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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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newschannel5 has details about the next ballot initiative fighting to bring medical marijuana to our state. sin-dig temperatures are coming to cleveland, and one women's shelter is determined to let everyone inside. >> they will stuff on the floor, in the kitchen. first on 5:00, a winter weather alert as cleveland gets pounded by a lake-effect storm. we warned you winter was making a major comeback. it is certainly here now. this is brook park where the snow is coming down showing no signs of stopping. >> we have an entire team of meteorologists keeping an eye on the roads and conditions. first up we need to tell you the about the mess this winter weather has made of i-90. that's cleveland's east side. several vehicles are involved in a major act. we just got some video, brand-
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newschannel5 viewer who shared it on facebook. there you see it right there, the nightmare situation for everyone stuck right there. our meteorologist tara blake is there live. so tara is stepping out of the vehicle, but you can see the snow coming down. here she is live with more information. well, no, there we have mark. >> here is the location of the accident, just outside of leroy, interstate 90 westbound. you cross over payne creek right there, so you go downhill, and that's most likely where the accident has happened involving 15 semis. the backup quite extensive, all the way to 528 and beyond. then they're stopping traffic going eastbound at route 306 and getting you off and tracking you down route 8 4, then back on into madison. so it's going to be a little while before this gets done. here we go with what happened. we had this big old squall come through. not lake effect, though. this was a trough of low pressure that kind of moved
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you can actually see where the trough is now from youngstown to near canton and then stretching back to near mansfield. that's the trough. behind it just some widely scattered lighter snow but we've got our heavy snow detector, and you can see the pink colors. that's where we have half an inch per hour snowfall rates. right now moving into western stark county, lawrence township, almost into downtown canton, lake township as well. so that is a quick burst. 15, 20 minutes worth of moderate to heavy snow. so that's going to slow you down along route 30 there as you head toward route 77, moving northbound. so there is your trough. there is your moderate snow. also some bursts of moderate snow here south of cleveland, moving down the i-71 corridor toward medina. 20 degrees cleveland to akron to canton. 1 in ash, a 21 elyria, 17 in mansfield.
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include more scattered snow showers, most of them light. there could be more bursts of moderate to heavy snow as we begin to see if squalls are going to develop coming in off the lake. right now they're not there. we're watching for them. i think there will be one or two especially east of cleveland. so treacherous travel, deteriorating conditions where these squalls persist. we're going toss it outside to my colleague jason nicholas live at 30th and euclid. >> reporter: earlier during the 4:00 we were tracking that band of lake-effect snow through downtown cleveland. as lake-effect snow goes, you can have blinding visibilities, inch per hour, inch and a half per hour snowfall, then this. wind. take a look. we're going to pan up. and in this case, blue skies. so that's what we're seeing right now in downtown cleveland. yes, it's cold. temperatures are only in the teens. windchills are below 10 degrees, single digits easily. for the most part your major roadways will be all right
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bit of dry air coming in with that lack of lake-effect snow, the road crews are able to go out, do their jobs, and of course the traffic on the roadways certainly helps, but the concern is that more lake- effect snow bands are possible. wind chills tomorrow morning could easily be at or below 0. for now we're in a lull as that band of lake-effect snow has shifted south. back inside to frank. >> you can definitely hear that wind kicking up. we want to take one more live look at the traffic in the midst of this winter storm. remember to take it nice and slow on those roads. and stay with newschannel5 and our newsnet5 app as we continue to monitor this winter weather over the next 24 hours. all new at 5:00, some people here in cuyahoga county say their city council representative is missing as the icy blast heads our way. they even released this poster on twitter. it has to do with the county's ole shelter for single women. it's overcrowded and safe but
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away in this weather. derek wall ser live outside that shelter. they've been trying to track their council woman down. >> reporter: homeless advocates say the county council woman must be missing. they even made this flyer because they say they have not seen her. the northeast ohio coalition for the homeless tells me they've been pushing for changes for a year at the women's shelter. we have shown you pictures from inside of mattresses piled up on the floor. the shelter does not turn people away. advocates tell me they've tried contacting council woman conwell. i was able to find her. she says she's working on this. >> so we've asked they come to the shelter at night when it's full or show up at one of our meetings to talk to the women. >> that upsets me when someone says i'm not compassionate or i'm missing in action, because i was the one that reached out,
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>> reporter: the council woman tells me technically the shelter is not overcrowded, and she says she has actually secured new funding for new beds. we'll have more all new at 6:00. derick waller, newschannel5. the cuyahoga county council also voted 7-4 on tuesday to raise their on the part salaries. starting in 2019 members of the part-time council will make $52,000 a year. right now they make $45,000. that's a 15.5% raise. by comparison their counterparts in summit county make about $24,000 a year. frank. developing now at 5:00, a local motel crawling with police seen carrying boxes evidence of. they told us travel lodge in brook park is a haven for drugs, prostitution, and human trafficking. we sent our kristin volk there. police told you that they shut the whole hotel down. >> it is all shut down, frank.
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the crime is so bad here that police say they started station officers outside. but as these doors are now closed, tenants are scrambling to find new homes. >> we're all supposed to be out in the cold tonight? where are we going to go? people don't have a place to live right now. >> reporter: cheryl, her boyfriend, and their dog just moved into this travel lodge last week after they spent the past few weeks homeless. milton rios junior has lived here with his son. >> i eve been here for 12 feet. it's been rough staying here. >> reporter: neither had any idea this would happen today. dozens of police and sheriff's deputies raided the hotel. the prosecutor's office calling the place a crime magnet. rios agrees. >> they allow people to do drugs and all kinds of stuff, and they don't care. if you complain, they try and kick you out. >> the properly is poorly maintained, infested with
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it's an eyesore and a danger to the public. >> reporter: the prosecutor told us police have been to this property more than 650 times in the past two years. among them, according to this court document, shots fired, sexual assault, and drug abuse. as for these renters they are just trying to figure out where their next home will be tonight. rios, wanting to be a role model for his son. >> i'm 40 years old, and i want to be a man that mason can put his head up high and not put his head down. >> next to the travelod gerkz is this church -- travelodge is this church. the owners keep switching back and forth. they have not been charged. kristin volk, newschannel5. now, all new at 5:00, issue 3 might belong gone, but voters will soon have another chance
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megan hickey got the exclusive details from the new group pushing for medical marijuana on the ballot. >> that new initiative will likely include retail marijuana outlets and the possibility of growing marijuana at home. ohio's legislature is finally starting to consider medical pot. >> it may be, yes, there is a product within this medical marijuana image that we have in our minds that can be a game changer. >> but the nation's largest marijuana policy organization tells me a decision won't come soon enough. >> we're not going to wait any longer for them to take action. if they want to do it, they have a chance. but in the meantime, we're going to be moving forward and preparing for the opportunity to let voters decide. >> the marijuana policy project tells me the initiative will be drafted by the end of this month. and after collecting signatures, it will be presented to the state in july. he said one thing is for certain. >> this initiative is not going
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ohio voters voted on in 2015. >> reporter: patients with serious medical conditions will be able to purchase marijuana from an unrestricted number of retail outlets. licenses will be issued by the state similar to a liquor license. licensed patients might also have the option to grow their own medicinal marijuana at home. >> we're confident that the support is there, and we really are just working on writing the best possible law and building a strong coalition and getting this measure on the ballot. >> reporter: now, if all goes according to plan, this initiative will be on the november ballot. that, unless the legislature passes a comprehensive medical marijuana law in the meantime. another contest finished. >> and two more candidates call it quits. next on 5, we talk about the winners and losers of new hampshire and what the anti-
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more trouble for an ohio water. why sebring is again being reprimanded in connection with the village's lead water scandal. a local police department chief says his department can shrinking budget. now he is turning to social media for help. a local man has priceless memories sphroanl his home. not just one but two burglaries that happened within a few days.
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we continue to follow breaking news. we want to get out tara blake who is alongside i-90. a multiple vehicle pile-up. tell us what you know. >> reporter: we have 15 semis and multiple cars that were in an accident that happened this afternoon around 2:34. we arrived on the scene where cars are being diverted around 4:00. when speaking with some of the drivers, they waited for over an hour. we were moved from exit 195, the first car moved to exit now 200. and they're all being diverted
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since moving, we have seen three very big tow trucks. so we're expecting those semis to have to be moved. they were only expecting a two- hour delay or closure. we're pushing now over an hour and 15 minutes. so we're hoping that the progression is going as they expected. but from what it looks like here, miles and miles of traffic, it's going to be a long time for some of these residents to get back to their homes or continue driving. as far as weather goes, just a few flakes. back to you. >> thank you tara. you be careful out there. another shake-up on the road to the white house. >> after the second contest of the primary season the republican field lost two more candidates. carly fiorina just announced she is ending her bid for the white house. she placed second to last in new hampshire last night. chris christie is expected to announce he's also dropping out of the trace.
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10th place in the iowa caucuses, sings new hampshire. here's a look at the other candidates on the trail today. >> the two big winners riding both anti-establishment. of course, donald trump on the bernie sanders. there were so many republican candidates splitting the vote, place finish. our governor john kasich did his groundwork and it certainly paid off with 16% for second place. bernie sanders is also enjoying a wide victory. he won 60% of the vote to hillary clinton's 38. now trump and sanders are hoping to ride this wave to the general election. >> we are going to start winning again, and we're going to win so much, you are going to be so happy. >> what began last week in iowa voters here in new hampshire
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short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> as for the other candidates, jeb bush calling in the big guns, his brother, former president george w. bush will join him on the campaign trail. and hillary clinton says she knows she has some serious ground to gain with young voters to fend off sanders' self-proclaimed revolution. what about governor kasich snow's hoping to turn his strong second-place finish in new hampshire into a win in the south carolina primary coming up next. we'll have an in-depth look coming up at 5:30. live in the newsroom, chris flanagan. back to lee and frank. former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea are hitting the road. mr. clinton is hosting a get out the vote event in cincinnati on friday. chelsea will be in cleveland on monday encouraging supporters to vote in ohio's primary. ohio voters head to the polls march 15th but the deadline to register to vote is next week. if you moved, got married, or
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have until next tuesday to get a new registration form mailed to you from your local board of elections. new developments now on 5. a john carroll university employee has been indicted on grand theft charges in connection with a jewel heist. the 36-year-old is accused of stealing seven sapphires from the cleveland museum of natural history. he pleaded not guilty. they were worth more than $80,000. they have not been recovered. environmental officials just issued another violation to sebring in connection with the village's contaminated tap water. the epa says sebring officials fade to communicate recent water test results to homeowners who requested sampling. nearly 700 water samples have been submitted for testing so fan, and at least 30 homes showed lead levels above the federal standard. a lot of people are dealing with their first real big blast of winter.
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and there's still snow out there. some of you are going to see more measurable inches overnight tonight as far as the snowfall goes. so let's get right to it. we're going to show you what it looks like down behind the rock hall of fame. it's arrest winter wonderland. siberia comes to cleveland. it is going to get even colder by the weekend. but let's talk about what's going on right now as you head home, as you head out and about on this wednesday evening. here we go. you can see where the wind is coming from. it's basically coming from the north and west and moving across northern ohio now. let's show you where we have our current advisories and warnings. lake snow advisories for another -- well, this should say not four to eight. this should say one to three. i changed that. i changed to the one to three, but i must not have saved it. cuyahoga county, lake county, and northern ashtabula county. we're going look at another one
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for a total of four to eight, although some spots have already gotten nine to 13 inches. lake snow warnings for geauga and ashtabula counties. i think there will be some sort of squall setting up that could easily give at three to six inches. fighting. nicholas. right along i-90, that's a nine- inch snowfall. chardon four and a half inches. there really isn't any pure lake-effect snow yet. we had a trough of low pressure come through this morning and afternoon, and that's what stirred up that big burst of heavy snow that stalled a lot of you from traveling. in fact, we still see that from youngstown to canton. heavy snow in canton.
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getting a little curvature here. getting a little tiny -- a tiny mezo low. south of lodi. akron area. a wider view one more time. there's the trough. now the winds have shifted to the west-northwest. i do expect to see one or two developing. they're in the there yet. and until they really develop, it's impossible to really know where the heaviest snows are going to fall. right now our best guesstimate is right here from extreme western lake county, geauga, three to six additional imps, one to three for greater cleveland. now, if that band shifts we're going to have to modify that map four.
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two bands of moderate to heavy snow tonight. for the rest of you it's light snow and flurries. upper teens and lower 20s, your evening timeline. watch those temperatures falling down through the teens. it's going to be a cold arctic overnight.
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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the florida man accused of throwing an alligator into a wendy's drive-through is speaking out. >> you've had to have heard about this. 23-year-old joshua james is charged with aggravated assault and unlawful trance poor title of an alligator. the incident happened in october but he was not arrested until this week. he posted bail and apologized. >> we thought we would pull a prank on our buddy who worked at wendy's. i'm sorry for what i did.
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thinking, and obviously i found out what the consequences were. >> james was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation. he is not allowed to have contact with any animal other than his mother's dog. stung surveillance video out of california showing the moment a gas station's awning came crashing down. two maintenance workers were on the roof at the time. amazingly the workers were not seriously injured but two cars were crushed. it is unclear what caused the awning to fall. next at 5:00, governor kasich is hitting the ground rung in south carolina after earning second place in the new hampshire primary. we're going to look into his strategies to hold that
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right now we are taking a live look from storm tracker. actually, we are not. but along i 90 east near vrooman road. >> tara blake is there for us live. walk us through what is happening now.
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watching cars being diverted off of 90 eastbound and westbound. we're at exit 200, everyone being diverted to 44. as you can see these residents trying to make their way home, still smiling, if you can believe that. but they've been waiting now for an hour and a half. just to get this far. 15 semis as well as cars, injuries. we've seen three separate tow trucks with three separate cars that were obviously in this accident, injuries associated with this accident as well. we do think that it was because of those very heavy snow bands that came in off of the lake early this afternoon. as of right now, condition-wise winds have lightened up a little bit. some very light snow. but we expect some major delays to continue through this very busy evening commute.
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>> you're dry right now. tara blake, nice job out there live on interstate 90 westbound at vrooman road. all because of these bands off the lake. from youngstown to canton to mansfield, that's what stirred up the heavy snow for the entire region. we've had snowfall rates one to two inches per hour. that trough is moving out of the canton area and moving south of wooster. and behind it we're trying to get something organized as far as snow squalls. lake-effect variety. but they're not having a good time doing it. there's no organized heavy band or two or three of lake-effect snow. at least not at this time. now, our heavy snow detector turning the heaviest snows pink. you can see near akron, just to the north side, north hill, we're look at a brief burst of moderate snow. we've also, just outside of canton now, we've got that moderate snow. that's half an inch per hour snowfall rates. we're seeing some of that again
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into ashland and richland county. you see those areas of pink. one half an inch per hour snowfall rates. but there's a lot of empty space there. so it's hit and miss snow showers through the evening, some of them moderate in intensity, could really lower your visibility and slow you down because the roadways are going to get slippery fast. 20 cleveland, 20 akron, 19 canton, 21 dover-new philly. it's a cold 17 degrees in mansfield. some of you have windchills in the single digits. our lake snow advisory continuing through at least tomorrow morning's rush for cuyahoga, lake, northern ashtabula county for an additional one to three, maybe four inches in a heavier snow band or two. and a lake snow warning for geauga and ashtabula. somewhere in here we're expecting another three to six. i'm saying watch northern trumbull county as well, because if that band since right here, it could go right into bristolville with a good burst of moderate to heavy snow as well. we're going to stay on it for you, folks.
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is going to be cold, in the teens, scattered light to moderate snow on and off through the evening hours. let's go back to frank and lee. >> back to democracy 2016. a day after his self-proclaimed victory in new hampshire our governor is turning his focus towards south carolina, governor kasich wasting little time getting down to the palmetto state. some question if kasich has the support in south carolina, but the governor is feeling awfully confident he will do well there before heading back closer to home. >> we're going to do as well as we can harks then we're moving on. i'm really looking for ward to the south. the midwest. i can't wait to go to michigan where as i mentioned i'm going try to get urban meyer and jim harbaugh to both come out and support me, then i'm going to go immediately to the middle east and part the red sea. >> wouldn't that be something.
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the middle east after he spends time in south carolina. governor kasich has spent little time campaigning there. >> fresh off that second-place finish governor kasich may get another boost to his conservative credentials. state lawmakers sent him a bill stripping government money from planned parenthood. late this afternoon the state house gave final approval to a bill that bans organizations affiliated with abortions from receiving grants from the health department. been questioned. had the governor signed this measure yesterday it may have hurt his chances in new hampshire where such a move would not have been less moderate republican voters. breaking news from maryland. we just learned that two sheriff's deputies have been shot and killed. a gunman opened fire inside a maryland. the deputies were called into the restaurant.
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as the shooter ran, another deputy tried to stop him and was also shot. a third deputy then shot and killed the gunman. still ahead, all new at 5:00, precious mementos stolen right from an akron man's home. >> they're memories. i mean, they can't be replaced. >> this wasn't just some random burglary. it was one of a string of a dozen crimes. and this man in particular was targeted more than once. right now here's a look at
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(baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are...v (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. in my world of weather what
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broadcast-wise is i'm on twitter answering questions about possible snow days. so alex says, should orange look forward to a snow day? i'm giving awe 25% chance. i think you are out of the squall. what about west g? we're going to give you a "fifty shades of grey" chance. you have the best shot at seeing that squall. that's kind of how we do it on twitter and face because and social media. we kind of try and have to gauge where the heavy snow is going to fall between midnight and 5:00 a.m. had some heavy snow just after 4:00 p.m. in portage lakes. look at andover and ashtabula county. that is a heavy snow band. some of the first appreciable snow of the season there in eastern stark county. and when the bird is out of food, you listen to the food.
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saying "feed me."
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all new at 5:00, homeowners in akron on alert after a string of break-ins. >> one homeowner south of downtown sheas been hit twice in three days. he says some sentimental pieces of his past are gone forever. >> they're memories. i mean, they can't be replaced. >> reporter: late last week
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basement window, climbed in and stole his wedding bands, along with eight engraved rings for bowling perfect games. >> they're just special to me. they have my name on them, the date the accomplishment was done. they wasn't have a meaning for anybody else. >> reporter: except for the belief that they would result in quick cash. and then two days later it happened again through the exact same basement window. just to give you an idea of how tiny this window is, it only measures about two feet by eight inches, meaning whoever is doing this over and over again is one very small individual. yeah, over and over again, because when roush got home from work monday he found that plywood he had put over the broken window kicked out. and inside, not just memories gone this time. >> i walk in the living room, my tv and two laptops are missing. >> reporter: hit twice in 72 hours. it's now clear the first break- in was just so the thieves could case the house and come back for more.
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right off a busy street, neighbors on either side always home. and hash's dog rambo keeping watch inside. well, kind of. >> he's probably got a new best friend, whoever has been breaking into the house. >> police say they still don't have any suspects. also, they don't think any of the burglaries are connected. if you have ever wondered what lightning looks like from space, check this out. astronaut tim pete tweeted this time-lapse video shot from the international space station. you can see a series of blue flashes erupting as the storm moves through the area. what would northeast ohio look like from space right now? >> right now it would look like just a mass of white, because we've got a lot of snowfall. some areas receiving their first real measurable snow of the season. west siders, two, three, four inches.
5:37 pm
and there's more to dismiew. with all the live shots we heard all that wind. >> the winds are going to keep those windchills in the single digits. jason nicholas is out there. he drew the short straw. a windchill of nine degrees where you are jason. >> reporter: you can feel it. look over my shoulder. we had folks walking by. she actually has a suitcase that she's dragging through the streets of downtown cleveland. best of luck to her. the winds are picking up. light snow, but certainly we're in the seeing that heavy snow. those bands of lake-effect snow hours. we always like to talk about what kind of snow we're seeing when air temperatures are in the teens and lower 20s, typically that means our snow saddle lighter, a little fluffier, not when it's closer to freezing. that is certainly the case with this snow. take a look. away. what happens, yeah, the roadways can be clear, like over here, but if you get a gust of wind and you have snow piled up against the roadways, could you have that snow go right back over the roads. so that's something that we're going watch at least through the overnight and also during
5:38 pm
before those bands of lake- effect snow begin to really quiet down. but the cold is not going to quiet down. you will talk more about that coming up, especially into this upcoming week. >> way to go, jason nicholas, live outside our studios at 30th and euclid. thank goodness jason brought the warmest coat he could find in janessa webb's closest. we've got some snowfall there. you can see the tracks of the cars. some slippery kins downtown akron and vicinity, because we've got a band of snow. here's akron. there's that band of snow moving in. there it is. the trough, youngstown almost into dover-new philly stretching back south of mansfield. that's the trough. behind it, still waiting for organized lake-effect snow to get going. we do our heavy snow detector turned on looking for those bright pink areas, and that's the view of downtown akron that
5:39 pm
half an inch per hour snowfall moving right into downtown akron. so the kenmore lake, around downtown for the next 15 to 20 minutes, a slower go. drive with care. allow your loved ones extra time to get home. moderate snow here in newberry. some light snow continuing in the chardon area. waiting for the organized band. could this bet? a little lake effect show band trying to get going here. and again, projections would bring that snow band somewhere into downtown, east side, i-278 corridor stretching into geauga county. we will watch and wait for these bands to evolve. now, right now looking at computer forecasts, here's our best guesstimate for overnight tonight.
5:40 pm
to develop somewhere here, extreme northeastern cuyahoga county, stretching through geauga county, central and either southern ashtabula county toward andover and rock creek and cherry valley, or northern trumbull county. that's a pretty thin band. vows the band we will go two to four additional inches, and then if there's no snow band over you with just some scattered snow showers you're looking at one to three. outside, greater cleveland gets one to three. medina and akron, general al trace to an inch, maybe as much as two inches. so hour by hour, temperatures really falling. we're talking lower and middle teens with windchills to minus five as you get up and go. scattered snow showers gradually tapering off tonight. i don't think there will be a whole lot of snow outside the snow belt tomorrow morning. we'll keep an eye. here's the trough that came through this afternoon. that brought in for most everyone one to two inch per hour snowfall rates.
5:41 pm
and now we get the northwesterly wind and a connection to lake michigan, lake erie as well. so two lakes, no waiting for our lake snows tonight and tomorrow morning. here is the true arctic air. guess where it is headed. to you, this weekend. it your valentine's day weekend is going to be cold. 13 tonight. lake snows generally one to three, up to six inches out east where squalls persist. blustery. 1 tomorrow. some lake snow early on for the morning commute. trace to two. squalls ending, though. that's good news. akron and canton tonight will go general al trace to an inch, maybe a little bit more. 12 degrees. tomorrow a brief morning flurry. 17. here we go. a quick look at your valentine's day. 22 friday, 8 on saturday, 15 on sunday. back to the desk. >> thank you mark. i want to tell you about ticket troubles in one local community. >> drivers say they're getting cited and they shouldn't be. our investigators take up the case and demand answers about
5:42 pm
treated fairly. plus, thinking about summer in the dead of winter. we are digging into security in our city's port and what's being done to protect the rnc. but first, when live on 5 returns, the focus of serial's first season, and why add non adnon sigh ed thinks he
5:43 pm
now, all new at 5:00, it was a podcast that captivated the nation. now a star witness exposed by the serial podcast has testified in court. >> she is hoping her alibi could lead to a new trial for convicted killer adnan syed. she spoke exclusively with abc's amy robach. >> reporter: adnan syed's story has captivated millions since
5:44 pm
"serial" turning listeners into arm-chair detectives. the series recounts the murder of heymann lee. syed was sentenced to life but has always maintained his innocence. >> it is what it is. if someone believes me or not i have no control over it. >> reporter: but the now 34- year-old is getting another chance. this weak in a post-conviction release hearing syed's attorney argued that his lawyer at the time of the conviction had been ineffective, arguing she maid so many mistakes that his conviction should be overturned. >> to not ever contact asia mcclain, to never find out if her story helps or hurts your case, that is not a strategy. >> reporter: one of the issues was failing to contact a potentially key alibi witness, asia mcclain. >> if there were some technicalities, great, you
5:45 pm
>> but i think asia, like you might be that technicality. >> reporter: after hearing her in the podcast syed's defense team called mcclain to testify during the new hearing, mcclain maintaining she was with syed at the time prosecutors contend he killed lee. >> i was sitting in the library, bored to tears, and someone walked in that i knew. i asked him about his girlfriend that was dating someone else. he just wanted her to be happy. >> reporter: this morning she is speak out exclusively to abc news. >> the biggest thing to us was seating good example for our children, leaving a legacy of integrity. >> reporter: but prosecutors say justice was served 16 years ago. mcclain admits she does not have all the answers. >> do i think adnan killed her? honestly, i couldn't tell you.
5:46 pm
able to provide enough information to the judge for him to be able to make a rational decision. whatever that might be is in his hands. >> as for syed, after spending nearly half his life in prison his attorney says he is thankful for his day in court. >> and that was abc's amy robach. that five-day hearing wrapped up yesterday with no ruling from the judge and no timetable on when that might happen. >> that's our time. thanks for joining us. we've got a lot going on, a busy evening. coming up new at 6:00. >> our investigators are take your complaints to city hall. cleveland. a woman says she's got two tickets, then it was dismissed. we dig for answers tonight. late breaking details. an accident involving at least 15 tractor trailers has closed part of a major highway. we'll have the latest when
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