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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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. now at 5, a lake affect snow warning in affect for several areas right now. >> you can see the snow making things dangerous on the roadways and the near constant snowfall will continue until tomorrow. and newschannel 5, we have you covered across northeast ohio. we're checking out conditions on the roads for you all throughout our area before you head out of the door. >> and we begin right now with power of 5 meteorologist somara theodore and kicking off the team coverage here. >> and good morning, that is i am. if you live in lake county along the northern fringes of ashtabula county, you're waking up to a lake affect snow advise advisory. however, if you live in geauga county, that is a lake affect imminent and we'll see a good amount of snow in the areas. the radar right now, showing the bands continuing to persist. where they do persist, that is
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amount of snow. we have a westerly component meaning it's moving into ashtabula county. some of the lighter purples, noting lighter snowfall in menner and let's talk about what you need to know today. as we go through, i want you to know we're expecting four to 12 inches of snow in the snowbelt. and this is continuing through thursday afternoon. and if you live outside of the snowbelt, you might see snow, too, less than about two inches. and we'll talk more about the lake affect snow and the arctic air blast on the way. for now, over to you, corrina. tomorrow, we're out here on route 2 in lake county. keeping an eye on the road conditions and have a look. still some wet conditions we're dealing with out here. i want to point out, though, the left lanes of travel are the -- you don't see as much traffic, especially these hours and we're starting to build up in patches. the right lanes where there is more volume of traffic, that is mostly the wetcons -- conditions.
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thermometer around 25 degrees and there is a special for this wet material on the roadways to refreeze. keep an eye if you're out here travelling and areas that might be wet. couldn't be refreezing over and you want to make note of that as you're on the way in your morning commute, whether it's to work or ahead this morning. so, some wet conditions mostly on the roadways or keep an eye on that if it changes and send pysa. >> and thank you. we especially want to watch out for refreezing on the bridges and overpasses. thankfully right now, we're not getting reported accidents looking at the greater cleveland area. we're seeing a couple of slowdowns, 422 and not a huge impact on the roadways in terms of the weather. you east siders, you're seeing the bulk of this. twenty, 90, and route 6 as well affected and not a lot of traffic out there. so, we're expecting to see things kind of pick up as the commute goes on. in terms of drive times, it's taking you 14 minutes 90
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the average speeds are not having troubles again. the main roads dealing with the wets and that is some secondary roads and showing us state route 2 and that traffic, moving along without issues now. >> and sarah continuey is live in concord. how's it looking there? >> it's cold and a couple of flurries are coming down. seem says like the breeze is picking up a bit. these flurries are accumulating. we have the ruler here as we track the accumulation. looks like we have about six inches so far and this snow, you know, not good for packing so no snowballs so far. we have two good examples of the roads here. an access road and state route 44 and they look completely different. and as you can see, the access road is snow-covered and we have seen private plows go up
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we have seen odot plows going by there about 80odot plows out this moring and they're working 12-hour shifts, treating the roads so your morning commute will hopefully be smooth and we're tracking the accumulation here. back to you. >> thank you. and we're thankful for the odot crews for sure. and not escaping the snow fall. that is a blowing, drifting snow across the highways and making it dangerous for the morning commute and i want to talk about the roads on 271. they're not bad but they're clear. i think they're going to be wet at this point. that could change at any moment
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on the ground right now and like sarah said, this is let and fluffy and could come down at once and that is during the morning commute and we saw plow trucks coming back-to-back and there are 80 trucks this morning and making sure the roads are clear for your morning commute and give yourself enough time and especially if travelling to the east side where that snow belt is getting the most snow and road says will be more busy and slushy and not clear as you imagine. meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> and it you so much. we're keeping a close eye on school delays and closings for you on the 505.
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if the school day care business closes the delay, we'll list it at the bottom of the screen and on the newsnet 5 app. we want the country honest, the energy and the excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed in november. >> new hampshire, i want to thank you. we love you and we're going to be back a lot. you started it. remember, you started it. >> victory celebrations for donald trump and bernie sanders right now. the two pulling in big wins on the party side of the new hampshire primary. and nick foley, let's bring him in here. the governor is celebrating a victory, too. >> reporter: if you watch the governor's speech last night after the polls closed, you would have guessed he won. that is because the second- place finish was a victory for kasich's team instead of a poor showing that would have likely ended his campaign.
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hampshire paid off as he is garnered now 16% of the vote with 93% reporting this morning. this is behind donald trump's whopping 35% to win there. ted cruz finished third. very close to jeb bush. the democratic side, as we told you as predicted, bernie sanders topped hillary clinton and did so in convincing fashion with 60% of the votes. as for kasich and his team, they set their sites on a south carolina primary and they will be campaigning in the palmetto state later today. >> and we will move through south carolina and across the country. we'll end up in the midwest and you just wait. let me tell you. there is so much going to happen. if you don't have a seatbelt, go get one! >> and kasich's fame expected to be campaigning in south carolina as early as 11:00 this morning. in the newsroom, nick foley, newschannel 5. jackie? >> thank you. and a lot of new details after an amber alert and frantic search for a mother and her three children came to a happy ending.
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criminal charges o. friday, the father said his estranged wife took their three boys, ages 6, 10, and 12 for a trip. she was supposed to return on sunday but didn't. threatened suicide and officials say they had to issue the amber alert yesterday. within a few hours, they were found safe and sound in canton. >> and i can't explain it. it was just a big weight lifted off of my shoulders, i guess, to be back. >> and prosecutors are in the case and so far, no charges were filed against the mom. and developing this morning, a 17-year-old high school student in kent accused of killing a kent state student could be tried as an adult. the emotion was charged in the death of the teen. according to police, the 18- year-old was visiting friends in a apartment when thee men wearing bandanas barged in. the police this morning looking for the two other suspects. in the meantime, hundreds of people out in the snow and cold
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at an -- who was gunned down. a freshman there at kent state and an offcampus apartment. they lit candles for nick who was shot and killed this weekend. a go fund me account was started for him. more than $12,000 was donated the past 24 hours. and a bus driver behind this violent attack that you're seeing on your screen due in court today. brown's facing charges of felonious assault and abduction. he was fired after being caught on camera assaulting a homeless passenger. after getting upset, the man threw around papers and told police he locked the passenger on the bus and hit him over the head. the rta union is fighting to get brown his job back and personnel files show that brown hasn't had incidents with passengers the last 28 years. he was weeks away from retiring. and also today, many christians around the world will start practicing lent. ash wednesday launches a 40-day period in the western church last seen until midnight on eastern sunday.
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believers will give up something like their favorite food or pleasurable activities. the pope said he is not all for that and said you should try for something like become a better person, maybe give up ill will that you might have. >> i can get down with that. and it's 5:05. on your wednesday morning, things are -- thank you for starting your day with us. i'm jackie fernandez. -- . >> coming up, criminals stay away from the court but they're using them to their devious advantage. how you can avoid a money same. >> and plus, your skittles and m&ms may never look the same. what the companies are doing
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. breaking overnight, investigators on the scene of yesterday's deadly train accident in germany, trying to figure out what went wrong. ten people killed, 22 people
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the rush hour in the morning and this morning, one person is missing. two black boxes are analyzed and officials have no clue how this happened. and today, a michigan governor rick snider plans to propose another $125 million in aid to flint. it will include 25 million to replace old pipes. and this is after snider declined an invitation to testify at the hearing today about children affected by lead in that water. and meanwhile, we have learned the flint water crisis could lead to criminal charges and investigators said the the government officials might face involuntary manslaughter charges if found negligent in handling the city's water issue. flint's mayor is calling for $55 million in state and federal aid and to replace the pipe's now. and in ohio, the e.p.a. said at least 30 homes in
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in the -- lead in the tap water. and more than 600 homeowners submitted the water for testing and the owner is under investigation accuseed of waiting months to notify people terrence. and right now, the florida senator demanding action after crews decided to sail into a dangerous storm. they left new jersey saturday heading for port canaveral and ended up in 34 waves on sunday. and senator bill nelson wants federal investigators to look into why the chip's captain and others continue the crews, despite warnings four days in advance and they're telling this citizen of the story, too and claiming the forecast was not anything like he experienced and despite the issue center, the ship is to
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and many of dialing with a -- dealing with a snowfall this morning. >> and talk about who is under the lake affect advisory and warning. if you live in lake county -- and the lake affect snow warning and this does not expire until tomorrow. zoom in to see where the heaviest snow is falling and again, light to moderate and that is not super heavy. and around the lake, chagrin snow. that will push westward into ashtabula county throughout the morning and we will talk accumulation in five minutes and the temperatures. and that is a major weather headline. and check out the feel like temperatures and feeling like 8 in cleveland. and 7 in norwalk and that is going to feel colder through the next few days and we have
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and that is going to allow the colder arctic air to plunge into northeast ohio toward the weekend and here are the numbers we're looking at. the power of five seven-day forecast showing single digits by saturday and i mean two degrees and that is going to be cold out there and for now, let's get a check of the roads. how's it looking out there, john? >> reporter: hey, somara. we moved on to route 44 off of route 2 and heading into shardin. we're heading south and things are looking similar through what we encounter so far and i don't know if you can see from our camera, the snow has picked up and we're talking big, wet, heavy flakes and you can hear them hitting the wind chill. we passed a garage where we saw derail trucks filling up. the crews are out here trying to stay on top of this snow and traffic might be an issue as you can see and how are things shaping up?
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good start here and no reports of accidents and i am standing out here with a live look from our odot cam and e-90 at state route -- i-90 at state route 91 and what we're seeing is wet roads. the primary roads here and some breezes and overpasses. you see the flashing lights. odot hard at work here and we look the at big picture, a couple of minor slowdowns and no accidents or incidents to report. the bulk of this flow affecting you east siders and just take it easy on the roads and the drive time is not looking bad at all. and a consumer alert at 5:00 a.m., crooks are using all kinds of ways to get money out of you. >> and you would think they courts. instead, they're using them to their advantage. people started coming to jury rooms lately after getting jury duty. all were allegedly told they needed to pay a fine or face immediate arrest. >> and i am sheriff tom wilder from the hamilton county
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on the fan with you to issue you a warrant for your arrest. >> if you hear that, it turns out it's another phone scam to get you to send money via western union or a prepaid debit card and a lot of people have become victims of this, sending hundreds of dollars. listen choicely and remember -- closely and remember, nobody from the courthouse will call you about showing up and they're never going to ask you for money. and in health news this morning, some of the most colorful candies in the world are going natural. m&ms and skittles, mars incorporated announced it's getting rid of all artificial colors from the candy, chocolate, gum, food, and drinks it makes. it will take about five years to make the changes. mars is working to find natural alternatives to keep making the, quoted, vibrant, fun colors we expect. >> hmm. and finding the perfect weight loss food has been a hard nut to crack. it turns out it might be the
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i like that. >> and scientists found a diet rich in walnuts and olive oil can lead to the same weight loss as a low-fat, high-carb diet and the walnut. an added side benefit of lowering the cholesterol. >> and they were surprised to find high fit phat and high calorie walnuts can help you lose weight and recommend adding a handful and a half of walnuts that you buy every day. >> portion control, a handful and a half. coming up next, cleveland's red cookoff is no more. why the annual event is cancelled up to -- after 24 years. >> and this local man behind bars. what he was called in the -- caught in the act of doing guaranteed to get anyone arrested. you're watching good morning
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. good wednesday morning. we have reports of the first accident coming in here. 71 northbound at west 25th street and keep in mind, roads could be slick out there, especially the secondary roads. we're also seeing slowdowns here on 422 and the sure way 90 as well. -- shoreway 90 as well. being affected here, the east siders, you see the snow on the weather overlay, impacting 90, 20, and route 6 as well. keep it easy and take it easy out there. could be dicey. as for drive times not affected for the moment, and let's take you outside right now for a
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where you saw wet roadways. odot crews working hard to keep it safe out there on i-90 and state route 91, somara. and this morning, corrina, we saw richland county issue a level one snow emergency and it's prompted christy view schools to be delayed -- christy view schools to be delayed by two hours and you can see the delays impacting the snowbelt and seeing lighter flurries in akron. we're going to talk about that later. i want to show you the primary layer of concern. men are seeing the lighter purple and it's coming down heavier. painesville as well and that has the westford wind component. who is up next for the snow? that will be -- would be areas like austinberg, eaglesville, and harpersford. it's about to get up and go heavier where you are and lennox. this is the amount of snow we're talking into tomorrow night. we could see between 8 to 12 inches in parts of geauga county, primarilily chardon and lighter from there and we'll
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that cold air on the way for now. over to you. and two men in avon lake are facing charges for shooting deer with arrows in the city. the police found multiple deal dead over the past few months. including one near the intersection of redwood and woodstock. the witnesses reported the suspect's vehicle and police were able to charge them with hunting violations, animal cruelty and shooting a bow within city limits. they were not part of the city code program, including hired and trained dog feeders. and this ban is taking charges this morning after police say he pulled the truck over and started to urinate in the would be police station parking lot. john than bar low was arrested possession. 25th. and people to new developments in the battle over red light cameras in cleveland, a lawsuit support to the state supreme court sent back to a local judge. the court wants the judge to further deliberate whether or
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to use the city's administrative appeal process before suing for damages. a lawsuit is a class-action lawsuit involving the city's cameras to find light runners and speed violators. and we learned the producers behind cleveland's annual great american rib cookoff are canceling the event after 24 years. i know, you're hurting there. a spokesman for the company live nation decided to nix the memorial day weekend festival to, quote, take a breather. the company did this event for see long, they decided they're going to move on and focus for other events for 2016, but that does not mean it's over for good. the festival could make a comeback in the future. so, this just means, terrence, you have to get your barbecue fix somewhere else. >> and that would be red, white, and blue in akron. always a good time there. maybe around the 4th of july weekend. >> and he wants to open up a barbecue spot. you would like. that. and thanks for joining us on your wednesday morning, hump day.
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kasich finishes second in the new hampshire primary. will the ohio governor continue to stay in the presidential race. >> and plus an update on the traffic and weather as this snow. you see it here, continues to fall in northeast ohio. we're going to break now, though, and leaving you with a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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. new at 5:30, lake affect snow warnings and advisories in place the east side. >> and it's not stopping any time soon. our team of reporters have you covered. sarah finny and meg shaw are on the east side. >> and the storm tracker 5 checking the road conditions and first we go to somara theodore. >> and it's not just the east side. parts of akron and canton and the lighter snow and these are flurries moving through and not expecting much impact there today and that is really the east side getting it now. lighter purple and did noting the snowfall. and this is moving toward the west and which meanings ashtabula county, you're up next for snow coming in and this is what you need to know throughout the day. four to 12 inches is expected in the traditional snowbelt and this is continuing through
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issued until 4:00 p.m. and finally, less than two inches of snow if you live outside of the snowbelt and let's go to the roads and see what is going on, john? >> we have moved south since the last time we checked into you. we're in chardon square looking at the circle now and have a look outside. similars to what we're dealing with now. you can see the flash lights ahead of us and looks like the crew is doing a great job and that is what we have been dealing with all morning long on the roads with high traffic. the secondary roads, you start looking pretty good. we'll keep you updated on things and how they look here in the storm tracker and we'll and thank you. one thing i want to mention for our friends in newberg heights, you have a snow parking band in affect and our first reported accident of the morning, 71
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street and not causing slowdowns and that is still early. we're not seeing a lot of traffic out there. for you east siders, you're dealing with the majority of the snow right now and that is affecting the commute on 20. ninety, route 6 and being impacted by this. we could see slick conditions, too and primear roads are wet and bridges and overpasses could see freezing. drive times, not bad at all and still early. this is i-71 at west 25th street and traffic is moving along without problems. and right now, we want to check in with our team in the elements for us. >> and mcshaw is live with more and sarah phinney is live in concord. how's it there, sarah? >> the breeze is picking up. the snow is coming down and it's cool out here. and you want to make sure to bundle up.
5:27 am
odot clouds here and john rudder is heading this way to chardon and he tells me the road is looking just fine and as you can see, traffic is moving very smoothly and in this area. we have an access road going up and down here and this is i look at the accumulation here and rooks like this is six inches or so and snow snow men or snow balls and that is the light, fluffy stuff where we will keep an eye on things here and let's go to megin orange. how's it -- meg in orange. how's it looking, meg? >> reporter: it's not bad here. the wind is blowing and that is back and forth between strong and light. you can see that it's very, very light precipitation and talk about the roads and they're clear and just wet.
5:28 am
along normal this morning. no one slowing down because odot is doing a great job. this is 271 and many plows working back-to-back. the morning commute is clear and working 12-hour shifts. the cars are taking it slow overnight and that is not the case. it's light and we'll keep an eye on conditions and keep you up to date. meg shaw, newschannel 5. and you made it happen. you made it happen. you made it happen. you made it happen. >> it was not a win but it was a victory for governor john kasich. looking over all of the results for us from the new hampshire primary.
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not leaving the presidential race any time soon. he invested a lot of time inna. the results show his persistence paid off. he came up with 15% of the vote and the winner, donald trump pulling in 35% and on the democratic side, bernie sanders with 60% and hillary clinton's 38%, and he's the first jewish candidate to win a primary. kasich's camp is now moving to south carolina. >> and we a good organization. we have 12 staff people by there no you and by tomorrow afternoon, there will be 200 volunteers and additional staff. >> and more on south carolina. his team getting there as we speak with a bus to follow this morning and that his team plans to campaign by 11 this morning with the gop primary set for february 20th. nick foley, newschannel 5. >> and we'll have to see how he
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>> ohio's primary is not until march 15th, but next week is the deadline to register, folks. if any information changed, you moved, got married or you want to change your party affiliation, you have until next tuesday to get a new registration form mailed to the local board of elections. and there are two confirmed cases of the zika virus here. >> a 21-year-old man from stark county and a 30-year-old from cleveland. both visited haiti and there are three dozen cases of the zika virus and 13 states in washington, d.c. and it spreads with mosquitoes not found in ohio and still, health shall ifs expect to see more cases diagnosed in our state. and from the live desk, we're looking into the risk here and what is being done to keep zika from being spread. and they're using fish in latin america that feed on the
5:31 am
modified mosquitoes to fight this. a natural pesticide made of asparagus and potatoes destroys the large have a and the cleveland health department said the symptoms include fever, rash and pain. travelers are at risk and 80% of people don't have any symptoms at all. the real risk is to pregnant women. it can cause microcephaly in babies. >> and next, crafting the cold. the fbi having trouble with one of the san bernadino's shooters phone. >> and a johnny coverup. did the browns lie for the troubled qb. an nfl reporter backing up his
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. back this morning. heading to kirtland. you're under a lake affect advisory and 22 degrees and breezy, 9 miles an hour winds and in the blue, we're seeing some of the lighter to moderate snowfall and into the day, you can see it continue to pick up this afternoon and won't persist into thursday. and get some water, girl. and you're all good. and listen to this. the brown's owner facing new problems this morning. >> the former president and vice president of flying j facing criminal remember
5:33 am
employees, accused of cheating truckers out of millions of fowl rebates and have all plead not guilty and this investigation -- on april 2013, when the fbi raided the company headquarters and haslan has not been accused of wrong doing. and players told a until reporter that he showed up drunk for practice and then the team lied about him having a concussion and mike silver later backed off of the comments and said it's possible the browns did not lie and mistook his drunkenness for a concussion and browns are denying the report and manziel is exed to be released in march. a man and woman diagnosed
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
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. welcome back. 5:44 right now and we're taking a look at the storm tracker 5, which is driving all throughout northeast ohio as you wake up to a lot of snow. you know what?
5:36 am
day as we're under a winter weather alert and somara theodore, the full forecast is minutes away. of. and first, we're going to start with corrina pysa. >> the national highway and traffic safety administration expanding the investigation into electronic gear shifters. and this affects more than 850,000 chrysler, dodge, and jeep vehicles. and the concern is the design could be confusing for drivers. the preliminary investigation started last august on 2014 and 2015 jeep grand cherokees. it expanded to include chrysler sedans from 2012 to 2013 and the dodge charger and there is a plant in toledo manufacturing jeep grand cherokees. >> and thank you. a tennessee family is begging other people to not
5:37 am
>> their million-dollar home destroyed when a hover board caught fire and this is showing the damage and destruction there and a 16-year-old girl had to kick out a window and jump into the father's arms below. and the officials warn anyone with a hover board, don't leave it alone while it's charges. >> and the fbi can't figure out how to unlock the san bernardino terrorist's cell phone and that information might help them understand where farouk and his wife killed 14 people in the attack in december. the director of the fbi said that locked phones are holding up many of their investigations these days. and the father of a virginia teenager is talking about her death for the first time. two students are accused of killing a 13-year-old. david eisenhower quipped a relationship with the girl over -- developed a relationship
5:38 am
see her alive. >> i would like to be locked up in the same cell with him. i am sure i could get answers out of him. he took my little girl. accused accomplice, natalie keepers, are behind bars is any neither entered a plea. of march. and newark mazing video. a missouri state trooper pulls a woman from a burning car and police say a -- say a driver ran a red light causing a crash and when the trooper arrived on scene, he quickly jumped into action, pulling a 60-year-old woman to safety. she suffered serious injuries and. this video is created by putting -- on the iphone and spinning it around the head and heading bound the downtain. cool stuff and that it's as
5:39 am
it took him years to get that move just right, somara. and that coordination there. when they used to tell you to top the top of the head and rub the stom? >> and we're seeing portions of ashtabula county under a lake affect advisory. until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, ashtabula and geauga county are under a lake affect snow warning and we have a lot of snow in the picture and let's zoom into the heavier pockets of the snowband and this is a look now and heading for painesville and this is into ashtabula county. leroy, things might be light but they're about to pick up the next half hour and snow bands will resist -- persist and we're going to talk accumulation, five to 10 minutes and i want to touch on the next topic and that is
5:40 am
21 degrees in medina; 15, millersburg and 17 in coshockton and it's cold out there and feels like zero degrees and feeing like the single digits, that is because of the windchill and can you that cold? weekend. the jet stream is dipping down and allowing a plunge of arctic air to push into northeast ohio as we head through the weekend and locate break it down by the numbers and days. the power of 5 seven-day forecast and what you will note, the snow will continue and as it does, we'll get that arctic air moving in and temperatures reaching the single digits by tomorrow night and into saturday, we could be at 2 degrees and how are the roads, ron? >> reporter: we have been downing around trying to see what the conditions look like
5:41 am
conditions and that is the case as we're travelling this morning and we're heading back north on 44 and give you an idea where we are at and we're giving you a good idea what of what it looks like and this is how the roads look. and you can see some snow is building up in some pockets there and that we're going to go over right now and that is starting to build up more than the regular roadways and some wet conditions and that is a level of freezing, 23 degrees and be wear. they could be freezing. back to you. >> and as you were seeing, our main roads are looking good and they're wet. the secondary roads could give us issues and we're seeing slowdowns on 90 and the shoreway, too and things are looking good and one reported accident so far this morning on 71 northbound and that is before west 25th is any keep
5:42 am
you're dealing with the snow and affecting 90 as well as 20 and route 6 and use caution out there and drive time is not bad. a 14-minute ride and average speeds not affected at the moment and this is a live look outside. chagrin boulevard. jackie. and a warning about a in ohio. it's advertised as an easy way to kick a heroin habit and it's addictive and dangerous. it looks like this. we bought a packet from a cleveland snow shop for $15. and people there are using this as a natural pain killer and woke know former user tried it to reduce drug cravings. >> first, it kind of gives you a little bit of energy and relaxes you laying down and like listening to music and
5:43 am
>> and this can cause paranoia hanewsinations. >> indiana, wisconsin, tennessee and vermont have banned it. the ohio attorney general's office investigated one case in fairfield county. and we talked about the drug narcane. >> and the drug just saved rapper dmxacy life. he was found with no heart beat, or pulse on monday night. someone said that they saw him take drugs and they gave him naccan and high started to breathe again. the attorney said he is back at home and making a full recovery but he did not take drugs but had an asthma attack. and coming up next for you, a scandal and a new lawsuit claims the coach ignored rape allegations to save her son. >> and a frantic search for a mother and three children. they're found safe and sound. could mom face criminal charges?
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. good morning and welcome back. starting to really sea that lake affect snow expand there and areas in purple showing the heavier downo fall into the morning. this is a look where it's headed. the heavier pockets in purple in lake county pushing towards ashtabula as we have that western component and that comes out of the northwest and it will shift a bit. we'll see more snow falling in parts of northern geauga later on today and zooming into spots up next, eaglesville is about to be heavier for you and lennox as well and parts of denmark. how much snow are we expecting? boy thursday night, parts of geauga county like chardon
5:46 am
and over a foot of snow in the snowbelt and this is where heavier pockets persist and where we expect the majority of the snow and elsewhere two to four inches. >> and things are looking good right now and we're seeing some slowdowns out there and we have the weather overlay and you canee the impact in terms of snowfall and 71 northbound and we're keeping an eye on that for you and you're seeing the bulk of the snow and affecting 90, route 20 and 6 and that is the route for the morning commute. and drive times, not bad at all. and northbound richmond, and average speeds are moving along just fine and this is that look from the odot cam and we're dealing with wet road conditions and that is the second air roads having issues. and 5:56 now and get to new developments on the shooting.
5:47 am
lives matter activist killed himself on the steps. the 23-year-old posted on facebook, quote, my demons won today, i'm sorry and they're still investigating monday's shooting and he was honored as naacp image awards this month. and a john carroll university employee indicted in a jewel heist, accused of swiping seven sapphires from the cleveland museum of natural history. he faces grand theft and vandalism clarks. took $21,000 worth of jowls from an exhibit in december and they're still missing. >> and a body found inside a burning car on cleveland's east side and found about 1:30. the police are investigating this as a homicide and can't release other information. a former kent state softball player is suing her old coach and university.
5:48 am
raped her and then it was covered up. >> now, the alleged rape happened in december of 2012. and the player said that she was pressured to keep quiet. >> and that her coach who she viewed as almost a god-like figure on the campus, the person responsible for her academic career, for her scholarship and for her athleticism had betrayed her and did not do the right thing by trying to suppress the information. >> and linder resigned as coach last august. the university didn't say why she left at that time. and academic leaders want a change in president scott scarboro's leadership. two dozen of the chairs and directors hit a letter to the board of trustees and they're asking for an immediate change in direction and leadership. 31 of the more than 40 chairs directed and voted, 36 voted in favor of sending a letter. and next at 6, resetting
5:49 am
the big shakeup in new hampshire and who could be dropping out. >> and we're watching lake affect snow move in and our team has everything you need to know before you roll out this morning. that is coming up for you next
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. >> now at 6, a winter weather alert. a lake affect snow warning in
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