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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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more trouble for johnny manziel, dropped by his agent and named in a criminal investigation. now we are learning the browns owner hasn't been able to contact him for r a week. video you will see on 5, police questioning the mom after she releft her little ones in the car to go shopping. we look at downtown cleveland
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welcome to good morning cleveland. i'm the chill was back yesterday. >> slightly. we are starting to warm up again. weekend warm up. >> once again for the weekend. a warm up here, back in to the upper 30s and mid 40s as we head in to tomorrow. now, we are off to a slow start towards madina in to the upper 20s, towards the south in to inland locations. just the freezing mark. we will continue to see the warming trend. today will be a nice day with partly to mostly cloudy skies a few hits of sunshine here and there. i think inland locations you deal with more of the cloud coverage to summit county, see the clouds are floating through, stray showers towards ashtabula county. look at the wider picture, see the clouds tracking in from the west. a little bit of high pressure that is trying to build.
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bit of sunshine, a weak cold through. going in to 3:00 p.m., look at the bright sunshine, with our highs back in to the upper 30s. we want to start with sad breaking news this morning from overnight, one person is dead after a house fire on cleveland's east side. firefighters responded after 2:00 p.m. we spoke with the fire official, who told us crews fought the fire for over three hours, investigators are looking in to the cause of this fire. this is a developing story we will bring you more updates throughout the morning as we get them. top story this morning, johnny manziel a part of a criminal investigation. dallas police are looking in to the possibility of charges against the troubled quarterback after a domestic
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one of many problems manziel is facing. >> the problems with johnny manziel are changing on the minute. his girlfriend is cooperating. the incident happened a week ago, january 30th. the day crowley told policeman sel hit and threatened to kill her. -- told police, manziel hit and threatened to kill her. his ex-filed a protective order against johnny, he can't go within 500 feet of crowley for the next two years or could face jail time. a brown's owner says he hasn't been able to get ahold of his quarterback in nearly a week. >> we reached out several times. just like we would any player. it's enough said on the issue. it's a personal issue, not a
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>> his agent dropped him as a client and his father telling a dallas newspaper, johnny refused to enter rehab twice this week. questions about johnny's future with the browns. a mother in trouble after leaving her children in her car while she went shopping. anonymous customer heard the kids crying in the backseat and called south euclid police. this is body camera video. officers say hope perkins and the father turned off engine and left the children while they shopped at wal-mart. she put her 4-year-old in charge of babysitting and she is charged with child
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an amber alert canceled after it was issued. deputies were called to the scene of a child abduction. a fight went to two women escalated and one drove off with the other's child. the child was quickly found safe and now back with her mother, rayna becker, brandon ramsey and jayson ramsey facing felony abduction charges this morning. another loss isn't the only thing cash fans are worried about. coven love left the game with an injury. he collided with marcus smart on this play late in the third quarter. he walked gingerly to the locker room after the play, the diagnosis, a left thigh bruise and didn't return, love says, he is optimistic he will be back against the pelicans. the final score as the calves lose on a last second shot there. lauren will have the full recap later in the show.
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regulators say it will take $80 billion over 20 years to clean up the great lakes. the healing our waters great lakes coalition says something must be done to reduce sewage overflow and protect drinking water in the region. the $80 billion figure comes from a recent epa report on the water infrastructure. thank you so much for starting your saturday here with us, i'm nick foley. this morning, a major earthquake in taiwan. we will show you more incredible video of the moments it struck and the damage it left behind. who is watching you, ahead, a 5 on your side investigation reveals your security cameras could be streaming life on the web right now. janessa webb has your local weather. a calm start for your weekend. i'm tracking when we see snow for your late weekend in to next week, all that is coming
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look at the highs for today. back in to the upper 30s, lower 40s, this is a great start as we kick off the first weekend of february. we will continue to see temperatures like this even as we head in to your super bowl sunday, sun and cloud mix towards the greater cleveland
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a little bit of a breeze starking to summit county. in to the lower 40s again, i feel like i'm on repeat from last week and i need you to soak this in. stepping in to next week, we will be tracking snow and rain to kick off your work week. holding onto the mild, winter conditions. hard one to swallow for the calves against the celtics, cleveland watching a 4 point lead evaporate in the final seconds. >> calves at home for the first time of the 5- game homestead. calves trying to bounce back from a loss to charlotte wednesday night. calves leading early on. kevin love, erwin with the move
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up 17-6, kyrie, fast forward to the fourth quarter. where things really got interesting, calves trail 92- 88. he knocks down the triple, calves down by 1, smith with 5, 3s on the night. this game coming down from the corner at the buzzer. bradley hits the three for boston. cleveland loses the heart breaker, 104-103. that's it for morning sports. that one stings. have to take it on the pelicans tonight at the q. on the wrighter side for sports fans if you didn't believe the most popular road in this week, here corner. indians trucks hit the road yesterday, headed to arizona for spring training. besides that equipment, the trucks are carrying 11 cases of water and a thousand pounds of
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on the 3.5 day, 2000-mile journey to good year. >> punxsutawney phil thing, this is the first day of spring, when the trucks roll out, everybody gets excited and spring is starting and baseball is back. it should be a holiday. >> baseball definitely means spring is coming. they arrive in less than two weeks.
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right now in taiwan, the search is on for survivors of a major earthquake, the 6.4 quake hit this morning. 5 people dead and hundreds more hospitalized. most of the injured was in a high-rise apartment brought down by the quake. the search for three people continues outside of los angeles this morning, the 3 were aboard two planes that are believed to have collided and crashed in to the ocean. reports of debris 2 miles outside the la harbor break water. moving to the presidential race now, in our democracy 2016 coverage, john kasich says he is still in it to win it. he has no interest in becoming vice president. .
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accept a vice presidential? >> no. that's kind of crazy. i wouldn't think about that. i'm running for president. >> kasich goes on to say he would be the worst vice president that neighbor could imagine. he says this because he can't take orders from other people. interesting to note, the interview was held on the kasich campaign bus, once used by ricky martin and lady antebellum. starting this week, until election day in november, we are teaming up with polit fact. it checks the accuracy of what politicians say on the campaign trail and will tv ads. in seeking the nomination, kasich has been making plenty of television appearances, one of them on fox news in which he talked about our state's economy. >> think about our pensions, solid. >> what is your credit rating.
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>> what about aaa? >> i don't think you can get to aaa. >> kasich spoken about his time working on wall street. we dug deeper, just like you have a credit score, investment analysts rate all 50 states as a way to gauge the health of their economy. we learned there is a aaa and 15 states have the rating. we rate his statement as false on the polit fact truth meter. on the democratic side, hilary clinton and bernie sanders are trying to squeeze in as many last minute appearances as they can. after two debates full of bickering, it seems clinton is looking beyond sanders large lead in new hampshire and playing on the bigger picture scenario. >> i'm so fortunate as to get this nomination so we can turn
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to do, make sure we don't get a republican back in the white house. >> bernie sanders will take a break, he is rumored to be appearing on tonight's episode of saturday night live , the host is larry david who has impersonated san des on past episodes. we talked to friends up in new hampshire with the candidates running up there for the primary, they have been dealing with snow, in new england. we dodged the full bullet on the snow in northeast ohio. today. snow really, little to be seen anywhere. >> on tuesday we were talking about the iowa caucus, how they were getting pounded with snow. now the east coast, new england to new york, they are seeing a good round of snow, we are in the middle and in the clear. that's a little bit of good news. this morning our temperatures not that bad, we should be in
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across the board. look at this, at a nice 26 degrees, we have seen 30 this morning, we will warm up as we head in to the rest of the afternoon. what you are going to notice throughout your saturday is the cloud cover, it is floating around, what we are going to see is partly to mostly cloudy conditions, get ready for a tad bit of sunshine. also a shift in the winds out of the south, they are on the light side throughout your afternoon. that's what is allowing for the gradual warm up. across the board, towards the south, all the way in to southern portions of ohio, we are currently in to the mid to upper 20s. taking you hour by hour, the clouds still in full affect. look by 3:00 p.m., i like that, a lot of sunshine moving back in. our daytime highs are hitting their peaks in to the upper 30s. the bigger weather story this weekend, very quiet as you start to get prepared for your super bowl sunday, and
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about we are looking okay. in to sunday evening in to your monday. tracking our next clipper system, it's going to start as rain for sunday evening late in to your overnight. we will transition in to more moderate snow, this is an equal opportunity for everyone across northeast ohio to get 1-3 inches of accumulation. talking about your saturday. your hour by hour by the noon hour all the way in to 3:00, we are sitting in to the lower 40s, wayne county, stark in to summit, tonight if you are out and about looking pretty good with our temperatures pretty much still on the mild side. daytime highs for today, get excited about it, 46 degrees, winds are on the light side, conditions. you can see things really start to rev up as we head in to
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uneventful weekend for myself tracking weather. monday, tuesday, wednesday, things get a little bit spicy here. look at the wednesday evening, nick, 14 degrees. chilly. we got do snow coming back. who is watching you? 5 on your side investigators uncovered a disturbing trend. private security cameras being hacked including here in cleveland. investigator johnathan walsh set out to see how secure the video really is. >> reporter: this is a naked man roaming and his family room in virginia. it's someone's private camera hacked and shown live on a russian website that i'm not naming. medical procedures, a live operation in missouri, where you can see the needle coming out of the patient's face. a sleep clinic, a man is monitored and sleeping on
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children, daycare centers with tiny innocent babies, school age chin playing and laughing in pennsylvania and a precious georgia. no outside eyes should be crib cams. the thing parents by to keep an eyen oh our chin, keep them safe from the outside world. >> i found a family on cleveland's west side that had baby's room. you can see mom and dad changing their newborn. the diapers, the baby blanket, the little clothes, this family was so devastated, so hurt, that one would live stream this for anybody to see on the internet and asked us not to show the video. we are not and despite their anger and frustration, their fears, the dad was courageous enough to talk to us. we will call him john. >> it's like leaving your blinds over and a bunch of people looking in at you. >> reporter: it was troubling
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baby were on the site. the russian website claims it's making private cameras public because people are not changing the default passwords on their systems. john admitted he was not thorough enough when using his camera. >> should have been very much more diligent about realizing that the window in the home. >> what you were if parent, what would you think? >> i would be scared. >> reporter: a professor of law and cyber security expert from cleveland state and puts the blame on the hackers and the companies making the cameras. >> putting that product on the marketplace quickly, and frequently that means they under cut the design and engineering process especially for security. >> reporter: our government leaders, she worked with the department of defense and home land security and says in the fda has to approve drugs, why is there no set of stand towards for security cameras?
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showing women in bed, older women, younger women. >> the risk to american consumers and american businesses are substantial. >> reporter: women in california changing clothes for work, a place where privacy is expected and should be protected. that kind of on line protection is something the federal trade commission wants oversight on. >> ftc asked for years for direct authority to be able to issue rules for baseline cyber security. congress has not authorized it. >> reporter: i'm walking on the campus. the russian website is live streaming this location as i speak. you can see me now, i'm in a blue coat waving my arm. i contacted the school, i explained what is on the site and reps told me they are asking the website to take their camera down. >> how easy is it to get in?
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>> reporter: ken smith is called an ethical hacker with secure state. they touts itself as a global management consulting firm specializing in information security. he took news to secure state's war room, they are paid to break sites and help find holes in companies or government agency systems. he told me ip based cameras started filling commercial needs but now the cameras are all over the place, everyday, more and more in the homes, video is wildly popular. >> they had security issues since the device has been in inception. >> reporter: the light is on, for a protective father, john, gets it now. he was wanting to keep his family secure, trying to do the right thing, to show up on a website. >> you have to watch everything, anything connected to the internet can be accessed
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>> johnathan reached out to 6, the top camera makers, the russian website mentions in the hacking, panasonic, sony, tp link, phos cam and axis, the only companies that respond ready lexis and tc link. lingsies stopped selling the cameras. tp link wrote in part, we are developing a new access process that will force users to log in password. go to news net 5 app. went we return, you may have media. hash tag rip, rip twitter.
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you are looking at downtown cleveland across lake erie this morning, you are watching good morning cleveland saturday edition. we'll be right back. p[music] p>> dr. charles stanley: and the pwonderful thing about god is, he pdoesn't cause us to measure up pand then choose us. pgod takes our inadequate areas pof life and he uses them to do psomething in our lives that's
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive. american family insurance. the drug that can stop a heroin
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the counter, could it become a crutch? overcrowding at the cleveland kennel means inhumane quarters for the homeless pets. animal lovers are demanding action. welcome to this saturday edition, i'm nick foley alongside janessa webb. we see the trend for the last month throughout this winter. i'm not complaining. right? we are dodging cold bullets and snow. >> a lot of them, going in to february, we should be talking about bitter cold. this time last year we had an average -- we were in the single digits and everybody was talking about that big polar vortex taking over, this year, we are sitting in to the upper 20s, for morning lows. a-okay, now, you can see on the power of 5s we are dealing with a little bit of cloud cover, this will continue throughout the day. i want to show you where the front is currently crossing
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just about there, our temperatures have dropped just slightly as we head in to the rest of the afternoon, though, we will see winds picking up south, they will be on the light side, allowing us to go to the upper 30s. good morning, madison, towards mentor, lake county, sitting a at the freezing mark. inland locations, richland, lexington, kill buck, in to the lower 30s. heading in to the rest of the afternoon, it's okay to make the shade an accessory, 2:00 p.m., sitting in bright sunshine, but throughout the day we will go with partly to mostly cloudy skies. evening plans tonight, by 8:00 p.m., nick, we are at 32 degrees. mid to high 30s, mid winter no complaints. breaking news this morning, one person is dead after a house fire on the east side. firefighters responded after 2:00 this morning, at east 133rd and union.
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official who teld us the crews fought the fire for over 3 hours and investigators are on the scene now looking in to the cause of the blaze. this is a developing story we will continue to bring you more updates as we come in new information this morning on a house fire that home. it happened before 8:30 last night at a home on gore orphanage road. the the residents weren't at home. crews arrived to a fully involved fire that took an hour to knock out. the chief tells news channel 5, the fire marshal was on scene last nite. no cause determined as of yet but not considered suspicious. new information on the two little ones who had to be revived with the anti overdose drug when they were brought to a hospital unconscious. the 9-month-old and 21-month- old have been released from the hospital and are in foster care. police are investigating their
6:28 am
children had opiates in their system but still waiting for toxicology results. you may have heard of the drug under the name narcan, it's to be able in ohio, runs $50 a doze. it's meant for family and friend of an ad district on hand -- addict -- with the heroin epidemic becoming widespread, police departments are considering caring the drug. cleveland ms fire and first responders carry the anti dote. johnny manziel has a protective order against him. days after a police department declined to press charges he is the subject of a criminal investigation in dallas. meg shaw has the latest on the
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if you thought this week was bad on thursday. friday, was a new ball game. the day started out with news of his agent dropping him as a client. then the police department announcing that criminal charges could be brought winner. they are re-opening a case from a week ago, manziel's ex- involving manziel's ex-, crowley, she said johnny hit and threatened to kill her. the case was re-opened because they say crowley is cooperating unlike a week ago where she told police she didn't want to file a police report or answer questions. a dallas tv station reported a protective order was signed friday barring him to be from within 500 feet of crowley for two years. here is what the brown's owner had to say. (inaudible.) >> reporter: friday morning,
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told a dallas newspaper he is worried for his son after johnny refused to enter rehab twice this week. and says if johnny doesn't get the help he needs, he won't live to see his 24th birthday. >> this story continues to develop. animal advocates saying some dogs waiting for adoption in northeast ohio are suffering in an old outdated facility. the kennel was supposed to get a new facility, so far nothing has been done. when you walk the halls, you see cages stacked on top of each other. the city stumbled to develop a few kennel. >> you get the wonderful improvements downtown. this keeps getting shuffled off. >> we talked to the assistant safety director, construction
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fall, no formal plans have yet been drawn up. you may have noticed the hash tag rip twitter trending on social media. it could be making changes. buzz feed reporting that twitter will switch from a chronological timeline to one cure rated by an algorithm. instead of seeing tweets as they happen, you would see the most popular content first. users use it to find the latest news, the change has made many people angry. when we return, we are rounding up a list of things happening around the area this weekend including the annual home and garden show. john cassic is in high pressure -- new hampshire. waking up to a few clouds this morning, a quiet weekend in store across northeast ohio. i am tracking snow for next week.
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(nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us.
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be unstoppable. this is my fight song& take back my life song& clouds sticking around throughout the afternoon. sun dusky in to wayne county in to the upper 30s. daytime highs normal in to the mid to lower 20s. getting spoiled by the warmer conditions, continuing to get better as we head in to super bowl sunday.
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parties, going out for super bowl sunday. we will see a few clouds, temperatures back in to the mid 40s, we are not going to be dealing with rain chances during the game. i need you guys to get rain and snow in your head as it is going to be tracking in sunday night in to your early morning commute. also happening today, cleveland, st. martin high school is celebrating the ground breaking of the new building, hosting a ceremony for the first day of construction , the complex is a $26 million invest in the st. claire superior neighborhood. also happening today, several community organizations coming together to celebrate black history month, they will meet at city hall at noon to raise the pan african flag, the red, black and green flag dates back to the 1920s. if you need something to do this weekend, look no further than the great big home and
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today at 11 and runs through valentines day in cleveland. you will be able to check out the latest home and garden trends as well as more unusual displays like smart home devices and diy projects as well.
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three days until the new hampshire primaries, hopefuls are making the final pitch to granite state voters. >> reporter: good morning from man chest,, john kasich held his 100th town hall since entering the race for the white house 2 hus days ago, more than any other candidate in the presidential race. a true celebratory fashion, kasich was joined by former ohio state buckeye and mike raibel. town halls are something voters expect and demands here. people. cuyahoga county has 1.2 million. people want to meet the candidates. you can't let up. voters have a history of deciding late, back in 2012, election day. talking about the battle to get attention in the race and have
6:37 am
can change that. >> they don't know if it's kasich, they don't know. many of them think my name is governor of ohio. okay? if i emerge from here, i will have a moment to talk about what we need to do. >> reporter: oh post polling has him third or fourth in the granite state, he and the other candidates will have one last chance to make the closing arguments in the final debate before the first in the nation primary on tuesday, debate you can see only tonight here on news channel 5. he will be in new hampshire for the debate as well. the primary on tuesday, catch the live reports on news channel 5, updates on news net 5 as well. we talked weather earlier. new hampshire has weather as well. maybe they are going to have a big turnout, too. here, locally, no.
6:38 am
the oreo. iowa getting pounded this week. we were talking about how new york, the eastern sea board was getting hit with a good dose of snow. show you this 24-hour loop. they are under dry conditions. let's wait for it there. you can see a massive amount of snow from new york city, all the way in to the main area, finally making its way offshore. we continue to be in to the middle of this thing, where we are sitting under just quiet conditions. this morning, already at 27 degrees. our temperatures will continue to warm up to the upper 30s. that seems wrong i'm talking about upper 30s, mid 40s, even as we head in to your sunday. right now, 27 degrees, good morning out towards rich land and ashland county. in to the upper 20s, stark in to summit county. from the pourer of 5 right now. the clouds will continue to float through, throughout the
6:39 am
more cloud coverage coming in from chicago in to indianapolis. there is no moisture behind that. we will stay nice and dry for all of the weekend. we see a transition in our winds again, they are coming out of the south, that's what say louing for the gradual warm up. we have a very weak cold front that is moving across northeast ohio this morning. continuing to shift towards the east, that is why temperatures are slightly on the cooler side as we head in to mid afternoon. by 1:00 p.m., 36 degrees, let's break out the sunglasses today. by 3:00 p.m., all the way in to the 5:00 hour, back in to the upper 30s. this is the game changer, what i need to tell you about. you are enjoying the weekend. it can't be okay. as we head in to your monday, tuesday, wednesday, those are my alert days, we would be tracking our next clipper, it's
6:40 am
late sunday evening, and we will be tracking snow forecasting 1-3 inches of accumulation. this will pan equal opportunity for everyone to get a little bit of snowfall. canton and akron, for today, 41 degrees, that's well above average, going with partly cloudy as we head in to tonight, 27, 46 for the greater cleveland area, warmer air, excuse me, upper 30s, 46 is for sunday afternoon. got a little ahead of myself. 28 as we head in to tonight. see 5- 7 day forecast, 38, 39 degrees for today. then the cool off, wow, it comes very quickly, look at this, nick, by wednesday afternoon, we are at 24 degrees. it will be a week of tracking snow and winter conditions. we will keep our eye on that for sure. with both the ohio primary election, which is 38 days away and the general election in november, presidential
6:41 am
ohio is so important, 8 presidents have come from the state. that sets the stage for this my ohio segment with leon bibb. >> reporter: the clicking heels of a visitor echo off the marble floor of a special place. generations ago, on the day this cleveland place first opened, thousands of pairs of feet walked this route. this is a place in cleveland built sadly because of the murder of an american leader, from cleveland. >> during his life, he actually stated he wanted to be buried at lake view cemetery. >> reporter: our story begins and ends in cleveland, the middle chapter winds through the american presidency, the white house in washington dc. the final chapter is the city's lake view cemetery, final resting place of a president who was murdered. this is the memorial to
6:42 am
assassin fired a bullet in 1881. when the body white house brought to lake view, it was to a temporary vault. 8 years later came completion of a permanent memorial building. the body of james a garfield was moved here. all his adult life, garfield was a vital player in the 19th century building of cleveland. >> he was very popular and changed our thinking about human rights and a lot of other things in this country. he advanced us as a society. >> reporter: a sealed casket bares the body. the monument is open to the public only april to mid november. the crypt holds the body of garfield's wife, lakresha. >> on the right is president garfield under the flag, there is his wife lakresha on the left. >> reporter: every november 19th, the birth date of james a garfield, the president of the
6:43 am
ranking u.s. military officer to this place. the officer brings with him, a wreath to be laid at this place. in memory and tribute of an american president. james a garfield here at this presidential resting place. garfield had been president for 4 months, when he was shot. when garfield died in 81, the government of the united states did not pay for presidential burial spots, nor more that monument and memorial. to house his body and that of his wife, who died years later. money came from private donations, records show, $300,000, which would equal $8 million in today's money was collected for construction in cleveland's lake view cemetery. >> sometimes we forget the culture in his circle of things that are around us in cleveland. >> this is a part of the presidency of the united states right where we stand. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the memorial is at the highest point in lake view
6:44 am
garfield was the last american president born in a log cabin, stopped by asis assassin's bullet. 16 years before, it was said of lincoln he now belongs to the ages. >> can much be said the same thing about james a garfield? >> absolutely. i would like to claim him fist for cleveland, then -- first for cleveland and then the ages. >> reporter: rushed a political son of the city, electedded to the white house to lead the nation. president james a garfield, whose body in the sealed casket, lies in state, 135 years, after the news went out of the murder of a president. >> thank you, leon. lake view cemetery on euclid on the eastern edge of cleveland's university circle, the inside
6:45 am
public viewing. the only aboveground resting place of an american president.
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people behind the bad lip
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latest edition, titled nfl 2016, part 2, it makes the players and coaches say nonsensical things, i cut my head with a green bean and fudge can get in your hair. those are among the silly things that are coming out of the lips. hilarious. you can't look at them ask not laugh when you see those things. the guys as big as they are saying those things. like you said, mild trend on the weekends, we have been dealing with, sticks around for a little bit longer. >> quiet weekend, we will see sunshine here and there throughout your afternoon, it gets better heading in to sunday. 46 degrees, we get really busy, thoughs monday, tuesday, wednesday. i will be tracking this snow, this will be an equal opportunity. won't just be lake affect snow where it's confined to the
6:48 am
a gusting for most locations, 1- 3 inches tuesday, once again, wednesday is when that good old fashioned gripping cold starts to make it. continues. we will be getting snow midweek it looks like for sure. >> yeah. it will be consistent. the cooler air makes its way in. the daytime high in to the lower 20s, upper teens. chilly weather once again. the coats away. >> upper 60s this week. >> not an average of 8 like last february but still winter. thank you so much. the news continues next on good morning america. we will be following new developments all day long here as well. get constant updates on news net 5 app.
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