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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we continue to follow breaking news at 6:00. a major highway shut down and these pictures tell the story. more than a dozen tractor trailers among the vehicles involved in accidents along i- 90 in lake county. we're told several people were injured. >> meteorologist tara blake live on interstate 90 where traffic is being diverted off and around the interstate just hours after the crashes. >> reporter: we are now on 90 west, moving away from the accident. we were marking how long people had been waiting, over an hour and a half.
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the accident happened at 2:34 this afternoon. there's a two-mile backup on the east side as they push towards mile-marker 200. so the accident really causing major problems. we want to show you where we were and the real problem is trying to get people home as backed up. we are hearing that people were trapped and having to be removed from the cars. 15 semi trucks and cars in this accident, and some of those pictures and video tells the story of what was found in the afternoon hours. everyone just trying to make their way home and move around it. this is expected to be an accident that was caused by the weather. now we're moving our way back towards cleveland where we're live in lake county. very light snow. the roads were really starting to lack g. the snow has picked back up as we move towards
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temperatures a major problem, really feeling like we're down into the single digits as those residents are sitting in their car waiting to get home. back to you. >> all right, tara. as you can see on the traffic map as we take a look a big chunk is shut down on both sides with everyone beg diverted around the accident and the slick road conditions. law enforcement officials are asking everyone to make sure you stay away from the area. if you have to drive in the area, tap into your patience and allow extra time. as for the roads around the rest of the region as we take a look at our traffic maps you can see the highways are pretty clear. traffic seems to be moving at the normal evening hour commute. so nothing bad to report there. all day the snow has been falling over much of our viewing area. senate's been a few weeks since we've seen this much snow. it doesn't look like the snow is going away anytime soon. >> let's check in now with chief meteorologist mark johnson. give us the hour by hour of what you expect.
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will go away overnight. i think after midnight things should quiet down for many of you. not all of you. now today a lot of you saw your first appreciable snow in quite some time. one, two, three, even four inches for west siders. let's show you where the snow is right now on our power of 5 live doppler radar network. you can see the bands, basically widely scattered. brief moderate snow bands here. here's the trough, south of youngstown now pulling into columbiana county, almost into dover-new philly. that's the trough that came in and really caused one to two- inch-per-hour snowfall rates. now we're trying to get some organization out of lake erie. watch this lining up and pointed toward greater cleveland, pointed toward euclid, pointing toward eastern calle ho gas, geauga and lake counties.
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the pink colors. notice around ravenna, just east of akron, southeast of akron, into kent. see those pinks? that's half an inch per hour or greater snowfall rate. again, widely scattered snow showers for the entire area today. we will keep our snow advisories going for greater cleveland, up the shoreline for one to three additional inches tonight. a lake snow warping geauga and ashtabula. somewhere in here an additional three to six inches. then we get cold for the weekend. wait until you see those temperatures next. more questions tonight about a cleveland suburb handing out speed camera tickets. 5 on your side investigators tackled this top ache month ago and there are now additional issues. investigator jonathan walsh takes us on an up-and-down ride through east cleveland. >> reporter: alberta peyton from cleveland heights is a bit confused. she appealed two tickets snapped by this speed camera in east cleveland on subpoena pear your right in front of a school.
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during the school's holiday break. during the appeals process she told me the ticket was dismissed. >> i was happy about that, but then i got a letter in the mail. they just know my address. >> reporter: the letter said she was on the hook for that $95 ticket. >> they got us confused here, and i'm sure there are other people who are going through the same predicament. >> reporter: in fact, in early jarntion newschannel5 investigators reported others were having the same problem, getting a ticket during holiday break. >> why is this camera out here in a school zone where there's no school? >> reporter: i went straight to city hall looking for answers. >> jonathan walsh from newschannel5 looking for the mayor. >> reporter: the mayor's office referred me to the police chief. the police chief referred me to the law director. the law director was in court. we have reported mayor gary norton said the appeals process comes with, quote, minimal inconvenience. >> that's a big inconvenience.
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to east cleveland regarding a ticket. >> reporter: alberta explained that the police chief told her to drop off both tickets to him. she just got two new letters saying she now doesn't have to pay the fines. she appreciates the eventual help, but -- >> i think east cleveland needs to stop trying to take money from people. >> reporter: i spoke further with the police chief who says if after that initial appeals process there's still some confusion that you can call him for clarification, even though he says it's not official al police matter, it's a civil matter. reporting in east cleveland, i'm investigator jonathan walsh, newschannel5. >> and remember, if you see news happening text or e-mail us, or tweet us at wews. new tonight, johnny manziel isn't the only browns player making headlines. we've got updates on the charges against two browns
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megan hickey joins us live with more details. >> reporter: we're learning there was an indictment handed down against saunders and bryant after a traffic stop on 7 1. saunders was driving the car at the time and was arrested for ovi and speeding. he's also been charged with improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle. troopers also arrested him after he was found in possession of adderall and oxycodone with no prescription to prove that they are his. live in the newsroom, megan hick key, newschannel5. an elderly lorain woman is recovering tonight after she was attacked, tied up, then carjacked. this happened at the former park view motel. the woman who was the manager of that hotel and lives there woke up to find a man in her room who demanded money, beat,
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with her car. it's a 2006 gray toyota camry with license plate number fia- 5357. a hotel that city officials are calling a nuisance is shut down tonight. police say they visited the travelodge motel more than 250 times in two years. dozens of families what use that hotel as their home have been displaced, we're told. going in-depth, a quick search on-line found trip advisor reviews for that hotel horrible. some customers wrote they didn't feel safe leaving their belongings inside their room. one person said, this is a very dangerous hotel that is full of drug use and abuse.
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they are vughting a rash of home burg burglaries. they say it's happened to a number of homes in the area over the past couple of months around the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on saturday nights. the thieves are said to be targeting high-dollar jewelry, so anyone who may have seen anything or have any information about this, call police. also tonight, security is a top priority with the republican national convention coming to town, and the city has plans on land, air, and water to make sure you and the thousands expected to travel here are secure. this afternoon the coast guard revealed to us security plans for our lakes, rivers, and water ways. the secret service has 22 subcommittees set up for the rnc. the coast guard has its hands in a few of them. they will work with local agencies to increase their footprint on the water. but the captain in charge of security plans told us another
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>> so i want my word to the public that the cleveland waterfront and cuyahoga river is open during that week. they just have to be prepared, there may be times we have to limit access. >> for more information on limited access points like no wake and no entry zones, it will be available closer to the event. count on newschannel5 to keep you updated. and the number of republicans vying for the white house has narrowed. carly fiorina announcing she is sues spending her campaign after finishing second to last in last night's primary. fiorina made the announcement on her facebook page. after failing to qualify for last week's debate and in danger of missing saturday's debate in south carolina, fiorina says she will continue to, quote, fight for those americans who refuse to settle. chris christie also just announced that he is also dropping out of the race. he also performed poorly in the polls in the new hampshire primary finishing just ahead of fiorina. there are now seven candidates
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that started out. as for our governor, john kasich, after finishing a strong second last night, kasich got on the ground running in south carolina. he held a couple of town halls similar to the ones he's held in new hampshire, and he participated in a veterans jobs event. well, still ahead tonight on newschannel5 at 6:00. >> is your tax refund really safe? brand-new information out now emerging about a hacking attempt at the irs. a homeless shelter packed to capacity. but with single-digit temperatures on the way, it will pack even more people in. we're investigating and finding out why nothing has been done for months. and mark will have another look at that snowy forecast coming up in just a few
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tonight, new concerns about the irs and hackers. this all boils down to thieves trying to get our money. >> the irs says identity thieves tried to access their website and file fake returns. hackers used sophisticated software in an attempt to generate returns using stolen e-
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the irs says they halted the attack. no personal taxpayer data was compromised or disclosed by the irs system. the tax agency is take steps to notify affected taxpayers by mail. this year's attack follows that massive data breach at the ir is in 2015 when hackers stole information from 330,000 taxpayers to successfully file bogus tax refunds. last year they obtained $50 million in federal funds. this year the irs is on alert and has new measures in place to prevent a similar attack. chris. the cuyahoga county council woman's constituents say their elected official is missing inaction. they say complaints about the condition of cleveland women's shelter have fallen on deaf ears. fed up, they took a provocative story. our derek wall ser live outside that shelter. derek, this group actually >> reporter: yeah.
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a missing persons ad for county council woman yvonne conw. today i found her. >> the food was terrible, people were sleeping in the hallways. >> reporter: romona turnbull now has a permanent home after leaving inside a jam packed women's shelter for months. >> sleeping sitting up in chairs, on the benches in the courtyard, or anywhere that they could sleep. the basement is even overcrowded. >> reporter: brian davis with the coalition for the homeless tells me he has been pushing for changes for a year with no response from district 7 council woman yvonne conw. sew made this missing elected officials flyer claiming she and disappeared. >> the county funds the shelter, and they should do a better job in overseeing what they're funding, because things are out of control here. >> reporter: i had no trouble tracking down council woman conwell this afternoon. >> that upsets me when someone says i'm not compassionate or i'm missing in action, because
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got the ball rolling. >> reporter: she tells me since the last report on this issue she has secured more than $300,000 in new funding for 30 extra beds and seven full-time staff members. and there's more. >> not only do i try to work on the current issue, i constant have seminars and talk to women and children and families, how do we prevent getting there. >> reporter: davis is concerned those 30 extra beds won't be enough. women will still have to sleep on the floor but conwell says they cannot add more permanent beds because of the fire code. she also tells me she plans to have a closed door meeting to talk about issues and talk to homeless advocates later this week. it's meeting that davis will not be invited to. live in cleveland, derick waller, newschannel5. temperatures definitely bad for homeless, and i'm worried about saturday. >> saturday with a high near 8 degrees and a low of about 0 to
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so the coldest air of the season is on the way but first we have to get through lake- effect snow and some interesting things going on right now on the radar. let's get right to it. current on the power of 5 live doppler network waiting for the squalls, the bands of skinny moderate snowfall to heavy snowfall to really get going. some things going on right now. we've got a band right here. that's southern medina county. that's some moderate to heavy snow. also south of wooster into the dover new philly area, that appears to be stalling out. that's got some moderate to heavy snow. then we've got a band forming, moving into the greater cleveland area, then into geauga and lake and ashtabula county. so three features to watch. we will zoom in and watch the lake effect band begin to take shape. we've got our brand-new heavy snow detector turned object. look for the bright pink. half an inch per hour snowfall.
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there's the 271 corridor. the i-480 strip that is heavy snow. also moving into bainbridge and geauga county. look at that heavy snowfall. that will really slow you down. here is our swath from chat ham, i-71, moving almost into westfield. that is some heavy snow and that will continue on and off through teaching hours. here is one, two, and three bands of moderate to heavy snow. here is where our advisories are. generally one to three inches of additional snow in the advisories overnight. three to six additional inches in our lake snow warning areas for geauga and ashtabula counties but remember mother lines. and if this trough continues to stalling out. if it continues to sit right here and we get this heavy band of snow from canton to wooster to ashland to mansfield, or somewhere nearby, that's good for one to four inches overnight. that's good for some school
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closings. along the route 30 corridor, depending on where that band sets up, okay. so inside and outside the advisory areas, three to sir, wherever that heavier snow band sits up, most likely collar don, bur top, stretching into northern trumbull county, two to four inches around that, down into hudson we're looking at one to three for greater cleveland, one to two for medina and akron. that's going to come driving in, definitely by saturday morning, all the way into sunday. here is the trough. as soon as that trough drops in that arctic air shoots in. it is going to be bitter cold. 13 tonight. lake snows generally one to three inches but it could be more if you get under a heavier snow band. 18 tomorrow, scattered snow. squalls ending. here is your seven-day. friday scattered snow with another trough. 2 2. look at saturday.
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low near 0 to main news 5, sunday's high 15. find somebody to snuggle with. yikes. >> yikes on snuggling? >> no, on the cold weather. >> cold weather, not snuggling. we're all for that. >> you can snuggle. >> definitely not anti- snuggling. the first half of the season almost in the books. >> those lakers are here. hear from kobe bryant. and a big story breaking about that. in '07, there was a chance where there was going to be a trade between lebron and kobe. we'll talk about that when we
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it might have gone down as one of the biggest trades in the history of the nba. lebron for kobe in 2007. it was a phone call, according to brian windhorst. maybe he would have ended up in l.a. who knows if kobe would have played it out in cleveland. imagine the ripple effects if that trade would have happened in '07. >> back when kobe demanded the trade for the lakers in 2007 believe it or not the lakers called and inquired if the cavs would be willing to trade lebron james for him. now, this is a memory in the cavs organization because it's the only time anyone ever called to make an offer on lebron, because he was the ultimate untouchable.
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was 28, about to win his first mvp, lebron was 22. he had just come off his first finals appearance. it was the best player in the nba maybe for the next best player in the nba. the cavs said no, then offered anything the lakers could take off their roster for kobe. >> just imagine if that trade would have happened. it would have been mind blowing. the cavaliers would have had to have made that trade right after they went to the finals. the lakers are headed towards the lot treatment cavs should have tonight's game inhand. we will argue down the road, who would you have rather had, kobe or lebron? >> i just felt like we're just completely different generations. i just missed that thing completely. not like a magic and bird sort of thing. it was like from the time he came in the league it was more helping him, giving him direction, advice.
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nba years. >> it will be fun to see if they put on a show tonight over at the q. here we go with our current radar. not real organization as far as the squalls go, but there will be some heavy snow bands overnight tonight, and where those squalls persist. three to six new inches of snowfall. we'll update you through the evening on social media, twitter, and facebook. >> squalls persist.
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