are moving along without troubles at all and this is a live look from the
6:39 am
area of the accident on 480o at granger road. looks like they moved the camera a bit. we can't see where the accident is but we have a view in the skies for you from air tracker 5. john rudder is live over the scene of the accident. what can you see? >> reporter: as you mentioned, i-480 and granger road, this is on the exit ramp and has a portion of it shut down. the cars are able to get by, but the pace is significantly slowed and doesn't look like it's backing up traffic a lot. we'll give you a wider look. you can see the volume is starting to build, though, and the eastbound lanes of i-480. as far as traffic tieups, looks like it's slowing things down a bit, maybe on the exit ramp and not too bad as you can see. they have a portion of this ramp closed down but they are still -- cars are able to get by is come that is how things back to you. and i'm going to take it
6:40 am
nick foley with more unwanted attention for johnny manziel. this stems from an incident last weekend between manziel and his ex-girlfriend colleen crowley. and in a latest report by fort worth police, she said that she met up with manziel at a dallas hotel and adds he became aggressive and acting like he was on drugs and striking her several times. manziel drove her home to her apartment and car hitting her again. the altercation continued at the apartment until the report said she ran to a neighbor's apartment before that neighbor called police. it's important to know that crowley became uncooperative with police officers and refused to well the them take pictures of her injuries or file charges. he denies the accusations to tmz and that the assault never happened, that he is stable. the browns for their part are aware of the filed police report and are not making a statement at this time. nick foley for newschannel 5 and back to jackie.
6:41 am
and i this is more browns news. a columbus group apparently asked the state to build a $5 million pro prafacility for the browns at ohio state to move training camp there. have no fear. they will still be holding corrina. and breaking overnight from the live desk here, jackie. a girl's championship game in akron ends in a riot. the officers haven't used pepper spray to get things under control and this is at the north city series game as the clock ran out. in the 64-62 win. players and coaches, people in the crowd got tangled up in the brawl on the court and there is video of this. we're working to get our hands on it to show you. telling us they're investigating and say team and here. we'll keep you updated. and a new cell phone video showing the aftermath of a high- speed chase in akron. you see it there. excuse me, we now know that police were chasing a car for a minute before calling the chaseoff on wednesday. the driver didn't stop and went
6:42 am
cans of gasoline and burst into flames. badly burns. the man in the car are both facing charges this morning. >> and crashes like those first of life. yesterday. the police and fire crews tried to rescue a tripped woman using their bear hands. the juice of life arrived six minutes after first responders. the recent budget cuts moved that squad to a different station. this week, the mayor proposed a half cent tax increase to help fund fire rescue. and an offduty officer is recovering after being dragged by a car. he was working as a security guard at day's supermarket on east 40th yesterday. he chased after a person shoplifting, who dragged him with their vehicle and he fired four rounds before being freed. nobody was shot in that incident. and officials trying to track down someone who pointed lasers at pilots. it happened while two plane says were trying to land at
6:43 am
the area of cliffton and west 117th. lasers can temporarily blind a pilot, making it dangerous. anyone caught could face a $25,000 fine or jail time. and this morning, the university of akron senate overwedgingly voting they have no confidence. it follows a year of controversy and is used to address the satisfaction with school leaders and has no affect on the administration. a former marrieta police officer ask, 9 partnership will join him. he purchased a jacks from the city yesterday for 1 dollar. and city officiald the doll could still work and the k9 would have to be sold at auction. a go fund me account set up to purchase ajax raised $72,000 that money will go towards
6:44 am
and today, a special honor for cleveland native jesse owens. presentation celebrating the 80th anniversary of the four gold medals at the 1936 berlin olympic games. he was a graduate of east tech high school. >> and he's considered one of the greatest track-and-field athletes of all time. >> and that is coming up february 19th, somara. >> i saw the previews. it looks phenomenal. and temperatures right now, 29 degrees in ashtabula and checking in with you. you have been seeing the bulk of the snow this morning. and not too bad. this is it, what is left. you're waking up to drier conditions and a lot of snow on the ground. it's in the southern portion of the county and give it time. it should be out of here the next half hour or hour. staying dry throughout the day and highs around 35. i have good news for you. that is a look at the neighborhood forecast.
6:45 am
. we have breaking news we have been following from the live desk here. the vatican announcing a historic meeting between pope francis and the leader of the russian orthodox church. this never happened before and that is why it's historic. an announcement given earlier by father lombardi set to take place february 12 th in cuba. the goal is to find common ground and healing in the 1,000- year divide between christianity in the east and west. jackie and terrence. >> fascinating there. 6:55 right now. six people found dead in a chicago home. >> and police are investigating this as a murder/suicide and heartbreaking here. according to our affiliate in chicago, the members of the same family. the victims are two grandparents, son and daughter and two grandchildren. the police were called to a home when an employee noticed the man had not shown up for work for two days. if you plan to do your taxes this weekend, file online again.
6:46 am
computer system outage on wednesday. they had to stop prodressing -- processing returns because of the issue. if you filed, your refund shouldn't be delayed. >> and the race to the white house, burnie knowa -- bernie sanders and hillary clinton getting heated on the stage. the two fought over who was more progressive and where campaign donations are coming from. the new polls show sanders leads clinton by 20% in new hampshire. and democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is taking up flint's cause. she will visit the city on sunday to push for approval of federal aid. the democrats in congress proposed a $600 million package to help flint recover from the lead crisis. if you depend on uber, you need to hear this. getting around town or watching the super bowl could be a challenge on sunday. uber drivers are threatening to strike, calling for more money and better working conditions. forecast. >> and let's do that now. radar.
6:47 am
you can see nothing left and we head throughout the day, great news. the temperatures in the upper 30s, better than yesterday and the good news, i should say, is the amount of sunshine we're seeing. and some minors expressd -- minor issues on the road. this accident is from air traffic 5, 480 eastbound at granger road and this is partially blocking the offramp there. keep that in mind. coming up on "good morning america," nfl commissioner roger goodell talks exclusively to robin roberts. they will talk about a new rule requiring teams to interview women for executive positions and no question is off-limits. so, deflategate probably, too. >> and right now, you might be picking out your outfit for the day. please wear red, the color we are rocking this morning. >> today is national go red for women day. the campaign raising awareness of women's had are the the health -- health. >> and if you're going to the cleveland convention center later today for good go red for women, introduce yourself. i can't wait to meet you.
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