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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now we have exclusive video will you see on five as a parents' nightmare up folds. an suv stole from an a gas station. a 3-year-old left inside while the girl went to pay for the gas inside. >> there are a lot of the twists and turns. >> there are and luckily a happy ending. i spoke to the girl's cousin while they was going down. he was inside for just seconds. >> reporter: watch the surveillance video. a man parks at pump 6 on carnegie and pays.
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off. cargo. >> i was the only person inside the gas station. the 3-year-old was asleep inside and he paid for gas and didn't want to wake her up. seconds later he saw the car >> he was hysterical. he was going crazy and called the police and he could barely talk. >> i don't know if he was going to harm her. i was scared. so much going on. it was my fault. >> reporter: within a half hour the 3-year-old girl was found three miles away. the thrive called police after they spotted her in the snow. paramedics took her to pop eyes to give her food before taking her her the hospital. >> you should never leave your
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>> fred gear was taken into custody for outstanding warrants and he could face other charges because leaving a kid in a car is also another charge. reporting live in cleveland wews. you are looking at what is going on in lorraine. what is the latest. >> reporter: it is along the lake shore seeing the snow steady with some accumulation. we are drying out further south and i think that will be the way it stays through the overnight hours. just a few flurries inland areas. here is the stalled out alberta clipper. it will sit and spin here through the day tomorrow. and it will spin down, a few of the little waves of scattered snow. again, mainly lake shore community from sandusky and greater cleveland.
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another inch and maybe more, greater cleveland up the shoreline. inland areas just a dusting of additional snow. so your weather headlines, the snow fades overnight tonight. will we have a slow morning rush to deal with? we will track the lake-effect snow. it could be heavy and we will show you that and the coldest weekend of the season is around the corner. lows below zero all for fun for valentine's day. following breaking news. a shooting at the state house. chris flanagan live with the latest. intense moments and we continue to get new information. here is what we know, a 23-year- old franklin county man killed himself outside the front door of the state house. happening at 6:00 p.m. you can see the yellow crime scene tape and the building. the man was seen walking around the state house grounds before he shot himself but no one
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the road is blocked off for hours as police investigated. the street reopened but the sidewalk in front of the state house remains closed. a person for the state patrol says the man did not work for the state and they don't know why he shot himself but no one else was hurt we are told. my apartment got robbed and my friend got shot. >> those are the frantic 911 calls after a kent state student was murdered inside his off campus apartment. the 17-year-old high school student accused in the deadly shooting of nick massa will be in court tomorrow morning. police are looking for two other suspects. massa was a freshman from west lake. investigators say that they are still trying to figure out led to the shooting. new information on a fire that destroyed a home in
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52 david smith was arrested for aggravated menacing and arson. thankfully no one was hurt. in brighton township the house caught fire it was under investigation. get off of my porch. get off of my porch. well that's the reaction we got when we asked the tough questions about newsome's property hurting cleveland's neighborhood. on a 5 on your side investigation, in some cases these hazardous homes are owned held accountable. joe went in search of answers. these homes exist in all parts of the city. >> that is correct. residents to need take action court at the justice center. >> it depreciates the value of your house. >> talking about this vacant hazard across the street and
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four years. >> tear this place down. it is an eye sore to the community. kids back there. it is abandoned. >> the property is owned by wells fargo but so far he has been unable to get wells fargo to tear it down. >> it is part of the bureaucracy that we are dealing with. >> according to council men wells fargo did not follow up on the west side home. it tried to foreclose in july of 2012 and it stopped because the bank told housing court it was vacant but there is a lady still living here so 22 neighbors signed the petition asking housing court to take action on the code violations here. >> they are destroying the life of residents that pay their mortgage and taxes and are civically engaged. >> i asked goggle to give her side of the story. >> what business is it of yours?
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tomorrow. >> for violations after broken window and loose bricks. get off of my porch. the house is titled to goggle but according to the auditor it is more than $7000. four years behind in property taxes and the case will be sorted out at the justice center. wells fargo quickly responded to the story and looking into both cases and you know we will follow up. we have learned that dallas police have questioned johnny manziel. questioning comes after the ex- girlfriend claims that he hit her so hard he damaged her hearing. she filed an application for protective order against the browns player after the two had a fight. the order states that he must stay away from crowly for two years. not been charged with wrongdoing. police will know who is behind a blog that contained nude photos of at least ten teens from twinsburg high school.
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month. someone tipped off a guidance counselor that contacted a resource officer. the girls in the pictures were 15 to 17-year-olds and the faces were shown. those in possession could face serious charges. the pictures are not going away soon. it is out there and people already could have gotten it and they are reposting. >> it is extremely common and scary. just how much is out there. >> the blog which was on tumbler has been shut down. campaigning is just about over in new hampshire. in less than an hour the first votes will be cast in the nation's first primary. that was governor kaisch's final event. >> yes and unlike any other in
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hampshire outdoors and in the snow. outside robey's general store governor kaisch stook in front of the crowd and what it established over the last 200 days ... >> how could you say thanks? >> that's the best i have heard. and you know what, we are going win. we are taking it all way. >> kaisch says the key to any success in new hampshire is you, the ground game and the volunteers and the phone calls and the knocking on doors and touching people and we are not stopping. we won't stop until the last vote is in. we are not stopping. something else is not stopping. this bus is headed to south carolina. get ready. we are going to take off the snow boots and the hats and
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thank you very much and god bless you. it is now in the hands of the voters. the voting will begin in under an hour. john is the only local reporter covering the ground game in new hampshire. he will keep us updated on the action when voters head to the polls for the second contest in this season. chelsea clinton will be stopping to campaign for her mom. here two days before voting begins in ohio. another businessman turned politician may jump in the presidential race. former mayor bloomburg is considering all of his options. he says the public deserves better than the campaigning they are getting right now and admits that he would need to get his name on the ballot.
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dangerous discipline used in our schools. what a new report says about the restraint and seclusion in the classroom. >> how much money the white house wants to fight the zika virus and why getting to the mosquitoes that carry the virus is not that easy. steady snow on the power of 5. i will tell you if this is going to hang around for your morning rush next. storm tracker 5 on the roads as a new band of snow
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and tomorrow morning. frank wiley live here in storm tracker 5. want to show you what we are looking at lorain county. a rainy snow mix, more rain than snow, but not in the case in lorraine. not a lot of snow on the ground to be concerned but when the stuff falls there is reason to be cautious. we did spot a salt truck trying to distribute salt to make sure drivers are safe. these are slick spots there so be careful. snow on the ground and inching deeper in the night and the concerns becomes closures and
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again right now as we are heading closer to downtown on 90 eastville towards shedville village. more rain than snow. the concern is that it will head towards cleveland. we will go back to you guys in the studio. a new report confirms what we told you friday. ohio is failing to protect students from dangerous discipline methods. disability rights ohio found serious rights of a rule limiting practices known as seclusion and restraint. investigator sarah butison shows us more. >> the report was released today and it mirrors the issues we uncovered. the department of education fails to make schools comply. with the seclusion and the restraint rules.
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incidents to leave students traumatized and injured. this is what the dangerous discipline method known as restraint can look like, this surveillance video shows two for 7 minutes. more than a year later his teen remains traumatized. >> sean is not the same. >> i deponent if abuse is the right. from autism. for years she struggled to share her thoughts and feelings until she figured out how her ipad could help. she was restrained as many as classroom. >> i think i may have gotten a concussion when i was being school.
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and i ended up in the hospital. >> christine hildebrand is the senior attorney at disability rights in ohio. >> in a perfect world we should never use them. but it is not a perfect world. >> when the data was reviewed they found gaps. >> if the school districts are implementing it, it is in one building and not district wide. >> the ohio department of education doesn't monitor whether schools follow the rules. and if they did, it wouldn't matter much. there are no consequences for breaking it. a if a parent feels it is not being followed there is not a lot to be done. >> more than 20,000 incidents were reported just during the 2014-2015 school year and eight
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creation of behavior plans. plans that can make a dramatic difference, for students like jordan. >> my teachers and the principals will give me head squeezes if i am having a bad day and sometimes i sit in a quiet area. >> those methods help her remain calm when she gets upset and so far she hasn't been restrained once this year. with the appropriate support i can do the things that other students enjoy. >> we asked the ohio department of education for an interview about the issues we uncovered. they turned down our interview request but sent us a statement saying they do reach out to districts to tell them how to reduce the use of restraint and seclusion. sara butison newschannel 5. new concerns over the zika virus. the national institute of health asking congress for $1.8 billion to fight the disease in the u.s. and around the world.
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trying to decide if the olympians should go to brazil, the center of the outbreak. insect experts warn it is tough to get to the mosquitoes with insecticides. new video of a wildfire burning in oklahoma. take a look. look at the defined flames in the video. the fire flared up near a freeway leaving a traffic backup. one home caught fire. no one was hurt. in new york the problem is flooding. take a look at the roads. they look like rivers and the cars that are submerged. the problem was not rain but high tide and strong winds and the coastal sections of long island and queens. >> high winds are a problem in iowa where that couple with snow made it nearly impossible to see.
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crews to close an 8 mild stretch of i-35 and numerous accidents. one person had to be rescued crashes. a lot of the weather. crazy weather. well. we will get snow and cold for the weekend. by the way let's sing happy birthday. lee jordan is happy a birthday. never mind. >> i thought i was tipped off by a fire alarm after i blew off the candles. >> there were a lot. >> we won't talk about that. >> there was smoke. >> 29 candles on there. happy birthday. >> happy birthday, lee. >> let's give lee a shout outvia storm tracker five. look at the highways. that's called a segue.
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falling down on i-480 and it will remain, there will be snow out there for the next few hours. notice here back from elyria to avon and parma and valley view and north royalton and strongsville. we got lighter snows from north perry and ashtabula into jefferson. the whole package is likely going to swing to the shoreline. an additional inch and maybe more expected. overnight the band shifts north and east and eventually over the lake. not much else to write home about. that is going to be the trend overnight. look. we got a little donut hole and clearing in mansfield and ashland mainly cloudy skies towards the akron canton area. your hour by hour one a.m. watch the snow. where is it going?
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not much to worry about as far as snowfall. the snow will move in and that will occur late morning in the afternoon with another quick inch or two of snow depending where the snow band is set up. tomorrow morning's rush looks good for travelers for those going to school or to work. 32 in elyria and medina. 34 in akron. here we go 33 down with a west wind of 8 and 30-degree dew downtown cleveland. there's the upper level low sitting and spinning right here. we will have spokes of energy spinning around it over the next 24 to 36 hours. eventually though oh, oh the cold air a mowji. if you are looking for snow. we see the scattered snow and look at the lake-effect snow for tomorrow night. i think wednesday morning there
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cleveland and points eat into the snow belt. traces of an inch and bus stop maybe a flurries near 30 and lower 30s, snow and clouds scattered around during your afternoon commute. 33 tomorrow. scattered snow and a trace to two and breezy and cold and your seven-day forecast here. wednesday lake-effect snow, 24. that's cold thursday. 19 and 25, how about saturday a high near 8 and a low near 0. sunday, valentine's day.
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sports is next. now five on your side
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>> cavs off before the all-star break. a good game for the cavs 21 and 4 and looking for win number 22 against sacramento. the lakers will be here on wednesday night. they won 41 of the last 45. 3rd quarter, lebron, watch him buries it from the corner. nice. lebron at a nice game and we will talk more about that in a moment. didn't have to plaint 4th quarter. good to see kevin love after the leg injury. love with 11 in limited time. dirie had an outstanding night. cavs win. it gives teams a chance to lose on transition. i love it.
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finding guys and i feel like the last few guys shooting guys in the pocket and a few have fallen and a few haven't. it is continuing to track down the games and getting open shots. >> and i told you more on lebron. he filed a jump shot the first triple double and turning on the 3rd quarter. ten rebounds and ten assists and cavs in the groove. thank to lebron, his 40th triple double. 20 or more points in 11 straight games. it shows that i'm able to do everything, you know. i'm not just a scorer or passer or rebounder. my teammates allow me to to do that. super bowl in the books. almost 12 million watched it. two big story lines. it was peyton manning. was it his last dance and this
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lot of help and frustrated in the post-game press conference. gave up sacks and threw passes and that's it. they scored more points than us.
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1800 elk ohio. happy birthday. >> 29. >> closed captioning of channel 11 sponsored by serpentini.
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