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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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ica. the denver broncos run away with the championship. >> the denver broncos have taken their devastating defense grounding cam newton. >> the ball is out in the end zone. >> and powering past carolina. peyton manning, becoming the oldest qbthe title. was this his final game? this morning. one-two punch. two powerful storms moving in. 25 states in the crosshairs. new england under a blizzard warning. caught in hurricane-force winds. thousands ordered to take cover in their cabins. overnight, bill clinton bernie sanders and his supporters.
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that are literally too profane, often not to mention sexist, to repeat. bets are off for the republicans after fallout from the big debate. just one day till the country's first primary, and the race for .name you know who i am >> and the other showdown at the super bowl. bruno mars and beyonce facing off during an incredible halftime performance. uptown funk you up >> sharing the stage with coldplay and turning back the clock on some of the greatest halftime performances ever. morning we're going behind the scenes to show you how they brought down the house.
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good morning, america. happy monday, everyone. up for the super bowl last so much excitement there. going to show the touchdown that sealed the win for the broncos right there. there you go, c.j. anderson the end zone. >> they jumped out early and never looked back. the night started on a gaga wowing the crowd with the nationalsuch an amazing job. coldplay, bruno mars and what a fierce beyonce and her brand-new song. there she is. we'll go behind thest a little bit for that spectacular performance. >> were you watching? even the outfits were making a coming up peyton manning is going to talk to us a little bit later this morning.
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right now, jesse palmer inara with the latest. gorpg, jesse. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this game had all of the ingredients for a classic super bowl. we had a close game. a phenomenal halftime celebs galore. but the big question on everyone's mind this morning, after leading his team to a 24-10 victory, lebronack peyton manning finally hang it up after winning his second super bowl. >> cam newton and his g panthers ran smack into a defensive buzz saw. led by von miller. denver rode their defense to al championship. >> the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> reporter: 39-yeaton manning, now the oldest quarterback to ever win a super bowl. his mother telling after the game she hopes her son, who has 200t
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retire after the game. manning has not commented on whether this was his swan song. the broncoshe gate, with a defensive touchdown and a field goal. they scored ten points in the first ten minutes of the game. leadingk. >> reporter: as the halftime show brought down the house with coldplay. beyonce. r: and bruno mars. r: the great r break didn't seem to help carolina. in the third quarter, down 13-7
7:05 am
scored this touchdown the game was over. denver winning 4-10. >> i don't know what you want me to say. >> reporter: in the postgame cam newton sacked six times during the game could not hide his frustration. >> we lost. >> reporter: meanwhile, everyone wondering if the other peyton manning will attempt to win super bowl li. >> i'll take some time to reflect, i got a couple of priorities first. i want to kiss my wife and i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight. and the celebration well under way for the denver broncos. as you can see,t super bowl championships t-shirts. this one is autographed by demarcus ware. much more throughout the show in santa clara. robin. >> all right, jesse, thank you very much. joining us now, demarcus
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right, super bowl champion denver broncos. demarcus, great to see you, it's your first super bowl appearance. it's a mom rabble one for you. how were you able -- your to do what ear teams weren't able to do shutand the carolina panthers. >> we had two weeks to prepare. it felt good, our prepar those trick plays and everything they did, they really helped out that week. >> your team has had its ups and downs this ere able to bring it together, what makes this team and this coaching staff so special, demarcus? >> everybody put in theiret where we are today. the pinnacle of the word teamwork
7:07 am
display. you gave some emotional speeches to yourhe game. apparently, it worked. what exactly did you say, demarcus, to them? >> just talking to the guys and i think the main thinghard it is to get here to the super bowl and you know, peyton manning spoke before me and just talking about the years that he played and this is theg of this type of game and i said the same thing, i mean, what do you guys play for? what is your this is an opportunity of a lifetime. i told them about, you know, just matthew bible. i told them, ask and you shall receive.
7:08 am
the season and god granted us opportunity. it's february the 7th and it's 7-7 on matthews, when you go to the casino, what does that it the jackpot. now we just got tonnings. >> and you did, tenfold last night. we're anxiously waiting peyton manning, if this was his last game or not. has it meant playing with a future hall of famer like peyton manning? >> you know, you see -- you know, from ane team to the next the adversity that he goes through all of his critics, and no matter what, you know, he's one of those look at him and you said you can't teach an old dog new tricks when you have been skirntsy through all those leader of our team.
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that's what he does. it's a great part to behis history in my career. >> well earned. well deserved, demarcus, enjoy the moment. you take care.oining us you know i will. thank you so much. >> all right. >> they all will. von miller, his defensive teammate, mvp.ill talk to us in a little bit. and d-ware will be on jimmy kimmel later tonight. we move on to the white voice, your vote." all eyes on new hampshire. we begin with the democrats. bill clinton taking aim at bernie sanders for the first time. bernie sanders up doublec's cecilia vega has the latest. >> reporter: overnight, bill clinton taking on a new role in his wife's bid for the campaign attack dog. >> for her this isn't about grand theories of revolution. >> reporter: the former
7:10 am
wife's rival, accusing someie sanders' supporters making offensive comments online to clinton's hat are literally too profane >> bernie sanders denouncing the nastiness saying it has nothing to do with his campaign. >> we'll do anything we can. >> reporter: withn trailing in the polls here. the uphill battle to win this state now tougher than ever. >> i think if i can persuadetaters to give me another look. i'll do better. i'll keep fighting until the last vote is cast. >> reporter: the face-off is just a day away., wait a second. >> reporter: it was a different kind of face-off on "snl." >> i'm so sick of 1% getting
7:11 am
>> reporter: bernie sanders coming face to face with larry david. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> democraticwhat's the difference? >> huge difference. >> huge? >> reporter: in the. midst of this heated race out here in new hampshire,n left the state, went to flint, michigan, where they're dealing with that water crisis. she's back here with a packed schedule. . bernie sanders has a packed. bill and chelsea out here as well. >> all right, cecilia, thank you. now to the republicans floods saturday's feisty iest debate. donald trump still with the lead. ted cruz and marco rubio neck and neck. latest. >> reporter: this morning, marco rubio is facing fallout over that debate he'd like to forget. >> what doo rubio.
7:12 am
i really don't understand what happened. >> reporter: on the eve of the new hampshire primary, rubio could for repeating himself. >> the president knows what he's doing. >> reporter: this video from democrats and by republican >> he knows exactly what he's doing. >> the anointed one last night didn't look like he was ready for the io said it's one of the best debates he's had. >> i'm going to keep saying that throughout the game over and >> reporter: with trump leading in the polls the race for second is dead heat and trio of governors including jeb bush is surging in the final days, heat from donald trump. >> he needed help. mommy, please help. >> reporter: governor john kasich of ohio, seems to be having the most fun you should be running in the
7:13 am
>> look, the crats, an ability to get them. >> reporter: the traffic jam started the abc debate that's generating the real buzz. ben carson and thendn't come out when their names were called. rubio walked past them. just look at their faces as jeb bush passes them by. has led every poll here in new hampshire for months. if you believe the polls today, he appears on the verge of winning the new hampshire, but nothing for granted. in fact, he has four events today, two rallies and two that would be huge. let's bring in governor chris christie, got great raves for that debate on you're still in sixth place. are you worried that you hurt marco rubio and not help yourself?
7:14 am
this race is now wide what's going on in this race at all. we sense real momentum on the ground for us. we're looking to run right through the tape on tuesday. >> you hit him saturday night, called him the anointed one yesterday. made the clear case he's not ready to be president. can you say the same thing aboutald trump? >> listen, my focus on saturday night is marco rubio, the senator's first-term the fact is, he's never accomplished anything of any note in the united states senate. this is not about it's about the american people. we elected seven years ago a president who, you know, a first-term united states senator. we go downhill the last seven years. we don't need to repeat the samee.
7:15 am
>> you know, you have invested so much time and money in new hampshire, though, still in sixth place, if you can't win win? >> george, you know, i know, that as a former operative yourself obsessed with the polls. i know you are. i also know when you working foron in 1992, everybody told him the night before new hampshire primary, he was going to be in single digits and was in second place and his nomination. so, let's remember a little history that you were a part of, this is not about the polls this's about the performance on saturday night and the performance of the candidates. be president. but moready to take on hillary clinton. what republican primary voters have to remember, who would they
7:16 am
stage against hillary clinton, marco rubio or me? we can't afford to lose to hillary clinton. who's tested enough to make sure we can beat hillary clinton. and get to the white house to change the direction of our country.hink when people watched saturday night, one person who was watching who wants nothing to do with me in september andry clinton. we're ready to have the fight. let's win up here in new hampshire and let's move on from there to get the ernor christie, thank you. "good morning america" and "world news tonight" will be live from new hamps amy's here with the other top stories. authorities in russia have arrested seven people accused of attacks in moscow and st. petersburg on
7:17 am
we have new details about the explosion that tore a hole in a planemalia. surveillance video showed two men handed a laptop rigged with explosives to another man beforeflight. 48 hours after a deadly earthquake in taiwan a woman was pulled alive from the rubble of an apartment building is investigating the building's construction after tin cans were found in the walls apparently being used as s. shocking scene in london, a bus was blown up, lot of people didn't know that, theyhe filming. and finally, forget the super bowl. this was the real contest the battle to set a world record for the number one of people
7:18 am
up as smurfs. in germany. they were outsmurfed. they were all a little blue. >> aw. >> howresist? of me. >> i loved how you paused for effect and then brought it on home. happy ad a birthday -- >> it looked like you had fun. >> i forgot about it. >> thank you, robin.two blizzards happening now. this video out of minnesota and northern parts of iowa. one that's now off the shores of the are your advisories and the big one, winter storm warnings posted for parts of long island and eastern new england.
7:19 am
2 inches per hour. driving commute will be difficult across boston. another system comingg d.c. and philly. your select cities now brought to you by walgreens. now, just seeing rain come down out there and towards columbus. and if you live anywhere there, west of 77, will turn over to snow this morning and we're waiting for the temperatures to drop and be cold enough. this is go into portions of ashtabula.
7:20 am
the temperatures are in the mid- warmer. going to stay there throughout ain, when the temp drops, the rain turns into snow. and com up on "good morning america" -- a cruise ship sailes into one of those indoors.
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enough talk.
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. >> hello, good morning. time now is 7:26. >> and i'm jackie fernandez. an iconic canton restaurant sarah phinney has been there all morning long. what is happening now? >> reporter: good morning, baker's cafe 33 where
7:27 am
keeping an eye on the building and they sprayed it down again about 45 minutes ago. we have seen people walk by and of the damage. i want to show you footage from last night. you can see thick smoke, fire sparking, firefighters up on trucks and trying to battle the blaze. the video is coming from ohio, breaking news and an incident cafe 33 owner jeff henndershot said crews put out a small fire before the second arried out precious memorabilia from the restaurant. it's been a favorite for world- famous golfers for decades. officials say the cause of the still under investigation. some good news for people who love this restaurant, there are plans to rebuild and reopen. back to you. >> that is and let's get a check on the forecast. >> hey there. the temperatures right now, not quite freezing, still mild and 38 degrees in
7:28 am
once they hit 32, this is changing over to snow. lorain county seeing the lighter showers now and a drizzle in oster. it crosses over 77, the areas here where the temps continue to drop this morning. we'll see you see that transition to snow first. again, we are going to receive ches of snow between now and your tuesday night. the power of 5 seven-day forecast, this is what you need to know. not only are we seeing snow monday and tuesday, the les through wednesday and thursday. over to you. >> and seeing some major slowdowns. no accidents to reportat drive times and a live look outside from storm tracker 5 where we can see some wet roads.
7:29 am
this was the grand finale weh of the halftime show at the super bowl. coldplay, beyonce, bruno mars, teaming up. so much fun. behind the scenes coming up. and we're also going to talk with peyton manning in just a moment as well. >> looking guard to or him to answer. right now, one day away from the new hampshire primary, republicans and democrats crisscrossing the state launching new attacks. billgeting bernie sanders overnight. and star wars has officially joined the 2
7:30 am
also talking about cruise ships here, one that you don't want to talk about in this regard. two big stormsates in their crosshairs. thousands of passengers onboard a ship in its path and i know you'll have more on that. >> that's right. scary night sea. caught in extreme conditions. thousands ordered to stay in their rooms and abc's linzie janis is here with the ood morning, george. the royal caribbean an the them of the seas is its newest ship, but to the test. overturned furniture, ceilings giving way. anything that nailed down falling to the ground. a cruise ship trying to itself in 30-plus-feet waves. these are the first images tweeted from passengers aboard
7:31 am
off the carolina coast. the roughly 4,000 people aboard ordered to stay in their around our room. >> reporter: the ship took off from new jersey saturday, for a seven-day cruise to the bahamas. but due to the intensity it will be docking in cape canavarel, florida. tweeting, we're trapped in our rooms. >> amount things were room was a little frightening. we eventually took anything loose and duck it away where it wouldn't move. we had bottleslying off of tables. when we looked out wir does, we
7:32 am
of oure on the seventh deck. it remain about how the ship ended up in the middle of this scary storm. right now, based on what we're hearing from passengers, the worst of the weather may be m. the seaworthiness of the ship hasn't been affected. >> all right, linzie, thank you. now to a storyadlines at cornell. the president of one of the school's fraternity accused of assaulting a woman inside gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: he came from a wealthy family. but now he's stands accused of a violent sexual act. scandal rocking a premier university. the president of an elite fraternity at an ivy league university. his father, owner of one ofcity's concert hallses.
7:33 am
ballinger is in jail. investigators said it happened at psi upsilon. according to the complaint, the woman alleged that ballinger locked the door and to her after she protested several times. he plead td not guilty to first degree criminal sexual act. his news, ballinger's innocence will be established at the proper time and in the proper place. >> the speed with whichs case from the university and brought it into the criminal setting suggest that the prosecution believe they have a strong reporter: the university placing psi upsilon on suspension. sexual assault and any form of sexual harassment is against our
7:34 am
ballinger is set to appear tomorrow. only two people know what whatllinger and the woman. coming up -- michael jackson's daughter revealing personal struggles. and behind last night's showping halftime show, what was behind beyonce's outfit. there was a message there. party. f rubik. this simple puzzle was actually considerede humans. did they not have brains? now this was apparently a ep them strapped in there? sometimes hours at a time. pretty gruesome. and over here we have their a few symbols could express the
7:35 am
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rewarding suv ever. back now with the super bowl halftime performance wowing the word. coldplay, bruno mars. beyonce. stealing the show with an act for the ages.ot fans in on it. holding up cards that spelled out believe in love.
7:39 am
he was there for it all. he got someful cards, i hear. hi, ryan. >> hi, lara. good morning. these green cards were sitting on our seats when we en you used them you could still see the game at the same time. we were feeling the crowd roared when thee. you know what, it was all worth it for a front-row seat to aow. for 12 minutes on super bowl sunday, some of music's biggest stars brought down the house. uptown funk you up coldplay kicking things off. over 70,000 fans at levi's stadium getting into the act.ploding behind them. used to rule the world
7:40 am
past stars hit the gridiron.nd bruno mars intercepting the show. bruno mars getting into the game, uptownhe crowd with an array of dance moves. and queen bey say ving ther last. electrifying the crowd with her brand-new song "formation." amid balls of fire. after secretly her video saturday. her appearance blowing up on twitter. more than 147,000 tweets per coldplay and bruno mars combined. just when you thought it couldn't get any better an epic dance-off between the r. one more thing left. how do you make this more
7:41 am
>> celebrate those other r: and celebrate they did. in a moment that will go down in super bowl history.e anybody alive out there >> reporter: before finishing their epic concert in a blaze of glory. chatter over beyonce's outfit. what did it mean? i think we may have found the ook at beyonce next to michael jackson, that black and
7:42 am
the way down the shoes.bout homage to years past and guys, i think she it. >> she sure did, ryan. thank you.t all of the great musical acts over the yours. james brown and the boss. >> so great to see them. >> who had chills? >> you know us chills, peyton manning the super bowl quarterback is going to bowl win. going to talk about that and a whole lot, come on back. ill still be pain. p it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay p three quartelace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? p now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, ar back. p i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, ll value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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i'll tell you who's on top of the world. man of the morning, super bowl quarterback peyton manning scoring hisowl win. 200th career victory last night. becoming the oldest starting quarterback in super bowl history, now he joins us from santa clara, caloff the big win. it's great to see you, peyton. come on, you're running a little late. we heard you last night, you going to hug the wife and kids and have some cold ones. celebrating all night long, well cked all those things
7:47 am
i got all those things a few times and it's a -- it's definitely a special night. i have beene in the super bowl team before and i remember how special that was, almost ten years ago. it was just as special tonight. and it's -- it's better when you can celebrate with your family and friends. i have been doing that tonight. >> any sleep yet? i'm not tired. there's definitely a lot of adrenaline after winning a game like that. such a unique season and it's just been a great to be a part of this journey with great teammates. to cap it off with aagainst a really great football team. >> we talked to one of your
7:48 am
said both of you andbefore the team beforehand. he said you went first. worked. what did you tell yourhe game? >> well, i never believed that a pregame speech has ever won a game. i think the game is won with the course of the season and during the course of these past two weeks. demarcus has been a great teammate to be a on this team. he's been playing a long time. i'm happy for him getting his first super bowl. we kind of reflected last night things that have occurred this season, both some serious things, some humorous things and also, just -- all of our staff and support staff and players for allowing us to be a part of the journey, because it has been special and certainly it was a great way to >> it's been quite a journey for you, peyton manning. you have been asked this question over and over since heading to the super bowl, i
7:49 am
is going to be your final game, but who's helping you in that decisionmaking process if this is it? >> well, i'll cer ashley quite a bit about it. i'll certainly pray a lot about it. i got some good my old coach tony dungy, really special went into the hall of fame yesterday. announced he's going to be in the hall of fame. he told me after this game and you know, not make an emotional decision. there's been a lot of emotions these past two weeks and super bowl, so to take some time and to get away and kind of reflect on what's happening this season and maybe a few other things, robin, you i'm very much at peace right now and i think however it works out it will work out the way it's supposed to. >> amen. >> but i'm very-- very
7:50 am
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announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back
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7:54 am
"good morning america" is
7:55 am
. i'm corrina pysa. breaking overnight frokilled on the crash on i-90 in willoughby hills. it happened after 1 this morning involving one vehicle. overnight news tracker on literally split into highway sign. and the coroner on the scene of another accident overnight, this is i-90 westbound at east . a car smashing into a tree on the exit ramp and we'll keep you updated. and developing this morning, a sex scandal in a local high school. nude photos of nearly a le students posted online. >> and some even include the girls' names. multiple nude picks of teenage girls from the twinsburg school sted to tumblr, a blogging website and it's been taken down.
7:56 am
site to preserve information there were no suspects or arrests made. and the forecast with somara now. >> and the freezing. cold, nonetheless, 35 degrees in wooster; 37, elyria and norwalk; 38, cleveland proper and we move to spots like new philadelphia and 36 degrees today. we have ng through from west to east this morning. lorain seeing some of the heavier rain and that is going to continue to push across over 77 and move into areas like carol coun ashtabula. and so when the temperature drops, that means the rain is going to change to snow. looking forward to that just . and notice the temperatures, the second weather headlines into the single digits by corrina. and we have a disabled vehicle blocking the left lane westbound to i-77, causing major backups on 76 and looking at the big picture. a lot of red, 77 and 71. 490 and with major delays and a to talk about here.
7:57 am
saint clare avenue as well as one west 148th street ue. drive time is dicey there. the 22-minute ride for you 77 northbound rock side to downtown andiles per hour and show you a live look outside from the storm tracker. we're seeing a little bit of rain out there, terrence and jackie. >> and we'll see you here in 25
7:58 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. super bowl showstoppers.o. and coldplay. all fall in formation. we got what you didn't see at the big game. we're taking you behindthe big moments. from the million-dollar winner behind the dog gone great ad. >> you find everything r? >> and when steve harvey finally got it right. >> i'm back and this time, i'm going to get it right. and what it's really game from the superstars from our kid stars marlo.
7:59 am
also ahead, paris jackson's secret battle. the king of pop's daughter fighting back against the pressure of games. going to aa and lashing out what she calls ridiculous expectations. wake me up when it's new overnight. duchess kate on a mission, speaking out about her number one priority and powerful new messageon george's brand-new obsession as we say -- >> good morning, america . morning. we're celebrating the biggest game of the year. you see our gma stadium. we're still packed.g the big broncos win. game.
8:00 am
getting lots of reaction online. >> one of my favorites. >> somebody at our, talking about turning lemons into lemonade. also on the show this morning, we're kicking off our "$5 dinnerlenge." create dinner for two for less than $5? and this morning, chef ming tsai is teaming up with , all for 5 bucks. let's get the morning rundown from amy. the big story this morning, the scramble for votes ahead of tomorrow's primary. donald trump holding on a big lead in the polls. but he andcond are mocking marco rubio from saturday.
8:01 am
momentum getting a push from his safe. on the democratic side, former president bill clinton is criticizing bernie sanders and t he calls vicious and sex yis attacks on his wife. well, overnight, police indly had to use pepper spray to break you up crowds celebrating the bowl win. overnight, new details about that bombing of a passenger jet over somalia. officials say the man seen on airport surveillance video laptop rigtd with explosives was supposed to be on a turkish airlines flight to o this morning, new information about a man arrested in the murder of an american awe pair in austria.ead in her
8:02 am
a man from the african nation of gmbia has been arrested at theenter there. now, to a powerful message from kate middleton, she's speaking from the heart about children and their mental health importance of emotional support to help kids cope. abc's la ma hassan has the you talk to your friends about your feelings. >> reporter: kate speaking out in a new psa to raiseng mental health awareness week. the duchess of cambridge making mental health for children her number one priority. much like princess aids and her charitable endeavors. >> every child is given the emotional support they need. we're giving the firm foundation for the healthy they need.
8:03 am
her voice to benefit those without one. >> william and i feel t child deserves to be supported through difficult times of their lives she revealed like father, like son. obsessed with airplanes and wants to fly like his dad. the duchess taking the last month off to focus on prince george and princess charlotte is back with aahead. >> she's taking on a more high-profile role within the royal family. >> reporter: foramerica," lama hassan. finally, it's monday. lot of people are crabby,ot like this. a guy on vacation came upon this giant coconut crab, they are the species of ar throw pods
8:04 am
they look like they're from another planet. we're told these guys aree giants. >> hmm. >> i don't want to be near that it can crack a coconut. i love the head line online, holy crab! >> i had to get over to lara. >> here's what's coming up -- the king of pop's daughter, paris jackson revealing her personalk against the pressures of fame and we're celebrating the super bowl, behind the scenes of one of the night's mosts with steve harvey. and come out here, the kid correspondent's biggest role. the party is just getting started right here..
8:05 am
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we welcome you back to "good morning america." and we have those newrom paris jackson the king of pop's teenage daughter, opening up about a very personal struggle with alcohol and the pressures she's feeling from fame.ey davis is here with that. good morning, linsey.
8:10 am
being a teenager is hard enough. but add to that, celebrity and the constant media it can seem insufferable. now paris jackson lashing out. posting messages on insta gram that negativity. she's the king of pop's only daughter. and this morning, paris jackson is fighting back against the pressures of fame. in a t on instagram, the late michael jackson's 17-year-old daughter jackson's 17-year-old daughter tells her followers she's online. saying that she feels ridiculous expectations to respond to countless people she doesn't even know. le her father aired his frustration with bold headlines in his hit "leave me alone" paris isal media, saying she faces similar pressures.
8:11 am
i will not let that happen to is jack son son is the daughter of possibly the most famous pop star that's ever lived. >> reporter: while it's unclear ted her post, the teenager also hints that she's recently had some struggles with alcoholism. i'm expected to literally sit all dayesponding to comments. i have aa meetings to attend. she recovered from an attempted suicide in 2013, something her australia. >> i guess she was suffering and we didn't know it. >> reporter: paris now seems to liken that time in her life to the weight of stardom, was 4, people were sending so much hate to the point where i was suicidal adding that she's the only person in the public eye she knows that online, apparently that's not enough. in a post this week, paris said,
8:12 am
since the second i unchecked thebutton. now she plans to stop responding altogether. others encourage to ignore thers. and go back to privacy. just forget it. >> what other people think of you is none of your eing 17 and the daughter of michael jackson lot of pressure. super bowl ads making headline and the one we have been talking about all morning harvey. we all remember at what happened at the miss universe pageant. to steve harvey. >> listen, folks, i have to apologize. >> reporter: to turn a big apologize.
8:13 am
>> verizon got it wrong. yes, not me! >> reporter: t-mobile's poking fun at his mishap when he announced the wrong winner. >> after a while you got to about this. i like t-mobile. i thought it would be a great idea and i love the concept. nice little dig at myself. >> and we were right there. scenes with the comedian as he shot his big ad for the big game. >> t-mobile -- >> whoa, listen, folks, i have tose were last year's numbers. card. i'm not taking responsibility on this one. verizon got it >> reporter: after all the controversy harvey now says he's finally able to laugh at it. >> when something really that's kind of negative in your life, you got to ride the storm out. whoever thought that this mishap
8:14 am
a super bowl commercial. >> yes, not me! >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, >> new definition of laughing all of the way to the bank. we'll talk about the ads with michelle collins and kate coyne and usa today does rankings every year. number one, hyundai starring kevin hart. kate, what did you think. >> it was a great ad. robin and i were saying, it was surprised that kevin hart would have a daughter that age. but it was a lot of fun and hyundai was the maker of my ad which was the ryanville, ryan reynolds ad. where you see ryan again and again. a town i would happily move to sign me up. >> the message was so cute, he
8:15 am
helped you out.eing john malkovich. >> the favorite in our house was not sexy but it was number two in the usa today's poll as r stampede for heinz. >> so many weiners, so much fun. those dogs stole the show for me. they moved. i immediately went and bought ketchup, mustard and a hyundai. lot of cute animalsinging sheep. >> the little marmot. >>s notice there were a lot of commercials wrapped up in psa? budweiser did the one with helen mirren about drinking few others about distracted driving. all done by companies that got a plug but they also had a
8:16 am
>> helen mirren, is like, stop eating, she looks so great, she looks so young. she's a real inspiration in so many ways. i also want to comment how many intestinal ads there were. >> lot of doritos. >> oh, yeah, the doritos -- >> yeah. >> did you guys like that theound one? at my gathering people were like, what? >> they got a lot of hot water for it already. i there are 400,000 premature births a year. >> i like doritos in thet of the womb. >> overall, they were uplifting this year, but last year there were some -- >> tragedy ones last east you could laugh this year for most of them, you know,
8:17 am
>> thank you, guys. laughs on "the view" today. >> yes. to continue, another great winner, doritos ad, a different one, made by fan jacob chase, during the game he won the "crash the super bowl" contest. he won $1 million for his ad. he created doritos dogs. audiences around the globe, including me. take a look. >> hey. out. . get, get, get! >> did you find everything okay, sir? what? >> have a good daso, the winner, the guy
8:18 am
flew all night to be with us.e. >> congratulation and thank you so much. >> tell us about the moment that you were going to win a $1 million and a chance to work with major hollywood director? >> it was absolutely to see it aired on tv was incredible alone and be presented with that check. i haven't slept. but i'm so grateful to be a part of t >> any thought of what you'll do with the money? >> yeah, i mean, i'llle at first, pay off my loans and continue to my dreams come true and put that toward making a movie. >> really, what do you have in >> you know, i got a couple of ideas with my plussing partner on this travis brown, actually, together. >> can't give away the i love it, don't want to give it away.
8:19 am
of the dogs were rescue dogs. >> correct. >> and this came from a place this, you and girlfriend have tried to bring your dogs places and have no luck, that's where this idea was borne. >> the my dog, the white dogs in the commercial. she's a real inspiration for this. we rescued her three years ago. she's us. seeing her in a super bowl commercial in front of 100 million people is a dream come true. >> $1,000 was all it cost to al. she shot it in a local grocery store outside of l.a. how long did it take to make the12-hour shoot day. but it went smoothly. it turned out to funny. >> good day's work. >> yeah, yeah, right. $1,000n, what are the odds?
8:20 am
happy for you. thanks for joining us. having me. this is awesome. >> more ads should be as fun and adorable -- >> and creative. >> best of luck, keep us movie. >> all right, will do. >> jacob, everybody. we'll go outside to rob now with a look at the weather. folksou look a little cold. >> yeah, it's really cold. >> hundredington beach is not a bad place to be. this is aned about three akers quickly contained thankfully. high wind warnings up today. look at these 85 degrees in los angeles with winds up 65 miles per hour. colder across the it's cold but not freezing. we're still seeing rain.
8:21 am
day and this is a look from west to east and taking their time, waiting for temperatures to freeze perfect we see snow. >> all right, kari thy, wish you were. lara back to you inside. "pop news" time, everybody. to continue our super bowl theme, there was the game. there were the en there were also the trailers, did anybody notice how many movie trailers there were? lot of trailers. a blockbuster blitz, if you sneak peek of upcoming fill 78s. independence day, captain
8:22 am
and ryan reynolds's newlled "deadpoll." and the secret life of patz, that looks got quiet when the first look of "the jungle book" came on screen. the leader of the pack to toll hollywood reporter the best movie trailer, right now, matt damon returning as jason bourn, that hitsd 29th. they were pushing movies. some of the movies they were pushing for months and months and months out. strategy that will pay off? we'll find out. job. because we're talking about it. >> only one audience like the super bowl. >> anybody else have a
8:23 am
also in "pop news" this morning, oprah winfrey lovedis morning, she has something to celebrate. the queen of talk has purchased a horse farm in ecito, california. the rambling estate features main house with five also has stables, barns, orchids. does she ride? we'll have to find out. that would be a fun piece. >> that would be a fun piece. . >> this then property, bringing her total of 65 acres in the celebrity-filled neighborhood shared by the likes of ellen and drew barrymore. and finally, this is just a quickie, we know yesterday was a long day of at the tv, running back and
8:24 am
you might be tired this morning. this is p sa, please make sure you'reore you get behind the wheel when you drive to work. only one instance when it's okay while sleeping whilee. the only case in which i will say it's acceptable to do that. >> adorable. >> that's why trains are great. >> she's still operating. >> and that is "pop news" on this dmroers you monday. >> thank you, lara.
8:25 am
. good morning, time is 8:27. i'm >> and an iconic restaurant goes up in flames. the firefighters are keeping an eye on the building there and crews were called into the scene twice owner of baker's cafe 33 said they first battled a small electrical fire and the second maze was carter out some of the memorabilia, including an olympic torch and pictures of pg appliers. >> and that is a favorite spot for some of the world's lfers. because of the second fire, they're looking into that and the owners tell us they plan . and let's get a check on the changing forecast.
8:26 am
contracts here and you're seeing the white and blue and this is ay not be touching the ground and can be deceitful there and into the atmosphere, it's cold and snow is falling and it will be asinto the later afternoon portions. otherwise, the rain continues to push into 77 and blanketing all of northeast ohio and continue to drop. we'll see the snow chance about 36 in mansfield; 38 in cleveland; 37, canton and have one issue to report here and on to twist 25 -- west 25th street, causing issues in that area and we're getting reports of a serious vacant home, 133 u.s. and union and there is some major delays for you, 77 and 71 northbound and 490 as well. an accident affecting . clair avenue and another one for you, west 148th
8:27 am
times, a full ride, 20 minutes d 77 northbound rock side to downtown. the passenger speed of 26 miles an hour and 71 at west 26th, guys. >> and get u here in 25.
8:28 am
there she is, our special super bowl kid correspondent, marlo mosley standing by. she had a huge night on the sialk to her about that. it was great. i had the pleasure of meeting her and her mom friday when i was in town. person. >> she's all bubbly this morning. can't wait to see her. also this morning, this we're making dinner for $5 or less. there's chef ming tsai, he's got something special for chinese is today. but first, our kid correspondent marlo mosley as
8:29 am
11-year-old superfan, got up tball stars at the nfl's first female coach. she was there for it all. on her day, her week. >> reporter: viewers across the nation. >> i can't believe this is >> reporter: "good morning america's" honorary correspondent receiving the ultimate honor, handing off the game ball to officials during last 50. >> this is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. >> reporter: an emic moment after an epic week. marlo rubbingh robert gray, to meeting drew brees and j.j. watt. even getting some pro tips from gronk himself. >> touchdown and now do a littleve. >> dance move. >> reporter: and scoring a live hit with michael on "good morning america." >> good morning, marlo.
8:30 am
football fanatic tacklinging some hard-hitting questions at media day. asking peyton manning if he plans on>> what do you mean by the last rodeo? >> no, no, you totally missed the point. i'm going to go participate in>> reporter: and get tock the point with nfl commissioner roger goodell. >> do you think i'm good enough i can play in the nfl some wer is yes, if you're good enough yes, you can play. >> nice meeting you. such great things about you. >> reporter: the highlight of the week, getting ready for her big moment. hand off at tmy heart was beating. >> marlo joins us from her home in san jose. we were all out on the field. what was going through your mind
8:31 am
>> my heart was pumping when i was doing that. when i was running out these,000 fans watching me and billions at home it was home. >> so, you want to be a coach, break down what happened last night in the game. give us your the game last night. >> so, last night, i was rooting for the panthers, but, you know, they had a lot of they had some little things to fix. overall the game was good. peyton manning was great. the defense did awesome, that them winning the super bowl. >> what do you think happened with cam, was it nerves? >> well, cam, i think he just got stopped by the defense and he threw too turnovers, interceptions, but, you know, basically him on the defense, he got sacked a lot.
8:32 am
handle it and the first time being in the super bowl was another key. >> that was spot-on, marlo. >> so, outhings that happened, this past week, what are you going to remember the most? >> well, year's "good morning america" correspondent was awesome. just doing this throughout the super bowl week, that gave meghout the whole week to meet different people, like gronk and drew brees and j.j. watt themselves. also, the nfl me a lot of stuff, too, that led me to meeting other players the whole week, that was a lot of fun meeting them andtheir experiences for super bowl 50. >> did you have a favorite person you met, marlo? >> i don't know. it's kind of like allll players kind of raised
8:33 am
they were all very nice. but, yeah, no one i>> when do you have to go back to school, when are you going back to school? >> today. today. >> what are you going to tell your class mates about thece. >> i had the time of my life last week. it was so awesome. >> all right. you have a job here any time, marlo. you ask >> thank you, robin. >> sure does. >> great energy. >> great job. >> thank you so much. >> now, get to school. >> shee school out there. >> thank you, marlo. welcome to the "good morning america" postgame party. what's up, guys? we got aleftover foam fingers. we got a lot of snow fans across the northeast. look at these advisories. we got denver bronco fans
8:34 am
we show you this video as we congratulate peyton manning and the win. over a foot potentially in eastern massachusetts. that's a quick check of what's going on . the radar is showing -- the radar is showing an amount of snow coming down and that is not snow reaching the ground and view here and lighter rain and mist is continuing to move throughout the day and into snow snow. weather report is brought to you by kay jewellers. cue line. what's a postgame without the drum lie. what i'm talking about, amy. time now to check in with dates 10 states cross-country adventure. erica scott was tackling three dates in three different places.
8:35 am
the digital world and she went old school letting her friends set her up. let's take a look. >> reporter: from sand to snow to super bowl, this weekend was full of some pretty wild and whacky first dates. via las vegas. the little white wedding chapel where thousands of couples have been married. >> as a minister,r folks meet? meeting online and more and more you're seeing those numbers increasing. >> reporter: these three dates were set colleagues. hey, are you kash.
8:36 am
i own a yogurtland late. we had thee yet. dune >> that was the best first date ever. >> reporter: this was a i'm going on date with tom petty. okay, not that tom petty.end's best friend. definitely been my favorite date so far. we have a mutual best friend. my best friend trusts him.n the super bowl in denver where john and i rooted for the broncos.
8:37 am
meet in person as we used to and therefore be exposed to their body language, the way they converse with you before youn that as a potential relationship. >> we met at a bar, got some dinner, watched some football and bonded over our mutual. >> we had a great time watching the game together. hopefully, get a second date. >> all right, produceroins us now from denver, colorado, erica, we were all -- we were all sets. how did that compare to the digital dates? >> i have had the best of both worlds. you go into a little bit moree knowing that you have some friend in common, it might be a smaller pool.
8:38 am
say it's ripe for a digital date. >> there are so many different on online. you're going to austin. you're going to talk to ceo of bumble. whatnt from the others? >> sure, bumble is unique in the sense that once a match is made, the girl has to initiate thetion. the ceo is also a woman. >> the saddie hawkins of online > you have done pretty cool things on these first dates. you're doing something that might scare you the most, texas >> i'm excited to get my dancing shoes on and going to austin. we're going to be two-stepping. hopefully, i don't m.
8:39 am
>> do we know who you're meeting >> i guess that's a no. >> we have to wait until tomorrow to find out. >> i'm dying to know if been a love connection. end. we want to thank adventures by disney for the incredible dog website. coming up, our $5 dinner
8:40 am
it's time now the kick off our $5 challenge. we'll give celebrity chefs $5 budget to make a meal. our first challenger is ming tsai. he's here with a special dish for the chinese new year. come on out, chef ming.use ] >> hey, george. >> how it's going? good. >> 5 bucks.rting out with. >> turkey, buy turkey in bulk. you don't need all this. we don't need 12 ounces of it. this is exactly 2.59
8:41 am
$1.96 then, two instant ramen, we all went to ate ramen noodles. .67 cents. bokchoy. good for you. so cheap, under $1 for the bok half a bunch of scallions and ginger. flavor, good for you. antioxidants. >> what do we add up here? >> way under the total? >> there it is. oh, plenty of room. >> there you go. >> what should i get from the everybody's pantry should have soy sauce and vinegar. so grab those two. this is 12 o meat.
8:42 am
>> exactly. saute the garlic. add a touch of soy sauce. in here, we have the it per the instructions. the one trick, every ramen packet. so, then, you just boil this for two minutes. what you can then do is take this browned turkey, add it tome noodles like that. then, the bok choy, if you cut it nice and thin like this, itquickly. we add just a touch -- hello, hi, everyone. >> hi. >> a little bit of soy sauce. in honor of my mom who's beijing, they always put vinegar mix it up. nice and hot. >> i mean, it's good for you.
8:43 am
you can do this with a hot pot at home. all right, a little bit of that.ent. >> very comforting. >> i mean, it's cold. i was at the super bowl yesterday, it was hot. >> you flew all but it was awesome to do. it was a fun defensive game, i tell ya. >> do we need a wok to make this >> no. but if you buy a ming tsai wok my kids go to duck. you get red envelope. whole fruit, fantastic. this is called a peking duck. a whole duck stuffed with a wholeken.
8:44 am
i actually did this down in new orleans. we made that. it's one of thes -- >> we got some people from new orleans here. >> try it. >> tell me what it tastes like. >> it's a squab. >> wow. >> thank you. fantastic. you did pretty well with the challenge. get the recipes on ca on ya hoot yahoo!.com.
8:45 am
welcome back to "good morning america" postgame party. now to the winner to a once in a
8:46 am
thanks to our sponsor marriott rewards. they got an ip to watch the big game at levi's stadium. imagine going to the super bowl. >> we're going to super bowl. imagine going with 50 of your family and friends. >> also sending you to a super bowl with them. his family from upstate new york got to put the super in their super bowl weekend. winning the sweep stakes. their guests with football great brian urlacher. watching the game from a luxury stadium suite. >> we're at the >> reporter: but the win winning so much more for bill and his family. bill's son will having beaten brain cancer able toe who helped him through. >> it means a lot. >> reporter: won a supersized super bowl weekend.
8:47 am
>> we just had a familyich eisen, tony romo and steve young. >> reporter: cruising with tim tebow and even bringing some of the doctors that helped will their whirlwind trip. >> it's been awesome to be able to give everyone who was able to help us. >> it's been a dream be able to go to the super bowl and share it with our family and friends. >> oh, yeah, will for not only beating cancer but getting to that super bowl.
8:48 am
town funk you up >> before we go a little uptown funk for your monday n exciting morning for peyton manning where he's going? >> he's going to disney land. >> after the super bowl. monday.
8:49 am
. 8:56. and breaking overnight from the
8:50 am
hills. the police tell us it happened after 1 this one vehicle. overnight news track or scene. this car is literally split into two pieces after hitting a highwaysteinthe scene of another accident overnight. i-90 westbound at east 72nd street. a car smashing into the tree on the exit ramp. we'll keep you updated on both of the stories. g this morning, school. the nude pictures of a dozen female students posted online and some multiple nude picks of teenage girls from the twinsburg school district were posted to tumblr. the site is taken down and there were no suspects or de so far. now for a check on the forecast and somara theodore. >> and right now, they are painting a different picture on the green, that is where the lighter rain is and we're seeing that on the ops and you look to mansfield and huron county, erie county showing this outside of canton and that is
8:51 am
it may not be reaching the ground. the touches are not warm enough -- the temperatures are not will start to see the rain fully change over to snow. the temperatures at 36 degrees and norwalk, teetering on manchester. snow will fall within the in accordance hour or so there -- will fall within the next hour or so. and 77 northbound, 71 northbound with delays, too and we have a fire pooping up -- here. and this is east 133rd and union avenue. for drive times, getting better. 19 minutes, 77 northbound and rock side to speed of 27 miles per hour and this is a live look outside from the odot cam and showing you the heavy volume. 77 just south of grant over to you. >> and you can get news updates on and our apps to download for free.
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