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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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rain, snow, and cold temperatures. a tricky combination that will make for a slick ride on the roads tonight. >> john rud ser on the roads in storm tracker 5 for us. we'll get a good look in just a second. right now let's check in with chief meteorologist mark johnson. the snow isn't going away anytime soon. >> no, it is going to be hit- and-miss snow for many of you most of the weather week. not a big shot at any single time, but enough to shovel, again, by thursday into friday. let's take a look at what's going on right now outside where you are. we've got a combo of rain and wet snow still falling.
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5 live doppler network screen. still some rain ashtabula to andover. scattered snow for cleveland beginning to taper off and shift over lake erie. scattered snow showers around mansfield and ashland. in between, just a flurry or two, maybe a sprinkle. that is about it. it's a wider view of what's kind of a complicated pattern. we've got a stalled out alberta clipper. how often does that happen? not very often. it's going to stay here through tuesday afternoon. it will rotate in spokes of energy in the form of scattered light to moderate snow showers tonight and again through the day tomorrow. so it's going to be hit and miss stuff until further notice. here is your current temperature map. 33 cleveland to medina. it's 34 in akron, 33 in canton. so it's not extremely cold, but it's cold enough for you to notice, cold enough to require the coats and also require you watch out where you're driving
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we've got scattered snow showers through the overnight. generally a trace to an inch. a few spots mansfield to wooster may get a little more but we'll track more snow through the week and even some lake-effect snow, then the coldest air of the season, all packaged in my seven-day forecast. that's coming up. in the meantime, john rudder out and about on the roadways tracking the traffic. >> reporter: hey mark. traffic-wise, things looking not too bad. we moved on to 271 north bound, and traffic is moving pretty good. we'll give you an idea where we are. we've been keeping an eye on radar. we went up 271 because things looked a little blue so we figured we'd see how things looked. here's how those roadways look. we've dealt with similar conditions all evening. fine snow, some rain mixed in. very wet roadways and some potential for freezing. our temperature gauge is at 33 degrees right now so we're right at that freezing point. that moisture on the roadways does have that potential for
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so if you are out on the roadways keep an eye out for that. it may be frozen when it does look to be just wet. we've seen several odot crews on the roadway. several crews treating the roads, trying to make sure this moisture doesn't freeze and to keep things out here safe and keeping those roadways from freezing on your drive home this evening. so that's how things look here in storm tracker 5. back inside now to the studio. >> john, thanks. our other storm tracker 5 west of willoughby on i-90, traffic moving smoothly but a rain/wet snow mix. take your time if you're heading out or if you're expecting anybody back in. keep it here on newschannel5 and our app. if you want to know how much snow on the go download
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it's available right now in apple's app store. all new tonight at 6:00, controversy over the rnc. a local bake shop says it was in talks to provide over 300 bikes for police patrols during the rnc. but now eddy's bike shop says more than a year of preparation is all in vain because the city is going with a different company in seattle. megan hickey worked to track down some answers. megan, what did you learn? >> reporter: the city did not confirm what happened, telling me a final decision has not yet been made. meanwhile, the finance committee chair tells me there would have to be a huge reason for the city to overlook a local business. eddy's bike shop has been gearing up for the rnc for more than a year, ordering mock-ups, getting the right permits, and doing research. >> but it was a lot of man- hours that's kind of down the drain now. >> reporter: the manager tells me he was shocked to learn in an e-mail last week that his
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being considered as a supplier. >> there will be some bids out from some smaller parts but the largest part of it, the bakes themselves and all the accessories are coming from out of statement. >> reporter: the city would not confirm to me that they are going with the seattle-based company that tracy described, telling me only that, quote, no final decisions are made yet. the finance committee chair, kevin kelly, told me he doesn't know what will happen with the bids but there would have to be a major reason for the city to pass up a local bidder. >> that they put a lot of time and money in, and blood, sweat, and tears into this, and if all things are equal, we always give preference to our local suppliers. >> reporter: a spokesman for the city said we look at local procurements when possible. but tracy tells me he's under the impression that his business is out of the running. >> for them to go someplace other than us is a little bit of a let-down to say the least. >> reporter: no word tonight
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final decision will be made and whether local bidders will still have the option to bid on that full project. hickey, newschannel5. t main news 13 hours until the new hampshire primary. and a quick check on their calendars shows all the counties are busy greeting voters. our john kosich is the only local television reporter on the ground there. our governor got an early start and he's not done yet. >> reporter: no, he is still going. a journey that started 202 days ago. he will end tonight with his 106th town hall. after that it's all in the hands of these voters. >> isn't that america? isn't that the glue? isn't that the spirit that holds us together? >> reporter: in his final appeal to granite state voters, governor john kasich asking them to join him and the others who came here who believe in him. >> we have hundreds, literally
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flown or driven into this state to help me. you come up here from richmond, virginia. i mean, it's unbelievable. and i don't understand it. but you know what i know is happening is there is a kind of movement now that maybe we can all be part of something that's a little bigger than ourselves. >> reporter: kasich's remarks at this and the other 105 town halls that he's held here off the cuff with marco rubio coming under fire for chris christie for planned answers, governor kasich telling the national media that's not now nor has it ever been him. >> people are looking not only to understand what's in your head but they also want to know what's in your heart. and if all you are is scripted, i'm not sure that people respond to that. i know pretty much what i want to say and how i want to say it, and john here has covered me for six years. a teleprompter. i don't deliver prepared speeches, most of the time. >> reporter: i know, even in 2012 at the republican national
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his speech into the teleprompter, then he went on to promptly ignore it. for sure his next speech will be a very short one because it's going to be outside in the snowstorm, a political rite of passage to rally the troops to get out the vote early in the morning before it all is deciding, with polls opening at some places as early as midnight tonight. >> all right, john. as for us back here at home we're starting to get a glimpse of how much it's costing us to keep the governor safe on the campaign. according to our friends at the akron beacon journal only $17,000 was budgeted for his secure detail after it started. after it started that budget skyrocketed to $350,000 and can cover out of state travel unrelated to the governor. some spending records show that airline tickets and hotel rooms were purchased around some of kasich's campaign stops. and john kosich will continue to stay in new hampshire through tomorrow's primary. again, he is the only local tv
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continue to bring you reports from the granite state as the votes are being counted there. a map was arrested on friday in connection with the deaths of two people. a judge set his bond this afternoon at $10 million. he is charged with two counts of aggravated murder. the driver who took off during a traffic stop and dragged a trooper has now turned himself in. the highway patrol says sergeant jeff green was in the middle of the stop with todd davidson on route 225 near ravenna when he took off. green's arm was still inside the car at the time and was dragged more than 50 feet along the highway. davidson has been charged with felony saw. officer green was treated and released from the hospital for his injuries. this week the system and how ohio prosecutors determined a sentence for a drug conviction will go before the state supreme court. the debate follows the case of
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years in prison for buying more than 100 grams of cocaine from an undercover informant. a state appeals court ruled that prosecutors should have determined how much of that was pure cocaine. the defense says that some of that cocaine could have included similar looking filler like baking soda. they left thousands of dollars in damages and went to great lengths to steal nearly two dozen pairs of air jordans. according to akron police two men cut a hole in a metal roof to break inside a shopping plaza. the manager wouldn't go on camera but police telling us there have been similar thefts at other locations and to keep an eye out. >> if you see somebody driving by trying to sell you shoes out of a car, you might want to contact the police department and let us know. that's not normal for people to be driving around trying to sell shoes. someone who stole 20 pairs of shoes is obviously looking to
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>> police tell us the two thieves are now looking at breaking and entering and felony charges. we're learning new details about johnny manziel and his run-in with the law in dallas. in an application for protective order manziel's ex- girlfriend colleen crowley says he kidnapped her and ruptured an eardrum during a fight over another woman. the application filed says it happened after a night of partying. she wrote in her protective order that he hit her so hard for trying to get away that she can't hear in her left ear. dallas police met with manziel last week. so far he has not been charged with any criminal wrong doing. still ahead on newschannel5 at 6:00 -- >> new photos of more than a dozen local teenage girls uploaded to a popular website. police say they are close to identifying who is responsible. they say the number of separate incidents is now starting to outnumber the number of people that can investigate them. plus, we're keeping an eye on the roads. another look right here at your forecast coming up.
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but if you see news happening text or e-mail us or give us a tweet at wews.
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we now know there are approximately 14 girls whose nude photos appeared on a >> court records indicate the girls were all from twins burg high school. kristin volk joins us live. you spoke to police. right now? >> reporter: chris, there are no arrests yet but twinsburg police expect to identify the person or people behind the page this week. as they work to close this one case, an attorney tells me the sheer volume of on-line pornography largely outweighs the resources to combat this crime. >> with the advances in technology, the growth of the internet, the changes in our messages to people, this is unfortunately the dark side of it that no one had envisioned. >> reporter: ian friedman, a cyber crimes attorney in cleveland, tells me 50% of his cases these days have to do with on-line porn. in the twinsburg case the photos were posted to tumblr, a
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we obtained this search warrant that explains those photos came from screen shots of text messages and postings. in a statement, tumblr says it is fully cooperating with the parties involved in this case. police tell me some of those photos just showed faces, others showed bodies. and i just got an e-mail from the twinsburg superintendent. she tells me that the district is aware of what's going on, is aware of the investigation. they are fully cooperating with police. live in cleveland, i'm kristin volk, newschannel5. a news alert from wall street. the dow roller coaster took us on another ride today, the dow closing down almost 178 points. but it could have been a lot worse. at one point it was down as much as 400 points. the s & p as well as the nasdaq also lost ground. push button, get mortgage. did you see that commercial last night? the message from the quicken
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stirring is up controversy. the ad asks what if we did for mortgages what the internet did for buying music and plane ticket and shoes, adding, you can actually get a loan in 10 minutes. within minutes after the ad aired the consumer financial protection bureau aired in saying to take your time, ask questions, and hashtag know before you owe. >> one feedback i would have for that, that's a huge purchase, and it certainly strikes me as you're not buying a blender or a new shirt. >> a real estate expert says it's important to have a face to face relationship with your learned. quicken loans calls the mortgage process clunky and confusing, and they found a way to simplify it with technology. the company added, these are fullily underwritten loans and they verify information from trusted partners. all right, mark is in, and a little messy out there tonight. >> very messy, driving-wise, and we're going to keep the snow on and off all the way through the week, then a very,
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valentine's day weekend is shaping up. >> so we'll actually see winter. >> we will actually see winter. our live looks now, our two storm trackers are out and about. we've got some snow on the west side and some snow on the east side. mainly wet roadways right now, but as the temperatures fall below freezing, or close to the, during the next several hours you are going to see some of those flakes stick on the roads, causing some icy patches. so be careful. here is our live tower cam shot. and definitely you can see it's been a very messy kind of a day. that one shot shows you all the moisture on that little windshield there. that's on the roadways, it's on your cars, it's in your driveways and on your sidewalks. here it is. a messy, messy day. we started off with rain, we changed a lot of it over to snow. still a little bit of rain here and there around the edges. and it's going to scatter out a little bit all because of this alberta clipper. this guy is not going to do
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normally they speed out of here. that's why we call them a clipper. fast moving. this guy is stalling out. it's going to have a little vacation just to the north of lake erie for about the next 24 hours. so that means more hit-and-miss snow showers. we've got some now over greater cleveland, lorain county, portions of lake and geauga county, even into ashtabula county. more scattered snow showers around mansfield and ashland. this band here into millersburg and wooster could give you a couple of quick inches before the midnight hour. but this is not lake-effect snow. notice by 9:00, 9:00 in the morning the majority of us are dry with just an isolated flurry. so that bodes well for tomorrow morning's commute. good news there. look, lower and middle 30s everywhere you go except for fremont, norwalk. they're at 38 degrees. a very light westerly wind
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92% humidity and a dew point of 31. highs today 46. we got 2.8 inches of snowfall today. i mean, that's a third of the entire seasonal snowfall total so far. that bumps us up to almost a foot of snow for the years for the season. incredible. we should be at about 40. nowhere near it. here's the scenario. this upper level low and the alberta clipper at the surface sitting and spinning, and that keeps us in the snow and eventually this arctic air trapped behind this front will drop in. but notice some scattered snow showers through the day on tuesday, and then that low pulls out tuesday night, and that will set up some lake- effect snow for the primary snow belts for wednesday morning. so that could cause more problems for you. tonight lows dropping down to 30, tomorrow's high 33. hit-and-miss snow before midnight. tomorrow, a trace to, two breezy and chilly. overnight tonight general al
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the akron-canton area. tomorrow 33 with more snow showers. how about that seven-day? holy mackerel, 13 saturday, 18 for a high on sunday, and we've got isolated flurries. here you go with the big-time chill for your weather weekend. here's andy. >> very cold. >> indeed. >> the football season now officially over. >> it's over. you can cut somebody. nobody got cut from the browns. it's over. a lot of talk about the quarterbacks. the big story lines there. what did cam newton say that was so wrong after the game? we're going to touch on that. plus, what are the cavaliers thinking? just ten days away from the trade deadline. we're going to hear from brian.
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the cavs have just two games to go until the all-star break. kings tonight, then lakers. they came back to beat new orleans saturday night. kevin love is probable tonight. >> obviously we don't want anyone to be injured but if a sub is made and we're bigger and slower as far as our pace then we have to be able to still execute. we have to be able to play a fast-paced game, a possession game or a slower paced game, but understanding, you know, our interest is to get the ball up the floor, and then execution. >> pace, pace, pace. looking into the schedule, the all-star break, then the trade
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the cavs, what will they do on february 18th? at one time rumors were the cavaliers were thinking about doing a blockbuster deal. now it seems unlikely. espn's brian windhorst says one name cavs fans won't want to hear is -- >> they talked to the sons about e j tucker. they have talked to the sacramento kings. they have inquired about jared dudley from the washington wizards, and they've inquired about kyle korver of the atlanta hawks. whether they will actually trade for any of these players in a deal, the wizards and hawks have to make decisions about the direction of their franchise. the bottom line is i'm not expecting a blockbuster move. while i do think the cavs are trying very hard it is going to be a change to the 7th or 8th or 9th man. it's not something that's going to change their odds of winning the title. super bowl 50 is in the
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viewers watched the game. two big story lines besides the commercials. after the game it was obviously peyton manning, was he going to play his last game, and cam newton's press conference, we want to talk about that tonight at 11:00. i don't know, you're frustrated, there was talk that there was someone behind him. >> distracted. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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