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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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answered later this breaking developments with johnny manziel. he is now being investigated by police. this story changing by the minute. news channel 5 anchor chris flanigan has been working the phones online and live in the newsroom with what's happening. >> reporter: this happened fast. a restraining order against manziel's earlier, now they have been trying to reach him more than a week. jimmy haslam telling reporters hours ago that he has not been able to reach his quarterback after his ex-girlfriend told police that he had and
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weekend. >> we are investigating him like we would any player. i think it's a personal issue now, not a football issue. >> reporter: within the past department releasing a statement saying the case is not close, they are reopening it, and criminal charges could be brought against the former heisman trophy winner. just a few hours before that, a dallas tv station reported that johnny's x gave a statement to the dallas pd and wanted district attorney to file charges. they note on the report a protective order was signed by a judge today, barring manziel from being within 500 feet of his asked for two years, if he violates the terms come he could face up to a year in jail, and the day started with manziel's agent dropping him as a client. this as the nfl says it's not launching its own investigation into the latest johnny manziel incident. and, manziel's father tells a dallas newspaper that johnny has twice refused to enter rehab this week. his father says it has gotten so bad he fears if his son does
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to his 24th birthday. my receipt says i was little were in there for only two minutes. segment video you will only see a 5 tonight, a local police questioning a mother after she reportedly left her little ones in the car to go shopping. news channel 5's frank wiley is live in south euclid tonight. >> reporter: i dropped by the family's house, no one answered the door. police say the mother who worked in the medical field could have had a much worse outcome. snowflakes that the backdrop for this competition. it went down in h&r block on warrensville center road in a walmart parking lot. you're looking at police body cameras video. >> my suggestion is that you go ahead and say to the child. >> reporter: deputy young says an anonymous customer heard crying in the backseat of a toyota corolla. to degrees wooden windows, no one thought and off. >> they both went and walmart,
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in the car and went out shopping. >> reporter: that woman, the mother, is -- perkins. she and the child's father, deonte butler turned off the engine. >> i don't have money to pay for a ticket by that. >> reporter: she did tell police freshman the judgment call. leaving the 4-year-old to play babysitter. >> anybody could have come here, broke into a window and done whatever they wanted to. >> reporter: police assisted this intervention worked in her favor. now, police say endangering children is not a felony, so the only issued a ticket. for now, live in south euclid, frank wiley, news channel 5. new tonight, a jury found a 29-year-old akron man guilty of murder for stabbing another man to death at chapel hill mall. dendre baskerville and terrence rogers started fighting inside the mall. the continued fighting outside where rogers -- dendre baskerville stabbed rogers in the neck. he will be sentenced later this month.
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waiting for adoption are suffering in an outdated facility. the big question tonight, where is cleveland's new kennel. we sent 5 on your side investigator, joe pagonakis out. >> reporter: those who volunteer here say it's simply not enough. >> i invite them to come down here and take a walk and say are you okay with this and how long are you going to be okay. >> reporter: cleveland kennel volunteers kenneth and janine are just 200 -- one of 200 animal advocates wondering when a new kennel will be built. cages stacked on top of each other in a cramped, integrated facility. >> very depressing and archaic inside. it's not humane. the dogs ultimately are suffering. >> reporter: for several years, the city stumbled into developing a new kennel. mallory says the city better get his priorities straight. >> you get these wonderful
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other special projects, but this is treating animals humanely which keeps getting shuffled off again. sohn says he understands the urgency of this key projects. >> we only have one kennel in the city and we need to get it right and build the facility as >> i understand their frustration. >> reporter: i took this case to assistant safety director, tennessee, who assures me construction will start in the fall. but animal advocates say they have read the script before. >> i will believe it when i see it. i hope that it does come for the dog. that's ultimately what it's about. >> reporter: some more formal plans are drying up for the kennel, the city is open to take digs in june and hopes to break ground in october but animal advocates of the city will live up to this promise. reporting live in cleveland, i'm 5 on your side investigator, joe pagonakis. the reason -- the weekend is finally here, mark, it's a
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>> very, very quiet. clouds have moved in because we have a week little cold front right about here. it's going to slide in and fade away during the overnight. again, all you're going to see are really clouds from this front. the radar does show a couple of what looks like snowflakes but no reports of any flakes reaching the ground. could there be an isolated for a? sure. but not likely areawide. 34 cleveland, akron. 29 ashtabula, clouds moving in. days, you're looking at quiet and dry weather. good news there. things get very interesting next week. maybe enough snow to shovel. we will talk more about that coming up, don't go away. new information tonight on the two little ones who had to be revived with the anti- overdose drugs, , when they hospital unconscious. 9 and 21-month-old have been released from the hospital and our investor care. police are investigating the mother and believe the children
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are still waiting for toxicology reports. the number of drug-related deaths in ohio has reached a staggering new high. 2520 15 alone. >> and now, a life-saving drugs used by first responders is giving help to victims and families. and it's available without a prescription. only on the -- only on 5, news channel 5's homas bash asked doctors, could this become a clutch? >> it clearly is a wonder drug. >> reporter: naloxone, or narcan, can bring someone in seconds back from the dead. soon it will be available without a prescription at cbs and while screens. running $50 a dose, it is meant for family and friends of an addict to keep it on hand when the very worst happens. >> is this going to be enabling products?
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>> reporter: doctor paap runs a clinic, she says with the numbers of overdoses quadrupling, she says there are only benefits to the antidote reaching more victims quicker. and she's not alone. >> police are the latest to get the doses from project dawn. officers will carry them in their bags because they are the ones seen every night how bad the heroine academic is getting in the suburbs. >> it'll keep them from dying. >> reporter: those overdoses are not just hitting hard in summit county. in lorain, officer save 75 live since they started carrying the narcan nasal spray in 2013. and in cleveland, ems paramedics have had it for the last 25 years. >> we are not using it every day, -- we are using it if not every day, every other day. >> reporter: reporting in cleveland, homa bash, news channel 5. >> right now, only cleveland police and first responders carry the antidote. the city is researching a police officer should also be equipped with it. ohio governor john kasich held his town hall in into this
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support before tuesday's primary. news channel 5's john kosich is in new hampshire where people side different side. >> reporter: good evening from manchester where john kasich held his 100th town hall since entering the race for the white house, 199 days ago, more than any other candidate in this presidential race. into celebratory fashion, he was joined by former ohio state buckeye, mike grable, serving up cake for books in new hampshire. townhouse or something that voters not only expect the demand. like an eternal, this was made up of questions from the audience including one of ohio's handling of the lead in the water in sebring. >> we have warned the village to tell everybody that there was a risk. we have sent test out. we have had controllers in their working to make sure chemicals are right because the water coming in, sir, is clean.
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done that, we took the operator and got rid of him. and the federal epa came in and said ohio did more than what was even required of them. >> reporter: the situation in flint, michigan came up in last night democratic to brace. it is possible the situation in sebring could come up in tomorrow night's debate and it will be the opportunity for candidates in the race to make closing arguments before the first of the nation primary tuesday, a debate you can only see right here on news channel 5. reporting in manchester, john kosich, news channel 5. >> john will be in new hampshire for tomorrow's debate and primary tuesday. catches live reports here on news channel 5 and updates on news net 5. when i saw my son, his mouth was stuffed with cause. >> controversial tactics to calm students. used thousands of times that ohio schools. >> hundreds of kids hurt. >> my head was hit against a chalkboard ledge and i ended up
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>> the tactics are supposed to be limited. so, why are they still being used and what are we learning from it? >> i don't know if the abuse is the right word but i certainly want them treated right. >> our investigator takes a closer use -- look at the use
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controversial methods of discipline known as a seclusion and restraint are limited by
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still being used in classrooms. tonight 5 on your side investigation reveals ohio schools are ignoring rules meant to keep students safe. >> investigator sarah buduson is here. sarah, these tactics can be dangerous. >> reporter: they can. hundreds of students were injured in just one school year. we first told you about problems with the methods last fall. when we found incidents were massively underreported. now, we of uncovered another way ohio schools fail their most vulnerable students. this is how jordan zimmermann communicates. >> i am able to educate people and help others see that anything is possible. >> reporter: she types the words, her ipad does the talking. at 20 years old, she has found her voice, a voice silenced for most of her life.
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i felt trapped. >> reporter: jordan has autism and his nonverbal. >> conversations and things that i wanted to contribute but was not able to. >> reporter: imagine, until she figured out how to use her ipad, jordan could not share her hopes, dreams and feelings, or cry out for help. help she needed at a place where she should have felt safe. >> i don't know if the abuse is the right word, but i certainly was not treated right. >> reporter: for years, jordan said she was routinely restrained by staff at the school she attended, sometimes as many as five times a day. this is what restraint can look like. in this video, middle school student, shawn green, is held down for two men by seven minutes. >> i think i may have gotten a concussion when i was being restrained at hudson high school one day. my head got hit against a in the hospital. continuing to happen. >> reporter: kristin hildebrandt is the senior ohio. for 25 years and she has got to
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restraint and seclusion. that's when a student is walk alone inside of her room like this especially built one. >> in a perfect world, yes, we should never use them. but it's not a perfect world. >> reporter: in 2013, ohio finally limited their use. schools can now only use of seclusion and restraint as a last resort. but when 5 on your side investigators reviewed this database of reported incidents, we found districts openly disregard the law. more than 20,000 were reported just during the 2014-2015 school year. 50% more than the year before, when the new rules took effect. >> sometimes people treat him like he is a contagious disease, or like you stupid. >> reporter: her son, keep, was hurt. he also has autism. after acting up across, his
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by forcing him into a purple socks, a form of restraint. he fell and knocked out his front teeth. >> when i saw my son, his mouth was stuffed with cause and it was bloody. i could tell he had been crying. >> reporter: the special therapeutic device was never prescribed and should only be used by a trained practitioner, not his teachers. >> those were criminal actions. i would have liked to see them do jail time. >> reporter: you would think schools try to prevent incidents. after all, the law says they are supposed to. but as we come through the state database of the more than 20,000 incidents, we found just 8% resulted in the creation of behavior plans. the majority resulted in no action at all. >> there is more work. there's work to be done on behalf of school districts and the efforts they are making. >> reporter: we talked to susan zake last fall, the student education teacher in charge of making sure schools follow state rules. we wanted to talk to her again
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down our request for an interview. >> i'm not aware of any proactive efforts by the department of education to actually go into school districts on a regular basis to see what they are doing. >> reporter: when schools follow the rules, the difference can be dramatic. take jordan. >> i have internal fights with my body on a daily basis. sometimes i bite my fingers, bang my head against the wall, or run out of the building. >> reporter: but she has not been restraint even wants this school year, because at mentor high where she is finishing up her senior year she has a support plan. >> my principles or teachers will give me hand or head squeezes any time. if i am having a bad day sometimes i just sit in a quiet area. >> reporter: for the first time, jordan is what she always wanted to be. a regular high school student who can't wait to go to college
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voices waiting to be heard. >> i want to go to college and study education. i want to be a special education teacher so i can assist students who are so smart internally but need some extra help showing their true potential. a spokesperson for the ohio department of education set up a statement saying the proactive -- department is to proactively trying to reduce the number of incidents and reaches out to school districts with unusual numbers of complaints. and hudson city schools says training staff to avoid physical interventions is, quote, a high priority. on your side, i'm investigator sarah buduson, news channel 5. twitter is fighting back against terrorism in its own way. it is using spam technology to black and shutdown accounts that may be promoting terrorist activity. twitter suspended 125,000 accounts in the last eight months. most were either associated with or supported isis. all right, mark, it's finally the weekend and national weather person day
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did you have a good day? >> i had a very good day. timeout for all of the well wishes and treats. my stomach and waistline thank you. nice weather and pleasant weather for your super bowl weekend. let's take a look at what's going outside right now. quiet, cool, calm, all of those q and c words out there. a beautiful night to be in cleveland if you have your coat on. the heavy storms are close but not appear in northern ohio, moving up toward halifax, 6 to 8 inches, downpours mainly in new york city. for us we are watching a few isolated flakes here and there. again, with the leading edge of some cloud cover moving in, could pre-producing an isolated flurry, lake geauga, ashtabula, portage, stark, and carol counties could be seen in the next hour an isolated flakes.
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34 currently in cleveland and akron. 31 to canton, 34 ashland, 29 ashtabula. certainly no arctic air as of yet. now, we are going to see some next week, but this weekend looking good. southerly breeze at 7 miles per hour, 34 degrees temps. arctic air trapped to our north, because it is a zonal flow. moving from west to east. so there is no northerly component here that would drop in this arctic air. so, what we see to our west, 30s and lower 40s, that's what's coming our way saturday. i think even lower in middle 40s for your sunday. so, very pleasant weather for early february, i should say. sunshine. we do have a tiny weeks cold front trying to move in overnight tonight but it's not doing anything to us, just some class. stories with the east. here's outfront, it fades away, it goes bye-bye and some weak disturbances to the north until
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strong alberta clipper begins to move our way and is likely going to spread snow in beginning early monday morning. your morning rush-hour could be a bit dicey as we see study, light to moderate snow. than more scattered snow throughout your monday. right now, 1 to 3 inches, maybe 2 to 4 inches for a lot of you by the end of monday evening. 27 tonight, mostly cloudy. one or two flakes, maybe three. okay, i will give you four, that would be it. tomorrow, near 40. sun cloud mix. excellent night to get outside and enjoy the weather in february. tomorrow, 39 degrees with a lot of sunshine. now you're 7-day forecast. this is what you want to see as we move into your holiday, super bowl holiday, weekend. here's your snow, 1 to 3, scattered snow, tuesday, here's the arctic air coming wednesday, thursday, friday,
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teens with lake effect snow. manziel's struggles continue. next in sports, we talk more about the quarterbacks latest issues with his personal life and career. also, the cavs hosting the celtics and heartbreaker,
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the struggle surrounding johnny manziel seems to be never ending. today, the downfall continued for the former heisman trophy winner, as chris told you earlier, according to wfaa, a judge signing a protective order keeping johnny away from his ex-girlfriend for two years and ordering him to pay $12,000 in legal fees. in addition, the report says crowley has given a statement charges against manziel. former agent, eric burkart, releasing a statement parting ways with the quarterback. in a statement, he says, quote, though i will remain a friend and johnny's supporter and he knows i have worked tirelessly
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professional options for him to continue to pursue, it has become painfully obvious that his future rest solely in his own hands, and court. johnny manziel's father, paul manziel, also expressing concerns for his son, telling the dallas morning news that if his son does not get help, he does not think he will make it to his 24th birthday. this all comes on the heels of an incident with his ex- girlfriend, colleen crowley where she accused manziel of abusive and suicidal behavior. .com tonight for the first game of the five-game homestand, cavs hosting the celtics for a game they beat earlier this season, cavs leaving early on in this one, fourth quarter, kevin love, sees bye-bye with the jumper, up on the night. passport to the fourth quarter. cavs trail, 92-88. smith continuing to show his
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he nets one down from the arc. this game coming down literally to the last seconds heard from the corner at the buzzer, aviary -- avery bradley hits loses 104-103. also kevin love left the game early with a thigh injury. college rings, akron hosting michigan, akron williams closing the gap and down from beyond the arc. williams with a game-high 22 points off the bench, now tied at 20. this is looking good from three- point land tonight. and, tino jackson getting the triple of his own, he had four of those tonight, they win, 92- 87. cleveland state hosting oakland tomorrow, before tomorrow night, they will retire cole's jersey who was chosen to the first round of
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he will be in town, he now plays for the -- you are set to take on the cavaliers tomorrow night. coal will become the third player in cleveland history to have his jersey retired.
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we want to thank you for watching news channel 5 at 11:00. >> have a great weekend, and once again, happy national weather person day, mark. >> will you be nice to me next week? >> it's over, done.
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