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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  February 7, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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. ohio state highway sargent is recovering after he was trafficked on the highway by a suspect's car. i will have the latest live from portage county. >> and talked about muslims. we have a problem. nobody else wanted to mention the problem. >> donald trump doubles down on his controversial positions, a full recap of the gop debate and a sitdown with governor john kasich in just moments. first, we're going to give you a live look at downtown cleveland. the sun is still peaking out, the sky is blue. temperatures are still up. for how long is the question? welcome to the sunday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley alongside meteorologist janessa webb with the sapper -- answers. it's warmer but not for long.
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everything today, 10 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. it will return into the upper 40s, lower 50s in most spots and you're seeing the goodness right now. i mean bright sunshine and some clouds working in from the west and that will continue to increase as we head into the rest of the day. just in the last hour, folks, we have jumped up about 10 degrees at the airport, a nice 40 toward norwalk and into the medina area. it's starting to get there and inland locations about an hour ago and we were sitting into the upper 20s and starting to see that transition, our winds coming out of the south. that is what is allowing for the gradual warm up. you canee the high pressure that is building and that is what is allowing for the sunshine. and these are the clouds i am currently tracking. into the mid-afternoon, they will continue to work in and from west to east and that will
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you can see a lot of cloud coverage and the next storm system that is developing now and it starts to touch down overnight into early morning hours. it's first going to start as rain and then we start to see a little bit of snowfall for your early morning commute. taking you hour-by-hour, no concerns for any moisture as you're stepping out preparing for your super bowl party. near game time, look at that. we're at 47 degrees and with most locations going to be sitting into the low 50s, mark -- the lower 50s, mark, by 7 to 9. we're still sitting under nick? >> and the temperatures today, you, janessa. with two days until the first primary in the country, the stakes couldn't be higher candidates. republican presidential field college last night. the latest poll shows the race debate. >> how tough is it -- .
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>> from an elderly woman. >> let me talk. >> quiet. >> out of -- a lost types -- [ booing ] >> a lot of times. >> a lot of those moments all night long. one of the candidates that managed to stay out of the name calling and bickering, ohio newschannel 5 john kosich is the only local reporter travelling with the governor and has more from manchester this morning. >> reporter: good morning. a strong night for governor john kasich and what some call his best debate performance since cleveland. i had a chance to talk to the governor about it. >> when did you neil -- you feel you hit your stride? >> the problem is you get limited time to communicate. if you come to a townhall meeting and i think you were there, you see john kasich. when try to pen me in with 30 seconds and 60 secs, it's hard and i am getting better at it. we needed it tonight.
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election, but it's another important hurdle to get over, and our ground game is fantastic. there are hundreds and hundreds of people here knocking to doors. if politics is true, we're going to have a great night on tuesday and i am absolutely thrilled. >> and does it move with the independents in the state? >> that i have been coming our way all along. and so, you know, we have to keep going. the key to it is that you have to go, go, go, all the way through the tape. just a message to the people in cleveland and in ohio. people have been so supportive. they're kind of righting for the hometown kid. i will never forget that and i love you, buckeyes. i'll be back soon. not too soon, i hope, but soon. >> yeah. >> was there anything? >> i will be there at the convention getting nominated in cleveland. yes. >> and he will continue the full-court press in new
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halls, on top of the 100 that he's held. john kosich for good morning cleveland. >> and we're following breaking news from overnight. a state highway patrol sergeant hurt during a traffic stop and the person responsible for injuring the sergeant is still on the loose. it happened in ravena in portage county where we find meg shaw and what is the latest for us this morning? >> reporter: several agencies are actively searching for the driver responsible for injuring that sergeant. the highway patrol tells me they have an e. d. on the driver and a vehicle description and that happened in here on portage county on state route 225 and i am told the sergeant stopped the car and the sergeant asked the driver to shut off the car and get out and that is when that suspect started the car again and took off while his arm was inside and he was dragged by
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>> it could have been worse and he have been thrown into other traffic. >> reporter: the ohio state highway patrol tells me that after he was dragged, he got back into his cruiser, pursued the car for six miles going more than 100 miles an hour and that is of about backing off. luckily, he sustained only minor injuries when he was dragged and he was taken to the hospital but released. again, the police have an i.d. on that driver and they're following leads right now. newschannel 5. >> thank you, meg. great news to know he's going to be okay this morning. and a wakeman man is dead after one vehicle crashed in florence township and happened around state road 113. the truck's driver veered into a ditch and struck a tree. and the passenger, an 11-year-
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the crash is still being investigated. and i police don't think that alcohol was a factor. >> a 25-year-old is recovering now after several times of being shot in maple heights. treavon johnson is facing attempted murder charges. he shot the victim multiple times outside of the street around 9:30 yesterday morning. and johnson was apprehended during a traffic stop later in the day and his arraignment is set for tomorrow. and thank you so much for starting your sunday with us. coming up, football's greatest, recognized ahead of today's super bowl and we'll show you honors. >> and the dangerous strain of the dog flu hits cleveland. how to protect the pooch and your local weather. janessa. storm system to the west and i will tell you the exact timing when the snow starts to move in
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. good morning, everybody. i'm janessa webb. look at all of the goodness outside. not a cloud in the sky from lorain and doesn't matter where you're at west to east side. a few clouds making its way into lake county. off to a beautiful start before your super bowl sunday. i think the bigger talker is the super bowl 50 and, look at this. we're in the 50s across northeast ohio. you can see the temperatures are above normal and i really,
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allowing for the gradual warm- up. so, for lake shore communities near 50, out towards elyria and into westlake, upper 40s for today, the hotspot, though, again, for inland locations from akron and into sum met county. near 50 degrees for daytime highs and this will be the last day, nick, i talk about the upper 40s to lower 50s. and as we head into tomorrow, we're going to see a plummet in our temperatures along with tracking snow. that is coming up. thank you, janessa. and we have been more than lucky for sure. veterinarians across northeast ohio are on high alert. the the new strain of the dog flu is spreading across the midwest. chicago last spring. transmission. ohio is on the list of infected states and most cases in the state right now are in the cincinnati area. >> it's on the radar and important to be concerned about and i wouldn't hit the panic button. most of these guys less than, you know, one in 10, really get
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>> and just like in humans, puppies and older dogs are more at risk of getting the virus. released. and as we head to break night's winning lottery
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. welcome back. 10:14 on your sunday. ohio wesleyan soccer community is morning the loss of one of
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the body of lou gabert was found in a creek near campus. we're learning more about the death and james jackson from our sister station in columbus spoke with the soccer coaches. >> reporter: team soccer videos new cherished him rise. remembering the good times with luke gabert, like when he scored this goal against whittenberg. >> and the goal is very rewarding and that is base he has the hardest left foot i have ever seen. >> reporter: number 19, 19 years old was a freshman. today, his life mysteriously came to an end. police say his body was discovered in the delaware-run creek off of south franklin street around 10:30 in the morning. the head soccer coach jay martin got the chilling call that no one wants to receive. >> and they wanted me to come up and identify the body. so, i, obviously, immediately
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by the time i got there, they had identified him already. >> reporter: and martin's day would only get tougher. the team held a meeting to talk about it. >> the guys were absolutely devastated because everybody like luke has nothing to do with soccer and everything to do with luke as a person. >> reporter: the team tweeted this today, the two, our thoughts and prayers are with the gabert's as we share the tragic news -- news of the death of one of our own, luke gabert. >> for the short amount of time he had in this world, he had a tremendous impact on it and we're going to miss him a lot. >> and that was james jackson reporting. school officials say foul play is not suspected. and north korea is claiming it successfully launched a satellite into orbit but the launching is likely to be a cover for a long-range missile tests and has countries across the world concerned this morning. the u.n. security council is gathering for an emergency
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the u.s., japan, and south korea are strongly condemning the launch. and in taiwan, the death toll continues to rise after the country was rocked by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake and stands at 26 people killed and can go higher soon. about 124 others are missing and rescue efforts continued overnight trying to free those trapped under the rubble. they found at least 29 people still alive inside. and in the past three days, the number of syrian refugees leaving their country and heading for the turkish border exploded. an estimated 35,000 reached turkey this weekend alone. the numbers are so high because of a resurgence in fighting ale, o. as more refugees flee, tensions are rising across europe. antimigrant protestors gathered in several countries yesterday, including germany, the u.k., and france. clashes broke out between
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france where marchers defied a government ban on protest. refugee center on fire. and here in the u.s., tragedy unfolding in alabama. police say a three-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his 9-year-old sister. according to authorities, the boy found a loaded weapon on a night stand in his great grandparent's home yesterday fired the gun. the girl was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. and a new york city official said that it may take construction crane came crashing down on to a street killing one person and crushing a row of parked cars. this morning, investigators are reviewing surveillance footage from nearby buildings and recovered the reporting of the computer that can provide clues. >> and a homeowner on cleveland's east side has major cleanup to do today. much of the fence and yard was destroyed in a house damaged when a vehicle raabe a stop sign and crashed. the car hit the fence connected
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around 8 last night at east 106th and aetna road. and in wisconsin, authorities are going ice fishing for sunken vehicles. the number of cars fell through a cracked ice at lake jep eva's winter fest and the snow sculpting competition. officials say that no people were inside, thankfully, but it's going to take time to get them out of the lake. certainly dealing with some warmer than normal temperatures inia -- in that area and we here as well and a live look outside. the sun is still hanging tough this morning and how long is it going to be? the temperatures in question as well and janessa has a look at weather. >> and you're going to love everything about your sunday and stepping outside yesterday at this time, we were sitting into the upper 20s and lower 30s, the normal for this type of the year is 34 degrees -- this time of the year is 34 degrees. we're going to see some spots
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40s for the greater cleveland area. the temperatures are above normal for the first weekend of february. right now, you can see we're starting to warm up slightly and just in the last hour at the airport, about 10 degrees jump. forty degrees now and out towards elyria. good morning, lake geauga, ashtabula county and cooler currently at 34 degrees and i want to show you our 5 live radar. not picking up any moisture right now. just tracking in and that sunshine but clouds are starting to work its way in from south from dover, new philly and into the west to sandusky and eerie, huron -- huron county and hour looking a- okay, we're on the dry side and as you step out to the parties this afternoon or if you're staying indoors, look at this. 49 degrees and by game time we fall off a you go degrees and we're into the upper 40s toent
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to mostly cloudy conditions. and this is the setup. as return home, you will see the clouds moving in and that is due to this area of low pressure that is tracking in from the west. associated with a cold front, though, and we're going to step out of the 50s ited and return by tomorrow afternoon into the mid-30s. and this will be another equal opportunity as the clipper slides through to provide everyone with a good amount of accumulation. one to three inches and tracking the storm front that is offshore and affecting the carolina coast this morning and it's going to be really affecting the new hampshire primary on tuesday and so travel concerns there. definitely tracking the storm throughout the week and you can see from the future cast the clouds are moving in here and i really -- we're in the clear these models are backing up later and later and so even for
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looks like we're going to deal with the rainfall activity. more tomorrow afternoon and that is when we start to see some spotty snow out towards southern locations and into the east. so, please, soak up today, 47 degrees and with mostly cloudy conditions by mid-afternoon and 33 for an overnight low and still above normal and then i stopped talking about the upper 40s and 50s and we're at 38, 34 by tuesday, a lake affect snow by wednesday and we're not playing any games at all into next weekend and remember today, please, because by next weekend, we'll be talking about lows. winter, right? >> yes. and in sports news this morning, the two-game skid is over for the cavaliers. they put in a dominating performance last night against the pelicans and lauren brill has the highlights this morning.
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friday night's game with a quad injury, kevin love didn't play last night as the cavs hosted the pelicans and trying to avoid the third straight loss after losing to the celtics on friday night. with the lead early on in part because of irving. and heave gets the 3. cavs up 17-10 and with the game high of 29 points on the night. the cleveland -- and single handedly keeping it in this one. the cavs up 61-52 and coal with a 3 of his own. a team high 26 points and the cavs not letting this go. and smith with the steal and for the jam. the cavs hold on for a 99-84 win and avoid a three-game skid. the head coach is with the progress of irving. >> among the players on the court last night was the former cleveland state basketball star
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despite the team came up short and he was in center court before cleveland state hosted oakland. the vikings retired his jersey and well brown james, coal was in up to, of course, because of last night and the pelicans played the cavs and he is the third men's basketball player in cleveland state history to receive the honor. he played for cleveland state from toss thousand dollars-2011 before being drafted in the first round of the nba draft in 2011. he led the last ncaa tournament appearance in 2009. yesterday, he was nostalgic about his time at cleveland statement. >> i didn't have a lot of time to waste. if you wanted to be good, you had to put extra hours into the gym and i had course work to do and i learned how to multitask pretty good and my time went good. i made sure i got my class work in and made sure i got my score
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myself a chance to be a special player. >> of course, super bowl is later today and the carolina panthers taking on the broncos. kickoff is at 6:30 and that is it for morning sports. before tonight's super bowl, the nfl handing out the league honors. no browns in the mix but there were familiar faces. they were on hand to present an award and receive a standing ovation from the crowd and i love to see her smile and looking great there and the nfl honors are held the night before the super bowl to look back at the coach of the year and that withent to juan rivera and panthers. the defensive player of the year was j.j. watt, no surprises there and cam newton -- cam newton took on offensive player of the year and mvp, of course, and had to accept them with a prerecorded speech. he's getting ready for the super bowl. >> and i would like to thank
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because you made me better. >> the nfl honors include the unveiling of the hall of fame inductee class and this year, kevin green, du in, gy, stampel, dibartow low, harrison, pace, and farve will be heading to the hall in canton. >> and another nfl go inquarterback is in the spotlight. manziel getting words of wisdom from someone who knows a thing or two about personal distraction. hollywood bad boy charlie sheen taking to twitter and telling him, quote, it's time to refocus all of the energy on your health and football and it's never too late to get a fresh start. of course, he is being of this have by dallas police following an altercation with the ex- boyfriend. he said he -- she said he hit her several times and johnny is denying the claims. coming up, a state trooper recovering after a traffic stop turns dangerous. we'll go live to ravena for the latest and despite several
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the entrance that has everyone talk this morning. we'll show you what happened. you're watching good morning cleveland. we'll be right back. she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us.
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be unstoppable. this is my fight song& take back my life song& your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
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. hello, everybody. 10:29 on your sunday in cleveland. the police officers nearly run off of the road by two juveniles during a traffic is stop and another ohio officer injured. this time during a high-speed chase and shootout in canton. we'll hear from witnesses of
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>> and welcome back to this sunday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley and meg shaw is live in ravena where a state trooper is recovering after being dragged by a suspect's car and go to megfor a live report in a moment. first, check on the weather with janessa webb. >> hey, good morning and we're waking up to some sunshine with the clouds. they're going to work in from the west. and this morning, our temperatures are already at 40 degrees at the airport and inland location, you're starting to warm up and in the last hour or so, jumped up about five to 7 degrees. good morning, billersburg into stark sum it communityco massillon, starting off at 35 degrees and that is some cooler air from geneva and into the madison area, ashtabula, you're at 34 and you can see the clouds. they're coming. all of our sunshine that we have been enjoying. from the start of the weekend and going to fade away due to
10:28 am
right now and that is going to bring in a cold front. today is the last day i talk about the upper 40s and lower 50s and we get back down to reality going into tomorrow. tomorrow at noon, we should be back into the 30s and you can see all of this sunshine and start off the morning. by midafternoon, we're turning into mostly cloudy skies. we have enjoyed the weekend and it's vital that i get you prepared for a little bit of snow and you can see from our snow cast totals, this is an overnight into early morning and all day monday afternoon. you can see by 3:00 tomorrow, nick, we will be talking about one to three inches of accumulation. the snow is back and it is, after all, still winter. thank you, janessa. and overnight, we're following a state highway sergeant dragged by a car during a traffic is stop. the police searching for the
10:29 am
has the latest and this story continuing to -- continues to develop for us. what is the latest this morning? >> reporter: police tell me they have an arrest warrant out for the driver and i talked to them a bit ago and they're actively pursuing leads to find that driver this morning. now, thankfully, the sergeant involved only sustained minor injuries after he was dragged by that car and the highway patrol tells me it happened on state route 225 in vaven -- ravena before 7:30 on saturday and that sergeant jeff green pulled over a car for speeding and asked the driver to get out of the car and moments later, he's being dragged on the highway with his arm inside the suspect's car. after pulling himself away, he got back in the cruiser and pursued the car for six miles going more than 100 miles an hour. >> he did a very good job and he was able to get back to his vehicle. he did done some very minor
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able to use good judgement, good sound judgement. >> reporter: and police were able to obtain a i.d. on the suspect and a vehicle description. like i said earlier, they're pursuing leads to find the driver. as for sergeant green this morning, he's okay and suffered minor injuries. he went to the hospital to be evaluated and later released. meg shaw, newschannel 5, ravena. >> and that is a scary situation. thank you, meg. and new details about a cleveland. the police officers nor more lerun off of the road by two juvenile suspects and happened near east 65th and morgan. our police source tells us when the officers tried to pull the vehicle over, the driver took off and turned around and tried to hit one of the officers and during that time, the car blew the tire and suspects tried to leave on foot and they were caught and arrested for felony assault on a police officer.
10:31 am
police officer is recovering from multiple gunshot wounds in domestic disturbance. the sheriff said that the late yesterday afternoon with other officers but the suspect took off in a vehicle and stopped to exchange gun fire with officers and deputies as well when the officer was struck. >> stopping one or two times in the meantime and then firing of my deputy. and he did return fire. >> the sheriff said he was wearing a bullet on proof -- bulletproof vest and taken to the hospital before being flown by columbus. and the suspect crashed his vehicle and was found dead from a gunshot wound. investigators still trying to determine if it was self- inflicted or from the exchange with police. investigators in cleveland
10:32 am
and that this is up in flames yesterday. an elderly wheelchair-bound woman was pronounced dead and at first, they thought there could be another body in the rubble because the roof collapsed. the woman killed lived in the home for decades. >> and she was a close family friend of my mom's. we have known her, i have known her since was a little kid and my mom knew her since she was a little kid. >> and another early morning fire on east 133rd street claimed the life of a 28-year- old man. neighbors tell newschannel 5 that the victim was cooking and apparently fell asleep. and this morning out of akron a suspected human trafficking victim found thanks to a suspect in another crime. according to, a man charged with a weapon's offense in january tipped police off about a teen working in the escort area. the human trafficking unit was able to track the cell phone and found her at a home in akron and found online ads where the girl was advertised. she's identified as a runaway
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no arrests were made yet in this investigation. and today is the final day to help cleveland police officers in need in the second district reach their goal of keeping the homeless warm. the community responded with overwhelming support and more than 1100 pairs of socks and jackets and other winter weather items were collected. if you would like to help, drop off your donations today. and newschannel 5 in the community also joining for a good cause and funding a local that does serious work. record attendance in east lake last night for casino royale. a fund raiser for women's safety. the organization that helps thousands of people every year throughout the area and it provides emergency shelter and support services to survivors of domestic violence. >> and to provide a breath of services throughout northeastern ohio like coupling, art therapy,
10:34 am
school and that is i vents like this that help get the services free. >> and our own dani it, a harris was the emcee of the event and organizers hoped to raze more than $2,300 for this year's event. and next on good morning cleveland, we're fact checking more political ads. find out if an attack on the governor from jeb bush can be trusted. >> and the super bowl is almost here. a preview of the quarterback showdown. commercials. janessa. >> and from sun to snowfall. the exact timing when that snow and a little bit of rain moves
10:35 am
. good morning, everybody. i'm power of 5 meteorologist janessa webb. i love the start to the day and we know it's not about the start but the finish. and we're going to see the your sunday. but no concerns if you're out and about and going to your super bowl parties throughout the day and overnight into the morning, you can see from the live 5 radars we're not -- picks up moisture but the clouds working in from the west. the temperatures are nice this morning and 40 at the airport. stark and summit county, you're there and into the upper 30s. the cooler spots,gen eve a
10:36 am
degrees and cooler into the east and winds are starting to pick up for saturday. we were soaking up the sunshine, the winds from the light side and an uneventful weekend weather-wise. you will see that gradual breeze coming up from the south. 15 to 20 miles an hour throughout the day and that is going to allow the temperatures by 3:00 and near 50. the record for today and greater cleveland is 60 degrees. we'll be about 10 degrees off. the first weekend of february, does it get better? i need you to remember this. by next weekend, as i am talking, we'll be sitting into the single digits. nick? >> and so much for the weekend warm-ups we talk about a lot. thank you, janessa. and happening in cleveland, the chinese lunar new year celebrations are starting early. the year of the monkey officially begins tomorrow and the agent town center is hosting the annual party today. starting at noon, there is a line dance, food, and music. and it might be february but
10:37 am
weekend. the great big home and gardensho is underway at the ix center. the annual event features the remolding and landscaping. >> and see what other people are doing and check in the sites of -- sights of all of the different vendors and the things you wish you could have, things you want. >> who doesn't. a lot to see. this year's highlights include entertainment homes, urban farm houses and she sheds, the female version of the man caves. the great big home and garden show runs through february 14th. if you see news happening, please let us know. text or e-mail us or tweet us at wews.
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. 10:45 on your sunday. with the iowa caucus in the rearview and new hampshire in their sights, democrat and republican hopefuls are in the granite state ready for round two. and starting this week until election day in november, we're teaming up with polity fact, holding politicians responsible for what they say on the trail and tv ads. today, fact checking bernie sanders and george bush. >> reporter: off of the victory in iowa, bernie sanders is pushing forward with a new campaign ad showing the side of
10:39 am
popularity with working-class americans. >> if you're doing everything right and finding it harder to get by, you're not alone. while people work longer hours for low wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. >> reporter: there are three claims there, longer hours and lower wages are the first two that politifact said is hard to pinpoint without a time a frame. >> and he's leaving out the details and it's not simple as he makes it sound. >> reporter: americans are working less hours than they did in 1980 and earning more and what about that claim that the new income goes to the top 1%? >> that was true until 2009. the recreation and recovery changed -- recreation and recovery changed the picture a lot. a lot of wealth going to the wealthy but not as much as used to be. >> reporter: politifact rating his ads as half true and ons republican side, a new ad running in new hampshire supporting jeb bush is going after john kasich on ohio's budget.
10:40 am
rating on spending of any governor in the country. republican or democrat. >> reporter: the ad accurately cites a report by the consider, a it, o institute on his record, but the kasich campaign said a complex accounting change to ohio's budget was inaccurately reflected. >> and that champed the whole population on how this report came together. you're looking at saying this is not accurate and we can see his point and jeb bush's super pack cite -- cited the report accurately. >> and rating this ad half true. if it's successful in new hampshire, it puts him at the bottom of the polls like in iowa and experts predict said that it could end john kasich's bid for the white house. we'll see you back here next week for another check. and one of the most talked about moments happened before
10:41 am
check out the intro for dr. ben car on. >> dr. ben carson. >> carson didn't hear his name being announced and instead, took is around awkwardly while others passed him. a stage hand tries to wave him out and he doesn't get the hint and the same thing happened to trump. and the awkwardness of the moment mentioned on the weekend update. and speaking of sat night live, another making an appearance on the show and this time in person. senator sanders giving it the campaign trail for a moment and showing up in a sketch last night and that was about immigrants on a sinking ship and poked fun at the socialist beliefs and 1 percenters and since his appearance, the center changed the twitter picture to larry david impersonating him and that is not a bad move. and they show up on saturday night live and that is an extra ad for them and janessa is
10:42 am
running out for the warmer temperatures we have been seeing. >> and that is running out. a great weekend. >> sure. >> and we have been on three straight weekends. >> yeah. >> and the sunshine and warmer temperatures. and that has been on an up-and- down trend. today is feeling like a nice spring day and spring is 42 days away and this is just a quick reminder, march 20th, the efforts to spring the temperatures today. wow, well-above the formal and nearly 15 to 20 degrees above normal. looking at upper 40s to lower 50s and we're already at 40 degrees at the airport this morning. inland locations, akron into canton and you're starting to warm up into the mid- to upper 30s and we're seeing the clouds that they're working in from eerie, huron county and so if you're out towards bellevue, you are seeing the clouds working in out towards sandusky and seeing the cloud coverage
10:43 am
whimsical clouds, the high clouds into dover-new philly. that will definitely increase in the afternoon. showing you our hour-by-hour, you're sitting in that bright sunshine right now and we'll go into mostly cloudy conditions. what is not going to change, joe, you have to love it. three:00 at 49 degrees. and so, hitting many locations and sitting into the lower 50s today. please remember this as tomorrow, you're going to be talking and go 50s to 30s and snow? it's due into this area of low pressure and that is associated with the cold front. this won't be lake affect snow but an equal opportunity for everyone to get a good dusting, one to three inches of a limeition -- accumulation and this is nie next storm system we're tracking and this is going to affect travel for the primaries on tuesday and mix in with this front that we're dealing with across northeast ohio and bring a massive air,
10:44 am
and into new york, new hampshire, and throughout monday evening and into tuesday. so, travel definitely going to be difficult. and today, across northeast ohio, all we're talking about is 47 to 50 degrees. the south breeze, 10 to 15 miles per hour and 33 as we head into tonight. and it will be the last day you will hear me talking about the 50s. the next five to seven days, and we found that downward trend so break out the coat again. wednesday, the windchills into the single digits and by next weekend, the windchills down to negative digit territory as we step into saturday. >> and i am not liking that very much. sorry, nowhere to hide on that one. and thank you. the countdown is on. we're heading into the final hours before super bowl 50. millions of football fans get ready to host the friends to watch the game. brandy hit is live with the latest in california with
10:45 am
the halftime show and the commercials, of course. >> reporter: super bowl 50 is finally here. >> go broncos! >> reporter: excitement building for theult mat football showdown between the broncos and carolina panthers. at 39, peyton manning is one of the best quarterbacks of all time. the super bowl champ uncertain if tonight's game will be his last. >> i catch myself being more emotional at times. >> reporter: he takes on the undefeated panthers led by 26- year-old cam newton. >> and i plan on, you know, this being the marquee win that we need as a franchise. >> reporter: off of the field, all eyes are on the massive security presence on the ground and in the air. >> the fbi is unaware of significant credible threats, specifically targeting super bowl 50. >> reporter: with an estimated 189 million americans expected to tune in -- >> those super bowl ads are
10:46 am
>> and listen, you're looking for these. >> reporter: with coldplay and by own say and bruiny -- beyonce and bruno mars headlining the show. >> and the biggest honor and privilege. >> and that same feeling with the players on the field tonight and hoping to win super bowl 50. >> reporter: if you can't be here to see the action in person, you might be one of the more than 70 million americans expected to attend a super bowl party today and some 1.3 billion chicken wings consumed, chicken council. brandy hit, santa clara, california. and you know it's super bowl time when you see the christopher joaquin ad as well. the unusual items you can see
10:47 am
. all right, welcome back. it's 1056time. and we know that traditional gift for the 50th anniversary is gold or birthday, that is and going all out for the 50th milestone. fifty random customers who order the stuffed garlic knot will get this, a pie topped with real gold. the special edition pizza has nearly $100 of edible 24-karat gold on top and comes in a golden box designed and a $100 pizza hut gold card as well and -- i am looking at this and thinking sometimes because they
10:48 am
>> doesn't mean it's good for you and it looks tasty, i don't know if i would be one of the ones eating the gold. i might scrape it off of the top. >> and the gift card is nice and pizza is pizza. >> right. >> we want to eat. >> don't have to fancy it up for her. >> i know. keep it simple. >> and keep the forecast simple for today. and it's been a lovely week day, as i said. the next weekend, things are going to get dice. we'll be back into the single digits all week long and who have a few alert days. monday, tuesday, we're going to see the snow and cooler temperatures dropping on wednesday and so, get the carbs going you will keep warm and lots of bacon today. >> and lots of carbon. >> and thank you so much for watching. good morning cleveland, the sunday edition.
10:49 am
(nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. this is my fight song&
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