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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. good afternoon, i'm leon bibb. starting the broadcast on the the noon hour with information into our newsroom. lake county deputies just wrapped up a news conference on this morning's fatal officer- involved shooting. we now know the name of the man killed. 54-year-old thomas herkel was shot to death by a sheriff's deputy when he refused to drop his weapon inside a home. inside the house, the officials
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shot in the chest and back. survive. was an air soft gun. they didn't know that at the time. at one point, he yelled at them that it was, quote, time to die. the deputies involved in the shooting are on administrative leave and that is standard protocol for officer-involved shootings. new at the noon hour, police are investigating a double homicide. the scene was around 2:00 this morning on babcock road. the police arrive to find two people dead inside a home. a third person is in police custody and is being questioned. the medina county sheriff's department is assisting in this investigation. and there is still no arrests this afternoon in the double murder of an elyria couple. and tonight, two vigils are planned in memory of 32-year- old michael lewis and 22-year- old fanny lewis. their bodies were found with gunshot wounds found inside an suv outside of an apartment complex. they did not live there because
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the police believe the couple was targeted. and happening today, the memorial service for former congressman mike oxley. he died on new year's day from cancer. he served in congress for 25 years and was 71. his body will be laid to rest this afternoon in finley -- findly, ohio. some metro parks officials are looking into a fire that destroyed the shady hollow pavilion in san ron metro parks. the facility was built in 1988 and frequently rented for parties in the akron area. the pavilion is considered a total loss. dogwood trail, passing in front of shady hollow is closed right now. anyone with an event scheduled in the park in summit county should call for a refund or make new plans. the university of akron's faculty senate overwhelmingly gave the administration there a no confidence vote.
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of controversy that swirled around cutbacks, and layoffs and it's generally used to publicly address the faculty's dissatisfaction on the faculty. and you tonight have to head west to see exotic wildlife. men everybodia park police put out an alert yesterday saying's howeller monkey is running around the town. they posted this picture to show people what to look for and that they have no clue where the monkey came from in minerva park, ohio. let's check in on all of ohio. the monkey is confused because of the warmer weather, winter, right? a beautiful picture but the
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mark and the drier weather is pushing to the weekend as well. 32 in cleveland; 31, wooster; 31, mansfield and 28 in ashtabula. 32, new philly and norwalk at 32 degrees. today, you will notice the beautiful sunshine with some added clouds. overnight lows drop into this 20s and the clouds keep them from bottoming out. some warming afternoon temperatures ahead and looks like snow will make a return. and dealing with old man winter is on the agenda in northeast ohio, although at times there have been hiddens of summer are heading for baseball's spring time. the story of the cleveland indians.
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baseball spring training in arizona. >> reporter: the chill is back here in cleveland, but it's just 12 days until pitchers and catchers return to goodyear, arizona, for indian spring training. before the players get there, the hard work is underway to make sure they're ready to perform at their best. >> this is great -- 60, 65 kids on a two-month vacation. where is this and that. >> reporter: 11 cases of water, 1,000 pounds of sunflower seeds. among the hall, the equipment team loading into two teenagers and we mean long. >> and that is over 2,000 depends on the weather. >> reporter: and pitchers and catchers will report to goodyear, arizona, on february 17th, with a full team expected nick foley for newschannel 5. and the baseball season opener is a few is weeks away.
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at the cavs game tomorrow, the nba will launch exciting new technology. the three-point line will light up and appear to glow when a player attempts to jump from beyond the three-point ark. it's called espn virtual 3 and debuts in tomorrow's game between the cavs and spurs. going for the big 3. and tonight's cavs game, a special halftime presentation for black history month. they will honor olympian jesse owens, a native of cleveland and a track-and-field legend. he earned four gold medals at the 1936 berlin olympics. it will feature actor james who plays him in the upcoming movie "race." that presentation is at halftime during tonight's game at the q and that is not the tipoff is at 7:30. >> and we big changes in the presidential polls. who has a big lead in new hampshire ahead of next week's primary election. >> and a state of emergency
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a u.s. state. . >> and plus, a happy ending to a weeklong nightmare for a retired marrieta k9 officer. is that and more. this is noon at the leon hour.
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. this is news at the noon hour and just in, just released jobs report from washington shows the unemployment rate is at the lowest level in eight years; how far, the u.s. trade deficit is up and exports have
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since the recreation. that is a sign that while the u.s. is doing well, globally economies are on the weak side still. and economies say the strong jobs number should quell worries that were on the verge of another recreation. and in democracy 2016 coverage, there is a big shift in the polls on the democratic side in new hampshire. senator bernie sanders is new leading hillary clinton by 20 points. the two went head-to-head last night in the last debate before voters go to the polls in the state of new hampshire. >> she has the entire establishment or almost the them. because, honestly, bernie sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. >> just about the only thing they didn't fight about, clinton's e-mails. sanders saying he refuses to
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and on the other side of the aisle, jeb bush is turning for his mother to help his lagging campaign. the former first lady joined her son at a rally in new hampshire today. bush is acknowledging he should have had a stronger ground operation in iowa. he came in sixth in the hawkeye still ahead, amazing images out of manhattan, new york, where officials are on the scene still of a deadly collapse of a crane. now here's tera. >> and it's still chilly out there. a warm-up is coming. 47 for your sunday. snow and rain chances to talk week in minutes.
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. there are new details about the panels reviewed in julian assange's case. he has been living in the ecuador embassy in london for more than three years, fighting sweden to extradite him on rape allegations. the u.n. panel said that he is a victim of arbitrary detention
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he feels vindicated by the outcome. and historic news from vatican city this afternoon. pope francis and the leader of the russian orthodox church will meet in cuba next week, the first step toward healing the 1,000-year-old schism that divided christianity between the east and west. this is the first-ever meeting between the leaders of both faiths. new at the noon hour, firefighters -- [ indiscernible ] d crane collapse in lower manhattan. after 8:00 this morning and in the neighborhood of new york. the crane fell across several parked cars, smashing their roofs in and damaging nearby buildings. not a crane but a mine collapse in south africa. this is an update to a story we brought you. rescued. the collapsed mine had a building collapse over it and
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rescue efforts continue right now for the three still missing there. and out of japan, a volcano on an island there erupted sending lava down the slope. lightning. seeing ash particles and the eruption in japan is considered volcano's past eruptions. the zika virus continues to be a concern today. it will continue the mosquito- controld -- [ indiscernible ] in the spring and summer. it involves monitoring the known beating areas and killing mosquito larvae. there are no known cases of the virus in ohio and --d governor agreed to help with the emergency there and -- [ indiscernible ] the state's
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compares that to the hurricane. it's in current cases and -- [please stand by-audio difficulties] -- they discovered active zik, a virus. and the first indication that it could be passed to a fisherman. also -- because the zika outbreak there. police officers are celebrating because he will get the keep to k9 partnership and -- k9 partner. the four-legged friend.
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the k9 partner -- not to worry. more than $70,000 raised in a good cause. right. >> god bless him. >> the go fund me campaign mean will be donated to a program that buys bullet proof vests nice story. >> good news. >> a good way to end the story and get into the weather situation. and -- on that side today. sunshine and it's still cold out there. >> tera blake, tell me more. and going through that look and that brilliant sunshine over cleveland, barely any clouds out there. that is a different story from this morning and had some leftover stuff. didn't cause problems and there is some here. a few clouds already starting
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i do expect that we're going to see a warm-up. a little above normal much you met to but not by much. the current one is at 8 miles an hour and i feel like we're down still at 25 and let's look at northeast ohio and the temperatures into the afternoon hours. they will remain in the 30s. 35 in minerva; 30, burton and jefferson, and freezing in barberton and canton, 33 degrees; 35, wadsworth and 34 in medina. a little better, new london, 36 and 35 in vermilion. near the freezing mark in avon lake and westlake and any afternoon plans, going to need the heavier jackets. you don't need it to keep it free from snow and the wayne fall. we expect the high pressure to domsenate as the weak front
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forecast and allows warmer air to get there. because of the winds, they lighter than yesterday, it's still creating the windchill factor. i want you to dress for miles an hour ashtabula. 23 afternoon plans for you and that is what it feels like in wooster; 26s, mansfield; 21, norwalk and coshockton and some 30s in there, too and everyone feeling the gusts into the afternoon. the high is 10, 11 miles an hour. and snow-free for today. we'll see activity to the north of us into the west of us. because of the front, we start out your saturday nice and quiet. the temperatures warming better into the upper 30s and lower 40s and that is going to be more cloud cover for saturday and those clouds are stick around into sunday and that is where the 40s start to appear. it also brings in rain snow chances as soon as the warm temperatures are gone and so, if you have any plans into next
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as we see the 15% chance going into a 16% chance and that is not just a lake affect snow chance. and it's more widespread now the big snowmaker next week as well. 37, the daytime high and under mostly sunny skies going to be cold tonight. the overnight low is 28. and power-of-5 seven-day forecast, 39 for saturday and 47 on sunday. the snow chances back and so is the cold, real cold by wednesday at 24 and remember, you can find us on the radio. we're on. and we give you this reminder as well. catch a brand new edition of academic challenge saturday night at 7:00 on newschannel 5.
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new philadelphia and orange. $20,000 in grant money. the academic challenge is hosted by meteorologist jason
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. that is it for us.
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. >> hi, i'm sarah carns. this valentine's day, you can keep the romantic spark in the relationship going with a gift from ambiance, the store for lovers. the president jennifer downy is here to share more. thank you very much, jennifer. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm great. i love valentine's day. >> me, too. >> a fun time of the year. i am sure you do. >> what is -- why is valentine's day important for couples to celebrate? fast. we don't take the time to tell the person we love that we love them and we want to spend time with them, that they excite us again. opportunity to do that.
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person you love them. >> and you're right on with that. tell me what, are some hot gifts you can give? >> lingerie is always fun. you can buy it for your partnership or dress up and be the gift yourself -- for your partner or dress up and be the gift yourself. the games we offer are nice to get things started again. sometimes couples need to get things started again and the game is the great way to do it. you follow the rules and do what the game said. another thing is a massage. it relax everybody and feels good and gets that connection going, whether it's meantally or/and physically. >> and stop in and give ideas as well. >> we have tops. >> and seems like it's more about the experience, too. tell me about that? >> that is the experience. you can give a gift, it's what you do that creates the warm wonderful feeling you share and giving it a nice gift is wonderful, but creating a special evening that you can
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can bring back and bring back some of the passion all year long. that is great. >> and light go to next year. >> absolutely. >> and thank you so much. for more information, log on to
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