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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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be afraid. >> a lawsuit against kent state. >> we dig into claims how a softball coach covered up a rape. >> people are voting in new hampshire and governor kaisch is insisting this is not his only chance to stay in the race. >> we will do it with billing wire and duct tape. >> we have live election team coverage. first all new at five. a dramatic chapter in the life of johnny manziel. >> you may remember that the browns announced that manziel had entered concussion protocol. today a reporter says the team was lying. our sports director andy baskin joins us with more. >> reporter: the browns issued a strong denial about the accusation that they lied about johnny's health. mike silver says a current player told him over the
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at practice and the team lied about him having a concussion. manziel claimed he had concussion symptoms and he entered a protocol. >> came in this morning with concussion like symptoms and we take it serious and we sent him to be evaluated and we are in a holding pattern. he took some pretty good hits in the game and he is a tough guy and didn't -- hope it would go away and it didn't and he felt like he had to speak up and time will tell. >> late this afternoon silver stands by his report and backtracking. he says using the word "lied" is something he regrets and now giving the browns the benefit of the doubt. expecting to talk more about this on the 9th, start of the
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johnny manziel entered rehab and stayed for over a month and then the avalanche. >> avon police then pull over a car with manziel and his girlfriend after witnesses saw the couple fighting. during the buy week in november a video of manziel partying emerged and a month later another party video emerged. that's the same week the browns announced that monzel had a concussion and days later he was reportedly spotted in las vegas. that same day he was pulled over for a traffic violation in north homestead and the following day missed a required treatment and police investigating a domestic incident between johnny and his estranged girlfriend. mark looking out downtown and a reason for concern. >> we are under a band of moderate snow just in time for
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it will be a slow afternoon commute. let's show you cleveland, western suburbs and out to lake geauga and ashtabula county. a band of moderate snow. showers starting to intensify to medina and wooster. this could be an inch of new snow over the next hour. more snow will come through the course of the overnight. we do have lake-effect snow warnings for the southern 2/3 of ashtabula county. we could expect a good six to twelve inches of snowfall and most of it occurring wednesday and wednesday night. tonight we will go with one to three inches and that's not a lot ex-wife temperatures, upper
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watch the snow continue through the evening. new at five. a former kent state softball player is suing the university and her former coach for allegedly covering up a rape and chris flanagan has more. >> claimed she was raped by the coach son and asked to keep quiet. karen lindner never reported the incident. the complaints states that lindner treated the victim differently after she told about the alleged rape and deemed to be overreemotional. lindner resigned as a coach. claimed that the player and the family after the resignation and that kent state did nothing to correct the situation.
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viewed as almost a dad-like figure on the campus. a person that was responsible for her academic career and scholarship and athleticism had portrayed her and not done the right thing by trying to suppress this information. it should be noted that the coach's son has never been charged with the rape. the email says when we were formally served with the complaint we will answer accordingly and says that the university is strongly these matters seriously. i'm chris flanagan, lee. right now police are still looking for the person who stole an suv from a gas station with a three-year-old girl still in the backseat. it happened when her uncle left newschannel 5 obtained this exclusive video from the gas
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greer leave the car to go inside and that's when this man in a white t-shirt moves off and fortunately that girl was half hour. a driver spotted her walking through the snow in the middle of broadway. paramedics checked her out and took her to dinner. she was reunited with her mother. the man is charged about child endangerment and his car is missing. police are trying to check down if you see it call police. on the second stop to the road to white house voters had their distinguished role in going first. >> who they want to represent in the 2016 presidential race
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the new hampshire primary. our john kosic spent all morning riding along with governor kaisch and we have a look at the rest of the candidates. marcy. >> frank andlee, a lot of excitement and a couple of hours left before the results start coming in. >> reporter: the polling places peacod this primary day. voters making last minute decision in their final hours. >> i was honestly not sure who i would vote for. >> candidates making the rounds and trying to round up last minute support. and even a little love. >> my father shook my hand and you won. donald trump went into primary day, the front-runner in the poll and john kaisch had a boost. for john kaisch we have three.
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the ballots at midnight. >> i ran into the trumper and he said you killed me. >> ran down to undecided. >> and independent voters. >> who was nit. >> bernie sanders will be the republican side and the democratic side. he was kind of our clear choice. >> among senator bernie sanders pulled ahead. >> hillary clinton says this is a fight to the finish. >> we will work until the last vote is cast. and the first polls close 7 and the rest at 8:00. some candidates are so confident they have planned victory parties. thank you, marcy and governor kaisch has said that he put his eggs in new hampshire's basket. today he is insisting he can go the distance and responding to critics but not the money to
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our john kosic is the only local tv reporter traveling with the governor and is live in concord where the turnout is high. >> record turnout is expected, frank as marcy alluded to. plenty of people and the opportunity to get out and vote. coming to you from concord, this is the room where kaisch will accept the nomination hopefully from the people of new hampshire taking the results in tonight. as marcy mentioned two or three hours ago of polls being opened with two or three hours of ads and campaigning. kaisch kaisch kaisch kaisch. >> governor kaisch greeting voters in a high school. what he thinks separates him from the pack. >> this is the glue that holds the campaign. >> new hampshire voters undecided. >> undecided. not there yet. >> you only ten minutes away from voting.
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but you got to think it through and make the right choice. >> and here is what makes the race interesting. hearts predict he is independent and can vote in either primary. >> there is a lot of votes not just among the main street but the independent voters that may very well look at their standard race and say bernie is ahead by 25 votes and let's vote in the republican race. >> that's why the negative ads run. time spent by the bush super pack and kaisch one of the biggest targets. >> i don't know that they could spend anymore money tryinging to bash me on television. i saw it this morning. it continues on and on. and kaisch took a hit in the polls last week as a result this week because of his debate.
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newschannel 5. you mentioned voters in the northern voters with kansas. governor kaisch called and won donald trump and it worked and he did something else. and we will have it for you at six. john kosic, newschannel 5. here is a vote for you. have you downloaded the news net 5 app. if not you might want to do that and then check out the election coverage, we will post results when they start to come in. bring your reaction and live stream the analysis during the 11:00 p.m. newscast. you knew it was bound to happen. >> ohio has its first zika case right here in cleveland. the news may have a lot of clevelanders ready to panic but we are here to assure you there is no need for alarm. word from the health department next. the state's charter school crisis, worse than we first is thought. the alarming report about the
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at 5:45. chipotle has had a rough time lately with the link to e. coli. just when management thought that was behind them.
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about alleged discrimination. health news at five. a cleveland woman is the first person in ohio to contract the zika virus. >> spreading across central and south america for months. and health officials say there is little cause for concern and derrick waller is live in cleveland. tell us what you learned. >> reporter: i have talked to officials and says a 30-year- old woman that talked to a haiti is fully healed. >> and trying to alleviate here. the woman went to the doctor for a diagnosis and as required public health agencies. >> any case reports that happened within cleveland, ohio
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we will monitor the situation. >> the cdc says there's 36 cases in 13 states and d. c. and 80% don't have symptoms. the virus can be spread through sexual contact but it originates from mosquito bites from a specific breed that doesn't exist in ohio. >> the mosquito is one in the tropical regions of the world. >> but a doctor at children's hospital tells me that people planning to travel to south america are at risk and pregnant women. >> women having problems not exposed to the zika virus. >> we have more information
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>> we want to reiterate some of the reasons there is no need to panic. now that there is actually a zika case here in cleveland. first of all, this patient contracted the virus in haiti. two mosquitoes transmit zika, one doesn't exit and another with a low population. >> even if you are bitten by a mosquito there is a one in five chance that you will show symptoms and if you do the symptoms are mild. the only people that should be concerned are pregnant women and the only project you need is the normal measures to avoid mosquito bites. all right. we have snow all over the board right now. a live look at mentor. there is light snow falling and here is greater cleveland and that is a messed up windshield with frozen ice on it from earlier. flakes kind of melting off a
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travel around northern ohio. right now we will show you why doppler radar. snow advisories and northern ashtabula county kicked in. the snow warnings for geauga and ashtabula county kicked in at 11:00 p.m. through thursday at four p.m. a lot of you will see snow. you are seeing snow right now because we got a trough here moving through. scattered showers and another trough will be overnight tonight and that will stir up more scattered snow showers as the clipper begins to slide slowly towards the east and once it gets east of us tomorrow morning we will see the lake effect really kick in and i think tomorrow through tomorrow night is the best
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eastern suburbs of cleveland and lake geauga and ashtabula counties. here is parma heights and willoughby and mentor and chardin and bentonville and we will zoom out and show you light to briefly moderate snow. seville, akron to ravenna and we got tuscarawas and canton, wooster as was as sleeve getting light snow. we get snow bands setting up here in the snow belt up to ashtabula county and right now it looks like one to three inch total that will be good for the snow belt tonight. lesser amounts everywhere else. here you go. 29, cleveland. at 6:00 p.m., 28 for akron and canton and scattered snow and snow lingering through ten and 11:00 and travelers beware. slick spots. troughs here, a stronger front
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that is going to open up the frank. by friday, definitely saturday and sunday we are looking at the coldest air in a year ahead. wind chills ten, 15 degrees below zero by sunday morning. here we go, 23, scattered snow and an inch or two across the entire area and upwards of snow belt. a slow go. tomorrow squalls take over. greater cleveland one to three and you can see three to sick where squalls persist out in the snow belt. 26 degrees. that's going to feel warm compared to the weekend. still ahead at five. would you consider an alligator a deadly weapon?
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it is used, frank. the bizarre case of the flighting gator and what the parents think of the legal drama. all coming up at six. for people trying to curb their heroin addiction.
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with may be just as deadly. new details after an amber alert and a frantic search for a mother and her three children came to a happy ending. the police found the family after the alert went out. our bob jones shows us why police officers in stark county were so worried and what is next. >> lawrence township police felt like they had to issue an amber alert. a 38-year-old and her three boys would not be found and the mother had attempted or threatened suicide in the past. david brooks was living in fear over the past couple of days, his wife tara brooks took the three boys, 6, 10 and 12 from
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a cabin and she was supposed to return on sunday but did not and the boys were no shows at school monday and tuesday. >> a lot of prayer and crying and leaning on people and trying to stay strong and wishing they could come back. >> david says tara sent text messages saying she wasn't coming back and he went to the police and the police stepped up the search for the mom kids and cars. >> we were concerned for her safety and the amber alert was issued. >> the chief says previous threats by the mother to hurt herself and the kids whereabouts made this a regional amber alert situation. in a few hours prosecutors received tips that the kids were in canton where they were found safe and sound. >> the amber alert was issued and people started to make the calls and it shows that the
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the prosecutor will review the case but no charges were filed today. david that got his kids back awhile ago is relieved. >> i can't explain it. it was a weight off of my shoulders knowing that they are investigating. next, we are looking into new indictments about the company owned by jimmy haslem and what owners. >> how does this sit with folks? more unmanned drones in the skies with piloted airplanes. the skyrocketing popularity of
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faa is doing about it. an nfl reporter says the browns lied when johnny manziel entered concussion therapy. a teammate says he was drunk on the last wednesday of practice. the browns are denying the report. manziel is expected to be released next month. a former penn state softball player is suing her old coach and the university. claiming her rape by a baseball player was covered up. says she was raped in 2012 and her coach pressured her to keep quiet. she says the coach criticized her from being too emotional. >> primary day in new hampshire. voters are headed to the poll. so far turnout is high. john kosic has been spending time with governor kaisch. we will have a live report at six.
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jimmy haslem's company are facing criminal indictments. >> they are among 8 pilots charged today with cheating truckers out of millions in fuel rebates. on your side chief investigators ron regan joins us in the newsroom and ron you are following the story from the very beginning. >> that's right and the former president and vice-president of pilot flying j were indicted for their role in the alleged fraud with six others. now, haslem has never been accused of wrongdoing and has cooperated fully with prosecutors. the probe into the fuel rebate fraud went public in april of 2013 when the f.b.i. raided the headquarters. previously ten other pilot employees pleaded guilty to their role. pilot flying j paying truckers 85 million-dollars in a class action settlement and another
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federal government. all 8 entered not guilty pleas. i'm chief investigator ron regan. >> mark johnson you have been busy. >> yes, snow falling down. not the lake-effect snow but the stalled out snow to the north of lake erie. light to moderate snow from cleveland to lake geauga counties and akron and canton and wooster and medina getting light to brief snow. i'm thinking an inch or inch- and-a-half before they fade away and more coming in off to the north. the snow will be in and out and on and off and roads wet and temperatures in the 20s. they will continue to slowly fall off in the lower and middle 20s by midnight and shortly after. lake storm warnings, geauga and ashtabula tonight through four p.m. on thursday. heavy snow squalls are likely
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tomorrow night. slightly lesser amounts but significant for the lake-effect snow advisories and the northern third of ashtabula. more of this and a bitter cold weather weekend coming up. another big story. the ohio epa says that 30 homes in sebring have high levels of lead in their tap water. more than 600 homeowners submitted water levels for testing. the water plant is under investigation accused of waiting months to notify people about contaminated water. and today we learned the water crisis happening in flint, michigan could lead to criminal charges. investigators say that government officials might face involuntary manslaughter charges if found negative in handling the water switch and the aftermath. the mayor of flynn announced a 55 million-dollar proposal to remove lead piping from the city's water system.
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invitation to testify at a hearing tomorrow about children affected by lead in the water. marysville northwest of columbus. the tracks. earlier. you can see cars scatter around the track and police say that they think it happened after two trains collided. it is not clear how that happened. two crew members on board were sent to the hospital and their injuries are considered minor. >> now, all new at five, a surprising report from the faa. more drones in the sky than airplanes according to the registration system. meggen hickey joins us with the numbers. the numbers could be higher. >> that's right. they are currently 325,000 drones register with the fa abut someone with several drones have to register once. now i told you back in december about the mandatory
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safety concerns. cleveland hopkins had it's the own issues flying flew the air space. the faa says the registration program has taken off over the last few weeks and showing how popular the drones have been. >> it is easy for someone to take a drone and it flies around and they don't need to know anymore information. >> and to let you know how popular it is, the number of drones is up 65% since the faa estimates in 2014. meggen hickey. newschannel 5. education officials say the state has nearly ten times as many failing charter schools as previously reported. the department of education says there are 57 poor performing schools in ohio, not
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application submitted in july. the government put the grant disbursement on holds following allegation that they were rigged. a cruise ship we are going to show you was a nightmare and it may land some of the ships personnel in hot water. moist calling for a federal investigation in a ship that got caught in a dangerous storm in. >> beyonce dropped another song and find out which american restaurant is crediting her
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winning lottery numbers. well we're talking about snow right now. in my world of weather. what everyone will deal with this valentine's day weekend is the coldest air of the season. the coldest air since last
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this will be a brutal shot. we have the computer model and you can follow the concourse, the cold airway up here. near the north pole. you can see the streamers bringing it down to northern ohio. let me show you this takes us up into saturday night and sunday. look at the artic cold air and look at the overnight lows below 0 for many of you by sunday morning with wind chills minus ten, minus 15, maybe colder for sunday morning. so even saturday if you are coming out to see us strongsville mall, hopefully you will, sunday, you will have
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artic weekend. more on that. just into the newsroom. we have learned a second case of the zika virus is in northeast ohio. a 21-year-old stark county man just tested for the mosquito born virus and returned from haiti. we learned a cuyahoga woman was diagnosed after a trip to the caribbean country. you can't get zika through casual contact. a terrible story behind this picture. a catastrophic train crash in germany. two trains crashed head on. p it went down at the height of morning rush hour. first responders say the accident was so bad it was almost as if the two trains
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the black boxes had been recovered and now been analyzed what went wrong. >> and sex offenders where allegations were reported last fall and norwegian police reported. 43 people applied for asylum. and it comes after reports of refugee missing in europe failed to sold into slavery. a father is speaking out. two virginia tech students
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kiefer are behind bars accused of trying to murder a 13-year- old. eisenhower told police he saw a level of the night she disappeared. days later the girl's body was found 80 miles from their home. >> locked up in the same cell? i am pretty sure i could get answers. it took my little girl. >> eisenhower and keepers are behind bars. they are back in court at the end of the month. a cruise line decision to sail has people asking for answers. the ship braved one hundred mile winds. senator bill nelson wants federal investigators to probe why the captain and others continued the cruise despite
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i'm sure there was a courageous crew on board. the question is why? like the old farrell last year when we asked the same questions. why did it sale into the storm. >> farrell was traveling from jacksonville to puerto rico when the ship sank killing 33 people. chipotle owes three former employees hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> and this after a grand jury found the mexican restaurant chain gil. the lawsuit filed by three cincinnati workers says they were wrongly terminated saying they were treated differently from male workers despite receiving better evaluations. red lobster credits beyonce
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the be healthy seafood chain by going up 33% in sales on sunday compared to last year. beyonce released her new song formation that includes a lyric referencing the restaurant. a florida man is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and some question eg whether there is a weapon involved. the alleged crime throwing an alligator at someone. police say 23-year-old josh james, there he is, he pull up to the drive through to get his food order and reached in to his truck. james parents say it was a harmless prank that was thrown out of propose. how could you not think something like that was a prank. are they cooperating inyes. he is a stupid kid doing a stupid crank. he had no problem with toughing himself in. he is 23.
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possession and transportation of an alligator. in case you are wondering what happened with the gator it was released and in a nearby canal. >> a childless prank. >> 23 years old. >> that's an adult. >> that is not a childish prank. >> a no-no. >> you want some snow for the no-no. no-no snow. >> some of us will get heavy snow. we will show you what is going on. we have a wide view. the clipper stalled out to the north of lake erie. i will show it to you. there is the clipper, a little trough coming through northern are seeing. this is not lake-effect snow all right? what happens is that this low begins to showily shift eastward. a stronger front for tomorrow
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low and a northwest wind to produce lake-effect snow tomorrow and that could add up. it bits snow and the cold all the way through the weather weekend. let's deal with the snow. here is where we have the interstate 90 corridor and good moderate snow and all the way to ashtabula and eastern cuyahoga county and slowing down for the afternoon commute on interstate 271 and that goes from chagrin falls and euclid and greater cleveland drying out temporarily. youngstown and mansfield. it will be hit-and-miss snow driving from the north. pretty much all evening and travelers beware. slippery highways. very minimal slippery and wet. some untreated surfaces can get snowy in a hurry.
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ashtabula and 27 in mansfield and 24 in millersburg. your evening, we will hover in the upper 20s but we got snow, on and off snow, we go a trace to three inches of accumulation overnight tonight. akron and canton, a trace to two inches of scattered snow and driving from the north and south. temperatures through nine p.m., 27 and 28 degrees. hover in there. snowfall through the overnight. we will take you in hour by hour. all the way to tomorrow morning's rush. there is 7:30 and notice the majority of the viewing area a half an inch, maybe an inch of snow. but here at greater cleveland. two inches and the snow belt eastern cuyahoga and geauga and southern lake county to ashtabula kaisch -- maybe three-and-a-half inches of snow fall. fit is coming down in a hurry,
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tonight scattered snow and out east. scattered and cold. 26 tomorrow. lake-effect snow and one to three inches for greater cleveland and a trace for act rob and out east in the snow belt, three to sick inches of snow. here we go. akron and canton. a quick inch of snow. 23 tomorrow and 27. one to see a quick view of the cold, frank and lee. let me show you the cold. 22 friday. 8 on saturday. valentine's day, a high of 15. is that a zero? six. new information about what happened in an officer-involved week. plus the nfl is reportedly making changes to its
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a new money scam this is a
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all new at five crooks are using all kinds of ways to get money out of you and the justice system. consumer investigators jonathan walsh says you would think criminals would stay away from the courts but instead they are using them to their devious advantage. >> people started coming to jury rooms after getting threatening calls after missing jury duty. >> we have had two or three show up. >> jury coordinator brad sites says they were going to pay a fine or face arrest. >> this man got a chilly call. >> i'm sheriff whiler from the sheriff's department and i am for your arrest. >> jury coordinator sites says no one from sheriff's office is calling people, just another
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prepaid debit card. >> many are sending money to avoid arrests. tears. >> just remember you will never be asked for money. >> we will never cold call you and telling you, you missed your jury service. jonathan walsh. newschannel 5. thanks our time, thanks for joining us. still ahead at six. many addicts are relying on a little known herb to treat their heroin addict but we learned about the advertised cure-all. it is a tease. why this product may be just as dangerous as opiate drug.
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hampshire rushing to vote before the polls close. our john kosic is there for the final push to win people over. we will see you when
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